Mae’s Wreck It Ralph 2 Trailer Reaction

Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet Movie Poster

I should be asleep right now. Today’s been a whirlwind of emotions however and with the sudden drop of the new song from Imagine Dragons for the upcoming movie Ralph Breaks the Internet PLUS the drop of its highly anticipated second trailer I’ve found some comfort in today and have been sneaking a listen or a glance every chance I got.

And well, I guess if I’m not sleeping which is something my poor pup Bento would love me to do instead of goofing off on YouTube…why not do a quick reaction of the new Wreck It Ralph trailer and the glimpse into the actual story of the upcoming movie which has been pretty limited in previous teasers for the film. You can check out the trailer here.

Now if you know me well enough, you’ll know that Wreck It Ralph is my all-time favorite movie. As a child I had a love for arcades and with inspiration from classic films like Tron and from wonderful memories of playing Pac-Man at the arcade with my Grandpa, I grew up with a dream of someday owning an arcade that could bring happiness to all who traveled there to play the games. The arcade aesthetic is part of why I enjoy going to MAGFest so much (that and the amazing music of course). And it’s also probably what resonated with me the most when I went with my best friend Nov. 2, 2012 to see Wreck It Ralph at its earliest showing that morning of its opening day.

My movie ticket for the very first showing for Wreck It Ralph in my area. I went with my best friend to an empty theater in Hampton and watched it before heading out to Nekocon for the rest of the day. I still have my ticket ❤

I saw Wreck It Ralph in theaters…12 times. And each time I fell more in love with the movie, the setting, the characters – EVERYTHING! I felt a special connection to the adorable Vanellope von Schweetz, someone whom I’ve cosplayed on more than one occasion. I held a special place in my heart for Ralph, the giant, lovable goofball who was a villain in his game who desperately wanted to be a hero. And ALL THE REFERENCES! My geeky heart grew with each little easter egg I could find.

Now it’s always been teased that there would be a sequel to Wreck It Ralph, especially since the movie was pretty successful for Disney (though it was easily drown out by the fame of Frozen lol). The team wanted to go bigger and explore the world beyond the arcade, entering the realm of online gaming. Similar to how many fans were waiting for Incredibles 2 however, it was clear that there would be some time before we finally got the sequel we were interested in.

Well, the time is drawing closer now, premiering Nov. 21 in the United States. We had some screenshots and teasers for the story line, albeit vague in anything else besides the fact that Vanellope and Ralph end up in the internet and meet up with the Disney Princesses.

It was exciting to see each new update…but I was missing some key information with each snip-it. I was missing…plot. What’s the point of going into the internet? Ralph didn’t learn his lesson about game jumping from what happened in the first movie? What’s the point? Even the smallest hint of what was going on was welcomed…and I was beginning to think they weren’t going to reveal anything more than what they had previously until the second trailer’s release today.

We start off in the arcade where a couple of girls are gearing up for the next race. The player picks Vanellope and we’re transported into Sugar Rush for the big race. Ralph is chilling in the candy cane trees cheering her on as she races through the chocolate streets. However, there’s trouble in paradise because the player is struggling too much against the steering wheel and it’s quickly turning into a nightmare come true.

Vanellope’s car loses control completely and we immediately see Mr. Litwak, the arcade owner, holding up the steering wheel that is now in two pieces and the girls looking on in disappointment.

Panic sets in as everyone from Sugar Rush evacuates into the arcade and their game is unplugged.

Vanellope is staying with Ralph in Fix-it Felix Jr. and she asks if she isn’t a racer, what is she? Ralph answers that she’s his best friend. Well, for our determined little racer that answer’s probably not good enough to settle her nerves.

Ralph announces they can buy the steering wheel part on the internet and get it to the arcade so Sugar Rush can be fixed. The duo travel to the internet connection and get sucked into the internet.

We are instantly hit over the head with internet easter eggs and jokes about ads you see everywhere including an ad for Sassy Housewives with a cameo pic of Aunt Cass from Big Hero 6. You then meet Bill Hader’s character who seems to be a broker or something like that for a game called Slaughter House, a racing game where the players can win money by racing.

Ralph and Vanellope enter Slaughter Race and find the area to be a dangerous battlefield for racers, featuring rabid dogs, sharks popping out of sewers, and explosions everywhere. We’re also quickly introduced to Gal Gadot’s racing character and her team whom everyone’s speculating that Disney will be making the twist villain in the movie (I’m holding out that Disney won’t be going that route because it’s semi-obvious but we’ll see)

AND THEN WE GET THIS EPIC RENDITION OF NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP BY RICK AISLEY! And it’s perfect!!! The trailer at this point is kicked up a notch and it goes by much faster so let’s race through as much as we can here.

Vanellope tries out a car from Slaughter House and instantly falls in love with being able to drive wherever she wants despite Ralph panicking beside her. It’s clear she’s viewing Gal’s character as a role model and it will be interesting to see how that relationship plays out in the film.

Vanellope shares she loves it on the internet and that she wants it to be her life. She glitches into the photos with the princesses, we get a look at Yesss in her office, there’s a weirdo in a corner, a greenish avatar which looks like Mr. Litwak, epic driving scenes, cat videos…

And then we pause on a scene where Vanellope and Gal’s character are talking on the hood of the car and Vanellope says that she can’t tell Ralph what she’s feeling. Ralph is in the background with a red mute button over him and in a bluish tint so I assume he’s invisible to these two. Then Gal’s character says one of the most profound quotes I’ve heard period from any of the teasers.

“There’s no law saying best friends have to have the same dreams.”

Ralph looks hurt as he looks on at the moment, as if he’s losing what’s most important to him.

Then quick flashes again, Ralph is flossing, FINALLY WE GET TO SEE THE MARRIED COUPLE FIX IT FELIX JR. AND SGT. CALHOUN, Ralph’s head on a goat?, Buzz Lightyear and Baymax meeting with fans, Vanellope getting chased by Stormtroopers, Yesss looking back with wide eyes, car chase, Ralph and Vanellope looking scared, more car chases, Ralph screaming Vanellope’s name as logs are thrown from a turned truck, Vanellope screams…


Bill’s character then takes Ralph into the Dark Net where they meet this guy named Double Dan.

And there you go, that’s the trailer. We finally got some real plot reveals for the movie. There’s actually a purpose revealed for why Ralph and Vanellope make their way to the internet.

So from what I saw from the trailer, I believe that Ralph and Vanellope were simply trying to buy something on eBay but realized they needed money to purchase the part. Thus they get zapped into the internet and search for ways to get money which leads Vanellope to Slaughter Race.

I’m not quite sure how we get to the Oh My Disney stuff and how we get to Yesss and how she’s involved in their story yet…but I’m really hoping that Gal’s character doesn’t turn out to be the villain. I would rather the villain actually be a virus-like program or maybe even Yesss or one of the other programs available during their journey. I just find Gal’s character too obvious for a villain choice for what we’ve seen so far. I expect more from Disney 😛 please don’t make her the villain.

All in all, I think this new trailer was NEEDED to get more fans into the movie. The previous teasers didn’t give enough for the viewer and frankly it was seemingly turning into another Emoji Movie. I absolutely loved the use of the Rickroll and it’s made this an iconic trailer for me. I’ll be watching it again and again until the release in Nov.

I’m really excited for Ralph Breaks the Internet and I hope Disney shows more love to Wreck It Ralph in the parks and with their merchandise with the movie’s release. I want ornaments especially xD give me all the sugar rush racers as ornaments please!

Anyway I think I’ll finally get to bed now xD thanks for reading my ramblings about the next Wreck It Ralph movie ❤

So Excited for Halloween Horror Nights This Year!

So something my friends may note about me is my love for Halloween, especially in the craftsmanship of costumes, decorations, and sets. Where I live, we have a few options for Halloween-type celebrations, which includes mazes, craft fairs, and more. We also have theme parks that host their own separate Halloween events. However, nothing is as extreme in my eyes as the hard work done at Universal Studios for their Halloween Horror Nights (HHN) event.

Halloween Sign for Halloween Horror Nighst 26, Orlando 2016

I started traveling to Orlando regularly a few years ago (when I was younger, it was every couple of years – between Orlando and Anaheim for Disneyland) and I have made it to at least one night of HHN a year since that time.

So you may be asking yourself – What is HHN? If you check out the HHN website, you can find the following description:

As the sun sets on days filled with thrills in all of Universal’s theme parks, the night awakens with a frightening chill at Universal Studios Florida™. It’s the World’s Premier Halloween Event–bringing together stories and visions of the most notorious creators of horror and taking them to the next level. This year, time twists and turns on itself—ripping cinematic greats, cult classics and even original nightmares from decades past into a new era of fear with more terrifying haunted houses than ever, sinister scare zones and outrageous entertainment.

The theme park that was built with the intention of bringing movies to life for its guests takes that concept to a new extreme with HHN, developing full sets on soundstages to place the guests in classic horror movie settings, TV show settings, and original house concepts by the project team at Universal Studios. Do you get a rush or thrill from the fear of being watched, something going bump in the night, jumping out at you from the shadows? Do you have an appreciation for intricate set design and costuming? Then this event is for you!

Now I’m actually working on a new series of stories that I hope to feature and elaborate more on HHN as a concept and its various years, but for now I just wanted to gush about the previous year in Orlando and what’s coming up this year with tonight’s official premiere (I’ll be there in a week’s time so I’ll do my best to capture videos and photos of the sets where I can – houses are usually a no-go unless I splurge on the unmasking tour).

Halloween Horror Nights 2017

The 2017 HHN event in Orlando was a fun ride for sure, with nine haunted houses, five scare zones, specialty merchandise and food/drink options, various tour options, and two shows.

One of the biggest anouncements of the year was that it would be the final year of HHN hosting the fan-favorite comedy show Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, which had been hosting a version that coincides with the year’s pop culture history for 26 years. For 2017, Bill and Ted had some hilarious jabs at Disney for Moana and Pandora – The World of Avatar, some great jabs at Sean Spicer, and cameos from years past that provided a proper send-off for the classic show. It will surely be missed at Universal Studios Orlando.

There wasn’t a signature icon (such as Jack or the Caretaker from previous years) leading the charge for the event. In lieu of the icon, Universal chose to instead celebrate all things HHN with a festival of the deadliest (which held its own scarezone towards the front of the park).

The nine houses were the Shining, Scarecrow: The Reaping, The Fallen, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, American Horror Story: Volume 2, Dead Water, The Hive, Saw: The Games of Jigsaw, and Horrors of Blumhouse. Now as I’ve stated already, unless you’re doing the Unmasking the Horror tour, you can’t take videos or photos in the houses themselves. I’ll go ahead and link a few sites down below so you can see some photos and videos from walkthroughs by media personnel. For now, I just wanted to share my experiences in each house last year and let you know which ones were a step above the rest. (Check out the photo collage above for exterior shots of Scarecrow, Hive, Blumhouse, and Ash vs. Evil Dead).

  • The Shining – Holy crap! The set design of this house was phenomenal. If you have ever seen this Stanley Kubrick classic based on Stephen King’s novel by the same name, then you would literally believe you’ve stepped through the screen into the movie itself. You find yourself stumbling through the halls of the Overlook Hotel, many scareactors either doning the signature Jack costuming or one of the ghosts throughout the hotel. Iconic scenes like the twins at the end of the hall, here’s Johnny, the hedge maze chase? All there! There was even the blood elevators that actually flooded a scene off the path the guests took, which was amazing to see as it was projectors but actual flowing red colored water bursting out of the elevator doors. There was so much to see and so much intricate details in the design. Now it’s rare for me to actually get scared in these houses, I’m more entranced by the actors and the design so as for the fear scale for this house, I would say it was a decent middle ground compared to the others. All in all, definitely one of my top three houses.
  • Scarecrow: The Reaping – A twisted take on a classic corn maze, Scarecrow served up a decent amount of scares and pretty stellar theming. Again, set design through the corn maze and the farm were phenomenal and the costuming of the scareactors as scarecrows really helped tie everything together. Now for an opinion however that doesn’t agree with most reviews from last year from others who stated this was hands down the scariest and best house last year – I wouldn’t even include this one in my top three. I would say it’s right there in the middle and it did actually get a scream from me which is an honor in itself. But I just found theming from other houses to be more on point than this one. But all in all, loved it! Just loved some other mazes a bit more.
  • The Fallen – I’ll be honest, I forgot this house existed until I was reviewing video footage others took from last year. And honestly I’m shocked at myself for forgetting this one because there was one moment that I was completely startled by a scareactor on a bungee chord and I screamed louder than my friend who was with me, garnering probably my biggest scare I’ve had in the last few years I’ve been going. The set is a more Gothic setting and the entire maze is filled with these winged bat-like creatures. All in all, great detail and it was able to get a scream from me. But it’s still pretty low on my list because…I mean, I did forget existed for a little while. But I mean after looking through the footage again, I did enjoy it and I think it was a welcome addition to the history of HHN.
  • Ash Vs. Evil Dead – OH MY GOD! This maze was so much fun!!! Scary? Not at all. But it was literally like you walked onto the set of the show and were basically added into the cast. The scenes you walk through are all from the first season and they really brought everything to life. And once again, the attention to detail with the scareactors’ costumes and the sets were on point. This is one of my top houses for sure. I was grinning and cheering the whole way through. Loved it!!!
  • American Horror Story: Volume 2 – Ok, so I like the American Horror Story shows. And yes, this maze (like the same IP’s mazes from previous years) is extremely detailed, pulls you right into the stories. I think Universal needs to not do the same IP that’s not an original story for the houses back to back (which is something they’ve done with Walking Dead, the Purge, etc.). I just felt like it was nothing new and there weren’t enough scares for me to really sell me on this one. They featured Asylum, Coven, and Roanoke and yes, details are there. Scareactors worked their magic. But yeah, this one is probably my least favorite house of the year. Let’s have a break from American Horror Story Universal. Showcase other great IPs. The fans will still be there when you bring them back, don’t you worry.
  • Dead Water – BEST HOUSE OF THE YEAR! Not even kidding, you literally walk into a soundstage onto a half-sunken steamboat which seems to move, creak, tilt, as if it’s struggling against the swamp waters of its facade. Holy shit! Upon entering the soundstage and seeing the steamboat firsthand, I was in love and I knew I was in for a wild ride. It a voodoo theme that is based off a scarezone they have in a previous year and I loved every second of it. Also there’s tilted hallways to add a struggle to those inside for getting around which kind of builds onto that fear that you’re powerless in your situation. Best part – they knew the tilted hallways may be a problem for some so they had separate hallways ready for those who couldn’t make the trek. I implore people to check out videos and photos of this house. It was fantastic! I’m glad I got to experience it in person.
  • The Hive – The concept is a maze with a vampire infestation. And it was ok. I’ve seen quite a few vampire houses in my day and this one had a lot of dedicated scareactors part of it. And honestly that might have been one of its downfalls because I felt you had too many people jumping out at once. I didn’t really know who to turn my attention to so it kind of felt overwhelming at times and in the case of HHN not in a good way. Set design and costumes were great, and I think there’s a lot of potential to expand on this house in the future.
  • Saw: The Games of Jigsaw – Are you a fan of gore and torture? This might have been your favorite maze then! For me, not so much. I’ve seen every Saw movie and knew going into this maze what to expect…torturous puzzles and people getting killed in the name of Jigsaw’s ideology. The maze takes you through some of the most memorable tortures but it was literally blood, guts, gore, death everywhere. That’s not really scary to me so I was just kinda going through it admiring the sets and actors again. I typically would love to go through houses more than once but this one and American Horror Story for me were ones that I was good with the one round through them.
  • The Horrors of Blumhouse – This house featured IPs from Blumhouse (as the name of the maze suggests lol) which includes Insidious, The Purge (as I’ve already mentioned – Universal keeps hitting me over the head with Purge and I would like them to calm down for a second) and Sinister. They’ve featured Insidious and the Purge in houses and scarezones before so I think all in all they do fit with the whole HHN vibe. In fact, I would have preferred Insidious being the main star all on its own. There just weren’t enough scares for me to really remember much of the house. But the devil creature from Insidious is always awesome to see. You really get to see how amazing Universal is with makeup, costuming, and monsters in general. But other than that, one of the least favorite houses.

The five scarezones were Trick ‘r Treat (which has its own house in 2018), The Purge, Festival of the Deadliest, Invasion!, and Altars of Horror. You can see photos of the Trick ‘r Treat and Purge Scare Zones above in the collage.

  • Trick ‘r Treat – Hands down, best scarezone I’ve seen since I’ve been going regularly to HHN. It’s the perfect Halloween experience. Hundreds of carved pumpkins were strung in the trees, along the fences, and in the foliage surrounding the area. There were scenes of the movie placed around the area and then costumed scareactors roaming around that were straight out of the movie as well. And our main boy (or pumpkin creature or whatever he is) Sam roamed with his iconic lollipop and it was perfect and I loved it. Gorgeous scarezone, had a good amount of scares thrown in and the detail was on point. I roamed through there so many times that night just to experience it over and over again. I was in love!
  • The Purge – Ok, if you haven’t guessed already – I’m kind of over the Purge being in every HHN event. But I will say I prefer if it’s going to be there to be a scarezone like this one. I mean, it’s more fitting than a maze for this type of movie. After all, you’re trying to survive in the streets as others aim to kill you. And then there’s the auction scene and it’s just done perfectly well with the roaming scareactors and the open space. You see some familiar characters from the movie too so it really makes you feel like you’re in the movie and you’re in danger. If HHN is going to keep bringing the Purge back, just use it as a scarezone. It just translate better that way.
  • Festival of the Deadliest – So I guess you could kind of call this scarezone a tie-in to its theme for the year but all in all there weren’t many scares to be had in this one. What you did have was stunning costuming, amazing makeup, and great use of stilts. There really isn’t much to say for this one. You have to check some footage of it to see for yourself. Wonderful to look at, just not even close to scary in my opinion.
  • Invasion! – HHN’s take on a sci-fi horror scarezone this year was interesting…and also very short. It’s literally the spaceship that’s crashed, and then blockades from the Army. There’s the aliens and Soldiers in between interacting and if anything it’s comical. Scary? No. But there were some pretty funny gags with the aliens and they were technically killing Soldiers and other scareactors here and there. But all in all I found the aliens interacting the guests to be hilarious and I enjoyed it. It was way too small though and its location was a bottleneck with the guests so it felt pretty overwhelming going through there and it made you not want to stick around because of the crowds.
  • Altars of Horror – Ladies and Gentleman, the Instagram scarezone! No, seriously, this is a section that features icons from the IP mazes which not only teases what you can expect during your adventure but also provides you the best chance of taking a photo of you with those IP icons since you can’t take photos in the houses. This scarezone isn’t even a scarezone and some think that these shouldn’t be out on the streets since they can block traffic depending on who’s stopping for photos, etc. I kinda agree with them though I like that Universal provides this option for people. Honestly if we weren’t running around trying to get all the mazes and such done in one night I would have probably tried to get more photos with the scareactors. I think Universal should maybe open up a building or a section away from the heavy traffic areas specifically for those photos but in the long run it’s harmless and it helps people capture the memories of the night with those icons from the houses. Not scary, just fabulous!

There’s one more show that I haven’t seen because it was always kind of a lower priority for us and that’s Academy of Villans. The crew that does it I know is phenomenal with their stunts and acts they do; I’ve just never seen them perform the shows for HHN since we usually only have the one night to get as much done as we can and frankly…the mazes just take priority for us. But I’ve heard great things about their HHN shows so I say if you’re interested in shows like that and have the time to see it, do it!

Halloween Horror Nights 2018

Last year was a wild ride for sure but this year’s lineup is bigger and better than ever! And we see the return of a few favorites from the past – including a new take on a cult classic film that had its amazing scarezone in 2017.

Guys, there’s ten houses this year and five scarezones! Holy shit it’s going to be amazing! Sadly since last year was the final Bill and Ted show though, we only have the Academy of Villains to enjoy – but that comes with a much bigger stage this year so they’ve got more space and props to work with so it should be better than ever! Maybe I’ll actually get to see it in person!!!

Again, no real icon this year but a lot of the marketing is featuring either Stranger Things or a very 80s vibe which sort of is the running theme for all the houses and scarezones so I’m really excited to see everything in full force this year.

Let’s talk about the houses (you can check out the official site here for more detailed descriptions of the houses):

  • Stranger Things – That’s right, the Netflix show that took the world by storm not only has a house this year but has many treats being offered during the event including a huge array of waffle desserts. We can expect to see some flashing Christmas lights, the Upside Down, and the Demogorgon.
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers – As the name suggests, we’re tying this house into the Halloween franchise and we can expect to see some iconic Michael Myers masks roaming around and making some gnarly kills. In the past, the Halloween houses have been amazing so I’m sure this one will be no different.
  • Poltergeist – YES!!!! This house has so much potential to be amazing! They’ve been marketing the TV and the clown doll a lot so I’m hoping we see some great set design and effects through our maze experience.
  • Trick ‘r Treat – This one I’m the most excited for! This movie has become a cult classic and seeing the amazing job they did last year with the scarezone I just know they can create something FANTASTIC in one of the soundstages. Don’t let me down Universal!
  • The Horrors of Blumhouse – *glares at Universal* another Purge tie-in…and it’s not a scarezone. Well, it’s the First Purge and Happy Death Day house. It will be interesting to see them pull off the later IP but…dang it I’m all Purged out. It’s not even a bad series, I’m just over the houses for now. Why isn’t Get Out one of the movies showcased in the house. Come on Blumhouse! Come on Universal! I’ll definitely be checking out the house but you’ve really got to sell me on this one because I’m already expecting it to be my least favorite. Prove me wrong lol.
  • Carnival Graveyard: Rust in Pieces – Reading the synopsis for this house on the website has really got me intrigued. It sounds like we’re walking into an old abandoned carnival and there’s going to be lots of scares there. When I first read the name, I thought we’d be seeing our old friend Jack from previous HHN events but not sure if that’s true or not. We’ll just have to wait and see!
  • Dead Exposure: Patient Zero – A new take on a classic house that integrates flashing strobes to simulate a flashing camera, the guest will be thrown into a zombie-infested maze and they must find an escape through the light of the flashes. I loved the concept before and I can’t wait to see how they perfected it.
  • Scary Tales: Deadly Ever After – Another classic house, your favorite fairy tale creatures have been cursed and have mutated into horrific, murderous beasts. It’s a twisted take on the classic fantasies of childhood and it’s always fun to see the sets and characters.
  • Seeds of Extinction – This house is post-apocolyptic and I’m not sure what’s in store with it. I’m going to assume it’s plant monsters because seeds lol. We shall see!
  • Slaughter Sinema – Critics are already gauging this to be one of the most intricate and scariest houses of the year. I don’t know much about this house but I believe it’s another take on a past house where horror movies and a drive-in setting collide. Again, we shall see! I’m excited for it though!

And the scarezones are:

  • Revenge of Chucky – Chances are if you know horror movies, YOU KNOW CHUCKY! This little doll is going to be causing some chaos in his own scarezone this year and it sounds like some naughty jokes will be returning to HHN by the named killer.
  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space – A hilarious cult movie about alien clowns that kill people and turn them into cotton candy is making its stand at HHN this year and I’m excited to see the costumes and props they’ll use! This one is going to be a fun one for sure, I just hope it’s not as small as Invasion! was last year.
  • The Harvest – Pretty sure this is the Instagram zone this year since it will be featuring horrors from each house. This one will have a barn setting and have the scareactors hiding behind hay bales, have barn props around, it should be a interesting backdrop for those Snapchats with the characters.
  • Twisted Traditions – I’m really excited for this one because it has the potential to be just as pretty in its theming as Trick ‘r Treat was last year. There’s going to be pumpkins, scary costumes, and more!
  • Vamp ’85: New Years Eve – A classic scarezone with a new twist, we’re going be surrounded by Vampires during a new years eve celebration in the year ’85. There’s going to be musical acts and lots of jump scares in this one. I can’t wait, this sounds like a loud of fun! I’m just really digging the 80s theme this year!

The party for this year just got started a little while ago with its premiere and sadly I’m not there (next weekend though I will be) so I’ll be on the lookout for news and photos of HHN in full swing. I’ll do my best to take lots of photos when I go so I can show off the event. Until then, I’ll just be over here bubbling with excitement until I get to experience it myself! Thanks for reading my excited ramblings!

You can check out footage and read about last year’s event here from Inside the Magic.