It’s Bento’s Birthday


Seven years ago today, this beautiful baby boy came into the world. We hadn’t gotten to meet yet but I’m so glad we did. You’ve been my bestest boy for seven years and I couldn’t be happier to have you in my life Bento ❤

It was 2011 and I had just graduated from college. I had desperately wanted a dog again since the death of my pekinese pup Gizmo from childhood. However, my family didn’t want to have a dog in the house and I didn’t want to get one while I was in college since I was running around so much for my classes.

The original plan was to get a Corgi puppy when I started my search for a dog. They were small and energetic and cute and I felt it would be a good starter pup for me since I would be on my own raising it. However, I had another dogbreed that I was fascinated with and so I added Shiba Inus into my searches.

I wasn’t planning on investing a lot of time with finding a Shiba pup. I had done my research on the breed and they were known to be difficult to control. However, one day I had stumbled on a fluffy teddybear of a pup on puppyfind and fell in love.


I began to communicate with the breeder of this fluffy pup, learning everything about them and their family of dogs. They were a reputable breeder and shared as much as they could about them. They let me know he was the only boy out of his liter and that there were others interested in him as well.

I shared my passion for dogs with them and we soon came to an agreement that would change my life forever. And within a few weeks time, my baby boy was on a plane soaring towards Norfolk.

I stayed in constant contact with the breeders and was waiting at the claim at the airport when my little boy was brought to me. I was able to give him our first hug in the parking lot and I was practically in tears. He was everything I ever wanted in life. And I couldn’t have asked for a better pup.


Seven years have been a roller coaster ride for sure. There are good days and bad days of course. But I wouldn’t trade a single one. Because this is our journey together. I love Bento more than anything else in the world and he’s my furbaby. I’m fascinated with just how good a dog Bento is, especially for a Shiba Inu pup. He’s a lover of people and other animals, he can be independent or playful, and he loves to cuddle. I’m truly the luckiest mommy in the world.

Happiest Birthday Wishes to my Bento Box ❤ Mommy loves you to the moon and back. Thank you for being such a good boy.


House Visit – Part One

AN: I wrote a story a little while ago about some Hogwarts OCs and I wanted to expand on this wild little group of friends. You can read my post Friends in the Oddest of Places to see their introduction 🙂 Anyway hope you all enjoy. Also, please note, this is my vision of the wizardly world of Harry Potter, I’ve never been to any of the European countries (yet) so I am just going off of what I’ve seen online, in books, games, and movies 😛 Apologies if I get anything wrong.

Cutter Brisby expected to wake up to the same dreary December mornings he’d grown accustomed to in his many years at the tiny loft of a home he had shared with his father. An audible grown echoed from his throat as he felt himself stirring into consciousness, a silent yet desperate plea for continued slumber rejected simply by the sudden odd aroma filling his senses.

Peeling open a narrowed eye to the world around him, he found his environment one he’d come to expect. It was surely his room, a matchbox hovel lined with a simple desk, computer, bed, and walls draped with rock band poster he’d grown accustomed to in the muggle world. There shouldn’t have been anything odd at all…yet the delectable scents circling his senses were enough for him to raise a brow in confusion.

Ignoring the tired aches of his muscles, Cutter pulled himself out of bed and to his feet, his baggy pajama pants and tank wrinkled over his tall form as he brushed his fingers through his knotted mane. There was no mending his appearance at the moment so he abandoned his efforts and instead pulled open his bedroom door, the delicious smells now completely overtaking him.

“What the hell?” Cutter remarked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he stepped carefully down the hall towards the lit up kitchen where the sound of pans clinging about echoed throughout the house. Honestly it was a miracle the boy was able to sleep through such a racket at all in this loft with paper thin walls. Perhaps yesterday’s shift at his latest temp job had been much too taxing on the boy.

Cutter peeked around the corner into the kitchen and found a sight he had rarely seen since his childhood, his dark eyes wide in shock. Standing there practically bathed in flour stood Benjamin Brisby, Cutter’s father. Usually a tired mess much like his son, Ben focused the day on working and earning enough to make ends meet for their little family.

Today however, everything was different. There he was, a wide grin on his lips as he seemed hard at work cooking up a holiday feast Cutter hadn’t quite witnessed since the days of his mother being alive. Sure, Hogwarts meals were practically feasts in their own right but…he never got to see the food being made with care. Not like what he witnessed at that moment with his father hard at work in the kitchen.

“Dad?” Cutter questioned as he stepped into the room, his father seemingly jumping at the interruption before turning with a start to face his son. “What’s going on?”

“Oh damn, I woke you up didn’t I?” Ben cursed aloud as he tried desperately to wipe his hands clean off his apron; though he soon found it a lost cause at the amount of flour that had erupted upon his person. With a resounding sigh, the man then stepped over to his son and placed a firm grip on his shoulders. “Sorry about that Cutty. I was trying to be quiet, I was. After all, you were hard at work until past midnight. And besides, this was meant to be a surprise.”

More confusion washed over the boy, “a surprise? For what?”

“It’s the holidays of course!” Ben hummed proudly before sporting a grin that had long been hidden away due to daily struggles of long hours on the job. Cutter couldn’t help but admire such a sight. He missed the days when his father didn’t shoulder the world to make ends meet. “Well, I wasn’t able to get us off for Christmas but I was able to pull some strings and get a day off today. So not quite for Christmas but thankfully before the year was done.”

“You took a day off?” Cutter remarked with a skeptical glance to his father. “I can’t remember the last time you’ve taken a day off.”

“I managed to save up a bit more this quarter to make things work out,” Ben explained with a smile. “I’d been contemplating a celebration this year but I wasn’t sure how things would pan out for us. But then I got a message that struck an idea and I just had to jump at the chance to throw this little party.”

A party? Now Cutter was even more confused than before. “Wait a minute? Party? Message? You’re confusing me even more now Dad. What are you talking ab-?”

The sudden tap, tap, tap on the door made the boy almost jump out of his skin, the excitement on his father’s face seeming to grow as the man bolted for the front door. Ben threw open the entrance with gusto, Cutter barely able to keep up with his antics before a burning blush spread across his cheeks.

Cutter hadn’t seen or heard from Melody Holmes since he departed Hogwarts for the holidays, a fact that was mostly his fault due to his busy schedule for work upon returning home. The last place he hoped to see her was on his doorstep, a bundle of sunshine and rainbows in the midst of his unkept, slobby appearance from his battles inside his dreams. That brimming smile, those bounding red curls, the girl was the exactly as he remembered her.

“Mr. Brisby, a wonderful morning to you sir!” Melody chimed, a basket filled with treats and intricately wrapped gifts held tight in hand as she bowed in greeting. At the motion, Cutter could feel his blush growing deeper at the notice that she was not the only one that stood upon his stoop. Sure enough, Amber Collins stood with a polite smile as she greeted Ben…and bringing up the rear and seemingly barely able to keep his eyes open was Martin Elliott. “Thank you very much for hosting us today!”

“Thank you very much sir,” Amber chimed along with her best friend, her blue eyes shifting ever so curiously towards the panicking figure left in the shadows of the loft. A hint of a smirk tugged at her lips as the Ravenclaw mused. “Oh good morning Cutter. Did we wake you?”

That comment alone was enough to break Cutter from his silence as he stepped next to his father, the boy trying to remain calm despite his fingers now desperately combatting the nuts in his wild mane. “What’s going on? Why are you all here?”

“Hello to you too. Always the ray of sunshine you are,” Amber muttered under her breath as Melody’s eyes lit up at the sight of her Syltherin companion.

“Cutter! Aw yay! I’m so glad to see you again!” Melody squealed with delight, her manners tossed in the wind as she handed off the basket to Ben before darting into the loft and throwing her arms around her friend’s desheveled form. Cutter had grown accustomed to the girl’s actions over the semester; however, this particular morning had been one confusing surprise after another so he barely was able to keep on his feet from the forceful embrace as the excited Hufflepuff. What’s more, the look on his father’s face at the sight of such a greeting was enough to raise up an audible groan from his chest. Such a sparkling expression of excitement, he could almost hear his father’s squeals of delight. “You’ve been working so hard! I haven’t been able to speak with you once! I’ve missed you!”

“Uhhh,” Cutter cut a narrowed glance at his father and the two others now peeking in from the doorstep before he muttered under his breath. “Missed you too.”

“Isn’t this a marvelous surprise?” Ben chimed his interruption as he waved the newcomers inside, gently leading them towards the den where he took their gifts and coats so they could get comfortable. “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you all in person Melody, Amber, and Martin. Cuttey has told me…so very little about you.”

Amber’s eyes flashed at the nickname, that same hint of a smirk pulling at her lips as she took note to use it in the future.

“He’s not really the talking sort,” Martin interrupted with a shrug, the tired Gryffindor bowing to their host before taking a seat upon the aged couch. “I like this place. And this couch.”

Cutter struggled to drag Melody into the den with him as he stared at Martin, the boy already seemingly dowsing off against the lumpy cushions. “A strange sort as always Marty. Can someone please explain what’s going on? What are you all doing here?”

Melody grinned at the question as she allowed the Slytherin his space, bowing graciously to her hosts before answering, “I had called you a few times at your home since I couldn’t reach your cell. Nor did you respond to any of my letters.”

“Rude as usual,” Amber muttered under her breath, Cutter narrowing his eyes upon her at the poor attempt to hide her words.

“I was getting worried. But then your dad answered the phone one evening and explained how much you were working,” Melody explained with a knowing smile. “You’re always working so hard. I wanted to do something special for you.  That was when your father and I hatched this brilliant plan to have a party!”

“Surprise,” Martin lulled from his spot on the couch, Cutter raising a brow as Amber seemingly rolled her eyes before taking a seat beside the boy in hopes to keep his attention and keep him awake.

Ben quickly put everything in its place before stepping towards his son with a wide grin, “It’s the first time you’ve ever had friends over. I wanted it to be something special.”

Such a statement caught the boy off-guard as he stared wide-eyed at his father, a sincere grin pulling at his lips for such a warming gesture. It was difficult for him and his father growing up, especially after his mother’s passing. Money was always a problem for them, thus they were always trying to find ways to make ends meet. That meant no time for family dinners, parties, or even just meeting a friend or two. This was a first…and it was clear how much it meant to Ben as he stood there smiling like a fool at the sight that his son was able to find such good friends during his time at Hogwarts. And in a way…it meant a great deal to Cutter as well.

“Well,” the Slytherin began as he ran a hand through his tangled hair, the boy then turning back towards his room to retreat. “If we’re going to have a party. I guess I should look the part.”

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Amber muttered under her breath, Cutter managing a narrowed glare her way before he waved and retreated to his room. He had to be quick and get himself presentable…especially since his father would be left alone with those friends of his from school. He had to be quick, or else the embarrassing stories would flow like water.

Amber didn’t need any more fuel to ridicule him for pleasure. He didn’t want Melody to hear such tales, regardless of how kind she would be about it. And Martin…well, Cutter just had to be quick to keep the boy from falling asleep.

*~Part One End~*