Last Night’s Follies

AN: Inspired by many posts of this scenario on Tumblr, the idea is stolen from many I’m sure hahaha. I just wanted to try it out for the dragon hunter rp characters I have with Taji. Its a story happening in two timeframes so hopefully it’s not too confusing. Enjoy!

Martin had managed to stagger to the familiar stool lining the kitchen’s bar that morning, a pounding headache begging to be nursed as he fumbled in his placement. The guild hall’s main cook noticed the man’s stumble and offered a knowing grin before she poured him a glass of water. The man accepted it without a word as he brought the cup to his lips, albeit with difficulty as his very being shook from the punishments he forced upon himself the night prior.

It was rare to see Martin allow himself to step beyond his limits when it came to drinking. However, the celebration of Miller’s return was a most joyous ocassion…and it also meant the return of someone quite special to him as well.

A quivering hand rushed through his dark, unruly locks as he fought through the throbbing pain, his memories fogged beyond repair of what happened the night before. He remembered many from the guild gathering at the tavern to cheer on the return of their comrades, Wendell’s tearful reunion with the missing, practically more bandages than skin, tracker something he was pleased to retain. He could recall everyone mingling together in a formidable splendor, Aaron and Baila welcomed with a stampede of cheering guildmates pleased to see their leaders return to Eastwyvern. Hell, even the former soldier Quellin entered to a road of applause as several of the younger hunters began to pick his intellect in hopes for an advantage in their future endeavors.

The cheering only seemed to die down as Barlet stepped into the hall, his lips curved into a frown as he poised himself along the wall. He had vocally sounded against this unnecessary celebration for fear that Miller’s state would worsen after what had happened to him in the capital. However, it seemed the tracker had managed to sly his way into allowing a few moments of cheer amongst his friends. So the old soldier stayed close and eyed Miller’s every move in defeat, the guildmates all seemingly hesitant in his presence.

However, the old man became a thing of the past it seemed as two more figures entered last into the tavern, the chorus of howls echoing into the night in familiar tune. Martin’s heart nearly burst at the realization of who warranted such an audience from the many strong contenders of the guild. Even amongst his closest friends and family, those green orbs of his couldn’t help but lift to greet the newcomer…

“Surprised you’re awake after last night,” A sudden jolt of a hand broke the Jamerson from his hazy memories, Martin nearly collapsing from his stool as he sent a narrowed glare to the form of Aaron now perched in the stool beside him. The guildleader seemed to sport a wicked grin as he eyed his companion, the cook quick to offer him a drink as well to welcome him to the morning air. “I bet this hangover is one of your finest blunders.”

“You’re an asshole,” Martin grumbled as he took another swig of water, the man welcoming a small plate of bread from the cook. “I don’t remember drinking that much…I was fine last night…”

Aaron stifled a laugh at that remark. “Oh far from that. You were a bloody mess. Thought you were gonna drink yourself to the grave.”

A cringe rested on the Jamerson’s expression as he sunk upon the bartop, nibbling at the doughy morsel that was brought to him. “I suppose that would explain the throbbing headache…”

“You’ve also got a knot on your skull from when you finally passed out and your forehead collided with the bar,” Aaron admitted as he motioned to his own forehead. Martin followed the motion and flinched as his fingers gingerly grazed the likely reddened bump partially hidden from the world thanks to his wild mane. “Careful there, Just get yourself sobered up and rest today. You’ve had too much fun in one evening most would reserve for a lifetime.”

“Fuck,” Martin cursed through gritted teeth. “Bayelei probably got pissed about this. Damn it all.”

At the mention of the familiar huntress, Aaron raised a brow and seemed to stagger in his next reply. “You don’t remember much from last night I take it?”

“No, I remember you guys all arriving and-,” Martin’s voice trailed off as he tossed a hand over his unfocused gaze. “At some point, Bayelei was really pissed and-damnit what happened?”

Aaron chuckled in his throat as he took a swig of water. “Guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by that. I think everything went downhill for you…when those two entered the tavern…”

Bayelei stepped in through the doorway more exhausted than most, her usual appearance ragged from the long journey home. Her usual braided locks were tossed back into a sloppy bun and her garbs were a tattered flannel and jeans, something she likely tossed on in need of an outfit after such a tiresome adventure. To some, she would look a mess…but to Martin, she was more gorgeous than ever before.

The Jamerson had almost dared to step towards her and welcome him into a warm embrace…had it not been for the man who settled in at her side and tossed a arm over her shoulder with ease as he searched his surroundings. The huntress did not dare bat the stranger away from her, only rolling her eyes as she folded her arms over her chest and greeted several of the guild members who rushed over to meet her.

“Who’s the stranger?” A familiar voice chimed in from the small group that had formed by the bar, Martin inwardly thanking his brother Jarell for asking the questions he begged the answers for. 

Aaron and Baila both glanced up from their emptied mugs to stare upon the newcomers, both of them grinning slightly at the sight. “That’s Kyle, an old mate of Baye’s,” answered the huntress, her voice as loud and intimidating as ever. “From the sounds of it, looks like he’ll be residing in town for a spell.”

“Probably to work on that relationship of theirs,” Aaron joked with his teammate as they laughed under the spell of booze…unaware that such a comment pegged Martin in his heart. What the hell did that mean? The guild leader’s expression was unreadable as the man grinned. “Those two have been inseparable since the conclusion of the hunt.”

“They are already in talks to get an apartment together,” Baila hummed, a wicked sparkle in her eye as she noticed Martin’s stare. She failed to mention that Quellin might also be joining in such a venture. This seemed to be much too fun to pass up. “Our little Baye might actually stay put in one place for more than a few days at a time now.”

The bartender had barely slipped two filled mugs on the bar for Baila and Aaron before Martin suddenly snatched them up, guzzling them down without remorse as his team all looked on in awe. Within seconds the elder Jamerson brother slammed the emptied mugs and demanded refills, Baila nearly bursting into a fit of laughter as Aaron held up a hand to pause his friend’s actions.

“Whoa man, slow down, you haven’t even gone over there to-,” the guild leader’s warning fell on deaf ears as Martin guzzled down three more drinks with ease, his cheeks burning red as he then took another filled mug with him and marched towards the huntress poised at the doorway. “She’s gonna hate that stench on his breath. What the hell got him all in a tiff?”

Baila managed to voice between her laughter. “Oh you’ll piece it together soon enough. Your mind on liquor is just a little bit slow is all.”

Each step was barely a stumble as Martin made his way towards the group that had formed around the huntress and her friend. In his tainted frame of mind, he had ventured over as swift as he could with a flare fitting a charmer such as himself. However, Bayelei had noticed him as soon as he stepped away from his group…and boy did he look a mess. 

The elder Jamerson brother stumbled along across the floor with difficulty, his steps thunderous echoes above the chatter of the tavern. As he filed in with ease, everyone seemed to have eyes on the newcomer…including a very mischievous glance from the one they called Kyle. The only one who seemed less confused was Bayelei, the woman barely able to hold back the soft hint of pink of her cheeks with his approach. 

“My, look at this gorgeous damsel,” Martin’s slurred words cut through the crowd as he stood toe-to-toe with the woman. “Why, you must be a magician…because when I look at you my dear, everyone else disappears.”

“Oh that was terrible, boo!” Sarah mocked as the crowd seemed to disperse at Martin’s flirtacious comments, leaving only the staring Kyle and Bayelei who seemed to roll her eyes at his comments.

“Your clever words know no bounds,” Bayelei mused with a sarcastic splendor, the woman holding her tongue at the notice of Martin’s swig of booze. She could smell the stench of it stack up and it was clear he had been drinking too much that evening. Yet she chose to hold her berating comments and instead be pleased in their reunited moment together. “Such a charmer.”

“Charming,” Kyle added with a wicked grin of his own as he eyed the newcomer up and down, Martin allowing a glare towards the man for only a moment before he returned his attention towards Bayelei.

“My dear, I must ask, do you have a map?”

Bayelei rolled her eyes yet again at his words. “Why do you ask?”

“Because it seems,” Martin hummed as he took the woman’s hand and gazed deep into her blue orbs. “I’ve gotten myself lost…in your eyes.”

“Oh god that was terrible,” Kyle stifled a laugh as Martin flinched at his words. It was growing harder to focus on the woman before him and not this dick of a human being raining on his parade.

“This Kyle guy seems to suck,” Martin said aloud to Aaron in the present as he continued to nibble his bread, his cheeks red and such a story. Of course he would say such cheesy pick-up lines.

“You flirted with Bayelei for quite some time, all the while clearly getting flustered anytime Kyle spoke. We all filed in to watch the display with mild amusement and it didn’t take long for me to realize why Kyle seemed to be rubbing you the wrong way,” Aaron answered with a knowing grin.

“Well screw that guy,” Martin hissed as he slumped in his seat. “And so far it sounds like I just flirted, albeit terribly, with my girlfriend. How is that a problem?”


Martin continued to fire off his terrible pick-up lines, each one garnering a remark from the peanut gallery while Bayelei allowed it to continue in mild amusement. The group honestly thought such efforts would never cease…until the man gathered up his efforts and offered a grin to the woman before him. “Tell me gorgeous, you have a boyfriend?”

The woman did not skip a beat as she answered, “I’m taken actually.”

“That didn’t happen!” Martin shouted as he glared towards the guild leader, his skin pale as he noticed how serious the man looked at his side. “Oh god, It did?”

“The room was pretty much focused on you at that point,” Aaron explained with another gulp of water. “Dude you were crying.”

“No, I wasn’t!”

At some point the mug in Martin’s hand was emptied as the man stood before the woman of his dreams, tears soaking his cheeks as he stood in utter shock. There was clearly no sanity left in the poor man as he whimpered like a sniffling brat, Bayelei now gawking at him in disbelief as she held a hand out to him.

“Martin what the hell?” She asked to him, but he didn’t seem to hear her words or even notice her in his hazy vision. Now his focused was turned fully elsewhere…

“Holy shit this guy is crying like an idiot, Baye I had no idea you were breaking hearts in this town!” Kyle cackled without remorse as he struggled to breathe through his fit of laughter.

Martin had turned towards the man, a sharp glare through his tears as he shivered in his building rage. Everyone glanced between these two conflicting personalities, several already guessing what was about to happen in such a moment. 

“Now wait just a-,” Aaron began as he stepped forward, only to watch too late as the weeping Martin launched forward and sent a fist directly into Kyle’s cheek, the newcomer stumbling back into the wall with arms raised to block any further attacks. Martin surged forward to continue his onslaught had Aaron and Jarell not charged forward and grabbed him by the arms.

Cheers and hollers could be heard throughout the room from drunken guild mates at the sudden fight. However, Everyone grew deafly quiet as a sharp echo of a slap filled the air.

Martin stood subdued in utter shock as Bayelei stood before him after sending her palm across his face. Her amusement had washed away in the moment and she narrowed her gaze upon the weeping man before her. Kyle somewhat cowered behind her, mumbling something inaudible to the gathered crowd. 

That expression…it was something the hungover Martin remembered well…Bayelei was pissed at him.

“I don’t care if it was that damned poison in your gut making you act like a damned fool,” she growled through gritted teeth. “You have no right to hit him Martin. You better calm down and sober up or else.”

“Kyle, Baye, sorry, I should have stepped in sooner when I noticed he went way past his limit,” Aaron began to voice his concerns, both Baila and Jarell exchanging looks as they nodded along. “He doesn’t mean any harm, I swear. He’s just-.”

Before the guild leader could utter another syllable, Martin sloppily pulled himself away from the hold of him and his younger brother. The elder Jamerson stumbled to the bar and reached for another drink, only to have his hand slapped by Baila. Bayelei shuffled after him, along with his guild mates, and watched as the man then turned fully to the group once more in a panic.

“Suddenly some stranger comes waltzing into the town and everyone’s on his side,” Martin whimpered through his tears as he struggled to remain standing. “He’s over here trying to take someone important from me and everyone is just cool with It! What the hell?!”

Many of the guild mates gawked at the sight of Martin spiraling out of control, even Miller and Wendell stepping over in hopes to calm down this drunken spirit. Bayelei looked on in confusion at his words however before rolling her eyes in frustration.

“Are you a bloody moron Martin?”

“He’s onto me Baye! He found out my secret plan to steal you away!” Kyle hummed from behind her, barely missing a punch from his friend. 

“You aren’t helping jerk,” she snapped before reaching a hand out towards the drunken Jamerson. “Martin, I-.”

It was far too late for it seemed Martin had rolled back as his consciousness faded, the darkness overcoming him as his head then collided with the bar upon his collapse. Aaron and Bayelei both reached protectively to stop such matters but they were too late, the two of them left with the bruised form of Martin upon the floor.

“Yeah you were an utter moron but it was clear we needed to get you back to the guild hall and have you resting,” Aaron hummed as he looked over towards Martin, the man now burying his embarrassment with his face into the bartop. “Wendell took some time away from her reunion with Miller to take care of your stupid ass. I reprimanded Baila for encouraging your behavior. And Bayelei-.”

“She must hate me for sure,” Martin groaned aloud as he felt like the lowest form in the universe. How could he allow himself to be so stupid, especially after being reunited with someone so special to him. “She’ll never want to speak to me again…”

“Oh don’t be such a drama queen,” Aaron interrupted with an eye roll of his own, Martin lifting his head to gaze at the guild leader. “Bayelei helped you home alongside me. Refused to let any of the others do it. And she never left your side through the night I might add. She stayed by your bed and took care of your stupid ass. I was a little shocked if I’m honest that she would do that much for you after everything that happened. But there she was, taking care of you until Wendell forced her to get some rest as well this morning.”

Martin’s color returned to his cheeks as he shifted his gaze forward in a daze. “She-She did that?”

Aaron couldn’t help but offer a grin as he finished off his water and stood up from his stool. “Baye is an odd sort and has a lot of baggage…yet she remains loyal to those she truly cares for. And in a way, she is kind. She cares about your stupid ass despite the mistakes you made. So get back in sorts and go thank the lady already. Last I checked, she was out on the porch with-.”

Aaron didn’t get to finish his sentence as Martin nearly fell onto his face stumbling from his stool, the man then darting for the hallway and towards the front door. The elder Jamerson brother forced the door open despite his struggles and gazed down at the perched form of Bayelei gazing over her shoulder at him, a warm mug of tea in hand as she looked the man over. At her side however was the suddenly familiar form of Kyle, the man narrowing his gaze upon the newcomer as he reached a hand to gingerly touch his bruised cheek.

“Well look who it is. The drunken idiot from the bar,” Kyle remarked as he frowned, the woman beside him remaining quiet at the interaction. “What the hell do you want huh? More cheesy pick-up lines?”

Martin ignored the insults from the other as he stumbled forward and fell to his knees. He tossed his arms around the slender form of the huntress, his face buried in her fallen locks as he held her tight against her struggles.

“I missed you so much,” he whispered into her ear, his voice as soothing as he could muster as he held her close. “It felt like eternity since you left. However, that doesn’t excuse my actions of jealousy last night. It’s still foggy to me but what I did was wrong and I am truly sorry for forcing you into that situation. I’m so sorry I hurt you and your friend…and I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart…for staying by my side even though I acted like a fool.”

Bayelei slowly pulled away and eyed the man before her. “You were a stupid idiot you know that right?”

“I know and I am sorry for that. I’m sorry to both of you,” Martin then lifted his gaze towards Kyle who still frowned at him. “I-I’ m sorry, I can’t seem to remember who-.”

Bayelei raised a hand suddenly to silence the man before her, Martin watching her closely as she then motioned to her friend. “This is my best friend Kyle. He came here to find a new home away from the harsh world of the capital. He also came to pester me each and every day…”

“Every other day is fine, today I’ll be fine pestering the idiot,” Kyle grumbled before holding out a hand towards Martin, the elder Jamerson hesitant to accept. “Charmed. Don’t make it a habit of punching me. I prefer to keep my good looks intact.”

“As you can see, he is an idiot as well,” Bayelei interrupted before turning her gaze to Kyle and motioning towards Martin. “Kyle, this is someone very special to me, even if he is an idiot. This is Martin.”

The elder Jamerson blushed at her words as he stared upon the woman, her confident demeanor seeming to wash away any doubts he had before he grabbed hold of Kyle’s hand and shook it firmly. The two men muttered similar greetings towards one-another before Martin then threw an embrace once more around Bayelei, refusing to let go as she sunk into his hold. The cup of tea left abandoned, the two remained in perfect splendor, all the while Kyle abandoning them to head into town in hopes for some interesting information to add to his arsenal.


Personal Note – I’ll Miss You Grandpa

I’m no stranger to what a monster cancer can be. I’ve had multiple family members and friends face the challenge head on, with only a few managing to fully kick cancer’s ass and live on to share their stories with the world. All of them were brave souls that took their life in their hands and tried to fight against cancer not only for themselves but for the world.

Unfortunately we still live in a time where cancer is considered a death sentence for most. Despite all the advances in medicine and technology, depending on what type of cancer it is, the word fills those with dread of what’s to come. I still have hope of course that one day this won’t be the case anymore…but for now, we face the reality of the world.

This week my Grandpa (my mother’s step-dad) succumbed to lung cancer after almost a year of treatments against the beast. He was still quite young, only in his sixties, when the doctors finally caught the terrible curse that plagued him.

Now if you’ve ever met my grandpa, you would know he’s a very kind and strong sort. He was a Navy diver, a police officer, and gave much of his time to the United States Navy even after his military career had ended.

He spent many days out on the green playing golf, as well as at the beach where he loved to dive and swim…especially to greet the dolphins as they swam through our waters.

He loved to travel with my grandma, the two of them venturing to the many beaches and the mountains of the world, where they partook in diving expeditions and skiing Olympic slopes with ease. I swear when I thought of real-life adventures, those two were at the top of my list. They never let age stop them from doing what they loved.

There were many things to fondly remember about my grandpa. But for me, most of all, my grandpa loved music. Some of my earliest memories I have of my grandpa…involve him playing the trumpet. My god, he was master on the horn. He played beautiful melodies on his trumpet and on guitar, and he much enjoyed going to see jazz bands and symphonic orchestras play. He wanted to spread his love for music to the world…and it’s a passion he shared with me early on. I learned music through his guidance early on and today I’m able to play multiple instruments with ease. One instrument I never did get to take up however was the trumpet. Now…I think it’s time I did that.

Cancer crept into our lives once again with grandpa and at first he was handling things like a champ. He was not silent about the pain he felt but he faced everything head-on. He wanted to fight against the cancer. He wanted to live. For himself. For his family. For my grandma.

However, as time went on, it was clear the chemo wasn’t working and the cancer was progressing in his body. And it was becoming apparent that the efforts were taking a very severe toll on his body. I must share that of all the times I’ve witnessed the horrors of cancer…my grandpa was the first one I’ve seen that had grown so severe in such a short amount of time. He went from looking so healthy and young…to being literally skin and bones and barely able to stand on his own for a moment in time.

The entire ordeal was heartbreaking but we kept on fighting…we kept on for as long as we could…

However, I was just about to go out of town for work for two weeks on a business trip…and my last meeting with him before I left was something I’ll never forget.

At the time, he was still functioning enough to speak clearly with us and sit with us as we chatted. However, he could no longer walk around the room or even keep up his usual banter without being out of breath. The room was constantly filled with the sound of his oxygen tank, at first it was deafening but at that point I think we had all grown used to it.

As I sat with him and we talked about my upcoming trip and all the things I was going to be doing with work for the remainder of the year…my grandpa held up his little pre-paid cellphone and asked if I could help him set it up for him. I thought to myself, sure, no problem at all. I ensured the phone worked, I even helped him pick out a little ringtone that reminded him of his days playing his horn, something he had to abandon after being diagnosed with cancer.

But then he asked about voicemail. I carefully helped him set up his voicemail box and to ensure he understood I called his phone and left a short voicemail of me saying hello and how much I loved him. He then listened to the voicemail over and over…as I was sitting there in a daze. He kept playing back this short message on his phone with the biggest grin on his face and I had to hold back my tears. I watched him carefully as he saved the message and held the phone close as he thanked me. He gave me the biggest hug he could muster as we prepared to part ways. And as I was preparing myself to leave…I knew in my heart the next time I saw him there wouldn’t be much time left.

Two weeks was a long time away from home. I had family keep me up to date on everything at home. And as the first week had come to a close, I received a call that grandpa had been placed in the hospital and that there wasn’t going to be much time left. I finalized my work obligations and was soon on my way home. And when I finally saw my grandpa again, he was in a hospital bed in his home…barely able to cling to life as the cancer continued to eat away at him.

He was literally skin and bones and it was heartbreaking to see him. He could no longer speak save for a few loud mumbles here and there. He wasn’t able to sit up or stay awake for long. But when he did open his eyes, his vision was filled with his family at his side staying with him through his final days.

We all got to have our moments alone with him…to speak…to cry…to comfort…whatever it is we felt we needed to do in those final moments with grandpa. And when it came to my turn, I had already decided that as grandpa laid there in his final days…he needed a little bit of music.

I sat beside his bed and played him a variety of songs on my phone that I knew he would enjoy…many of them heavily featuring the horns he loved so much. I sat there with him surrounded by the sweet melodies as I held his hand. I spoke my goodbyes and my love for him. I left the music play him home.

He died a few hours later…he was finally free…he was at peace…

I miss you very much grandpa and I will always love you. I will continue to leave each day as you did, full of life and full of adventure. I will continue to follow my dreams.

I’m happy I got to know you and love you. Thank you for everything. Farewell ❤

Personal Ramblings – My Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

I typically avoid these sorts of posts here since I know there’s some who get deeply offended by what other people post but I honestly I need to get this out on as many platforms as I can.

I’m pissed off. This stuff keeps happening and for some reason this country that I love wants to avoid the topics we should be addressing.

This was domestic terrorism, plain and simple. A man who doesn’t deserve any sort of attention destroyed the lives of hundreds, claiming the lives of more than 50 with numbers still climbing. Motives and beliefs shouldn’t matter. He shot at civilians with the intent to kill and create chaos. He was a terrorist.

I believe in stricter gun control and a hard push against gun violence. Why? Because there are people all around this nation who are able to get guns so easily that should not have them. Because it is a toy to them or something they plan to inflict harm with on anyone they cross paths with.

I’m terrified of guns. Why? Because I’ve had people in my life who used their “toys” to threaten others to get their way. People who would threaten others on a regular basis because they had a gun so therefore they were better than you. And it wouldn’t even be for instances where one should feel the need to stand up for themselves. You shouldn’t feel the need to threaten to shoot someone in the face with your gun if they look at you in a way you didn’t like or they dressed a way you didn’t like.

And don’t say this stuff doesn’t happen or that it’s meant to be a joke. Because last I checked we can’t even enjoy a music festival, a club, or even learning at school without someone shooting up the place.

I don’t want to “take your guns away.” I want action against gun violence in this country. I want stricter gun control so we can work to combat this problem head-on that we face here. Yes if people want to harm others I know they will find a way. But by not doing anything right now we are basically saying to the world…

Go ahead. Kill a few more.

One death should have been enough.

Hundreds of thousands have died.

Why hasn’t it been enough?

I love you all and I aim to help change the world for the better. If you don’t share my same beliefs that’s fine. That’s the beauty of the world we can still live together and coexist with different beliefs.

But when friends of mine are killed because of who they are or because someone mentally wasn’t stable enough to be wielding the weapon…I am not ok with it.

I welcome those who wish to comment to provide constructive reasoning of their beliefs in the comments section. No personal attacks or excessive cursing will be allowed and I will delete the comments if needed. People who disagree can be civil in their discussions.

I hope for a better tomorrow. To get there, today I step forward and fight to bring that change.

Again, I love you all.