To The One Who’s Now At Peace – Personal Conversation

I have to admit…I forgot you existed for awhile.

I’ll be honest though, its hard for me to remember a lot of things nowadays, especially if those things aren’t consistently in my life or pop up in my field of vision week to week. I’m a forgetful person and there are many times that I curse myself for this. This time especially…I’m furious at myself for ever forgetting you.

Our story was one that’s been heard before. We were little kids whose parents moved in across the street from one-another. You were an only child, I was the youngest of three girls.

When I was younger, I had very few friends compared to my sisters. I was always someone who was vocal about their love of geekdom, especially video games, Disney movies, and Star Wars. I was made fun of a lot in those days and it was sometimes hard to tell who was really my friend or not. But when you moved in and accepted me for who I was, that was a big moment for me.

We would play day after day, whether it be running around outside or playing video games and fighting over who would get to be Mario or Luigi. Our parents would always know that we were together, sometimes even joking about how we were in love and would someday get married. Yeah, a joke told too often by parents, but I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit I had a crush on you growing up.

We would see each other from across the street, we would ride to school together, we would hang out in class, we would go to church together…we would do so much together as we were younger.

Then…that “For Sale” sign went up in the yard. And I knew that things were about to change.

We were barely considered teens but we all thought we were much more adult than we were in those days. You and your mom were moving away to another neighborhood, somewhere that to me felt like the other side of the world. You’d still be going to the same church but those daily hangouts would be over.

I remember now entering your home and seeing the stacks of boxes as you prepared to make this big change in your life. I remember that last hug, that moment where I wanted to cry but I refused to shed a tear in front of you because I didn’t want to ruin the moment by making you worry about me. I remember you and your mom driving away as I waved goodbye to you next to my parents as we watched you disappear.

Change happens in everyone’s lives. We would occasionally see each other at church though after awhile my family stopped attending regularly. I would go to Youth Group however and many times I’d find you there. However, we were growing older. And without that constant matter of being part of each other’s lives, we moved on. We were growing up. And with that, we found our lives on a different path.

You had new friends and so did I. Our groups weren’t often conversing so we didn’t hang out together much from then on. Sure, there were those rare moments where we would get to be together again. And we would laugh…and I would recall those days when we would play together and enjoy each other’s company. Those were wonderful moments in time and I miss them. But like I said, those moments were rare…and once our lives beckoned us back to what was our present cliques we would go our separate ways.

When it came time for us to go to college, that was our final time I recall us being together in the same room. We hugged, we talked about what we were going to do with our future, and then we went forward into our next steps in life.

And that was it…

At least, until recently…

My mother and I see each other often with our lives as they are and a couple weeks ago we were chatting while she was making dinner when she asked, “Do you remember Stephen? The boy from across the street?”

I was taken back for a moment, finding the change in topic odd but as I thought on the name memories came flooding back into my mind. It’s amazing how someone’s memory you had forgotten for some years now could suddenly spark back into your mind like that.

“Stephen Taylor, yeah I remember him. Why do you ask?”

My mother’s expression suddenly turned regretful, emotions bubbling up as she continued to tend to the dinner cooking on the stove. “Well, I was talking with his mother the other day and she told me that he has a rare bone cancer.”

I could hear her go on about how he was still so young and still had much to offer but at that moment my heart sunk. All those memories were back and they played like a movie for me. And hearing this tragic news that he was now suffering in such a way, I couldn’t bear the thought.

You were the friend who made me feel special growing up. You were the one of my first loves. You were a special person who deserved so much in this world. Yet you were cast with such a tragic illness…sometimes it’s hard to be a Christian and not look up to the heavens thinking how God could ever do this to someone.

This news weighed on me throughout the night and as I began to search through my Facebook feed, a familiar name popped up on my list of those I may have known.

Stephen Taylor.

You looked exactly as I had remembered you growing up. Sure, your features were a bit more aged but it was still you. It was still the same ole Stephen Taylor.

I thought to myself of how the memories were there once again and how God worked for me to remember you at that moment. And I thought that it must be fate. So I decided to see what would happen if I added you as a friend.

Soon I was off to sleep cuddled up with my pup. But when I awoke, there it was. A notification of acceptance.

You are now friends with Stephen Taylor.

…You know, the cliché ending of this story would be that we actually got to talk to one-another and we would have been able to rekindle that friendship we had long ago in some way or another. But that’s not this story at all.

I was accepted as your friend right before your last status you ever made that said you had another infection and were returning to the hospital. However you were optimistic and looking forward to what was to come.

I thought to myself it was better to not try and reach out or strike up a conversation before you were out of the hospital and in a much brighter atmosphere.

But there wouldn’t be a next time.

Monday you passed away.

I heard the news and I was in tears. All those memories were back and I thought of how you would never be around to bring a smile to those around you again. I couldn’t believe it was true.

Stephen Taylor, one of the bestest friends I ever had, was gone forever.

God has a funny way of doing things. As a Christian I’ve heard him loudest in the strangest of times.

I wondered why he would bring those memories back to me, why he would line everything up to bring us back into each other’s lives in some way only to have it end so abruptly as it did.

I don’t have an answer for why…but that doesn’t mean I’m not glad to have had these memories returned to me before Stephen Taylor left this world for heaven.

I’ve gotten to see briefly through the life he shared on Facebook about how he was doing and what he was going through. And sure, there were moments the fear was evident in his posts. But other times, I saw how happy he was and how he still continued to have passion for the things he loved and cared for. He was surrounded by those who loved him and cared for him. And he was still so very special, exactly as I remembered him. And I’m so thankful for that.

I’m sad that Stephen Taylor is gone. I’m sad for his mother and family, as well as the friends young and old he was able to make through his journey on this earth.

But I’m also happy…happy that we were all able to know this wonderful soul at all. For he was truly someone good, someone unique, and someone special. We were all lucky to be part of his life…whether it be those from his earliest memories to those being with him in his darkest hours.

I’ll miss you Stephen Taylor. I’m just happy you’re at peace…and that I was able to call you my friend.

Rest in Peace.

Hearts Day

AN: It’s been forever and a day since I’ve written anything related to Guild Wars 2. My gosh I can’t even remotely remember anything in the actual storyline of the game. I do remember a great deal about my OCs and Taji’s OCs however. I keep promising Taji I’d write something for her so here it is! Enjoy!

*~Happy Belated Valentine’s Day~*

Sunlight weaved through the leafy canopy above as Bellemere stretched her pale limbs in protest. The Sylvari had grown quite comfortable curled up amongst the outer rims of the Grove, the young fern pups scampering about prying the attention of any who dared to cross their path at the range. Bathed in the rays of the sun, she had enjoyed a wonderful nap with the grinning beasts but alas her rest was short-lived as a hunting party passed by and distracted the young ones from their slumber.

“You lot have the worst timing,” the woman cursed under her breath as pulled herself from her nest of leaves, a soft yawn escaping her lips as she waved towards the passerbys aiming towards the latest sighting of Risen. The young pups darted after the marching party, the Sylvari warriors each taking a moment to stroke their earthy fur before beginning their trek once more towards the awaiting battlefield.

Bellemere thought a moment, debating to join them if she hadn’t noticed the faintest hint of a newcomer, his familiar presence a welcome distraction from the daily grind of the forest. The shadows beyond the fence line began to shift, a large figure slinking about towards the resting soul awaiting there. He tiptoed carefully through the opening of the gate, his bright eyes focused squarely on the woman who seemed unaware of his presence. Warm breath curled from his lips as he prepared a roar deep in his throat, preparing to finally catch the Sylvari off-guard.

“Nice try Ty,” the woman spoke,  a grin upon her lips as she glanced over her shoulder towards the awaiting Charr. The towering form of Ty stood in shock as he gawked at his guardian, Bell easily pinpointing his aura long before he had managed to sneak up on her. For her though it was easy to find him, especially in the time they had together. Grid would jokingly call it a “mother’s intuition.” Bell wasn’t fond of the term, though she had to agree that it seemed the two of them were connected in a maternal way. Perhaps it was the two years they had together that sparked such a connection.

“You always do that! I’ve been training so hard to go unnoticed but you find me out all the same,” Ty seemed to pout, the sentinel grumbling as he flumped down beside the Sylvari, fern pups all darting over to steal his lap away. His childish pouts always amused Bell, though it was hard to look at the towering form of the Charr and think of him as the young cub she saved during May’s rescue. Only two years had passed and already Ty matched if not surpassed many of the adults of his breed in stature. He even threatened to give Grid and Corvo a run for their money, and they were both towering Norns. The young cub whom she used to snuggle tightly in her arms now often paid her back in kind with his own warm embraces.

“Oh Ty, I’m sure if it was anyone else you were sneaking up on you would have pounced on them long before they noticed a shift in the air,” Bell chimed with a wink as she nudged the beast at her side. “Now enough pouting and share with me your latest tales hm? I’m surprised to see you so soon. I thought you were off training with Grid in Hoelbrak. Did you run off again?”

The Charr huffed at the accusation, though his familiar grin soon returned to his lips as he grew comfortable beside his guardian. His large claws teased the small pups who had all claimed him as their newest playmate, all the while he prepared his next words to share with the Sylvari at his side. “No, I didn’t run off from Auntie Griddles. She happily gave me the day off. Sounded like she was going off to drink with May. She jokingly said I was your invitation to join them as well.”

Bell smiled at his words, “I’m sure she wasn’t joking at all when she said that. Grid has quite the way of handling business after all. And I’m surprised she’s allowing you to share such a nickname at her expense.”

“Oh no she hates it when I call her that. She tried to shoot me once because I called her that in front of Eavan and Corvo. It was hilarious,” Ty’s toothy grin seemed to grow with his memories. “Anyway, I’m here to steal you away to Hoelbrak. Auntie Griddles’ orders. Sounds like she invited the whole family along for a gathering.”

“My, gathering everyone for a party of sorts, what sort of occasion is this?” The Sylvari raised a brow at the Charr, the beast seemingly confused for a moment before he shooed away the whining pups from his lap.

His large claw lifted to his chest as he struggled with his words. “May tried to explain it to me. Said there’s a special day for those human folk where its customary to share affection with those you love. He got all mushy talking about it.”

“Hearts Day,” Bell answered with a chuckle as she lifted a hand, gently resting it upon the lingering claws of the Charr above his own heart. “Yes, May can be somewhat of a romantic. He adores such a holiday where he can shower us all with affection. I suppose he placed his hand above your heart as he lulled on and on about love and romance.”

The Charr seemed to blush at the comment as he shifted his gaze. “H-He did. It was very uncomfortable,” he muttered. “Grid sat there and laughed at me when it happened too.”

“Of course she did. Usually she’s the victim of May’s drunken stories. I’m sure she was thrilled to have a break from him,” Bell laughed, the woman pulling herself to her feet as she stretched once more. “Well I gladly accept the invitation. It’s been awhile since we’ve all been able to get together as a family. I’m so excited to-.”

Bell’s voice trailed off as Ty suddenly jumped to his feet and scooped her up in his hold, the small form of the Sylvari carefully placed on his shoulder as he grinned. Her pale eyes were wide at the gesture, her arm quick to wrap around his neck to steady her balance as he began to step along the pathway towards the portal.

“I-I can walk Ty. Put me down,” she remarked, her tone hesitant as she tried her best not to fall from her perch. On queue Ty had raised a claw to hold tight to his guardian, a silent promise not to drop her as he moved. Of course, he blatantly ignored her requests in the process, much to her dismay. How she missed the days when he was the small one held tightly in her arms. “Ty, just put me down right-.”

“No way, today’s Hearts Day. I’m spoiling the one who gave me the chance to live,” the Charr suddenly spoke with certainty, his smile warm and inviting as he marched at the beat of his own drum. The Sylvari in his hold was taken back by such a declaration but she chose to hold her tongue, waiting for his next choice of words. “My heart still beats because of you. I love you the most Bellemere. You are my guardian rose. And I will do everything and more to show you just how grateful I am to you.”

A speech unlike any Bell had ever heard before, the woman bit her lip as tears began to bubble up without fail. Memories of that fated night came crawling back, that small little thief of a cub trying to steal away the bag she’d been guarding while Grid rushed off to rescue May. The Sylvari accepted the little rascal with open arms and brought him to the Order of Whispers. Her small family had brought him into their lives and he had become something special to each of them. He was their little Ty, the Charr cub thought to have been brought to them by the late Tybalt himself.

But to Bell, he was more than that. He was the cub that filled her life with purpose. And she loved him dearly. Emotions continued to rise as she pressed her face into his mane to hide her tears, the Charr tightening his grip knowingly as he moved.

“I’m not crying,” she mumbled into his fur.

“Of course not.”

“I’m not crying, I swear.”

“I believe you Bell.”

The two traveled in silence through the portal and through the Grove, almost making their way into Hoelbrak before the Sylvari dared to utter another word. “You’re my heart, you know that?”

Ty couldn’t help but blush at her words as he nodded. “Yeah, I know. And I’m proud of it too,” he mused before stepping forward into the portal that led to the chilling mountains. “Happy Hearts Day Bell.”

“Happy Hearts Day Ty.”


Pokémon RP Case #1: Tentacruel – Taji and Mae

AN: Here’s the first Pokemon rp we’re working on between me and Taji! I think we’re heavily inspired by Pokémon Go and other stories that we enjoy currently ^_^ Anyway, hope you guys enjoy! It’s a work in progress so tune in from time to time for updates!

Tajiface: So here is what I have so far!

Aileen is somewhat a retired Pokémon trainer/battler (if a trainer comes to her farm and challenges her she always accepts). She beat the Elite Four and then used her earnings from her adventures to buy a ton of land and an old farmhouse. The land is closest to Dendemille Town. She has a large group of Pokémon she trained over the years who live throughout the grounds. For the most part they live in areas of the farm most suitable to them. I basically got this group from Pokémon I’ve used closely in the games:) They’re mostly fairy, ghost, water, grass, and the “baby” types interestingly enough, hahaha.

A main group of Pokémon are especially close to her and can always be found near the house/her: a Sylveon (I was thinking maybe her Sylveon got sick or something and that’s how she meets your trainer, she knew of your trainer’s reputation as an Eevee expert and sought her out?), an Absol, Swirlix, Mawile, Whimsicott, a Swampert named Julias, Noivern, Swanna, two Raichu, Deino, Swoobat, Blissey, and a Chingling.

Aileen and her Pokémon live on the farm (maybe we can come up with a name for the land to make it easier to refer to hahaha) and farm a little bit/just live life. She mainly works with Pokémon who have been abandoned or their trainer has died. Sometimes they come in very wounded and she heals them back to health. Mainly her “job” is to either help Pokemon to go back into the wild or find a trainer best suited for them. Occasionally these Pokemon end up staying on the farm. Not very often, though, because Aileen knows she can’t support much more Pokemon than the ones living with her now.

What do you think??

Maeeverglow: I really like this idea:) what’s the suspected range of age for the characters here? I’m guessing since she owns a home probably the 20s range?

So let’s see, my Eevee trainer is Lucy and she is a bit of a happy-go-lucky city girl who ends up traveling around the world in search of new Eevolutions (while also catching a few other Pokémon along the way). Her two mains that remain out of their pokeballs are her Growlithe and Eevee, named Rufio and Evelyn. Her team usually consists of her various Eevolutions (which she will love to have stationed on the farm when she can), Arcanine, Vulpix, Pikachu, and various others that I will find out more about when I have the time to really look at the list of Pokémon (I’m big on the pups, foxes, and such so likely a lot of them xD maybe the Iwanko one too).

I think I like the idea of her father being a rich guy/breeder of the Furfrous so she probably has one of those too xD he wanted her to help him with the business but her interest in an Eevee baby she found in the park soon swayed him to allow her to go on her journey. Maybe in one of our segments he could call them up and need them to take care of one of the Furfrous or something.

Main thing about Lucy is she isn’t much of a battler though she is happy to watch and cheer (and she will battle if necessary but tends to avoid them). I’m still trying to figure out if I want her to be scared of battling or just isn’t interested. What are your thoughts?

I’m going to have to look at maps for the Pokémon universe to know where this is located xD But it really sounds like fun!

Tajiface: The random number generator chose Tentacruel for our first case! I am waaaaaay rusty on my rp/writing skills in general, so please bear with me… I’m thinking the farm house is old and worn but has lots of rooms, so Lucy could live in one of them if you’d like! Or she can even have her own building somewhere on the property since it’s so large, your choice!

The visitor was already in the entrance hall by the time Aileen and Sylvie (her Sylveon, I’m so clever with names hahaha) finally rolled out of bed. The aged, wooden staircase creaked as usual as she took each step. Again she yawned. She couldn’t seem to stop. Yesterday she and Sylvie had spent most of their time inside the house fixing up some rooms upstairs with windows which desperately needed repair. She was still not quite recovered from the effort; more so supervising the Pokemon to make sure the mischievous ones kept out of the others’ way as they made the repairs. Unfortunately it seemed most of the impish Pokemon seemed to take residence in the house, and one of the most devious was floating in circles close to the ceiling of the entrance hall. The Duskull casually waved to Aileen as he floated above the unsuspecting agent below him.

Aileen recognized the human agent dressed in a brown suit. One he could barely afford, she guessed, from the meek salary they paid these workers.

Ryan cleared his throat and turned away from her. “I-I’m sorry, Aileen, the door opened so I thought… well, I thought you were awake.”

“It’s alright, we probably should have been out of bed hours ago, although I doubt Duskull had that in his mind when he opened the door for you.” Aileen smiled. Above them she could hear Duskull hissing a chuckle. She gave him a sharp look, to which he chuckled once more before disappearing through a wall.

She reached behind and pulled her wild blonde hair into a hair tie. Sylvie paused only long enough to sniff at the newcomer before continuing to the kitchen. Aileen was all too aware that she was only dressed in the same loose shorts and tank top she wore to bed… and could care less.Ryan, on the other hand, seemed rather taken aback by her casual appearance. He held out a folder for her while keeping his eyes desperately averted.

Aileen took the folder. She reached to the top of the papers inside the folder and pulled it out. She skimmed the contract even though she practically knew it by heart.

“A coastal Pokemon?” Aileen asked, skimming over the brief summary of the Pokemon about to be placed in her charge.

“Yes, well, we realize that you’ll have to travel for this one, we apologize,”Ryan continued to stammer over the notion that this somehow put more trouble on her than she needed.

Aileen held up her hand and smiled sweetly. “It’s really not a problem at all. Just a short flight north, really.Do you have a pen?”

“O-of course,” Ryan stammered.

Aileen quickly slashed her signature along the bottom line and initialed in all the required places. She handed the pen and paper back to Ryan. He glanced over the paperwork with a nod before reaching into his pocket and producing a Pokeball.

“We also sent the information electronically to you, as you prefer both paper and electric files. I hope the information is sufficient for your needs-” Ryan continued on with other phrases of similar endearments, expressing a great need to lessen her troubles as much as possible.

“Really, I trust you to provide me with everything I need. Don’t you worry,” Aileen said as she softly urged him towards the front door.

The door was still opened from when Ryan entered. Aileen welcomed the warm, summer air which billowed into the house. She took a deep breath of the Earthy scent it carried with just a hint of the blossoming plants in the garden behind the house. The morning light only barely lit the front porch through the forest surrounding their farm. As usual, her Absol lounged in the corner of the porch just beyond the sunlight’s touch. Absol kept her eyes on Ryan as the young man stumbled to his car. Aileen leaned on the railing and waved as Ryan drove away. Once the stranger turned the corner and the car couldn’t be heard in the thick trees Absol finally lowered her head.

Aileen patted Absol briefly and entered the house, heading towards the kitchen for a much needed breakfast and coffee.

Maeeverglow: OT: Lol I hope you’re ready for my girl xD she’s gonna be making a mess for sure! And she’ll have a lot of Pokémon by her side in this beginning part. They can be hers or ones that stay at the farm. Whatever you like😀

A heavenly aroma, honey mixed with sugar and vanilla, filled the air as a curious audience watched the scene unfold before them. Strawberry blond locks bounced about, falling out of their tied buns and collapsing into Lucy’s freckled face as she danced about the kitchen. Not that she noticed what with lost in her groove to the sweet tunes pouring out from her headphones. Life was a party for the girl, her thoughts filled with melodious rhythms needing to be swayed to. She had strayed so far from her original task, the pancake batter she’d mixed previously now left unprotected on the counter as she moved.

Upon the kitchen table, two Pokémon eyed her playfully, the Growlithe Rufio managing a huff as he slipped his tail protectively to shield the Eevee Evelyn before she could excitedly bounce off their platform to the floor below. Upon the floor, several pokemon were curled up in a cuddly pile, the Furfrou Ferris, the Fennekin Rena, the Vulpix Pixie, the Chikarita Pillar, and the Raichu Rai (the name game lol). The lot of them were much too entranced with their nap to bother with the dancing girl, allowing her to bound about in her splendor while they weaved their precious dreams. Scurrying about on the floor dancing about with her footsteps was a small parade of Pokémon, her Rockruff Bento (lol I wonder who he’s based off of xD), Oshawatt Wotter, her Quilava Quill, and her Popplio Lulo.

All of the Pokémon seemed to be in a party of sorts with their human companion, her precious Evelyn the most excited of all of them as she darted from Rufio’s protective hold to dance about on Lucy’s shoulders, their movements in perfect harmony as they paid little attention to the world around them. At the window, a large Ursaring peered in with a smirk, her attention pulled from the dancing human towards the Teddiursa and his companion Spinda tip-toeing along the countertops towards where the batter rested.

Teddi and Dizzy carefully maneuvered the scene, their glances secured on their prey as their mouths watered. Just a little taste was all they wanted. Just a little-.

Ursa howled at the sight of her son and his dearest friend darting forward towards the oven, the roar loud enough to break through the booming melodies in her ears as Lucy peeled off her headphones and looked towards the window. Seeing Ursa’s panicked expression, the woman then followed her gaze towards the oven and screamed in protest as she watched the two bears charge into the batter bowl, sending its contents and the ingredients poised nearby flying through the air.

Quickly Lucy was on her toes as she gently grasped her dear Evelyn and tossed her towards the table, the excited Eevee soaring through the air before being caught at the skin of neck by the protective Rufio. The woman tried her best to watch her steps, her Pokémon scurrying away from her path as best they could. However, one curious little Popplio suddenly got wind of something fun happening on the counter and paused to see what could be causing the commotion. Thus, remaining in the pathway of the charging woman.


Both Luco and Lucy went rolling forward towards the oven, the woman quick to ball herself up before slamming into the old, metal appliance with a hardy thud. The blue seal came bounding after, bopping right into her trembling body with dizzied eyes from the impact. And up above came tumbling down the mischievous bears, both Dizzy and Teddi plopping down upon her while the kitchen felt the wrath of flour, sugar, and various other ingredients.

“S-So much for breakfast,” Lucy grumbled as she flinched, the final impact of the pancake batter bowl tumbling down and slamming right there on her noggin. “Ow!”

Tajiface: Lucy and her Pokémon are so cute!

As Aileen turned the corner in the hallway she saw Sylvie perched at the edge of the kitchen with a tilted head. Aileen grinned, ready for another eventful day with Lucy and her Pokemon entourage.

Aileen walked into the kitchen and had to resist the urge to laugh at the enormous mess in front of her. Scenes such as these had become a typical sight in the house since the trainer moved in. Whimsicott, of course, popped in through the open window at the sound of chaos brewing. She floated for a moment to take in the carnage before she started her small rounds of chuckles.

“Having trouble this early in the morning?” Aileen asked teasingly.

Aileen gingerly stepped around the bits of pancake mix on the floor and opened the fridge. She pulled out a gallon of milk and set it on the table with the folder. After she filled a bowl with cereal she sat down and started eating her impromptu meal. Sylvie hopped onto the table and curiously sniffed at Evelyn.

Maeeverglow: OT: Thanks ^_^ so is your babies!

A looming groan sounded off as Lucy tried to pry herself from the floor, her eyes as dizzy as the Spinda now hugging tightly to her chest. “I just wanted a pancake party. But alas it was not to be I-oh wait stop!”

The mess had finally signaled the other Pokémon from their slumbering, all of them suddenly in a charge towards the trainer as she squealed in panic. Soon a dogpile of sorts was afoot, poor Lucy grumbling from below as her Pokémon all enjoyed the delicious ingredients that littered the kitchen.

“R-Rufio, mind helping out please?” The girl called out to her Growlithe, his protective nature at full force as he gently placed the excited Evelyn down upon the table and then leapt onto the messy floorboards. Without hesitation, he began his herding of the other Pokémon, barking and snapping his jaws as he began the lead all the Pokémon out of the kitchen and out into the world beyond the house where they could play and roam free out of trouble. The only ones left with the fallen girl was Evelyn who brushed up lovingly to Sylvie, and the two bears that clung to the trainer in hopes of a meal. “Ok you two, you’ll get some snacks soon right after we clean up the mess. But first, we need brooms and mops stat!”

A common occurrence indeed, both the Spinda and Teddiursa snapped into action (likely from the glaring Ursaring watching them through the window) and rushed into the main hall and to the closet which held the cleaning supplies. With much difficulty, the two bears began to drag the mop bucket and cleaners along the floor to the kitchen, Lucy quick to rush over and help them out with their efforts.

“Don’t you worry Aileen we’ll have this cleaned up in a jiff! Don’t you-!” As Lucy saluted, she paused and noticed the job in the woman’s possession and squealed happily at the possible venture. “Oh yay! What are we doing this time?!”

OT: Did you see the new Pokémon they released yesterday? The bear is cute but omg that ghost that dresses in a sheet that looks like Pikachu because he wants to be loved like him…MY HEART CAN’T TAKE IT!

Tajiface: The cleaning of the mess hardly held Whimsicott’s attention as it wasn’t nearly so exciting. She floated to Aileen and nudged the human’s arms over until she could comfortably sit in Aileen’s lap. Aileen gave her poofy top an absent pat.

“Hope you’re ready for a beach trip, this is a coastal case.” Aileen said while flipping through the folder’s contents. “Tentacruel, so it’s going to be a large one. Its trainer was a fisherman who recently died of old age.”

Aileen skimmed the rest of the paperwork with a sigh. She closed the folder and leaned back in her chair. “Looks like this is going to be a sad one, unfortunately. He won’t take to any other trainers but also won’t leave into the wild. Sounds like he’s having a hard time letting go.”

Aileen paid more attention to petting the Whimsicott in her lap and sighed. Sylvie was busy with Evelyn, oblivious to his trainer’s thoughts. These cases were the hardest to handle for Aileen. Their roots often struck close to a deep fear of her own.

“Well,” Aileen snapped out of her thoughts and smiled broadly at Lucy. “I think first we should meet the poor fellow before we can see what we can do for him, what do you think?”

Maeeverglow: Already Lucy’s eyes sparkled with wonder as she failed to listen to her company, the girl twirling about with the mop handle that the bears had provided her. Her daydreams were at full force as she grinned, imagining the sunny skies and golden sands awaiting them.

“Alright beaches mean epic food, fun in the sun, and hot guys!” Lucy chimed, the girl pretending to model upon the flour-covered floors. “I’ll wear my new beach gear, maybe catch a few waves. It will be so-!”

Suddenly a string of words seemed to click as the girl paused, her smile fading away before she moved to the table side and gently lifted the file into her hands.

“Well, first things first. Let’s take care of this lovely Pokémon,” She said with a nod, shifting a hesitant grin in her companion’s direction. “And then I can surf with boys?”

Tajiface: (This list is to help me remember which Pokemon I’m focusing on this time so just ignore it!! Corsola-F, Blissey-F, Floable-M, Whiscash-M, Julias-M , Swanna- M)

Aileen grinned at Lucy, shutting the folder closed. “Of course, I know just the place. Pack your bags my dear, we are going to help this poor fella and then relax on the beach!”

Normally she would introduce herself to the case Pokémon first at their home before deciding the best path. Tentacruel was a coastal Pokémon, though, and she worried the lake and river on her property would just overwhelm him instead of making him feel comfortable. She decided the best scenario was just to take him to the ocean and observe him there. Which, of course, left the decision of which Pokémon to bring.

Blissey was a given without Aileen even thinking about it. Originally Blissey came from an older friend of Aileen’s. Pat had started her trainer journey at a far older age. After defeating the gyms in Sinnoh Pat needed to retire. She soon became overwhelmed with taking care of herself and her Pokémon. Pat approached Aileen with the proposition of taking some of her Pokémon and continuing their training. The situation at first made Aileen uneasy until Pat moved to Kalos as well so she could be a close visit to her beloved Pokémon. Over the years Blissey showed great interest in the physical care of the Pokémon who both lived and visited Aileen’s Pokémon lodge. Aileen trusted Blissey with the health of her own Pokémon as well as their cases and never traveled without her anymore.

The other Pokémon she had to think about. She decided on bringing mostly water Pokémon and only hoped there would be no trainer challenges which catered to their weaknesses. Froable she knew was coming along. The Froakie a trainer-friend had given her to raise wanted so much to battle… unfortunately he was too shy to really enter battles yet. After taking care of Tentacruel she figured she could help build his confidence with the help of her brazen and arrogant Corsola, who’s personality somehow made Froable more at ease and willing to try new things. Swanna was her next choice. He could fly them there and should any trainers challenge her Aileen was confident her battle-hardened Swanna could handle them even if he were weak against them.

The final two Pokémon Aileen chose were Whiscash and Julias. Whiscash, like Blissey, was one of Pat’s original Pokémon. He had a smooth and warm personality she felt would help Tentacruel. Julias, on the other hand, she chose because of the Swampert’s own history. Julias was one of the Pokémon Aileen adopted from a trainer who made her way in the Hoenn region. Unfortunately the trainer’s life was taken rather abruptly, leaving her Pokémon dazed and emotionally wounded. Julias was one of her foremost Pokémon and a skilled battler. Aileen felt like the common loss of their trainers and Julias’s stoic personality would be another grounded support for Tentacruel… at least she hoped.

Aileen grabbed the Pokeballs she would need and checked her bags one last time. A tent for sleeping on the beach, because she absolutely did not want the publicity of a hotel, swimsuits, health supplies for the Pokémon, and various other trinkets for their journey. The small island they were heading to had a large enough convenience store for food and other supplies they might need.

She slung the bag over her shoulder and tossed the tent through the opened front door. Behind her Sylvie watched with his usual smile. Pokémon of various sizes and types surrounded their unspoken leader, all gazing up at her.

“Alright, you guys take care of this place, it’s the only one we’ve got! I’ll miss you all, take care of each other too.” Aileen spoke loudly so even the Pokémon farther away could hear.

Sylvie ruffled his ribbons and the rest of her beloved Pokémon gave their own versions of cheerful farewells. Her heart stung a little at turning away from them, but she knew everything would be alright. Once she was outside she dropped a Pokeball which released Swanna. Swanna shook his head which sent the fathers of his white body rippling. Aileen handed the strap of the folded tent to Swanna who took it with ease into one of his talons.

“Lucy, are you ready?” Aileen called back to the house.

Maeeverglow: Lol no worries, lists are helpful for me as well:) Lulo, Popplio – M; Nerissa, Vaporeon – F; Evelyn, Eevee – F; Roti, Samurott – M (Wotter the Oshawott’s father lol); Marcol, Mantine – M; Leafy, Seadra – F

REVISION: Instead of Leafy and Marcol, I’ll have Fry the Dragonite – M and Sergio the Salamence – M. Sergio for flying mostly, Fry because he’s a derp and I love him.

Thunderous footsteps rang out from Lucy’s room as she darted about the floor, tossing random clothes and accessories into her duffle bag while a large crew of her precious Pokémon watched with interest. Upon the bed, most of them were curled up with one-another, comforting in the fact they knew they would be without their trainer for a short while. They all received multiple kisses from the girl as she continued her dance around the room, her guilt building for not being able to take everyone at the same time. As it was customary to only have six Pokémon with you at the same time however; Lucy had a choice to make and as they were going to a coastal environment it seemed only natural to have a majority of water Pokémon at her side.

Lucy never went anywhere without Evelyn so already one spot was taken. The young Eevee chimed excitedly as she watched her trainer run around, the Growlithe at her side somewhat distraught that he did not make the list as well. Rufio was Lucy’s first Pokémon, a pet that was given to her as a child who had grown up with her through the years. Unfortunately he was a fire-type and the girl didn’t want to risk him getting hurt on an assignment like this. Babbling promises for fun times upon her return, the Growlithe reluctantly agreed to not press the matter further, his mood soon relenting as Evelyn brushed up against him for a cuddle of her own.

Nerissa was the second choice, and a quick one to make at that. The first Eevee Evolution she obtained after finding Evelyn, the Vaporeon was a graceful swimmer and a kind soul. Her gentle nature would be essential in the aid of this Tentacruel. Besides, Nerissa had promised to teach Evelyn how to swim…perfect chance obtained!

Knowing she would need some fast-flying Pokémon, it was clear she’d take Sergio and Fry along for the journey. They were both powerhouses in their own right and would be able to get the group out of trouble if needed. The girl couldn’t help but remember Aileen’s words that it is always wise to have some sort of balance in her party should the need arise to battle. Lucy was not a fan of battling at all. She always feared that her Pokémon would be hurt in the fights, even to the point of no longer being able to…

“Stop thinking like that,” the girl remarked as she popped herself on the head. Such thoughts would sway her judgment far too much. “Right, we’ll need another powerful someone who will fit the needs of the mission. Let’s see here. Who fits best with-?”

Suddenly a small force bounced into her ankles, Lucy turning to see her Oshawott Wotter cheerfully bouncing about at her feet. Offering a smile as she lifted the young Pokémon in her arms, she kissed him upon the cheek before shaking her head. “As much as I would love to take you along little one, you’re still much too young to venture out from your mother. Perhaps soon we can take your whole family out for a trip once we ret-.”

The words trailed off from her tongue as Lucy’s eyes widened, realizing the perfect candidate to come along.

“Roti! Roti can come along! Aw you’re a genius little Wotter!” The girl chimed and planted a big kiss right on his nose, the Pokémon cheering happily at the affection before she placed him down gently on the bed to join the pile of cuddling Pokémon there. “Ok, that’s five! Now I just need one-.”

A force suddenly flopped onto her back, the young Popplio barking at her notice as he wrapped his flippers around her neck. Lucy couldn’t help but laugh at the action, knowing full well he wouldn’t let go unless he got what he wanted.

“Fine then, Lulo welcome to the team!” She hummed, collecting all into their Pokeballs save for Evelyn who scurried at her heels ready to go. “Ok everyone be good! I’ll be home soon and we can all play and have a ball then! I’m putting Mama Ursa in charge of you lot while I’m gone so be good for her ok. She’ll sell you all out if you’re not!”

With a hardy wink and one more round of kisses, as well as a special nuzzle for Rufio, Lucy came bounding down the stairs with Evelyn in tow. The girl had dressed herself up in a white sundress and a large sun hat, her strawberry blond hair woven into a loose braid to keep out of her face. The Eevee had a seashell crown atop her head, a fine handiwork of her trainer (I have all these accessories I decorate Evelyn with because why not xD). Both of them were grinning ear-to-ear as they made it to Aileen’s side, Evelyn quick to rush over to Sylvie’s side and nuzzle him lovingly before she could depart.

“Ready when you are bosslady!” Lucy cheered with a salute. “Let’s go help Mr. Tentacruel!”

Tajiface: The journey to the island could not have gone possibly any smoother. The weather was clear, the temperature in just that perfect range of hot, and the island’s camping grounds were rather empty when they arrived. Aileen was very pleased with the area they staked out as their own. The area overlooked the beach perfectly while still not quite on the uneven sand of the beach, which Aileen secretly hated sleeping on. The tent was a large one she had purchased some years ago. After she was confident it was pitched correctly she unpacked the rest of their camping essentials and soon enough their camp was set.

Aileen donned one of her more hardy wet suits which covered her arms and down to her knees. She sat on a small log she had found while brushing back her bright blonde hair back into a tight bun.

“We’re going to be just down the beach there, alright?” Aileen said. She put the hair tie in her mouth and used both her hands to pull her hair tightly back.

Blissey gave a joyful sound of acknowledgment from across the small circle they had set up. She and Swanna sat on a small patch of grass. Swanna nodded off, his long head drooping as he tried desperately to get some sleep after their journey. Blissey, however, was not willing to let him sleep until she checked him over. She patted here and there, checked under feathers, and moved his wings in different directions. All the while Swanna patiently waited until he could get his well-deserved nap.

Finally Aileen wrestled at least most of her hair into the tie. “And you two are absolutely not allowed to leave Blissey’s sight.”

Froable jumped at her stern tone. His light blue skin almost shimmered in the beating light of the sun. Aileen blanched a little at startling him. The intended target of that comment was the Corsola at his side proudly demonstrating a head smash move on thin air. Of course, Corsola only gave a brief nod of acknowledgment before resuming her battle training for Froable.

“I mean it.” Aileen said. “I promise we’ll get some training in once this is done, you just have to wait patiently. No wondering off.”

Corsola almost rolled her eyes… almost. A combined glare from Aileen and Blissey was enough to make her sigh, her round body heaving out the breath with false effort, and nod her head.

Aileen smiled. “Alright then, we’re off. We’ll come back in time for dinner so don’t worry about starting up the food.”

She patted her waist to be sure the three Pokeballs were secured there. With that she marched towards the sandy beach confident Lucy was close behind.

Maeeverglow: It didn’t take long for Lucy to set up her side of camp, especially with the large Samurott’s help as he secured her tent to last through their visit on the coastal terrain. Roti was quite the efficient beast, probably one of her most efficient Pokémon to date. He was a hard worker through and through yet still so kind and protective of those he considered his ‘cubs’. Suspicions raised that him and his dearest having Wotter helped that personality of his blossom even more.

The Salamance Sergio had flopped down on the sands soaking in as much rest as he could gather, the Pokémon keeping to himself as usual despite the best efforts of the rambunctious Dragonite poised at his side. Fly was itching to crack a smile on his friend’s lips, the large dragon not reciprocating such emotions as he huffed in response.

The Eevee duo were stationed at the water’s edge, Nerissa the Vaporeon chiming happily as she gestured to the great sea before them. All the while Evelyn looked on with a mix of wonder and fear, unsure if she was ready to brave such chilling depths in the hopes to learn how to swim. Their mood was quickly interrupted however when the Popplio Lulo barged in between them, his happy barks a chorus that echoed throughout the beach as he primed himself ready for what came next.

Finally Lucy emerged from her tent in new fashion, her wetshirt and surf shorts ready for the waves beyond the shore. As she stepped along the sandy beach, she finished tying up her strawberry locks into two buns atop her head. A smile bloomed on her lips as she glanced back towards the town, any sighting of good-looking boys sparking a flirtatious notion in her actions as she patted the painted surfboard she had stuck into the sand next to her dragons.

“Ok loves, we’ve got a Tentacruel to tend to. Evelyn, Nerissa, Roti, you guys will come along with us. Lulo, you’re on standby alright? I want you looking out for Sergio, poor guy needs a good rest after the flight,” the girl hummed, noticing the seal’s look of disappointment at such an order. “Now now, don’t you worry. We’re going to surf up a storm when we’re good and done with the mission. And besides, you’ve got a very important job to do. I’m trusting you with looking out for the big boys. After all, Fry may be powerful but you know how he acts. He tries so hard to find the fun in situations that sometimes he doesn’t notice what’s going on around him. We’re all counting on you sweetpea. Be good for everyone and help out Blissey if she needs it ok?”

Giving a nod of understanding, Lucy then scooped up Lulo and kissed him on the forehead, the beast’s bark raising up with a grin as he accepted his duty. The girl then gently placed him down to snuggle up with Sergio, the large dragon huffing at the contact before he quieted down his objections with a gentle kiss on the forehead from his trainer. Sergio was quite the loner, the beast quickly becoming a hurdle for the trainer’s other Pokémon as they all aimed to be his friend in life. Sure, the Salamance accepted everyone as part of his family but he rarely ever let that standoffish attitude slip away…well, except when Lucy was directly involved. How he had grown to love this girl he called his trainer.

Satisfied and offering a final pat to the Dragonite flying about the camp, Lucy then turned to Aileen with a nod. “Ok, so this Tentacruel is just down the beach. What’s our approach?”

Tajiface: “Earlier he seemed more than content to just float there and do… nothing.” Aileen said with a frown.

The Tentacruel’s shape lingered just beyond the shallow end of the water. He hadn’t moved much since Aileen had greeted him earlier. The ocean’s tide lulled him around in a constant motion while he simply floated with it. Julius was stationed in the same area as well. The Swampert had buried his limbs in the wet sand, allowing the only small waves to push past him. She had asked him to keep an eye on the Tentacruel while they set up and, well, she realized now that wasn’t too hard a job to do when it just sat out in the water.

Aileen placed a hand on Julius’s snout. He looked at her for a moment before turning his gaze back to the Tentacruel.

“I read in the report that Tentacruel used to help his owner fish daily. I think it was sort of his reason for living… a goal he could measure himself up to, sort of. Without having that daily goal he is probably a bit lost.” Aileen thought aloud.

She knew this situation all too well. Julius beside her had gone through the same trauma when losing his trainer.

“Some Pokémon become so attached to their trainers they forget what life was like before they formed the bond. We’ll need to help him find another passion.” Aileen looked over her shoulder at Lucy with a smile. “So let’s see what this big fella could possibly be interested in beside daily survival.”

Aileen pulled a pokeball off her hip and tossed it towards the water. The last of her six Pokémon leaped out with a flurry of cheer. Whishcash splashed into the deeper part of the water and cooed at her from afar.

“Stay here Julius and keep an eye out for me?” Aileen asked.

In response Julius nodded. He shook himself out of the sand and took on a more defensive stance as he surveyed the beach around them, eyeing any humans or Pokémon who came close. Aileen trudged her way into the water, thankful they received this case in the summer when the water was at least warmer than usual. She fought against the current to get closer to Wishcash only to have the Pokémon dive under the waves and scoop her up on his back before she was even half-way.

Aileen laughed. “I could have made it anyway, but thank you all the same Wishcash.”

Maeeverglow: (I had to look up what a Whiscash was lmao now I know)

There wasn’t a moment to lose as Roti charged into the water, Lucy fast at his side as she slipped onto his back in the deeper waters. Bounding at their side was Nerissa, the shivering Eevee upon her back as she glancing down at the depths below. Part of the girl felt she should have left her dear Evelyn on the shore but having the small creature around gave her the confidence to succeed. And besides, Nerissa would never let anything happen to her.

“Oh maybe the Tentacruel is a fan of surfing. Or maybe he’ll like some competitive swimming. Maybe even water aerobics,” Lucy chimed as they sailed out towards the looming creature, Roti’s raised brow forcing a laugh in her throat. “What? Not a fan of the water dance Roti? We can never have too many options. Of course maybe he just needs a friend. Someone to be there for him to allow him to grieve properly so he can move on. I hope we can help this poor dear.”

Tajiface: (Man, he was one of my toughest warriors from Platinum! I was so excited when I figured out how to transfer my platinum pokemon to X!)

They slowly sailed towards the Tentacruel. Sure enough he hadn’t moved much in a few hours. He still forlornly drifted with only the top of his head visible.

“Those are great ideas!” Aileen replied. “I was also thinking possibly water rescue? If he doesn’t find something, or someone, to help him through this I’m afraid he’ll never pull through-”

Whiscash abruptly pulled to a stop, causing Aileen to grasp tightly to his back lest she fell fully into the water. A quick glance into the water told her the reason for their rough halt. Just below her feet she could see the Tentacruel’s tentacles floating in all directions. She swallowed, trying to rack her brain if the tentacles were poisonous or not.

“Tentacruel, it’s me, Aileen.” She tried to speak loudly since he was mostly underwater still. “And this is my friend, Lucy. We’re here to help you.”

The Tentacruel bobbed a bit in the water. Slowly his head protruded from the water and he gave a wilting eye to first Aileen then Lucy. Luckily, though, he stayed floating above the waves instead of descending even further below to avoid them. He tentatively raised a tentacle out of the water and reached out to Lucy. (let’s hope they aren’t actually poisonous LOL)

Maeeverglow: (So I know Tentacruel have 80 tentacles and can hunt their prey and capture them with harsh toxins but let’s just say the poison must be emitted through choice)

As the tentacle stretched towards them, Roti’s body quaked beneath Lucy as he watched with a narrowed gaze. The girl was quick to brush her hand along his spine to calm him, showing no fear as she raised up to greet the beast before them.

With a hand stretched out towards him, she waited with a smile, “hey there I’m Lucy. My aren’t you a strong one. I bet you are a mighty Fisher.”

Tajiface: Tentacruel made a rumbling noise which Aileen took to be a happy sound. He lifted himself higher out of the water until his face was fully visible. Aileen was thrilled… Lucy seemed to say just the right thing to make this Tentacruel warm up to them. First they needed to form a bond with the bereaved pokemon before they could really help him. Fishing sounded like the perfect way for them all to connect.

“He likes you, Lucy.” Aileen smiled. “Well, we do need to catch us some dinner after-all, how about you show us a thing or two about fishing, Tentacruel?”

Tentacruel practically leaped out of the water in agreement, sending Whiscash bobbing onto the waves which resulted. In a flash the Tentacruel was off and Whiscash only had seconds to realize the hunt for fish was on and followed after, Aileen clutching tightly to his back.

Maeeverglow: (Lol I’ll try my best to write this scene)

As the others charged off, Lucy was primed and ready to join in the action. Glancing over her shoulder towards the two Eevees, she waved for Evelyn to jump onto Roti’s back before she slipped into the water.

“Roti how about you take Evelyn on a gentle swim? Nerissa and I are gonna catch some fish!” Lucy chimed as she held onto the small harness she made for the Vaporeon, the mermaid Eevee cooing in delight before she dived with her trainer beneath the water’s surface.

Nerissa was quite the speed demon under the ocean, her body surging forth as they watched the Tentacruel sink to get a better view of his prey. Below Lucy could already see schools of fish swimming about as a unit, her eyes brightening at the sight. The jellyfish Pokémon seemed so elated as he carefully began to weave his tentacles into a net, the creature sinking further below as he awaited his prey.

Nerissa could already read her trainer’s mind as she slowed down her advancement, their movements gentle as they approached their team. A plan had formulated in the girl’s head as she tapped on the harness, instructing the Pokémon to act as the sheep dogs on a farm. They were going to herd the cattle as it were into the net and fish with the Tentacruel.

Maneuvering through the water’s was easy for the Vaporeon, her smile bright as she made it to pinpointed the prized school to chase. Her tail pound through the water as she picked up her speed, both her and Lucy circling the school and forcing the beasts to change direction to where they saw fit. And that direction led right into the net of tentacles which in those depths blended in well to almost seem like seaweed for hiding.

At the first touch of the fish, Tentacruel snagged his prey up, his body swooping in as his netted tentacles scooped up a hardy chunk of the school. He slowly let out a small toxin into the fish, just enough to sting the fight out of them before he chirped in happiness while returning to the surface.

Nerissa and Lucy both surfaced after him, the girl gulping down a healthy sum of air before she threw a thumbs up at the Pokémon who held his snagged prey in delight.

“A mighty fine Fisher indeed! It’s an honor to aid in your craft good sir!” Lucy chimed , Nerissa cuddling up to her trainer to keep her afloat.

Tajiface: (that was awesome!!)

Aileen whooped in celebration as well when the team emerged. “You have a talent for sure, Tentacruel, we are going to eat well tonight. Your trainer would be proud!”

She took a risk mentioning the Tentacruel’s trainer, and now she was glad she had. The Tentacruel startled for a moment at the sudden comment. Then he chirped again and gave what Aileen thought was a nod. She let out the breath she had been holding with relief.

“Well, let’s haul the load back to the campsite and take a rest for a few minutes. Good ‘ole Whiscash could hardly keep up with you!” Aileen laughed as Whiscash half-jumped out of the water with her in protest of her comment. She knew him well, though, and could see he was breathing heavily after the chase. Without any hesitation the Whiscash took the lead back to the shore.

The water had settled somewhat in the late afternoon. Aileen could already see the sun starting its descent into evening. In fact the sun reflecting off the water distracted her from noticing Julius’s form making a clear dart towards them in the water. By the time she clearly made out his figure he was already by their sides. Whiscash halted, which didn’t seem enough for Julius. The Swampert barged by them both, maneuvering them in the water to his liking.

“Julius- What’re you doing?!” Aileen managed to shout in between getting splashes of sea water in her face.

Finally Julius had pushed them to the place he apparently aimed for. He pulled up in the water just enough to allow his face to float above it. His eyes were alert and focused on something quite close to them Aileen had not noticed before.

“A boat? On this side of the island?” Aileen pondered aloud.

Sure enough the floating vessel, which was actually closer to them than Aileen had thought, was Julius’s cause for alarm. Every movement Whiscash made was patrolled by Julius. He made sure to stay between them and the boat. Aileen frowned. Julius was not one for paranoia. If he felt there was something dangerous around she trusted him.

The boat was larger than the typical fishing boats found on the island. She recognized it as a passenger boat and, sure enough, could make out a few figures standing on the deck. The boat was sailing away from them, however, and seemed to be heading towards a far off point on the island. She watched in silence as it continued on its way, leaving waves of ripples in its wake.

Maeeverglow: Lucy stayed low in the water with her Pokémon as they came to the other’s side, Roti soon maneuvering to them as well as they all eyed the boat carefully.

“That sort of vessel is out of place in this area. What in the world is going on?” Lucy questioned as she glanced back towards Tentacruel. “Do you recognize that vessel sweetie?”

Tajiface: Tentacruel seemed completely uninterested in the atmosphere around him. He eyed the fish he had caught with the same look of pride as before, oblivious to the sense of danger around them.

Aileen waited until the boat was far out of sight. The silence continued for some time until she laughed. “Well, Tentacruel, I suppose this rules you out for going into battle for any trainers in your future.”

Tentacruel turned from them and continued towards shore, seemingly tired of waiting on them. Julius finally loosened up and Aileen felt they were alright making for the shore.

“It is out of place… very odd. In my glory days I suppose I’d go after it, but,” Aileen paused and looked after the Tentacruel. “I have more important things to deal with now. Let’s go, race you back!”

Dinner was prepped and cooked with their small party huddled around a campfire. Even Tentacruel, who was much too excited for his haul of fish to sit out on the meal. After the meal Aileen and Lucy had tried various other excercises to try and catch the Tentacruel’s eye. However, no matter what they tried he only seemed interested in the fishing exercise they had done before.

The sun had set all too soon for Aileen. They stopped their work for the day and made back for their camp. Only their campfire lit their surrounding area and the moonlight on the water provided for a little more clarity. Most of the pokemon lay sprawled out around the fire. Julius still kept a wary eye on the water but didn’t seem as on edge as earlier.

Aileen took the opportunity coach Froable a bit. Corsola had been showing the little one quite a few moves that day. Most of them were of course too advanced for Froable so he just watched in awe. Aileen set them apart from each other and stood behind Froable.

“When you’re in a battle it’s important to be aware of everything.” Aileen started. “You need to focus on your opponent, trainer, surroundings- everything.”

Corsola gave an imitation of a roar from the other side of their makeshift battlefield. Froable shivered and glanced back at Aileen.

“Don’t worry, we’re just practicing the basics, nothing serious tonight.” Aileen smiled reassuringly. “Your trainer will help direct you, so don’t focus too much on a single thing. Now, we’re going to pretend Corsola’s trainer has ordered her after you, and you’re going to dodge, alright?”

Froable jumped a little and only calmed down after Aileen gave him a reassuring cheer. Corsola jumped after the froakie with only a half-hearted lunge. At first Aileen worried he wouldn’t move in time but, just at the last second, he jumped to the left and tumbled over himself to the side.

“Great! Let’s try again!”

Maeeverglow: A tired Samurott snuggled close to the fire, his watchful eye still lingering on those at camp much as he did every night for his growing family. Close to his side was Fry, the Dragonite often glancing towards the loner Sergio but with no such luck luring him over to the group. At the water’s edge Nerissa danced with joy as she carefully helped Evelyn learn the basic moves of swimming, the Eevee’s doggy paddling quite frantic as the waves ushered them back and forth without mercy. No matter what the Vaporeon was sure to keep the other afloat, a thankful smile on her lips as the young Eevee tried once more to get the moves down.

Since finishing her meal, Lucy had taken a seat upon the sand as she waxed her board, her eyes glistening as she gazed out upon the ocean. At her side Lulo’s tail wagged in anticipation, the Popplio already guessing at what was in store for them that evening. Just far enough from shore was some easy waves to surf, enough to lure some thrill into their lives as the girl then stood poised to tame the seas.

“You lot have fun and be good. I promised Lulo some fun so we’re gonna catch the surf while we can,” Lucy chimed as she passed the small practice battle, the girl taking special care to shower affection to each Pokémon she was leaving behind including Aileen’s team. Evelyn glanced at her trainer for a moment, her eyes filled with hope that she too could come along for the ride. “Sorry sweetie but you’ve still got a long way to go before I feel it safe to bring you out on the board. The two of you having been making a lot of progress though. You’re doing great and soon you’ll be an amazing swimmer too! Be sure to thank Nerissa for the help love. She’s taking such good care of you!”

The Vaporeon chirped at such praise, her soft nuzzle upon the Eevee enough to lure her from her disappointment as she began once more on her lessons. Lucy smiled at the sight before offering one last wave to Aileen, the girl then making her way into the water with Lulo ready to hope on board.

(Feel free to have Tentacruel or even one of your Pokémon along for the ride. I didn’t know if you wanted Lucy spotted by someone and something happen lol)


Aileen waved back towards Lucy across the beach. Corsola and Froable had picked up a pattern of lunge-evasion without her help. She wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand. Overhead stars were just starting to blink their way into the sky. She found herself staring up at them with awe, settling back onto the ground until she was comfortably seated.

The day was a blur to her already. She wanted to sort out the details in her mind of Tentacruel’s overall situation. She glanced over the water where Tentacruel lay floating gently on the waves watching Lucy and her pokemon brood. Aileen was absolutely sure releasing Tentacruel back into the wild was not an option. He was clearly still attached to humans, a bond which would only endanger him in the wild. She figured the best option was to find a trainer who he would accept. Luckily, they were just in the right place to find an aquatic pokemon trainer.
The night air filled with sounds of insects and pokemon making their nocturnal rounds. Aileen closed her eyes to better focus on those relaxing sounds. The sound of nature always drew her in and relaxed her even in the toughest of situation. Something about the world continuing on its rotation of cycles, no matter what trifles its inhabitants dealt with, made her feel better. Unfortunately, a rather unexpected sound interrupted this peaceful melody.
The first explosion startled Aileen to her feet without even a second thought. Everything she heard a moment before was silenced in the aftermath. In the distance, even in the dark, the new billowing tower of smoke was easy to spot. At its base was an ugly, orange glow which made Aileen’s hair stand on end. Even at this distance she could tell the fire was a monstrosity encompassing the northern half of the island… right where the fishing industry for the island was located.
Already the sirens of a fire truck pierced through the darkness. Aileen stood in shock, simply staring at the destruction taking place before her. She snapped out of it, though, when she heard Corsola comforting Forable, who was trembling at her side.
Aileen shook her head and picked up her Froakie. “Don’t worry… they keep large vats of oil in that building. I’m sure one of them just accidentally caught on fire-“
Another explosion rocked through the air. Froable forcibly jerked at the sound. Only after smoothing her hand over his head did he somewhat settle.
“It’s just a bad accident.” She softly repeated. Instincts took over and she looked over her party of pokemon. All of them stood alert, although none of them seemed frightened like Froable. Aileen sighed. Her party of water pokemon seemed the opposite of scared, actually… they were eager.
“I thought our days of heroics and danger was finally over. Alright,” Aileen sighed. “We’ll head over and see how we can help. Let’s get to Lucy first.”
Maeeverglow: (WOOOO)

The waves weaved into a path for the surfer as her board cut into the waves, her smooth ride surging forward as she and Lulo balanced aboard. The small Pokemon hopped and clapped as they entered the tunnel of the curling wave, the girl’s hand brushing along the water as she grinned.

It was amazing that she was able to explore the world now and do such amazing things thanks to Aileen. When she lived in the city with her father, they rarely left to adventure out after her mom died. No, instead life was all about the Furfrou he bred and the competitions he’d enter them in. It was the way he coped with that loss.

But Lucy wanted to explore the world and make new friends. She loved her father and the Furfrou but she was tired of being tied down to that one spot. So she convinced her father to let her leave and soon she was off to see what the world laid before her.

And through those travels…she found the farm and Aileen. Her travels finally led her to a place she felt she could belong. And that warmed her heart like the glow of her Flareon Rocket.

A sudden blast of sound and energy surged out somewhere beyond the water, the vibrations in its wake sending both Lucy and Lulo off their board with a harsh thud. The girl rolled about in the water, slamming her leg on some coral as a curse formed in her gasping throat. Struggling to climb back up to the surface after the initial shock, the feeling of Lulo’s flippers as a pair of familiar tentacles scooping her up were a welcome feeling.

A loud gasp echoed as Lucy made it to the salty air, her Popplio hugging tightly at her chest as she tried to form words of encouragement. “Thank you lovelies. W-What just happened?”

Her bright green eyes searched all around her as she tried to piece together the situation. The board was nowhere in sight now; likely smashed and sunken to pieces from the close encounter with the coral. Off in the distance, the billowing cloud of orange was a bellowing cloud of destruction, sending a chill down Lucy’s spine.

“An explosion? We’ve gotta-!” Her scream echoed through the night as a second explosion sounded, Lulo crying as he held tighter to his trainer’s chest. “Oh my god! Aileen! Aileen we have to help!”

Tajiface: Aileen wasted no time ushering her Pokemon into their pokeballs, all except Julius. She grabbed her bag of supplies then climbed onto Julius’ back. He galloped to the water, easily sliding in amongst the surf.

“Lucy- are you alright?!” Aileen shouted when she found her friend.
Maeeverglow: Despite her efforts at a smile, the wince gave way to the pain she felt. Her Pokemon all surged forward, Evelyn riding upon Roti’s back chirping with worry.
“I-I’m fine. I’m the least of our worries right now. What the hell was that?” Lucy questioned, the girl climbing onto the back of her Samurott while she ushered everyone else into their Pokeballs. Evelyn curled up with her trainer and licked at her wounds. “Isn’t that the fishing district? It’s going up in flames. We’ve got to help!”
Tajiface: Aileen eyed Lucy’s wounds for a moment before looking away. She trusted her comrade to truly speak up if the pain was too much. She was going to have Blissey take a look for sure though when this was all over.

“Let’s head over on the water, I think the roads will be too packed to get there easily by land.” Aileen shuffled on Julius’ back until she found Tentacruel’s pokeball tucked in her pocket.
“Tentacruel, you’re going to have to wait in here until it’s safe again.”
The water Pokemon, however, seemed to have other plans. Without even a look back to Aileen he set off towards the blaze. Aileen almost yelled at him to return before realizing he wasn’t truly her Pokemon. She didn’t feel right giving commands to him.
She tightened her grip on Julius. “Go full speed, I promise to hang on this time. Lucy, holler if we need to get you back to camp. We’re not risking your life over this.”
Maeeverglow: “I’m fine! Let’s just catch up to Tentacruel before he gets in over his head please!” Lucy called out as she held tight to Roti’s neck, the Pokemon surging forward at full speed. The girl had a tight hold on her Evelyn as they soon caught up to their friend and her Julius.
“That boat from before…do you think that has something to do with this? Or do you think this really just some accident?”
Tajiface: Aileen barely heard the question over the surge of water rushing out from their fast pace. “I really don’t know, but it won’t do to assume the worst until we actually have evidence!”
The trip indeed took a short time traveling by water. Soon enough the pair were dismounting from the water and trudging on the land. With some extreme negotiating Aileen convinced Tentacruel to stay put until they knew more.
Smoke densely lingered in the air here. It burned at Aileen’s eyes and nose until she was wiping at them every few minutes. The emergency personnel of several departments congested the area immediately surrounding the blazing building before them. Aileen was shocked to see they had pulled out survivors, both human and pokemon from the building. She couldn’t understand why anyone would have been in the building at all during these late evening hours.
After a brief talk with the emergency team in charge they directed Aileen and Lucy to concentrate on the western side of the burning building. The process itself required delicate precision considering a too-strong water move on their pokemon’s part might accidentally tear away the building along with the fire.
Aileen kept her others in their pokeballs. Corsola was strong enough to take on these kinds of flames… just a little too strong. Delicacy was not in her vocabulary. She feared for Swanna’s feathers being inadvertently burned if they weren’t careful. In the hectic crisis Aileen only kept Julius out, directing him to chip away at the blaze little by little.
Tentacruel seemed to pitch in without any direction. He too followed behind Aileen and Lucy, helping their pokemon when he could. Aileen could see the pokemon was deeply fazed by the burning fishing building.
While Julius attended to a small batch of flames on an outside wall Aileen walked around a corner to examine their next targets. A large entranceway was now clear of fire, only to reveal more fire destroying the interior. Aileen frowned. They would have to wait for the professionals to tackle the inside. At least, that’s what she was thinking until she heard cries of a pokemon from deep within.
“Julius, over here!” Aileen shouted and sprinted into the burning complex without any plan what-so-ever.
Maeeverglow: Though primed for using his water to douse to flames, Lucy instructions sent Roti on a delicate search to pull survivors from the wreckage. Quietly she called forth Nerissa and Lulo, both Pokemon cautious as they surveyed the wreckage.
“Nerissa, you get the higher points. But you have to be careful with the architecture. Lulo follow after and soak the lower points only when Nerissa says. Her eyes are good for pinpointing weakness,” Lucy instructed and the two nodded, moving together to tend to the fires. “All of you best stay safe. I don’t know what I’d do without you all.”

The girl then lowered to the ground and scooped up Evelyn, moving her clear out of the way to watch from the sidelines. She cooed an argument but no cry deterred her trainer from her decision.

“You are safer here. This isn’t a fight you’d be able to handle my dear. I could put you in a Pokeball or you can stay here,” the mentioning of the containment raising fear from the Pokemon, a fear she had since her birth. Lucy didn’t argue with her. She knew her Eevee would stay out of trouble and remain safe until they could be reunited. “Stay in sight of Tentacruel and-!”

Hearing Aileen’s voice, Lucy cursed before climbing to her feet and rushing after her friend. In hand, she held a Pokeball up and called forth her Dragonite. Fry was shocked to emerge in such a delicate situation, the creature quick to his trainer’s side as she made after her ally.

“Are you crazy?! This place could collapse any minute!”

Tajiface: Aileen gagged on the amount of smoke which enveloped her the second she walked in. It completely overwhelmed her senses, starting with her eyes. She rubbed furiously at them to clear the itching sensation. Overhead she heard the creaking snap of something but certainly did not see it. The burning timber tumbled down from rafters in the ceiling. She knew it would have crushed her had Julius not stepped over her and swatted the embers away.

“Julius,” She reached out a hand and used his strong arm to steady herself. Once she had gotten her eyes under control she saw the damage to his arm. She gasped at the burn and lightly touched at its edges to gauge the damage. Julius seemed undeterred by the pain. He even nudged at her to keep her moving.

“Let me guess, ‘not very effective’, right?” Aileen said with a sigh.
More creaking sneered from above and Aileen only just saw the burning wood falling for a second before a spray of water shot it out of the way. Tentacruel had followed them inside. He stood just as vigilant as Julius, albeit a little less steady out of the water. His fierce expression was turned towards the painful sounds of a pokemon and, Aileen was sure she heard it, a human’s scream from just beyond. Interestingly enough, though, she swore she heard calm talking as well.
Maeeverglow: Fry was determined to keep all types of embers and debris from his trainer, his usual happy-go-lucky attitude washing away as he kept a protective barrier about the girl limping her way through the burning building. Each wince sent a curse from her throat but she wasn’t ready to stop, especially with Aileen risking life and limb going forward.
“Cover your mouth with a cloth to at least  help you from breathing in the soot please,” Lucy snapped as she made it to the woman’s side, holding tightly to her wrist as she finally could hear the sound of a struggle before them. “The way ahead is even more swallowed in flames. One wrong move and we’re buried. But I have a feeling you aren’t turning back huh.”

Already knowing the answer, Lucy allowed the Dragonite to dowse her in water before she turned towards the way ahead. “Fry do your absolute best to not get hurt. We’re going to do what we can up ahead. Just promise me that if it gets too dangerous we leave.”

Tajiface: “Alright, we’ll leave if it gets overwhelming.” Aileen lied. She knew herself too well. She wouldn’t be leaving unless the stragglers ahead were safe or dead. She didn’t want to worry Lucy, though.

Aileen reached into the small bag of supplies behind her and pulled out a rag she’d intended for any wounds. Julius wasted no time in dowsing her with water as well. Once she and the rag were thoroughly soaked she wrung the rag and wrapped it around her face.
The next few minutes were heart-thumping to Aileen. They made their way closer to the sounds ahead by delicately maneuvering the debris and flames around them. Finally, they found themselves in the indoor harbor of the fishing facility (dude, I have no idea what those are called hahaha). The water glimmered a deadly orange below, but Aileen focused on the scene ahead of them.
Several flame pokemon were present to fan on the flames. Beside them were their trainers in dark suits which reminded Aileen of the suits firemen wore. Behind this group of wreckers were bodies littering the ground. Most were clearly human and, Aileen suspected with a sickening dread, they were already dead. Pokemon lay by their side as well only to be methodically scooped up by a suited human into their pokeballs and tucked into a suitcase.
Only one human moved against the brilliant flares behind him. He knelt beside a clearly wounded Slowbro, shouting at an approaching trainer and his Magmar. Aileen leaped into action.
Aileen tore off the rag from her face and screamed, “Julius, take him out!”
The sound of a gushing jet of water ripped through the air and towards the Magmar. Of course the startled fire pokemon had no chance to dodge and took the blast full on. It flew head over feet behind its trainer, Julius quick after it. Aileen scoured the wreckage around them and found a hardy-looking piece of wood. She wrapped the rag around the non-burning end and went off after the trainer.
Even though Aileen could not see his face through the helmet she knew the trainer was startled at her sudden approach. She kicked at his stomach, sending him backwards, then swung the piece of wood at his head. The hit landed true and the trainer did not get up from where he landed on the ground.
Aileen tossed aside the piece of wood and watched Magmar to make sure it did not get up either. Once she and Julius were satisfied the pair were out of commission she turned away. Technically fighting trainer-at-trainer was a dirty move in a pokemon fight. However, Aileen had decided long ago fighting dirty was worth it when lives were at stake.
“Please don’t let them take her away.”
The voice was barely audible. Aileen turned around to see the human was now cradling the Slowbro in his arms. Both were wounded, Aileen could tell even in the flickering light. A quick look around and Aileen could see, to her horror, that he was clearly the only survivor.
She intended to make her way to the distraught trainer, only to stop in her tracks at the sight of a nearby body. A particular slash was apparent across his chest. A type of quick burn not often found by unskilled flame pokemon. She turned to Julius with her mouth open.
“I know this mark.”
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The stench of burnt flesh cause the girl to gag as she skidded to a stop, her eyes desperate to tear as she looked ahead to the rows of bodies. So much death and it was clear now it wasn’t an accident. Whatever happened was a deliberate attack…and they had just wandered in the lion’s den.

“Fry at the ready!” Lucy croaked as she held her hand up, the Dragonite awaiting the signal as he gazed about the room. He could not pinpoint if any enemies remained. All he saw was the trainer and their Slowbro up ahead. “Dowse the battlefield. We need to end this fire now.”

Tajiface: Aileen snapped out of her stupor. “Julius, you too, help Fry get rid of this fire!”

Before the swampert could give his aid, however, his attention snapped to somewhere behind Aileen. He hoisted himself into a leap and shielded her just in time to block a jet of flames aimed right for her. Julius returned the attack without even Aileen instructing him.

She whipped around to find yet another suited trainer with a Delphox at her side. These two, however, carried themselves with a vastly more confident and calm air than any of the others. The helmet’s head tilted to the side as if in contemplation. Then the trainer reached up and pulled off her helmet, allowing a dark braid to cascade out around her and dark eyes set upon Aileen.
“I was wondering why this sector was behind schedule.” The woman spoke with a grandeur voice.
“Well,” the newcomer snapped at the lone suited henchmen collecting pokemon off to the side of Aileen. The figure had stopped his collecting as Aileen and the others made their entrance. “Continue collecting our assets here. If you miss any of them you’ll be answering to Merlyn yourself.”
“Yes, Miss Reva.” The henchman choked out and continued putting fainted pokemon into pokeballs and then into the suitcase.
“You’ll do well to clear out of here and leave those pokemon before I really get angry.” Aileen shouted. Julius stood over her leering at the pair before them as well.
“I will not leave pokemon which are rightfully ours, including that Slowbro you are so naively protecting.” Reva slowly turned her gaze from the henchman. “Ah, Aileen the champion pokemon healer… and Lucy, daughter of the well-known Furfrou trainer. I thought it was you two when we passed by this afternoon. An unlucky coincidence you are here.”
“We’re at a disadvantage,” Aileen called evenly back. “You know us but we don’t know you.”
“A leader, visionary, really. I clear paths of weeds and the weak to make way for the strong. My name is Reva.”
Maeeverglow: Fry had paused mid-flight to stare upon the scene, his trainer hanging back from the action as she gently prodded at her leg wound. What seemed like only a few scraps before had molded into a nasty purple bruise on her leg. Her muscles screamed in pain all over her body, likely more bruising forming underneath her wetshirt as well. Still Lucy remained, especially with this enemy in the way.

“So many people are dead and yet no remorse from you. You loot their corpses of their friends and allies and let their bodies burn to ash,” She whispered, her fingers lightly brushing her final Pokeball. She hated fighting so much and putting her Pokemon through such dangerous acts…but clearly this was a life and death situation. Before her was a group of terrorists. “Pleasantries are out of the way. Now the real business begins. Drop the pokemon now. We aren’t asking.”

Tajiface: Reva clucked at the demand, raising one hand to her hip. “We’re not looting anything. These pokemon were ours to begin with, they were loaned to these workers. This section misused them and other of our assets, so we are simply reclaiming our property.”

Aileen turned to the cowering henchmen she now protectively stood before. His eyes were darting all over the place, probably in shock. He seemed aware enough to understand the conversation before him.
“Is this true?” Aileen barked at him.
He jerked at the question. The Slowbro in his arms merely clung tighter to him.
“It is true… but, their pokemon don’t always want to go back, they’d rather stay with us-“
“Because the weak trainers like you have poisoned their mindset by holding their pokeballs. Trainers like you waste their talents and turn them into sniveling, useless animals.” Reva interrupted with a sneer.
“It’s not a waste to want to just live a normal life!” The man shouted back.
“When you signed up to join us, as did those pokemon, you signed up for a life utilizing your strengths to the fullest. You signed up because you wanted us to take your talents and propel them into something meaningful for the whole organization. Living a ‘normal’ life is just a waste of your skills.” Reva spoke calmly. She waved the Delphox behind her forward.
Even from the distance and the smoke Aileen could see there was no way out of a battle. Julius sensed her apprehension and stepped forward, the boards of the wobbling warehouse creaking under his weight. Aileen was surprised to see Tentacruel also stepped forward, albeit rather timidly. At this Reva actually laughed.
“Ah yes, you were the pokemon I saw with these two earlier.” Reva paused, sizing up the pokemon. “I don’t have my data with me, but dear, I can tell just from looking at you fighting is not your strength.”
Around them the fire cracked with a boom and Aileen was all too aware they wouldn’t last much longer in here. To her left she could see the other henchman had finished collecting the pokeballs off the dead bodies. He hovered awkwardly as he neared Aileen and Lucy, who stood between him and the last “asset” which was cowering in the trainer’s arms still.
“Enough, you’re not taking this Slowbro and that’s final.” Aileen had to shout louder to be heard over the raging fire.
“You feel you don’t belong, I can tell that,” Reva continued. “I assure you, in Eve and Dawn we would find you the right place where you would be able to use your strength to the fullest and benefit the group.”
The boards under their feet shook and suddenly tilted slightly. They were really running out of time. Aileen reached for Tentacruel’s pokeball, ready to bring him back to safety, however, he stared longingly at Reva now, entranced by her speech. Aileen spent so long measuring his gaze that she didn’t hear Reva order Delphox’s first attack. Luckily, Julius had. The Swampert jumped high, causing another tremble through the rocking beams below, and intercepted the Delphox’s fire blast before it came anywhere near Aileen. Out of the corner of her eye she saw the henchman go after Lucy in similar fashion.
Aileen stumbled and fell to the warmed planks below. They couldn’t stay here much longer and she needed to think of a quick way out.
Maeeverglow: “Fry by my side!” Lucy called out through the roaring battleground, the Dragonite abandoning it’s original duty as he prepared for the first attack. Across from her, the henchman called forth a Feraligatr and already she could feel the floorboards slipping further and further into chaos. “Fry be careful. He could have ice attacks. Let’s just knock him down quick and get to safety ok. I’m counting on you to be safe.”

The Dragonite cooed in reply before surging forth from the scorching air, a water veil protecting his scaly hide as he called forth a dragon’s rage attack. The Feraligatr whined as he raised up an arm to block, the creature then flown back by the impact with the rage burning up his skin.

The lackey barked orders and already Lucy could tell they were going for an ice attack. “Don’t get caught in that attack. Use your speed and continue to rage at them for guaranteed damage. Just a little longer Fry!”

The Dragonite was already on high alert so as soon as the first syllable rolled of the trainer’s tongue he was as high as he could go in the burning wasteland. An ice beam curled from the Feraligatr’s mouth and Dragonite dove from the attack, maneuvering as it followed him all the way to Feraligatr’s side. The Pokémon gasped at the close proximity as Dragonite bonked him square on the jaw, his smaller yet strong arms gripping onto the beast’s arm and beginning to fly upward.

“A seismic toss in here? Fry the ground it’s too unstable. We will all-!” Lucy began but suddenly her attention was pulled from the battle towards Tentacruel, the beast listening to such a filthy lie of a speech. With a call to Fry to not do the attack just yet, she turned towards the Pokémon that brought them to this place and prepared her words. “Tentacruel, you remember your partner? You remember fishing day and night with smiles on your faces? You remember that connection with him that you treasured more than anything? If you go with these trainers I can assure you you will never be able to feel that again. I know you have a hole in that big heart of yours. Your partner passed on and he was very sorry to leave you alone. But he wouldn’t want that life for you Tentacruel. Look around you Tentacruel, these were allies of this team. They killed them in cold blood. You step out of line or question them, this will happen to you too. And I don’t want to see you like that Tentacruel. I promise to find you the life you can truly feel at peace in. Just give me a chance and I will take care of you and find where you truly belong. I won’t allow these people or anyone else to hurt you. So please don’t go with them Tentacruel.”

As if on cue, Fry noticed the Feraligatr turn in his hold to secure an ice fang and knew it was time to let go. The Dragonite tossed the Pokémon towards the breaking beams below and Lucy gasped as she sprung into action.

“Call back your Feraligatr now!” She cried to the lackey, his eyes wide as he raised up his Poke ball to recapture it mid-air. Unfortunately it was not soon enough as the boards broke under the faintest trace of Feraligatr before he was called back to his ball. The lackey lurched forward at the impact and began to roll with the breaking boards, Lucy’s eyes wide before she acted without thinking. She raced forward with the dipping boards and slid down them towards where the lackey was falling, one arm securing itself in the wood before the other reached and gripped tight to the lackey’s wrist.

“Don’t you try anything right now. I literally have the life of you and your Pokémon in my hand!” Lucy snapped as she glanced down at the henchman, her eyes more sympathetic than her tone. “I won’t let you go. So please just work with me here!”

Tajiface:The floor boards finally gave way and all of them shifted down with them. Julius gave a pounding slam to the Delphox, ensuring it was too stunned to give back another attack, and launched himself towards Aileen. On of his big hands wrapped easily around her while the other grabbed hold onto something Aileen couldn’t see. She cinched her eyes shut as the bodies around her slid down into the gushing water of the bay below. The trainer they had precariously been protecting actually picked up his Slowbro and dived into the dark depths of water below. He was out of sight before Aileen even had a chance to register in her mind that he had taken his only escape without a second thought. She just hoped he was a good enough swimmer to get them to shore before the building collapsed fully.

Aileen dangled in Julius’ grip and struggled to lift herself enough so she could call over her shoulder. “Tentacruel, run for it! We’ll meet you outside!”
Tentacruel hugged against the boards as best he could. His tentacles just couldn’t get a decent grab. At Aileen’s command he started to let go and slide forward towards the water below.
“Delphox, return!”
Aileen heard Reva’s pokemon return and another come out of its pokeball. She was relieved to see a Grachomp had appeared in Delphox’s stead. The dragon pokemon latched its claws into the floor boards with ease while Reva seemingly effortlessly clung to its back.
“Tentacruel, we aren’t lying to you. We simply utilize each member to the fullest, and only clip the weeds when there is no other choice.” Reva’s voice was so oddly calm amidst the destruction it sent chills down Aileen’s spine.
Tentacruel hesitated in its descent and locked eyes with Aileen. She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know anything about this seemingly new organization of brutes. She couldn’t advise Tentacruel one way or another. All she knew is she felt Tentacruel shouldn’t go with them… but, in the end, was it really her choice or Tentacruel’s?
The agonizing thoughts paralyzed Aileen from their current situation. The sounds of snapping timber were mute to her ears as she stared back at Tentacruel with heartbreak. Finally Julius pulled her out of the stupor with a yell. He had been hit with a beam rotting with embers and fire. She shook her head and glanced down at the murky water below. There was no guarantee the waters below were any safer than this building. At this point, though, she didn’t see any other choice.
“Julius, dive!”
Maeeverglow: Lucy had begun to pull herself onto the awning with the lackey close behind. She  quickly reached and grabbed his Poke balls on his belt and pointed a finger in his face as Fry suddenly gripped him from behind.
“You will get these back when this is all over. For now, Fry will get to safety. You do anything to sway my trust in you here I will not take it lightly. Judging from our angle you could have died on debris before impact to the water. I hope that gains a little trust in me here. If not, oh well I guess I’m just a wishful thinker. Fry, to safety!” The Dragonite whined at the order but her confident glance forced his hand as he carefully dived into the water and surged towards safety. “Now for the last detail-.”
Lucy’s muscles and injuries strained as she pulled herself to a still clinging beam, a hand reached out towards Tentacruel as she offered a smile. “Tentacruel, I don’t want you to be a tool. I don’t want you to be something that will be tossed away when you dare to dream beyond what they want you to believe in. I want you to find your own path that makes you happy. I want you to find that happiness again you felt with your partner. I want you to spend your days fishing or whatever it is that will make you happy. I saw you out there in the water. Your eyes glittered at the chance to show us your fishing abilities. You were absolutely amazing and you looked so happy. I want you to have that happiness forever. Because you deserve it Tentacruel. Your partner wanted you to be happy and I know it pained him to leave you alone. But he wanted you to be able to live on towards whatever path made you happy. So it’s up to you Tentacruel. Just know that I am here for you no matter what. I won’t let you get hurt anymore.”

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