Cypress’ Promotion

AN: Taji and I are going to try this thing where we dedicate some time each week to personally writing something to share with each other. With work, class, life, etc. piling on, it’s been harder and harder to write and complete something for my personal blog here but I’m committed to get something out that I can be relatively proud of haha.

Anyway, this drabble features two new characters I’m bringing into the Defender RP. I needed more action in the RP and currently Adelle alone wasn’t enough haha xD So now I’ve created these two characters I’m excited to start working on. One is a female and a lead pilot for her team named Cypress. The other is a male pilot and a bit of a grump named Quill. I’ve been making character designs via the app Doodle Face so I will likely add those soon to the blog so you guys can get a good look of what I’m picturing for them in my mind.

Anyway, Cypress is the leader so to speak and has a personality where she doesn’t allow any nonsense in her presence. She is tough with her team but has their best interests at heart. She is dedicated to the mission at hand and will not tolerate personal quims in her presence. She doesn’t have much to say regarding the time travelers. All she cares about is if they are a good part of the team and will do what they can to achieve the mission.

Quill on the other hand despises the time travelers and often has something to remark about them, even in the field. I look forward to having him in interactions with Elliot and Adelle. He’s a strong, hot-headed soldier and likes to show off on occasion. When I say he’s strong, I mean he could shatter bones by grabbing people if he let himself. He’s trained all his life to exceed the expectations of his generation. His family has always had a distaste for the time travelers and their abilities to slip into the game with ease. Also, he blames the time travelers for the state of their world and the battles they face.

Cypress and Quill are friends from the past so their interactions outside of battle are more in line with that. In battle though, Cypress ain’t got time for your shit lmao. I going to try and build up their characters more and more in the drabbles so that when I feature them in the RP I can be really proud of what they accomplish. Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

Smoke curled from the diminished remains of the cigarette perching at her lips, Cypress’s narrowed gaze upon the ruins of one of the ancient cities that had fallen to war and rebellion. Her usual Sunday rides would lead her to the same destination time and time again, recollections of her family’s history residing in the ghosts residing in the collapsed civilization before her. For some, it would be a painful reminder of what was lost. For her, it was a way forward, a reminder of what she was fighting for. Each week she would ride her motorcycle and take in the sights, promising the world she would protect she deemed worth fighting for.

Today however was different. A haggard expression was hard to hide, even through her tinted sunglasses. Bawled fists buried themselves in the pockets of her pilot jacket. Every inch of her was tense, struggling to hold together in the midst of the destroyed landscape before her. At her shoulder, her core Cedar chimed on occasion but remained quiet to allow the pilot her time to deal with her growing emotions.

The faint purr of another motorcycle crept to her senses, Cypress choosing to ignore its approach as she continued her piece together her thoughts. After all, there was only one other person who knew of her weekly ritual. She was all-too-familiar with the roar of that bike and there was no escaping him once he put his mind into finding her.

The aged relic of a motorcycle came barreling down the broken road, the rider bringing it to a slow before creeping it closer to the woman’s own more-modern of the two bikes. Funny how someone who disliked those from the past would cherish their technology more so than the technology of his own time. Once he screeched to a halt, the rider pulled off the helmet to reveal one of Cypress’ oldest friends, Quill Peters (I’m laughing at the accidental homage to Guardians of the Galaxy right now hahaha).

“Figured I’d find you here,” said the pilot as he slid off his seat, careful to scoop up his core Ceil before making his way over to the woman’s side. “Heard from the Captain-.” (I’m still unsure of the ranks for this story so for now I’m going with Captain lol)

Cypress pulled a hand from the confines of her pocket, reaching up to peel the dwindling remains of the cigarette from her lips. A steady stream of smoke rolled into the air before she spoke, “Did you now? And what by chance did you hear?”

Quill’s brow raised at the question. “You’re being promoted to the team leader,” he answered. (I’m probably mutilating the ranks so much, I’m so sorry xD) “What’s with the frustration huh? Thought you’d be thrilled. You were clearly the best out of our entire squadron. It’s only fair you gain the top prize. Hell, soon you’ll even take his place as Captain.”

The woman seemed to turn her nose up at such a statement, once more returning the cigarette to its rightful place. A frown formed on Quill’s lips at the response, his temper bubbling up. How he hated to be treated as inferior, especially by her. Cypress excelled in nearly everything they competed in throughout their lives together, forcing Quill to play second fiddle to her greatness. And when that attitude of hers came crawling forth, it was hard not to bare his fangs against her.

“I drove all the way out here to check on you and you gonna act like a bitch to me, really?” He hissed through gritted teeth, the woman continuing to ignore her companion’s presence as the cigarette continued to burn away into nothingness. “Aren’t you supposed to be happy huh? This is big and you acting like it’s a god damn problem is insulting, especially to those who lost out to you.”

The statement seemed to catch the woman’s attention as she tilted her head towards her companion, once more removing the cigarette from her lips so she could speak. “I have led you to misunderstand it seems.”

“What gave it away?” Quill growled, folding his arms as he narrowed his eyes upon the woman.

“Fair point,” she remarked with a shrug, flicking away the unwanted ash of her cigarette as she thought of how best to respond. “The Captain’s words this morning…struck a chord.”

Fury simmered into confusion. “What do you mean by that? From what I saw, he was bloody ecstatic to have you be promoted,” he said with a raised brow. “What could he have possibly said to strike you the wrong way? Did he say you fight like a girl or something. Because you would have beat him up right then and said thanks for the compliment. Just saying.”

Cypress showed hints of a smile forming, though it quickly dissipated as she shook her head. “He compared me to my grandfather.”

Further confusion settled upon the man as he shook his head. “Dude was a war hero won’t he? Shouldn’t that be a compliment and not something that gets your panties all in a bunch.”

 The woman gestured forward to the ruined city, the decrepit remains a haunting reminder of the past. “This place used to be a beautiful city filled with citizens. However, a single mistake aided in its demise. This destroyed city left to rot was his fault. He let rebellion claim it and many lost their lives because of it,” Cypress hummed, a hint of regret in the tone of her voice as she spoke. “He ignored any speak of an attack, instead focusing his efforts elsewhere. So when the attack finally came at full force, the troops were unprepared for the battle ahead. Evacuation was practically pointless by the time the soldiers made their stand. This ruined city was a plague on his heart ever since. And to think, this could still be a beautiful landscape had he listened to the warnings.”

Quill scanned the ruins for a moment, his confusion settling as he offered a nod in response.

“Mistakes that could cause so much bloodshed, so much loss for innocent lives-no, I never want to make such dangerous mistakes as this,” Cypress remarked, tossing the cigarette upon the path before pressing her heel into its remains. “Being compared to my grandfather-the memories, the stories all came flooding back from my childhood. Memories of when he and my family were reminded of that shameful past. He would bring me out here you know, tell me about the attack and how it would often replay in his mind. He would remember each and every detail. And he would remind himself of every instance where he could of done something differently. I never want to experience that. Ever.”

The pair grew silent for a moment, Cypress continuing to stare upon the remains of the past while Quill buried his hands into his pockets. Sure, he could somewhat understand her reasoning but something just didn’t add up in his mind.

Holding back his frustrations, he began, “But that was just one battle. One instance in his life. He continued to fight and was claimed a war hero for a reason. The pain from this one attack was there of course but he continued to fight. He learned from that mistake and went on to save countless others. I’d say it’s an honor for someone to be reminded of him when looking at you and your accomplishments.”

Her sunglasses slid on the bridge of her nose as she glanced towards her companion, a flash of interest in her eyes as she waited for him to continue.

“Stop pouting and start celebrating, jeez,” he huffed, a frown forming on his lips as he glared at the fallen city before them. “That mistake is there for you to learn from as well. You can be the leader you wish to be. You can take what your grandfather has taught you from his past and use it to lead the charge and save countless lives. You can be the protector you want to be. So stop moping already and let’s go celebrate before you kick my ass tomorrow in drills.”

A small grin formed on the woman’s lips as she stretched her limbs. “Interesting concept. You’d think I’d let you drink away the evening before we have drills tomorrow? My, no wonder you were not the one to claiming the leadership role,” she hummed as she scooped Cedar into her hold, slipping the core onto her bike before straddling the seat. Removing her sunglasses, she then slipped on her helmet and gestured for her companion to follow suit. “Forgive me for my hesitance. I suppose you did make some sense, Quill. I am proud to be compared to my grandfather. I’ll surpass him though. I won’t make the same mistakes he did. He taught me too well to let those moments happen.”

“I feel like your sincerity is coated in sarcasm and witty retorts at the expense of myself,” Quill growled underneath his breath as he followed suit, tossing his helmet on once more as he gestured back down the roads towards civilization. “Whatever Cy, let’s just get back home already and you can go tell your grandfather the good news. And then we drink and enjoy ourselves god damn it. If I’m going to get insulted regardless, might as well be drunk when it happens.”

“Sometimes I wonder how you even manage to stay in shape and excel in our troops with such a foul attitude and terrible drinking habit,” Cypress mused, thankful her helmet hid her grin as she revved up the engine of her bike. “Fine, I’ll share one drink in celebration. A favor to you for joining me and allowing me to mumble about insecurities. But then it’s off to bed so we can be ready for drills in the morning. Oh, and you’re paying after all. I’m the guest of honor.”

Before Quill could protest, Cypress’ bike had darted off along the dusty road, kicking up a cloud in its wake as she traveled without him. “Yeah yeah whatever, congrats to you,” he muttered with a grin of his own before charging after his companion, his core Ceil chiming along as they drove off towards town.


Story Bios – Overwatch OCs

I enjoy Overwatch for the most part, wish there was more story to explore in-game than out of game but to each their own. I’m also one of those people that has to be online with my friends to enjoy it or I’ll quit in a few rounds due to boredom. (Not the game’s fault really, I get bored easily :P)

Anyway, just wanted to post some of my OCs I have for the Overwatch Universe. Now I’ll admit, I haven’t done too much research so I don’t even know what areas were completely devastated in the Omni wars besides…well Australia haha. (Junkrat is bae <3) So I’ll continue to learn and address changes where they don’t fit in the canon storyline to better align.

Name: Aisling (Irish/Dream-Vision) O’Brennan (Irish American)

Age: 19

Hair: Wild red curls, tied into braids most of the time to keep them tamed

Eyes: bright green orbs, specks of gold

Description: about 5’6 and a half, thin but muscular from her efforts on the farm with her father, she has various outfits including a loose white tank and black sports bra underneath, tight yoga capris, and shoes; her flight suit which is adorned with green and red colors; and her flight armor suit that allows her to do her flight stunts fighting.

Weapons/Skills: Her main weapons include her flight armor suit which has been specifically modified to do stunt flying unlike Pharah who’s best at maneuvering through the battlefield in a linear spectrum. On the suit she has two hidden blades in her gauntlets and various guns hidden on her person. The main skill there is her ability to maneuver in the suit for fighting. She is more agile than Pharah in her suit and thus can be pretty tough to beat if you can’t pinpoint her weakness.

Weaknesses: Too quick to open herself up to danger when innocents are involved, can be careless when enjoying flight, more to come.

Bio: Aisling was born to the stunt pilot father Shaemus who helped fight in the Omni war alongside Ana and the others. After the tragedies, he pulled away from any sort of fight and instead dedicated his life to his family and flying for the thrill. His wife was an American by the name of Elizabeth he met in his travels and together they had a daughter. Shaemus and Elizabeth always were at wits end with their disagreements on how to raise their child but eventually it was decided that as long as her schooling was pristine Aisling could learn to soar. So Aisling was always at the top of her class and trained every day to handle flying, she learned how to work with robotics and eventually began to put her equations to the test in building her own flight suit. Ever since she’s been a stunt flyer alongside her father. When Overwatch begins to form again, Pharah comes to Shaemus under her mother’s request and though he declines the offer to join the team, Aisling asks for a chance to test her skills. Pharah watches her flight and her agile abilities and sees the potential in having her along. So with a relunctant Shaemus agreeing to let her go, Aisling is given the chance to show the rest of the team she can stand with them.

Name: Brendan Banner

Age: 23

Hair: Messy, dirty blond locks, grown in places past his ears.

Eyes: blush orbs, silverish glow around the irises

Description: 6’2, somewhat thin but muscular; his arms, body, and legs are usually covered with jackets and pants.

Weapons/Skills: As a soldier, most of his body was destroyed in an attack and a scientist decided to offer him a chance to see a fight again. Developing a sort of microbot body, the tiny specimens of robots create his new limbs to the specifications of his body. The new limbs are then fitted with a skin substitute so he blends in well with other humans. The new limbs give him a higher strength and speed boost than ever before and he’s able to surge into battle and deliver destructive blows to his enemies. If any of his new limbs are destroyed, the bots will then begin work to regenerate his body.

Weaknesses: The speed of his regeneration can be slow yet he is always so willing to rush in and let his body get destroyed to get further towards the goal, thus making it difficult on the healing/support team to leave his side. He’s very cold towards his teammates at times, though it is just him being unsure how to interact with them, this makes him not a very popular newcomer to the team.

Bio: As someone who grew up quiet and unable to impress his father, Brendan became a soldier with the hopes of receiving some recognition in his life. What he received however was a bombing incident which took away his arms, legs, and a lot of muscle from his body. His father long gone, likely ran off with a woman, and with little help from the world itself, Brendan opened up one night to a man over drinks at a bar. The man was a scientist by the name of Dr. William Dremmur who offered him a chance to get the recognition of a hero through his experiments. Seeing the nanobots in action, Brendan finally agreed to the experiments knowing that he’d rather die trying to return to the fight than to amount to nothing at all. Thus through long experiments he was finally able to walk and fight again. Overwatch took interest in his abilities on the battlefield when he slipped into their sights during his attacks against the enemy; however, his rather cold demeanor turned several of the members away from trusting him. Mercy offered to look after him (for a price), knowing his desires to rush forward without a care for his body. He’s teamed up with the newbies, which includes Aisling. The happy-go-lucky pilot keeps trying to be best friends with her other newcomers, which makes it difficult for Brendan to understand.

Story Idea – Undertale Fanfiction – Souls Reunited

So like with everything, this is a work of progress and up for being changed at any second. As you might have already guessed, I’m in love with a little game called Undertale by Toby Fox. I’m fascinated by the story, the characters, the music, EVERYTHING! Now before you read any further please note, there’s going to be some spoilers to the game ahead to help talk about my idea. This is your SPOILER WARNING! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

An interesting feature in the game is the color of souls and what they represent. Your main character (Frisk) begins with a red soul, the representation of determination (a word you will hear quite a lot in the game). You begin with the bare essentials: a stick and a bandage. Little do you know at the beginning of your journey that you are one of seven different soul colors…and you are the seventh child to enter that realm who’s soul was on the line.

Along your journey, you encounter six different color souls as well as different items throughout the game that coincide with those colors.

In the first area of the game, the Ruins, you will be able to find a toy knife and a faded ribbon on the ground of certain rooms (these are easy to miss – just like every other equippable item in the game). These items coincide with the aqua soul, which represents patience. When fighting Photoshop Flowey, the screen will fill with moving, rotating knives that you must avoid. When the act button is pressed, The Cyan Soul heals with Bandages. 

In the next area, Snowdin, you will encounter the orange soul which represents bravery. The items that coincide with this soul is the tough glove which you will find in the box along the way to the town, as well as the manly bandana which can be purchased from the shopkeeper in town. Something else to note that orange means you cannot stop moving or else you will experience pain. When fighting Photoshop Flowey, many falling circles of 5 hands will drop from the top of the screen. When the act button is pressed, The Orange Soul heals with Thumbs Up. 

Moving on to the next area known as Waterfall, you will encounter the blue soul which stands for integrity. Ballet shoes and the old tutu coincide with this soul color which you can find on the ground along the way. Like with your fights with Papyrus and Sans, you will note that you can move left and right with ease but the up and down have platformer mechanics which make it harder to move in those directions. When Fighting Photoshop Flowey, Ballet Shoes move up and down while moving forward. When the act button is pressed, The Blue Soul’s Ballet Shoes lift up, showing music notes that heal. 

I cannot recall if the purple soul specifically coordinates with an area in the game moreso than I know it coordinates with characters Muffet and Force Bender. The soul represents perseverance and is associated with a torn notebook and cloudy glasses from Gerson. It’s another mechanic where you can move right and left ok but when it comes to up and down you must move along a path of lines, similar to a spider web. When fighting Photoshop Flowey, negative words will cross from between two columns of books. When the act button is pressed, the negative words are replaced with positive words that heal. 

Green is heavily associated with the Hotlands and represents kindness. The items associated with this soul are the burnt pan and stained apron which you can find on the ground on your journey. Like your fight with Undyne, you will notice you have a shield you can use in each direction to protect you from incoming projectiles. When fighting Photoshop Flowey, there will be three pans rapidly flipping out multiple flames. When the act button is pressed, the Green Soul heals with Eggs. 

And last but not least is the yellow soul for justice. This soul is heavily influenced by Dr. Alphys and her upgrades to your phone. The items associated with this soul are the empty gun and cowboy hat which can be purchased from Bratty and Catty. It brings a shooting mechanic to the game through battles. When fighting Photoshop Flowey, a gun will appear in the middle, and shoot bullets wherever some crosshairs point to. When the act button is pressed, the Yellow Soul heals with Four-Leaf Clovers. 

Here’s a short guide on the different soul colors and what they mean, including some that aren’t canon to the main story:

Anyway, I had an interest in creating my own Undertale-sona character similar to like I’ve done with my Gemsona for Steven Universe, etc.

I came up with a humanoid water monster who’s attuned with bubble magic. She resided in Waterfall and interacts with Undyne on occasion, sometimes assisting with the Royal Guard on their missions should they need information. She dances along the water and her battle would completely wipe the bottom of the fight box away to a pit of water. The determined heart would need to avoid the water for if lingering for too long it will sink to the bottom or be scooped up by whatever waited at the depths. The way for the heart to reach the enemy would be to jump on the bubbles and attack at the opportune time.

As I was thinking of this idea for a new monster, I began to remember the six children who’s souls were taken by Asgore to take down the barrier. I began to question…what if those six souls didn’t linger in their casing in a particular timeline? What would happen if those souls were instead…forced somewhere else?

I wanted to create a timeline where there were six monsters lingering out in the underground world who interact with the human, either through fights or simple discussions between them. These monsters (along with certain key characters from the Undertale journey led by Sans who notice the timeline to be strange) follow the human, interested in their determined soul and trying to understand what their purpose is in the world. Their encounter with Frisk will move them towards the goal of understanding…and they will learn that they were once humans themselves…

Aqua would be shadow-type of character, similar to a ninja in nature. I would like her to be humanoid (like the rest of them) while having glowing symbols on her skin to keep her from the darkness. She is a patient yet strict warrior in ninja garb as well as cat ears atop her head and a cat tail and claws. When she meets Frisk, she is unsure if she should attack with her knife or not. However, upon witnessing the faded ribbon in Frisk’s possession she snatches it and disappears for some time. She stalks Frisk in secret from then on, trying to understand who this human was and why the ribbon pulled at her heart in such a manner. For now, I’ll name her Aqua (I’m original haha).

Orange would be a thief-type/pirate-type character and he would be similar to a monkey with wild sideburns and three tails that would each have fiery tips and wield their own blade. In addition, he would wear gloves he would use for fighting. He’s a brave fighter who happens to enjoy robbing from others. He gives the Royal Guard a run for their money and though he usually resides in the Hotlands he came to Snowdin with the interest of finding the human creature that news has spread about in the monster realm. He’s usually the first to enter the fray and upon meeting Frisk and gaining the items from the girl, he follows her with the intent of protecting her from danger. He and Papyrus don’t get along very well at first but eventually they become friends out of respect for the girl named Frisk. In addition, he finds Nessie to be a pain at first but eventually he falls for her hard. For now, I’ll name him Char.

Blue would be my original character up top, a humanoid-water monster who looks like a girl with bluish, occasionally scaly skin. She would have gill-like ears (similar to Undyne) but her face would be humanoid in fashion. Her hair would actually be water, the color changing towards the tips to represent foam. Her outfit would be a simple two-piece bathing suit and then there would be different bubbles (colored differently) that would be woven into a skirt, jewelry, and hair piece. Her attacks would focus on her bubbles as well as her dancing. She takes a special interest in Frisk and follows her to the Hotlands, keeping a canteen with her at all times to replenish her water supply so she doesn’t dry out. Despite their harsh words at the beginning, Char is very protective of her and rescues her from dying in the Hotlands. For now, I’ll name her Nessie.

Purple would be a towering beast of a character, a horned monster encased in purple jewel shards and armor. He would resemble a humanoid/dragonborn character and would be quick to enter the fight against Frisk. He would be quiet yet demand the human give her soul to Asgore for all monster kind, and even come close to ending Frisk’s life. Frisk’s friends would quickly step in and save her, the knight rushing off to regroup and plan his next attack. When their next battle leads to Frisk actually breaking through so the knight begins to question his life, he finds the glasses and torn notebook Frisk leaves him and he recalls a young boy who was small and weak. The boy could barely see without his glasses and loved his notebook. Upon placing the glasses on, the knight begins to believe that he may have been that boy. He is another that lingers behind when following Frisk. When it is discovered that the monsters are indeed the humans incarnate, he’s the first to come to terms with this, as he had already figured it out himself that he was the boy from his visions. He questions why someone so weak could now be someone so strong, to which Frisk says that he was always strong in his own way. For now, I’ll name him Gallahad.

Green would be a fairy-type monster who is a baker/chef by choice. She has little interest in fighting Frisk at first, instead wanting to focus on making her treats for the monsters of the Hotlands. However, when she sees the pan and apron Frisk holds, she enters the fight in hopes to gain these items back. Though it’s quickly realized that she holds no will to fight and proves her kindness is too pure as she forfeits to Frisk, saying that she was ashamed of how she acted and simply wanted to provide for everyone should could so they could go on smiling. Frisk sees her kindness and returns to her the pan and apron. The monster then follows Frisk, demanding that she tag along on the journey to make delicious meals for Frisk and her friends. For now, I’ll name her Sugar.

Yellow would be a centaur-type monster who’s very loud and quick to act. He rides though the Hotlands demanding justice for the monster world. He sees Frisk as the monster’s greatest foe and fights her with everything he can muster. When Frisk’s companions intervene, he sees the empty gun and fills with rage at the sight of it. He is only able to calm down and cease his attack when Frisk holds up the cowboy hat, saying that it would suit him much better than the gun. He takes both items and decides he must know more about the humans as well as seek justice against all who wish harm upon his new best friend he deems Frisk. He’s one of the easiest to convince he was one of the six humans as he notes that it makes sense why he felt such justice-inducing rage and content in seeing the gun and hat. He always felt deep down that the hat belonged to him anyway, and receiving it from Frisk made him believe it was true. For now, his name is Blitzen.

These six monsters would be noted in the story as having very significant parts. By finding out they were once human, they would then struggle with the idea of what they should do next…should they kill Asgore who stole their souls from their human bodies? Or should they follow the lead of Frisk’s example and help her in restoring the barrier in the hopes that everyone can live together? In this timeline, Flowey isn’t the only enemy to watch out for…I’m very interested to see if I can create something with this storyline. I hope you guys enjoyed this and I look forward to testing the waters more with these characters soon.

Inspirations – Upper Stories WiR/Undertale Crossover

So if you know me at all, you would know that I’m a huge fan of Wreck-It Ralph and Undertale.

Wreck-It Ralph is my favorite movie of all-time and has yet to be dethroned as such. I fell in love with the gaming atmosphere and my dream of someday opening an arcade was reinspired by the movie. I actually cosplay Vanellope von Schweetz on occasion and I’ve got quite the collection of merchandise and art ❤

Undertale was a brilliant creation in my eyes from Toby Fox, someone I became knowledgable of as I was getting into Homestuck. The idea of being able to go through an entire game with kindness and compassion, not killing anyone at all, was really important in my eyes and I fell in love with all the characters. There isn’t a single character I don’t like, which makes it hard trying to decipher who could possibly be my favorite. I suppose my top favorites are all the dogs, monster kid (did he ever have a name?), Frisk, oh god I’m going to start listing everyone I need to stop. Anyway, it’s an amazing game in my eyes but as I always say Undertale is an experience. If you have any interest in understanding what this game is, you should definitely experience it for yourself at

ANYWAY the point of this post is to talk about something that has inspired me. This post is all about the WiR/Undertale crossover post on tumblr that caught my attention at least one year ago. I had lost it for the longest time but thanks to Alse (lots of love) I was able to find it again today and respark my interest in what is represented.

So the post itself is from a user named Upper Stories on tumblr. If you get a chance to browse their posts, I think you’ll find a lot of amazing content. I specifically wanted to focus on this post however because of what it means to me.

When I first began to experience Undertale, I thought about how cool it would be to explore this world via a story linked to Wreck-It Ralph. With the upcoming sequel being Ralph exploring the world of the Internet, it would be amazing if they were able to see each other and hear about how someone could play the game in one way and completely change the tone of the game and what your character becomes.

Then I stumbled upon this post by chance one day and fell in love. The post features Frisk as the Vanellope von Schweetz character and the skeleton brothers Papyrus and Sans as the Ralph persona (Sans might even be Fix-It Felix). There’s also Undyne who is represented as Sgt. Calhoun. Then we have Chara, who is like…it seems like a version of King Candy/Turbo. And then the boss level, Photoshop Flowey. It’s amazing that just a few screenshots of this art tells so much of a story.

I’ve been inspired for awhile to someday write a Undertale/Wreck-It Ralph crossover here and with posts like these, they really help me craft out a story that I can be proud of. So stay tuned and see what I can come up with. And also, check out Upper Stories on tumblr! You won’t be disappointed.

Check out the post here: