Precious Cargo – Part Three

AN: And here’s the final part of that GW2 drabble I was writing! This one was kinda meh to me but I figured I should finish it lol. This one just opens up to Grid and Bell coming to terms with everything. Hope you guys enjoy!

*~For Taji~*

Gridlesser’s strides were long as she dashed through the woods into the clearing, the panic bubbling up within her as she aimed a bow in every direction she could. Clinging to her shoulder like a child was Mayynerd, the guardian knight clearly frustrated with his predicament yet he held his tongue in voicing his disapprovals. Challenging the towering Norn when her mind was so focused on the lost Sylvari of their pack was suicide at best, the knight simply grumbling under his breath as he accepted his embarrassing fate as cargo.

Up ahead the fern hound led the way, her howls signaling they were close to whoever snatched up dear Bellammere. The trumpeting chorus teased the Norn’s aching heart with some form of relief. Sure, there may be a fight to behold in their near future, but it mattered not if victory meant safely scooping up the young elementalist into her embrace.

“We’re almost there! Bell, we’re coming!” Gridlesser declared into the night as she saw the fern hound skid to a halt on the hill above, the woman bounding to the beast’s side before pausing her steps as well. The Norn’s expression was that of confusion as she saw the Sylvari they hunted for fear of kidnapping perfectly fine, Bellammere carefully moving herself up the hill while holding tight to Gridlesser’s bag as well as a small bundle in her arms. “B-Bell?”

The Sylvari brightened at the familiar voice calling her name, her rose-colored orbs peeking up at the top of the hill as she grinned. “You found May! Thank goodness.”

Without warning, the Norn tossed aside the injured man once more, poor Mayynerd howling in pain as he bounced off the earth like a ragdoll. Gridlesser ignored his cries however as she launched herself at the Sylvari. She gripped those tiny shoulders tight, kneeling down to be level with her companion. Bellammere blinked at the panicked expression before her but simply waited for an explanation, unsure of what to make of it. “Bell, what the hell are you doing out here with my bag? You just up and-and you tossed your bag and I thought-I thought-what the hell were you doing? I thought I lost you!”

The Sylvari’s eyes widened at such a declaration, “You thought I-? I-I’m sorry Grid, I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just-.” Pausing her words for only a moment, Bellammere broke from Grid’s hold so she could show the snoozing Charr cub bundled up in her arms. The Norn let out a gasp at the sight, amazed that such a tiny creature would be in the Sylvari’s possession. “This little one snatched your bag so I chased after him. Poor thing has to snatch to survive here you see and he lives each day in fear that if starvation doesn’t kill him, the other takers of the forest will. He shared with me his troubles. I couldn’t ignore this poor creature’s needs so I-.”

The fern hound sniffed at the bundle for a moment before letting out a huff of acceptance, the creature then brushing up to Bell’s leg happily. Gridlesser glanced between the Charr and the Sylvari before a sigh of relief bellowed from her throat. It seemed the elementalist had her own adventure without them.

“What will you do with the Charr cub?” The Norn asked, her voice quiet as she finally felt calm for the first time that evening.

“I will bring him back to the Order of Whispers. There, I’m sure we will be able to raise him into a fine Charr. And he will no longer need to steal to survive,” Bellammere explained with a loving grin towards the bundle in her arms. “I named him Ty. He’s so much like Tybalt. It’s as if our dear mentor led us to this young one.”

 “It sounds like a wonderful name. I’m sure Tybalt would be proud,” Gridlesser said with a knowing grin, the woman then carefully pulling Bellammere into her embrace as she sighed once more. “I have not been very fair to you Bellammere. And I’m sorry for that.”


“I have been worried about you since the instance on Claw Island. I knew how much Tybalt meant to you and I saw the despair shining through within you. I felt any form of battle would send you spiraling into the darkness and-and I didn’t want that to happen. So I made sure to keep you from battle any way I could,” explained Gridlesser, the Norn’s guilty expression conveying in her tone to the Sylvari in her grasps. “Even today when I was so sure I was ready to let you join me in the hunt once more-I left you alone with such a duty as watching the bags. I should have put more faith and trust in you my friend. I am so sorry about all of this. Will you ever forgive me?”

Bellammere suddenly shot away from Gridlesser’s hold, her eyes wide as she gawked at the woman before her. “What? Of course I forgive you. Don’t be stupid Grid! I know you were doing it all to protect me in your own way! B-But thank you for this. I truly appreciate it so much!” The Sylvari chimed as her cheeks burned bright to match the glowing markings along her skin. “I was sad that you didn’t want me by your side in the fight but I knew it was because you were scared for me. And tonight, if I was with you I would have never found this little one. I would have never been able to take him into my arms or give him a name all his own. Everything happens for a reason, isn’t that what you always tell me?”

The Norn smiled warmly at the Sylvari’s declaration, nodding along with her words. “Y-Yes you are correct. Everything happens for a reason,” she hummed with a chuckle. “May this begin a new start for us all. Tybalt may be gone but he will never be forgotten. Together we will face any challenge head-on and be there for one-another when we are in need. Whether it be our friends are captured and in need of rescue…or raising a little furball who stumbled into our lives.”

“Oh so you are finally acknowledging me again? I’m ok by the way!” Mayynerd suddenly spoke up, the roughed up knight limping over as he glared at the two women before him. His expression quickly faded into a grin however as he knelt down and scooped them both into his hold. “Glad to see us all back together again. And this kid is lucky to have our Bell looking after him. What a night!”

“What a night indeed,” Gridlesser chimed with a nod before lifting to her feet, eyeing the world around them before gesturing for departure. “It will only be a matter of time before someone notices our little May’s escape. We should head back to the Order. Besides, we’ve got a young one now and he’ll need some nourishment and shelter.”

“Please don’t throw me over your shoulder again,” the knight muttered under his breath as he blushed, the group giggling amongst themselves before they aimed towards town.

*~Part Three End~*

Precious Cargo – Part Two

AN: Here’s part two! I’m pretty sure there’s only going to be one more part of this story and that’s when Grid and Bell reunite. Anyway hope you guys enjoy ^_^

*~For Taji~*

The moon glistened high in the sky above as Bellammere kept on her toes, her steps quiet despite her speed of pursuit. Up ahead she could still make out the bobbing bag of the Norn that had been stolen from the clearing, the Sylvari unable to make out the thief that held the cargo captive. Was it one of the bandits? No, the snag seemed too sloppy, even for the bandits of the area. Whoever the thief was, they weren’t trained in the art of subtlety. The thieves she’d come to know, Damon and Callahan in particular, had very nimble hands and could steal the possessions of an entire village and no one would ever be the wiser. This thief however was loud. She heard him approach even through her sobs and she heard him snatch the bag before darting off for safety. Whoever this thief was…they were young and lacking in the art of thievery. And whoever it was that was darting away into the night was tiny. Bellammere had a high suspicion she was dealing with one of the Asura.

Keeping low and silent in her movements, the Sylvari believed the thief had no idea she was tracking them as they soon came to a halt in the wake of a clearing in the woods. The bag rolled off the shoulders of the thief as he struggled to catch his breath. He’d been running for more than an hour now and exhaustion had clearly settled into the small form of the thief. Now was her chance, Bellammere shifting her weight ever-so-slightly as she made her way to where the thief awaited.


The elementalist was quick on the draw as she sprung forth and slammed her staff upon the thief’s skull, her determined expression wilting away as she heard the soft cry emitting from the being before her. Standing there, now a whimpering mess upon the soil was a tiny Charr cub, the small creature rubbing his throbbing injury as he lowered himself onto his haunches. His white fur was soaked with sweat and tainted with mud, his horns desperate for a shine. His markings were mixed with cuts and scars, so many already littering his form for such a young cub. His eyes were a deep blue, filled with tears as he didn’t bother to scurry off. The boy knew he was caught. The Sylvari eyed him, memories flooding in as she realized who this creature resembled. He looked exactly like a tiny Tybalt Leftpaw.

“W-What in the name of the Mother Tree do you think you’re doing little one?” Bell asked as she slipped to stand before the lowered figure, a hidden guilt in her stare for daring to whack a child with her staff. It was the fastest way to stop him in his tracks…but if she’d known he was only a cub she’d likely try to use the earth at her disposal and trap him peacefully.

The Charr didn’t bother to speak, the small creature practically a ball of tattered fur and fabric now as he awaited another blow from his captor. The poor thing was clearly terrified to have been caught.

With a deep sigh releasing from her throat, Bellammere lowered herself to be at the level of the child. She carefully reached a hand and pulled Grid’s bag out of the way. The cub didn’t bother to fight her actions, instead focusing his eyes on every move she made in preparation for the pain she would cause him. “I’m not here to hurt you little one. I swear it. I simply meant to stop the thief that stole the bag from me. I had no intention of bringing those tears to your eyes.”

“Y-Ya whacked me good. You’ll do it again. They always do it more than once,” the cub stuttered through his cries, practically breaking Bell’s heart with his speech. “They always hit more than once.”

Bellammere felt her suspicions bubbling up. “Because you steal from people?” The young cub couldn’t manage to form a sentence so he shook his head, pale pink orbs widening as she recalled horrific tales Gilda and Korin had both mentioned for those who had to do shaded actions to survive their childhood. “Where are your parents?”

“None left,” he breathed, barely audible. “Dead. Not even bones left. All gone.”

“How terrible, you poor thing,” Bellammere whispered under her breath, the Sylvari gently holding a hand out towards the cub for comfort. Instead, he slipped away from him, wincing with the imaginations of inflicted pain. It was hard for the woman to hold in her own tears at the sight. “You’re alone then?”

The cub’s head nodded through his sniffling. “There are others in the woods. Others watching. Others taking to survive. Some alone. Some in a pack. All take to survive…even from other takers.”

“Are those the ones that hurt you?” the Sylvari asked, taking note the hesitance in the young cub’s answer before his blue eyes fell to his clawed feet. She knew his thoughts well, choosing not to pursue any further into such uncharted territory with the boy. Instead, the elementalist kept her hand outstretched to the Charr and offered him a sympathetic smile. She wanted to be very clear that she was not there to hurt him. She wanted to be clear that she was someone he could trust. “Do you have a name little one?”

The Charr cub held his tongue, eyeing the outstretched hand cautiously as he stood before the elementalist. All the while he paid close attention to the staff in her possession, recalling the pain it brought by being slammed atop his skull. He dared not imagine what it could possibly due to him calling forth whatever magic the Sylvari woman possessed.

Bellammere took the silence with stride, her hand never retracting as she hummed. “Well, I suppose its more polite to offer my name first. I’m Bellammere and I’m a Sylvari. I was in the woods with my companion to rescue a dear friend of ours who was captured by bandits. And well-well actually I guess I was meant to watch the baggage while my companion saved our friend. Heh, I suppose I didn’t do a very good job if I allowed someone to snatch the bags.”

The cub blinked at her words, his eyes wide at such a sweet tone of a voice. Why was she being so nice? When was she going to turn on him? He didn’t understand. When he heard her chuckle however, he couldn’t help himself in adding to the conversation. “Y-You were distracted. It was easy to take the bag. Y-You kept whispering to yourself too.”

Pink cheeks tinted red at such a comment, “w-what? I was? How unfortunate. I suppose I had a lot on my mind.”

Bellammere couldn’t help but smile at the small beast before her, that hand of hers still held out to him awaiting acceptance.

“To be honest young one, I was hoping to have finally been accepted by my friend again. Y-You see, we lost someone close to us and-and it was the first loss I truly felt in my heart,” the Sylvari breathed, a hint of pain in her voice as she told her tale. “I’ve seen others die before and it’s always a heart-wrenching experience but-but this death was more than that to me. He was my mentor. He was someone I was proud to call my friend and ally. And he-he sacrificed himself to save us. I wasn’t sure how to handle such a loss. I remember friends in similar situations who nearly lost themselves to their grief and I was scared of what would happen to me. I could barely lift my head to face the others-let alone my staff. I was a liability on the battlefield-at least, I’m sure that’s what Grid thought. She knew immediately I was suffering and kept me from any mission that came up. I felt like she was tossing me aside because I would get in the way. I felt like-well, I felt like she was trying to help but-but it just made me feel worse. I felt like I was a problem for her and for everyone else. So when she finally asked me to come on a mission again, I was so thrilled. She trusted me again on a mission and was ready to work side-by-side. But when we got here-she asked me to watch the bags. I was brought along…to watch bags…”

Small beads of salt water began to form in her sparkling orbs as Bellammere could no longer keep her feelings at bay. She had to speak her mind, even if it was to some stranger of a Charr cub who had previously tried to rob her to survive.

The creature eyed the Sylvari, a shocked expression forming on his muzzle as he wondered what to do. It had been so long since he had seen someone break down before him. Such a sincere soul did not deserve to be alone in the woods, a darkness curling around them as they cried. This plant creature before him was strange…but he felt himself rather-enjoying her company. Sure, she whacked him good on the noggin but it was clear she felt sorry for it. And in truth, the only reason she attacked him was because he had stolen from her and led her on a chase through the woods. After he had been cornered however, she ceased her violent actions and was quick to offer apologies…even though he stole from her moments prior. This Bellammere was a strange creature…but he liked her all the same.

His hesitance was clear but he still managed forward, his clawed paw raised and reaching towards the weeping Sylvari before him. And as gently as he could, he touched the outstretched hand she had offered him since the beginning of their talk.

Bellammere’s weeping paused at the sudden touch, her eyes wide as she glanced at the Charr cub before her. Despite everything, he looked to her with a warm gaze and showed his interest in her words and actions.

“I-I don’t have a name, a-at least I don’t remember if I was ever given one,” he explained, pain behind his words yet he did not pause to whimper. “The other takers…some call me Scrap…some call me Brat…some call me Fool…”

“W-Without a name?” Bellammere whispered, bringing her free hand up to wipe away her tears as she smiled. “W-Well that just won’t do. A proper child deserves the best name so that when that child grows up, all across the land they will utter that name in praise.”

Such words brought a sparkle to the cub’s eye, though he wasn’t sure what words he could utter in response.

“Is there a name you would like to be called?” Bellammere asked, tilting her head in waiting as the young cub glanced away unsure. “Or perhaps…I could offer you a name instead?”

Those hopeful eyes once more faced the Sylvari and she could not hold back the rapid beating of the heart inside her chest. Gently, she raised the young cub into her grasp and studied him carefully, taking in every inch of his small figure. In just a few years, this small creature would tower her in height and stature but for now he was just a small thing. And he could have a chance at a future where his thieving days would be behind him. He would have a future to strive to be something great. He would have a future where he could make whatever dreams he had come true…

Just like Tybalt Leftpaw who had dreams to be a hero…and he fulfilled those dreams in the end…

“A name that fits you, I wonder what it is,” Bellammere whispered, her swirling thoughts bringing forth so many possible choices. Something brave. Something true. Something heroic. Something kind. What name best fit this poor little cub? A pull in her heart settled in on something near and dear to her… “Ty.”

“Ty?” The cub repeated, a raised brow as he listened to the name rolling off his tongue. “Such a simple name?”

“You remind me of someone brave and true that I once knew. Part of me wished to give you the name he left this world with…but I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to force that name and life onto you. No, I wanted to give you a name that was all your own, even if it was based on another,” explained the Sylvari, her smile warm as she placed the cub down with a nod. “So dear one, would you accept this name as your own? Or perhaps I should maybe think of a diff-.”

The young cub once more grabbed onto the Sylvari’s hand, his eyes misting with tears as he spoke. “T-This name-I-Is it of the one you-you lost? The one you found most precious to you?”

Bellammere’s eyes sparkled at his sincere reaction, nodding as she whispered, “yes, it is the name of my mentor, Tybalt Leftpaw. He was the most precious thing that I’ve ever lost. And he would have been very happy and proud to have met you little one.”

Whimpering, almost unable to be understood, the cub cried, “I-I’m so happy to be named after such a hero as your mentor. M-My name is Ty. I-I love my name so much!”

Gently Bellammere took the cub once more into an embrace, holding him close as he cried throughout the evening. All the while, she smiled and thought of where this new road might take them. She knew one thing for certain though…this cub would no longer be alone.

*~Part Two End~*

Precious Cargo – Part One

AN: So this story somehow became bigger than originally anticipated so I had to break it into parts. Bellammere is always someone who jumps at the chance at being kind and wanting to help all the little creatures. She also adored her mentor in the Order of Whispers named Tybalt so a little idea sparked in my mind and here it is. Enjoy!

*~For Taji~*

Bellammere’s toes tapped the soil with impatience lining each flicker of motion, her pale pink orbs scanning the forest surrounding her as a heavy sigh echoed from her throat. It seemed like hours had passed since Gridlesser ordered the Sylvari to wait there in the clearing, the Norn and her beloved Fern Hound stomping through the brush towards the menacing cave that was thought to hold their dear friend Mayynerd prisoner by the bandits within. Her elemental powers could have proved useful in the fight but the ranger didn’t seem to want to take any chances after Bell’s latest injuries still held significant marks upon her pale pink skin. No, the Sylvari would be a lookout should anything creep up to overcome the Norn and the trapped guardian. And with her lookout duty, Bell also became the watcher of their bags.

“Such a worrywart, I’m fine but she’s still treating me like a pup,” Bell murmured, a small pout forming on her lips as she peeked up at the fading sunlight shifting its beams through the branches. Soon it would be nightfall and would be quite dangerous to venture through the wilderness even as a small group. Gridlesser was taking quite some time to retrieve their dear friend. “I wonder if they encountered problems in the cave. Perhaps I should-but no, Grid told me to stay here. She’ll scold me if I enter the cave. And besides, I shouldn’t really worry about them. Knowing them, Grid and our lovely hound probably were having too much fun causing mischief and finding a bit of coin. Despite my boredom, I must stay here and guard our belongings and the entrance to the cave ahead. I’m the lookout after all.”

Despite her words, Bellammere sunk further upon the aged stump that had become her perch. She was bored and lonely, a hint of worry plaguing her thoughts as she struggled to find a comfortable position to rest. If only Grid trusted her skills enough to step forth into the fight. They’d already be half-way to Lion’s Arch by now if the Norn simply allowed the elementalist to join the fight.

The breeze grew heavy through the treeline, a shiver running up the Sylvari’s spine as she pulled her knees to her chest. After being with her friends for so long, she’d completely forgotten how much she despised being alone. Solitude drove fear into her heart, leaving a void within her desperate to be filled. And with the death of her dearest mentor Tybalt, it left her plagued with nightmares to be alone without someone to turn to for help.

A soft whimper chimed from her throat as she buried her face into her knees, desperate to hold off the tears that threatened to cascade down her cheeks. She didn’t want to be alone anymore. Bellammere wanted someone…anyone…to come be with her. Gridlesser. Mayynerd. Eavan. Corvo. Damon. Tybalt…

A sudden rustle sent Bell into a jolt upon her feet, the Sylvari tense as she searched the world around her. What in the name of the Mother Tree was-THE BAGS! Bellammere turned heel as she caught sight of Gridlesser’s bag bobbing through the brush in fleeing, the captor quick on its feet as it moved. “S-Stop thief!” She called out and darted off into the forest without a second thought and only her staff to aid her. Little did she have time to realize that her own bag was now tossed upon the ground, its contents spilled out upon the soil without a care.


“Next time you get captured on a mission, perhaps you should think to get captured on a sunny beach instead of a dismal cave hm?”

Mayynerd gave a sheepish grin to his partner as the Norn aided him out of the cave, the two and the hound at their heels welcomed with the cover of night. It had been hours since Gridlesser entered the abyss in search of her companion, the Norn launching into battle against what felt like thousands of bandits all ready to pour some blood upon the rocks. Too bad for them it was mostly their own blood that was spilled, the Norn coming out the victor and quick to release her caged companion before fleeing for the exit.

“Bell is going to have my head for leaving her out here for so long. Perhaps I should have left you with her little one,” she muttered into the night, her hound brushing against the woman’s leg before trotting up ahead.

“You left Bell out here alone? Why didn’t you just bring her with you?” May asked with a raised brow, his partner careful to hold him steady as he limped along. “She would have made things go a lot smoother probably. After all, she could have sent the place ablaze.”

“She wouldn’t have done that and you know it. She’s not the type to seek violent outcomes unless absolutely necessary,” the Norn huffed, a hint of guilt in her eyes as she glanced up at the full moon above them. “In truth, I did not want her to enter that cave. She’s been through quite too much in recent months. I feared to enter her into such a battle would spire her further.”

May frowned at her explanation, “so you bring her along just to leave her behind upon arrival? Isn’t that a little mean for you Grid?”

“I thought I was ready to allow her back into the field but I chose not to bring her into that stress, at least not yet anyway. Besides, I had her watch the bags for us. She had a job to do so-.”

“You told her to sit out here and watch the bags,” he grumbled, sarcasm dripping with his tone. “My, what an important task, I bet Bell was thrilled to make the cut.”

“Shut up, I’m worried about her,” the Norn hissed in retort, her large strides coming to a pause as her fern hound came racing back in a panic.

“What’s-?” May began but was soon tossed to the side, Gridlesser barreling after the hound towards the clearing she’d left Bell alone to be a lookout. There, left spilled upon the soil, was Bellammere’s bag. The hound circled the mess, her nose searching the scents of the area with new smells teasing her senses. All the while the Norn lowered and scooped up the discarded property, a terrified feeling forming in her gut as she hunting for any possible clues. There was a possible struggle with her bag missing as well as her dear Bellammere.

“I-I should never have left her out here alone,” Grid whispered as she held the bag to her chest, her eyes following the fern hound as she circled the vicinity with her nose pressed to the ground to pick up the trail. A struggle sounded behind her but the Norn quickly disregarded the sound as May came stumbling through the brush, the guardian desperate to catch his breath as he joined her.

“W-What the hell happened huh? Where’s-?” He began again but was soon silenced as Grid lifted the discarded bag to his sights. Mayynerd paused for only a moment before the color vanished from his face. “Where’s Bell?”

“I’m not sure. My bag is missing and hers was tossed about without a care. She might have been taken,” the Norn’s words barely formed into a sentence as she tried her best to remain calm. She thought she was protecting Bell…but instead she put her in an even worse situation. “D-Damnit!”

“S-She’s got to be around here somewhere. Your hound will sniff her out and we can pursue. I am sure she is fine,” May tried to be the voice of reason but even he couldn’t hide the worry in his tone. Not only could their friend be kidnapped but thanks to his recent antics on his mission, he was injured himself and definitely not quick on his feet. That made the future pursuit a slight problem. “It will be alright Grid. You’ve got to remain level-headed about all this.”

The Norn didn’t bother to argue with the man, her eyes strained as they searched their surroundings. She couldn’t even make out a clear path the Sylvari could have been taken. Perhaps the bandits from the cave got to her? No, Grid would have noticed her missing companion in the freeing of Mayynerd. They could have taken her to another base entirely, using her as bait to lure in the pesky giant of a woman and her team that dared to face them. Damn it all, why didn’t she just bring the girl along for the mission? She was more than capable of handling herself in battle.

Suddenly the hound raised her head as the scent settled in, the beast offering a huff before charging off into the woods. “She’s got the scent!” Gridlesser called out and without allowing a moment of protest she tossed the human over her shoulder and charged off into the distance, ignoring the man’s pleas for release as she moved.

*~Part One End~*

A Night of Memories and Discussion

AN: So I’m a huge fan of the Star Wars series and fell in love with the latest movie The Force Awakens. I discussed possibly writing a drabble with ties of the movie, maybe having some of our characters seeing the movie and talking about it with one-another. Well, she brought up possibly doing it with our Defender RP characters and I loved the idea. So here it is 🙂 hope you guys enjoy! Oh yeah and there’s some blatant Star Wars spoilers in this post. Don’t read if you don’t want spoilers. Thanks ^_^

*~For Taji~*

Teasing fingertips brushed the soft parchment of her latest find in the Normanle library as Adelle offered a small yawn in protest, the looming night just beyond the window beckoning her to escape to her quarters for some well-deserved rest. The mechanic wanted nothing to do with sleep, knowing well enough that as soon as her eyes closed the nightmares would slip through and plague her rest.

Sleep also meant the night would quickly vanish from memory, beginning a new day of work and struggle. And part of Adelle’s childish nature wanted her evenings where she could read and learn to never end.

Another yawn bubbled up from her throat and her hazel eyes rolled at her body’s demands for rest, the girl not wanting to give in to such protests. The book she pulled from the shelves on Defender construction and weapon classifications was quite the page turner and she wanted to finish it before the night’s end. She could yawn and yawn all night, Adelle could be as stubborn as a mule when she chose to be.

“Look who’s breaking curfew again,” a voice chimed from the doorway, the girl’s hazel eyes peeking up from her book to see a grinning Elliott and his small companion De stepping in from the darkness of the hallway. A grumble formed deep in her chest as she shifted in her seat, the girl brushing a hand through her dark curls a sign of frustration at being caught in the act of breaking rules once more. Lucky for her it was Elliott who stumbled upon her that evening. “Keep up with the sleepless nights and someone might end up getting shipped off to Dr. Ventril’s office.”

“I don’t mind Dr. Ventril unlike some people,” Adelle mocked the newcomer as he stepped into the library, careful to close the door behind him before taking a seat across from the girl. “I would have thought you would be the first to jump at the chance for some sleep. It’s odd to see you awake this late.”

“Not really, I wake up often through the night,” Elliott remarked with a shrug, gently placing De on the table before teasing its cold surface. “De sold you out actually. Said he picked up your footsteps a little while ago and I decided to come check on you out of the goodness of my heart.”

Adelle allowed a smirk to form on her lips as she chuckled at his words, “you mean you came to spy on me because you woke up and were bored in your room.”

“Reading me like one of your books,” the boy said with a laugh, the two of them enjoying a moment of company. However, his smile faded as he locked eyes with the newcomer, hoping to gather a better understanding of her sleepless nights. “Seriously though, you ok Dell? Pretty sure you haven’t slept at all this week.”

“Just a little bit of insomnia. No reason to worry,” she hummed, her gaze returning to the piece of literature sprawled out upon the table before her. “Helps that there’s a lot of great books in here. I’m learning a lot about the different weapons and upgrades able to be installed in the Defenders. There’s this one weapon that looks like a lightsaber. Wouldn’t that be so fun to wield? The blade’s laser blade is able to be extended and magnified depending on the settings done by the wielder. It would be much more efficient in a ground fight up close and personal with the enemy.”

Elliott chuckled at the thought. “Man, your inner geek is showing at full force Dell. Did you just make a Star Wars reference in your explanation?” He chimed with a wink, almost bursting into a fit of laughter at the burning red of Adelle’s cheeks. “You know what, I bet you were one of those kids who used to swing around sticks going swoosh and pretending you were a Jedi.”

“Literally saw you doing that the other day with the broom,” Adelle retorted with a narrowed gaze upon her companion, Elliott’s own cheeks tinting pink as he shyly ran a hand through his messy locks. “Pretty sure you’d be a Sith then since you’re such a jerk.”

“Me? A jerk? Surely you jest!” Elliott grumbled in protest with an accusing finger towards the girl. “If I’m anyone, I’m the hero of the story! Luke Skywalker for the win! And that means you’re the damsel in distress, so you’d be Leia-.”

“Leia wasn’t really a damsel in distress. She was the leader of an entire rebellion and continued to fight despite all her hardships which included her entire home world getting blown up,” Adelle corrected with a roll of her eyes. “And besides, let’s be real here, I’m Rey if I’m anyone.”

His next words paused at the tip of his tongue as Elliott contemplated her answer, the pilot unable to argue with such a declaration. A strong woman who’s known for her skills in mechanics, kindness, and cleverness. Oh and she was also one with the force. It was hard not to picture Adelle in that character’s cosplay. “So that makes me Poe then?”

“I bet you’d be Kylo Ren,” Adelle remarked with a laugh, Elliott’s cheeks burning brighter than ever as he growled in response.

“Not a chance! Kylo Ren is a damn whiny baby who throws tantrums whenever he doesn’t get his way! I’m totally not-!”

“You’re throwing a tantrum right now though?” She hummed with a wink to her companion, Elliott shifting back in his seat with a familiar pout on his lips. “Aw, don’t worry Ben Solo, I’m sure your father still loves you even though you murdered him.”

“I’m either Poe or Finn, not stupid Kylo Ren,” he muttered under his breath, clearly not amused in her antics.

“You’re so adorable sometimes,” Adelle mused as she marked her page for reading before closing the book to place her full focus on her company. “Fine, you can be Finn. And De can be BB-8.”

Elliott seemed to brighten at her words, lifting the core in his hands and studying it carefully. “Ha, I can see that. De would be an amazing BB-8.”

“Then he could go zipping around like the little ball of cute he is!”

“De would love that!” Elliott and Adelle chimed together in perfect harmony, the core humming in confusion at whatever they seemed to be discussing.

Their conversation was fun-filled and entirely ‘geek-central’ as Elliott elaborated; however, a sudden sparkle in Adelle’s eyes shifted their tone. “When we were forced here, not even Rogue One came out. I have absolutely no idea what happened in the other movies. I have no idea who Rey’s parents were, if Luke was ever going to speak on that mountain, if Poe and Finn were totally gay for each other.”

Elliott raised a brow at her words, “I’m not sure if they were actually ‘gay’ for each other-.”

“Missed the point entirely, we both missed the future films because we were throwing into this time period,” the girl explained, crestfallen. “That’s somewhat sad to think about.”

“What’s sad to think about?”

Both Elliott and Adelle froze at the third voice entering their conversation, a clearly frustrated Thaddeus Normanle entering the library with a narrowed eye on the both of them. Kelphalos hummed upon his shoulder, clearly a tattletale just like De.

“You’re both supposed to be resting yet here I find you both goofing off and breaking curfew,” Thad grumbled as he took a seat at the table next to Adelle, studying her tired eyes carefully before pointing an accusing finger towards Elliott. “Stop distracting her and go to bed.”

“I wasn’t distracting her, she was already awake when I came to check on her,” the pilot retorted with a frown. “We aren’t hurting anyone so why don’t you just go to bed if you’re so frustrated.”

“You’re hurting yourselves by not sleeping. Which then hurts me and the rest of the team,” the newest companion huffed at the accusation before turning once more to Adelle. “By the way, you both are practically screaming like fangirls in here and have woken up pretty much everyone in the household. So forgive me for being frustrated but I don’t much enjoy being woken up in the middle of the night because two time-travelers are gushing over each other.”

A playful smirk edged onto Elliott’s lips as he listened to Thad’s words, impressed by the sheer amount of jealousy he seemed to hold for the two of them being along together in the library. “So which part of this upsets you more: the fact that me and Adelle were alone together or the fact that we didn’t invite you to the party?”

Thaddeus didn’t bother to answer the question as he continued his focus completely on the tired girl before him. “What’s sad to think about? When I walked in, you were saying you were sad. So what has brought such sadness to your heart milady?”

As if on cue with such prying questions, Adelle’s eyes misted with tears and she buried her face in the palms of her hands to hide away from her embarrassment. The newcomer was taken back by such a display, finding it rare for Adelle to showcase such emotions in front of them without good reason. Clearly whatever was plaguing her must have been very near and dear to her heart to allow her to shed tears and whimpers.

“W-What has brought on such heartbreaking tears Adelle?” Thad asked as he reached a hand out to grace the poor girl’s shoulder, the pilot hoping to coax her from her breakdown. All the while Elliott just sat there, slightly confused by the display. This was very much not the tone of the conversation before Thad had walked in. “Was it Elliott’s fault? I can handle him if it’s true.”

“W-Wha-I didn’t make her cry!”


As Adelle tried to get out her muffled words through her whimpers, Thad craned closer to better understand the situation. Elliott thought to get up and assist in comforting the girl but something told him to allow her to open up to them.

“What was that Adelle? I’m here for whatever you may need so please confide in me what it is that is bothering you.”

“-ey and Luke-!”

Suddenly Elliott caught on and tried his best to hold in the laughter that began to bubble up in his chest; Thad glancing between him and the girl in hopes to know who the hell this Luke character was who made her cry.

“Luke? Who’s Luke?” Thad snapped at Elliott. “Who’s Luke?”

Elliott couldn’t hold it in any longer as he bursted into a laughing fit, “a Jedi master!”

A wave of complete confusion showed in Thad’s expression as he watched Elliott practically stumble out of his seat from his laughing, the pilot then turning his attention fully onto Adelle in hopes for some clarity.

“Adelle, what is-?”

“Rey and Luke! I d-don’t know what happened between them! And Finn and Poe! Does Leia ever see her son again? Does Lando ever come into the new episodes?” Adelle got out through her tears as she no longer hid her face from view, Thad left completely confused as his only source of understanding could not even get a word out through his laughing. “R2-D2. C-3pO. Chewbacca. BB-8. Everyone! I didn’t get to see Episode 8 and 9 so I don’t know what happens!”

“E-Episode 8? What on earth are you-?”

“S-She’s talking about Star Wars,” Elliott managed to get out as he tried to catch his breath. “It’s a movie franchise from our timeframe. Seems like she was a big fan of the series but we didn’t get to see all the films since we were sent to this timeframe. I’ll go ahead and assume that the tears she’s crying are really just because she’s tired as hell but refuses to go to sleep.”

“A movie franchise?” Thad repeated with a raised brow, the man quick to take the weeping girl into his arms as he rolled his eyes at Elliott’s childish expression. “Great, I’ve got a charge who’s insomnia is driving her mad with tears.”

As he finally managed to calm down from his fit, Elliott eyed Thad for a moment before speaking, “so what are we going to do with her? You gonna send her off to Dr. Ventril’s office to force her to sleep?”

“I’d rather she not begin to fear us,” Thad huffed at his companion’s words before gesturing to the door. “No, if the lady is moved this much by some movie franchise then we’ll tend to her needs. Go out there and find someone to fetch us these films she desires. She can watch Episode 8 or whatever it is and perhaps it will help ease her mind to-.”

Suddenly Adelle ripped away from the man’s embrace, her hands gripping tightly to his shoulders as she shook her head wildly at his words. “N-No, we can’t watch Episode 8 yet because you haven’t seen any of the films! We’ve got to start at the beginning with you! The beginning!”

“W-What are you-?” Thad blinked at her words, unsure of what to make of them. “I-I’m watching the movies too?”

“She’s going to be stubborn and refuse to accept the kindness unless we watch them with her. Besides, I’m very interested in seeing these movies again myself. I’m also curious about what happens next in the series,” Elliott hummed with a wink before escaping to the hallway. “We’ll get those films ASAP. You get Adelle duty until then!”

Thad frowned at the companion’s response before turning his attention fully on Adelle again, the girl now resting back in her seat and smiling despite the tears still cascading down. It was clear she was tired as can be but the excitement in her voice as she explained the films and their premises to Thaddeus brought a smile to the man’s face as he nodded along. Whatever made her happy was good enough for him.


“I thought you said we were starting at the beginning?” Thaddeus muttered with narrowed eyes towards the screen, a scrolling text piercing the starry sky with the title Episode 4: A New Hope. “Why the hell would we start on Episode 4? There’s clearly 3 whole episodes we’re missing here!”

“Episodes 1-3 are the prequels that were made at a later date. In many fans’ opinions, they are not up to par at all with the classics and aren’t really needed in a Star Wars viewing experience,” Elliott explained, the three of them sprawled out on a couch with Adelle happily at the center watching the movie before her unfold.

“I personally loved Darth Maul in Episode 1. His design was gorgeous and his fight scenes were magnificent,” shared the girl as she held De and Kelphalos in her arms.

“Right but again these films aren’t necessarily needed in a Star Wars viewing experience. They just tell of Darth Vader’s rise as the Dark Lord,” Elliott hummed, his head bobbing along to the familiar John Williams score. “If you want to watch them later, we can though. After all, this is for you to see the movies Adelle loves so much.”

“Why the hell is this scroll telling me all this information? Why doesn’t the filmmakers just let me see the damn movie and let me see it for myself?”

“Because they hate you.”

“Clearly,” Thad grumbled under his breath before his eyes widened, a gentle pressure on his shoulder a clear sign of what was happening. Carefully he turned his gaze to see Adelle passed out and leaning on him, her gentle breathing a sign she was sleeping peacefully for the first time in days. “S-She’s asleep?”

“What really? We’ve barely just begun,” Elliott hummed with a wink towards his companion. “Poor thing’s been a wreck for a while. Guess she just needed something to pull her away from her books so she could relax enough to get some sleep.”

“S-So should we turn this off and-?”

Elliott suddenly narrowed his eyes at the question, “you turn this off and stir in your seat and that girl’s gonna wake up and not be able to go back to sleep again. Nope, you’re going to have to sacrifice one for the team Thad. We’re in this for the long haul. I hope you’re ready.”

“A-Are you serious right now? At this rate, none of us will be able to work tomorrow and we’re all going to have to go see Dr. Ventril,” Thad huffed, his head gently leaning upon Adelle’s nest of curls as he whined.

“Yeah but to be fair you all were going to likely have to send me and Adelle there anyway for being so tired and possibly getting sick,” Elliott mocked with a wink. “This way you suffer too.”

“You’re such a child sometimes,” Thad growled as his arms crossed his chest, the pilot shifting to make himself as comfortable as possible while careful to not disturb the dear girl who now rested upon him. “I’m already over this scroll. Is it done yet?”

“Just shut up and watch the movie,” Elliott snapped, a grin on his lips as the scroll finally ended and the movie began. “May the force be with us.”

“What was that?”

“Nothing. Watch the movie.”