Bottled Ships and Bottled Dragons

AN: Quick Dragon Hunters RP drabble featuring my character Bayelei and Taji’s character Sable. Idk I thought it would be a cute idea so I wrote it ūüėõ also, here’s a funny story: I wrote 1000 words in wordpress and then went to save it earlier…and stupid wordpress ate my entire draft. EVERY SINGLE WORD. So I had to restart the drabble over again. It was really good too. GRR. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

*~For Taji~*

¬†Towering shelves lined the walls of the emperor’s library in Driscil, Bayelei feeling rather uncomfortable amongst the looming books demanding to be read. She could no longer hear the scurrying of tiny feet nor the shouts of a familiar lord demanding the youngest son of the emperor to return to his studies. Honestly she would have felt more comfortable with the “unbecoming” noises; at least she would feel less alone in such an unfamiliar place.

¬†It had only been a few days since Bayelei’s arrival to Lord Sable’s kingdom and since taking her first step off the ship that brought her there she had felt a judging eye upon her. Being in the company of such a prestigious individual part of the court of the emperor meant he was often in the company of others in similar stature. Various figures of “royalty” in their elegant garbs and dignified actions all looked down upon this newcomer in stitched up thrift store hand-me-downs and unruly locks tied back into a braid to manage some form of control. Bayelei could feel their judgements like daggers in her back; she despised the attention and wanted nothing more than to return to the safety of her guild hall back in Eastwyvern.

Alas, she had a job to do; thus, she had to remain by the side of Lord Sable until it was completed. Usually it wasn’t such¬†a hard task to be at his side. Since their first meeting, Sable had been quite the friend to the huntress and she even found herself lost in his uncontrollable lessons from time to time.

However, entering his kingdom of residence proved that it was much harder to have a moment to themselves, his duties to the emperor’s children the top of his priorities. At that very moment he was off chasing the youngest son through the maze of literature, the boy giggling with each step he took to preventing his studies. The huntress offered her services to locate the boy in a timely manner; however,¬†Sable was quick to wave off her offer with a grin.

“There’s no need to worry yourself with this, my lady. I am well-trained in the art of these children’s escapades. I’ll handle this,” he chimed before darting off after the boy. “Please make yourself comfortable and I’ll return shortly my lady!”

At least an hour had past since the man vanished from sight, clearly the chase more elaborate than he had originally thought. So Bayelei sat alone within the center of the maze, a looming feeling of loneliness threatening to overcome her as she scanned the shelves around her. She could always tease open the wealth of books and see what was scribbled upon the parchment within; however, she had little interest in most of the titles she saw lined on the most prominent shelves. Most of them were political or historical for the emperor’s family. There weren’t even any books seen discussing dragons within the area; something that clearly was more of interest to the huntress.

“Just clock the kid on the head with one of these books and he’ll stop the chase. How hard could it be to capture a kid?” Bayelei muttered aloud, her fingers teasing at the fabric of the chair as she continued her search for something to take her mind off her loneliness. If only she could go out and kill¬†a dragon. Not only would she no longer be longer, she would make a pretty penny too. “Damn it Sable, what’s taking so-?”

Her words caught in her throat as a glittering object caught her eye, Bayelei turning her gaze fully to stare upon one of the shelves off in the distance. There, amongst a line of cared-for books, was a small bottle displayed for all to see. Climbing to her feet, the huntress made her way to the shelf and gawked at the small trinket before her. Inside, a gigantic ship sailed on an invisible ocean, clearly too big to fit through the hole fully assembled. Such a intricate piece, every detail perfectly assembled by a talented craftsman of his art.

Without a second thought, Bayelei scooped the bottle into her hands and studied it carefully. There was no sign of incision on the bottle so clearly the artist had to somehow assemble the ship within its glass confinement. It was amazing to witness, amazing to dream how the artisan was able to perform such magic.

¬†A sudden holler of victory surged through the library walls, Bayelei nearly stumbling as she heard Sable’s approach towards the center area of the maze. The bespectacled lord was grinning triumphantly as he made his way to the seating area, his hand tight around the young boy’s forearm before the man forced him to sit amongst the books for review.

“You’ve gotten more and more agile in your young years Daventry, I’d praise your speed if not for the fact you nearly work me to death chasing after you,” Sable said through harbored breath, the man quick to notice the huntress was no longer seated where he’d left her. A brief panic was momentary before he¬†turned heel to see her standing amongst the shelves, her wide-eyed expression partnered with her grip tight on the small bottle in hand. “Miss Bayelei, is there something wrong?”

Her tongue was held as the huntress turned on her heels back towards the shelf, her actions quick as she once more replaced the bobble on its pedestal. Cheeks tinted pink, she felt so embarrassed by her admiration for such an object; her manners clearly escaping her after she chose to ignore whatever price tag the item held and grasped the bottle in hand.

“T-There’s nothing wrong at all,” Bayelei answered, trying her best to regain her composure so she could face her companion once more. “I was beginning to think you lot forgot all about me.”

“My apologies my lady, Daventry gave me a valiant chase and I was certain I would return herself before the hour was up. It seems however I was mistaken entirely,” the lord stated as he shuffled towards the woman’s side, his eyes glancing upon the bottle for a moment before he allowed a smile to form. “Are you a fan of the Queen Emilia?”

The huntress eyed her companion, unsure of what he could possibly mean by his statement. “The who?”

“That ship inside the bottle is a model of the Queen Emilia, a very important craft from Driscil’s history,” the man explained with a gesture towards the bottled ship. “You see, in the year-.”

“I’m not interested in the history of the ship,” Bayelei interrupted, point blank.

“O-Oh, that’s a shame. It’s really a marvelous story to tell,” Sable mumbled with a pout, the man pausing a moment before turning his attention fully on the woman at his side. “The bottle itself however did attract some interest I trust. You were studying it before my arrival.”

“I just thought it was a cool trinket,” the huntress muttered with a shrug, trying her best to sound disinterested as she spoke.

Sable, however, knew her better than she thought possible. A knowing grin formed on his lips, a hand reaching up to adjust his spectacles as he prepared his next words. “This trinket is actually called an impossible bottle. Known as a type of mechanical puzzle, it is the art of bottles containing objects that are much too large to be fitted into the bottles mouth,” he explained, proudly. “Artisans of the trade work with the tiniest of tools to assemble such grand masterpieces within the bottles. And the final product, like the one you see before you, provides the viewer with the grand illusion of an impossible object fitted inside an impossible bottle. It’s quite the talent.”

Bayelei listened closely to the explanation, her curiosity piqued as she dared to reach out once more and take the bottle into her hold. Her companion offered no complaints to her actions; in fact, he even seemed more inclined to her close observations to better understand his words. “One might say it’s magical, to see such a grand ship inside a tiny bottle,” she whispered, barely audible for others to hear. The lord smiled and nodded to the woman’s words, hoping to bring out her honest thoughts even more with his approval. “I suppose-I’m fascinated by this impossible bottle. I’ve seen one before when I was younger. My father took me to an old museum and there was a larger bottle there with a ship inside. It was an amazing sight then-and an even more amazing sight now. The ship inside this bottle must have taken so long to build with such tiny tools. The artisan must have had to be extra careful in assembling it. Such steady hands. Heh, listen to me, I’m beginning to sound like Martin.”

Beside her, Sable couldn’t help but smile at her words. He loved it best when Bayelei was truly honest and open with him. He missed their talks together back at Eastwyvern. There would be those hidden moments where she would go into something with a sparkle in her eye much like that of a child. This was one of those moments. “You know, there are several impossible bottles like that one in this library,” the lord shared before stepping past the woman and maneuvering his way to another group of shelves. Carefully he lifted up another bottle into his hand, keeping it hidden from his companion until he was ready to share. “This one in particular I have a feeling you’ll find most enjoyable.”

Her interest piqued, Bayelei watched as Sable stepped back to her side and held the bottle for her viewing. And immediately a smile formed on her lips, her eyes swirling with happiness as she admired its contents. Inside the bottle, a golden dragon slept soundly, an accurate model of the beast that had spurred the meeting of the huntress and the lord in Eastwyvern. Without pause, the woman took it in her grasps and studied the bobble carefully, all the while Sable kept his smile strong.

“It’s yours if you’d like it,” the lord chimed, the woman’s shocked glance his way sparking a chuckle from his throat. “I assure you it’s alright. I will be sure to find something else to take its place in the library. I feel the bobble will be more loved in your care, milady.”

There was no stopping that warm smile on the woman’s lips as she threw an arm around the lord for a hug, the two of them lost in their embrace for a moment. All the while, Bayelei’s other hand protective of the bottled dragon in her grasp. “T-Thank you Sable. I will treasure it always,” she hummed in his ear, a soft chuckle rising up as she then pulled away with a motion towards the center area of the maze. “By the way, the boy is gone again.”

That good feeling Sable once displayed completely vanished in that instant, the man turning heel to see the woman was indeed correct. Daventry was long gone, likely snickering up a storm at his successful escape. “That boy will be the death of me I swear,” he muttered, preparing himself to launch into the chase once more.

“Sable, you know I can help right?” Bayelei offered once more, the man quick to turn again and take her by the shoulders. “I’m not as good a tracker as Miller but I’m pretty awesome if I do say so myself.”

“I don’t doubt that in the least my lady but I insist you stay here and rest. I’ll be back as quick as I can with the little devil,” Sable said with a smile, the huntress offering a pout of acceptance as he then shuffled her back to her seat. Once he saw she was sitting comfortably, he babbled his apologies before darting off deep into the maze of shelves.

All the while, Bayelei remained there for some time, still rather lonely without the lord at her side. However, the beautiful impossible bottle in hand was enough to keep her occupied with a grin.


Let’s Chat

AN: I miss the Special Delivery RPs I have with Taji and can’t wait for the day we can continue them. I was rereading through some of the RPs and I really wanted to have a meeting with my character Korin and a character of Taji’s named Len. I don’t know the full story with this woman but I do know that she owns a messenger business and had until his escape had Satchel as one of her messengers. Hope you guys enjoy!

The gardens of the monastery were bustling to life thanks to the young Serine scurrying through the foliage, Fadi and¬†Sitzu frolicking behind her ¬†as they played. It was a joy to watch the small party dance about the sea of color, Korin grinning like a fool from her seat in the warm sun. When Miranda had allowed the Keeper to be the child’s babysitter for the day while she tended to some much needed errands, the redhead took the duty with honor and excitement. After months of world-hopping and assisting the tag-team of Rutt and Shadow on assignments, it was nice for Korin to have a moment’s peace.

It was odd for some to think that dealing with such a little ball of sunshine and her antics would be peaceful but the Keeper absolutely loved their meetings. Serine was a young child who was mesmerized by her abilities to bring drawings to life. Her own imagination blossomed as she made request after request for Korin to draw something up for her. And in turn, the Keeper was able to practice her skills and gain more control over her growing powers in a safe environment.

The soft giggles of the teleporting child rose up from the foliage, the loud scampering of the rock dragon coming to a halt as Korin guessed the disappearing child sent him into¬†a wave of confusion. Even with being surrounded by teleporters, the reaction of their sudden vanishing also sent Korin into a fit of laughter. Satchel had found it to be an entertaining sort of a game to disappear from the rock dragon during its pestering for attention, Kadin and the Keeper both spectating the magic with large grins on their lips. It seemed Serine had also learned the joy for she was now disappearing and reappearing for sport, poor Fadi unable to keep up with her as she moved. Only Sitzu who had caught on to snuggle in the girl’s wild locks was aware of what was going on, and because of it had chosen to snooze for a time in his newest nest.

“Oh Serine, you’re going to send poor Fadi into madness,” Korin chimed with a hum in her voice, the young girl appearing from thin air in front of the Keeper. On instinct, the Keeper already had her arms ready to welcome the girl, enveloping the child into a warm hug as they laughed together. The bounding of the rock dragon shook the ground as he darted for the bench, his pestering for affection almost breaking their seat completely. “Ha, ok ok you lot. Go wear yourselves out. I’ll join you all in a minute.”

“Aw but Korin, you’re supposed to play with me!” Serine whined with a pout, the young girl struggling in the embrace for freedom. “You promised to make a fairy princess come to life!”

“Oh I have every intention of fulfilling my promise Sweetpea. But I’ve got to make sure I’m centered before I start bringing drawings to life. So go on and play and I’ll be with you momentarily,” the Keeper cooed, her nose brushing against the child’s as she squealed. “Better go play before I tickle you into submission!”

The threat sent the young teleporter across the gardens, the rock dragon bounding behind her desperate to catch the vanishing child. Korin continued to watch their chase with excitement, truly happy to be able to spend these moments with her “family.” She wouldn’t trade it for the world…

“Ah, I see you’re here yet again, Miss Keeper,” a familiar voice hissed from behind Korin, the redhead drained of color as horrible memories filled her mind. She recognized that voice anyway, a demonic woman who dealt in the most shadiest of professions. And the woman who had bound Satchel to a life of practically being enslaved since childhood. Crystal blue orbs glanced over her shoulder to see Len standing there, completely out of place in her dark suit and sunglasses almost completely shielding her face from view. Her wicked red lips smirked as the woman stood there, clearly sizing up the situation before her. In the distance, her two usual henchmen stood poised and ready; odd to see them not directly at her heels to do her dirty work. “Such a talented teleporter that girl is. Just like her mother. Just like her uncle.”

Korin’s eyes narrowed yet she did not rise from her seat on the bench nor turn fully to address the woman who dared upon their playtime. She didn’t want to give Len the pleasure of believing she riled her up. “You are not a monk nor a family member of the monks. You are not permitted on these grounds Len.”

“Your own arguments contradict you being here my dear. Or am I mistaken in my knowledge that you have yet to marry that foolish Satchel?” Len hummed knowingly, the woman maneuvering herself to stand directly behind the seated Keeper. She could see the tint of hurt behind Korin’s eyes as her smirk intensified. Seemed she was teasing a sensitive area for the redhead. “Ha, but of course you haven’t. That fool shouldn’t even be running about. He’s still after all…mine.”

“You have no hold over Satchel Len. You might as well move on and find yourself another profession,” Korin retorted, trying her best to remain calm with everything going on. Ahead she could see Serine and the beasts still played together, completely oblivious to the newcomers to the gardens. She wanted to keep it that way. “Might I suggest basket weaving?”

“Oh my dear, such a delight,” Len cackled, her scarlet nails now pressed into the Keeper’s shoulderblades as Korin flinched at the pain. It was growing more difficult to hold her seat. “But you know as well as I do that Satchel is still very much mine. He’s going to continue to run and hide from me, seeking protection wherever he goes…but one day he will be unable to run anywhere else. He’ll come crawling back and return to his rightful place.”

“Satchel deserves to be free. And he will forever be free from your hold. I guarantee it.”

“Oh you guarantee it do you? My dear, I’ve been meaning to speak with you about this for some time now since I first saw your return with Miranda a short time ago,” the woman pressed her nails further into the woman’s shoulders as her tone grew more accusing. “Korin, aren’t you a Keeper of Knowledge and therefore are supposed to be a mutual party in matters that do not upset the balance of worlds? I’m sure there are many loopholes for most but you clearly stepped into matters repeatedly that involved that boy and his family. Doesn’t that mean you’re playing favorites? I wonder what the council would have to say about you stepping in where you didn’t belong.”

As if Len had suddenly stepped on a twig, Korin had snapped and had shot to her feet in a rage. The redhead turned towards the intruder, the duo toe-to-toe with only the stone bench between them. Len stood there with a wicked smirk on her lips, feeling rather accomplished in striking a cord with the Keeper. And Korin was barely holding back the boiling anger as she prepared her next words. She could already see the henchmen taking steps in their direction and she had to keep calm as to not involve Serine in any danger.

“I assure you that I, a¬†Wandering Keeper of Knowledge who’s duties are to all worlds and their inhabitants to ensure the balance remain intact, am doing everything well within my parameters. I am not overstepping any boundaries,” Korin stated, her lips curved into a frown. Despite her efforts, she could not help but to cross her arms along her chest to showcase her discomfort in the woman’s pestering. “Miss Len, I must ask that you vacate the grounds as you do not have the proper permissions to be within the gardens. We wouldn’t want you being involved in any sort of trouble here at the monastery.”

There was a hint of a twitch from the woman’s lip as she lifted her well-manicured hand to remove her sunglasses from her face. With narrowed eyes, she studied Korin carefully before speaking. “It’s interesting how subtle your threats are. Your bark has definitely intensified. Though one must wonder if your bite is on par with such words.”

“Care to find out?” The Keeper retorted without pause, the two of them locked in a silent battle as they stared each other down. The henchmen had both filed in behind their boss, prepared to assist if necessary. And, much to Korin’s dismay, a small pull at her skirt signified that Serine was no longer playing. With a heavy sigh, Korin was ready to end this exchange and get the young girl to safety. “Miss Len, if you please-.”

“We’re going, Miss Keeper. No need to waste your breath,” the woman huffed and signaled her henchmen to leave the garden, her red lips offering one final smirk before she turned to leave. “Farewell my dears. I’ll see you again. Soon I hope.”

And with that, Len was gone from the gardens, the small form of Serine crawling up Korin’s side and into her arms. Sitzu clung to her wild locks as she snuggled into the redhead’s shoulder, clearly uncomfortable with the exchange she had witnessed. All the while Fadi finally made it to their side, the rock dragon completely oblivious to what had happened. Perhaps all the fun and confusion dulled his sense of urgency.

“I don’t like that woman,” Serine muttered under her breath.

“Neither do I,” Korin added, another sigh escaping her lips as she tightened her grip around the girl in her arms. “Unfortunately Serine, I think that will end our recess in the gardens. I need to speak with your mother…immediately.”

“Because evil lady said something mean?”

“Evil lady said something mean.”

“Evil lady ruins everything,” Serine whimpered and held tight around Korin’s shoulders as the Keeper moved everyone back indoors with an aim towards the familiar hovel where Byron and Miranda lived. “I didn’t even get to see my fairy princess.”

“Oh don’t you worry, Sweetpea. You’ll still get your fairy princess,” Korin reassured the girl with a smile, trying her best to shake her bothered expression as she neared their home. She couldn’t help but relive that moment with Len however…and take those words she said to heart.

Rutt had often said she was too involved with her work and put too much heart into her actions instead of focusing on the job at hand. Perhaps she was failing miserably as a Keeper of Knowledge in staying out of others’ business. And if that were true…what would happen to her…and those she helped along the way? What would happen to Satchel? Her Mister Satchet? Would he be forced back into Len’s hold once more. Just the thought of such horrors terrified the redhead.

Soon the small group found their way back to the family’s home, Korin slowly entering with a pouting Serine tight in her hold. Miranda peeked up from her seat at the table upon their arrival, the woman shocked to find their playtime already over. At first she questioned if something happened to make Serine upset or hurt but her thoughts quickly faded when she noticed the sad expression on the Keeper’s face.

“Ma, the evil lady said something mean to Korin. She was in the gardens again,” Serine sounded, phasing out of Korin’s arms and appearing in her mother’s hold instead. “Evil lady ruined everything.”

“Evil lady?” Miranda repeated, her eyes squarely on Korin as she spoke. “Len?”

“I handled her as quickly as I could. She left without any trouble,” Korin stated, her words quick on her tongue as if signaling Miranda to speak with her alone.

The sign was noticed immediately and Miranda gently placed Serine on the ground, motioning for her and the beasts to retreat to the bedroom. “Alright, Korin and I will be with you in a moment to continue our playtime. We need to speak in private for now.”

“But ma-?”

“Don’t worry Sweetpea, I’ll draw you the best fairy princess you’ve ever seen in a moment,” Korin interrupted with a smile, the young girl eyeing both women before entering the bedroom with a pout. As soon as Fadi scurried in after her, she shut the door and the trio went about their business.

Miranda paused a moment before speaking again, “what did Len say?”

“Serine was kept out of it. I was sure to keep her out of it,” Korin stuttered, feeling the need to explain herself in some way.

“Korin, I know you kept Serine protected. You would do everything in your power to protect her. But that’s not what I’m asking you,” Miranda said with a knowing glance. “I’m asking what did Len say to you to make you want to cry?”

The redhead’s eyes widened at her friend’s words, at first unsure of how to react to what she said. But within moments she could feel the cold tears streaming down her face and everything seemed to crash. Korin whimpered as she looked to the knowing Miranda for help, “I-I know I’m a Keeper and I’m supposed to be neutral but-I-I can’t just stand aside and let that bitch hurt you or Serine or Byron-Or anyone at all. I can’t let her hurt Satchel anymore. I won’t do it.”

“You being a Keeper doesn’t stop you from helping those you care about,” Miranda did her best to speak with a warming tone to calm down her struggling friend. “You are one of the most loving people I know. Len only wishes she could be even remotely a fraction of the woman you are…after all, she has the blackest heart of anyone I’ve ever met. No one truly cares for her.”

“B-But-there are boundaries a Keeper isn’t supposed to cross. There are rules and-and if the ones I aid out of my own accord aren’t family then the council-!”

Suddenly Miranda appeared in a flash before Korin, her hands cupping the redhead’s face as she locked gazes with her. It was still so rare for the teleporter to show emotion yet the Keeper could see it swirling in those eyes of hers. It was enough to silence her whimpers. “What do you mean by that? We are family,” Miranda said, a moment’s pause bringing forth a knowing smile. So that’s what truly made Korin cry. “She said we weren’t family didn’t she? She made some nasty comments about you and us-about you and Satchel.”

 Korin was already breaking down into a blubbering mess, the poor girl unable to speak. All she could manage was a tear-soaked nod.

“Of course she would say something like that. But her words are nothing but filth. We’re family Korin. We are all one big family and we will always be,” Miranda hummed and scooped the crying Keeper into an embrace. “You and Satchel, Kadin, Byron and myself and Serine, we are family. That’s never going to change. So if the council has a problem with that, they can come talk to me. I’ll be sure to knock some sense into them.”

The thought of Miranda appearing before the council in a rage, fists flying in every direction, brought a grin to the crying Keeper’s lips. Soon her tears ceased and the two women pulled away with smiles all around. Korin was so happy to have found such a wonderful family. Screw Len’s threats, she would protect them no matter what.

“Now I believe someone promised Serine a fairy princess,” Miranda alluded with a wink.

“The best damn fairy princess ever,” the redhead hummed and wiped away her tears, the duo then retreating to the bedroom where Serine and the beasts wrecked havoc.