Do You Trust Me

AN: A quick little drabble all for my best anime friend (BAF) Taji ❤ I remembered that this RP exists and I’d love to continue it someday. I foresee our characters being the best of mischievous friends in the future. Enjoy!

*~For Taji, Hope You Feel Better~*

The flame’s glow from the fireplace filled the library with a warmth beyond compare, Thad perched at the mahogany table trying his best to finish his latest reports before the night was completely spent. Himself and Kelphalos were alone to tend to the work needed to be done; however, he had soon found himself company that evening in the form of a beautiful maiden from a time not his own. Adelle had ventured once more into his care, soon taking a seat across from the man in hopes for a small conversation. At first the pilot had offered the usual flirtatious remarks as he welcomed the newcomer to join him, the woman quiet as a mouse as she then took a seat at the table. But as time continued its march, it seemed the young engineer had grown more comfortable with her company, and thus began her playful teasing…or as Thaddeus would call her bothersome pranks.

It all started with a slow reach towards the pen scribbling down the reports, Adelle tapping it ever-so-slightly to cause an extra notch on the written letter. Offering a slight chuckle in return, Thad was right back to the reports but soon found she was once more tapping the pen in hand. Gently scolding her for those actions, Thad soon found her tugging at his jacket sleeve and teasing the very edges of the paper to bother him. It was almost as if he had another Elliot in his midst, soon the pilot pulling away from his work to eye the grinning girl across from him.

“May I help you, milady?” He asked with a raised brow, his stare matched with those honey orbs across the way as he awaited an answer. “You’re in quite the mood tonight.”

“You work too much,” Adelle chimed, her grin never faltering from her lips as she spoke.

“Coming from a workaholic such as yourself must mean I’m a loss cause,” Thad mocked with a roll of his eye before he gestured to the reports before him. “I’ve really got to finish these. I do adore your company but I must ask that you respect my actions and let me continue with my work. The sooner I tend to these the sooner I have more time to bask in your radiance my dear Adelle.”

“A shameless flirt like always,” the engineer hummed, a slight pout teasing her expression as she watched the man before her lean further over the table and once more work hard on the reports in question.

Thad was clearly poised and ready to swipe away the mischievous actions of the time-traveling woman in his care, Adelle leaning forward in her seat to watch him work. He seemed so miserable and exhausted there, filing the same reports he often tackled thanks to his position as a prestigious member of the Normanle family. Sure, he had his fun moments, especially in the company of Elliot, but there were always those moments where the engineer would stumble upon the man lost in a pile of paperwork.

For that particular evening, Adelle felt some ambition in her movements, the engineering braving her usual boundaries to tease the poor man suffering under the wake of his family name. And the more he pushed her away, the more cunning she found herself becoming as she thought of her next move.

Inching her hand from her lap, Adelle then found herself reaching for Thad’s most prize possession. Closer and closer, she was just about to make contact when the pilot suddenly wrenched back in his seat, a harsh glare upon the woman across from him.

“Not the hair!” He shouted, a hand quick to reach and straighten his slicked back blond locks that dared to slip out of place.

“You’re more touchy about that hair of yours than a teenage girl,” Adelle chimed with a giggle, the woman practically throwing herself across the table to reach out and touch the whining gentleman’s hairdo. “Oh won’t you at least let me test a new look for you? It’ll be fun!”

“Not the hair, I’ve told you before not to mess up the hair!” Once more Thad argued as he flinched from her reach, desperate to protect the style he had come to prefer. “A-Adelle please, I’m working here and you’re interfering with my progress. I won’t ask you again to-get away from the hair!”

At that moment Thaddeus had completely fallen from his perch, the man sprawled out upon the library’s floor as he tried his best to shield his hair. The engineer’s laughter filled the room as she raced around the table and lowered to his side, her threatening fingers wiggling just above the pristine locks. Her smile blended in with the fire, burning brighter than the pilot had ever seen. And soon, he found his guard completely lowered as he stared up at the radiant creature before him.

“I-It’s rare to see you this happy,” he whispered, Adelle’s movements paused in their tracks as she blinked. “Sure, Elliot and I have managed to get a few light smiles from you here and there but…this is the first I’ve truly heard your laugh or seen your true grin. I must admit it’s beautiful.”

“S-Shut up, no it’s not,” the woman retorted, her cheeks burning red as she shifted back on her haunches. Her honey orbs glanced away for a moment, a hint of embarrassment boiling up in her heart as she thought of her next move. “You’re too flirtatious for your own good Thaddeus Normanle. One day you’re going to break too many hearts.”

“I’d never break your heart,” Thad muttered in retort, barely audible as he laid his head upon the carpet and stared up at the ceiling above. He had a feeling the reports that evening would be put on the back-burner after all. “You’re in a mood tonight. It’s odd to see you in such a manner.”

“W-Well, you have been working so hard. A-And you looked like you could have used a moment’s rest in truth. Honestly you work too hard,” she muttered under her breath, still quite embarrassed with what was said beforehand. “I-I just wanted to help.”

As she spoke, her hand once more reached out towards the man’s hair, Thad quick to reach up and grab it mid-air with a sigh. “I’ve told you before that-.”

“Do you trust me?”

Suddenly Thad halted his words, his eyes wide as he stared deeply into the honey orbs now upon him. Above him Adelle hovered, her expression serious as she awaited an answer.

“W-What are you-?”

“I remember a movie I used to watch as a little girl. The hero and the princess had only known each other for a short while but he protected her no matter what. And there was a moment where they were fleeing from the enemy and he held out a hand and said ‘do you trust me’,” the woman explained, still rather serious as she hummed. “Despite only knowing him for a short while, she said yes and took the hero’s hand and they escaped. It was amazing.”

Thad couldn’t help but crack a smile at her words, “what on earth are you talking about milady?”

“You need to relax and have fun. A-And it’s time you let your hair down-or tried something new so-to-speak,” Adelle answered, her blush deepening yet her expression remained unchanged. “S-So Thaddeus Normanle, I ask you again. Do you trust me?”

Thad wasn’t sure how to respond. He had difficulties trusting much of anyone at all, even those who were qualified as his closest allies. His life had conditioned him to be prepared for betrayal at every corner…everyone thirsted for the power of his namesake and it didn’t matter what happened to him in the long run. And then there was the hair…oh lord how he loved his hair. Thad had the need to give off the look of a proper gentleman at all times. His slicked style was needed to be presentable to the world around him.

But as he continued to stare into those honey orbs, he felt himself relenting with a sigh. Adelle Hughes had come from such a terrible situation to trust him enough to present her smile. How could he not offer such trust in return?

“F-Fine, I trust you,” he grumbled and slowly sat up, becoming level with the girl as a pout graced his lips. “What are you going to do with it?”

And there it was again, that shining smile that could warm a glacier. Adelle cheered and thus threw herself at the man, Thad nearly screaming out at the attack as the woman straddled him, her hands completely slipping through his once-pristine locks. The pilot cringed as he felt his hairstyle slip away, his outfit no doubt wrinkled by the abuse as well. He must have looked like a wreck at that moment and completely indecent with the lovely maiden from another time practically on top of him.

“Hm, how about we clip back your bangs? That would look cute,” she thought aloud as she experimented with the man’s hair, brushing the bangs completely from his face. Her dark curls bounced as she tilted her head, continuing to imagine what possibilities she had with Thad’s hair. “Or maybe we could give you pigtails!”

“What am I? A child?” The pilot growled at such suggestions, a chuckle rising from his companion and he felt inclined to join along. “Milady, you are so strange.”

“I guess you’ve rubbed off on me then,” Adelle retorted without pause, her fingers running through his hair as she grinned. The pilot couldn’t help himself as he grinned along with her, the abandoned reports now a lost memory as he soaked in the attention he was now receiving from a beautiful maiden. “How about a mohawk?”

“I lied. I don’t trust you at all.”

“Says the big ole pushover Thaddeus Normanle. Mohawk is it!”