Stress Relief

AN: I’m so sorry there’s been such a lack of updates here. I have all these ideas I want to write about but unfortunately my work life and personal life is leaving little time to actually scribble things down onto wordpress. Hopefully these ideas will turn into real posts soon instead of lingering in my little journals I keep with me at all times. Anyway my pup’s birthday was Saturday so wanted to write a little Puppy Tales story. Someday I will write a full story about Josie, Marc and Teddie. Today is not the day though hahaha. Hope everyone is doing well and not stressing too much with life. Enjoy!

The evening hours managed to file in despite the hectic drive of the work day, Josie managing to make it home despite the constant need to get the job done. The world was unkind to her that day, her mind clouded with thoughts of all the items she’d have to have ready by the earliest hours the next day. Barely remembering to lock the door, the woman tossed her purse away without a care and climbed the steps to her room before collapsing upon the bed with a thunderous groan escaping her lips.

The stress had piled on that day, her entire body pained by the dashing about to fulfill the needs of her clients and her superiors. Josie just wanted to lay there and sleep the night away as soon as possible. She just wanted good dreams. She just wanted a moment’s peace where she wasn’t plagued with thoughts of the work from the day and the work that awaited her tomorrow.

A sudden presence now lingered on the bed, the feeling of little paws pressed into the comforter mere inches away from Josie’s fallen form. Another groan echoed into the room, she had almost forgotten completely about Teddie. Marc had texted throughout the day letting her know that the Shiba Inu had been properly fed and taken outside when needed so she didn’t have to worry about it when she finally arrived home…but still, how could she even let stray the thought of her precious furbaby?

Aquamarine orbs peeked out from pillow, glancing toward where the presence resided. Laying there, eyeing his mother with a tilted glance, was Teddie. The puppy’s curled tail wagged back and forth at his mother’s notice yet he did not offer any noise or inch any closer. It seemed the beast had sensed the concern emanating from the woman and instead chose to wait by her side a safe distance away. It always amazed Josie to know in how inquisitive her puppy was, somehow always able to read the situation and act in a manner that best fit.

Rolling over on the mattress, Josie continued to watch Teddie as he waited for some sort of gesture forward. How she missed his Shiba smile and his glorious cuddles. She wished she was able to take him with her even to work so that when the job piled on she would still feel safe and secure from stress with her furball tucked safely in her embrace.

“Look who’s here, it’s Teddie Bear,” she hummed softly, the dog inching just a small step closer to his mommy. “Oh how I’ve missed you Teddie Bear.”

The creature continued to inch ever so slowly until he was right next to his mother’s face, his dark brown orbs staring back into her aquamarine orbs. Josie felt the stress seemingly melting away as she allowed a smile on her lips.

“Did you miss me Ted-.”

The woman didn’t get finished as Teddie suddenly licked her cheek, showering her with lovely kisses as her laughter filled the room. Her Shiba Inu was the perfect stress relief for the day, Josie scooping him into her arms and forcing cuddles upon him as his curly tail wagged back and forth. She’d deal with her work tomorrow with stride. For tonight, Teddie’s love for his mommy was all that was needed.