Pirates Vs Ninjas RP – Jamie and Mae – March 24, 2014 – Part Two

AN: This is the current ongoing RP I have with Jamie. I’m transcribing all the RPs I have with her from the forums onto here so she can reply easier. Hope you enjoy. Also NOTE TO JAMIE I will be posting the recent posts in the comments section of each respective RP so we can go ahead and RP together without waiting on my slow movements in transcribing. Thanks!


Maeeverglow: QUOTE: OT: Ok, I’ve got a little bit of an idea where we can go with this story if you’re interested. I think the focus was too much on the whole pirate/ninja concept of it (I think I was just aiming to start an RP under that popular notion and didn’t really think about it too much) and not enough on the fact that there was a war happening all around them. So, here’s what I suggest…

There can be any kind of people (even elves and dwarves, etc.) to bring notice upon. Nathaniel is just going to be a prince who ran away from home, he’s also not going to be in love with Ember (he might have feelings for her at one point that might lead to love but I’m honestly not seeing it as a future thing for them). Ember is going to be the daughter of a Pirate Captain who when banking his ship on an island stumbled upon a village within the ninja order and met his future wife and Ember’s mother. Technically Ember was brought up in the ninja village but her father always took her out to study the sea and to see the ships which is why she connects with it moreso than being part of the ninja order.

Ember decides to flee home in hopes to prove to her family that she can make it on her own on the sea (she’s being a rebellious teenager). The family sends others out to find her including Ritzu, a ninja from the village and someone who’s always had an attraction to the girl but would never admit it. The whole storyline with his sister being what’s her face will definitely still be there. I still need to skim through the replies fully and build up the bios again but that is what I’m thinking right now.

I figure we have the storyline of the group coming together under unlikely circumstances, Nathaniel has access to a ship which turns out to be stolen from his kingdom, Ember wants to sail the sea like her father did, Ritzu wants to return Ember to their people and keep her safe. What about your characters? What do you think would bring them into the group? Like what catalyst can bring them all together?

OT: Ok, I’m going to go ahead and start and you let me know if you want me to change this in any way. I believe we’re going for the idea that Ember ran away from home to prove she can make it on the sea. She and Joan meet after hearing about Ember wanting to go out to see. The girls accidently do something and get chased where they hide out on a ship in the harbor away from the docks and it turns out to be Nathaniel’s. Ritzu will eventually appear to come after them. And Slither and whats her face (i went blank on her name sorry D:) are in town looking for Nathaniel who ran away from home as well. Hopefully this one won’t get too crazy on us. I’m excited to restart and redo the storyline a bit

Name: Ember

Age: 16

Hair: Deep chocolate brown, curly and grown to her upper back.

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Bio: Ember is the daughter of a pirate captain who ventured to an island and fell in love with a woman of the ninja order. She loves her parents dearly but mostly relates to her father since he had always taken her to the sea to study its brilliance. She grew up on his stories and eventually decided she wanted a life similar to it. When she gets into a fight about her still being a child with her parents, she ran away from home to seek out a job on a ship and prove that she was grown up and able to live her life on the sea.

Name: Nathanel

Age: 19

Hair: Blonde hair braided, his hair is above the shoulders but still considered long.

Eyes: Dark Blue

Bio: A runaway prince who’s trying to hide from his duties to his family and to his people. He doesn’t want anything to do with his family’s involvement in the war and chose to sail away to somewhere he could find peace. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before he found out he was being chased under the order of his father. He is slightly cowardly in the face of danger but he grows into the prince he is after joining together with his new band of friends.


/The moon shone high above the port city as Ember stumbled out of the treeline, her eyes wide at the sight of the reflection on the sea. It was so beautiful and the salty air brought back memories of when she was a little girl on her father’s ship. She had made it to Harport safe and sound and thankfully it seemed as if no one was after her yet/

/Ember/: There’s not a moment to lose though. I gotta hurry or Mom and Dad are gonna be right on my tail and they’ll drag me on back without even listening to what I’d have to say.

/With a nod, she stepped forward towards the gates, presenting her paperwork to the gatemaster to enter town. The man stared at her information before lifting a brow, looking back at her with a questionable glance/

/Guard/: A bit young to be out late all on your own? I see you’re from the Nokomo village but even they have curfews I assume.

/Ember didn’t miss a beat. She had been working out the details since she had darted from her village deep in the foliage of the island/

/Ember/: I hit a bit of a stumble on the way here today and that’s why I’m out after nightfall. I was going to race right to the inn for the evening when I get into town. Sorry about all this.

/The man glanced her over again but decided it best to admit her. After all, she was just a kid from a village out in the forest and definitely not a stranger to their city. So he decided to allow her through/

/Ember/: Thank you sir!

/The girl then took off towards the tavern inn, her grin wide as she prepared herself for what she had to do. All the visiting sailors were there drinking to their hearts content and musing along with stories of the sea. She was going to hunt that tavern for a job on a ship. She was going to start living her life on the sea…against her parent’s wishes/

Avatar: Legend of Korra RP – Jamie and Mae – February 18, 2014 – Part Three

AN: This is the latest and ongoing LoK RP I have with Jamie. JAMIE, please check comment section of all posts. I’m uploading overviews of RPs so far plus latest posts there so we can continue the RPs. Enjoy!

Maeeverglow: OT: Ok here I go with the introduction; I’m debating bringing Rufio in later or not. He’s an AU pairing for Ariana but I kinda want to see some ties happen with one of your characters Also I didn’t send this one last night because I wanted it to be longish. Hopefully it sounds ok.

Name: Ariana

Age: 16

Power: Air Bender

Weapons: A bladed fan, but prefers tonfas

Family: Mother – Lonia; Father – Wayes; Half – Uncle – Nier; Half-Brother – Marcol; Guardian – Marsh

Pets: Lemur Twins, Zanook (the shy one) and Sizun (the curious one)

Description: Fair skin, black hair pulled up into moon rings. She sports puffed pants and a halter top that she made herself. Sky blue eyes.

Bio: Her father was an air bending master from a secret society that had stayed underground even long after Aang made his stand; however, he could not end his curiosity for the world that his people once knew. When he traveled to the islands, he met his future wife and her son; the family soon joining together and giving birth to Ariana. Her father ends up returning to his homeland with her and his wife and her son; Marcol eventually leaving to go train in Earthbending with his uncle. She is an easy-going girl who tends to give off the impression that she doesn’t think before she acts nor does she care about the consequences. In reality, Ariana is very fearful of showing herself off as an air bender and tries to hold back her bending skills at all costs. The story starts off with her hiding her identity while under the care of her guardian Marsh, a middle-aged earth bender whose goal is to get Ariana to a specific place to seek help for the Airbending society.

Name: Rufio

Age: 20

Power: Fire Bender

Weapons: A chain scythe that his fire bends around

Family: Father – Octane; Mother – ; Oldest Brother – Kaido; Older Brother – Amir; Older Sister – Seri

Pets: None as of right now

Description: Tanned skin with midnight hair that is ruffled and singed, he eventually forms it into sort of a Mohawk. He wears fire bending armor and red colored clothes when he’s being casual. Reddish-brown eyes.

Bio: He was born into a strong family and was trained in combat from an early age. His father wants him to become an officer and that’s how he came to stand against the group at some point. He first encounters Ariana and the two of them brawl it out with one another, eventually ending in a draw where he is left behind by his fellow officers and taken in with the group. He’s a hotheaded man who at first finds little joy with being with the group; however, he eventually warms up to them and even goes out of his way to make sure they’re alright. He genuinely feels accepted by them which were something he never felt with the officers and with his family.

Name: Marcol

Age: 20

Power: Earth Bender

Weapons: A steel hammer as well as earth swords and clubs

Family: Mother – Lonia; Father – Routon; Stepfather – Wayes; Uncle – Nier; Half-Sister – Ariana

Pets: Koala Sheep, Braille (He truly belongs to Marcol but Ariana likes to steal him away to cuddle with when they are together)

Description: Tanned skin, Rugged features, dusty brown hair that’s shaggy. He usually sports workers clothes of earth bending colors. Dark chocolate eyes.

Bio: Marcol was born to an Earth bending father and non-bending mother; the boy claiming his father’s bending skills with ease. When his father dies, he is left with his mother and his uncle. His mother finds an air bender from a secret society, the man careful not to show his mastery of the nearly lost techniques but wanting nothing more than to marry the woman. They got married and had a daughter, the girl claiming the air bending skills from her father. Marcol is very tough on his sister mainly for the fact that he values her and treasures her too much to let her get hurt. He can be very stoic and calm and sometimes hard to read; however, when he is angry he makes the ground shake. He doesn’t really agree with his Uncle’s anger towards the air bending father of his sister or the bending nation in general however Marcol learned his Earthbending from his uncle and was taken under his wing so he follows him into the organization. Marcol’s journey puts him at odds sometimes with his sister but he doesn’t wish to hurt her; if anything, he’s trying to protect her from the dangers he knows the world presents to her.


/Their latest mountain trek brought aches to Marsh’s feet as he eased down on a level rock, the cliffside overlooking a small village down below that was lit only by the moonlight and a few scattered torches. The seasoned man had to admit he rather treasured places like that; the bustling, technology-driven cities he’d been in through his travels were tiresome and often disgusting to behold. But small villages where everyone knew one-another; they were relaxing and charming. Part of the man wanted to find work there and remain there for as long as one would ever hope to. However, all that would have to wait; he had a job to do/

/His dark eyes searched around him until they befell a cloaked figure standing wearily a small distance away, the man chuckling as he noticed her stare at the full moon high above them. Ariana was always so fascinated with the sky; he’d often find her gaze upon the clouds or stars on any given day. At the start of their journey however, it became more noticeable. He’d hardly heard her speak a syllable since being separated from her family; her only consistent action being peering above whenever she got the chance/

/Marsh/: Ari, you seem tired? Want to just set camp out here and traveling through in the morning?

/The addressed’s hood shook with her head, the girl clearly too intent on the sky to speak/

/Marsh/: Heh, I figured you’d do that. Well, I don’t know if they have an inn down there but we can always check around. We may just have to set camp up anyway. Remember to keep those two out of sight when we’re wandering through ok. Don’t need any trouble.

/Ariana/: Yes Mar, I won’t let them out.

/The girl’s hand lightly patted a satchel at her side, the bulging bag slightly stirring at her touch. The man grinned at the view before releasing a grunt and getting to his feet/

/Marsh/: Well, let’s get to it then. Don’t worry about a thing. After getting some supplies, we should be back on the road again in no time. Let’s just hope nothing holds us up.

OT: Ok, so I figure no death but Marsh will get hurt by something that happens with your characters or one of your characters, etc. So then they will have to begin to take Ariana forth and he’ll eventually catch up when he can. What do you think?

Familiars RP – Jamie and Mae – February 28, 2014 – Part Three

AN: Again, I know this one says Part Three before Part Two came out on the WordPress. I’m transcribing all of my RPs with Jamie from the forums and this one is the latest Familiars RPs we have going on so I wanted to hurry and get this one out for you to view so me and Jamie can continue RPing. Enjoy!

Maeeverglow: OT: I’m assuming we’re pretty much ready to go in this one. I’m going to try and make this first post a little long so I can kind of frame where this might go. I’m still reading up on Ambrose’s character but I believe I remember him being from another world or another kingdom. I’m not sure yet but I’ll find it soon ^_^ Let me know what you think and if I need to work on some of the stuff posted here. Also, this is basically an AU of Korin when she was younger so I’m not going to consider my timeline that I have in mine and Taji’s stories

Name: Korin

Age: 16

Personality: Very smart from living in a Library in Pellaquinn with her master. Korin tends to be flighty and hyper when given the chance. She enjoys the night more so than the daytime. She was actually an orphan most of her life and has an exceptional skill at being a thief.

Hair: Red, curly, down to the middle of her back, likes to braid it every so often

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Family: Master Drelo – Owner of the Library

Familiar – Sitzu – Fruit Bat


/The smell of old parchment littered the air as Master Drelo dropped another leather-bound classic onto the table where his young apprentice sat in a daze, amazed that the loud boom he had made had not broken her from her thoughts/

/Master Drelo/: Korin? You’re not getting anything done I see. Maybe I should dock this from your pay then?

/Korin/: MY PAY?!

/The red-headed girl shot up from her seat as she whined, beginning to pace behind her counter as Master Drelo stood in shock/

/Master Drelo/: I was only kidding, Korin. No need to be so dramatic.

/Korin/: But that wasn’t funny Master! Such matters should not be joked upon!

/Master Drelo/: Heh, you never change.

/The redhead frowned before sticking her tongue out at her guardian, a small black creature darting down from the rafters and taking his place amongst her curls. Sitzu squeaked fondly as he nuzzled his master’s cheek, the girl soon relenting with a grin before lifting up the old book her master had placed before her/

/Korin/: This one must be a classic!

/Drelo/: It is relatively old yes. A classic in standards of historic, I suppose you’re right. I’m leaving it out here for someone to pick up. He’ll be here shortly to-oh speak of the devil.

/Across the way, a man in his twenties stumbled into the shop, his robes dusted from his latest escapades as he hurried towards the counter. Korin grinned at his arrival, Ambrose smiling brightly in return/

/Korin/: I see you’re here again, Ambrose. This has become sort of a daily thing for you, huh? Perhaps you finally got Master Drelo to act on your request, whatever it may be?

/Ambrose/: Well-.

/Korin suddenly gasped as she held up the old book in surprise/

/Korin/: Oh my gosh! Could this be the request you’ve been hunting for?! Oh my gosh, history is being made!

/As her shouts echoed throughout the library, Master Drelo came up behind her and swiftly sent a fist into her skull; the girl collapsing onto the floor in pain as he snatched the book from her and handed it off to the shocked man over the counter/

/Drelo/: No, it’s not that request from before. It is a request but something more likely to be fulfilled. Isn’t that right, Ambrose?

/The man gave a sympathetic look to the girl peeling herself from the floor before glancing back towards the master with a sigh/

/Ambrose/: Is the other request really so hard to fulfill?

/Drelo/: Yes it is. You should give up wishing for it and stick to the small requests such as asking for that book.

/Ambrose/: Now you know that’s not going to happen.

/Drelo/: Alas, I know all too well. Anyway, you’re free to borrow that book for as long as you see fit. Just keep Korin informed on the duration you plan to use it for and let her know if anything comes up. Perhaps if you follow through in returning this book, we can move your requests up to two books hm.

/Ambrose/: Very funny sir.

/Drelo chuckled and waved over his shoulder as he disappeared further into the library, the man eyeing his vanishing form before returning his attention to Korin as she peeked out from the desk/

/Ambrose/: You alright? He’s never one to stay his hand I see.

/Korin giggled as her cheeks burned, the girl rubbing her throbbing skull with embarrassment/

/Korin/: Y-Yeah, I suppose you’re right. Anyway, if there’s anything I can do for you please let me know Mister Ambrose.

/Ambrose/: I’ve told you, just call me Ambrose. Perhaps you’d like to see me out of the library then? Maybe have a chance to sneak away while your master isn’t looking?

/Without a second thought, Korin skidded from behind the desk and took Ambrose’s arm with a grin. She quickly dragged his unexpecting self towards the front door, excited for the chance to escape the walls for a bit of sun and fresh air/

Star Wars The Old Republic RP – Jamie and Mae – Aug 19, 2014 – Part Three

AN: So this is my current ongoing RP with Jamie on SWTOR. I know, I skipped right to the part three here but I’m in the middle of transcribing while making our current RPs available for Jamie to view so I’m just going to stick this one here and eventually post Part Two when I get to it. Enjoy!

Maeeverglow: OT: This one is likely not going to be as long as previous intros I’ve done xD sorry about that. Hope its ok. And thank you for the compliment you help inspire me with your writing also and your amazing characters!

Name: Ruci Solaria

Age: 18

Planet: Coruscant

Race: Human

Class: Currently Unknown – Smuggler – ?

Hair: Deep Red, slanted bob with various short braids

Eyes: Kelly Green

Description: Fair-skinned with freckles on her cheeks, thin demeanor and usually dresses in ponchos and more fashionable attire.

Weapon (s): Blaster Gun and Rifle; both given to her by Dresden O’Brien

Bio: A young girl who was brought up by a family of merchants; she has been kept from fighting more of her life. To be honest, Ruci preferred that; she had little interest in the world beyond the capitol until she came across a Smuggler by the name of Dresden O’Brien. At first, she disliked the man; he was a gruff being with little care for the world he entered to turn in his latest catch to the capitol. However, once Ruci stumbles into danger, he finds he springs into action and saves her from danger. She became intrigued with his fighting style and decided to sneak aboard his ship; soon being founded by his droid and his pets. The girl is at first very apathetic about things outside of her home but she gathers up interest in the stars and the planets beyond her home planet. She becomes Dresden’s apprentice as he travels forth and follows him on his missions; on the one condition that she gathers her family’s permission. At first, the family is hesitant and demands she returns home; however, when they return to Coruscant and see her daughter standing up for the Republic, they become supportive of her. Her story then leads to the life o f a Smuggler’s apprentice by the side of her mentor.

Name: Dresden O’Brien

Age: 33

Planet: originally from Tatoonie

Ship: Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Race: Human

Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger

Hair: Dusty Blond; grown past ears and scruffy. He usually ties it back and wears a hat.

Eyes: Clear Blue Eyes

Description: He usually wears traditional smugglers gear, similar to Nico Okarr. He likes to appear western and has an accent to accommodate such; he likes to hide various weapons under his coat. He’s rather tall and muscular; he also has scarring on his face and chest which shows he’s handled a lot of bounties in his day.

Weapon (s): Twin blasters; carries around various weapons on his person

Bio: A man born on Tatoonie, he went along with the smuggler’s lifestyle as he grew up; he’s now currently one of the top-ranked smugglers several galaxies. He usually kept neutral until he found his alliances were more aligned with the Republic side; having personal reasons for not accepting pointless killings and unwarranted black-market dealings. When he comes across Ruci in Coruscant, he doesn’t think much of her until he finds she was put in danger from interacting with him. He eventually saves her from harm and he finds that she took an interest in his field when she snuck aboard his ship. He relents after arguing with her; deciding to take her along as his apprentice as long as she gathers permission from her family. He’s had a rough life for the most part and tends to keep his past to himself; however, he does house several pets as well as his droid C2-N2. He occasionally has run-ins with a woman gunslinger named Andretti Ormatiea whom seems to ruffle his feathers a bit.


/The Nar Shaada markets were bustling with life, some of the shadiest characters present in hopes to swindle deals with any who cared to meet their gaze. Dresden knew better than to mess with all the conniving fools on this cutthroat planet. Unfortunately, his apprentice was too bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to ever heed his warnings before they left the safety of his ship to venture into the Promenade. He could already see her scanning the shelves of the artifacts dealers, poor Ruci likely to lose a large number of her own credits by being tricked by the shady fiends/

/To be honest, Dresden didn’t mind the possible lesson. Ruci needed to learn the world was not all sunshine and rainbows outside of her precious Coruscant. However, he didn’t want her to get too deep over her head that she would never escape the clutches of the darkness that resided in Nar Shaada. So the man was quick to the girl’s side, watching her carefully as she awed over the pieces before her/

/Ruci/: There’s so many artifacts here Sir! I could add all of these to my collection and-.

/Dresden/: We don’t have time for shopping, kid. We’re here on a job. Time to back away from the table so we can head to our employer got it.

/The girl didn’t budge despite her master trying to pry her from the table, Dresden hissing through his teeth as he tried to hold his composure/

/Dresden/: Ruci, I’m not kidding. We don’t have time for-.

/Ruci/: Oh wow! Look at this one here! It’s so beautiful!

/The girl had taking up what looked to be a partially destroyed datacron, the piece still remotely intact save for the whole pierced through it as if a lightsaber had entered the surface. She grinned at her find and motioned for her master to check it out, Dresden rolling his eyes before nodding along. He knew she was fixated on its scarring and unique build. There was no way she was gonna back away from a buy. The least he could do was make sure she wasn’t robbed with the purchase she was gonna make/

/Ruci had little notice of her master hinting his blaster towards the dealer, the man eyeing him for the threat before mentioning the price. Luckily the threat worked for it was relatively low for such a damaged artifact. Thus, the apprentice happily skipped after her master towards the offices in the upper promenade where he would meet his employer, datacron in her arms. And she happily swayed as she stood perched outside awaiting for Dresden to deal with the job so she wouldn’t interrupt/

OT: Hopefully this is something you can work with >.< I’m worried its too meh. lol.


Holiday RP – Mae and Jamie – August 19, 2014 – Part Two

AN: This is the latest Holiday RP I have out with Jamie. This one is ongoing. Hope you enjoy!

Maeeverglow: Name: Rae

Age: 19

Power: Electricity

Name: Kyle

Age: 21

Power: Hacker

/Rae lifted up her wrapped gifts from the table and smiled, lighting up the room as she skipped over towards the Christmas tree. Kyle watched his roommate as she skipped around all giddy, rolling his eyes as she carefully placed the gifts underneath the tree that she insisted on bringing in their already cramped apartment/

/Kyle/: What’s with the poorly wrapped boxes?

/Rae/: They’re Christmas gifts silly! Don’t you know it’s Christmas time?

/Kyle/: Must have forgotten. Don’t really see the point in putting up worthless decorations such as these.

/The two were a strange couple to say the least though in retrospect they were still ‘just friends’. Kyle and Rae were part of an organization that aided those with unique abilities in the world, utilizing their talents to protect the human race when necessary. They stayed under wraps for the most part yet there was something coming, something strong that needed to be dealt with. A prophecy was foretold and there was a grim future ahead of them if they didn’t snag the chosen one first/

/Kyle/: Enough with the decorating Rae. We got the word. There’s a possible candidate in the city.

/Rae/: A candidate? I thought one of the seekers would be the ones to locate candidates?

/Kyle/: It’s not a normal candidate though. There’s some dark activity going on tonight. Looks like whoever it is, they’re attracting some much unwanted attention. We’ve been asked to respond and bring the candidate in.

/Rae’s eyes were wide at the statement, though she soon fell into her grinning state once more as she threw on her jacket and prepared to enter into the freezing night outside their apartment/

/Rae/: Lead the way.

OT: I have a thought, perhaps the whole fighting monsters and enemies thing can be hidden from the human eye. Like they have some sort of ability or device that freezes the time and space around them? Something to that affect?


Holiday RP – Jamie and Mae – December 13, 2010 – Part One

AN: This is one of those RPs on the forums that started off with a lot more people and then it just died down as the forums became less popular (the game that brought the forum together was closing). Eventually me and Jamie took over and ran with things. This first part is incomplete, we’re currently working on the second one. Transcribing does take me some time so I’ll eventually have more posted here of the RP. Enjoy!