A Familiar Face – Part Two

AN: The second part of the drabble I started yesterday featuring characters from mine and Taji’s Legend of Korra RP. Her character is Brady while mine are Cree and Lana. I’ll probably change Lana’s name eventually. Btw I changed the pet name of Cree to Waterworks, it sounds better in my head lol ūüėõ anyway hope you all enjoy!

¬†So many questions bubbled up in Brady’s mind, threatening to escape if given the chance. He wanted so badly to ask Cree anything and everything and yet…he couldn’t seem to let her go. His embrace was lasting, tight and secure around her slender frame. Part of him wondered what would happen if he dared release her. Would she flee? Disappear without a trace? Logic brought doubt of her escape but he wasn’t having any of it. Giving the slightest chance of an escape would be detrimental to him. So Brady continued to hold her close, taking in her scent and welcoming the flow of tears upon his chest.

Everything was perfect at that moment and he didn’t need to risk it all vanishing by asking worthless questions. All that mattered was that Cree had returned to him. Nothing was ever going to bring him down from the high he was in at that moment. Nothing at a-.

Neither of them had time to react as a sudden downpour cascaded upon them, both Cree and Brady soaked to the bone as they fumbled away from one-another with widened orbs. Standing with them in the alleyway was a rather tall woman, a frown playing on her lips as she narrowed her eyes at the boy. She watched the water drip from his drenched, dark locks and she huffed at the fabric of his clothes clinging to his muscled frame. She even scuffed at the sight of his cheek scorched from the attack of the fire bender.

The woman raised a hand up as water droplets played in her palm, gathering up into a orb of crystal liquid ready for the attack. Brady turned his body and prepared to attack, his eyes flaring as he realized this newcomer was the reason he was doused by a waterfall. “You with them? I’m not above hitting a woman I’ll have you know,” the nonbender growled under his breath, his fists clenched and ready to go forth in a fury of punches. “Especially one disrespecting me and my fr-.”

A wave of her hand and the orb of water was soaring through the air, bursting just above Cree’s shivering form and soaking her further. A whimper escaped the girl’s lips as she discarded the worthless cloak, the fabric of her top and skirt clinging to her frame. Brady sent a wary gaze towards his friend before his glare intensifying as it focused once more on the newcomer.

“You bi-!”

“Shut your trap, hothead! You’re already on my short list for stepping into business you didn’t belong in!” The woman hissed as she shoved past the boy, her bending powers working quickly to send another orb from her palm and send him reeling back into the wall of the alley. Brady’s body bounced off the brick and it took him a moment to shake the pain away, leaving the woman to step to the young water bender’s side and bring a fist down upon her skull. Cree whined at the abuse and massaged the bump on her noggin, all the while the newcomer frowning at the display while holding a hand at the ready to fend off the nonbender who’s glare burned on her figure once more. “What did I tell you huh? What happened to all those lessons I taught you huh? When faced with adversity and when lacking the ability to flee, use your bending techniques to neutralize the enemy so that you may then flee. What happened huh? You certainly didn’t flee and you certainly were mucking up the dirty street with your damn tears. And look at the nice cloak I got for you huh? Probably stained and ruined! And guess what, you didn’t even water bend! What the hell is that about huh? What’s the point of having those damn powers if you’re just going to-!”

“B-But I did water bend!” Cree whined aloud, the poor girl flinching away as the woman motioned another punch to her skull. “I-I did water be-.”

“Yeah on one guy who wasn’t even paying any attention to you. You had three guys to handle and let me just say they were easy targets. I wouldn’t have even set it up so they’d corner you if they weren’t. And damn it all, it was all wasted no thanks to this good for nothing punk who just decided it was his civil duty to step into a fight he had no business being in. And it looked like he was ready to get busy too because he-,” the woman paused her words and she turned to stare upon Brady, the boy stomping to her side with a frown of his own on his lips. She observed him carefully for a moment before turning back to the shivering form of Cree with a sigh. “Lemme guess, you two know each other?”

“What the hell tipped it off for you?” Brady hissed in retort, his own body threatening to shake as a breeze worked its way through the alleyway. He managed to hold it off though. “Perhaps it was the fact she called me by my name? Maybe it was the hugging? But enough about that, don’t touch Cree like that. What the hell is your problem anyway? Who the hell are you, bitch?”

The woman waved her hand once more and just as quickly as before, another downpour crashed upon Brady. It was much colder than before and he could not keep his lips from quivering; however, the nonbender kept his stance strong as he stared deep into the eyes of the woman before him.

“Do not call me such a vile term, you worthless punk. For your information, I’m her teacher,” the woman hissed through gritted teeth, her eyes flaring as she threatened another wave of water in her hand. She would have followed through with it too if not for the sudden small form of Cree weaseling by with her arms outstretched to protect her friend. “Cree, stand aside and-.”

“No Miss Lana, please don’t be mean to Brady. He’s just being protective of me. He doesn’t mean to say such things to you. Y-You just caught him by surprise is all. Please stop soaking him to the bone,” the young water bender pleaded, her words brave though her body still shook like a maraca. Brady eyed the back of those drenched curls in shock, unsure of what to say at that moment. There was so much going on that he wanted to question. There was so much that he wanted to say. But it was clear it wasn’t his place to speak…at least not at that moment. “P-Please he’s very important to me and-.”

“Just because he’s important doesn’t mean he’s allowed to call me such vile terms,” Lana snapped, her nose scrunched as if disgusted by the thought. “You’re friends with such a filthy punk as this?”

“And what gives you the right to hit her on the head and yell at her like you please huh? Just because you’re her teacher doesn’t give you the right to do that shit!” Brady recoiled, his voice growing silent as Cree glanced over her shoulder with a pleading stare. He couldn’t help but hold his tongue at that moment.

“M-Miss Lana, Brady isn’t a bad person. He was just trying to protect me like I said. He’s very important to me,” the water bender whispered though she matched her teacher’s gaze firmly, her courage clearly exponentially greater than before she had departed her friends and family to begin her training. ¬†“H-He’ll never call you anything like that again. I promise he won’t.”

“It doesn’t matter if you promise. He controls his destiny and therefore unless it comes from his mouth, it means nothing,” Lana added, rolling her eyes at her pupil’s failed attempt to ratify the situation. “So unless he promises to never speak those vile phrases, he’s-.”

“I’ll promise you that if you promise to stop hitting Cree and hurting her and drenching her in water and all that I’ve witnessed you doing since I first saw you then-wait a minute, did you say you orchestrated the attack on her?” Brady piped in with wide orbs focused on the woman.

“That I did, punk. I’m her teacher and she’s in training. I’ve got to keep her on her toes,” Lana answered truthfully with a shrug.

Brady then turned his gaze upon Cree. “D-Did you know that she-?”

“N-Not at the time, no,” the water bender answered truthfully, her cheeks tinted pink with embarrassment. “I-I didn’t know until she showed up. I-I must admit it’s not the first time she’s done something like-.”

The nonbender had turned his attention on Lana again, pointing an accusing finger towards the woman, “no more of any of that. You promise this and I promise to straighten up my act with you.”

¬†At first, Lana held her tongue, her eyes surveying both the water bender and nonbender with an unamuzed gaze. Water dripped from their soaked bodies and they both quivered in their dismal state; however, it didn’t stop them from standing together before their adversary. Brady came forward to stand side-by-side with Cree, the boy then taking her hand and holding it tightly in his grasp. It was at that moment the teacher narrowed her eyes upon the joined holds, the woman then huffing aloud before turning and aiming to exit the alleyway. All the while she stepped over the fallen men’s bodies without a care.

“Fine fine, I can promise I’ll go a bit easier on her. However, if things are helping her through her training I’m going to continue as is. That’s the best I can do for you punk. Take it or leave it,” the woman called as she walked, waving a hand to emphasize her words as she turned the corner towards the safety of the open streets. “Come on Cree, we need to find your father.”

“Y-Yes ma’am!” Cree answered, her cheeks tinted pink as she remained at the boy’s side. Their fingers were intertwined as they stood together, Brady glancing down upon her shivering form with a hesitant grin.

“T-That could have gone better,” he mused, unsure of what else to say at that moment. Lucky for him, it granted a small giggle from his companion and he felt elated at the sweet sound. “S-Sorry about all that. I-I should have-.”

“No, none of that was your fault. I was extremely thankful to have you step in and help me with those thugs. And I was so excited to see you again after all this time. I’m just-s-so happy to see you,” her words were so sweet despite the stuttering and Brady couldn’t help but notice just how much more open she was being with him.

In the days he’d grown to know her, she was a timid soul who was always so hesitant to act on anything. And when her bending was striped from her…she was practically a shell forged in a swirling chaos of emotions. She was losing herself due to losing something that was so strongly part of her. Brady had always feared she’d never be able to come back from such a tragic time in her life. And then the Avatar ended the reign of the Equalists and brought the bending powers back to those who were affected. Cree was healed and slowly coming back to him.

But he never got to see her fully recover. She was so quickly whisked away by this woman who’d been a friend of the family for years. Brady didn’t trust Lana as far as he could throw her. First impressions meant a lot to him and she was so far an aggressive bitch who would use violence to mold his friend into the way she wanted her to be. But then he looked to Cree and saw her being braver and more open with him. She was trusting him with so much of her life from her letters and she was willing to stand up for him without a second thought when her teacher was aiming to soak him into shame. In a way, perhaps Lana wasn’t as bad as he originally thought. It was clear she was doing some good, even though he didn’t agree with the violent methods against the poor water bender. He didn’t tolerate anyone being rough with Cree. She didn’t deserve such hardships.

“Brady, you ok?” Cree’s voice chimed at his side and the nonbender broke from his thoughts, his eyes focusing on her concerned gaze. “Y-You got hurt. Your poor cheek. It looks damaged.”

“I’m fine. It’s just a little burn. It’ll be fine, don’t you worry about it,” Brady said with a small touch of his cheek. He hissed through his teeth at the sting it left surging through his body but he shook the pain away quick in hopes to keep those worried eyes from growing any bigger. “D-Don’t worry about it at all ok. I’m fine. A-Anyway, I’ve got so much to ask you. I don’t remember hearing about you returning to Republic City? What’s going on?”

The question seemed to cause the girl to hold her breath for a moment, her gaze shying away as she thought of what to say in response. “W-Well, it was a sudden return to be honest. I-I’m not so sure why we’ve come back. We do travel some depending on Miss Lana’s work so that could be a reason. The only thing she told me however was that we were to move quickly with our things and head back to the city for a short period of time. I didn’t even get to send word that we were coming,” she answered with a blush. “I-I would have definitely send word if I could. T-Though I suppose it all worked out in the end. You somehow appeared even without knowing I was here.”

“I guess one could call it fate,” Brady joked with a wink, the nonbender chuckling at her shy grin and her swaying their hands back-and-forth in such an innocent fashion.¬† God, he missed her. “I-I’ve got more questions for you b-but it can all wait. W-We should probably head back as soon as possible. Your father will definitely want to see you. And lord I’m sure everyone else would want to see you too. I can already hear Prill’s howls of happiness.”

Cree’s eyes flashed at the remembrance of the others and she suddenly darted towards the streets, Brady dragging behind her with¬†a hilarious look upon his face all the while they dodged the fallen men and left them to groan in pain within the alleyway. There was so much the nonbender wanted to know, so much he wanted to say. But he knew it was best to wait. Besides, he couldn’t help but grin while in tow with the excited water bender. Sure, everyone was going to wonder why they were both soaked to the bone and there was sure to be some snide remarks from some but it didn’t matter. Cree had returned to him. Nothing was going to dampen his mood.

“Bout time, you two emerged. I was beginning to think the worse,” Lana called from the street as the duo forced past her, the woman then grabbing hold of Brady’s shoulder to break him away from Cree’s hold. The girl stumbled and looked back in surprise; however, her teacher waved her off to continue forward. “Go on ahead and we’ll catch up. I need to talk to your friend here. Get better acquianted with him.”

“Y-You’re not going to be mean to him, are you Miss La-?”

“No, I’m not going to be mean to him. Just go on ahead. You really need to see your father as soon as possible least he have me on a pike for failing to annouce our arrival sooner,” Lana called out and Cree then focused her stare upon the frowning boy in her teacher’s hold. He gave a shrug and motioned her to head on, reassuring her with a smile that everything would be ok. So though she was hesitant, the water bender continued on towards where she knew her friends and family would be waiting. All the while, the pair stood idle in the streets, Lana glancing about for a moment before whispering to the boy. “You’re one of the group she left behind right? You’re one of the Inn workers then?”

“I am,” Brady stated simply with a raised brow. “Why do you ask?”

“So I can trust you with certain pieces of knowledge about why were are here then?” The woman continued without a second thought, her eyes scanning the area once more to make sure no one was overhearing them. “There’s been some struggles in the tribes of water benders. We’re here to escape all that. Though it’s best to teach water bending in areas I’m familiar with and with great access to water and space to pratice, I’m afraid what’s going on is beyond what I’m willing to introduce her to at such a young age and with little grasp of her true potential.”

The nonbender raised a brow at the news, his eyes following the departing Cree before returning his gaze upon the woman beside him. “Does she not know why you both are here?”

“Not in the least. She doesn’t need to know about that stuff. Not yet anyway. And besides, this whole relocation gives her a chance to see those she left behind. Damn kid won’t stop talking about you all. It was getting quite annoying,” Lana huffed before stepping along towards where Cree disappeared to. “Anyway, I’d advise keeping this bit of knowledge from her. And do me a favor and don’t distract her from her training. It’s going to be difficult to find practicing areas in this damnable city and with her boyfriend lingering about, lord knows she won’t get a damn thing done.”

Brady growled at the attitude the woman presented though he made sure to mumble, “I’m not her boyfriend.”

“Sure you’re not,” the woman mused in disbelief and was soon out of reach, the nonbender bawling his fists at his side before dashing after the water bending pair with a frown. There was so much going on that he didn’t quite understand yet and he wanted nothing more than to ask his questions. But for now he’d play things by ear, especially after Lana’s warning of the water tribes. For now, he’d hold off talking with Cree about it and instead focus his time with her on rekindling their friendship with some much needed time well-spent. It was likely Prill was going to try and hog her for as much time as possible but he couldn’t let that happen. After all, Cree had said it herself. She missed Brady more than anything else.


A Familiar Face – Part One

AN: A quick drabble from my Legend of Korra RP with Taji. We talked a bit about doing the RP possibly in stories similar to the show and I figured I would try maybe a little sneak peek at what would happen during the second story arch. Brady is Taji’s character and Cree is mine. I also added a woman waterbender named Lana. She’s a friend of the family who ends up stepping in after Cree gains her powers back and takes her off to train in her bending. It’s been about six months since Korra won against the Equalists and I assume the group, save for those that branched off, are all back in Republic City. I’m just gonna make up some possible storyline stuff xD because this is just a glimpse of what could happen. Hope you enjoy!

¬†The streets brimmed with life as crowds ventured through the expansive Republic City, vendors beckoning from the corners hoping for a quick sale to the touring souls. Brady meshed well with the flow as he wandered about, the nonbender pocketing his fists as he scanned the area. Work had been extra rough that morning and he decided early on that a break in the afternoon was in order. So he snuck off once Prill’s many distractions shielded his departure, a grin forming on his lips as he moved.

Ever since returning to Republic City, there hadn’t been a moment’s rest in rebuilding a life with his family. Aunt Lottie and he were on better terms and despite all the hardships of their last adventure, Prill still treated him with love and admiration. Even though building from the ground up was hard, Brady had to admit he was glad to have that support once more in life. And to be honest, he enjoyed the fact that things were filling back into place like a puzzle piece. His cousin was constantly venturing out to speak with her earth bender friend¬†Gale¬†and there were even moments where she went to find Wade and speak with him despite his past involvement with a certain band of Equalists. Everything was normal again, for the most part.

Myra, the hot-headed fire bender, had yet to be given a position as part of the task force yet she did score a well-respected gig as a bodyguard within the city. She checked in from time-to-time, often spending her evenings meeting with Shay and Bruttis as they all drank through the night and spoke of their busy lives as working class citizens. It was amazing that the male fire bender had actually grown quite dependable in construction, the man taking a job with Wade’s people to help rebuild the city. And all the while, Bruttis remained a helpful addition to Lottie’s business. For the most part everyone remained in the city…everyone but a certain soul.

Prill had often spoken to Brady about the few letters she received from Cree, the water bender off to train with a friend after regaining the powers she’d been striped of during the Equalists War. The once soft-spoken and timid girl was finally making a name for herself, thankfully with her father’s support while he remained in Republic City. The earth bender often mused to her cousin about how much their friend had warmed up even in her letters, something Brady would often ask to see but Prill would advise against with a wink. He already guessed why and never pushed the matters further, mainly because he would always sneak a peek when Prill would be too busy tending to other matters in her social life to notice her cousin’s dealings.

Cree was certainly a master of the written word though often a girl of so few in person. Her letters were practically novels, the water bender going in detail about her many adventures with her teacher Lana and the various places she’d ventured into since beginning her training. Brady could almost imagine those sparkling eyes of wonder and her little dance she’d do when she would get excited and think that no one is watching. The more he read, the more the nonbender realized just how much he’d grown to miss Cree…especially when he found the passages meant solely for him to read.

To be fair, he was no one special by those or any means. Cree had made sure to write a section for each person she missed dearly back in Republic City. However, there was always something wonderful about the passages for him. They were quite lengthy, the girl speaking of the sights all around her at the moment she scribbled on the parchment. She spoke of the various water benders and nonbenders working together in the village she’d gone to with Lana and she shared the various bending techniques she’d learned while being away. She’d always apologize then for sharing so much about bending, making a point to mention his time being an Equalist and the fact that he was uneasy like his family about the benders in the world. She would scold him if she’d heard he was fighting again and demand he stay safe for her. And always at the end she would write the following statement, something that was sure to spark jealousy into the heart of his dear cousin.

I feel I miss you most of all Brady. Thank you for listening to my ramblings. Please don’t forget about me.

“Why on earth would I ever forget about you, Waterworks?” He would ask aloud with a grin, sporting the pet name he’d given her after her many times crying on his shoulder. She often remarked he used it to tease her but it was quite the contrary. He called her Waterworks for during those moments of her completely opening up to him, he found himself trusting the water bender more than his own family. His feelings grew for her though he wasn’t sure he really understood them. He had relationships before with ladies in the city but this was different in his eyes. And until she returned someday, he was unsure what to think of it all.

The sound of a struggle broke the nonbender from his thoughts, Brady slipping out of the flow of the crowds to eye the alleyway beside him. He could hear a conflict from within the dirtied enclosure, whatever was going on protected from the sight of others. He thought to continue forth with the crowd and continue his small vacation from his duties. Everything would flee from thought if he just kept walking forward and didn’t stop to notice the damn sounds of a possible brawl. It wasn’t his business. He promised he wouldn’t fight if he could help it.

But Brady couldn’t help it…especially not when he heard a small gasp and the sound of a body collapsing on the pavement.

Within seconds, Brady rounded the corner of the alleyway and caught sight of three men towering over a cloaked form, the slender figure whimpering as she did her best to back away from her attackers. Each one took a step with each inch she tried to escape, her movements proving useless in the face of her adversaries. None of them seemed to notice Brady entering the fray, the nonbender not wasting a moment to send his left fist hurling forward and smashing against the middle man’s nose.

Blood splattered from the man’s face as the sound of cracking bones echoed through the alleyway, the pair of teammates watching their friend collapse backwards without a fighting chance before they went into action. One’s fist went ablaze while the other prepared to double-team with his lack of bending powers, the newcomer following both of their movements and reacting with each punch sent his way. Brady held his fists high and blocked each blow, doing his best to avoid the flames from the fire bender while he focused his attention to silencing the nonbender still standing with them. All he needed was a…there, he dodged the punch and wrapped his arm in a choke hold around it, Brady then tossing the man backwards without a second thought.

The fallen body narrowly missed the shivering form of the cloaked figure, Brady’s eyes widening at the mistake as he cursed. He’d almost completely forgotten about her being there, likely a side effect of the drive of battle he’d entered. Did he truly miss brawling that much?

A howl erupted from the nonbender’s throat as he felt the scorch of flames tease at his cheek, Brady stumbling backwards as he gingerly touched the skin that was likely reddened and scarring by the second. The fire bender sneered at the solid hit and prepared for another one, the newcomer ready to counter should he come any closer.

But he didn’t get any closer, the fire bender’s eyes widening as a steady stream of water surged through the air from behind Brady and wrapped around the man’s body. He howled in pain as it sent him spiraling back, the man’s skull connecting with the pavement in an audible thud. He was likely down for the count, at least for a moment anyway.

Brady followed the path the fire bender had taken and paid close attention to the water that was now splattered within the alleyway. There was no doubt about it, it was the art of water bending at its finest. Was it the fallen figure? “M-Miss, are you alri-?” The nonbender began to question as he turned to face the cloaked figure, his eyes widening as he paused his words. The figure was on her feet once more, the fallen nonbender off to the side. She had peeled back the hood of her cloak and a familiar face was there to gaze upon her hero.

It had only been six months since he’d last seen Cree but already he could see a change within her. Her dark hair which was once cut short to keep manageable was now longer, her curls tamed into a braid thrown over her left shoulder. Her features seemed more grown up and even her usually timid gaze was braver in his eyes. No matter how much had changed however, Brady knew full well that the girl before him was the same one that had departed six months prior to train in water bending and was also the same girl who had written him all those wonderful novels of letters.

Cree had returned.

“B-Brady, so it was you?” The water bender questioned, practically stuttering as tears beaded up in the corners of her eyes. He noticed her gaze fell quickly upon his damaged cheek and he knew the waterworks were not far behind. “O-Oh no, you’re hurt. I-I told you that you needed to stop fig-.”

Her slender frame was scooped up quickly into the nonbender’s arms, Brady engulfing her in an embrace as waterfalls cascaded onto his shirt. He couldn’t believe it. She was really there. Cree had really returned to him. “D-Dammit Waterworks, I never forgot you for a second you know that!” He spoke into her curls as they lingered there, despite the danger of the three men unconscious at their feet. “I’ve missed you more than anything else in this damn world.”

It seemed the water bender was at a loss of words as she held tight around his chest, mumbling inaudible words into the soaked fabric of his shirt. Brady could have sworn however that it sounded along the lines of how much she missed him more than anything as well.


The Thief And The Guardian

AN: This drabble is a Guild Wars 2 drabble featuring characters I have for my RPs with Taji. It features my guardian named Garen Blackwater (based¬† off Garen from League of Legends and Hadrian Blackwater from the Riyria stories – yep, blatantly based off them and I don’t care lol. I’ll likely change his¬†name later on). He is a¬†vigilante who hopes to one day join the ranks of his fellow soldiers and to uphold some sort of justice within the world. He’s sweet but strict when it comes to the job. In addition I also feature an assassin I hope to create at some point or another named Baylor Lockheart. She’s a feisty human who grew up on the streets and has faced much adversity in her life. She’s grown to be a thief and will do whatever it takes to get what she wants. However, she doesn’t think herself evil and does wish someday to rise from the slump of her life. Anyway, this is just an introductory drabble for them. Hope you enjoy!

*~For Taji~*

¬†An elongated hallway brimming with darkness was all that was left to tackle, the prize awaiting just ahead beyond the veil. Ebony bangs threatened to fall over her ameythest orbs, Baylor quick to slip them behind her ear before daring to return to the matters at hand. She was so close to her money ticket, all that was left was to snatch her score and be off before anyone was the wiser. Everything had gone so well so far and she couldn’t help but feel giddy with the job’s end. However, the thief knew it best not to let her guard down just yet. No, not until the job was finished.

Baylor held her breath and stepped lightly along the path, her boots slipping carefully along the stone floors as she kept a feel for possible traps to end her trek. Every movement was calculated, her body relaxed should anything greet her suddenly to take her down. Within the maze of halls she’d already faced that evening, the few dilemmas she had to face were mainly dastardly spiders and slimes running amok in the darkness. Luckily, everything was managable and she dealt through each with haste, her sights clear on her prey.

As the thief neared the end of the hall, she¬†could feel the lack of presence from another living being and she allowed a grin.¬†Baylor then¬†lit a small torch in her hand and raised it to scan the room ahead. She could already see the small glitter from the Sapphire Heart up, the amulet displayed with various other shimmering jewels of the Lord’s collection. To be honest, if she scooped up all the jewels within the room, she’d be presented with¬†a bountiful fortune. However, Baylor wasn’t the type to go against her chosen goal or mission. No, she was there for one reason alone and that was for the Sapphire Heart. Greed was not worth the trouble that would follow should she snatch all the prizes possible.

“Coast is clear, lucky me,” the woman hummed softly as she maneuvered her way forward and observed the glass case holding the displayed jewels. There wasn’t a single thread or trap that she could see and a shiver went up her spine. Why was it so easy for her to enter and maneuver about? Was this Lord Faren so much an idiot that he’d allow these items to go on unprotected? Weren’t these his family’s jewels? “Such is the life of the priviledged, always taking things foregranted.”

Baylor bit down on her lip as her gloved hands lightly touched the glass casing, her fingers lifting it up and placing it down upon the ground. Everything glittered and begged for attention before her but those amethyst eyes were focused on only one thing. The Sapphire Heart sat perched within the display, the thief carefully lifting it up in her hold with a grin. She did it. She got her prey.

“This deserves a celebration as soon as I’m home. Now I’ve just got to get out of here and-,” Baylor mused happily before her body tensed, a soft hum sounding in her ears from behind. She recognized the growing sound, her eyes widening as she rolled backwards just in time to avoid a large,¬†shimmering blade pierce the ground where she had once stood. A curse rose up from her throat as she twisted her body and made quick for the hallway, her eyes widening as a broad figure stood in her way. “S-Shit!”

The man grinned at her notice, armor covering practically every inch of his body save for his lack of helmet. His dusty brown hair and cape ruffled with his movements as he stepped forward, his hands on the hilt of his large sword as he prepared to pounce. She knew him quite well from past experiences. He was the vigilante Garen Blackwater.

“I knew this shit was too easy,” Baylor howled as she slide along the floor to avoid the swinging blade, her movements fast compared to her armored foe who chased after her through the room. Jewels scattered along the stone floor as their casing were shoved out of the way, leaving the pair to dart through shattered glass and priceless gems while aiming to complete their duties. “Gotta say, it’s been awhile. When was the last time we ran into each other?”

“The manors of Beetletun,” Garen answered with a nod, the shimmering sword from before lifting into the air and acting as a second blade to cage in his prey. The thief took notice of its movements and barely slid to a stop as the blade crashed down into the floor, sending up the stone on impact while Baylor slipped into the glass and cursed as the shards cut at her skin beneath her clothes. The vigilante eyed the downed prey and once more summoned the sword to the air, his armored boots clanging about with his steps as he maneuvered forward to tower over the fallen woman. “Resisting will only grant you further injury Lady Lockheart. I suggest you surrender and come willingly.”

“My, such a gentleman,” the thief huffed as she gingerly touched her arm, amazed to see her skin so riddled with cuts. A frown formed on her lips as she narrowed her gaze towards the guardian hovering about, the man keeping an even stare upon her body as she spit his way. “Garen Blackwater, must you ruin a perfectly good job for me. And not only that but you’ve damaged my good looks. Such a bully!”

“We can tend to those wounds once the Sapphire Heart is safely returned and we’re on the road towards the Seraph headquarters. For now however, we must act on business. After all Lady Lockheart, this is a job for me as well,” Garen stated, awaiting Baylor’s movements to see how she’d react to her capture. For added measure though he continued with a small grin, “and milady, I must add that your good looks will never be damaged in any sense by me. Those cuts will heal and you will remain as stunning as ever.”

“Oh look, we’ve got a charmer over here,” Baylor sneered with narrowed eyes towards the hand the guardian extended towards her, her breath held tight as she prepared her next move. He just had to be a little closer. Just a little bit-there. The thief grabbed his gauntlet and swung her body in the air, the guardian’s movements slow in comparison as Baylor managed to twist her body completely above the armored man and landing upon the floor behind him. His swords both swung as he moved but it was too late, the woman was already darting down the darkened hallway towards freedom. And she still had the Sapphire Heart tight in her grasps. “Later Blackwater!”

“Lady Lockheart, halt!” Garen called out as his summoned sword went forth to take her down but to no avail. Even in chase, the woman had slipped through his fingers, the guardian cursing at his failure whilst a pair of figures slipped out from the darkness. Lord Faren looked horrified to see his family’s jewels handled in such a manor upon the floor, all the while Bellamy Jones came beside his guardian friend and offered a smile. Garen nodded towards him and slipped his sword in the sheath on his back. “I must tend to her chase with haste. My apologies on how I handled the job.”

“Faren’s fine, he can pay for the damage easily,” Bellamy added with a chuckle, the warrior watching his friend barrel down the hall in all his armored glory. He knew Garen wouldn’t stop until he caught the bandit who dared to steal under his watch. Too bad for him he was going against a woman with similar ideals, never to stop until she was safe from those who dared to chase her. Alas, that meant the warrior was left alone with the sniveling noble moaning over the damage to his family estate. Such fun. Perhaps he should join in the chase as well.


Wendell in Wonderland – Part Seven

AN: Finally updating this story; I can’t believe it’s almost been a full year since I’ve written an update!¬†ūüôā I really am enjoying this little tale of Alice in Wonderland as told in the universe of Taji and my Dragon Hunters RP. I can’t wait to get to the action-filled parts ūüėÄ Hope you guys enjoy! I’m a little rusty with this story so hopefully this post doesn’t suck too bad xD

Also, I’ve linked up each part for you here so you can snag a quick read if you’d like.

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Without further adieu, here’s the next part of our tale!

¬†The door to the Tea Party Tavern swung open without a fight, San and Jurgo entering the main hall together while the guild members all gawked from their seats. The red-armored woman grinned as she scanned the crowd, her companion keeping his even¬†stare forward¬†whilst awaiting his next move. For him, San called the shots. He’d go wherever she commanded.

It was clear the guild members were all fearful at the sight of the Red Guard entering their humble hovel, the defenseless and the children quickly shoveled to safety while the warriors stayed ready for whatever came next. Everyone looked to their leader who had stepped out onto the floor with his second-in-command, hoping to see him poised to handle the pests that entered their threshold.

Unfortunately for them, Aaron was not prepared to be greeted by such familiar faces from his past. During his time working as a mercenary in the White Kingdom, he’d met the two and gone on several missions alongside them. Together, the three of them were a ruthless crew, aiming to get the job done and get paid without a slipup. The three were renowned for their abilities and for their ability to mold well together as a team. They had trusted one-another with their lives. It was one of the reasons San revealed her reason for living the life she did, a young daughter by the name of Adeline.

They were a well-oiled machine on their battlefield; however, Aaron always struggled with going against his better judgement to get the job done. He could never stop thinking about the friends he’d met in his life that thought against such violence for a paycheck and eventually he left that life behind for something better. He took up his sword for a friend and became the White Knight. He led the White Guard to protect the¬†King and his family, including his best friend¬†the Prince of Spades.

And he stayed with that life…until¬†that fated day. From then on, most of the White¬†Guard formed into a guild, following Aaron to the Tea Party¬†Tavern where they took base. The White¬†Knight had abandoned his title, instead referring to himself by his mercenary name the Mad Hatter. ¬†Together with his closest friends, he vowed to protect those that mattered most to him.

He included San and Jurgo into that batch however.

The guild leader gasped at the sight of his former allies, his fists quaking at his side. Martin took notice and held his breath, hoping to keep his composure for the both of them. What were they doing there standing against them? What were they doing there adorning the colors of the red guard? What the hell was San and Jurgo thinking? Aaron had always known the drive for money with his two friends was greater than most but aligning with the Red Court was something he just couldn’t see them doing.

Unless-Did Adeline have something to do with it?

“Is that you, Aaron? Oh what luck, it’s good to see you buddy,” San mused with a wave, Jurgo managing a small nod before returning to attention. The guild members kept silent at the notion, awaiting the orders from their leader. The Mad Hatter frowned and swallowed his questions, the man stepping forward to greet the newcomers with a nod. “This must be your guild’s place! We heard you were back to using that name of yours. Heh, I was always hoping to run into you again. I’ve missed you!”

“I’ve missed you too San, Jurgo. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the colors you’re sporting at the moment,” he stated with a growl in his throat, the red-armored man’s eyes flashing at the tone. Jurgo was ready to step forward with his sword at the ready but San quickly reached out to pause his movements, her grin still strong on her lips as she nodded along with her old friend’s words. “This tavern doesn’t allow Red Guard in here. You may want to step outside.”

“Well lucky for us we’re just hired hands,” the woman hummed aloud, her eyes scanning every face in the room with interest. None of them stood out as any of her targets though she knew better than to withdraw, especially when their tracking led to the hovel where their old friend Aaron the Mad Hatter resided. In the long run, the man couldn’t help but be the hero. She doubted that side of him changed. “Seems like you’ve got yourself a full house. Lots of people under your command. Good on you!”

“Hired hands or not, you’re still sporting the colors and I ask you again to step outside. I’ll be glad to talk with you outside,” Aaron continued, Martin strong at his side ready to assist when needed. “I won’t ask you again.”

“It’d be wise of you to not threaten us,” Jurgo growled, his hand prepped at the hilt of his blade. San found it difficult to calm her protective ally but she knew if she didn’t he would go overboard in his actions. So she kindly slipped her hand upon his and held on tight, inwardly stressing his need for composure as they dealt with the guild before them. In the end, Aaron was still a friend she trusted whole-heartedly and she did not want to see him harmed in any way.

“Now now Jurgo. No need to be hasty. We’re more than willing to cooperate with our dear friend Aaron, isn’t that right?” The woman interrupted with a nod, her companion eyeing her carefully before stepping back and releasing his blade. He then turned heel and aimed for the exit, San stepping back as well with a wide grin on her lips. “We’ll step outside so as not to ruffle up anyone’s feathers. However we are here for a reason so if we could just ask for you to join us outside for a moment it would help us out greatly. It’s nothing too major. We’re simply looking for someone who’s been seen coming this way. Any help you can offer us is greatly appreciated Aaron.”

“I can tell you now that I won’t be any help at all. We haven’t gotten a single soul our way in awhile. Only members of my guild. And I won’t be giving up any members of my guild,” the Mad Hatter growled, glaring at each departing soul hoping to understand their game. It was likely they were after the gatekeeper in the stables but there was also a small chance they knew about Miller. He had to play things cool. “Sorry San, I’m not sure there’s anything I can help you with.”

“You’re shooing me away so easily? Makes me wonder if-,” San insinuated with a raised brow, Martin quickly stepping in-between them with a chuckle.

“We’ll both come outside and talk to you. Perhaps we can wager our time into helping keep a look out for whomever you’re seeking,” the March Hare stated, his hand strong on Aaron’s back as he moved his leader with him towards the exit with the newcomers. “It never hurts to hear them out right? We’ll speak with them outside and maybe we can come to an understanding of what they need. After all, they’re friends from the past. I’m sure they’re-.”

Suddenly a crashing sound echoed through the woods, Aaron and Martin’s eyes widening as they knew exactly where it came from. The stables. San lifted a gaze at the sound with a grin on her lips, Jurgo’s hand once more resting on the hilt of his blade as he awaited the orders.

“Jurgo,” the woman mused, Aaron and Martin quick to barrel forward and force both of them out of the tavern. “Go.”

“Don’t you dare!” Aaron called out, the Mad Hatter reaching for his blade and beginning after the hired hand. San was quicker than ever as she got between them, her daggers sliding along the sword’s blade and manuevering it off its ventured path. The leader cursed and righted his footing while Martin joined him on the battlefield, a crafted explosive leaving his hold to force back the woman from his ally. Noticing the threat, San leapt back and held her daggers out in defense. She made no effort to aim for the stables after her companion and instead held her gaze upon her former ally. Aaron knew Jurgo would be the only one needed to handle those awaiting in the stables; however, he feared the actions he’d take to carry out his orders. Without San holding a careful gaze upon his movements, Jurgo had a tendency to force unneeded bloodshed.¬†He¬†prayed Baila took position in the stables and prepared himself to attack once more.¬†¬†“You’re making a big mistake, San. Call him off!’

“We’re not going to hurt anyone. We’re simply taking what our job entails,” San mentioned, rolling her eyes at the accusations presented. “You should know better than to hide things from us. You know you’ve never been too good at it. Now shush and let us do our jobs, Mad Hatter. After all, it’s just business.”

“Business in dealing with people’s lives as if they are mere currency?” Martin stated, the second-in-command frowning beside his leader. “I’m afraid we cannot allow such activities in our base of operations. Your business is not welcome here!”

“I don’t want to hurt either of you, San!” Aaron shouted and darted forward, his sword aimed for attack. “But I can’t let you continue on this path! This ends here!”

“I’m afraid that won’t be the case, Aaron. After all, this is much bigger than just a mere job for me,” San alluded, the¬†woman offering¬†a sincere glance towards her former ally before she prepared to counter his drive. “The Red Queen is waiting!”


Baila barged into the stables, quick to avoid the approaching sights of the Red Guard approaching as she shoved the dazed form of Nelson into one of the empty stalls. Her armor clanged as she approached the group huddled together, the woman managing a sheepish grin on her lips as she drank in the newcomer trembling upon the haybed. There was something unworldly about her, the aura of her being radiating a strange sort. So this was the gatekeeper Sable and Kyle had mentioned? She had to admit, it seemed plausible, especially being as the Red Guard were nipping at their doorstep.

“B-Baila, thank goodness!” Violet exclaimed as she stumbled out of the stall and wrapped her arms around the armored woman. Baila allowed a small pat atop the girl’s head before shoving her off, gesturing towards the stalls in the back of the stables. “T-The Red Guard are approaching and-.”

“Shush now Vi, I’m here now and I’m going to make sure those pests don’t make it anywhere close to here,” the woman boasted, Nathan quick to follow after Violet into hiding. Miller aided Wendell to her feet and prepared to follow but we quickly stopped by the armored woman. “So you’re the one called Wendell?”

The tracker frowned at the question, “Baila, there’s no time for-.”

Her eyes narrowed towards Miller, the man swallowing his words, “it’s important for me to know who I’m protecting here. I already know you so shush and let me meet the gatekeeper herself.” The addressed managed a nod and scurried into hiding, allowing Baila a chance to meet the shivering form of Wendell. “There’s no reason to be scared, love. I’m going to protect you. My name is Baila of the Hatter’s Guild, formerly a ranked member of the White Guard. I will defend you no matter what. Do you trust me to protect you?”

“I-,” the nurse stuttered, her eyes wide as she soaked in the armored woman’s stance before her. She was steel-plated from head to toe as if ready for war at any second. Despite the feeling of the situation however, the woman grinned and glittered with excitement. It was strange to Wendell and yet…she trusted her. “I do trust you. Thank you for this, Baila.”

“No reason to thank me yet,” Baila cooed while lightly shoving Wendell to the hiding place, the nurse stumbling and collapsing into Miller’s arms as she burned red. The tracker didn’t seem to mind as he held her tight in his hold and looked to their protector for orders. “Violet and Nathan, should things escalate into dangerous matters, you will flee to the safety of the tavern. Do you understand me?”

Both nodded at the orders, already marking the loose boards to weasel through should they need to flee.

“Miller and Wendell, you are both to venture further into the woods. You’ll be safer out there with the forest to protect you from the Red Guard. After all, you both are the possible targets here,” Baila continued, her statement raising the brow of the young members of the group as well as Wendell.

“W-Wait, why would Miller be tar-?”

¬†It was then that Nelson had stumbled in his stall, the armored woman cringing at the sound of something loud crashing upon the ground. She’d completely forgotten about that idiot. She’d wished Perry threw him harder at that moment. There was no way the Red Guard would let that symphony of struggle go unattended.

“Damn it all, get ready to bolt!” Baila snapped as she began out of the stables, the woman catching sight of a figure aiming for their location with his blade armed to attack. “You have three seconds to back off or I’ll-.”

“Not interested,” Jurgo annouced and their blades collided, sparks soaring as they began their dance.

*~Part Seven End~*

Grocery Bags Are Terrifying

AN: I’m gonna try my hand at another centaur drabble >.< as I stated before, my friend Taji introduced me to an artist on tumblr named hubedihubbe ¬†who has amazing centaur art with awesome backstories¬†ūüôā¬†I love every piece she‚Äôs done so far and I love all the characters she‚Äôs created. On the farm, there is a paint who‚Äôs interested in the items of humans named Aerick and the farmer‚Äôs daughter Sophie who are good friends. I wanted to write another little story featuring the two based on one of the posts: http://maeeverglow.tumblr.com/post/92211927206/hubedihubbe-you-guys-sent-me-suggestions-on#notes. I hope I don‚Äôt screw up her characters or anything because they‚Äôre just so awesome >.<

Disclaimer: I do not own the centaurs, the setting, characters, or anything featured here. They belong to hubedihubbe. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

Sophie stepped lightly through the market, juggling three bags of groceries in her arms. She went over the list her father provided in her mind, silently checking off each item with a grin. Seemed it was a successful venture after all coming into town.

At least, that’s what she hoped for. She still had to make the trek back to the farm with a certain someone she’d left posed elsewhere. Crossing the marketplace, she could already make out the quivering silhouette of a centaur trembling by the fences, his curious nature clearly getting the better of him as a pack of children hounded about his hooves and pinned him in place. They simply wanted to play yet he felt surrounded, his gaze searching for aide from passerbys as he tried to maneuver away from the tiny terrors.

It was hilarious to witness, at least by Sophie’s standards. She perched herself across the way with a smirk playing on her lips, enjoying the show Aerick and the children provided. The show would have continued if not for the paint catching sight of her across the way, his arms flailing about as a whine erupted from his throat. A sigh escaped her lips as the farmer’s daughter began to the small crowd, ushering the children away from the centaur one-by-one. Soon, it was just the two of them standing by the fence, Aerick shaking off his fears of being cornered and grinning up a storm.

“Well, that was fun!” He exclaimed with a hum.

Sophie raised a brow at his words. “Oh really?” She questioned, disbelief staining her tone. “From where I was standing, you looked quite terrified.”

“Ha, isn’t that a laugh,” the paint stated with a chuckle, his voice trailing off with hesitance. Despite his strong stance, a relevant quiver rippled down his spine at the memory of the children swarming him.

At first, everything was fine. Aerick had waved over a little boy who looked to him with eyes filled with wonder. Little did the paint know that a wave of children would follow after, similar to a tidal wave cascading down upon his trembling form. They were all so loud and energetic, teasing about his hooves without worry while he backed up into the fence without a path of escape. Aerick did have a fascination for humans and their many trinkets of wonder yet he was also a skittish sort. Since arriving at the farm, he’d gotten better but there were still a few instances where he was riddled with terror from things he had yet to truly understand or things that overpowered him.

Sophie grinned at several memories in her mind that Aerick reacted in a similar manner, the girl adjusting the grocery bags in her hold and patting the paint¬†lightly on the arm for comfort. “It’s ok, there’s no need to worry about anything,” she mused with a nod back down the road towards where the farm awaited them. “You ready? I think it’s about time we headed home.”

Aerick’s grin was wide, his teeth glittering in the sunlight while he scampered¬†to her side. His eyes shone with concern however when he noticed the girl’s struggle with the bags he couldn’t help but lower his stare to observe the groceries curiously. “A-Are you ok?”

Adjusting the bags once more in her hold, Sophie managed a smile as she answered, “y-yeah I’m fine. These bags are just a little he-.”

Her voice trailed off, the farmer’s daughter scanning over the centaur at her side with hopeful eyes. Aerick’s head tilted at the gesture, his painted bangs daring to curtain his view as he looked upon his human friend. He wasn’t prepared for her next action, Sophie adjusting two bags in one arm while she held out the third bag towards him. It made a crinkling sound in her grasp and the paint¬†staggered and flinched, his expressions comical to the girl as she held back a chuckle.

“What are you doing, Aerick?” She asked, her tone gentle to calm the centaur before her.

“I-I don’t like that sound,” he answered, practically stuttering as he spoke. A breeze settled in and caused the bag to crinkle once more, the centaur inching further from the girl and her outstretched gift. “I-It won’t stop. Make it stop. That thing is mean.”

“It’s a bag of groceries,” Sophie hummed with a grin, extending it further towards the paint. Aerick¬†whined and stomped his hooves at the gesture, the action only fueling the girl to continue. “Come on Aerick, the least you could do is help me. It’s a bag of groceries, it’s not going to hurt you.”

“B-But Sophie, it’s-it’s scary-p-please-,” the paint whimpered and continued to flee the grocery bag, the farmer’s daughter darting after him with a grin on her lips. She was just enjoying herself too much with his company today. “S-Sophie, p-please stop-d-don’t-.”

“Come on Aerick, just take-.” Sophie’s voice cut out as she stumbled in her steps, the grocery bag fleeing from her grasp as she tried to right herself. The crinkling sound was almost an explosion to poor Aerick’s ears as he kicked in an effort to flee, his front¬†legs slamming into the girl’s back as she slipped past. Sophie let out a yelp at the impact, her body sprawling out on the ground while the grocery bags rolled from her hold.

It took only a moment for Aerick to realize what he’d done but it was already too late. An aura of fury rose from the girl’s fallen body, her hands slamming into the dirt as she forced herself up. Her¬†top and shorts were riddled with stains and her nose was red from impact yet nothing compared to the reddening of her cheeks and the spark of fire in her eyes. Sophie was pissed.

“I-I’m sorry-I-I didn’t mean to-,” Aerick began to apologize, the paint stumbling back as the girl scooped up each bag from the ground and turned to leave. Each stomp was fierce as she fled for home, leaving the centaur quivering while he reached out towards his friend. “B-But Sophie, I-.”

“Last time I ask you for help!” She shouted without bothering to turn her gaze, the centaur gulping hard in his throat before galloping after her.

“I-I’m really sorry, I swear!” He cried, finally pacing with her steps as he reached out to take one of the bags. “I-I can take it now. I can take it, I sw-.”

“I’m going to kick you in the butt next time you jerk!” Sophie snapped, the girl darting off in hopes to outrun the centaur. Of course, it was clear when he continued to hold her pace that it was a lost cause. She sighed at this and eventually slowed down, the two of them managing a gingerly pace towards home. Both of them housed reddened cheeks from the events that afternoon. Lucky for Aerick, his friend was more forgiving than others. So she simply nudged him lightly and offered the bag once more, the paint cautious as he scooped it up in his hold. His hesitance soon washed away as he studied the bag in his hold, a grin on his lips as he snuggled it close. “See, not so scary right?’

“Yeah!” He exclaimed with a chuckle, the two of them allowing a moment to laugh with one-another before continuing on their trek home.


Bending In Secret

AN: Another quick drabble of my Legend of Korra RP with Taji featuring her character Brady and my character Cree. Hopefully it doesn’t turn out to be super rushed since I’m super tired. Hope you enjoy!

Tucked away deep within the cover of darkness and shielded by the forest was a small pool of water, falls cascading down the cliffside in a rhythmic echo. Cree had taken comfort in the calming sound, the girl settling in by the waterside as she hummed a little tune she remembered from her childhood. She missed those days the most, her mother still alive and happily at her side as the girl ventured into the world. Back then, she was allowed to bend the water at will. Not anymore.

The girl peeked over his shoulder towards where she’d left the camp, the smoke curling up from the fire they’d made that evening. It was quite far of a walk and Cree found comfort in that fact, her body relaxed with the freedom from her father and the others. Sure, it was terrifying to be alone in the darkness with dangers likely lurking at every turn. However, being alone meant she could do the impossible.

She could bend the water.

Cree kicked off her boots and settled her toes into the water, a smile brimming on her lips as she stepped further into the pool. The water soaked at her dress but she didn’t seemed to mind. All that mattered was the comfort she felt at that moment as she held her hands out before her and prepared her stance.

Beads of water rose up and formed into ribbons about the girl’s body, Cree beginning to dance in the pool as her power surged through her. She could feel the water curling around her arms and torso and she hummed the familiar song her mother had taught her as a child. It was such a wonderful feeling to be able to free herself from what her father wished her to be.

She was happy there, dancing in the moonlight. Nothing could take away that happiness.

Little did she know that a figure was venturing through the woods, his eyes darting along the shadows in hopes to locate the missing girl from camp. Brady had noticed Cree vanish from sight quite awhile beforehand, the former equalist growing worried when she had yet to return. So he quickly took it upon himself to step through the woods and find her, preparing himself for ¬†every possible reason for why she’d be missing.

Brady hoped she was simply taking her time with a leisurely stroll but he could never be too careful when it came to that girl. After all, she was practically a walking target for a bad guy. She did her best to keep her bending powers locked away due to her father’s wishes and when it came to physical strength the girl was lacking. Cree was practically as fragile as a doll.

“I’m sure she’s fine,” the boy muttered under his breath as he caught the sound of the cascading falls, Brady deciding to aim there first in his adventures. “Everything will be fi-.”

As Brady was able to peer through the brush, he let out a gasp before hiding himself under their protective cover. He made out the dancing form of Cree in the moonlight, watching the water ribbons flow about her in a spectacle he’d only witnessed by those along the streets of the city. It had been rare to witness such a sight from the timid girl he’d met at the Inn however. And it was even more rare to see such a magnificent smile on her lips.

He couldn’t help it. Brady inched out of his hiding place and stepped lightly forward towards the pool, Cree continuing her dance without notice of the intruder. He just wanted a closer look. Just a closer look at her smile as she danced. He just needed to-


The sound of the branch beneath his boot cracking in the night seemed to echo throughout the night and he cursed. Within seconds, Cree twisted around in panic and sent a wave of water forth to attack whoever had sneaked up behind her. The water was practically a tidal wave as it surged over Brady’s body, the boy collapsing under the pressure and rolling back into the trees. He was soaked to the bone as he shivered, the breeze sending chills down his spine as he eyed the pool in shock.

Cree was traumatized by the sight, her eyes wide as she stared upon the fallen boy. He’d seen her. He’d seen her waterbend. He was going to tell her father. She was going to be in trouble for sure. But not only that, she’d actually used her powers and attacked him. And he was possibly hurt.

“I-I-I’m-I-I-,” she stuttered, the girl backing away in the pool of water as she tried to bite back her tears. “O-Oh-Oh no, I-I-.”

“D-Don’t worry about it,” Brady was quick to react, realizing those panicked eyes of hers as he stumbled to his feet. He could feel his clothes cling to his body and it was clear he was shivering uncontrollably but it didn’t matter. He rushed forward in hopes to calm down the waterbender. “C-Cree, it’s ok. Don’t worry about it.”

“D-Dad is going to be so angry with me,” she continued, tears rolling down her cheeks as she backed up further into the pool. “He’s going to be so-.”

Suddenly she felt the sharp sting of her heel colliding with something underneath the water, the bender beginning to stumble backwards as she gasped. Brady had noticed this and was quick to dart forward, the boy wrapping his arms around her in hopes to keep her from falling back into the pool.

It didn’t help. Both of them slipped into the water, Cree’s dress soaked by the water while Brady hovered above her. Their eyes locked at the awkward position and both burned crimson at the close proximity, the boy throwing himself from her as he cursed.

“D-Damnit I’m so sorry I-,” he apologized as he ran a hand through his soaked hair, the boy then stepping back to the girl’s side and offering a hand. “I-I didn’t mean to spy on you or anything. And don’t worry about your dad. I’m not going to tell on you. I swear!”

Cree eyed the gesture with wavering eyes, the girl pausing a moment before accepting the hand. Brady lifted up from the pool and blushed as her dress stuck to her figure, his eyes avoiding the sight as he led her from the water. Both of them shivered in the breeze, their teeth chattering like instruments.

“I-I’m sorry I attacked you,” the waterbender managed to say through the chatter.

“I’m sorry I spooked you. You know, among other things,” he retorted with a sigh. “You looked happy by the way.”

Cree glanced towards him in shock, “w-what did you-?”

“You looked happy there,” he continued. “When you were waterbending, you were smiling.”

“W-Was I?” She questioned, recalling the dance with a fond smile hidden beneath her soaked locks. “T-Thank you for not telling anyone about this. I-It means a lot to me.”

“It’s no big deal,” Brady stated with a shrug, the soaked boy turning to leave before he came to a halt and eyed her over his shoulder. “Y-You know, if you ever want to sneak away like this and waterbend, just ask me. I’ll come with you so you’re not alone.”

Cree turned crimson at his words, the waterbender dazed at such a request. Was he really so accepting of a bender using their powers? Especially when the bender had literally just attacked him with a tidal wave? She couldn’t hold back a giggle from her throat as she settled in beside her companion, oddly accepting of his company and trusting of him. Then again, she’d always found Brady one of the special ones in her life. Same with Prill and Myra.

With them, she could be the waterbender she was without fear.

“T-Thank you,” she whispered with a smile, the boy taking her hand gently and leading her back towards camp. Together they shivered and recalled the events just mere moments beforehand. And they couldn’t help but imagine the snide remarks they’d hear from the others, as well as the judgmental questions from the adults.


A Meeting With Sarah

AN: A dragon hunters drabble for Taji ūüôā it features her characters Sarah, Jarell, Kyle, Miller and mention of Martin; as well as mention of my character Bayelei. It’s not that good of a drabble unfortunately but I’ll post it anyway. Hope you guys enjoy!

Sarah’s foot bobbed as she sat upon the bench, her eyes scanning the passerbys with interest as she awaited her appointment. Miller had promised her he’d been there an hour beforehand, the woman growing impatient with his lack of punctuality. She’d surely give him a piece of her mind when he finally bothered to show up. It wasn’t as if she were in a hurry for anything though. Still, there were such things as manners.

“Sorry I’m late Sarah!” A voice called out from over the crowds, the woman narrowing her eyes in Miller’s direction as he appeared darting along the road. He was clearly frazzled from the look of him and she wondered what got him so stressed. It was only when she noticed two others darting behind him equally strained did she begin to piece together the puzzle. It seemed Miller was playing chaperon to the newcomer of the guild…and it seemed Jarell was likely being punished into helping with chores.

“I thought you’d be coming alone,” Sarah hummed as all three of them skidded to a stop, the younger Jamerson turning a shade of crimson in the presence of the woman. Kyle eyed her with interest, offering a flirtatious smile in hopes to gather as much as he could from her. And last but certainly not least, the tracker took a moment to steady his breathing before he released an audible sigh and dipped a hand into his satchel. Sarah frowned at the gesture, “you know this is the first time you’ve been this late before. What’s all this about anyway?”

Miller eyed Kyle, the newcomer’s sheepish grin fierce on his lips as he hummed, “I had to deal with this pain in the ass all the way here. He wouldn’t stop talking to every bloody person we passed.”

“I’m a friendly person,” the addressed mused with a bow to the woman. “A pleasure to meet you Sarah, my name is Kyle. I’ve heard a lot about you from the guild boys. Heh, Jarell here kept saying just how wonderful you a-.”

An elbow forced itself into Kyle’s gut, the newcomer keeling over in pain while Jarell eyed his fallen form. Then, with a sigh, he looked to Sarah with a shy grin, “it-it’s good to see you Sarah.”

Though angered with being so behind in schedule, Sarah couldn’t help but smile under the younger Jamerson’s notice, “it’s good to see you too Jarell. Your brother isn’t out and about with you today?”

“Martin has taken a day off,” Miller interrupted, pulling out a bundle of scales from the guild’s latest venture into the woods. He carefully stepped over Kyle and slipped the bundle to the woman, Sarah taking it with a grateful nod.

“He’s spending the day with Baye,” Jarell added with a glare towards the tracker. “He convinced her to go out to our family’s land again for the day.”

“Worst time for them to take a day off,” Miller grumbled under his breath.

“They both need it after everything that’s been going on,” Jarell snipped in retort.

“I wanted to go too,” Kyle whined suddenly, the newcomer back on his feet as he shoved between both men with a huff. “Baye gets to have all the fun.”

“Yes, by all means go on their date,” the younger Jamerson growled.

“Like hell you could go with them, you’ve got a job to do as our new guild member Kyle. Now shut up and-.”

“All of you shut up,” Sarah suddenly chimed in with a smirk, the woman eyeing each scale with interest as she sized up the condition of each. All three men glanced at her with raised brows yet they kept their lips sealed in anticipation for what she’d appraise for their items. “You’ve got quite a haul today. I’d venture you could sell these for a decent price. I’ll write out the numbers for you Miller.”

“Sounds good. Thanks Sarah,” Miller mentioned with a sigh of relief, praising the heavens for a decent turnout from the team’s efforts. Perhaps Bayelei wouldn’t murder him when her pockets filled with coin; though, he was pleased to notice her attention to money had dwindled now that she was back in Eastwyvern with not only her friends but Martin spending more and more time by her side. “You’re always so-.”

“So you’re the love who’s appraisals get us paid for a good chunk of the hunts around here?” Kyle suddenly interrupted with a smirk, Jarell’s glare deadly in his direction though the newcomer dared to ignore it. “I must ask, perchance are you single, milady?”

That did it. Sarah released a gasp as Jarell sprung into action, his fist slamming against the newcomer’s shoulder and sending him shuffling backwards into the wall. Kyle landed with a thud and collapsed to the ground in a huff, Miller’s eyes widening at the treatment before scurrying over to his side to check up on him. All the while, the woman glanced towards the younger Jamerson who was once more crimson as he avoided her eye.

“S-So, about those numbers?” He asked, trying hard to remain calm despite his embarrassing reaction to such an question.

“R-Right,” Sarah stuttered, the woman glancing between the three men before releasing a sigh. “I-I’ll get right on that.”


Bubbly Toes

AN: Ok, so my friend Taji introduced me to an artist on tumblr named hubedihubbe ¬†who has amazing centaur art with awesome backstories ūüôā I love every piece she’s done so far and I love all the characters she’s created. On the farm, there is a paint who’s interested in the items of humans named Aerick and the farmer’s daughter Sophie who are good friends. I wanted to write a little story featuring the two. I hope I don’t screw up her characters or anything because they’re just so awesome >.<

Disclaimer: I do not own the centaurs, the setting, characters, or anything featured here. They belong to hubedihubbe. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

Pillows and blankets of all sorts and sizes were scattered about along the flooring of Aerick’s room within the stables, the paint grinning happily as he stepped inside. His hooves skipped about as he settled into the comfort of the largest pile, his tanned skin brushing along the assorted fabrics. His grin never left his lips as he stretched his limbs and hugged one of the largest pillows, his gaze settling towards the door of his room where Sophie stood idle.

The girl eyed into the room and studied the layout with interest, amazed at how many humanly items her friend had gathered when he wasn’t tending to the jobs on the farm. Watching him sprawl out upon the various comforts he found was enough to form a smile on her lips.

“Come in already!” The paint called out with a wave of his hand, the centaur still hugging one of the larger pillows to his chest with a hum in his throat. “It’s the best!”

“I’m fairly certain you have more pillows and blankets than I’ve ever seen in all my life,” Sophie commented with a chuckle as she slipped off her shoes with her fingers. ¬†Her brown¬†curls bounced along with her movements as she stepped along the piles and maneuvered to the centaur’s side. “Dad really helped spoil you rotten huh?”

Aerick kept silent as he watched her pause to stare upon him, his eyes gesturing for her to settle in beside him. A sigh erupted from her throat yet she did as he willed, lowering her body upon the largest pile of pillows beside him. She could feel the comforts swallowing her up as she settled in, her chuckle echoing through the room as she did her best to straighten in her seat.

“You’re so small the pillows ate you,” Aerick teased with a sheepish grin as he watched Sophie’s struggle, the girl finally able to prop herself up among the pillows so she could face her friend. Cross-legged with toes free to soak in the fresh air, she managed to stick out her tongue at his response as she finally seemed comfortable. “Do you like it? I just love it so much. It’s got so many treasures all in one room. I bet you’re jealous!”

“I’m jealous you have more pillows than me,” Sophie hummed in retort, the girl settling back on her hands to stare up at the ceiling.

“Well, you can have one if you’d like. I don’t mind sharing with you,” the paint mentioned, each syllable growing more hesitant as he scanned about his room at his many pillows.

Each one was a special treasure to him and he couldn’t help but feel remorse should he ever be parted with any. But if it were for Sophie, he supposed it would be ok. After all, she was his friend and she was worth it.

“M-Maybe I could interest you in this on-,” he began as he lowered his larger pillow to replace with one of various colored prints, his eyes widening as he stared with longing. “O-On second thought, perhaps this one over he-,” he tossed away the colored pillow to scoop up one with an intricate design stitched into a dark fabric. There were moments where Aerick would get lost in the beautiful design, imagining the human that toiled away to stitch such an amazing piece of art. “A-Actually, you know what, this one here is-.”

The paint couldn’t seem to gather up one of the pillows to part with, his lips quivering at the thought of separation. All the while Sophie stared upon his inner struggle with a smirk playing on her lips, the girl stretching out upon the bedding and wiggling her toes about in the open air. “You don’t need to give me any of your pillows, you goofball. If I want to lay on them, I’ll just sneak out here for a quick snooze.”

Aerick lifted his gaze and allowed an appreciative smile, the centaur abandoning the pillows he’d been sorting through to focus on another matter at hand. He lowered his body to stare upon Sophie’s feet, the girl unsuspecting of his actions as she relaxed and closed her vision off to catch a few winks. He watched her toes wiggle, his fascination piqued as he reached out a hesitant hand to touch them.

There were many ways humans and centaurs were different, though Aerick had always found their lower halves to be quick a sight. Their feet were especially extraordinary to see, though they often shielded them with shoes. He recalled a few times he saw Sophie skipping about barefoot and had always pinpointed to those toes of her wiggling about and digging into the dirt. They were so alive it seemed; so free. And he wondered what it was like to have such bubbly toes in his possession.

Without a second thought, his fingers brushed along the skin of Sophie’s toes and felt them jerk suddenly at the touch. Aerick’s eyes widened at the reaction, the centaur concerned he’d done something wrong. However, Sophie had yet to stir from her spot on the pillows so he dared to try again. Reaching out, he allowed his fingers to pinch at the wiggly toes and brush along them without a care.

And he immediately regretted his decision.

Sophie’s feet kicked about at the touch and she had managed to secure a blow to the poor centaur’s cheek, Aerick sputtering backwards with a whine while the girl darted up from her nap. Her hair was disheveled and her eyes were wide as she raised a hand to rest upon her chest. She could feel her heart beating rapidly, as if desperate to escape the clutches of her bones and skin. Allowing herself a moment to catch her breath, Sophie narrowed her gaze upon the shivering form of Aerick.

“Don’t do that,” she growled, her tone utterly terrifying to the paint as he gulped. “That tickles.”

“R-Right,” he stuttered with a nod as he gingerly touched his bruised cheek, the centaur inching further from his friend for fear of her attacking him again. “S-Sorry about that.”

It was then the girl noticed the state Aerick was in, her eyes widening as she studied his injury and state of mind. Rolling over to her knees, Sophie crawled along the piles of pillows and reached a hand to touch his cheek, the centaur cowering from her with a gasp.

“I didn’t mean that, I’m so sorry!” She cried out, her heart sinking at his reaction as she slipped back on her haunches and whimpered in her throat. “I-I just wasn’t-I just-I wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t expecting to be tickled and-oh gosh, I’m so sorry Aerick!”

A shade of crimson settled upon the centaur’s cheeks at her confession, Aerick eyeing her carefully as she sunk before him. He gathered up his courage and reached out to her, scooping her up in his hold and forcing her into a hug. She struggled at first but felt the warmth of his skin and settled in with a smile, accepting his embrace as she wrapped her arms around his chest.

“I-I’m sorry about tickling your toes,” he whispered into her curls.

“I-I’m sorry about kicking you in the face,” she added with a giggle and the two of them separated, settling back into the comfort of the pillows with grins all around. Eventually Sophie did allow Aerick to touch her toes again, though his hesitance was greater the second time around. He was ready to avoid the flailing limbs of the human girl should he need to.


What If

AN: A quick Alters drabble since I’ve been rereading things and really miss these RPs with Taji. Someday we will continue on! Someday!!! Hope you guys enjoy!

“Have you ever imagined being the alter instead of the human?”

Rune raised a brow at Gadget’s question, his shy glance settling on the woman nursing her injured arm as she stared upon the city below. He had to ponder just how her mind worked and if the drugs were taking effect once more on her¬†psyche. A cringe on his lips formed under the memory of her first escapade through Mildred’s apartment, her loopy, drug-induced actions exhausting him beyond redemption. “W-What was that?” He asked, inching away in his seat from the woman.

Gadget turned her gaze to her companion, seeming rather sane despite her strange question, “have you ever imagined being the alter instead of the human? Like if you were the alter instead of Alst and he was the human. Have you ever thought about things like that?”

“Me? An alter? And Alst the human?” Rune repeated, sending a hand through his unruly locks as he thought on the question. “I-I’ve never thought about things like that, especially when Alst is part of the equation. There are usually other things on my mind when it comes to me and him, like if we can escape each other’s grasps without one of us dying in the process.”

Her head tilted and she smiled at his words, Rune once more raising a brow at her reactions. “Heh, well you must be thinking of it now since I mentioned it.”

A trap! She trapped Rune into thinking about it. “W-What brought this on? How did you start thinking about such things?”

“I’m a weirdo, I think too much,” Gadget stated simply with a hum, her companion rolling his eyes at her words while scooping her into a hug. Her grin was so warm and satisfying in his hold and he couldn’t help but chuckle. The question sounded off in his mind again however and Rune had to settle back in his seat to ponder her words. Gadget’s legs swung back and forth over the edge of the rooftop as she continued. “It’s just a ‘what-if’ that I like to think about from time to time. What if instead of this path, our lives took another path. What if we were the alters and our partners were the humans? I-I’m just a weirdo that way.”

“Well, you are a weirdo,” Rune mused, ruffling the woman’s hair as she giggled. It was strange how relaxed he felt with her, even though he knew Alst was lurking about within the capital and they were still under the military’s radar. She had once said before she was practically under their radar since a child so it seemed Gadget was used to such dealings. Maybe that was why Rune was so comfortable with her? She understood how it felt to a degree. Though he hoped she never murdered anyone under the mind-control powers of an alter, it was not a feeling he could ever truly forget. “I-It’s hard for me to imagine myself as the alter really? And it’s hard to imagine Alst as a human and not the towering body of an alter I’m used to seeing.”

“Heh, isn’t Alst considered a knight to the alters? Wouldn’t it be you then if you and Alst were switched?” Gadget continued to muse, almost ignorant of his stutters from before. “You’d be the knight of the alters.”

“T-The knight? I would be the knight?” He stuttered again, his eyes wide as his thoughts suddenly took shape in his mind. He could see it. He could see him and Alst standing together…only they were switched. His human body was toned and strengthened as Alst stood there, his eyes settled into a hardened glare upon his companion. And Rune, now in the form of an alter, was Alst yet nowhere near as powerful and large. In fact, he resembled a jungle cat instead of Alst’s usual form, Rune’s expressions rather skittish and questioning. “I-I’m-.”

“Aha, so you are thinking about it,” Gadget cheered beside him with a grin, the man narrowing his eyes in her direction with a huff. “What’s on your mind? Tell me tell me tell me!”

He wasn’t willing to share his thoughts as they actually happened, especially with his lacking figure in comparison to Alst. So he swallowed the truth and instead decided to paint the best picture he could on the subject. “I would be the knight of the alters. I would be strong and courageous and the alters would follow me without question. My name would be known throughout the land as a hero. And I would be the-!”

“But you don’t like hurting others,” Gadget’s words suddenly chimed in, interrupting the man’s thoughts as he turned his gaze upon her. She was no longer grinning like a fool, her eyes wide as they settled on his figure. Her gaze was so serious, studying his own with a concerned expression. “How would you be the knight if you don’t like hurting others?”

Rune frowned at her question and tried to play it off, though her words did settle in and he couldn’t help but agree, “I-I’m not-I don’t-I-.”

“You’d be strong, there’s no doubt about that fact. And maybe you would be the knight of the alters. But I feel you would be more careful of your actions than Alst is. Maybe you wouldn’t be as built as he is either. You would blend in more and be able to venture out without raising a brow from passerbys,” Gadget paused at the notice of his stare and she gave a hesitant chuckle. “I-I mean you’d still be really cool so-.”

“What about you?” Rune asked suddenly as he studied her gestures. “What if you were the alter instead of your big buddy Brietar?”

“Oh I’d still be the obnoxious brat you see before you,” Gadget stated simply with a grin returning to her lips. “I wouldn’t be as big as Brietar though. I would be probably Eva’s side or maybe a little larger. I’d be super cute too. And still so mischievous and able to invent things on a whim. I’d be awesome.”

“An inventing alter?” He questioned with a raised brow, though he couldn’t help but imagine the woman beside him as an adorable alter scurrying about and climbing into his hold. He could see them both as alters, the two of them interacting just as they would as humans. And their bonded would likely only interact with minimal words, forced to be near one-another due to those they were linked with. Things wouldn’t change in reality, the only thing truly different being they had switched places. A vision of Gadget settling in for a nap curled up on Rune’s paws like Eva did often with Brietar interrupted his thoughts and he couldn’t stop the grin from forming on his lips. “You would be like that, wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah I would,” she answered with a wink.

“Yeah, you’ve got the best read on everything don’t you?” He mused as he wrapped her into a hug once more. “Again, what sparked this thought in your mind?”

“I already told you,” she stated simply with a grin. “I’m a weirdo.”

“Yes you are, Gadget. Yes you are.”


Traces Left Behind

AN: So I’ve been rereading some of my RPs and drabbles today in between cleaning my house and whatnot and gosh, I really miss the Dragon Hunters RPs. I can’t wait to start them up again and see where they go. I realized it’s been awhile since I’ve written a drabble for the storyline so I decided to write this one. Bayelei is my character and Kyle is Taji’s and they are friends from the past that were recently brought together again during a mission. From there, Kyle and Baye fought and came back together before he followed her back to Eastwyvern.

He’s a lover of information and networks he could use to his advantage so living in the small town is maddening to him. However, he came along because he was protective of his friend and wanted to help her. He knows a lot about Baye, probably moreso than the Eastwyvern Hunters do.

Anyway, when he came back with Bayelei, she convinced Aaron to allow Kyle into the hunters guild as a member. He deals with it the best way he knows how but he much prefers wandering about with Bayelei who is still a solo hunter without a home. 

A key feature I wanted to bring up is that Bayelei is the daughter of a man who was a criminal in his spare time, even after marrying Vette and having his girls. When he was living alone with Bayelei, he continued to do criminal activity on the side just to make ends meet so he could provide for his child who was already subject to a difficult life. He continued to make enemies until eventually he had to disappear for good, leaving Bayelei with Ceil and Aurora.

Bayelei loves her father more than anything yet she could never forgive him for abandoning her, which led her to beginning to travel and seek out jobs far beyond the places she was used to. Part of her wanted to believe it was solely because she hunted for a sign from her father but truth be told it was because she was trying to fill a void within her. She was trying to find a home that she felt she could call her own. 

Her hunt continued until she ended up in Eastwyvern where Ceil and Aurora were now living and were married. She was quite young when she lived there and barely remembered a thing about it so she thought she would see what work was there in town. And that’s when she found out her sister was there.

I’ll spare you guys the rest of the details here but point is, Bayelei has always been looking for her father and misses him terribly. She loves being in Eastwyvern with everyone but she still feels something missing which is that void left by her father…which makes it hard for her to officially settle down and admit she wants to be officially part of the Eastwyvern Guild family.

So thus I wrote this little drabble for you guys! Hope you all enjoy!

The chill of winter settled over Eastwyvern as Kyle stepped carefully along the path, his crossbow in hand as he kept an eye out for his companion. He had grown used to Bayelei’s antics, the woman constantly taking to the treetops and surging through undetected while he was left to track her movements. It wasn’t like they were on a hunt however for the thunderous beasts of burden; sure, they were venturing about in the forest but it was more to step away from their lives within the town.

“Come on Baye, we’re supposed to be relaxing and your reactions to everything always keep me on edge,” the man whispered into the night air, his eyes scanning his surroundings as a frown curled on his lips. There was no answer and he felt his muscles tense. Where was she? Why wasn’t she answering? “B-Baye, where are y-?”

A stream of air surged into his ear and Kyle leapt into the air, barely able to silence his screams as he narrowed his eyes at the intruder. Bayelei stood there with an even stare though the information gatherer could make out the mischievous sparkle behind those eyes.

Kyle sputtered with a wave of his crossbow,¬†“y-you idiot! What the hell, I could have used this on you!”

“Your aim isn’t always the best. And I’m fairly certain I could outrun any of your attacks,” the hunter mused as she brushed past the man, her boots crunching through the snow as she glanced about. “I checked ahead. Everything is quiet this evening. Though for you, it’s still best to be on guard just in case. Your skulking will likely signal the great behemoth if we’re not careful.”

“Ha, very funny,” he grumbled as he scurried after his friend, keeping pace with a sigh. The life he held in Eastwyvern was boring in comparison to what he’d grown used to elsewhere and no matter how much time had passed he still couldn’t fathom a life without a swirling vortex of information to feed off of. To be fair, he loved spending time with Bayelei and the friends he’d formed in town and with the guild. However, he craved the information. He needed it. Without something juicy to hold onto, he felt his mind slipping into chaos. It was just a guess but Kyle believed Bayelei sensed just that for she asked him to sneak away that evening into the forest, something she’d been doing her best to avoid since returning home. “What’s the plan anyway? Any reason why we’re out here?”

“Just wandering,” she stated simply with a shrug, her stare remaining forward as she walked. She was always one to keep her words to a minimum unless she felt the need to share more. Kyle thought she’d grown more willing to speak after her time with the guild and meeting everyone however something had shifted her back towards the days he remembered back when he lived in the city. It was a Bayelei he was used to in comparison to the others and he knew how to deal with her.

“So no hunting huh?” He questioned with a raised brow. “So we’re just wandering about without a care? I can practically hear the sound of possible money slipping away into the shadows. Only to be scooped up by some undeserving leech with-.”

He could hear the aggravation in her tone as she narrowed her gaze, “shut up.”

“But Baye,” he continued with a smirk. “All that money will be go-.”

A howl of pain rose up in his throat as the woman secured a punch into his arm, Kyle toppling onto the ground while his companion lingered there with a frustrated glare. His whimpering cries sounded and the woman rolled her eyes, lowering on his haunches to allow him a moment to catch his breath. When he finally managed to lift his gaze, she allowed a grin on her lips, “I told you to shut up, didn’t I?”

“Why you gotta hurt me so bad?” The man whined as Bayelei offered him a hand, helping him into a sitting position as he huffed. “You’re so mean to me.”

“Yes, I’m such a mean person,” she retorted with a wink. “Do you feel any better?”

“Aha, so you were worried about me?” Kyle hummed with a satisfied grin though another fit of pain rang from his arm and he gingerly prodded at the bruised skin beneath his coat. “Funny how someone so worried about my well-being would damage me in such a manner.”

Bayelei chose to ignore his rant and keep her gaze upon him, “do you feel any better?”

Her tone held such concern for him that Kyle allowed his frustrations to settle, the man smiling to his companion as he nodded, “yeah, I really needed this. Thanks.”

“No problem,” she said with a nod of her own as she got to her feet, helping the man up alongside her. “We should aim back soon though. Big Bad Barley’s been on my case again so he’ll likely be having an eye out for me to cause trouble.”

“You’ve been pretty tame these last few months, I doubt he’ll be too hard on you,” Kyle stated with a shrug, turning heel back towards where the town of Eastwyvern awaited. “You sure there wasn’t something you wanted to come out here to do though? We could have roamed anywhere within town, just you and me, and my soul would have brightened up. Why’d you wanna sneak out of town?”

“To be honest,” she quickly spoke with a sigh. “I trust you.”

It was then that Kyle paused, his eyes widened at her words as he studied his friend’s expression. Anytime Bayelei admitted something to this nature, it was due to something serious. It was clear she was struggling to continue with her thoughts but it was clear she needed him. And Kyle wanted to be needed, not only to selfishly gain a bit of information under his belt but because he was her friend and cared about her.

“What’s going on?” He questioned with a serious glance. “Baye, why are we out here under the cover of dark without permission?”

The hunter, at first, kept her mouth tightly shut and she looked ready to dart off into the trees again. However, she looked back towards her friend and suddenly caved under his stare. “I-I found something on the hunt yesterday I wanted to investigate.”

The gatherer tilted his head at her words, “you found something? What was it?”

Gulping hard, Bayelei dipped into her satchel and pulled out a broken pair of spectacles, handing them over to Kyle carefully. He handled the piece with care and studied each detail with a raised brow, the piece marked CC along the frames. It seemed nothing special in his eyes but when he turned his attention back to Bayelei, he could see she was bothered by something.  Her eyes were focused on the spectacles, never shifting away.

“What’s that look for?” He asked softly, breaking her from her thoughts.

“Those glasses are-,” she paused, biting her lip as she wondered if it were best to share. Kyle rested a hand on her shoulder and offered a smile, the woman managing a thankful smile of her own before falling back into her state of worry. “Kyle, those initials are Crusoe Corde.”

“Crusoe Corde? Who is-?” Kyle then paused as his eyes widened further. “Wait, your last name is-?”

“Corde. Bayelei Corde,” she answered. “Kyle, these glasses belong to my father. He’s here. In these woods.”