Snowball Fight

AN: A quick drabble of my Guild Wars 2 character Corvo Cruz and Taji’s character Eavan. I’m really starting to love these two in action together. They’re quite the pair. Hope you guys enjoy!

 Snow crunched beneath the duo’s boots as Eavan and Corvo braved the frosted paths of Taigan Groves, the Norn seemingly relieved to end their latest venture without sign of an injury. At his side, the Sylvari mesmer grinned as she stretched her limbs, her carefree antics wearing thin on her companion as he rolled his eyes. It didn’t matter though. Eavan was pleased to find he stayed with her the entire mission instead of trying to flee. Perhaps he was truly starting to trust her more.

Poe fluttered down from the trees and took his perch on his master’s shoulders, Corvo releasing a sigh before deciding to speak. “So what’s next for you?”

Eavan raised a brow at the question, shocked to hear even the slightest hint of interest in her life. She didn’t want to waste the chance to converse with him lost in awe however, so she formed a charming smile and winked. “Oh, perhaps enjoy the finer things in life. Share a meal with a lovely Norn and speak of wonderful things. Spend the evening under the delicious glow of firelight, intertwined in-.”

The Norn scuffed and lengthened his steps, the distance between them growing with each stride. “Forget I asked.”

So much for the charming jests. Eavan hummed under her breath as she skipped after her companion, happily enjoying their time together however short. They still weren’t as close as he seemed to be when alone with Gridlesser but there was clearly some underlining trust between them. Perhaps her slap from before really struck a chord with him.

“Honestly, all I have planned is to turn in with Gridlesser after this mission is complete then from there prepare for the next,” she stated as she held out her arm, the raven happily taking to his new perch to be spoiled by the Sylvari. Corvo caught his pet receiving the loving treatment and huffed aloud, rolling his eyes as the woman winked once more in his direction. “Aw, why must you get so angry when I pay this sweetie a compliment or a loving embrace?”

The Norn replied, “such actions make him soft. I’d rather not allow that to happen.”

Eavan allowed a chuckle to escape her lips as she gently kissed the bird’s beak. “Ha, I’m beginning to think you’re jealous I’m showing such affection to Poe here instead of you. You’re adorable when you’re jealous.”

Corvo once more rolled his eyes, clearly unamused by the woman’s antics. Instead of speeding off however, he glanced towards the village they were approaching and managed a sigh. “We make this delivery and claim the money. Then we go our separate ways again.”

“Always so fast to get rid of me,” Eavan huffed as the bird lifted up into the air, soaring towards the village ahead of them. She found it odd Poe didn’t stay at his master’s side but didn’t think to question it aloud. Perhaps there was a treat for him to steal from the unsuspecting villagers.

“I just want to finish the job and get my money,” the Norn responded truthfully much to the frustration of the Sylvari.  “And the sooner we get to this village and meet with our client, the sooner I can do just that.”

A frown played on Eavan’s lips however she held her tongue, realizing she’d only be giving the Norn the satisfaction of her frustrations should she continue her pestering. So instead she walked at his side, silently surveying their surroundings as they entered the peaceful village. Children darted through the snow without a care, their laughter carrying over the rooftops as the adults kept to their work. Everyone seemed so happy. Eavan loved that.

She could see the children tossing snowballs at one-another, their mischievous grins a welcome sight to the Sylvari. When the mesmer glanced to her companion to see if he also found the sights pleasing, she frowned to find his focus squarely ahead at the lodge where their client awaited them.

“You’re no fun, Corvo. No fun at-,” Eavan halted suddenly as she noticed a group of children closeby catch sight of the newcomers, their ammo at the ready as they aimed towards them. The mesmer was quick to summon one of her doubles to allude the children; however, it wouldn’t help the Norn who continued forth unsuspecting of what was about to befall him. Suddenly the air was filled with cascading snowballs, Eavan counting dozens of them from the children as she dodged their attacks. All the while, Corvo had no idea of what was to come.


The Norn stumbled forward after being pelted by dozens of snowballs, his body collapsing in the snow as a booming curse echoed through the village. The children’s laughs were practically howls as they took amusement in their prey’s stumble. All the while, Eavan couldn’t help but join in at the sight of the man upon the snow, the woman taking a moment to mock him before kneeling to his side. Corvo remained on the ground for the duration of their fits of laughter, leaving the mesmer to question if he’d been hurt by ice within the snowballs.

“You alive down there, Corvo?” Eavan asked aloud, her eyes wide as the man’s arms suddenly reacted and slammed into the snow. Corvo forced his body up to reveal a furious Norn burning red with fury. Even his tattoos on his arms were reddened with his anger. “H-Hey now, t-there’s no need to be so angry. It’s just a bunch of kids playing after all. It’s just good fun so-.”

It was too late. Corvo was suddenly on his feet and chasing after the children, his shouts echoing throughout the village as Eavan was left to gawk. It was the first time she’d seen him so lively…perhaps she should have attacked him with snowballs long ago to spur such emotions.

The mesmer suddenly broke from her thoughts and began the chase after her companion, praying he didn’t hurt any of the Norn children. Sure, it was wise to be kind to the youth but more importantly…she didn’t want them to lose out on money because of some injured brats.


Practicing In the Hallways

AN: Another Haikyu!! drabble for Taji 🙂 got inspired for this by an event in the hallway this morning that had me cracking up. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu!!, including its setting, characters, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

*~For Taji~*

Tanaka led the charge down the hall, his grumblings audible as he struggled with a towering piles of files in his hold. Hinata followed suit with a nearly identical pile, both of them shuffling carefully around the corner towards the teacher’s offices. After causing another ruckus with the dean, it was only a matter of time before both were put to work in punishment for their deeds. Lucky for them, it was only delivering paperwork for a small timeframe between school and evening practice that week. However, it didn’t mean the boys were particularly pleased with it.

“This is such bullshit,” the second-year grumbled to his teammate, the first-year voicing similar complaints in lieu of his senpai. “We weren’t the only ones making noise. There was that damn Tsukishima. When I get to practice I’m gonna wring his neck!”

“Yeah, we’ll wring his neck!” Hinata echoed, matching each expression his companion made.

“T-Then again, Daichi would have our necks if we disrupted practice,” the second-year continued with a groan. “Yeah, especially since we’re practically late to practice this week because of this crap.”

“I’d hate to see Daichi angry at us again,” his partner-in-crime added without a moment’s thought. “Though you’re usually late everyday aren’t you Tanaka-senpai?”

Despite Hinata’s already short persona, his body quivered at the looming figure at his side. Tanaka towered over him with a rage-induced glare, the first-year gulping hard in his throat at the realization of what he’d say. “Hey now, we’re not gonna have a problem here right? Maybe you wanna take back what ya said, huh? Huh?”

“N-N-No problems here, Tanaka-senpai! I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it at all!” The boy’s voice was barely audible, his stuttering words causing Tanaka to burst out laughing as Hinata sunk in fear.

“You’re so gullible! It’s awesome!” The second-year howled as he kicked open the door and dumped the files on the table, several teachers eyeing the two carefully before waving them off to attend to their duties elsewhere. Tanaka then slapped the younger’s shoulder with a grin, leading him back into the hall with a wink. “So what ya say? How about a little practice? Something to get the edge off before we head off to join the team.”

 Hinata glanced up at Tanaka with excitement dancing in his eyes; however, it soon changed to puzzling curiosity. “W-What do you mean? We’re heading to practice now right?”

“Yeah but we could use a little more fun to take the edge off right,” the second-year explained with a shrug before pausing his steps, a grin on his lips as he gestured further down the hall. The decoy was unsure to what he was referring to and stood beside him more confused than ever. Finally, the older of the two suddenly launched into an attack, his body lifting into the air as he swung his hand to spike the ball. Instead of a volleyball however, what was his target was an exit sign attached to the ceiling. Holding back his full strength, Tanaka grinned as he lightly smacked the sign and touched down once more to turn and grin at his companion. Hinata stood in awe of his senpai, adding fuel to the other’s ego as he smirked. “See? Ain’t I awesome! Come on, it’s practice. Just for fun! You try it!”

“M-Me? You think I can-,” Hinata stuttered before grinning uncontrollably, the boy rearing back to launch into an attack. The boy imagined Kageyama aiming to set him the perfect toss, his eyes closed as he began forward with more enthusiasm than Tanaka had ever expected. “I wanna spike it too!”


The second-year gawked at his teammate as Hinata set his hand into a spike, his power at full potential as it went against the unprepared sign. The hinges came undone with ease and the sign soared through the hallway practically in slow motion as the older gulped. They would be so dead if they were caught. There was no time to let the boy assess what he’d done. As soon as Hinata’s feet touched the ground, Tanaka had his hand in his as they both darted for the safety of the gym.

“L-Let’s just hurry onto practice ok. And let’s not tell anyone we did that yeah?” Tanaka called out to his teammate, Hinata blinking in confusion but allowing himself to be towed about all the same.

“B-But how’d I do Tanaka-senpai?” The first-year asked with such a sincere tone that his senpai couldn’t help but answer with a wink over the shoulder.

“It was a hit out of the park,” the other mused with a chuckle, though he soon muttered under his breath, “literally.”


Troubles Over Steambuns

AN: And another Haikyu!! drabble for Taji; her favorite pair is Sugawara and Daichi so I knew I would have to focus on one all about them for her. I’m just hoping I don’t screw up the characters in this representation. Oh well, Taji will definitely let me know if I do *winks* so without further adieu, here we go!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu!!, including its setting, characters, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

*~For Taji~*

 The doughy delight of steamed buns was a pleasant contrast to the chill of the evening air in Sugawara’s opinion, the second-in-command plopped down along the bank of the water while admiring the delicious aroma of the treat. Sure, Foothill Store had some of the best steambuns in the prefecture but he’d be amiss if Suga didn’t acknowledge the clear happiness of receiving such a delectable gift from his captain. A hint of pink tinted his cheeks as the vice captain gulped in his throat, a presence moving to his side before taking a seat next to him on the grassy hill overlooking the water.

 Daichi hummed along with a song in his head as he got comfortable next to his best friend, the captain showing off a side he only dared to show those he was extremely comfortable with. And who best to be more comfortable with than his right-hand man, the dark-haired boy nudging the fidgeting setter’s side with a grin. “How ya doing, Suga?”

 The vice captain gulped at the question, lifting a steambun to his lips. The warmth brushed along his lips and it seemed to calm his senses completely, though it didn’t pause the fact that Suga could see what Daichi wasn’t aiming at when asking what he did. That day, more emphasis was put onto Kageyama’s sets, the team deciding he’d once more be the starting setter for the upcoming practice game. Frustration was an understatement in Suga’s opinion when it came to his own feelings on the matter. He put in just as much work as his teammates to stand out if not more and yet…he still felt overshadowed by the talented first-year. As the vice-captain for the team, Sugawara was proud of Kageyama’s efforts and knew with his growing abilities, it was truly best for the team to go with him as the starter for the next match. Yet if he took away his title for the team and looked at things from a different perspective, Sugawara felt shut out and weak.

He praised Kageyama’s appointment and showered the boy with compliments on his abilities often and seemed to be one of the biggest fans in the first-year’s progress…besides a certain tiny decoy who seemed to adore the setter in his entirety. Yet when it came down to Sugawara’s own feelings off the court, he couldn’t help but feel a little cheated. He’d never let his petty thoughts get in the way of the team however; they were all much too important for him to do such a thing.

“Oh you know, I’m doing fine. I’m really excited to see how well the team does in the match coming up,” Sugawara said with the utmost sincerity, his grin warm and welcoming before taking a bite of the steambun. It was truly delicious and he tastebuds welcomed the treat. “I bet you’re just as excited as I am. This is going to be a good match. Almost as good as this steambun! They’ve really outdone theirselves at-.”

Suga’s voice trailed off as a hand settled on his shoulder, the setter glancing with shy eyes towards his captain. Daichi was steadily munching on a steambun while looking out across the water; however, it wasn’t hard to see his focus was fully on his best friend. “Don’t do that.”

 The setter’s shoulders slumped at the accusation though he tried to play it off as if he were geniunely confused. “W-What do you mean? Don’t do what, Daic-?”

“Don’t put on a brave face. We’re not on the court right now. We’re alone,” Daichi replied, his voice and expression flat without looking towards his friend. Yet to Suga, it was as if those eyes of his were dead on him, piercing into his very soul. The setter’s cheeks burned and he slumped further in his seat, his mouth hidden behind the strategically-placed steambun to conceal his quivering lip. He was the vice captain. There was no time for pity or complaints. He had to-wait, Daichi’s gaze turned towards the other and he offered an accepting smile that seemed to melt away his insecurities. Suga loved that smile and happily accepted it was rare to see it to that degree outside of their meetings in private. “Suga, how are you doing? Really?”

A whimper escaped his throat and Suga cursed aloud as he turned his gaze back towards the water, his inner battle to fight off the tears proving useless as his eyes began to well up without remorse. “D-Damnit all.”

“That bad huh?” Daichi mumbled with a concerned expression, his grip tightening on the setter’s shoulder as he awaited him to calm down.

 “I-I’m just upset at myself for not being able to do better,” Suga whimpered, his hand wiping away at the tears to no avail. “I’m really happy for the team. I really am. B-But I want to set so bad. A-And no matter what I do, Kageyama gets that much better and beats me out everytime. I-I can’t blame anyone else but myself though. I-I-I just want to play on the court with you guys. I-I don’t want to be on the sidelines anymore.”

A completely honest answer was all Daichi wanted from his friend, the captain nodding at his best friend’s words while allowing him to sink into a whimpering mess beside him. There were few chances for Suga to be truly honest with him without the sights of the teams provoking them into their professional titles. But there, beside the water, was their alone time. It was a secure place away from their teammates to truly open up to one-another. “You know I could always just grant you the starting position. You’re the vice captain and one of the highest ranked members of the team.”

Suga sniffed at the response, interrupting with a shake of the head, “n-no, I don’t want any favors. I-I know it’s my responsibility to-.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” Daichi continued with a sigh, his best friend gulping at the sudden change in tone. Though still showing his sincerity to the topic, he sounded rather rough with the next response. “I wasn’t offering to do anything like that. In fact, I was trying to say that by allowing that to happen on our team, we would be jeopardizing what our team strives for. We’re Karasuno High and we’re trying to aim for the top. And in doing so, we sometimes have to make tough calls…”

There was a pause in the captain’s speech, Suga gazing to his side to find the boy straining to find the correct words. He was trying to be sensitive to the setter’s needs even when trying to stand in the position as the captain of the team. “D-Dai-?”

“We sometimes have to make the tough calls,” Daichi repeated suddenly, the words seeming to rush out as he frowned. “E-Even if it hurts the feelings of someone close to you.”

“D-Daichi-I-,” Suga stuttered, his eyes wide at the declaration as his cheeks continued to burn red. Why’d he have to go and say that anyway? The setter bit back tears before allowing a grin to return to his lips. “Y-You know, this is the push I need to get better with my abilities. I won’t give up. I won’t lose. Not to Kageyama, not to anyone. S-So thanks Daichi.”

The captain raised a brow at his friend’s words as he turned back to him, a grin returning to his lips as well. “Heh, I’ll do whatever I can to help you achieve that goal.”

“Now now, you can’t do that Daichi. You’re the captain! You can’t play favorites!” Suga chimed with a laugh, the boy realizing quickly what he’d uttered and suddenly blushed again. His words didn’t seem to deter Daichi’s good mood though it did embarrass the setter to be so open with the one he cared most for. “A-Ah thank you for the steambuns. T-They’re really good you know.”

The captain smirked as he fueled the fire in his best friend’s cheeks, “heh, anything for my favorite.”


One More Set

AN: Another Haikyu!! drabble for Taji 🙂 hope you like it girl!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu!!, including its setting, characters, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

*~For Taji~*

The sky outside the gymnasium had settled into a sea of purples and pinks, signalling the evening had started and practice would be drawing to a close. For most of the team, they were ready for a time to relax before morning practice started their next day at Karasuno. However, a pair of rambunctious teens weren’t ready for things to end. No, they were much too excited for things to draw to a close.

“C-Come on, we can do one more set right?” Nishinoya whined as his teammates started to clean up the gym, their quick movements a sign they were ready to head home as soon as possible. The libero wasn’t about to let that happen. Not yet. His puppy dogs eyes glanced towards his favorite victim of the bunch, the ace falling into his gaze with an audible gulp. “A-Asani? D-Don’t you want to play another set too?”

Asani felt trapped by such a question, not wanting to let down his fellow teammate and friend. However, he was probably one of the more tired of the bunch that evening. He needed rest and remaining in the gym was sadly not on the top of his list at the moment. “W-Well, we’re all pretty tired. A-And it’s time to end practice and head home so-s-so we should really do that right? I-I mean, it’s dangerous to overwork our bodies right? W-We’ll be back tomorrow so-so-“

The ace of Karasuno fell silent as a hand slapped his shoulder, the boy relieved to find Daichi at his side with a generous grin. “Now now, don’t hurt yourself Asani. And Nishinoya, it’s time to clean up and head home. You’ll get plenty more practice time in tomorrow. So let’s get going huh?”

The libero’s lips twisted into a frown at his captain’s words, his hands still latched onto one of the volleyballs he’d scurried to obtain before his teammates stored it away in the supply closet. What was so harmful about one last set? Just one more to really prove the practice was truly paying off, not only for him but for his teammates he’d come to cherish. “B-But I-I-o-on-one more se-!”

“I-I’d like to do one more set too!” A voice chimed in at Nishinoya’s side, a grinning Hinata raising hand while booming with excitement. The libero’s eyes were wide at the decoy’s interruption, his frown soon forming a grin of his own. He had found he could always count on the first-year to stand up for him and be by his side. “W-Wouldn’t that be fun, Nishinoya-sempai?”

And that did it, that remark right there sent Nishinoya into a grinning fest as he patted the boy’s shoulder happily, “absolutely Hinata! I’ll make sure we can play another set, after all I am your sempai!”

The team as a whole seemed to pause in their cleaning as they looked to Daichi, the captain eyeing both boys with an even stare. At his side, Sugawara scampered to him with a sheepish grin and a nod. “Y-You know, it wouldn’t hurt to let them pass to one-another. Just to let it out of their system. Hinata could always learn from Nishinoya’s form after all.”

The captain raised a brow at his second-in-command, “you realize if we give in just once, they’re going to keep asking for one more set? That’s how these things work out.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, Daichi; we should give them a chance. They pass together, we won’t have to worry about tuckering out the rest of the team. Then once they’re done, we call it a night and have them finish the cleanup. How’s that sound?” Sugawara asked, his tone innocent.

Daichi’s grin was almost mischievous as he gave a nod to the two boys still plastered on the court. “Fine, one set is allowed. Whenever the ball hits the court, you’re done. Then its cleanup time and home. Deal?”

Nishinoya and Hinata both leapt at their captain’s words and cheered, “Deal!” With that, both took their place on one side of the court, the libero preparing to toss to start the set.

“See? Was that so hard? You’ve made them happier than ever,” Sugawara chimed happily, the setter then realizing Daichi was no longer at his side but instead speaking one-by-one to his team and sending them off to head for home. “D-Daichi, what are you-?”

“You heard the deal right?” Daichi asked over his shoulder before instructing Kagayama and Asani to leave, both boys eyeing the court suspiciously before heading out to get some rest.

“The deal?” Sugawara repeated with a questioning glance. “W-What are you-?”

“I made a deal with them that they could have their one set. As long as the ball doesn’t hit the court, they can continue,” the captain mused along as he waved off the final of his team with the exception of the vice captain and the two boys left on the court. Daichi then strolled to Sugawara’s side and threw an arm over his shoulders, gesturing to Nishinoya  as he tossed the ball to Hinata and both suddenly launched into an intense battle of passes, their control sometimes sacrificed for the sheer thrill of the hunt for the ball. Suddenly it dawned on Sugawara the mistake he’d made. “Allow me to introduce you to the most stubborn idiots we have on our team. They’ll be here for hours at this rate since you gave them the slide to do their one last set.”

“H-H-How could I-?” Sugawara stuttered aloud, his eyes widening as he found his captain beginning to head for the door. “D-Daichi?”

“You’re in charge of them until they end the set. Rooting for you Suga-kun!” Daichi chimed before closing the door behind him, his vice captain standing there alone with blood red cheeks as he inwardly cursed for his mistake.

Sugawara turned to the boys on the court and cringed as he watched them continue their bout without a single sign of relenting, the ball remaining high from the court and soaring in play. “I-I guess I should be proud they’re able to keep it in the air even with diving and darting across the court to keep the ball in play. I-I should be super proud-.”

Nishinoya and Hinata continued on for what seemed like forever, the vice captain soon regretting his willingness to allow them that one last set.

“I should be proud,” the setter whined allowed as his teammates continued their set. “B-But I’m too tired. Daichi, save me.”


Let Him Be The Little Giant

AN: Another drabble for Taji 🙂 I actually wanted to feature this one before I went into more characters from Karasuno High. I wanted to give these guys from Yukigaoka Junior High a chance to shine before focusing on the others. Hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu!!, including its setting, characters, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

*~For Taji~*

 Being friends with Shou-Chan can be pretty exhausting. Hinata Shouyou is passionate about the things he loves and will stop at nothing to achieve his dreams. He’s always been like that since I could remember being as I’ve been friends with him for years. Once he sets his mind to something, he will work hard to achieve it.

When he saw that fated volleyball game on television and heard tale of the Little Giant, Shou-Chan was lost to his dream. From then on out, he laid out his path to mold himself into the Little Giant. At least, he tried to anyway.

Turns out Yukigaoka Junior High boy’s volleyball team had only one member: him. Left with the choice of joining another club or practicing alone in the gym with the girl’s volleyball team, Shou-Chan chose to continue to work for his dream with the hope of one day having a team at his side. And let me tell you, it was the most exhausting three years of my life.

The first two years he accepted his roll as the only member of the team, keeping himself to the wall of the gymnasiam while the girls dominated the court with their practices. When he wasn’t doing sets with that stationary ally of his, he aimed for his friends…which of course included myself and another good friend of ours, Sekimukai Kouji.

I had joined up with the basketball club, a passion of mine and Kouji was part of the soccer team. You’d think we would be safe from the pestering of other clubs with those spots secure but no…Shou-Chan wanted someone to always toss with him. When he saw us on breaks, he would be there with puppy-dog eyes and a ball in hand ready to go. And though we made it perfectly clear we’d never be able to join up with him in his dream team, we would toss the ball to him.

 “Wouldn’t it be better to just go along with the girls and practice with them?” Kouji would say in his nonchalant tone as he tossed the ball into the air towards Shou-Chan, the one-man team passing it back with a surprising amount of control. Despite being a solo act, Shou-Chan was always getting better at his passes…at least in our eyes he was. “You’d get to play volleyball as well as with pretty girls. Doesn’t that sound a whole lot better than playing with a wall?”

 “N-N-No, it’s a boy’s team! I’ll be playing with a team soon enough!” Shou-Chan would shout in reply before beaming with that familiar grin. “Hey Kouji, Izumin?! How about you guys join the team with me?! It will be-!”

In unison, we’d both sound off with a booming, “We’ve already told you! No!”

 Our responses would never deter him though and I always respected that about Shou-Chan. He was strong and had a lot of courage. He didn’t let others bring him down. He was someone I wished all the best for…and yet there he was alone in a club without a team. He wasn’t able to experience the things me and Kouji were experiencing in our Junior High careers because he was alone. His only teammate…was a wall.

 “You know I really feel sorry for Shou-Chan,” I whispered to Kouji one day as we looked across the gym to Hinata practicing one more with the wall. He was still working so hard all on his own. I felt so bad for him. “He’s alone through all this. What about you Kouji? What do you think of all this?”

Now Kouji always spoke his mind so I knew I was going to get an honest response out of him. What I didn’t expect was words that I would soon choose to acknowledge as truth. “I don’t feel sorry for Hinata in the least.”

I remember hearing those words and turning to stare at him, my mouth hanging open from the shock of it all. “Y-You don’t?”

“Why should I feel sorry for him? He’s still doing what he loves. Yeah, he doesn’t have a team yet but that isn’t stopping him from following his dream right,” Kouji stated with such confidence as if he was one of those guys who had it all figured out, I had to admit I was jealous. Then with a shrug, he continued, “yeah, I mean it sucks he doesn’t have a team yet and I wish there was something I could do to help him find that team. However, Hinata isn’t giving up and I’m not going to hold pity for him. He’s doing what he loves and he’s happy about it even with these dire circumstances. If anything, I’m proud of him.”

 Proud of him? I had never thought about it like that before until that moment. And you know what, I was proud of Shou-Chan too. I was proud and I’m still proud of him. I honestly wished I was more like him, so passionate about my dreams to the point of exhaustion. I knew at that moment that regardless of the fact that I was already in the basketball club, if he ever needed help and I wasn’t participating in school or club activities, I would be right there helping him. Because I wanted to help him reach the top. I wanted to be there the day he finally made it. I wanted to be there the day he took up the mantle of the Little Giant.

I finally got to see him in a match our final year of Junior High, Shou-Chan being graced with the presence of three first-years. Now only in need of two more souls in order to participate in matches, Kouji and I decided it was time to prove how proud we were of our friend and therefore joined up as temporary members for the matches. We only got to play one match and we lost by a large margin; however, Shou-Chan was truly the Little Giant on the court. His jumps were amazing and I knew he would achieve great things in the future. That match pushed him into high gear and during the rest of his Junior High career, he worked with whoever was available to improve his game. And by working hard, he got into his dream school and prepared himself for the first time he would actually be part of a real time.

I couldn’t be more proud of my friend Shou-Chan. Kouji agrees with me. Even though our friendship is exhausting, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the entire world. And I can’t wait to see how far he can go with the drive he has.

So Karasuno High School Boy’s Volleyball team, be ready for the next Little Giant to step on the court for you all. Shou-Chan will make you all proud, just like he makes us proud everyday. Let him be the Little Giant we know he can be. You won’t be disappointed.


I’ll Beg As Many Times As It Takes

AN: This is my first time writing a Haikyu!! fic so forgive me if I botch up the characters. These are going to be all for Taji since she got me into this series and now I’m addicted lol. This first one is about Takeda and Ukai ❤ they are so adorable and I love their interactions before Ukai is finally swayed to be the coach. No flames allowed; however, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated. Hope you enjoy~!

Disclaimer: I do not own Haikyu!!, including its setting, characters, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

*~For Taji~*

 Takeda stood poised outside Foothill Store, his hand brushing the wrinkles from his blue tie before he gulped at the impending battle he was about to step into. His reflection peered back at him in the glass and he couldn’t help but frown at the ruffled mess atop his skull he’d been cursed with. No matter how many times he fumbled with his unruly hair, the locks would shoot out from all directions in victorious pose leaving him to accept his even more youthful look.

“Just once, I wish you’d listen when I ask you to fall flat,” the man quietly whined as he teased at the unruly tussels, the hair once more ignoring his pleas and returning to the messy look he’d come to know through his years. “F-Fine, I guess I’m going to have to just deal with it. I-It won’t hold me back. I’m going to do this. I promised.”

Sweat began to bead from his forehead and the man took a step back, his breathing labored and his hands clammy. He could feel his glasses slipping down the bridge of his nose and the teacher bit his lip while peering at himself in the reflection of the glass. Was he really that nervous to face the man again? Sure, every time he’d visited prior, the answer had been the same. No. But he wasn’t about to give up. Takeda knew that if he had the confidence, he could accomplish anything. This moment should have been no different.

“C-Come on, get it together. You can do this. Don’t let him see you scared,” he muttered to himself, his finger adjusting his glasses on the bridge of his nose before peeked past his reflection towards the back of the familiar store clerk who seemed to be smoking and laughing about something in a magazine. It almost seemed the same scenario everyday, though the teacher prayed the outcome would be different. He didn’t want to let down those boys. He promised he would take care of this. “Never take no for an answer. Keep striving for what you believe in. These kids deserve the best and I’m going to get them the best.”

Takeda gave a sheepish grin with his speech, the teacher feeling fueled with confidence as he nodded to his reflection, the man then stepping forth to enter the store. “Here goes nothing.”

He didn’t enter. He couldn’t. Takeda’s feet refused to move as he stayed just clear enough from the automatic door to keep it from opening. The teacher could feet his knees rattling in his suit and he inwardly cursed. He had to get it together. He had to be confident and courageous. Those boys depended on him to be just that.

“It’s your duty as their advisor to make sure they are taken care of. Hell, it’s your duty as a human being. Those boys need a coach. You’re going to get them the very best coach,” he began to say again, hoping to rekindle his confidence. “You can do this. Those boys are depending on you. I’m depending on you. Let’s get in there and get a coach!”

His feet finally budged as Takeda stepped forward, the door opening up and the bell sounding to alert the clerk of the customer’s arrival. And usually everyday that clerk would greet Takeda before realizing who he was. That wasn’t the case today though. There he was, his paper still blocking his clear vision towards the teacher. Takeda began to wonder if he’d missed the sound of the door and the bell entirely.

“So you finally decided to come in huh? You’ve been dancing in the streets for awhile now,” the clerk grumbled from behind the cover of his paper, Takeda’s cheeks burning at the revelation as he gulped.

“Y-You saw that?”

“Sure did,” the clerk responded with an exhausted sigh, awaiting what he knew would be coming next. It had become a daily routine after all. “You need to pump yourself up more. Maybe get an energy drink or something?”

Takeda felt himself break from his hesitant stature, the man regaining his confidence as he remembered the faces of each of his players. He wanted to see them happy. He wanted to see them win. It was his duty as their advisor to get them what the needed. And at that moment, they needed a volleyball coach. This man across from him was the best there was and he was determined to make it happen. He wasn’t going to be detered from his past experiences with him. Hell, the man could even say no again but it wouldn’t stop Takeda. He’d beg as many times as it took if it meant being there for his team.

With a swift bow, Takeda launched himself into the battle. “Please Ukai Keishin, please teach Karasuno High School’s Boy’s Volleyball Team.”

The clerk lowered his paper at his words, his glare firm on the suited man before him. “I already told you before, the answer is no and it will always be no. Go out and find yourself another candidate instead of aiming for such a lost cause here. I’ve got work to do here and you’re constantly holding it up when you come this way.”

“I’m not giving up. You’re the best candidate for this position and I know it’s a good fit,” Takeda continued, the clerk’s frustrated glare never detering him from his goal. “Those boys deserve the best. You’re the best. That’s why I’m here begging you to please be Karasuno High School’s Boy’s Volleyball Coach.”

Ukai huffed at the declaration, bringing his fingers to his temple to massage the frustrations away. It didn’t help. But to be honest, he didn’t mind the man across from him. He wouldn’t admit it but he felt honored by his words. However, Ukai had already had his time at that school. Returning there was never in the agenda for him. “I’ll tell you again, the answer is no.”

“Then I’ll be back tomorrow and the next day and the next day until you agree,” Takeda stated aloud, Ukai rolling his eyes as the suited teacher bowed once more before aiming for the door. “I will convince you to be these boys’ coach, Ukai Keishin.”

“Good luck with that,” the clerk muttered with one final look to his departing opponent, the man then returning to his newspaper as Takeda fled the scene. He paused only another moment outside to glance through the window towards Ukai, a grin slowly forming on his lips before he began back towards the school. There was no doubt about it, he felt closer to his goal. Perhaps all the hard work he put into it was finally going to pay off.


Gone. Everything is Gone

AN: So recently saw the trailer for the new book of Legend of Korra and I wanted to write about mine and Taji’s RP we have for that storyline currently in hiatus. Just a reminder, these are OCs we’re writing about and we’ll only feature actual characters from the story if it fits in with what we create. No flames allowed, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated however. Prill, Brady and Aunt Lottie are Taji’s characters. Cree, Bruttis, Shay and Myra are mine. Hope you enjoy!

 Gone. Everything is gone.

Cree laid crumbled on the chilled stone floor of her prison, her body quaking as her bloodshot orbs begged for tears to fall. What had led to that particular moment in her life where nothing seemed to matter anymore? What led to her being broken on the floor like that, cuts and bruises plaguing her once untainted skin and her mind a swirling vortex of chaos. Why couldn’t things remain as they had when she lived in peace with her father in their village, when her mother was still alive.

Gone. Everything is gone.

“M-M-Mo-Mother-,” her voice echoed into the darkness, raspy and crackled from the dehydration. Was there even water left inside her anymore? Cree wondered if she were actually dead now and she was doomed to eternity of pain and suffering. “M-Mother-d-don’t leave me-p-p-pl-please-.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

Her pleas were unanswered, the girl feeling herself sink deeper into her despair. Her mother’s face was hazy now, her memories slipping away from her. Even her father’s face was hard to manage and before her capture she’d seen him on a daily basis. He’d always have that look in his eyes when he saw his daughter, the look of pain of remembering just what had happened to his wife. Cree couldn’t remember though. She couldn’t grasp onto anything at that point, save for the same phrase over and over.

Gone. Everything is gone.

 Her waterbending was the only link Cree had to her mother left…and also to her sanity. But the Equalists stripped that away from her and now she had nothing. Everything was gone. She was losing herself to her despair and there was no way of knowing if she’d ever break away from that loss. Cree was losing herself and there was nothing she could do about it.

Gone. Everything is gone.

“Cree!” A call ripped through the darkness as the cell door ripped from its hinges and crumbled down, Prill standing there nearly out of breath as she took in the sight of her tortured friend. The earthbender darted forward and took Cree’s struggling form in her grasps, tears streaming down her face as she surveyed the damages that were caused. “Cree, oh god what did they do to you? Oh god.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

 “Prill, we have to go now. They’re likely to have heard your little explosion down here and I only know so many paths that could get us safely out of here!” A man draped in an Equalist uniform called from the hall as he came into view of the doorway, his body tense at the sight as he lifted his mask to reveal a panicked Brady. “C-Cree’s-I-Is she-?”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“S-She’s alive, don’t worry Brady. I-I’m going to need some help carrying her out. I don’t think she’ll be able to walk and from the look of things, I’m not even sure if she’s even conscious,” Prill explained as her cousin made it into the room and with her help got Cree safely on his back. She wasn’t even trying to hang onto him so he did his best to keep hold of the tortured girl while Prill stood and took lead to escape out of the prison. Together, they darted out and down the hall to get to safety. “Where’s Bruttis and the others?”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“They’re causing distractions currently. Myra is practically sending the place ablaze. I’m pretty sure Shay is releasing as many of the prisoners as possible,” Brady answered, adjusting his hold on the girl as he found her slipping off his back. He cursed aloud at this and tried his best to coax the girl into consciousness. “Come on Cree, snap out of it and help me out here. I don’t want to drop you so focus.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“I think Cree shouldn’t be conscious right now. The pain must be unbearable. Did you see just how rough they handled her? And after everything that had happened on the cliffs, I-,” Prill went silent for a moment, gulping hard in her throat at the memory before she went back to the original subject. “A-Anyway, I hope Shay was able to safely rescue as many as possible. Maybe he even saved those before their bending was stripped from them. It must be terrible to have their very being ripped from their souls.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

The former Equalist frowned at his cousin’s words as they turned a corner, the open air giving off the scent of ash which meant Myra had likely caused a fire somewhere. In his mind, he prayed for the safety of all the innocents, which in his mind also meant most of the Equalist party. “You should be thankful at this moment, I’ve seen worse things happen to people in Cree’s situation. Much worse. Cree’s lucky to be in the shape she’s in-.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

Prill suddenly came to a halt and turned heel, the earthbender pointing a threatening finger to Brady as he reeled to a stop. “Cree shouldn’t even be in this situation in the first place! Don’t try to cover up the fact that it’s because of the Equalists that an innocent girl was taken and brutally tortured for being what she was born into!” Her teeth were clenched as her fists bawled at her side, her cousin now toe-to-toe with her as he glared at her trembling form. Despite being one lacking of bending, Brady was strong and had bested the girl in many fights. All of which started with a disagreement such as the one they were clearly having at that moment. She gulped once more and continued to speak. “I don’t know if she’s been stripped of her bending but it’s more than likely if she’s in the condition she’s in now. Cree was so sweet and innocent, yet she was scared. She was scared because of what happened in the past. She was brought up with that fear to believe that her bending was terrible and that she should hide who she was. But her bending was beautiful. You’ve seen it Brady, you know just how beautiful her bending was. The way she moved the water was more beautiful than anything I’d ever seen before. I-It-It was-.” She paused again, her eyes misting as her cousin continued to glare at her. Prill couldn’t stop now, she had to make her point. “Cree had told me once before that her bending was the only thing left of her mother. And for that, she loved her bending and wished for it to never go away. She was always so scared of her father’s hatred of the bending, mistaking it often for hatred towards her. Everything in her life was so screwed up and that’s why Cree was so scared. She was always so scared. Even at that moment when she-she-she saved me, she was terrified. But she did what she had to do to protect others. I-I know I’m going off on a tangent here but it’s because I want to help Cree so bad and I-.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“You assume I wished harm to come to Cree,” Brady suddenly spoke with narrowed eyes at his cousin. “You should know better than that by now, I don’t wish any harm to come to her or any of you. I want to protect her and I can hardly believe it myself that Cree is in this situation. But I’m trying to say that she’s lucky to be alive. Whether that lucky is truly good luck will remain unseen until Cree is fully awake and we’re able to gauge where she is mentally but-.” He paused his words, a sigh releasing from his throat before he nodded to his cousin. “Look, we’re wasting time standing here talking about this. I will protect her with my life and I’ll protect you with my life from any harm that comes at us. Just-Prill, look out!”

Gone. Everything is gone.

 The earthbender had turned heel with a great thrust of her power, shards of earth rising up from the ground to bend at her will as Equalists began to barrel in and aim to take out the intruders. Brady’s mask was already back over his face to give the impression that he was one of them however, it seemed the Equalists weren’t falling for the trick, the growing group swarming them with eerily glowing orbs. “Back the hell away from us now! I won’t let you take me or her or any more benders! Get away!” Prill’s shouts echoed through the hall as the ground beneath them shook with her anger, the Equalists leading the charge quickly taken down by the massive amounts of earth she brought up to launch at them.

Gone. Everything is gone.

Brady’s eyes were wide yet hidden behind his mask, amazed at the amount of power his cousin was portraying. Had she always had that much control and power of her bending? No, none that he’d seen at least. Perhaps it was the adreneline but nonetheless, he couldn’t help but feel proud of his cousin as she mowed down several more of their attackers. He had almost fully lost himself to the show before he noticed the movement behind him. He’d nearly forgotten about them. “Hold on Cree, I won’t be able to safely place you down. You’ll just have to bear it for a moment,” he whispered aloud before kicking off the ground, his body flipping backwards with the girl still held on his back as they soared through the air. His feet were his only weapons to use at that moment so he needed to utilize them as best he could, the fighter quickly twisting his body and slamming his feet into the chest of the nearest Equalist he saw. Several stumbled back at the impact and as soon as Brady’s feet touched the ground again, he was after them and kicking at their skulls to knock them out of commission for as long as needed. Blow to blow, he fought off his Equalist brethren and made sure their hits only bruised his front. After all, he wasn’t going to allow another hint of damage to the damsel’s figure. Cree had been through enough.

Gone. Everything is gone.

There was a break as the final bodies hit the floor, Prill and Brady both acting as one as they darted forth and aimed for their escape. There was likely a chase now but it didn’t matter. Everyone was determined to make it out of there alive with all their friends and bending attached. Flames boiled up from behind the fleeing trio and Shay waved at them with a nod. They’d ask him later about his activities in the prison, for now it was time to escape. Within seconds, the others were all with them as well, Bruttis and Myra slightly banged up but all-in-all alive and well. They had all made it. They were going to get to safety.

Gone. Everything is gone.

It took hours it seemed to truly lose the tracking of their enemies, the friends regrouping with Aunt Lottie who had made a camp hidden deep in the ground and safe from the Equalists. As soon as Brady was relieved of his charge and had her placed gently in the makeshift bed prepared for her, Cree was surrounded by her friends all hoping to examine her for injuries. Her father especially wanted to take his child into his arms and beg forgiveness for all the troubles he had caused her in her life.

Gone. Everything is gone.

“Alright, you lot. Back off already. The girl’s going to need rest and I can’t work on her wounds until you’re out of the way. Go on and give her some space,” Aunt Lottie growled as she shoved everyone away from Cree, the earthbender then taking in her wounds with a sigh before retrieving the items she needed from her bag. “She’s going to need a lot of care and attention. She’s been badly handled by those idiots. And I’m sure carrying her on your back and actually fighting with her there wasn’t the best strategy there, my idiot nephew.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

Brady frowned at his aunt’s words. “I protected her from harm as best I-!”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“Leave Brady alone, Auntie. Just please, do your best to help Cree. S-She’s my best friend Auntie, she’s-,” Prill began defending her cousin, Brady looking to her with a sincere glance as Auntie Lottie sighed at her struggling stutters.

Gone. Everything is gone.

“I’ll do what I can, Prill. Everyone needs to give me space to work. I’m not a doctor after all, there’s only so much I can do here. We may have to patch her just enough to make it to the village,” the woman explained before waving everyone away, all of them beginning to retreat to their own corners of the cavern when they heard a familiar mumble. Auntie Lottie’s eyes widened as she looked down to her patient, Cree’s blue orbs wide and hazed over as she looked above her. “Cree-.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“Cree, you’re awake!” Prill called out and rushed forward to see her friend, Bruttis and Brady both following suit and taking their places around her gaze to see her. “Oh Cree, I’m so happy you’re alive. I was so worried about you. We all came to get you. Brady even fought the Equalists with you on his back. It was rather badass!”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“You did what? You risked my daughter’s life while fighting off those scum with her on your back. I oughta-!” Bruttis began but quickly found Brady’s glare on him and he dissolved to the concerned father he was. “B-Babygirl, it’s me. It’s me, Dad. I-I’m so sorry that all this happened to you. I’m so sorry Babygirl. I’ll do everything in my power to make sure you get the proper care you deserve. T-Then, we’ll be able to live a happier life after all this shit is done and over with. We can live wherever you want us to live. We can do whatever it is you want to do. A-And you can bend whenever you want. I’ll never hold you back again. I promise Babygirl.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“You’re all swarming her too fast, don’t you think?” Brady questioned though he really had no room to talk. He had Cree’s limp hand in his as he locked his eyes with hers, staring into the blank abyss with concern. “Cree, are you there? Cree, it’s me Brady. Do you remember? Are you there?”

Gone. Everything is gone.

Cree’s stare was blank as she continued to mumble under her breath, the former Equalist kneeling lower to hover his ear above her mouth to truly hear her voice. Her breath was hot on his skin as he listened carefully, his body tense as he realized what she was saying. He sat up beside her once more and held tighter to her hand, trying his best to remain calm in their situaiton. He could see everyone looking to him to understand what was happening and he gulped before preparing himself to tell them what was happening. “She’s saying, ‘gone. Everything is gone.’ I-I think she’s losing herself after everything that’s happened. I could be wrong but-but we can’t take any chances. W-We’ve got to get her to a doctor.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

“She won’t take the cold well in her condition. We’ve got to get her patched up as much as possible before braving the world outside this place,” Myra called from her place furthest from the injuried girl. All the while Bruttis was whimpering at the realization of his daughter’s condition and Prill’s tears flowed like waterfalls cascading down. “Let Lottie work so we can head out. We’ve got to be prepared to run should the Equalists still be patrolling the area. Everyone, come and we’ll plan accordingly.”

Gone. Everything is gone.

With the firebender’s words loud in their minds, everyone began to peel away from Cree’s side, Brady remaining the longest as he held tightly to her hand. Prill’s hand touched his shoulder gently to break him from his gaze, the boy nodding his head in understanding before listening once more to the girl’s voice that he held onto. He frowned at the same phrase being repeated, begging for the smallest change to occur before Lottie shoved him off to go with his cousin.

Gone. Everything is gone.

“No, everything is not gone Cree,” Brady said before being dragged away from the injured damsel. “Everything is not gone. You’re still here Cree. You’re still here, even if you don’t know it yet.”


His Romantic Gestures

AN: Ok, I figure these two new characters can be featured in the Anime Club RP I have with Taji or something since I really had no place for them currently in other things. If I write more on them, I’ll find a place for them but for now we have this lol. Nikoli and Anna are a couple who at times can be quite the opposites; they’re cute together however so yay! Something funny to point out, I actually started this drabble like…practically a year ago and I just never got around to finishing it. Anyway without further adieu here’s the drabble. Hope you enjoy!

A air of winter settled over the small university town, a soft chill weaving through the pathways and stirring at the passerbys clothes. A simple sway of her blonde hair and Anna couldn’t help but shiver as she buttoned up her coat and clung her satchel to her chest, muttering under her breath about how much she despised the colder months in the mountains. How she longed for the beach; curse her scholarship for positioning her where frigid temperatures and snowfall were a continuous occurrance.

“Nikoli, why couldn’t we take the damn bus or drive to school today? You know how much I hate the cold!” She whimpered aloud as her skirt lifted with the strengthened wind coursing from behind. Narrowed aquamarine orbs glared to the figure before her, her gaze firmly on the small of his back as he continued forward without pause. Clearly ignored, she huffed before stomping quickly forward; her fist connecting with the back of his dreaded mane and sending her boyfriend toppling forward in shock. “Nikoli, you jerk; I asked you a question!”

 Flopping on the cold cement, the tall boy took a moment to recover; his whole body flattening on the ground before managing to pull itself up onto his feet. Staring back at his furious and quivering girlfriend, Nikoli seemed more surprised than angry; his whole body relaxed as he dusted off his jacket and jeans.

“Sorry about that, I was a little dazed,” he replied with a chuckle, his girlfriend’s eyes narrowing more than ever at such an excuse. It didn’t seem to deter Nikoli in the least however as he gave his sheepish grin and gestured for her to take his arm. “Come on, we’re almost home; no reason for complaining or anything Anna-Babe!”

His comment warranted a smack on the arm instead as his girlfriend pouted beside him. “You’re so mean, I’m freezing cold out here! I don’t like walking to and from the apartment and you know that. We go through this everyday it seems but you never listen; it’s always-.”

“But it’s not cold out,” Nikoli interrupted promptly on cue, his signature argument whenever she complained about the chilly weather. While Anna enjoyed her life back home on the beach and the warm weather, he was more a fan of a cold climate with snow and mountains to spare. Nikoli loved to walk to and from the apartment and be out in the climate he enjoyed so much; something his girlfriend often whined about their two years of dating. Though not a deal-breaker in their relationship, the two still argued about it constantly; the boy usually winning out with his rather cheery demeanor.

Knowing she would never get through to her boyfriend, Anna relented with a heavy sigh, “fine, whatever-let’s just hurry up and get home already. I don’t want to be out here for much longer. I don’t-.”

“Sure thing, Anna-babe,” her boyfriend mused along as he helped himself to his feet, returning to the head of their parade towards home. Anna frowned at the gesture, realizing that instead of walking together hand-and-hand as a couple, their entire adventure home had been him leading and leaving her in his shadow.

“Nikoli,” she started, her voice hushed at first though growing louder at his lack of reaction. “Nikoli? Seriously Nikoli, what the hell? Are you seriously ignoring me again?”

The dreaded student peeked over his shoulder towards her with a raised brow, “I’m not ignoring you, Anna-babe. What’s up?”

“Like hell you’re not ignoring me. I just called your name a thousand times and you didn’t even acknowledge me at all. You’re such a-,” she paused and bit her lip, realizing she didn’t want to just spend the entire trip yelling at him. Besides, she wanted answers as to what was going on. “Anyway, what gives? You’ve been walking ahead of me this whole time. It’s almost like we’re not even together. What the hell?”

Nikoli turned heel to stare at her, his sheepish grin still clearly on his lips as he replied, “the wind is blowing from ahead of us.”

It seemed Anna hadn’t even heard his reply for she was once again on a tangent. “Seriously, you’re just leaving me alone in the dust. I just wanted to avoid the cold but no we had to walk. And then we when finally do walk, you’re leaving me behind and not even talking to me. You’re ignoring me and-.”

“I’m not ignoring you, Anna-babe. The wind’s ahead of us blowing in this direction,” he stated again, slightly louder as he chuckled. Anna’s cheeks burned at his admittance, the boy then turning once more to head towards the apartment.

“N-Nik-,” she stuttered, his words repeating in her mind as she frowned. He was staying ahead of her to block as much wind as possible from getting to her. Nikoli knew well enough how much Anna hated the cold and he wanted to do his best to keep her out of it. Her shoes inched along the sidewalk as she caught up to her boyfriend, the girl leaning forward and pressing her forehead into his back as she wrapped her arms around his chest. The boy stood still at the gesture, a chuckle forming in his throat as his hands took hold of hers. “You-Damn you and your romantic gestures. The least you could do is let me know when you’re being a complete gentleman.”

“And where’s the fun in that?” Nikoli asked with a laugh, the two of them lingering there on the sidewalk in a warm embrace. They remained there…until Anna pulled away and darted off towards the apartment without him.

“It’s too cold for this crap!”

“Anna-babe, wa-!” Nikoli called out but quickly fell silent as he grinned, knowing full well it was of no use. He simply began on his trek after his girlfriend, knowing he’d find her in a better mood once safely inside their home.


The Rose’s Gift

AN: It’s another drabble for Guild Wars 2 🙂 sorry for the delay in posting anything. I got swamped with work and personal stuff so I haven’t been able to write at all. I’ve got a lot of ideas though I’m looking forward to writing about so YAY! 😀 Anyway, this idea came when me and Taji were running around in-game one day and introducing our newer characters to one-another. I bought this winter dress for Bell and loved the way it looked on her and I wanted that same outfit to someday come about in our RP but I wanted it to be presented to Bell as a gift so she would treasure it more and be more inclined to always wear it. So we decided it would be a gift from possibly her bestest friend Gridlesser, Taji’s norm woman. I wanted to write a little something after that for when she returns to the forest and runs into a familiar face. Hope you guys enjoy!

 The soft pitter patter of rain echoed down within the village of Astorea as Tiachren stepped along the covered path, his eyes scanning each way to guarantee the safety of his fellow Sylvarian friends. The borders had been peaceful for the entire day without a single mishap and that further panicked the knight, his gut preparing him for a possible ambush at any second. Those smiling faces all about were a glorious sight to behold and Tiachren wanted to keep them just as happy and carefree as possible.

He wanted to keep them happy and safe…unlike Ysvelta.

A pause in his step and Tiachren could barely keep the tears from spilling out in remembrance of his lady love, his fists clenched at his side as he dug his soles into the ground. It had been months since that fateful day, his memory reeling as his own personal tragedy. He could see his blade pierce through Ysvelta as she cried out one last time, the darkness fleeing her as well as her final breath. The knight cursed at the repeating memories and quickly took a seat, the Sylvari trying desperately to even his staggered breaths as he ran a hand through his earthly locks.

“Get it together,” Tiachren whispered aloud, trying his best to keep himself sane. It had been at least a week since his last episode and he wanted it to go away as quickly as possible. For it was no longer just memories of Ysvelta that plagued him…there was also terrible visions of a certain heroic Valiant he’d come to trust with his life. If those settled in, there was no way he’d be able to hold back the tears from cascading down his cheeks. “Come on, get it together. There isn’t time for such things. I have to protect everyone. I have to protect Be-.”

 His words fell short as he bit his lip, his eyes misted over as he buried his face in his palms. Since when did the thought of Bellammere become such a prominence in his life. In the past, the only one who ever took hold of his thoughts was his lady love Ysvelta…but now, the elementalist held a place moreso than she did. He still loved Ysvelta more than anything and if she were still alive and never came across the Nightmare Court, they would still be together without a falter in their love. But they did come across the Nightmare Court and because of it, Ysvelta was stolen by the darkness and ended up being slain so she could be free from it all. And because of that day, Tiachren had witnessed Bellammere as a hero and the true Valiant of their people. And what’s more, he witnessed Bellammere as one of the truest friends he could have ever hoped to meet.

But did that constitute the elementalist to house a place in his thoughts to such a degree? The only one who ever swam through his mind was Ysvelta. There was so much confusion and Tiachren groaned aloud at the struggle he was forced to endure. He just wanted answers. Wasn’t there a way to get such answers?

The clicking of heels along the path caused the knight to lift his head, his eyes glanced down the path at the sound of approaching footsteps. His eyes widened at the familiar Sylvari elementalist carrying on down the street with a grin brighter than the sun. Bellammere was always one to show her emotions on her sleeve, her pure joy no doubt a notion of the particular garb she was wearing. She skipped down the path in a blue-dyed winter dress, snowflakes embroidered into the soft fabric that shimmered as she strolled in the sun. The outfit was entirely proposterous to wear in such a warm climate such as the Caledon Forest and yet there she was strolling along without a care in her humanly outfit. And Tiachren felt his cheeks burn at the sight for she truly looked beautiful in such clothes despite the fact that they were of foreign nature and style. He much preferred the earthly fashions of the Sylvarian people…but on Bellammere, he suspected anything would look beautiful gracing her figure.

“Tiachren! I found you!” Bellammere cheered aloud as she darted over to the knight’s side, Tiachren lifting to his feet and wiping away any trace of tears before her approach. The woman managed to stumble on the earth beneath her feet and her companion was quick to hold out a hand to brace her fall, Bellammere grinning up at him in thanks before correcting her stance and gesturing to her garbs happily. “Do you like them? They were a gift from-!”

“The guardian Human from Divinity’s Reach? He’s the man you’ve been spending so much time with on these missions of yours,” Tiachren interrupted with a raised brow, his tone oddly forced as if it were housing a hint of jealousy. Thankfully, Bellammere was much too oblivious to notice as she shook her head and twirled around to give the knight the full effect of her new outfit.

“Mayynerd? No silly, this is a gift from Gridlesser! I’m so excited, it’s the first gift I was ever given. I tried to talk her out of it but she said she was more than happy to supply me a dress, especially one I can wear to parties and such in the other realms,” the elementalist explained with a grin and Tiachren couldn’t help but chuckle at her childish display. She truly loved Gridlesser and talked about the Norn woman all the time. Just by receiving a gift from her guaranteed such news would be her focal talking point for weeks on end and-wait, did she just say first gift ever?

“The gift is lovely I must admit but surely this couldn’t be the first gift you’ve ever received. Surely there are other gifts. After all, you are hero to much of Caledon Forest and you’ve done so much for the people. There must be other gifts-.”

Bellammere shook her head and replied, “no there haven’t.”

He went silent for a moment at her declaration before Tiachren eyed her critically. “T-There truly have been no other gifts?”

“There have been no gifts though I do not feel sad for this. After all, just those around me being able to live in this world and be able to take each day with stride is a gift all in itself. I suppose though the Pale Tree did give me the gift of life so I suppose that was the first gift I ever received. Oh dear, I should get a gift for the Pale Tree as a thank you. Oh dear, I need to get a gift of great value for Gridlesser as well to show my absolute appreciation for such a wonderful-.”

“You’ve never received a gift in all your time you’ve been part of our lives?” Tiachren continued, latched on to that thought as he stumbled back to take a seat once more. Bellammere watched him carefully as he ran a hand through his locks once more, clearly stressed about something. “I-I didn’t even grant you a gift for everything you’ve done. I’m more appreciative than anyone I’m sure for all you’ve done for me and for Ysvelta. I should have realized this sooner. I did not properly thank you for everything.”

“N-No, Tiachren! It is a gift to know that you’re still alive and living the dream you and Ysvelta believed in together. I-I’m sorry for bringing up such things and making you feel sad. P-Please don’t worry about it!” The elementalist stuttered as she fidgeted before the knight, unsure of how to handle the situation she seemed to have created. Her mind replayed the whole situation to recall what she could have done to cause such turmoil in her friend, the woman ready to kick herself for whatever it was. She hated the thought of Tiachren being upset possibly more than anyone else in existence. After all, he was one of the first people she met outside of the dream and the first one she was truly able to call her friend. “Tiachren, I’m so sorry that I upset you. I-I didn’t mean to-.”

The knight suddenly shot up and took hold of the elementalist’s shoulders, their eyes locked as he shook his head. “Do not apologize. You did nothing wrong. I’m upset with myself for I did not even think to ever present you with a gift. And I know you do not need anything and that you are humble and modest but I want to give you a gift so that is why I’m upset with myself that I didn’t think to do something until now. I’ll find you the greatest gift that would match the sentimental mentality of the shield I continue to wield in honor of the love me and Ysvelta shared. So please be patient with me as I search for a gift that will hopefully match my level of appreciation for you…though I suspect it will be difficult to find such a gift being as my level of appreciation is truly astronomical.”

“Astronomical?” Bellammere repeated in thought. “That means the stars right?”

“Something like that,” Tiachren continued without missing a beat. “Man, the stars are truly beautiful. I would give you the stars if I-.”

“You own the stars?!” The elementalist gasped with a shocked expression, her companion gazing over at her with a raised brow before bursting into a fit of laughter. Bellammere was always such a pleasure, always making him smile and laugh. The knight felt his spirits lift whenever in her presence. And for that, he needed to find something that truly befit her to present as a gift. He needed to show how much he appreciated all she did for him and their people. He needed to show her just how much he cared about her.

“I don’t own the stars, silly. But don’t worry, I’ll find something just as wonderful as the stars for you,” the knight mused, taking the woman’s hands in his as she glanced up at him with sparkling eyes. “Let me do this for you, please.”

Bellammere didn’t say anything at first. She simply continued to stare into his eyes as if searching for something deep inside him. Perhaps it was answers or reasonings for his actions, honestly Tiachren wasn’t sure. Soon, however, the woman released a sigh before allowing a familiar grin on her lips. “Of course, please present me with your gift whenever you can. I’ll love it, whatever it may be. Just please don’t stress yourself over it. I’ll truly appreciate anything you come to present me. Even if its a rock off the ground.”

“I’m not giving you a rock off the ground, silly,” Tiachren hummed as he pinched her nose playfully, the elementalist recoiling at his actions with a huff. “You know, perhaps the world beyond our forest has gifts more fitting for you. After all, the beautiful gown you have on was a gift from the Humans and the Norns. I believe this presents the perfect opportunity to seek permission to join on your expedition.”

Bellammere’s jaw dropped at his words. “Y-You want to come with me beyond the forest? I-I thought you were going to focus your efforts here in the forest against the Nightmare Court?”

“The Nightmare Court is still a threat yes but the greatest threat of all to our world is the dragons and their followers. You’re going up against them, I’m coming with you. I’ve told you before that I wanted to help you and I meant it,” Tiachren stated with a raised brow. “It sounds to me like you don’t want me to go though-.”

A swift punch to the chest and Tiachren stumbled backwards, his eyes wide as Bellammere stood before him blushing wildly and bumbling apologies. “T-That’s not what I meant at all. You have no idea how happy this makes me to have you come along on my journey. I just don’t want you to get hurt or worse.”

“I’m not going to get hurt, I won’t allow it. And I won’t let anyone hurt you either,” the knight stated simply, massaging his chest where her fist had collided. “A-Although that did hurt surprisingly.”

 “S-Sorry,” the woman whispered with a guilty stare, Tiachren chuckling to himself as she looked up to him with a hopeful glance. “S-So you’re truly going to travel with me?”

“I have to guarantee there are enough soldiers on the front line to protect the forest but-there’s not a doubt in my mind I’ll be joining you,” the knight admitted, a blush forming on his cheeks as Bellammere darted into his arms for a long embrace.

“This is the best gift ever,” she mused happily into his armor.

“This isn’t the gift though.”

“Oh yes it is. It’s the greatest gift I could ever receive.”

His blush grew brighter and he simply held her there in his arms, never wishing to let her go. Tiachren did not understand his feelings but at that moment, he didn’t care. All that mattered was that Bellammere was safely in his hold and happy. He’d worry about what it meant later.