Drinking Buddies

AN: A quick drabble featuring Taji’s character Gridlesser and my newest addition to the crew, my norn Corvo. Yep, another character named after¬†a character I already own but I don’t care because his bloodline follows the spirit of the crow so he transforms into a Crow dude xD screw proper names for things, I’m tired but I really wanted to write something so yay! I have a fighting drabble being written but I wanted to make sure the fight scene was detailed so I’m not sure if I will have that one done today or tomorrow. ūüėõ

*~For Taji~*

¬†The norn woman boasted into the tavern with a hearty grin, her fern hound close at her heels as she marched towards the bar where she caught sight of the familiar back of a dear friend. She could tell from the sporatic emptied mugs atop the counter before him that Corvo had started the party long before she arrived. Truth be told, it wasn’t that surprising, he was the type to guzzle down liquor without remorse and still be right as rain as he plunged further into the icy hills of their homeland. Still, it would have been a little considerate to wait for her to arrive so that they could chug down the delicious brew together and chant along for days on end.

Gridlesser hummed aloud as she slapped a hand upon the waiting man’s shoulder, the¬†norn man¬†not even flinching at her touch as his crow floated down from the rafters to greet the newcomers. “You save any of me or you cleaning out the house, my friend?”

“I’m a gentleman, of course I spared some for you,” Corvo muttered in his usually even tone, his gaze out of the corner of his eye focused on his friend as she took up a seat in the stool beside him. She raised a hand to gently pet the crow, the charming beast cawing at her caring touch. “You spoil Poe every time we meet like this, you know that?”

¬†“Oh shut it already, I can already see you slipping meat to my hound there,” she sneered with a mock pout as she gestured to her fern hound happily panting beside the man’s stool and catching the flakes of meat slipped down from his satchel. With a wave for a mug of her own to the bartender, she leaned upon the counter and grinned as she watched Corvo sink with embarrassment in his seat. “I’m glad we could keep our monthly meetings like this. I know how busy you’ve become. What with your work with the shamans and what not. How was your last mission?”

“Cold,” the man retorted simply as the bartender slipped them both fresh mugs, his eyes following the fleeing man before he dared to add anything else to the conversation. “I worked with a friend of yours, Eir Stegalkin and her wolf Garm. She’s quite the force if I do say so myself.”

Gridlesser perked up at the mention of her friend, a member of Destiny’s Edge or the former group anyway. “She’s quite the woman and clearly a force to be reckoned with. I can only assume that with the two of you together, the mission was handled with success?”

“I suppose so. We got what we needed and found out what information we could. She’s truly a worthy ally in the great hunt,” he added before throwing back another mug, raising it up to gesture his need for a refill. “I can’t go into any details here though. Perhaps at a different time and a different place. For now, let’s talk of other things.”

Another pout graced the woman’s lips, “you were always the spoil sport, you know that.”

He simply rolled his eyes in response before carrying on with the conversation. “I hear you’ve been spending a lot of time with an interesting crowd. You’ve certainly gained a following of many types.”

“An interesting crowd you say?” Gridlesser repeated as she thought a moment, her eyes suddenly growing wide as her grin returned at full force. “Aha, so you’ve been keeping tabs on me?”

Corvo frowned at the question, the bartender quickly refilling their mugs before departing to tend to other matters on the other side of the bar. Once they were alone again, he continued, “it’s hard not to hear about your exploits. You’re everywhere drawing attention to yourself. You and that little band of characters you’ve got following you. I hear you’ve got a few humans in your wake as well as some sylvarians. And let’s not forget the asura and charr. You’re really branching out and it’s getting noticed by others.”

The norn woman’s nose crinkled at his tone. She didn’t like the accusing nature of his little speech and she would have been out of character not to straighten it out right then and there. She swiftly punched her friend in the shoulder before leaning in close to keep their words harsh whispers between them. “I’m doing what I must to take on the challenges presented and honestly it doesn’t hurt to make a few friends along the way to help you out when needed. I know you’ve never been a fan of those not linked with our kind or the spirits of the wild due to past experiences that I know have scarred you but that doesn’t mean you can judge me for what I’ve been up to. Yes, I’ve made friends with humans, charrs, asura and sylvarians. Yes, I’ve teamed up with them and you know what, I’ve never been better. So don’t you dare scoff at me for my decisions. They aren’t yours to judge.”

Corvo was silent after her speech and she immediately noticed the slump of his shoulders as he hid his face from the woman. He knew he had acted out of turn and he was too prideful to admit it, the man clearly hurt at the mention of his past as he slurped down another mug of brew. Gridlesser bit her lip at the sight and leaned back in her seat, her arms crossed over her chest as she waited for him to make the next move. That was the only way to handle the situation, he had to be the one to speak next or else he would remained bottled up the rest of the evening. And considering they only got to meet nowadays on a monthly basis, it was best to talk it out then instead of letting it boil over for that length of time.

Gridlesser and Corvo had know each other since their days as infants, the two of them often getting one-another into trouble and admiring the heroes that marched off with the spirits of the wilds at their sides. Both of them always knew they would be part of those heroes of legend and even though their styles were different they wanted to work together to accomplish their goals. In those days, Corvo was much more open with everything that was around them, as well as more open to the races beyond the norns.

Corvo had put trust into a human once, a warrior who’s sword rang out loud over the hills as he marched on to protect his homeland and his people. His name was Bellamy Jones and he was the closest Corvo ever came to having a human friend. However, the human warrior had a flaw in regards to his new friend. Should his new friend stand in the way of his need to protect his homeland, Bellamy wouldn’t hesitate to slice him down.

And one day that fated moment happened. Corvo had aligned himself with a group of bandits who had threatened the Seraph and human allies of the warrior. Bellamy saw the group as enemies. Corvo saw them as allies. And when the crowborn dared to stand up against his friend, he felt the cold rip of a blade mark his chest. Blood spilled out of the wound and Bellamy departed after enacting his justice upon the bandits, leaving the norn to bleed there upon the snow. If not for Gridlesser finding him there and bringing him to safety, he would not have lived.

Left with a scar both physically and mentally on his person, Corvo had grown distant from many and closed himself off to those he deemed unworthy at first glance. In fact, he probably would have refused to align with Eir if not for the mission required them to work together. All his trust was with his few friends he’d kept close in his life and his trusted crow Poe. And Gridlesser was lucky enough to remain at the highest peak in regards to his trust, the woman making sure she never did anything to truly wrong him or make him believe otherwise.

“Grid,” Corvo suddenly whispered, the addressed peeking over at him with a nod. “I didn’t mean to judge you in any way.”

“I know you didn’t,” she muttered with a sigh. “Don’t worry, I forgive you. Now let’s get back to drinking already. After all, this is the one time a month I truly get to splurge on more ale than usual. I want to keep the party going.”

The man didn’t object as the two of them continued to chug down their brew, the bartender tending to their emptied mugs often as they continued long into the night. Gridlesser had even become a bit sloshed when her friend managed to ask, “what are they like?”

The woman raised a brow and tried to keep her words from slurring as she spoke. “What are who like?”

“Your allies. What are they like?” He added with a huff, rolling his eyes at her struggling speech. “The humans, the sylvarians, the-.”

¬†“Mayynerd is a human I met and joined up with. We work together on missions. He’s a sweetheart but a bit reckless with money. He’s also still got a lot to learn when it comes to being a guardian,” Gridlesser hummed aloud as she recalled her friends running about on missions. She wondered how they were fairing without her for the short time she was away from them. “I met Bellammere while I made my trip to the Grove to find myself this fern hound of mine. She’s quite the character. She’s so innocent and full of wonder, she reminds me of a child stepping out into the world for the first time. And yet even with that innocence of hers, Bell is quite a powerful elementalist. She tags along with a knight of her people named Tiachren. And then there’s Korin and Quinn, those humans are quite the pair. Then there’s-.”

“You must really like them,” Corvo interrupted with a sigh, the man glancing over at his friend with a sincere expression. “You dote on them as if they were your children.”

¬†The woman chuckled at such words as she grinned. “Heh, half the time they make me feel like they’re my children. They’re all a bunch of brats at times but I can’t help but care about them.” She then winked over at her friend, their mugs refilled once more as she raised her mug for a toast. “Perhaps you’d like to meet them someday soon?”

“I doubt that would be a good idea,” the man said as he studied the raised glass with interest. “They probably wouldn’t like me very much.”

“Not true! Bell would totally flock to you! She would follow you like a little lost duckling. She’ll also make you kneel down to be level with her as you speak with her since she has a thing about looking into the eyes of those she’s speaking to. She’s so adorable, I can’t even,” Gridlesser mused with a giggle, her glass never faltering as she awaited her friend to join her in a toast. “And May would try and act all tough and fail miserably when around you but you two would definitely get along. And Korin would totally try to play pranks on you but that’s just how she shows her affection really. Hard to believe right? And then-.”

“Again, they really sound like your children. Enough already, I get it,” the crowborn interrupted as he raised his glass to be level with hers. He managed a grin, the first of the evening, as he continued. “What are we drinking to?”

The woman answered, “to the future and the end of the dragon’s reign?”

“I’ll drink to that,” Corvo nodded as they both toasted and drowned the evening with their drinks and sporatic conversations. All the while, the hound and Poe both watched their links with amusement.



AN: This is a short drabble from Kuroko’s Basketball written for Taji! She’s done so much for me and I wanted to repay her with a little bit of writing. Just a warning, I’m still not used to the characters yet so I’m hoping to don’t screw them up! Anyway, hope you enjoy! Just a warning this doesn’t follow the storyline exactly, it’s truly just based on the moment in Chapter 229 of the manga which you can read here:http://www.mangahere.co/manga/kuroko_no_basket/v23/c229/ I’m slightly worried I got the dialogue wrong with who said what towards the end but oh well, it’s a gift for a friend and I wanted to write her something she’d enjoy! No flames here please, constructive critism is accepted and appreciated however.

*~For Taji~*

Riko Aida hated having long hair.¬†The struggle to deal with such overgrown locks was not her in daily agenda, the lover of molding bodies into hard-working machines of sport more focused on her job as a coach for Seirin’s Basketball team. Even clipped back, the hassel of her hair falling into her face was more than enough for her to keep her style short and managable with her busy load.

And yet, she dared to make a promise with her team. A promise so trecherous, she cursed the thought of what she had done. She would only cut her hair again when they made it to Nationals.

The faith she had in the team was admirable for she truly believed them to be on the path to greatness. And yet, none of that mattered in her daily bouts with those ever-growing locks. Her frustrations were piqued with her tussels with hairties and clips, trying to hold back any of the pretruding bits of hair from her face so she could focus on the matters at hand. She was the coach of the team after all, she had to keep her mind on building up their bodies to be strong and rested for the games.

Alas, her hair was quite the spiteful bitch. And truthfully, it helped Riko in the long run. Those dubious strands were a clear reminder of the promises she made with her team and the faith she had in them that they would succeed. And that faith was rewarded during the Winter Cup when they had made it to the most anticipated battle, Seirin versus Rakuzan.

It was finally Riko’s¬†team’s moment to shine brighter than all the other stars in the sky. All that hard work paid off. And it was finally time to rid herself of that heinous hairdo. The fated haircut was about to commence.

There was an excited skip in her step as the Seirin coach made her way early that morning to the trusted barbershop where she knew her locks would meet the sharp end of a pair of scissors and meet their maker. The Hyuga’s barbershop was where she always went to get her trims and it was the only place she could trust to end the reign of the long hair growing from her scalp. It was time to return to the short haired girl she felt most comfortable as.

The door jingled as she opened it, stepping into the shop with a wide grin on her lips. It soon faded however when she realized just how early she’d wandered out into the world and had invaded the familiar scene. And when her eyes locked with the spectacled teen she’d known practically forever, her cheeks flushed and she cursed aloud without the thought of making a proper appointment.

“What in the world are you doing here so early?” Junpei muttered aloud as he continued to sweep the floors, his eyes locked with the blushing form of his coach as she fidgeted in place at the head of the shop. “If you’re here to see if I’ve rested for later today, I can tell you I’m rested and ready to go.”

“W-Well, that’s good to hear. Glad to hear it. B-But-,” she paused before biting her lip. “Your dad isn’t in the shop yet?”

The clutch-player ceased his sweeping to eye the girl with a sigh. So that’s what it was all about. “No, he’s resting up to run the store today. If he knew you were going to stop by, he would have been ready and willing to help out. After all, he would have loved to chat with you about the team and all.”

“Yeah, I realized just how early it is a bit too late. I’ve been trying to make sure everything’s ready for-,” she held her tongue, not wanting to bring any bad luck to her team by her blabbering her mouth. So instead she released a heavy sigh before turning towards the door. “I’ll just deal with it until afterwards. It’s no big-.”

The sound of ruffling fabric filled the room and Riko halted with a gasp. She turned to see Junpei preparing one of the chairs for her, the teen then gesturing for her to sit with a straight face. “I’ll assist you today Miss. Please have a seat.”

Riko turned towards him and raised a brow, chuckling in her throat at such a display. “Did you just call me Miss?”

“I’m at work, therefore you are Miss. Now please have a seat already so we can get started,” Junpei huffed at her tone, watching her as she maneuvered around the front counter and accepted the seat offered. Once there, he carefully threw the cover over her and snapped it carefully at her neck before turning her to face the mirror. “So what is it you’re thinking about doing with your hair today, Miss?”

¬†Riko couldn’t help it, she bursted out into a fit of laughter. “Oh gosh, are you really serious right now? You know exactly how-.” She suddenly felt a pinch at her neck and she yelped, sending a glare into the mirror where she saw the frustrated teen standing behind her. “Watch it you!”

“I’m supposed to do this for the customers. So shush already and let me assist you,” he grumbled, reaching over and carefully taking out a pair of¬†scissors and a comb to begin his work. “Or maybe you don’t want your hair done huh?”

The coach immediately panicked as she quickly nodded. “W-Wait, I do want my hair done. I-I’m sorry! Go ahead! I’m sorry about-.”

Junpei rolled his eyes before patting the top of her head with a sigh. “I’m only kidding. Calm down before you end up with a worse haircut than ever before.”

With that, Riko closed her lips and relaxed in the chair, leaving Junpei to his efforts as he began to cut her hair. His actions were effortless and soon her once long locks were scattered at his feet and gave way to the fresh air now on the back of her neck. She couldn’t help but grin at the feeling of freedom, Junpei quietly acknowledging her pleased expression before continuing with his job.

¬†“Did you make sure to get a good night’s sleep yesterday?” He asked as he sliced more of her hair away. When she didn’t immediately respond however, he glanced at her in the mirror and repeated the question.

“Huh?” Riko responded, seeming out of it as she looked back at him.

“What do you mean ‘huh’?” Junpei asked, releasing a sigh as her grin returned at full force. “I thought you’d say you were so nervous that you didn’t sleep a wink last night or something like that.”

The coach hummed at his¬†words before recalling the events of the night prior. She remembered the story Kuroko had shared with them.¬†“Well, for some reason…after hearing Kuroko’s story, I felt strangely relaxed when I got home. ¬†The moment I got into my futon, I fell asleep.” She watched Junpei continued to cut and she giggled, he really was good at his work. He was his father’s son after all. “After this morning’s scouting, it hit me again just how absurdly strong Rakuzan is…but, for some reason, I didn’t get worked up about it.”

The clutch-player smiled at her words, knowing exactly how she felt. He also had a relaxing evening after hearing Kuroko’s story. Taking a step back, he nodded to the mirror and announced, “okay. All done. How’s this for ya, Miss?”

Riko’s grin was brighter than ever as she looked at herself in the mirror, pleased to have her short locks once again. She glanced down at the fallen strands at the floor and silently cursed them for all the pain they’d caused her in their journey. It was finally over now. They were going to face off in the finals. The time for praying was over. “It’s perfect! Thanks! You’re the son of a barber, alright!”

“Don’t call it that,” Junpei huffed, releasing her from the cover and folding it up as he walked away from her.

“Eh? But doesn’t that spinning thing in front of the store mean this is a barber shop? What is that, even?”

“No it doesn’t and don’t ask me!” He retorted with a huff, gathering the broom to begin to sweep once more. He barely noticed the coach twirling about as she headed for the door, sending her fingers through her new hairdo with a grin. He wasn’t going to allow her to see it but he was blushing slightly at her happiness.

“Alright, I’ll see you at the venue!” Riko chimed in with a wink. “Win this! Give it your all, Captain!”

Junpei lifted his gaze with a smirk. “Yeah…leave it to me, Coach!” He couldn’t avoid the gaze now, he saw her happy expression and her hair cut short thanks to the efforts of him and his team. His cheeks burned bright red as he gulped. He needed to say something. He needed to.

“What’s the matter?” Riko asked, blinking at his expression as he gulped once more.

“Say…Riko…If we win today’s match…like, say…if we become the champions…”

He didn’t get to finish, his whole world spun into chaos as a loud sneeze erupted from Riko and she sent a wave of germs and snot into his face. “Achoo!”

Junpei stumbled back at the disgusting display, panic settling in as he tried to wipe away the snot. “Gross…Hey!!!”

“Oh my god, I’m sorry! But…It’s so chilly in here! There’s cold air on my neck!” Riko whined as she tried to help him clean off her mess, the teen dodging her every move as they both blushed like embarrassed lovebirds.

“That’s cause you cut a ton of hair off in the middle of the winter!” Junpei howled and the two of them entered in a bickering battle, his original thought falling by the wayside as they continued on until it was almost time to meet for the big game.



Traveling With Twins

AN: A quick Guild Wars 2 drabble to get me through the day. This one features my OC Bellammere and the characters from the game Tiachren, Arlon and Pellam. Hope you enjoy!

¬†I had this blog post used to help me out with remembering the twins character types so hopefully I don’t screw them up too horribly ūüôā so far I love all the characters I’ve encountered with the Sylvari storyline so woot woot! http://www.aeryplays.com/2013/01/guild-wars-2-personal-story.html

¬†The path grew narrow along the caverns deep within Caledon Forest, Bellammere struggling with her steps as she squeezed through the widest opening she could find. The small group had been traveling for days through the vast lands of trees and marsh and she had yet to find any sign of their mission objective; a small camp of rebel Dengatl had been seen within the forests and they had been rumored to be kidnapping Sylvari from the paths and stripping them of their items before leaving them to their death. That’s all those were though, rumors. Bellammere knew best to take the mission in stride and do her best to eliminate the need for violence should there been a possibility for that.

If only all her current companions felt the same way as she did…

¬†Bumbling through the narrow opening was an armored Arlon, the grumbling Sylvari warrior huffing about as he struggled to get through. He didn’t dare ask for help though and scuffed at the notion of Bellammere reaching a hand out to help him along. Instead, the fiercest of the twins growled in his throat as he wiggled about in the opening, finally popping out only to fall face-first before the maiden elementalist eyeing him with exhaustion.

Arlon was probably one of her biggest problems in the group. He was loud and narrow-minded with how to handle any situation that presented itself. Violence was the only answer for him. Strength and slaying down anyone that stood in the way was the only way to prove to their enemies that they were a force to be reckoned with. There was no point in talking, only bloodshed.

In addition, he was also quite the whiner, the warrior lifting up onto his feet and grumbling as he dusted off his armor. “You couldn’t have thought to find a more comfortable path to take?”

“As I’ve stated before Arlon, this is the best path we could find,” she retorted, trying her best to stay patient with his growls. “We’re lucky to find any path at all currently without being stampeded by beasts.”

“Beasts aren’t an issue. I have my sword. I can easily slay anything that marches against us!” Arlon snapped at the maiden’s words, Bellammere falling more and more into frustration at his condescending tone. “I say we head to the main path and-.”

“Now brother, you know exactly why we’re not taking the main path. There is no reason to slay the beasts that roam the road as they are not the sort to seek out harming others unless feeling threatening. They are innocent and therefore we do not need to disturb them.”

Both the elementalist and the warrior looked towards the small opening to see Pellam, the more reasonable and witty of the twin brothers. He filed through with ease, his intelligence allowing him to scope out the best way to handle the situation of a tight spot. Once through, he managed a warm grin to the maiden before turning back towards the opening. Visible through the slot was Tiachren, the knight eyeing the opening with disdain before handing his trusted shield through the cracks towards the awaiting twin.

“This is going to be difficult. You all should go on ahead and I’ll catch up,” Tiachren voiced with a sincere glance towards Bellammere at the notice of her worried expression. He was much more built than the other three so it was likely he would have the hardest time out of all of them getting through. Perhaps it was best to seek a more open option and hope luck was on their side when dealing with the beasts. “Don’t worry Bellammere, I’ll be right behind you all. You have my word.”

“B-But we shouldn’t split up Tia-,” she began but was quickly silenced by an erupting groan from the warrior at her side.

“You heard him, he’s going to take forever. We’re wasting so much time already because you picked the worst path possible to travel. Let’s not waste anymore waiting around!” Arlon hissed aloud, the elementalist barely holding her tongue as she narrowed her eyes in his direction. Pellam was quick to action however, stepping between them with raised hands.

“Now Arlon, there’s no reason for you to get so boiled under the collar,” the other twin mused with a nod. “You’ll need to cool down your hot-blooded nature or else you’ll jeopardize this entire mission.”

The warrior twin narrowed his eyes further towards his brother. “What’s that supposed to mean? Stop acting like you’re alleviating the problem here. You sided to go this stupid route and we’re further behind than ever trying to complete this mission. We should have just darted through the main path and caught them in the act. We should have taken care of the Dengatl filth by now!”

Pellam remained quiet in his speech, however his words were that of a argumentative brother. “See? Your blood is boiling over and you’re¬†squawking about like a damn Moa. The Dengatl will know we’re coming at this rate and flee for safety. We’ll lose our chance yet again to reason with them. You’re making matters worse by-.”

“Don’t tell me how I’m making matters worse, you sniveling-!”

“Brother, you’re nothing but a-!”

And there they went, taking a small argument and exploding it out of proportion. It was no longer two brothers arguing to seek out the best route for a common purpose. No, it was now just two brothers arguing like brothers do. And what’s worse, they were twins…they felt the need to outrank the other as the most successful of the two. Bellammere was fed up with it; she had heard every argument under the sun from her twin companions and it was time to bring the hammer down. No more miss nice Sylvari, she was through. Bellammere darted between the brothers and slammed a fist on both their skulls, shutting them up as she hissed at them. “Shut up, you’re both going to give away our position. That’s enough out of you both!”

It wasn’t long before a hint of guilt fluttered into Bellammere’s soul, the usually calm and collected woman now realized she had allowed herself to be pushed into a trace of violence and rage. It didn’t help the situation one bit that as if in a mental unison, both men suddenly looked up to Bellammere with watery eyes, their gaze wide at her mistreatment as they whimpered there on the ground. And with that, the elementalist was trapped to their pitiful display, kneeling beside them and nurturing their fresh bumps as she muttered apologies. All the while, Tiachren was left to stare at them while struggling through the small opening with a sigh. So much for their graceful leader bringing the hammer down.

Since the twins were recruited into their team and they had begun on their many adventures together, they had grown rather attached to Bellammere and treated her as an older sister if not a motherly figure. She took everything they threw at her with stride but that was the first time she broke down and smacked them both on the skull. And that very moment, they both clicked back into unison for a common goal: make Bellammere feel guilty for hitting us.

“P-Perhaps it is best you all stay so as I don’t leave you alone with these brats,” Tiachren muttered aloud to the group but found his words fell on deaf ears, the elementalist tending to the twins as they boys snickered at a job well done. They had finally stopped arguing but now they were treating Bellammere like their own personal toy…and that frustrated the night moreso than the arguing. Suddenly the small crevice was but a fleeting issue as Tiachren forced himself through the opening, scratches tainting his skin and armor from the forced abuse as he stumbled forward towards his companions. Bellammere broke her gaze from the twins to look towards her best friend in shock, her worried gaze being ignored as the man reached out and yanked the twins away from her. “I’ve had just about enough of you two and your-.”

“Ah, Tiachren, don’t do this. What are you thinking?!” Pellam cried out.

“The knight’s going to hit us, Pellam. Let me at my sword and I’ll show you just how horrible of a mistake he’s making! Come at me you coward!” Arlon growled.

“All of you stop!” Bellammere cried out as she raced forward, her hands outstretched towards the others. She would have begun to peel each of them away from each other if not for the soaring spear now aimed for her direction. Having a short time to react, the elementalist grabbed the dagger at her belt and slashed the air, a surge of lightning piercing the weapon and sending it splintering out of sight. Realizing the momentary threat had been ceased, she took the opportunity to gaze over her shoulder at her companions; each one of them armed with their weapon of choice as they prepared to launch forth to defend the coward that dared send a weapon towards Bellammere. “It seems the Dengatl might know where we are.”

“It could also possibly be the Nightmare Court. Though from the spear, I would assume Dengatl is the obvious choice,” Pellam explained, the other two rolling their eyes at his explanation.

“Who cares about all that. The point is, we’re under attack,” Arlon growled, his feet itching to charge forward.

Tiachren also housed that same adreneline rush, his gaze switching between where the weapon had originated from to Bellammere. “I’ll make them wish they never targeted you, Bellammere. I promise.”

“Violence isn’t the answer, you all. Perhaps we could talk things out with them or-,” the elementalist tried to alleviate the issue but once more fell silent as more spears began to hiss as they soared through the air. Bellammere felt her heart sink as she and her companions dodged the attacks, all of them forming a unit as they went in for the attack. “I suppose there is no other choice then.”

“It’s not like they are any of your ‘innocent beasts’ Bellammere. They’re attacking us. We’re just returning the favor!” Arlon mused, clearly excited to use his blade to get his point across.

“Actually brother, they could be acting defensively. They might find our actions through the forest to be a threat to them and they could be-.”

“Shut it Pellam and face the music. You’re one idiotic fool if you think-.”

“I believe you are the fool brother if-.”

“If you two don’t just shut up and handle the mission, I’ll kill you both myself!” Tiachren suddenly hissed as he stepped first into the small group of hunting Dengatl, the frog creatures howling at the discovery before arming themselves with their spears. They were no match for the knight however, his body easily dodging any thrust of their weapons before slicing them through. “There are likely small parties everywhere and they’re all going to be alerted to us now. Be prepared.”

As if in unison, both brothers whined, “B-Bellammere, did you just hear what Tiachren sa-.”

“Tiachren, don’t threaten the boys. And Pellam and Arlon, stay focused on the goal!” Bellammere stated matter-of-fact before matching strides with her three companions, their movements as one as they charged forth towards the impending battle ahead. “Everyone, together!”

“As one!”