A Meeting in Hoelbrak

AN: Taji got me into Guild Wars 2 (we’re late with the times ok lol) and our two rangers have been seen running along Hoelbrak from time to time, with her viking Gridlesser and my human Korin Keeper. They’re both rangers and they seem to be an unlikely duo that would become friends while having shenanigans together. Welp, I have a few ideas from us playing together that make me wanna write drabbles so here we go. There should be a few coming in depending on if I find the time to write so hope you guys enjoy! And I really hope I’m not screwing with Taji’s character here. Enjoy!

*~For Taji~*

The crackling flames in the fireplace were a welcome distraction as Gridlesser settled in for the evening, the tavern oddly quiet despite it filled with life during the snowstorm beyond the walls. At her feet, her fern hound curled up and accepted the warmth with a toothy grin, its eyes closed off to rest up before their upcoming trek through the cold in the morning.

“Rest up pup, you’ve earned it,” the norn ranger cooed from her seat before raising her mug of ale to her lips, accepting the warm brew and grinning at the delicious taste lingering with the foam. “We’ve both earned a bit of peace huh? At least until we see Eir tomorrow. She’ll likely have another task for us to look into.”

The hound continued to rest, its only response being a huff at her words while the woman laughed. Her beasts all had their own glimmering personalities but the fern hound was probably one of her favorites to date. Growing up in the warm forest climate with the Sylvari, it had rarely experienced the cold until it found a home with its norn master Gridlesser. Following her into Hoelbrak, the beast found out for the first time what the cold truly was…and it was not fond of it in the least. The chilling snow beneath its paws was near painful during their treks through the mountain paths and there were times where it would grow an attitude with its master for torturing it in such ways.

“You’ll live pup, you’ll live!” Gridlesser chimed as she reached a hand to scratch the top of the beast’s skull, a purring sound emerging from its throat at the proper treatment. “Don’t you worry, everything will be-.”

 The woman’s words trailed off as a wave of chill entered the tavern, various patrons eyeing the doorway with disdain at who brought in such a wave of cold. A large norm man stood there with a wide grin as he waved, his carefree attitude quickly matched by a small form at his side. A human female stood dressed all-in-all terribly for the chilled weathers, her cheeks and nose reddened from the cold matching her curly shoulder-length hair atop her skull. At her belt, an axe and a warhorn sat perched on each hip and at her feet stood the large form of a river drake, the beast standing protectively before his master with a toothy grin.

The crowd all huffed while some demanded the door be closed, the newcomers quickly abiding the demands before brushing off the snow from their shoulders. The norn man soon let his eyes latch to Gridlesser’s and she quickly recalled where she’d seen him before. A regular here at the tavern, Malacox was quite the merchant of sorts in Hoelbrak and often swung her a deal on equipment repairs and items when she was in the area. The brawny figure began his trek across the tavern to her table, the human ranger quickly in pursuit as she grinned. Her eyes were latched onto the fern hound resting on the ground, a sparkle of happiness evident as she skipped over beside Malacox.

“I knew I’d find you here, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind!” Malacox boomed in greeting as he halted beside Gridlesser, the norn ranger eyeing him with a nod before glancing towards the small human beside him. “Found this little tyke stumbling about at the trades keep looking for-.”

“I’m not a tyke!” The human interrupted with a pout as she huffed, glaring up at her escort who gave a laugh at her actions. “I’m a grown woman thank you very much!”

“Aye, a grown human is still a tyke to the lot of us!” The merchant joked, receiving a jab in his ribs by the human; an action proving fairly difficult by the expansive size difference between the two. He would have continued his teasing if not for the snarling growl from below, the woman’s river drake eyeing the man with distaste. Quickly, the human bent down to carefully pet the beast’s snout, calming it down before it acted on impulse for protection. “Anyway, this here is the one you seek by the name of Gridlesser. She’s quite the ranger from my experiences with her and she definitely matches the description of who you were looking for.”

The human woman looked up at the merchant with a grin before lifting up to her feet so she could meet Gridlesser’s eyes with a nod. “Yep, there’s no doubt in my mind you’re the one I’ve been searching for. I could already tell by the beast at your feet that I’ve definitely found the one I’ve been seeking.”

“Seeking me? What’s all this about?” Gridlesser responsed with a raised brow, the human coming beside her with an outstretched hand. “Wh0-?”

“My name is Korin Keeper from Divinity’s Reach and this here is my pal Fadi. I’ve come here seeking the ranger named Gridlesser for help. I learned of you from a mutual friend, a sylvari from the Grove. She said to seek you out and so here I am.”

The norn woman was suddenly at her feet, the chair kicked out from under her as she eyed the human for answers. Her fern hound reluctantly scrambled to its feet, its back arched as it prepared to lunge on command. “What happened to Bellemere? What’s going on here?”

“Bellemere’s fine; she’s a friend of mine who happened to lead me in your direction,” Korin answered with an even stare on the norn woman. She was oddly calm in a room full of towering norns, something Gridlesser took note of; she was a strange human indeed.

“You scared me, I thought-,” the woman began but paused when she realized what was being said to her. “Bellemere sent you to find me? What for?”

“Simple,” the human continued, her grin forming on her lips as she mused along. “I need the help of someone strong and worthy of the challenge I’m currently faced with. When I turned to Bellemere, she led me to you. So Gridlesser, I need your help and I won’t be taking no for an answer.”

“Strong words for a tyke,” Malacox interrupted with a slap on the human’s shoulder, the woman cursing at the strength he displayed despite his casual demeanor.

“I’m not a tyke!” Korin lashed out with her tongue before gesturing towards Gridlesser. “I’ll explain everything if you’d give me a chance. So what will it be? I trust Bellemere’s words and judgement which is why I’m here.”

The norn ranger surveyed the human before her with a raised brow, taking in every inch of her while she spoke. She certainly seemed strong despite her humanly qualities and the beast at her side wasn’t an easy one to tame for the likes of most that shared in the art of the beast tamer. And she was entrusted by Bellemere, a sylvari whom Gridlesser trusted without a doubt. Perhaps it was best to listen to the small one come to seek her help. With a loud sigh, the norn woman gestured to the open seat at the table before she retrieved hers from the ground. Her fern hound eased back to the floor and began to rest once more, allowing the rangers to tend to their business.

“Well I suppose a friend of Bellemere is a possibly friend of mine. Sit down and let’s talk business then,” Gridlesser stated with a grin, settling in her seat while she watched the human mimick the gesture with a wide grin. “Nice to meet you, Korin Keeper.”

“And I, you, Gridlesser,” the human chimed with a nod as Malacox patted her shoulder before escaping to the bar for a drink of ale of his own. “I have a feeling we’re going to work amazingly well together; Bellemere certainly thinks so.”

“Well if Bellemere thinks so,” the norn replied, a chuckle escaping her lips as she prepared herself for what was to come next. “It certainly must be true.”


RP Ideas 3 – Mae and Taji

And another edition of RP ideas with Taji and Me. Honestly, I just needed to get this down somewhere instead of in-game chat that disappears after awhile lol. Taji got me to buy Guild Wars 2 (yeah we’re late, we don’t care lol) and now we’re both having a blast playing the game. We really adore the characters and the story that we decided to use our characters from the game into an RP one day (it’ll prlly be in May or during the summer that we can start though since both of us have a lot of things going on in life).

So Taji has a Norn Viking character named Gridlesser and I have a Human named Korin Keeper (I know, the name is already taken by one of my famous characters but I’m going to keep the name as such since I have plans for crossover drabbles in the future 🙂 ) Anyway, we’ve been having our Ranger girls run around together and getting into shenanigans and we figured they deserved their own story. And I wondered if…hey, we should have a story with all of our characters from it somehow intertwining since the whole point of the game is to take a stand against the dragon of legend or something like that by joining together with the other species.

I came up with this idea on the fly while running about with Taji ingame. My first character is a Sylvari elementalist named Bayelei that I will be restarting if I can spare all the items and redo it exactly the same way as she is now (maybe change the hairstyle lol). I really like the storyline at the beginning where she saves a male sylvari in the forest and it turns out his lady love was taken by the nightmare. Bayelei and him work together to find the lady love but she is lost and they have to eliminate her before she can spread the hate the nightmare instills.

I’m going to remember their names when I replay that because I’m interested in bringing him in afterwards since he’s actually a decent guardian type fighter (i assume guardians can use shields because his shield with the moon on it was what I remember from his story). Him and Bayelei (I will definitely provide her with a new name too since Bayelei is already taken xD EDIT: Her name is now Bellammere :D) become friends with all their adventures together and therefore they run the forests together afterwards in fighting the risen and the nightmare court. He does truly miss and love his lady love but after she fell he vowed to stand against the nightmare court that took her away. I figure with time, him and Bayelei could grow to enjoy each other’s company and fall in love though by doing so he would become obsessed with protecting her and risk his life on more than one occasion to make sure she survives.

Taji came up with the idea that she would be in the Grove or the forest looking for a Fern Hound to join her arsenal of pets as a ranger and I figured I would have Bayelei there. The two would meet and Bayelei would plead with her to assist in a mission of sorts deep in the forest.With the mission, the two would bond in friendship and afterwards Gridlesser would leave to return to Hoelbrak. Some time later, Korin would also appear in the Grove and will be seeking help (possibly for the Order or something, I haven’t decided yet). Bayelei would come to her and tell her of Gridlesser in Hoelbrak and that she would be able to help her with whatever is needed to be done. Korin goes out to find Gridlesser and the two begin working together for similar goals.

In the long run, I foresee all of our characters coming together to join the fight against the main enemy which I believe is the dragon? I’m not entirely sure as of yet lol. But anyway, I foresee Korin and her best bud Quinn from her street rat storyline, Bayelei and whatever his name is (I will find out in second playthrough), Gridlesser and people from her storyline or whoever Taji would like to add in come together. I also foresee a male charr and female asura in the future being unlikely best buds xD Idk I just love the idea of such things! Anyway, just wanted to post this somewhere to be used in case we do actually start this RP. There are chances for more discussions and ideas in the future and I welcome any feedback to where we can take the storyline ^_^ thanks for listening!

Conversations By The River

AN: Ok, it’s been a little bit since I posted a Dragon Hunter RP drabble and I really wanted to do a little scene between Bayelei and Martin after she finally returned from her Victorville and Graham antics and they actually got a chance to talk since everything went down with Vette and Miller. I was inspired by this little drabble Taji wrote a while back: http://tajiface.wordpress.com/2013/02/04/river-watch/. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy!

 Martin’s legs dangled over the edge of the bridge, his limbs swinging back and forth like pendulums as he took a swig of his flask. The sun blared down on the flooded park, the river still not receded as its waters swayed with a gentle breeze. As soon as the rains came, he knew as soon as the sun returned he’d end up there. Him and Jarell both were always fascinated at the sight and it was a special spot for the siblings; however, Martin knew something was odd when he beat the younger to the spot.

Jarell was just about the laziest fellow in Eastwyvern yet when it came to those few items he found special, he was always the first to arrive. And yet…he wasn’t there that morning. The older Jamerson raised a brow and took a seat at the usual spot, pondering if he’d indeed overslept like he usually did at the guild hall on a normal day. Did he forget? Did he-wait…

Martin barely had time to register the figure suddenly at his side, his expression oddly reserved as he kept his eyes forward. Without a doubt in his mind, it was Bayelei; so that was the younger Jamerson’s plan all along.

It had been a month since that fateful day Miller and the others returned, the tracker slipping Martin a hurried note from Baye that he’d never forget. She’d chosen to stay away from Eastwyvern in the hunt for Graham, stating that she was struggling with her inner demons and that she needed to come to terms with things before even thinking of returning home. Another promise was broken for her safe return; she mentioned in the note that she was sorry and that when she’d return, she’d finally be able to talk to him about everything if he was willing to listen to her.

The news of her return the night prior had reached the mechanic’s ears but he chose to remain in the comfort of booming voices and a vast amount of ale at the local pub. Despite his usual cheery position, Martin would have been remiss if he played off the fact he was upset with the female hunter. She’d broken the promise of safety and security to day when Vette’s reign still lingered over the town, Bayelei giving herself up to ensure the safety of Miller and Barlet. She risked more injury upon herself in doing so, Martin ready to storm the castle and rescue her. His building fury brought the guild leader to act however and Aaron ordered Jarell to take Martin away while everything was settled.

When she was rescued and Vette was dragged off by the military, Bayelei was worse than ever before when it came to her injuries. It was rare for them to see each other during her recovery and usually their meetings were lacking in words so they never got to really talk about everything going on. And then…Baye left again, this time on the expedition to Victorville in order to locate Miller. Martin struggled with watching the injured maiden venture off once more and when she did not return like she promised she would, he didn’t know how to handle it properly. He often took solace in drinking with his buddies, usually only confiding in his brother or Aaron over drinks about what troubled him. To anyone else, Martin was his usual self…it took someone who truly knew him to know that it wasn’t the case.

“Mind if I sit?” Bayelei asked quietly, waiting for any notice the man could offer before she acted. Only when he finally gave a nod did she take a seat beside him, her legs dangling with his as she looked out towards the flooded park. From his peripheral, Martin could see the various bandages on her person and he inwardly cursed at her state of being. She was worse off than ever and it killed him to see her like that. Why was she allowing this all to happen to herself?

A small cough interrupted his thoughts and he listened for what she was to say next. “This place is beautiful, isn’t it? Jarell had told me about it yesterday and told me that you would be here. I missed you last night you know…Wendell wouldn’t let me go once she had me in her grasps. She forced me to endure all her stitching up and medical whatevers. She certainly is serious about her job huh?” He could see her shift her gaze over to him, half-expecting some sort of response. Martin wasn’t ready yet.

She then released a sigh before continuing, her eyes on her lap while her fingers gripped at the ground beneath her. “Y-You know I thought about you every moment of every day I was gone. I think about you all the time.”

 Again, he didn’t answer. Martin simply waited and held his tongue, not sure of what to say or how to say it. He took another swig of his flask and tried to drown his various thoughts; didn’t work.

“I had a feeling this would happen,” Bayelei whispered beside him, bringing her legs up as she pressed her forehead into her knees. She looked so vunerable in that pose and Martin recalled that it was rare to ever see her give off that kind of impression. He thought to reach out a hand to her and comfort her but he could not bring himself to act. No, he wasn’t ready yet. He didn’t know what to do. A whimper seemed to form in the woman’s throat as she closed her eyes to halt the tears that likely formed there. “I know you’re upset with me. I have no reason to believe against that notion and it would be wrong of me to ask for anything from you after all I’ve put you through with me. I just-everything that happened-a-and everything leading up to here and now-i-it’s been a long and hard journey for me and I just didn’t know what to do about it all. My past was hard on me and made me fearful for a lot of things. I’m still fearful-I’ll always be fearful. I’m scared what my past makes me and what I will become and I just-I was scared of becoming that something and hurting everyone. I was scared of hurting you-b-but in the end I had already hurt you by acting as I did and I-I-.” She paused and gulped hard, Martin flinching at the sound of her gasps for a calming breath. She was losing it. He could see the tears streaming down her cheeks and it pained him more than anything. “I-I promised I would tell you everything in my note and I’m going to do just that. Nothing I could say would ever change the fact that what I did hurt you but at least you’ll finally know me as I truly am and there will be no more secrets. You’ll-.”

Martin finally knew what he had to do, the mechanic quickly holding out his flask to the surprised woman and interrupting her speech. He still didn’t glance at her yet but he did speak. “Want some? It’s the good stuff we cork open only for special occasions.”

Bayelei stared at the shimmering flask for a moment, the tears still streaming down her cheeks as she sat dazed and confused at the gesture. The words lingered in her mind before she allowed a small smile on her lips and spoke. “H-How on earth can you drink that poisonous filth?”

“I told you before didn’t I?” Martin mentioned with a chuckle, his gaze finally allowing itself to fully rest on the crying woman at his side. His usual grin was so loving as he sat beside her, proving a comfort to his love as he nodded. “I’ve built a lifetime of tolerance.”

Her smile grew as she beamed beside him, reaching a hand up and lightly pushing away the flask. As she did, Martin tossed in behind him and took her hand in his, holding it tightly as if letting it go would cause her to leave again. His expression never faltered despite his words. “I’m not going to lie; I’m seriously upset with what you’ve done in the past.”

Bayelei sunk at the comment and she began to shift away from him. “I-I know th-.”

“Please let me finish,” he interrupted again, nodding along to emphasize his words. Their eyes were locked now with one-another as they sat together in that beautiful flooded landscape, the world silencing around them as they shared their moment together. “I’m furious with you for breaking your promises and leaving without even talking to me. I’m furious at you for putting your life at risk without even weighing the consequences. I’m furious with you-.” He paused, a lump forming in his throat as he bit his lip. “I-I’m furious at you. A-And I’m just so happy you came back alive because there were moments I feared I’d never see that beautiful face of yours again or hear that voice of yours.”

“Martin-,” she began, her eyes wide at his words as she felt his grip grow even tighter than before.

“Let me finish!” He snapped accidently as he lowered his gaze, the mechanic then inching forward and throwing a protective embrace around Bayelei’s shoulders. The female hunter tensed in his hold and Martin couldn’t help but chuckle; it was rare for him to show this much emotion in their talks and she had to have been confused at his sudden display of affection. “D-Damn it, Baye you’re special to me and I honestly couldn’t care less if you ever shared with me anything about your past or whatever. I’ll be here to listen if you ever want to talk about it but its entirely up to you and if you’re comfortable with it. I’ll never judge you or anything like that and know that no matter what has happened, it’s not going to define who you are in my eyes. You are Bayelei and that’s all that matters. I just ask that-I just ask that you take care of yourself and hell let me take care of you when I can. You’re seriously injured to the point of I don’t even know how the hell you’re still moving at your superwoman speed. Seriously, you snuck up on me like a ninja and I don’t know how the hell you did it.”

Bayelei’s cheeks burned as she sat there, the man holding her tightly in his arms as her chin rested on his shoulder. Tears stung her eyes and her throat felt closed off as she thought to say something to satisfy the man’s wishes. She felt so much relief in his words and wondered if all of it were truly real. Perhaps she needed to pinch herself to see?

Martin released her suddenly and held her out at arm’s length so they could meet each other’s eyes once more. His expression was nearly desperate as he continued his speech. “Baye, come work with me. I’ll just kick Jarell out of the basement and have you help me with the mechanics work and cleaning the dragons the guild finds.”

“W-What?” Bayelei stuttered at the sudden demand. “B-But I’m a hunter! That’s where I belong, out hunting with the rest of those bimbos!”

“I’m not talking about forever, Baye. I’m talking about the here and now,” Martin explained, his eyes wide as he looked over her entire person. There were hardly any places of skin left over that were visible to the eye. She had wrappings over injuries and stitches likely the work of Wendell the night prior. It was one of the worsts he’d seen her and he’d been witness to what Vette had done to her those months prior. “You’re never going to get better at this rate if you just keep running off into danger and not taking care of yourself. So now’s the time for an intervention. I’m going to keep you in town for as long as possible until you’re at full mobility again. I-I don’t care if you work with me or you do something else that doesn’t require you to be jumping around and killing huge, deadly creatures b-but-.” His voice cracked and his shoulders slumped as he tried his best to keep his composure. Baye’s eyes widened further at the display, never being the witness to such by Martin before. It was a side he rarily showed anyone and it almost felt as if she should avert her eyes as if it were some forbidden sight. “P-Please stop hunting and finally take some time to heal. Please.”

Bayelei blinked at him as her cheeks burned brighter, the female hunter finally lifting a hand to wipe away the tears. Then, with a smile forming on her lips, she stuttered. “W-Well, do you think Aaron will mind me working there for a little while?”

Martin didn’t miss a beat, the sound of relief evident in his voice as he nodded. “Aaron won’t have a problem with it at all. I’m positive of that.”

“Y-You sure he won’t see me there with you as just some excuse for a distraction from the job?” She questioned with a chuckle of her own, the mechanic carefully flicking her nose as his grin returned at full force.

“You’re on my mind even when you’re not there and I still get the job done,” he mused and patted her shoulders carefully. “So is this a yes?”

“Yes it is,” she answered with a nod as Martin took her hands into her own. “I-I would say I promise but I seem to have a bad habit of breaking them when I make such things aloud.”

“No need to say it then, I can tell by your eyes that you’re going to do your best to do what I asked,” he stated with a grin before pulling her into his arms for a hug. “I’m still mad at you though, don’t you forget it.”

“I-I know, I’ll do everything in my power to make it up to you. A-And I’ll share everything I can about everything so-.”

“As long as you want to share. As long as you want to.”

And with that, the two of them remained side-by-side the rest of the morning, their hands intertwined as they watched the flood waters begin to recede over the swallowed park.


Rock Candy

AN: Suggested this story idea as a joke to Taji and I actually got to thinking about it and decided it would be fun to write. It’s from the realm of our Special Delivery RP so hope you guys enjoy!

 The stream flowed and beckoned as it surged through the countryside, Korin sitting calmly at the water’s edge as she sketched in her latest journal entry. Their latest world visited was a beautiful sight with little to no pollution and a vast landscape of practically untouched earth from the destructive powers of man. A grin formed on her lips at the thought of finally finding peace with her companions; those lips soon curving into a frown as she noticed a rustle behind her.

Her ice-blue orbs glanced over her shoulder and a roar erupted from her throat. Her pack was now a hood ornament to a troublesome rock dragon, the creature sporting the once carieer of her items on his head while all of her belongings rolled onto the grass with neglect. In his mouth being chewed on without regard was all the lunch she’d packed for the day before their venture to the stream.

“Fadi!” Korin shrieked as she leapt to her feet, the snoozing form of Sitzu that had before resided in his nest of burning red curls shooting into the air for safety. The girl dared to lift a fist and slam in upon the dragon’s nostril, it proving more a punishment for her as her hand now reddened and throbbed with pain as she lowered on her haunches. She always seemed to forget the important thing about the certain fiery knight’s pet…he was made of rock. “D-Damn it Fadi, our lunch!”

 The rock creature continued to chew on the food while plopping down beside his fallen companion, Fadi sniffing at her playfully before realizing her sour attitude was geared towards him. He’d simply thought she was in a playful mood but no, she was clearly upset with him. Whimpering as best he could for any sound he made often came out raspy from his stone body, the creature nuzzled her carefully for comfort without understanding of why she was angered.

“N-No don’t try to win any cute points with me you big jerk, you ate our lunch!” The redhead stuttered, trying her best to stay riled at the situation though she was miserably failing at the sight of those wide, misty eyes of the dragon. Soon she took the creature’s oversized muzzle into a hug, Fadi releasing the bits of food onto the ground he hadn’t already swallowed before licking her happily at the attention. All the while Sitzu returned to his place atop her curls, feeling the peace soon returning to their little get-together by the stream. “You big brat Fadi, what on earth am I going to do with you?”

“Aw, you reward him for bad behavior too?” Kadin’s voice rose up from behind the duo, Korin lifting her gaze as she watched the knight plop down on the ground beside them with a huge bag in his grasps. His hand ducked into the flaps and retrieved a strand of colored rock candy from the bag, the man then shoving the treat into his mouth with a satisfied grin. At the notice of another possible meal, Korin was quickly abandoned as Fadi shuffled to his owner’s side and began to shuffle his muzzle into the bag to gain a tasty treat. The knight awed at the sight and spoke to his pet in a baby voice. “Aw such a silly boy, Fadi! Yes you are!”

The redhead raised a brow at the knight before lifting to her feet with arms crossed in a huff. “I wasn’t rewarding his bad behavior unlike you. You do realize he just ate all our food for lunch. We’re going to have to figure something out about that.”

Kadin shrugged at her words with a grin, “aw its ok. Just send Satchel out on a jumping spree to find food. He’s good at those kinds of things. And besides, he was just a little hungry wasn’t he? Weren’t you Fadi. Oh yes you were. You’re such a hungry rock dragon!” The creature ignored his owner’s coos while chomping on the rock candy happily, nearly finishing the entire bag before Kadin finally noticed what was happening. Shooting to his feet, Kadin lifted the bag above his head with his other hand readied with flames to fight off his rock dragon now trying to knock him over for the treat. “Dangit Fadi, I just bought these and you’ve already finished practically the whole bag!”

Korin rolled her eyes as she watched the two of them struggle. The bag of candy was soon abandoned as the two grappled along the water’s edge, the redhead lifting it in her grasp before chuckling suddenly. “It’s quite funny to me how a rock dragon can eat practically anything and everything but their favorite is usually rocks and sediments. Perhaps he thinks this rock candy is just that, sweet rocks.”

At first she believed Kadin and Fadi were ignoring her contemplation until suddenly the knight sat up and pointed an accusing finger at the creature before him. “Cannibal!”

The tone of his owner’s voice sent Fadi on his back, Kadin then taking the opportunity to pin him down and tickle the soft spots of his belly while the creature whined and flailed. Korin watched the two with a grin on her lips, the redhead then settling down upon the shoreline and returning to her journal entry. The struggle continued behind her and she just hummed aloud to drown out their echoes. She likely would have succeeded too if not for a pair of arms suddenly wrapping around her chest for a behind-hug. Satchel’s chin rested on her shoulder as he chuckled, kissing her lightly on the cheek before he managed to question the antics behind them.

“I leave you guys alone for a short while and things are already getting out of hand,” the teleporter muttered with a wink before slipping around to sit beside his love. “What’s going on here?”

“Oh you know, the usual,” Korin began, returning her eyes to her sketches as she spoke. “Fadi ate all our lunch and is now apparently a cannibal.”

Satchel’s brow lifted at the explanation. “C-Cannibal?”

“Yep, lots of discoveries were made today,” Korin continued before lowering her journal to gaze at her love with apologetic eyes. “W-We’ve lost our lunch though to the beast’s belly and I’m fairly certain its best to call that war a loss instead of fighting to retrieve it. Sorry about this but we’re going to need to head out and find some more food.”

His cheeks reddened at her words, nodding along as he got to his feet and helped her to her own. After she had successfully retrieved all her items and returned them to her pack, Korin situated herself before taking Satchel’s hand.

“I don’t mind this in the least but what about those two?” He questioned with a gesture to the duo still grappling on the ground with little notice to the world around them. “Should we let them know we’re-?”

“And give the two of them a chance to realize we’re getting more food they could possibly steal and fight over? Not a chance love,” Korin announced, carefully leading Satchel around the struggle before the two of them headed back towards the forest camp they’d settled in for their time in the world. All the while, the fight continued, neither the knight or the dragon realizing they’d been left alone.


The Happiest Universe

AN: I’m addicted to Steven Universe, THANKS TAJI! lol. I adore this show and all the characters. I’m especially interested in the relationship between Steven and his father Greg (as well as the relationship between this father-son duo and the Gems). Literally my favorite moment so far portrayed in the show was the episode Laser Light Cannon where they are driving the cannon to the beach and Steven put the CD in. Greg was embarrassed but he clearly takes pride in the fact that his son really loves his song and sings along with it, which also brings back memories of his true love that gave him such a wonderful son. It’s so beautiful!

Can’t wait to see what develops later on in the series ❤ Anyway, here ya go with another drabble!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, it’s characters, settings, etc. They are property of Rebecca Sugar. I’m simply borrowing for storytelling purposes.

For Taji ^_^

 The sun beamed high above Beach City as Greg pulled his van onto the sand, his flowing, graying locks fluttering in the breeze as he slipped out to greet the approaching guardian. Steven skipped happily towards his father, his arms flailing about as he cheered; the balding man’s grin mixed with his peppered beard as he scooped up the boy in a hug. In the distance, the trio of Crystal Gems all watched with curious eyes, the women all keeping their distance from the father-son bonding moment before them.

“Yay! Dad’s here!” Steven’s voice rang out over the beach as his fellow friends all peeked out from the shade over the cliffside. A shy Connie, talkative Sadie, silent Onion, prideful Peedee and agitated Lars all observed in silence. “The best barbeque party ever is officially started! Yay!”

 “H-Hey Buddy,” Greg mused with a blush tinting his cheeks, the man patting his son’s dark curls once released before quickly maneuvering around the van. Popping open the back, he revealed his grill and supplies for food. “Sorry I’m late! Got everything we needed!”

The boy’s grin beamed brighter than the sun as he cheered louder than before. “It’s so awesome Dad! Let’s do it to it!”

Within moments, the grill was fired up and the delicious aroma of meat mixed with the salt of the sea, the group all encircling the party chattering with one-another. And at the center, Steven rushed about to enter every conversation he could, the happy-go-lucky boy bringing a smile to most of the guests’ lips (save for Lars, he’s much too ‘cool’ for smiling). The boy mused about how much he loved everyone there and how they were all best buddies, pink tinted cheeks all around as they nodded. Steven was just so happy to have so many people that were important in his life in the same place enjoying themselves. And one of the most important people, his father Greg, was happily grilling away making hot dogs for everyone while his son danced about around him.

“Ohhhhhhohohohohoho!” Steven suddenly called out as he came to a halt, the boy skipping back over to the van before returning with a small boom box. “You know what this party needs? Awesome tunes!”

“Oh music! Let’s listen to rock!” Amethyst squealed, nearly jumping on the smaller guardian as she cheered. “Rock! Rock!”

“I-I’m more a fan of the classical melodies myself,” Pearl and Connie both admitted softly, the both of them smiling at one-another at their similarity.

A wave of different options sounded off from the various party guests, Steven glancing at each with a grin before shaking his head and placing the boombox on the sand. With a swift motion, he placed a disc into the compartment and pressed play.

“Here’s the most awesome tunes there ever was!” Steven announced as a familiar diddy began to play, Greg’s cheeks burning red as he peeked over his shoulder to the rest of the party. There were a mix of expressions, mostly those of confusion and raised brows. However, Steven looked happier than ever as he bopped about and sang along with the tune.

♫I know I’m not that tall♫
♫I know I’m not that smart♫

“But let me drive my van into your heart!” Steven sang along with the widest grin possible, others starting to sway with the beat as they matched his smile. “Let me drive my van into your heart!”

Greg watched his son as he danced and sang along to his song, his cheeks red as he grinned with pride. A small teardrop streamed down as he hummed along, memories of a time with his true love forming in his mind. If only Rose Quartz could see them now, their son dancing along and loving their song while their wonderful friends all surrounded them with smiles all around. Though Rose was gone, everything was still as wonderful as could be…because he had Steven and he was his precious gem.

“I know I’m not that rich! I’m trying to get my start,” the older Universe began to sing along with the track, his son turning to him with starry eyes as they began to sing together. “So let me drive my van into your heart! Let me drive my van into your heart!”

And so the party continued, everyone seemingly enjoying themselves on the beach that sunny afternoon. And among them was the most happiest Universe of all, though it was hard to tell if it was Greg or Steven.


Let’s Play Lion

AN: Taji told me about this show called Steven Universe and I didn’t know a thing about it so I decided to watch an episode when I was babysitting the kiddos. Welp, fell in love and now I have the season pass and it’s restored my faith in Cartoon Network cartoons (I relatively enjoy Adventure Time but for the most part I haven’t really seen a good cartoon from that network since the old days). Hopefully I write the characters right >.< Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe, it’s characters, settings, etc. They are property of Rebecca Sugar. I’m simply borrowing for storytelling purposes.

For Taji ^_^

Large pawprints formed a path along the beach, the prints leading to a slumbering lion basking in the glow of the sun. A perfect spot for a cat nap, its tail whipped about in happiness as the lion formed a pur in its throat. A lazy day in the sun; that’s all it wanted. However, the lion didn’t anticipate a familiar pair of sandals to be flapping about, their wearer darting over to greet the beast in his usual carefree splendor.

“Lion!” Steven called, his arms flailing about as he trotted over enthusiastically. “I found you Lion! Time to play!”

A single eye peeled open to glare at the boy, the beast then opening its mouth in a great, big yawn. Its pearly whites glistened in the sunlight and a roar threatened to escape its throat, the creature quickly resisting for fear of sending a wave blast forth to hurt the poor fellow. Instead, the creature settled back in the sand and awaited what came next with the small boy, its thirst for a lazy day in the sun outweighing any curiosity, however little it was, the lion had for what Steven could have wanted.

“Aw come on Lion! It’s a beautiful day out! We should play!” Steven chimed louder as he flopped on the beast’s back, snuggling up in the soft, pink mane of his ‘pet’. “There’s so much we could do! We could play tag! We could play hide and seek! We could go swimming! We could play fetch! We could do anything we wanted!”

Again, the beast yawned in reply and remained in its nest of warm sand; the boy slipping off its back with a forlorn expression. His dark curls ruffled in the breeze as Steven turned and began to slump back towards the Crystal Temple, his eyes misted over from his lack of enthuiasm from his friend and ‘pet’. He would have continued forth as so…if not for the large wave that grew off-shore, the water crashing down on the unsuspecting guardian. The waves rolled back once more, leaving Steven soaked and splattered on the wet sand; the boy clearly started as he looked around with pinkened cheeks. And flapping about on the top of his mop of brown hair was a fish, its fins flapping about as it tried to return to the water.

“W-Whoa, that was-!” Steven exclaimed but went silent as a large tongue suddenly raced up his face, the lion sitting proudly at his side as it tasted the seawater upon the boy. It watched the fish carefully and acted as it jumped in the air once more, the creature then chomping down on the treat with a satisfied grin. Steven’s smile returned at full-force at the beast’s actions, the soaked boy then hugging around the lion’s neck as he laughed. “Aw Lion, you do care!”

The lion retorted with a shake of its mane, the creature then returning to licking at the saltwater on Steven’s cheeks.

“Let’s play Lion!” Steven chimed once more, the beast ignoring his pleas as it tasted the seawater happily. It was clear the boy didn’t mind however, clearly soaking up the attention as he hugged his ‘pet’ happily. They were quite the pair…even though they hardly ever seemed to understand one-another.


My Own Personal Nightmare

AN: Started a new RP with Taji over the weekend and it is so much fun 🙂 the characters are basically merchandise for their powers and are shuffled out by this boss of the club. Well, they get shuffled out for various things and my two characters so far are included in that ^_^

I didn’t have a grasp on Wally (or Wallace’s) character yet so I’m going to work on who has the easiest power to work with: Anya. She has the power to link with others’ minds and to make their wildest fantasies come true, bringing forth their wishes and what not. She’s used her powers to keep things from the reality as well used for pleasure. Anya is a false happiness character because she’s always trying to appear strong for the others trapped within the club (sort of like a mother figure to them) but in reality she’s suffering greatly and I’m overseeing it really taking a turn for the worse with her.

Anyway, here’s a little thing I wrote for her; I’m keeping certain details from being written for censorship. By the way, I’m just sort of writing the boss how I envision him, he’s actually Taji’s creation and so I know very little about him right now. SO just be on the lookout, it’s subject to change in the RP 😛 Enjoy!!!

 Anya sat calmly in her seat inside the boss’ overlook, her feathered auburn curls cascading upon her bare shoulderblades as she waited. Her cherry lips were curved into her signature smile, the passerbys all soaking it in with a bit of hope for their day. That’s what she was there for in her mind; she was there to encourage her companions and give them hope that everything could and would be better. But did she really find that true in herself? Anya wasn’t so sure.

The dusty floor seemed to quake at the pounding footsteps stomping up the stairs, her pale blue orbs shifting towards the stairway as a familiar muscular gentleman dressed head to toe in his lavish apparel made his way to her side. His devilish grin was strong as he took in his little pet’s flowing sundress, his fingers dancing along her soft, pale skin unprotected by the minimal fabric. Anya was used to this little ritual of her boss, Reggie Decklin. He loved to tease his merchandise whenever he had a chance. And that’s all Anya was…merchandise.

She didn’t really mind the man’s antics in all reality. She hated Reggie for his mistreatment of her companions yet…she loved him for giving her and her brother a home. Sure, that home was a club where they were used like toys for his clientele but it was a home she felt remotely appreciated. Her family cast her and her brother away easily once they found out they were freaks of nature, happily taking the money in exchange for their freedom from the little pests that others would have called children. Reggie and his club accepted them in hopes to exploit their powers and thus they became part of the family of freaks. And that freakish family was more accepting than anything Anya and her brother had experienced prior.

So even though Reggie had a habit of bruising her skin and leaving the most unsettling marks beneath her clothes, Anya bit back her fears and allowed it to happen. He might have been filth…but he was their savior from the horrors outside those walls. And if she kept him happy, her brother and her were safe.

“Got a client just for you, Angel,” Reggie mused as he straightened up, adjusting his jacket for wrinkles before gesturing towards the stairs. “Ready?”

 Obedient as always for her savior, Anya was on her feet and followed after Reggie into the active club below. Her dress swayed with each step as they maneuvered the crowds, the boss constantly pausing to greet his clients with that false grin of his. It took quite a bit for them to finally make it to the back rooms, Reggie closing the door behind them before beginning down the hall to where her client’s room resided.

“Your client will be referred to as Jackson. Your job is to mindlink with him and create his desires for means of pleasure,” he instructed.

“So it’s one of those jobs,” Anya retorted with a sigh, the girl nodding along as she prepared herself for what was to come. “He’s already asleep I trust.”

“Drugs kicked in and his mind is open wide for you,” Reggie answered as he came to a halt outside the door, the man adjusting his jacket once more before sending a suspicious eye to his little pet. “This man is an important client and he’ll be paying more depending on how pleased he is with the service. So do me a favor Angel and don’t you screw this one up.”

“I don’t screw up,” the woman muttered, her eyes closed off as she awaited to enter the room.

“You better not or you’ll definitely be feeling the pain when the sun rises,” the boss stated before opening the door and pushing Anya in, shutting the door after her. “Enjoy the show.”

The disgusting grunt was sprawled out on the canopy bed before her, Anya biting back her comments as she stepped over and paused at the foot of it. She then closed her eyes and prepared the mindlink, her actions quick in his drugged state as she weaved his wishes into view. And by god, his wishes were just as deplorable as she had feared.

Naked and surrounded by a plethora of large busted women, the man and his ladies all began to tend to his ‘manly’ desires. The ladies all cooed his name lovingly and stroked his sweat-soaked body as he thrusted, all the while Anya stood off in the distance and begged that the time would fly by and she wouldn’t have to witness such things much longer. The curse of her power, she had to witness whatever the mindlink brought about. It wasn’t the first disgusting display and she knew it wouldn’t be the last. At least she wasn’t part of the desires or else she’d truly struggle with her job.

“It’s all in a day’s work,” Anya whispered to herself, a small hint of a tear streaming down her cheek as she continued to witness the display before her. “Soon, it will all be over.”