Frozen Waters

AN: It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything for the Legend of Korra RP I have with Taji. I love the characters and I hope we can soon continue the story ūüôā Prill and Brady are Taji’s characters and Myra and Cree are mine. Hope you all enjoy!

Branches curved and canvased the path towards the lake, the snow began to descend once more upon the land about the careful steps of the small party. Leading the charge was Prill, ¬†the energetic earthbender holding in her excitement for their outing thanks to her cousin Brady’s constant glares. Coming along the rear was Myra, the frustrated firebender dragging along the worried waterbender Cree as they came upon the shoreline of the waters.

“Yay! I’m so excited! We get to skate on the ice today!” Prill cheered happily¬†as she thought of all the fun they’d have together that afternoon,¬†her¬†makeshift skates tight in hand¬†while she seemed to dance in place. “Everyone together gets to skate, yay!”

“D-Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Cree stuttered, the first word she’d uttered since being pulled along on the small venture with¬†her friends.¬†Leaving the careful watch of the adults was still worrisome¬†to the poor lass, her constant¬†questions¬†becoming the norm of their travels. “W-We should head back and just¬†hang out in town huh?”

“Aw don’t¬†be such a worrywart Cree! You’ll have fun, I promise!” The earthbender¬†chimed with a grin and a halt in her step,¬†¬†her excitement fading quickly as she noticed the still waters before her were liquid and not shielded with a layer of ice. “Wh-What? Are you serious? I thought for sure the temperatures were low enough for the water to be ice.”

“Did you seriously not check the waters to see if they were ice before dragging us all out here?” Myra huffed as she paused beside the others, Cree shifting uncomfortably at her side. “Way to go Earthquake; failed yet again.”

“What was that?!” The earthbender shouted as she stomped towards the firebender, her glare fierce as a flame as she expected a fight. A hand snatched her back however and dragged her away, Prill turning her gaze to notice her cousin’s frowning face. “Brady, Don’t-!”

“I’d prefer to not hear you two bicker every five seconds, especially when we have ventured out here for a bit of relaxation. Honestly if this is how things are going to be, I’d rather just come out here alone from now on,” he hissed in retort, his furious gaze softening for only a moment when he caught Cree’s shivering form in his gaze. “J-Just calm down alright.”

The group fell silent for a long while as Prill lowered onto her haunches and brushed her fingertips along the chilled waters before her. She couldn’t help but feel discouraged for their outing; she was so excited to skate along the ice with everyone and now everything she hoped for was ruined. Beside her, Cree crept up and slumped down to her level; her wide blue orbs staring out upon the lake.

“A-Are you ok?” Cree asked, her quivering figure an improvement from how she was with the entire village full of practical strangers. “Y-You seem sad.”

“I’m fine Cree, don’t worry about it,” the earthbender reassured her friend with a soft grin, placing a hand on her shoulder for added measure. “How about you? Are you ok?”

“I-I manage,” the waterbender retorted, her eyes strangely confident as she looked out upon the water. Without warning, she raised her hand and let it motion, her powers suddenly chilling the water along the shoreline and frosting it over easily. Prill’s eyes were wide at the action, the earthbender always impressed to see Cree waterbend with such ease; she loved to see her at work and while she was still under the careful watch of her father Bruttis it was quite the rare sight.

“C-Cree, you-!” Prill began but was silenced by Brady suddenly coming between them with a frown.

“You forced her to bend again?” He snipped at his cousin, the girl quickly shaking her head at the accusation.

“N-No, I didn’t force her to do anything!”¬†Prill answered with a gulp, noticing the waterbender suddenly clam up once more at their shouts. It seemed the girl did her bending unconsciously, probably to cheer up her saddened friend. Knowing now what she had done, the guilt came in like a tidal wave sending her into a fit of depression. “C-Cree, don’t worry; we won’t tell your father. It was really nice what you did! I feel a million times better!”

Prill’s words were met with silence at first, Cree’s face buried into her knees as she sat there beside the cousins. Behind them, Myra stood with her arms crossing her chest; her eyes focused on the waterbender with a slight smirk teasing her lips. Though not as energetic as Prill, the firebender always seemed to enjoy Cree’s moments of power as well. Prill managed a glare up at her interest before a small peep broke her thoughts.

“Y-You really feel better?” Cree asked, almost whispering.

Blinking at such a question, Prill responding with a knowing smile, “sure am! I feel so much better thanks to you.”

Peeking up from her knees, Cree had a hopeful glance which brightened at the sight of Prill’s smile. Even Brady managed a small grin which really excited her. “Y-Yay!” The waterbender cheered, Prill shoving Brady out of the way and throwing her arms around Cree.

“Thanks Cree!” The earthbender mused aloud as she embraced the girl, holding her tight while Brady picked himself up from the dusty snow and brushed himself off.

“So what are we going to do now?” Brady asked after the girls separated, smiles all-around. “We can’t ice skate without ice. Maybe we should just head back.”

“We could go hunting; a tough guy like you can hunt right?” Myra joked, receiving a fierce glare from the human boy. “Surely you can just look at the creatures and send them to the firepit.”

“Not funny,” he muttered, almost growling.

With the softest chuckle ever made, Cree spoke up, “w-we don’t have to give up on the ice skating.”

Before Prill and the others could question the girl, Cree was on her feet and motioning once more. Her waterbending talents were quick and effective, the surface of the lake frosting over with ease; the strength of the ice evident as the soft-spoken girl suddenly stepped onto it and stood proud. Prill’s jaw dropped at the display, trying to hold in her excitement and failing miserably at the task. Brady was in more disbelief than anyone as he came to her side and studied her stance carefully, silently impressed by just how confident she seemed. A hint of guilt still formed in her eyes but for the most part, she wasn’t ashamed of what she’d done.

“D-Do you guys like it?” She asked, the girl soon met with Prill’s arms once again engulfing her in an embrace.

“Cree, it’s so awesome! Thank you!” The earthbender shouted happily, the other two both nodding along with her shrill of delight. “We get to ice skate together!”

“Y-Yes,” Cree said with a nod, her cheeks burning red at everyone’s notice. Despite everything, her smile remained; brighter than the sun high above the clouds. “Together.”



AN: So this is just a quick, cute drabble I decided to write about one of Taji’s characters from the Special Delivery RP named Serine. She’s the daughter of Byron and Miranda and she’s adorable. I figured I’d also have Fadi along with her (another of Taji’s) as well as Sitzu (mine)¬†just to add to the cuteness. Hope you guys enjoy!

The evening’s soundtrack continued to play as rain pittered and pattered all around, the gardens accepting the repetitive drops with longing for their nourishment. It had been quite some time since the rainfall commenced and already mud had engulfed most of the monastary’s grounds. It sunk in their feet and stuck to their clothes without remorse, most of the monks frowning upon the dirtying of their¬†robes though they did not mind the aid the rain gave to their home’s beauty. Only one little form in the whole monastary seemed to truly be excited for the storm, her giggles echoing along the walls as she skipped out in her rarily used rainboots Korin had given here.

The rythmic pattern atop¬†her umbrella was music to Serine’s ears as she skipped along the mud trails and puddles, Fadi¬†quick¬†in pursuit¬†though often slipping about in the mud at her¬†heels. Splashes soaked her robes¬†though she didn’t seem to mind in the least, the girl grinning like a fool as she slammed her feet down and sent another wave at any who dared to get too close to her. Needless to say, the rock dragon was covered head-to-toe in dirtied rain water; the creature huffing in remorse before following after his charge once more.

“Isn’t this fun?” The girl called out to the dragon, ignorant of his grunts of disagreement as she spun her umbrella to watch the rain slide off the fabric in marvelous patterns. It was all so amazing to her; she didn’t want it to end.

A small, black form darted from the monastary’s archway and shot straight for the girl. Serine felt a force slam into her curly locks and she gasped, reaching up to feel the soaked form of Sitzu shivering from the chilly weather.

“Aw, Sitzu! You and Fadi are both party poopers!” Serine whined slightly as she turned to the fumbling dragon, the girl releasing a sigh before she began to skip around again without a care. “Oh well, it’s playtime now! We can dry off later!”

Despite the disapproving squeaks and grunts of her creature companions, the young teleporter took in every moment she could in the rain; reaching a hand out and admiring the drops as they touched down upon the skin of her palm. She was having so much fun; Serine didn’t want it to end yet. Lucky for her, the creatures wouldn’t leave her side, despite their frustrations. They allowed her to splash along in puddles and slip about in the mud. And they paid the highest attention to her as she spinned her umbrella and watched the patterns fly off the fabric; that action seeming to please her the best.


More Than You Bargained For

AN: Here’s¬†another drabble for the Special Delivery RP series I have with Taji. I really love these characters ūüôā Taji’s are Satchel, Kadin, Fadi, Miranda, Byron, Serine and Serum. Mine are Korin, Sitzu, Bryce, Rutt and Shadow. Hope you guys enjoy!

The crackle¬†from the campfire¬†was the only sound made for most of the evening as Kadin¬†tended to the flames, the knight frowning at the lack of liveliness from his companions. Satchel was¬†off gathering supplies for the evening with Rutt while Shadow and Bryce both sat in opposite corners and sulked for most of the evening.¬†Though clearly frustrated with all the arguing that commenced between the male Keepers and the apparent Phoenix-born;¬†Kadin¬†didn’t appreciate the sour mood they brought to the campsite.¬†

What truly struck the knight most however was that Korin had not uttered a single¬†peep though she sat right there across from him, the¬†orange hue playing off her skin as she sat there staring into the sparks. The redhead was known for being a kind, happy-go-lucky soul and at that moment there was something clearly wrong. Her eyes were hazed over and¬†quivering with struggle, her body¬†shook from time-to-time and it was clear¬†the girl was holding something back. Even¬†under the flames’ hues, Kadin could see how pale she’d become. And yet she kept her lips pressed firm and did not dare utter a single word; even Sitzu, who remained perched in her nest of curls, did not bother to interject.

¬†“Korin,” he finally managed to speak up, his eyes focused completely on the girl as she flinched at the address. “Korin, you ok?”

She lifted her gaze and tried her best to hide her shaking, “I’m fine. Are you alright? I bet you need more firewood huh?”

“No, that’s not-,” Kadin began to argue as the girl suddenly shot up to her feet and began to scurry away from camp. The knight was soon to his feet and debated going after her, seeing her outwardly struggle as she fled from view. He would of if not for Satchel finally appearing onscene with¬†a bag full of different types of edible goods. “You certainly took your time.”

“I went as fast as I could,” Satchel retorted as he lowered the bag next to his friend’s feet, the teleporter glancing around the campsite with a raised brow. “What’s going on? Where’s Korin and Shadow?”

“Huh?” Kadin blinked over to the spot the shadowy doppelganger once resided; finding it void of life entirely. “H-He’s gone too now. He must have followed her!”

“What’s going on?” Satchel repeated with a raised brow, the knight looking towards him with a look of his own. “What-?”

“Tell me, did you notice anything strange this evening that should have been addressed before now?” Kadin questioned with a frown. “Something to do with a lovely maiden?”

“Something’s wrong with Korin?” Satchel’s voice grew tense at his friend’s accusation; Kadin quickly biting his lip before giving a nod. “What’s happened?”

“She didn’t look well and when I started to question her even a little bit she fled into the woods with the excuse to look for firewood,” Kadin replied, stepping towards her direction in hopes to pursue her. “Come on, let’s go find her; she’ll probably be more willing to talk to you since-well, you know-.”

“Yeah let’s hurry and find her,” Satchel stated firmly and prepared to launch into a teleport when-.

“I wouldn’t if I were you; you’d just make it harder on her if you followed,” Rutt’s voice sounded from the trees as the armored Keeper stepped into the campsite with arms filled with firewood. Like always, he showed little emotion or concern; however, his voice suggested otherwise in the knight’s opinion.

“What do you mean by that?” Kadin questioned with a narrowed glance towards the Keeper. “What’s going on? And how the hell do you know what’s possibly up with her?”

“From your reactions, you probably just think she’s fallen ill or something; possibly caught some virus from the foliage here and reacting to it poorly,” Rutt said, placing the firewood down next to the teleporter before he straightened up and looked out towards the trees. “I’m sorry to say that what is going on is unfortunately nothing you could help her with. In fact, it’s best you steer clear of her as of right now; for if you encounter her now, you’ll be making things completely difficult for her.”

“And how so?” Satchel stated, his voice quiet and wavering as he feared what must be happening. “What are you saying, Rutt?”

“Do you understand the burden a Keeper must accept when given their duties?” The armored Keeper asked with a raised brow.

“E-Excuse me?” Bryce suddenly asked as he got to his feet, clearly as worried as the other two there with him. “W-What are you talking about?”

“Korin is a Keeper; a Keeper’s role is simple. They are to hold all knowledge of the vast worlds and they are to restore balance if necessary to the world. Many worlds have a Keeper of their own to represent them but for those like myself and Korin, we are considered wandering Keepers. We travel from world to world on a regular basis to take in what knowledge we can as well as to assist with worldly duties,” Rutt paused to study the reactions of the others. The only one surprised was Bryce, the others seemingly knowledgable on the situation.

“What’s your point?” Kadin asked with a raised brow. “What does that have to do with anything at all?”

“It has to do with everything actually,”¬†Rutt pointed out matter-of-factly. “Usually a Keeper discovers their role quite early and experiences their powers at an early age. They train for years before they are even ready for travel and assisting worlds. I was held with Lady Astrix until a few years prior and even now I have much to learn.”

Satchel’s eyes widened at the bit of information. “W-Wait, Korin was-I mean-she-.”

“You’re correct,” Rutt interrupted with a nod. “Korin was a Lacking in her world until fairly recently. She was suspected to have no magical abilities, let alone be considered a Keeper. And she’s already out and about to other worlds acting with her magical powers. The point being, Korin has rushed her studies and pushed herself further than she was meant to in such a short time. In doing so, she’s learned a great deal in a short amount of time; however, it also means she has little to no control over her powers. And in addition, her powers as a Keeper get the best of her.”

“What do you mean?” Satchel asked, clearly panicked while his knightly friend crossed his arms at the story.

“When a Keeper enters another world, they automatically begin to absorb knowledge of the world around them. Sometimes by touching someone or being near them, they are able to absorb their history as well,” Rutt paused a moment before continuing. “When I was younger and still getting used to my powers, I would sometimes gain too much at one time. The past would suddenly engulf me and I would experience such intense pain as I tried to fight off such horrid things.”

“So that’s happening to Korin right now?” Kadin muttered.

The armored Keeper frowned at the interruption but continued anyway, “that is not entirely the case. You see, I was a child and I was going at a normal pace with my training. Korin has rushed everything and balance and control has practically been thrown out the window. I’m saying that what Korin is experiencing right now is a thousand times worse than that.”

The declaration sent Satchel, Kadin and Bryce into action; all three of them turning heel and heading into the woods. They were stopped however by a shadowy figure standing before them with a narrowed glare fierce on each of their person. “W-What’s the meaning of this; let us through!” Bryce declared though stuttering in fear. “W-We have to go check on Korin.”

“No you don’t,” Shadow huffed before gesturing towards the campsite where Rutt eyed them¬†from besides the flames. “You can’t go see her; not right now. Tell em why.”

“I was about to,” the armored Keeper added with a nod. “The reason I say its best you leave her alone is not to be cruel in any way. On the contrary, it’s to protect her…and you lot.”

“And how is this protecting anyone?” Kadin shouted, his fist engulfed in flames as he growled at the opposition. “Let us through.”

“If you even get near her when her episode occurs, she will not be able to stop herself from gaining every last bit of history from your lives,” Rutt continued, suddenly causing pause in each one of the addressed. Satchel’s eyes were wide at the realization as well as Bryce. Kadin looked back over his shoulder at Rutt, expecting him to continue. “Every single secret will be revealed to her, despite her desperate tries to push them away and your desperate tries to block them from her. If you go to Korin right now, you will not be helping her. You will be causing her a greater pain than you’ve ever experienced in life.”

Silence met the Keeper as he finally settled down beside the fire, Shadow warping back to his corner and sitting there without a care it seemed. The three others stood strong at first but soon Bryce had found his way back to his spot while Satchel quivered in place. Kadin eyed his friend with a frown before glancing back towards Rutt. “So you think this is what friends do? You want us to abandon Korin in her time of need because of this?”

“That depends,” Rutt muttered, refusing to look away from the flames. “You want to cause her an even greater pain by showing yourself and allowing her powers to yank every piece of history from you. The deepest, darkest secrets Korin never wanted to see from your life will be visible and practically played out in front of her. You want her to suffer that much because you think its your duty to be by her side at this time?”

“But-,” Satchel began however Rutt cut him off once more.

“By allowing Keepers in your midst, you’ve exposed yourself to these kinds of happenings. Your best bet here is to just leave her be. She’ll figure things out all on her own without you lot screwing things up for her,” he quickly said with a huff. “More than you bargained for, huh teleporter? How about you, knight? Still think having Korin around is a good idea?”

Those last statements were the final straw, both Kadin’s fists bursting into flames as he glared at the back of the Keeper. Satchel was at his side, trying to stop him from attacking but the fury was too great. “Don’t talk about her like she’s a burden!”

“Can you seriously guarantee to me that she isn’t one?” Rutt asked without hesitation, the group all left in silence once more at such a question being asked. Only when the loud scream of a familiar redhead echoed through the air did anyone react, Satchel and Kadin ignoring Rutt’s warning before charging into the woods to find where she had gone.


Forced Into A Job

AN: This is just an idea I was thinking about yesterday, it’d be totally funny if after suffering all these injuries, Bayelei is forced out of her normal work and into another job during her recovery period. And who better to suffer under than Barlet himself. Taji’s characters include Aaron, Miller, Wendell, Barlet, Baila, Martin, Jarell, Sable, Sarah, Kyle and Luke. Mine include Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Aurora, Ceil and Quellin. I hope I can do an ok job with Taji’s characters >.< PS: I can’t remember what Vita’s rank was so I’m going to say Commander until I figure it out lol. Hope you guys enjoy!

¬†The cluttered office was little to be desired in Baye’s mind as she propped herself up in the offered chair, Vita prodding her every-so-often to make sure she not jostle her wounds anymore than they’d already been. The hunter’s military sister had been with her since her return to Eastwyvern and she’d seen every wound checked with care; the doctor quickly advising them that Bayelei needed to take a rest from her usual trying duties and focus on recovery. To Bayelei, such a request was ridiculous for hunting dragons was how she lived; however, Vita wasn’t about to let her sister venture out and risk her life anymore.

How the older sister thought being in Barlet’s office that particular morning was the answer to protecting Baye during her recovery was beyond anything the hunter could comprehend however. Perched in his chair, scanning over the documents left sprawled on his desk was Barlet; the military man taking no particular notice to the two girls in his office as he did so. The only one who seemed interested in their arrival was Luke, the second-in-command clearing his throat before venturing into the need for answered questions.

“I must admit I was surprised when I’d heard you call a meeting today, Commander Vita,” Luke stated from the side of his lead’s desk, eyeing Bayelei’s form carefully and taking in every hint of injury on her. When she’d appeared after the Victorville incident, the hunter looked barely able to stand or breathe without opening her various wounds. Her state was no different than before if not worse, the second-in-command oddly concerned for her well-being. He didn’t particularly care for her attitude during her first few years in town; however, recently Baye proved herself quite useful to the military group. “And¬†Miss Bayelei’s here too?”

“She’s here because this is about her,” Vita stated without pause, narrowing her eyes towards Barlet who continued to work without notice of them. “So help me, I will send a bullet into your chest should you continue to ignore me.”

The military men both recognized the tone of Vita’s voice, the woman clearly frustrated and furious as she sat before them. Nonchalantly, Barlet raised his eyes to meet the woman’s; never offering her a word of his own as he waited for her to continue. That seemed to piss of the military woman off more, Vita shooting to her feet and slamming her palms against the smooth top of the desk.

Dust flew about from the force causing Luke to back away and gag at the lack of fresh air, the second-in-command suddenly noticing¬†Bayelei had lifted her gaze towards him in concern. It was odd in his mind to see such an expression from that girl; after all, during their years of knowing one-another, Bayelei was nothing more than a pain who often caused them hardships moreso than help. She showed little interest in the military group there and even gave the cold shoulder to her own sister from time-to-time. Knowing her past from her files Barlet dug up however, it was only fair to assume Baye’s feelings had something to do with that damned woman Vette. Ever since that fateful encounter, Baye had actually been giving more attention to the military group and actually been useful. It was as if she actually trusted them somewhat, despite Barlet’s involvement with bringing Vette there.

¬†Vita’s drones brought Luke back to the matters at hand and he turned to find both his Captain and the frustrated Commander in a bout of shouts and shoves, both of them flaring in the nostrils at the other. There wasn’t even a glimmer of knowledge shared as to why Vita called for a meeting about Bayelei for she was too interested now in slamming her fist upon Barlet’s skull. Releasing a sigh at what must be done, Luke quickly stepped forward and shoved them away from each other.

“Might I remind you both that there are more pressing matters to attend to other than killing each other for sport?” The second-in-command mused, escorting Vita back to her seat before gesturing towards his Captain. “Now Commander Vita, I trust we can begin this meeting’s true purpose. I’ll do my best to make sure Captain Barlet will give his full attention.”

A mutter could be heard from across the desk, “not likely.”

“Captain,” Luke interrupted as he stepped around the desk and beside the sitting Barlet. “Let’s begin shall we?”

A frown formed on the Captain’s lips but he managed a nod, signaling Vita to proceed with her statement. The military woman, though clearly annoyed with the other, decided to shrug off her frustrations and return to the matter at hand. Raising a hand to gesture to her injured sister, she said, “this meeting is simply for this; I need you to give my sister a job during her time of recovery. She can no longer hunt until she is healed so you will provide her with something.”

Eyes widened by more than one individual in the room as Barlet and Bayelei both stared in shock at Vita, unsure of what to make of such a request. “W-Wha-Vita, what the hell?” Bayelei stuttered, her voice strained as she grew pale. “Y-You can’t be serious!”

“Commander, you realize that such jokes are not appreciated in this office,” Barlet stated firmly, his arms crossed over his chest as he sat back in his seat. “You are a good Commander so I’ll overlook such foolishness this once but-.”

“You’d better stop backtalking me; just because you are the Captain here doesn’t mean you are in the right. I’ve given you quite a huge amount of respect over the last few years in your command but damn it, you have something to prove to me here. Barlet, you’ve tried to kill my sister off on more than one occasion and even brought ex-Captain Vette here as well. We’ve stuck our necks out saying your innocent when we all know that’s not true. Well sir, it’s time to pay up for those instances. You will give Bayelei a job here that won’t take a toll on her body. You will assist her in her time of need and you will damn well be nice to her.”

“Vita, don’t I get a say in any of this?” Bayelei whispered but it was clear it fell on deaf ears, her sister continuing on her tirade while Barlet countered with clear frustration. The only one who paid her any mind at all was Luke, the second-in-command eyeing her carefully and studying her reactions with interest. What Vita said was completely true, Barlet had tried many times to off Bayelei in his attempts to make Eastwyvern a safer place. He was guilty and yet he still held his chair because they made him out as innocent; even Baye herself said so after Vette’s fiasco. Saying Barlet owed them was an understatement; at that point, Barlet should have been putty in the hands of the sisters.

“Commander Vita, I’ve heard your ridiculous notion and now it’s time for me to demand you leave my office at once!” Barlet snapped as he stood from his seat, pointing a threatening figure towards the military woman across from him. “And may I remind you that I am the Captain here and I have authority over you. The way you’ve behaved today in this office is cause for punishment and so help me I-.”

“Sir,” Luke suddenly chimed in, the second-in-command now the center of attention as everyone in the room eyed him curiously. “I believe we have a position that could be filled. After all, you could use some help with menial things. Sir, there is a position open as a secretary.”

“A what?” Bayelei repeated, clearly disgusted by the word.

“You want me to allow Bayelei to be my secretary?” Barlet questioned with a raised brow, Vita’s eyes squarely on her Captain to see what became of the situation. “You want a completely inexperienced hunter to come into this office and do jobs involving classified paperwork, not to mention daily tasks with our soliders? Are you daft?”

“Not in the least, sir; I’m completely sane and I have good cause to believe Bayelei would be the perfect candidate,” Luke countered with a grin towards the hunter, Baye cowering at the attention. “She is quite the hardworker and seemingly loyal from past experiences. She will give her all once a task is presented to her which is more than I can say about some of the soldiers sadly. And let’s not forget that she had plenty of chances to kill you off after everything that’s happened and she hasn’t once.”

“That means nothing,” Barlet stated point-blank, showing no interest in what was being shared.

“I think it means everything,” Luke retorted before turning his full attention towards Bayelei. “My dear, you’ve proven to be quite the loyal character; might I ask you a few questions if it meant you would be honest with your answers?”

Settling back into her chair and pulling her knees tightly to her chest, Bayelei rested her chin on her knees while locking eyes with the second-in-command. She could feel the burning stare of her sister looming over her and she thought it best not to go against her. After a heavy sigh, she answered, “yes sir.”

“Good girl,” Luke mused. “Would you be loyal?”

“Yes sir,” she muttered without hesitation.

“Would you be hard-working?”

“Yes sir.”

“Would you not attempt to hurt or slay Captain Barlet?”

“Yes sir, even if he deserves it. I would not attempt to hurt or slay Captain Barley-I mean Barlet.”

“Heh,” Luke couldn’t help but chuckle at her slight stumble before returning to the matters at hand. “Bayelei, would you take your job seriously and work hard to do it correctly. Would you take an oath and be trained in military ways, perhaps one day accepting a future in the military as well?”

“Now wait just a minute-,” Barlet interrupted.

“Yes sir.”

The matter-of-fact of her voice was shocking to the room, both Vita and Barlet looking on in awe at the girl’s unwavering eyes and truthful tone. It was something they never thought Bayelei would admit; however, her frown soon returned and she pressed her back further into her chair.

“I don’t want to work here though,” Bayelei muttered. “I want to hunt; I’ll be fine hunting as I am now.”

“I’m afraid you will worry your sister too much if we allow you to hunt in your condition,” Luke stated simply with a shrug. “Therefore, any hunt that you would be part of would immediately be non-approved.”

“And what makes you think I won’t sneak out and do hunts without your approval?” Bayelei replied matter-of-factly.

“Simple,” Barlet suddenly interrupted, his demeanor calm as he pressed his elbows onto the desk and folded his hands for his chin to rest upon. He eyed the hunter with a slight interest as he spoke. “Miss Bayelei, you know full-well the whole amount of incidents we had in our past revolved around the illegal hunts you and your band of misfit guild members participated in. You do it again, I will find out and the punishment will be quite severe.”

“So you’re threatening me?” Bayelei asked with a raised brow.

“I’m not threatening you, I’m stating the facts,” Barlet retorted, his expression serious as he seemed to think of what to say next. “Victorville proved you to be a reliable ally; my admittance should not go unnoticed. Do not trample on my acceptance by going against my thoughts and returning to a life of illegal dealings.”

Her brow raised more at his tone, “so you’re saying you do want me to work here then?”


“Sounds like it to me.”

“Well, I wasn’t saying that at all.”

“So you don’t want me to work here?”

“Damnit Bayelei, are you going to take the damn job or not,” Vita suddenly hissed from her chair as she narrowed her eyes at her sister.

“Do I really have a choice?” Bayelei asked as she looked to her sister.

“Do you want honesty?” Vita retorted.

Turning her gaze back towards Luke and Barlet, Bayelei slipped her feet onto the floor and gave a slight nod. “I’ll accept the position for if I don’t, my sister will murder me.”

A chuckle rose from Luke’s throat as Barlet gave a heavy sigh and massaged his temple. “Fine then, Luke will be in charge of your training and he will be held responsible for you since he was the one to suggest you remain here. And one more thing,” he muttered, gesturing towards the hunter’s loose tank, jacket and shorts combination that barely covered any of her bandaged injuries. “You are to dress appropriately since you’d be representing this office.”

Bayelei glanced down at her outfit before gazing up at the others. “I-I don’t have anything to-.”

“I’ll handle that!” Vita suddenly announced as she took her sister’s shoulder and pulled her in tight for an embrace before she dragged her clear out of the room. “You won’t be disappointed Captain; I’ll have her ready for tomorrow then.”

“Wait tomorrow?!” Bayelei could be heard before the door shut behind them, Barlet and Luke both waiting in silence before the Captain turned to his second-in-command.

“What are you trying to play at here?” Barlet asked with a raised brow.

“Nothing sir,” Luke stated with¬†a nod towards the door. “I think this might be a good fit is all.”

“I highly doubt that to be the case,” Barlet huffed before returning to his seat. “You’ve just added to my stress level by putting that idea into their heads.”

“We’ll see sir,” Luke said with a nod. “We shall see.”