Fearful Reunion

AN: Here’s another Dragon Hunters RP drabble! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted one, especially one in the main storyline (not counting Wendell in Wonderland, which has turned out to be a fun little project indeed). This one is set after the talk between Baye and Barlet; she and Kyle are on their way to make their first appearance at the guild hall and she is a little hesitant about everything. Taji’s characters include Miller, Aaron, Barlet, Wendell, Martin, Jarell, Luke, Sable, Sarah, Kyle and Graham. Mine include Bayelei, Vita, Vette, Shamus, Emmett, Ceil, Aurora and Quentin. Hope you guys enjoy!

The walk that evening was more troublesome than ever in Kyle’s mind as he helped the limping woman at his side, Bayelei’s lips sealed shut as they manuevered towards where the Eastwyvern guild resided. The meeting with Barlet was just as she made it out to be, the military man less than willing to share any information with the Emperor’s daughter Maycee nor if he was willing to join in the cause to end Graham’s reign. The only useful information he gave that evening was a recommendation for Baye to be seen by the doctor at the hospital; the hunter quickly turning heel and fleeing before Luke could corner her into going there.

She wasn’t an idiot; Bayelei knew exactly what her condition was and how much at risk she was of infection. But there was a desperation in her gaze Kyle knew all too well; she wanted to complete this job and move on with life.

Feeling her stumble slightly in his hold, the information gatherer paused his steps and adjusted his hold on the woman with a sigh. “You alright? We can turn heel and head back to the hospital if you want. That might give you a little more time away from the guild if you need it. Plus they would take good care of you in there.”

He received a huff in response. “I’m not letting anyone check out my wounds save for Wendell and I know for a fact she’s home right now. There’s no avoiding this; besides, I’m sure by showing myself to Barlet and Luke it’s only a matter of time before word gets to Miller,” Bayelei muttered, a sigh escaping her lips as she frowned. “No, I owe it to all of them to see them now. It might not be a happy reunion though just so you know.”

“I doubt that’s correct; I’m sure they’ll be quite glad to see you alive and alright,” Kyle retorted, beginning for the guild hall once more while keeping his pace slow to guarantee he didn’t jostle her injuries too much. “Hell, I bet there will be happy words all around.”

“Keep telling yourself that,” the hunter whispered, slightly cringing at the thought of certain folks who’d be less than happy with her past choices. There was her sister Vita and practically sister Aurora who were both hesitant in letting her leave for Victorville in the first place; she could only imagine their faces once they received her letter that she would not be returning to Eastwyvern until she was ready. Shamus was likely being a whiny baby at the news, the man always enjoying his hunt in bringing her into his guild. And then there was Martin…

It pained Bayelei to think how Martin reacted to receiving her letter upon the others’ return. She had stated that she cared for him deeply but she wasn’t ready to return home yet and that if he still wanted to listen to her, she’d explain when she was finally able to set foot into town again. Would he be understanding? Would he be furious? Would he even look at her the same way again? After Vette’s arrest and knowing Bayelei had disobeyed his word and given herself up for the sake of protecting Miller and Barlet, he was quite upset with her. Martin wanted to storm the castle so-to-speak and save her from her tower; however, it didn’t excuse the fact that he didn’t appreciate her choices and actions. Was her not returning from Victorville the last straw? Salt water tears stung at the corners of her eyes as she avoided Kyle’s worried gaze.

 “Baye, if you’re not ready-,” he began but she lifted a hand and pinched his nose at the mention, Kyle pouting at the action. “Ow.”

“I’ll be fine, you jerk; no point running away forever,” Bayelei retorted, her confidence waning as she inched closer to his person. “B-But just in case things go sour, don’t leave me ok.”

Rolling his eyes, he muttered, “you idiot, I wouldn’t leave you like that.”

And with that, they made it to the porch of the guild hall; preparing to face the Eastwyvern guild.


An Attack on Arrival

AN: This is a continuation of the drabble I posted before this one for the Special Delivery RP. Taji’s characters are Satchel, Kadin and Fadi; mine are Pryce, Korin, Sitzu, Witt, Master Drelo, Rutt and Shadow. Hope you guys enjoy!

The world was a swirling vortex as Satchel launched into the jump, dragging along his friends as he held a clear vision of where he wanted to go. He recalled the looming presence of a magnificent library, a row of marble steps leading up to the large mahogany doors. And on the other side of those doors were shelves of books and a smiling redhead whom he couldn’t help but linger on in his vision. It had been so long since he’d heard from Korin or even seen her face; he truly missed her and couldn’t wait to see her.

Soon, the group touched down on solid ground once more and the world around them became clear. There standing before them was the Library of Ages, perhaps the most important landmark in the world of Pelloquinn; they’d made it safely to their destination.

“Good show Satchel; there’s not a moment to lose!” Kadin chimed and began forward, his movements slightly wobbly from the jump but otherwise true to his destination. As he stepped upon the marble steps however, his eyes widened and he barely dodged a glowing sphere that was launched directly at his chest. “W-What?”

“Kadin!” Satchel called out as Pryce quickly hid behind the teleporter, the rock dragon taking the initiative to rush to his master’s side as they all gawked at where the attack came from.

At the top of the steps of the Library of Ages stood what looked to be a scrawy boy with a buzz cut and narrowed gray eyes that seemed to emit a dull light. His outstretched palm glowed bright as he glared at the newcomers, clearly the one who had attacked them. “Who are you? State your business here now!”

“Who are we? Who are you, you little brat!” Kadin snapped back, flames forming around his fists as he returned the glare at full-force. “Who do you think you are, attacking us like that? We didn’t do anything to you!”

“Kadin, don’t-!” Satchel began but the gesture already signalled them a threat, the boy’s eyes glowing brighter along with his palm as he sent another blast from his palm. The knight and dragon both dodged the attack while Satchel teleported Pryce a safe distance away. “Kadin, that’s not helping!”

“Like hell it isn’t! I’m going to teach this little brat a lesson!” The knight called back as he sent a flaming fist towards the boy’s figure, a shield of light appearing before the boy and blocking the attack. “You little-!”

“I’ll show you, bloody intruders! Taste this!” The boy threatened aloud before suddenly being silenced by a fist on the top of his skull, the boy’s powers fading away as he whimpered in place.

Realizing the threat had diminished, Kadin allowed the flames to disperse as he turned his attention to the one who interrupted them; a smile forming on his lips as he knelt down in the woman’s presence. “Milady Korin, a pleasure to see you again.”

The familiar redhead stood proud beside the silenced boy, her red curls bouncing along as she smiled at the newcomer. Allowing Kadin to take her hand and kiss it lightly, she whispered, “well, I should have known you’d be out here causing a ruckus Kadin. Sorry about Witt, he’s taking his training a little too seriously. Apologize to him, Witt.”

“Like hell I-,” the boy began, warranting a glare from the knight as well as a swift punch on the skull from the redhead. “Ow! Korin, why you gotta do that?”

“Again, sorry about Witt,” Korin continued, a small black flash darting from her curls to greet the newcomers one-by-one. Quickly circling Kadin and Fadi, he then soared over and landed squarely on the bridge of the nose of the teleporter who until that moment had been silently admiring the redhead from afar. “M-Mister Satchet is here too!”

Peeling the small creature from his nose, Satchel managed a grin before teleporting suddenly to Korin’s side. Allowing the bat to leave his grasps, he took the girl into his arms and held her close for a moment while the others looked on with a mix of emotions. “H-Hello Korin, I missed you so much.”

“I-I missed you too!” Korin chimed happily and accepted the hug before lightly punching the teleporter on the shoulder with a huff. “You know you promised I could punch you once for each moment we were separated from each other.”

Flinching slightly at the display, he managed a nod, “y-yeah that’s true. You can hold me to that promise, as long as you also hold true to the promise of kissing me after each punch.”

The redhead smiled warmly at the suggestion. “Oh, I planned on it,” she whispered and leaned forward to kiss her love.

“W-Wait, Korin, what are you doing here?!” A voice interrupted the moment and everyone turned to stare at Pryce who eyed the redhead in surprise, Kadin and Satchel both exchanging looks before turning their full attention on Korin.

“P-Pryce? What are you-?” The redhead began with a look of shock before she bit her lip and looked towards the knight and teleporter. “Seems this is more than just a visit, hm? How did you two come to find Pryce; let alone bring him here?”

“It’s a long story-,” Satchel began.

“I don’t mind,” Korin interrupted and gestured for them to follow her into the library. “Come in quickly, Master Drelo will want to see you.”


Seeking the Help of a Lovely Maiden

AN: So, I’m trying to work up into writing once more as well as getting myself excited over continuing on with the various RPs I have with Taji. This one is from the Special Delivery RPs I have with her and its part of the next storyline we’ve talked about for the series. So in previous drabbles, I’ve had Pryce (not Bryce lmao) get captured from the hunters and brought to another world as well as Pryce freed from that world by Satchel, Kadin and Fadi. This is part of the direction of the RP that we have plans for, it will likely be changed and whatnot in the real thing but I’m way too excited to not write about it. Satchel, Kadin and Fadi are Taji’s characters while mine are Korin, Sitzu, Master Drelo, Shadow, Rutt and Pryce. BTW I also have a little boy from the Hidden Potential story here, I haven’t named him in the story yet but I figured I would make one up now…Witt. Anyway, without further adieu, here we go!

Panic grew between the group as they marched through the wreckage that was once the woods they’d found Pryce locked away. Pain was evident in Satchel’s gaze as he scanned the charred remains of the wilderness, biting back tears of what destruction was caused. Whatever had caused the mysterious rain before had only spared some of the area close by the prison; leaving the rest the victim of the roaring flames.

Fadi sniffed at the scorched foliage and clawed at the smoot-covered earth, paying little mind to his master as Kadin continued forth. Someone was clearly out there, probably watching their every move; after all, someone had captured Pryce and locked him away as well as set the rain into motion in the first place. They weren’t safe there; he didn’t know why he allowed the teleporter to jump them back there in the first place. Perhaps it was his thirst for answers, the knight shifting his gaze to the rear of the group where a certain tattered man stood quivering.

Pryce had shown himself after the rock dragon had barrelled through his prison, the beast showing trust for the newcomer despite his predicament. Knowing Fadi’s thoughts to be reliable, Kadin accepted the prisoner as their new ‘friend’ though captive was more the correct term. Forced into their fleeing group, Pryce was thrusted into a teleport with them and into the chase of their lives. Although trustworthy, Kadin couldn’t help but shake the feeling of something strange about their new friend; something he hadn’t been able to question at all since their meeting.

Now having returned to where they’d found him, it was even more clear to the knight that Pryce wasn’t normal. There were moments where he noticed a strange golden red hue to his skin; the same with his eyes flashing gold at times. Perhaps the power of a demon? No, it was something else entirely; Kadin was sure of that. But as to what it was, he wasn’t sure.

It was clear from Satchel’s expressions he was too focused on the destruction his fiery friend had caused to notice anything of their new companion. Kadin didn’t blame him really; out of the two of them, the teleporter was quite the emotional type. He wore his heart on his sleeves, something he quite admired from his best friend. That left Kadin to the job of working the mysteries out all his own.

“K-Kadin, do you realize that this could cause us a lot of trouble and grief because of what was done here?” Satchel mumbled from his place amongst the wreckage, the knight turning to his friend with a reassuring glance. “K-Kadin, this world just suffered a major disaster because of your flames-.”

“It wasn’t a major disaster and I have reason to believe it wasn’t my flames that did this,” Kadin retorted, the knight moving to his friend’s side and placing a hand on his quivering shoulder. “We’ll figure things out, don’t crash and burn on me now. You need to keep a clear mind, alright?”

The teleporter flinched at the touch, “k-keep calm? The forest here is completely up in flames!”

“See? That’s not keeping calm Satch,” Kadin retorted with a chuckle, pinching his friend’s nose for emphasis as they locked eyes. That simple action seemed to calm the teleporter, even for just a little bit; he relented his panicking words as turned towards Pryce.

“A-Are you alright, Pryce? I-I’m sorry we rushed you into so many jumps so soon,” Satchel stated, a slight blush forming on his cheeks as he lowered his gaze to his feet. “S-Sorry-.”

“H-Huh-O-Oh, no I’m fine. I should thank you both for helping me back there,” the newcomer muttered with a nod to his saviors, Fadi finally breaking himself from his exploring to trot over to his side. Plopping down and wagging his tail happily, the rock dragon panted and waited for attention from Pryce, the man switching his gaze between the group before scratching the top of the beast’s head. “I-I must admit, this is the first time experiencing such a creature as well as such powers as yours and Kadin’s.”

 The knight didn’t miss a beat, raising a brow at the tattered prisoner accompanying them. “Really now? You’ve never encountered anyone with powers like ours?”

Pryce didn’t seem to notice the accusing tone as he shook his head. “No, never.”

“Where are you from?” Satchel asked. “I remember you mentioning this wasn’t your homeland. You were snatched right? Was it from another world?”

Pryce visibly paused at the question, deep in thought before answering. “I live in the city of Laridorn in the kingdom of Darylie. Our world is called Melianon. S-So there are other worlds out there?”

“Sure are,” Kadin answered, crossing his arms over his chest as he sighed. “And just to let you know, this world isn’t Melianon. You were snatched from another world entirely huh? Satchel, do you-?”

Before the knight could finish, Satchel had already shook his head. “I-I’m unsure of where that world is. I’ve never been there before. It’s hard for me to jump there without at least a clear glimpse of the direction I need to go.”

“Couldn’t you just have Pryce here think really hard and then use that to jump there?” Kadin added though he already could guess the answer.

“W-Well, I could but I’m wary of it. If Pryce was snatched by other world jumpers than there is a chance Len is involved with this. If she is, then she probably has scouts in Melianon as we speak,” Satchel answered, biting down on his lip at the thought of his cruel ex-employer who still resided close to his cousin. “I-I’m sorry but I don’t feel safe making that jump.”

 “As you shouldn’t,” the knight muttered to his friend.

“S-So I can’t get home?” Pryce stuttered, his eyes beginning to focus on his companions and evidently hurt by the news. “I-I’m stuck here?”

“Now he didn’t say that,” Kadin quickly answered, the teleporter raising a brow at his words. “He just can’t take you home unless its safe and away from a personal enemy of ours. However, he can take you to somewhere else that is guaranteed to be safe.”

“K-Kadin-?” Satchel began, a gasp escaping the knight’s lips suddenly as he seemed to grin wildly at an idea in his head. “W-What are you-?”

“What do you know? I’ve got the perfect place in mind! It’s probably one of the safest places we could go to right now,” Kadin stated with a chuckle as he winked to his friend. “And I’m sure you’d really be excited to visit.”

“W-What are you-?” Satchel stuttered before noticing his friend’s grin, his eyes widening as he finally caught on to what he was saying. “I-I’m not sure that’s the safest place to go! You know who runs that place?”

“That grump of a man does, yeah; but hey, he’s super powerful and I’m sure a lovely little miss would gladly help us out. After all, she loves me!” Kadin chimed happily with a confident grin. He quickly noticed his friend’s blush at his words and playfully jabbed at his ribs with a wink. “Aw, she loves you more; everybody knows that. Come on, Satchel; this could kill two birds with one stone. We get Pryce somewhere safe and we get to seek help from a lovely maiden.”

The teleporter clearly was in a battle of inner turmoil at the suggestion, his eyes wide with longing to see the redheaded maiden he’d come to love. However, behind those lovely blue orbs he knew so well, a fierce power belonging to Master Drelo stood ready to challenge both Satchel and Kadin. The powerful Keeper viewed them both as troublemakers and getting help from him sounded more a fantasy than a possibility. What hope did they really have in traveling to Pelloquinn?

“Satchel,” Kadin’s voice broke the teleporter from his thoughts as he stared back at his friend, the knight giving him another reassuring grin as he nodded. “Everything will be ok; I guarantee it.”

“B-But-,” Satchel hunted for more arguments to use in this particular instance. “W-What about this place? The destroyed forest? What do we do about this?”

“We’ll just have to ask for help huh? That old grump has some pretty powerful magic; maybe he can help us out,” Kadin answered with a pat on the teleporter’s shoulder. “I’ll take the blame for it and everything. Come on, let’s make the jump already.”

“B-But-,” Satchel continued to argue but with another pat to the shoulder, he soon relented with a sigh; a smile forming on his lips at the memory of a certain redhead. “Ok, we’ll go to Pelloquinn.”

“Alright!” The knight cheered happily, turning to Pryce and Fadi before dragging them both over to join in the link. “Come on, there’s not a moment to lose!”

Fadi happily wagged his tail at the news, staying close to the teleporter while Pryce eyed the knight with confusion. “I’m confused; where are we going?”

“Don’t you worry about a thing; we’re going someplace safe. Trust me!” Kadin reassured him as they all linked together and prepared for the jump. “Don’t worry, the lovely miss will definitely take care of everything. Now shut those eyes and prepare for the ride for your life!”

Without a second for the newcomer to argue, they were gone.


Side Effects of Medication

AN: It’s been awhile since I’ve written a drabble from the Alters RP universe I have with Taji. We’ve been on hiatus with pretty much all of our RPs but once things are settled in life we’ll be able to pick them back up again. Anyway, Taji’s characters are Mildred, Eva, Rune and Alst; mine are Gadget and Brietar. I would feature Taji’s doctor character in here but I know nothing about him so we’ll just have to wait until he shows up in the RP 😛 hope you guys enjoy!

Mildred propped herself on the couch and stared out upon the towers of boxes of her apartment. Noticing several had already been sent in an avalanche by her crowded guests, she bit her lip and thought about finally cleaning up the place so it looked more like a home instead of a storage shed. It would never happen though; Mildred knew better than anyone that the reason she never bothered with the boxes is that she’d hoped to eventually be allowed to return home away from the dreadful Capital. She had to wonder however if the safety of her friends was truly jeapordized by the maze of towers, seeing as Rune and Gadget had both already been victims to their wrath.

An exasperated sigh interrupted her thoughts as Mildred lifted her gaze to the kitchen, the military woman finally realizing something was missing. She was alone on the couch; where the hell was Gadget?

“Damnit Gadget, get back to bed!” Rune shouted from the kitchen as he came into view, clearly struggling as the injured form of their friend clung to his back and seemed to pur. Mildred would have been confused but she soon realized what was up and grinned; it seemed the medicine she had gathered was truly a force to be reckoned with. “Gadget, get off me and go to-!”

“Wee Ru-Ru runs so fast!” Gadget squealed happily, her cheeks flushed red and her eyes sparkling in a daze. She held tightly to the struggling boy’s back and threatened to force her entire weight onto him should he take one wrong step. It seemed Rune noticed this and tried his best to take careful steps towards the couch; barely avoiding the looming towers as he manuevered the maze to Mildred’s line of vision. “Woot woot!”

“Gadget, please stop!” Rune whimpered aloud as he tried to adjust the girl’s hold around his neck, his frustrations visible as he glared towards the military woman. “Y-You could help you know!”

“As long as she’s not hurting herself, I don’t see the harm,” Mildred retorted with an oddly mischievious grin, clearly enjoying the struggling friends before her as she relaxed on the couch. “Why don’t you ask Brietar to help you?”

“That big oaf is sleeping and so’s your alter!” Rune complained as he nodded over towards the large nest along the wall, both Brietar and Eva sleeping soundly whilst curled up with one-another.

“Oh right, I suppose the drug would likely affect him too if they have such a strong connection,” Mildred whispered to herself before gesturing to the couch with a simple pat on the cushion. “If you can manuever her this way, I can take care of her. But be careful and don’t jostle her wounds or it’s your head.”

“Thanks for the concern,” Rune huffed before slowly turning to settle Gadget on the couch, the entire action met with the drugged girl prodding at his cheek and giggling in amusement. Part of him was annoyed but all-in-all he was glad she was at least showing signs of her old self…even if it was a drug-induced self.

Lowering her ever-so-slightly onto the couch, Rune was relieved when Gadget was safely upon the cushion and no longer clinging to him. Stepping away to observe his friend, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the scene before him. Without her Ru-Ru to mess with, Gadget set her sights on a new victim; Mildred. The military woman yelped aloud as the injured girl threw herself into her arms, giggling wildly while plopping into her lap.

“Milly! I love you Milly!” Gadget chimed happily while sending a barage of kisses onto the woman’s cheek, Mildred blushing wildly at the inappropriate display while her eyes pleaded for assistance. Rune simply shrugged and stepped back further to fully enjoy the scene…that is until his friend suddenly halted her goofing off and tugged at her tank. “Oh my god, so hot!”

Before he could look away, Rune’s cheeks burned red as Gadget began to lift her shirt; every inch of skin and bra shown as she moved. Quickly realizing what was happening, Mildred threw an arm around her injured friend before launching a pillow into Rune’s face, knocking the poor, embarrassed boy into the wall.

“G-Gadget, that’s indecent! Don’t do that!” Mildred hissed aloud, surprisingly not awakening the alters from their slumber as she struggled to keep her injured friend from squirming away. A short wrestling match ensued with the military woman practically straddling Gadget onto the couch, forcing her shirt down and wrapping her tightly in a blanket while the other whimpered for freedom. It was short-lived however, the injured inventor soon relenting completely and snuggling on the couch to rest. “S-She really is a handful huh?”

Slowly lowering the pillow to show his embarrassed gaze, Rune added, “y-you got that right.”

“S-Sorry about that,” Mildred apologized as the boy picked himself from the ground, stepping over to examine Gadget who had somehow rested her head on the lap of the military woman and was resting peacefully.

“It’s fine, I deserved it,” Rune muttered, lowering to his haunches to watch over the slumbering girl. “She may be a handful but at least she’s getting better right?”

“Yeah, you’re right,” Mildred agreed, allowing a smile on her lips as she brushed her fingers through Gadget’s hair. A thought crossed her mind but she dared not to say it while in the presence of the boy; with Gadget getting better, it also meant the questions for their involvement with the rebellion would soon be asked. But for now, everyone deserved rest; Mildred wouldn’t damper the situation until absolutely necessary. Besides, she rather enjoyed having Gadget in her company again; drug-induced or not.


Stylish Sisters

AN: Lol another Animal Crossing one-shot; this one is of the Able Sisters ❤ I love them so much! I think their backstory is pretty epic as well 😛 Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Animal Crossing, its characters, settings, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for story-telling purposes.

The tickering of the sewing machine rang throughout the Able Sisters tailor shop as Sable tended to the latest set of orders from town, her attention solely on her work as she worked the pattern of the demanded dress. She barely took any notice of her sister Mabel working the front of the shop, her cheerful demeanor pleasing to the customers as they browsed the selection of the day.

“Aw, that looks adorable on you!” Mabel chimed as she admired Cookie, the pink and white pooch dancing about in the tartan dress they had for sale. “You definitely look cute!”

“Aw, you think so? You think my fans will adore it?” Cookie mused with a wide grin, posing left and right for the blue hedgehog.

“Your fans will love it,” a voice interrupted from the connecting doorway, Labelle entering from the accessories shop with a happy grin of her own. She stood happily in her own designer outfit, with a silk scarf wrapped around her neck. “You know, maybe you ought to try a little more with the dress to accent it; here!” Quickly removing the scarf, she slipped it around Cookie’s neck and squealed at the finishing touches. “You’re beautiful!”

Mabel, grinning with understanding of her sister trying to land a sale as well, joined in the praise. “You look absolutely amazing; your fans will be in awe for sure! What do you think, Sable?”

Only reacting to her name being called, the sewing hedgehog replied, “yeah, great.”

Clearly pleased with the stylish tips and trades of the Able Sisters, Cookie wore out her new purchases, leaving the three of them with a successful sale. Labelle and Mabel both exchanged a happy grin before looking back at Sable, their sister tending to her business with little to say on the matter of their little bonding moment. Though Mabel wished she’d open up more, Labelle had to admit she was pleased to just be able to say that their family was working back to being whole again. Despite the lack of words, they were happy for the first time in a long time; she was glad to have her Stylish Sisters at her side. Granted, they weren’t as stylish as her but she’d certainly help them along with her fashionista knowledge.


My Darling Cy-Guy

AN: So I’ve fallen on the Animal Crossing bandwagon >.< omg I’m addicted to it! I love all the funny little characters in the game and I love running around in town. I think my favorite characters so far are Reese and Cyrus (although I haven’t been playing long enough for Cyrus to be awake lol). They are such a cute couple so I decided to just write a quick one-shot of them 🙂 hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Animal Crossing, its characters, settings, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for story-telling purposes.

 The sun peeked out beyond the pillowy clouds above town, its beams bright as they danced across the water and signaled the start of a bright new day. Inside the small shop Re-Tail, the lights flickered and Reese began her preparations for the day’s customers. The soft pink fluff of the alpaca’s fur was seen as a flash, her movements quick as she tended to the various items for sale in the market and guaranteed they were ready for viewing.

A wholesome grin formed on her lips as she took a moment to step back and admire the set-up for the day, Reese quite proud of the work her and her husband had accomplished with their shop. It was truly a dream come true working with the love of her life in a profession they both completely enjoyed. They were a lucky couple; Reese was thankful every day for what they had.

“Looks good,” Reese chimed happily before skipping towards the back of the room where the work bench rested, the pink alpaca quite sure she knew what she would find there.

Snoozing away and curled up with his head upon his work from the night before, Cyrus slept soundly without a care in the world. The poor blue alpaca had worked himself hard once more and was in desperate need of rest; something Reese was more than willing to give him. With a whimsical smile and a light kiss on his freckled cheek, the pink alpaca draped her husband’s shoulders with a blanket for warmth before returning to the shop duties. She could handle the front of the shop; she wished only the best for her Darling Cy-guy. And at that moment, the best thing was a nice, long snooze.


The Crow Assassin – Preview

AN: This is an idea I’ve been thinking about for awhile, based off my research on the Vigors in Bioshock: Infinite as well as other sources such as +Anima and Howl’s Moving Castle, etc. I really wanted to do the story of an assassin at some point (I blame Taji since she got me into the Riyria Chronicles and Michael J. Sullivan :P) and this guy seems to be the winner in the character bios I’ve created so far.

A brief tidbit about this story before I go into it more; this world is not a prosperous one for all. Some areas have technology spanning the most modern and powerful while other places are dingy and deplorable with little to offer besides an eyesore. In ancient times, humans were the lowest class of occupants of the world with the majority being a breed of beings called krafters. Krafters are humanoid with the exception of the powers they possess, each one is different and they believe their powers represent their destiny. Some can control the weather and climate, some can transform, some can influence otheres; there’s a neverending list to what these powers can be.

Krafters were all-powerful but as the human population began to grow so did their lust for power and so a war was started which gave way for the humans to claim most of the land and take seige on the Krafters. From then on, humans were the high class and over time Krafters began to hide their power from the world for fear of being discovered by the humans and killed.

In modern times, Krafters still exist but mainly hide in the shadows of their human counterparts; some of them mainly staying out of trouble and blending in. However, there are some that use their skills as a means for survival; such as the protagonist Corvo, a Krafter with a link to crows. He works as an assassin in order to survive.

BTW all these details are subject to change and likely will; this is just a quick jot of things. This was originally going to be the prologue of the main story but it turned into a little short story instead. So I’ll write this really quick then with the full story, I’ll feature his bio with the first chapter. Hope you guys enjoy! I’m totally open to doing an RP with these characters btw if anyone wants to *winkwink* Also, just to let you know: I put too much trust in WordPress again because I typed this into WordPress and it suddenly crashed as I was almost done AND KILLED HALF OF WHAT I WROTE! So I’m going to likely be going back to word documents that I copy and paste into here instead of posting straight from my phone and whatnot anymore. >.< Anyway here we go!

 A crisp frost beckoned from the crack of the door of the pub, Crispin allowing a quiver down his spine before turning back to the warmth of the fire and the remaining patrons at the bar. Soon the lanterns would flicker out for the evening and curfew would set in across the town of Drubin, causing each drunkard to gulp down their brew before venturing out into the dreary landscape of their decrepit home with a fresh dust of snow on the ground to nip at their toes. For the time being, everyone sat and took in what warmth they could; after all, the town wasn’t a kind sort and finding warmth outside of community thresholds as the pubs and brothels were unlikely.

Taking back his familiar stool at the end of the bar, Crispin lifted up his half-drowned glass and finished it off; the ale lighting a fire in his belly as he grinned at the bartender with a plead for more. Quick to add the drink being the last to the order for the night, the bartender filled the emptied glass outstretched to him before going about his duties cleaning up for the night; leaving the patrons all to enjoy their final moments before braving the wintery night beyond the walls.

The chilling fate didn’t seem to deture Crispin however; he was used to the icy tundra that season anyhow. All he really focused on was his lick of ale and the particular figure sitting at the farthest end of the bar. A recognizable face haphazardly hidden by the veil of a hood, he could tell immediately that it was Carlton Stead, a shady character who often dealt in handlings of the underground markets. Usually such a face wouldn’t hide from the open in Drubin, being as it was a town known for its shady deals and its famous characters who had a hand in it all. Yet there was Carlton, clearly in a panic as he hid in plain sight drowning back another mug of ale.

Seemed ole Carlton Stead had a scare that sent him in need of a spot of drink and a small company for good measure in such a despicable town…not that the company in Drubin would protect him from even the most gruesome of fates.

Convinced of what was to come, Crispin chugged every last drop of ale from his mug before slamming it down on the wooden bar along with his tab for the evening. With a nod of thanks, he struggled to his feet and wrapped himself in his coat and scarf before preparing to venture outside for the evening. He paused his steps however and turned towards Carlton instead, making sure not to disturb the other patrons as he manuevered over and patted the man on the shoulder. Crispin wasn’t surprised to see the panicked man jump at the touch, turning abruptly in his seat with eyes wide and maddening as they stared back at him.

“Calm down mate, just wondering if ya got a light is all,” Crispin stated with both hands raised in defense, hoping his unarmed gesture would calm the other’s nerves. It didn’t have such luck as Carlton followed every sway, every movement, every breath like a snake following its prey. A chuckle formed in Crispin’s throat as he took a step back and continued to speak. “Heh, looks like ya might need a cig mate; wanna come out for a light and a smoke? You can have one of mine, my apologies for the fright yeah?”

At first, Carlton continued to stare at him with his panicked gaze; eyeing him from head-to-toe in question. However, once deeming him harmless the man let out a sigh before contemplating the request. “Y-You know it’s cold as death out there; why bother for a smoke at this time of night anyway when they’re about to shove us all into the street anyway?”

The voice was as familiar as the face; Crispin confirmed it was definitely Carlton. “Ah well, if they’re going to kick us out might as well get a head start yeah? We can smoke and head out. I’ll even walk with ya to your home if ya want; ya probably been drinking a lot from the look at ya.”

“For your information, I haven’t been drinking a lot you dumba-,” the other hissed at the accusation when he suddenly relented, his notice falling on the bartender who began to usher out lingering parties no longer providing him business to the door. Taking the hint of the man wanting a bit of shut-eye, the shady character drowned his last bit of ale before slipping out of his stroll and gesturing towards the door. “Yeah, you know what, fine. No point lingering about; might as well just get the whole cold ordeal over with then. Besides, I could use a smoke; I got the light if you got the cigs. I suppose you could escort me to the fountains, savvy?”

“Heh, savvy indeed,” Crispin said with a nod as he took the lead for the door, waving to the bartender as he opened the door to the outside world.

A clear mistake with the speed he yanked at the handle, the door flew open and both men were engulfed by the chilling winds and the spray of snow that fell from the cloudy abyss above. Howls of protest echoed from within the pub as both men bundled up in their clothes and dashed into the storm to brave the icy travel they were subjecting themselves to. Pausing only a moment to light the cigs and take a whiff of the drug, which was quite difficult in the ripping winds; both men thus began their journey together towards the edge of town where the ruins of fountains stood without a purpose besides to remind them what was once a grand city in its time.

For most of their travel, the two men strolled in silence; the only sounds being the roaring winds and the crunch of the snow beneath their boots. A steady stream of smoke escaped through Carlton’s lips and it seemed he was no longer the jittering, panicking form of a man that was found at the opposite end of the bar. Still, he did his best to hide his face behind his hood and conceal the identity of the shady criminal figure of the underground; too bad for him if Crispin could see through the ruse then so could any man for that matter.

“Got a name or should I just call you drunkard,” Carlton questioned as he looked over his shoulder to his newfound companion, Crispin caught off-guard for a moment by such a request. “You gonna answer me or what?”

A pout formed on the addressed lips as he slipped the cig between his lips. “Damnit mate, give me a moment to answer the bloody question. If ya must know, my name’s Crispin. And for your information there’s more to me than a drunkard; I’m quite the addict of many suits.”

“I’d believe it,” Carlton retorted with a chuckle. “That’s my type of guy though so I guess we were destined to meet huh. I was a bit worried I must admit when you startled me in the pub but I can see now there was nothing to worry about with you.”

His scarf shifted with the wind as Crispin bared most of his face into the wool fabric, hiding his curious grin from the other as he thought of what to say next. “You were quite the frightened pup in there, mate; thought ya gonna shoot me for tapping your shoulder,” he muttered, sounding muffled through the scarf. “You all right mate? I have a feeling that it wasn’t the drinks making ya act that way. Don’t mean to pry, just worried is all. Savvy?”

There was a pause in the conversation as Carlton seemed deep in thought, clearly puzzled if he should bother to share even a lick of knowledge to his new friend or simply keep his mouth shut and go his separate way. However, being quite the boasting type in his job in the underground, the man’s mouth could not be tamed; he allowed a few details slip as they neared the fountains.

“If you must know, I’ve had a few bad dealings recently; one can’t help but be on edge after such things,” he answered with a shrug of the shoulders. Nearly stumbling over the ruin’s rubble through the fog, Carlton came to a halt while finishing off his cig. “Lucky for me, nothing happened this evening; tomorrow’s a new day after all. Perhaps instead of a nuisance, you’re a good luck charm instead.”

Making a face at the ‘nuisance’ comment, Crispin lingered back from his companion with a shifted glance towards the foggy area around them. Save for each other and the outline of the ruins themselves, nothing or no one could be seen out on the streets. Lanterns had already been snuffed as curfew drew close; it was unsafe to remain there for much longer before the truest lowlife cornered them on that dismal street.

Returning his stare to the small of Carlton’s back, Crispin dared to open his mouth again before the other could continue his way home. “Ya know mate, I never did catch your name.”

A small hesitance, he answered, “It’s Carl.”

“Short for Carlton, I trust?” Crispin continued, noticing the addressed shoulder’s tense at the question. “Carlton Stead, even?”

No sooner had the last syllable rolled off his tongue, Crispin found the barrel of a pistol against his temple; Carlton pressing his gun firmly against the other’s skin as he frowned. “Ah, so you have heard of me. Let me guess, them bastards from Lockhart sent you to take care of me after that deal with Pentross went sour. Well I’m not going down like that; you best scurry on out of here before your brains mix in with the fresh powder this fine eve.”

The threat was no surprise to Crispin as he allowed a chuckle, the other man not amused with his actions and pressing the barrel harder against his skull. “A gun is your big protection in a hellhole such as this. Aye, Lockhart was right about ya in the  request.”

“Enough talk, you daft bastard; I’ll-!” Carlton hissed as he began to tug at the trigger, the gun suddenly reverberating in his hand and scolding to the touch. A howl erupted from his throat as he cast the weapon aside and backed away, the skin of his palm bubbled and peeling away as if he touched fire itself. “W-What the fuck?!”

“Must admit it humors me what humans call protection. They rarely even use stances anymore, just flat out dependent on weapons of all likes. It’s ridiculous if I do say so myself,” Crispin mused as he stood proudly in the snowy haze, the spot where the barrel had been pressed glowing red and scorched as if it were a lava bed itself. It was at that moment that Carlton realized what he was dealing with; he began to fear he wasn’t going to make it to the next morning at all. “I’m  your lucky charm, aye; ya should be lucky its me that’s ending ya instead of a few other blokes I know. Be good on ya mate and just accept what’s what, savvy.”

“Y-You-You’re-,” Carlton stuttered as he took steps backwards, only coming to a halt once his back pressed into the crumbled wall of the fountain itself. His eyes searched for anyone to help him in his time of need; alas, it was Drubin and there was nothing that could save him now…only the swiftest speed if he had it in him. Reaching his uncharred hand behind him, the man ripped up a brick and sent it flying at Crispin; the other dodging the brick while trying his best not to fall on his face into the snow. Seeing the stumble, Carlton launched into a dash; hoping to find someplace to hide until morning. “Fuck you, you damn Krafter. I’ll see you hanged for all of this!”

Another chuckle erupted from his throat as Crispin finally caught himself from the icy floor, the man then beginning after his target. He had to find him soon and handle the job less he lost out.


Not a soul was on the path as Carlton maneuvered through the alleyways he grew to remember from his various trips through town. If he kept straight on the path, he’d be able to come to some acquaintances’ houses who would think twice before dying him safety. He just had to keep running; he couldn’t look back. That Krafter wasn’t going to kill him; there was no way in hell.

The sound of a caw startled the man into almost stumbling forward in his trek, his heart racing wild as he caught the sight of a crow through the fog. It landed atop a pile of rubble and watched him eerily as he passed by. Carlton never did like the damn birds; they were a hideous sort and known to get under his skin with their raspy calls. Crows were a symbol of darkness in his eyes; darkness and death.

Another caw was heard as several more crows suddenly swooped in and landed near his traveling path, Carlton letting out a yelp of shock as they continued to close in to his location. Were even the devil birds against him too? He was so engrossed with the curtain of birds flooding the path that he barely had time to notice the silhouette before him hidden under a midnight cloak.

“S-Shit-!” Carlton hissed as he skidded to a stop before the figure, his eyes wide and fearful as the other stood silent and ignorant of the other before him. “I-I don’t have time for this; move you daft bastard!”

Silence. The figure stood without falter as his cloak clung to his slender frame; crows beginning to flock to his stand and perching themselves upon his shoulders and at his feet. The wind tugged at the seams of the fabric and Carlton caught sight of the man’s hand and nearly screamed; though humanoid and mixed with skin, feathers and claws pertruded and revealed the man to be another Krafter. There was no doubt in his man; another assassin.

“D-Damn it!” Carlton howled as he tried desperately to turn heel and flee; unfortunately it was too late and he was already caught in the deadly trap. Without a word of comfort or warning, the figure raised the hand and gestured forward; the crows answering to the silent order and taking flight. The ebony-feathered beasts all swooped in on the fleeing man and their beaks and claws worked as one to rip at their prey’s skin, ripping it away in bloodied chunks while he tried desperately to cry for pain. He was unable to however as crows had already dug into the flesh of his neck and ripped at his vocal cords.

Falling forward in the snowy grave he fearfully knew that path to be, his eyes watered as he felt his body mercilessly shredded away centimeter by centimeter; all until darkness finally took hold and then nothing else.


Crispin caught sight of the pool of red mixed with the snow and felt his heart sink at the loss of the score, his eyes narrowed at the sight of the shadowy figure standing in the fog with crows skirting about his body. “Damn it, Corvo; that was my target mate. Ya knew that damn well ya bloody bastard!”

The figure seemed to raise his head at the other’s words. “You were too slow; I handled it.”

Growling at the cloaked man’s answer, Crispin soon relented with a sigh before bending down beside the target to examine his vitals. “Well, he’s dead. Quite a mess ya left though.”

“It will be cleared soon; Aspin will make sure of that,” he retorted, his cloak fluttering in the wind as he turned heel to leave the scene. “I trust you’ll handle the report then?”

“W-Wha? But ya killed him, ya bloody bastard!” Crispin hissed but soon realized Corvo had vanished completely from sight in the fog; the only thing remaining from his presence being the feathers from his crows and the bloody corpse on the snow below. Pocketing his fists and biting at his lip until the taste of blood filled his mouth, Crispin took one final look at what remained of Carlton Stead before fleeing the scene with ease.

Already, the blood and the corpse seemed to slowly form into dust and blow away in the wind; leaving no traces of the act that took place there.


I Want To Play Basketball Too

AN: Another Kuroko’s Basketball oneshot; Taji got me hooked on the series so I’ve been testing my skills at writing the various characters from the series. This one is about Rinnosuke Mitobe and Shinji Koganei, two returning members of the Seirin basketball club who’ve known each other for awhile. I’m writing it out of what knowledge I have of them; I know they both knew each other in Junior High so that’s what I’m going with. If they knew each other before then, I apologize for I wasn’t aware of it. Hope you guys enjoy!

PS: I’m really mad right now because I wrote this whole drabble and it was killed by wordpress so I had to rewrite it. It’s definitely nowhere near as good as the first one >.< Sorry guys!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko’s Basketball, it’s storyline, characters, setting, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

A neon flash darted back and forth along the court as the tennis team continued their practice matches, Koga happily tapping his fingers along the sides of his seat as he watched his teammate’s progress with anticipation. Everyone was getting better at their skills and it was amazing to watch in his opinion; though he knew in his particular case he was lucky to even be considered a relatively average player himself. Average in practically everything, though slightly above in his education; Koga was nothing more than a bench warmer meant to cheer on his teammates. And to the happy-go-lucky student, he was fine with it.

Practice soon wound to a close the sun soon began to set across the tennis courts, Koga left in charge of putting away the equipment while the others tended to their muscles and rushed off to shower and change. Being so easygoing, he was completely fine with his predicament; besides, if he didn’t get the chance to do such things for his team he would have never experienced something so amazing that he would question everything he’d been working towards until that very moment.

 The ring of scuffs along pavement caught the boy’s attention as he passed by the blacktop, the lined street basketball court buzzing with energy from its four players as they carried on together blissfully. Koga immediately recognized them as regulars for the team, their group moving together in sync towards their goal with skills all their own. They were all brilliant in the boy’s eyes but for some reason his attention was immediately drawn to one particular towering player in particular.

Rinnosuke Mitobe; Koga recognized him as one of his classmates. Though timid in nature and rarily showing emotions on his sleeve, there was a look of confidence and thrill evident in his eyes as he manuevered around the court dribbling the ball. Sweat poured from every muscles but nothing seemed to deture him from making it to the hoop, his body lifting into the air and sending the ball into the goal with ease. His teammates all cheered around him for the display, highfives all around as Mitobe gave a shy smile of thanks.

To anyone else, the display was nothing more than a friendly match of basketball; however, to Koga, it was so much more than that. Just seeing Mitobe play, he knew that his destiny was about to change for the better. Tennis was fun and all and he enjoyed cheering along for his teammates; however, basketball seemed to shine brighter than any beacon in his eyes. It was his future before him; waiting to be addressed.

The sun continued its descent and the team all began to leave, Mitobe slow with his pace as he lingered there on the blacktop. Bending down to tie up his laces, he had no idea of the presence scurrying forth behind him. He would have never known the ninja-like figure to be there if not for his loud drones. “That was amazing; you were amazing!” Koga declared proudly, the taller form nearly collapsing fully onto the floor with wide eyes wavering over his shoulder at the intruder. Despite being a foot taller than the other, Mitobe was practically cowering there; his body quivering at the display. Koga didn’t seem to notice however as he continued to muse along. “Man, I had no idea basketball could look so cool. You made it seem so effortless; I’m jealous. Man, I really want to play basketball too now!”

His cheers were met with silence, the smaller boy finally glancing down at the basketball player to take in his current condition. It seemed he’d forgotten just how timid the poor guy was; as well as the fact that he was practically mute since no one had ever heard his voice at school. Accepting just how terrified the taller student seemed, Koga released a sigh before forming a crooked grin and reaching out a hand to Mitobe.

“S-Sorry about that, I just get really excited is all. I just couldn’t help it; you looked so cool out there playing basketball, I’m really jealous!” He mused as the taller one hesitantly accepted the outreached hand, allowing the other to drag him to his feet. “I want to play basketball too now! There’s no doubt about it!”

Again, he was met with silence; Mitobe studying the other carefully while his lips pressed tight together. His emotion was void once more, though the slightest hint of curiosity was visible in his watchful gaze.

“By the way, I’m your classmate Shinji Koganei if you didn’t already know,” the smaller student chimed with a wider grin than ever before. “But you can call me Koga!”

Mitobe continued to stare at the other, managing a nod despite his still quivering form. The other cheered at the acknowledgement before continuing his energetic chatter, the two of them walking side-by-side back towards school where the lockers waited. For some reason, the basketball player found this newcomer’s upbeat demeanor comforting; something that surprised him more than anything. He managed to crack a smile of his own as they walked together, a sign of their friendship taking form. From that moment on, the two of them grew closer and were rarily seen apart; all because of basketball.


Skipping Class

AN: I’ve been slowly working on some Kuroko’s Basketball fanfics and drabbles to post here ever since Taji got me hooked into the series lol. I can honestly say without a doubt that there isn’t a character in the series that I don’t like; I’m especially fond of Junpei Hyuga, Captain of Seirin’s basketball team. Ever since reading his chapters of his past and how they started up the club, I’ve been totally in love with him. This one is super short but I liked it. Hope you guys enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Kuroko’s Basketball, it’s storyline, characters, setting, etc. I’m simply borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

 The underneath of the back stairwell was the perfect hiding place in Hyuga’s opinion, the first year plopping down upon the dusty floor in the comfort of the cloaked shadows. Stray blond locks fell before narrowed eyes barriered with his spectacles. It didn’t seem to bother the ex-basketball player in the least as he leaned back to enjoy his voluntary break; Hyuga pleased with himself in his first day as a ‘delinquint’.

“This is the life I’m meant to have; skipping all my classes and showing everyone just how hardcore I am!” He announced to no one in particular, a chuckle erupting from his throat. “I ain’t got to follow the rules anymore! We all saw where that got me. Nope, I’m free to do whatever the hell I want. No one’s going to tell me what to do anymore!”

 Seconds passed and Hyuga pressed his back sharply against the wall, his body relaxing as he enjoyed his freedom. Everything was perfect, there was nothing to worry about whatsoever…

A solid twitch ran along the first-year’s spine, his narrow eyes widening as he felt his fidgeting engulf him more than ever before. Shadows danced all around him and he couldn’t help but quiver at such boredom. Surely, enough time had passed for the final bell to chime; surely it was time to head home for the day without worry.

Reaching for his pocket, Hyuga lifted his cellphone up and eyed the timepiece with an agitated glance. It had literally been only one minute since he’d sat down to skip class. “Are you kidding me? What the hell? Why is this so damn boring?” He hissed aloud while sending a fist into the ground, his teeth grinding away as he shot to his feet. “Damn it, why the hell should I skip class if it’s seriously this damn boring! Screw it, I’m going back to class!”

Marching up the stairwell back to class, Hyuga only paused a moment to curse his weakness before rushing to beat the clock.


Discussions Over Pocky

AN: Ok, it’s been FOREVER and a day since I’ve written anything from the universe of mine and Taji’s Anime Club RP we had going on. Currently the RP is on hiatus as we are still uncertain of where we want to go with it however I do have some ideas currently in the works. Penny is my character and Brendan is hers 🙂 hope you guys enjoy!

The lounge was quiet and still, the only movement within being from the worker wiping down the counter and the two that occupied the couch in the furthest corner of the room. Their meeting was rarily different from any other, Penny and Brendan would meet to discuss club activities while the two of them handled their respective business all at the same time. The female brunette would almost always be surrounded with piles of books from her various assignments, her traits for successful multitasking always seeming so impressive to the boy that met her there practically on a daily basis. As for him, he’d always have his laptop before him; occassionally doing homework as well as occassionally just goofing off with video games or anime. And between them,several boxes of pocky pertruded from the girl’s satchel; begging to be consumed.

Despite their differences in personality, with Brendan being more relaxed and chill while Penny was more headstrong and assertive; there was always a joke that she was a woman after his own heart for she’d always cart around boxes of his favorite treat to keep him pleased. He wouldn’t even have to ask; Penny would take a seat before dishing out the delectable snack into his palm with a nod.

“Any news on the convention planning front? Are you still having trouble getting people to sign up and give you their information?” The girl asked, her eyes focused on her schoolwork.

“Uh, not really; no,” Brendan answered as his tapped away at his computer, his glance to his side to watch the girl as she worked. He was truly quite impressed with how well she handled herself under all her work; however, he couldn’t help but notice the amount of books she’d been carting around begin to grow to the point of small towers at her side. Though he wouldn’t push the subject, Brendan couldn’t help but worry about her; she was such a strong character yet there was always that slim chance she would overwork herself into a pit. Therefore, whatever concerns he had; he thought it best to keep to himself. “Everything’s going smoothly actually; we’ll have everything ironed out before the deadline for sure.”

 “What issues are you having?” Penny questioned without pause, the boy burning red at her words. How did she always do that; how did she always know? “If I need to step in, I can; you should know that better than anyone.”

Brendan wanted to retort and argue against such things but he knew it was pointless, so he regained his calm composure and slumped in his seat. “People are more willing to say they want to go than to actually offer their services and be drivers. Even with Tawny’s help, they are continually ignoring the fact that in order to get places, we need people to drive us there.”

“Anyone expressed interest in possibly ordering a bus for the weekend or something? I can certainly drive if I need to,” Penny added without a glance to the boy beside her.

“A-A bus? N-no, and won’t that cost a little much? We’ve generated a lot of interest but I’m not so sure they’ll want to pool in that much extra money to get there,” he answered.

“I’ll call for a discussion meeting tomorrow and we’ll iron out everything so that all your plans will be taken care of,” she continued without a pause in her speech, the girl suddenly reaching over and taking a box of pocky into her hand. With a quick motion, she took one of the snack pieces from its container and reached it over towards Brendan, stuffing it into his mouth without remorse. The boy gasped at the display though he couldn’t help but grin at the taste of the delicious treat. “No more worrying; everything’s going to be fine. I’ll take care of everything, silly.”

For a short while, the only sound came from Brendan’s chewing as he continued to eat away at the treats; his eyes still focused on his studying friend at his side. Despite everything, her attention still rested on her books; she was just as careful in her preparations as ever. Maybe he had no reason to be worried with her; she was someone he secretly looked up to when it came to her personality and effort. Penny had a handle on everything in life without fail; she was truly a force all her own.

A slight pressure on his shoulder and Brendan’s face burned hot once more, his eyes switching over to notice the girl had closed her books and was now resting her head on his shoulder. Clearly relaxed and nibbling at the pocky snack, she didn’t seem embarrassed at all by her actions; she didn’t seem to mind whatsoever. And yet there was Brendan, the boy actually feeling more insecure by the second with her slight breach of personal space. Part of him wanted her to remove herself and tend to her studies once more like before; yet another part of him was slightly excited, his heart beginning to race as he thought of what to say to her.



“Just eat some pocky and let me rest a moment, will you? Your shoulder’s too comfy to ignore for now. I just need a few minutes then it’s back to work ok,” she stated with confidence, his cheeks burned as red as ever at her words.

“O-Ok, no problem. I-I just-.”

“Just eat some pocky and let me rest,” she repeated without pause, the boy finally relenting with a sigh before daring to lean his head slightly so that they both touched gently in their moment of rest.

“Ok,” Brendan concluded and the two of them settled there together on the couch, the boy continuing to chew down on his snack to add to his already blissful moment.