AN: I fell in love with the movie Wreck-It Ralph and the animated short before the movie called Paperman. I wanted to try a little one-shot of another point of view; someone other than Meg and George witnessing the magic of the paper airplanes that brought them together. I don’t own the story Paperman nor it’s character; I simply own my original characters Bette and Sam. No flames allowed; constructive criticism is accepted and appreciated. Hope you enjoy!

 The lightest breeze rolled through the city streets of New York City as Bette stepped along the sidewalk, her blond curls bouncing along with her movements as she grinned. Her friends chattered beside her with the usual gossip from their college, occassionally turning the attention on their friend for her input. Bette would simply nod along with whatever she managed to catch from their talk before moving on towards the usual dinner they’d visit on a day like this.

“You think Bobby Collins will be there?” One of her friends mused with a flirty grin. “He’s single and definitely a catch; I’d love to catch his eye.”

“I’m sure he’ll be there with some of his friends!” The other friend added along with a grin of her own, the two girls giggling together before turning their glances towards Bette. “You know, Rodger Clint’s been sending looks your way Bette! He’ll probably be there too-!”

Her baby blue eyes glanced over towards the other girls, “oh Rodger’s a nice guy and all; I just don’t think there was a spark there.”

“Oh boo, you’re so boring sometimes,” the first friend huffed as the two of them walked on; Bette pausing on the sidewalk while the others stared back in confusion. “Bette, you coming?”

The blond’s focus was settled on the cart of freshly picked flowers; a woman dressed in business attire admiring the beautiful flora with a smile. At first, all seemed normal until a paper airplane flew and mixed into the flowers; the woman shifting her gaze to stare at the intruder in shock. Leaning forward to get a closer look, her smile returned before the airplane suddenly flew out of the flora and span around the woman before taking off in the opposite direction; the woman chasing after it happily.

Bette couldn’t believe her eyes; it was as if the paper airplane come alive on its own and was leading the woman towards something. Her curiosity was piqued and soon Bette dashed across the street, waving towards her friends before pursuing the woman and her airplane. “You guys go on without me; I’ll meet you there!”

She could hear her friends’ shouting her name but it didn’t matter to Bette; she wasn’t going to miss a chance at a bit of magic for anything.


The wheels hissed against the concrete as Sam rode his delivery bike through the traffic and along his normal route, the delivery boy scanning the building numbers before skidding to a stop outside one of the large business scrapers. He quickly slipped off his bike and lifted it over his shoulder before entering the main building; the man tipping his hat at the women at the front desk who giggled at his handsome grin.

With a bow and a greeting, Sam dipped his hand into his satchel and pulled out the delivery; the women accepting it gratefully before slipping him a tip for his services. “You’re such a handsome man; I hope we get to see you again,” one of the women mused with a flirty grin of her own as Sam tipped his hat once more. “Thank you dear!”

“My pleasures ma’ams; it’s a pleasure to be at your service,” Sam answered before bowing and rushing back into the city streets; the man slipping his bike back on the concrete before checking his pocket watch. He had finished almost all of the afternoon’s deliveries and soon he’d be able to go home. “I just have to get these last few done and I’m-.”

Sam fell silent as he gawked at the scene before him; a man being followed by what looked like various paper airplanes. They all floated about behind him before speeding up and encasing him; the man stumbling through the street before being forced along in the opposite direction. Various men and women stared at the scene with skeptical eyes; all believing the man to be nuts despite what was clearly going on before them. Sam, however, could see the magic displayed and he quickly turned his bike before speeding off to follow after the man.

His final deliveries would have to wait; he wanted to witness what happened with the man and the magical airplanes.


The two pursued their respective target with a similar interest in the magic that flowed within the airplanes. Sam’s bike carried him fast as he watched the man being forced onto a train, the delivery boy releasing an audible groan before doing his best to keep up with the moving vessel. Bette stayed hot on the woman’s heels and watched the plane and her step into a train; the girl quickly diving into the cart closest to her while standing by the window with hopeful eyes. Neither of them wanted to lose their chance at witnessing something so magical; though they had no idea what the situation was, it was too brilliant to leave alone.

The trains pulled onto the platform and Bette saw the woman step out of the train, the girl following suit while pausing at the steps. The paper airplane that was once so full of life was now still in the woman’s hands, the said woman lifting it up a few times but it did nothing for the object. The magic was gone; now all that was left was a paper airplane.

“I thought for sure that-,” Bette whispered to herself before she fell silent; her eyes wide as she noticed dozens of paper airplanes suddenly sliding across the platform. Both her and the woman turned their gaze to where the planes came from, a man encased in more paper airplanes standing there with a shocked and ecstatic expression on his face. With a quick step to send the planes all from his person, the man and woman stepped forward towards each other; their smiles bright as they both admired the plane that had brought them together. “I-It really was magical!”

The paper airplanes danced along the platform and Bette soon found them circling her own feet; the girl bending over to take one in her grasps as she smiled. What a sight she was able to behold; it truly was magic.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” a voice suddenly sounded beside Bette as she jumped and turned to peek at the delivery boy standing at her side with his bike over his shoulder; his eyes focused on the sight before him with a smirk. “Did you see that? It was-.”

“Magical,” the two of them said together, Bette’s eyes wide as she stared up at the delivery boy. Sam lowered his gaze to the girl beside her and he smiled shyly, noticing the girl holding one of the paper airplanes in her grasp.

“Yeah it was quite magical indeed; name’s Sam,” the delivery boy said as he held out a hand towards the girl. “Nice to share this moment with someone who believes as well.”

The girl blushed more as she gratefully accepted the boy’s hand with a smile. “I-I’m Bette; it’s nice to meet you.”

The two of them stood there by the steps of the platform for awhile, paper airplanes scurrying about their feet as they began to converse with one-another. The two barely noticed the original couple depart for a restaurant across the street; they were too enthralled with their own magic that brought them together for that moment.


Welcome Back

AN: You know what, I’m in a cute moment mood; so I decided to type this up really quick. I suppose something like this could happen after Bayelei and the boys return from getting Sable back home safely. Bayelei is my character and Aaron, Miller, Sable and Martin is Taji’s character 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy!

The gates rolled open as the group stepped back into Eastwyvern, Aaron and Miller the first to notice the forming group coming to welcome them back. A mix of guild members and other townsfolk came to greet them, a few of them quite amazed to see Bayelei sporting a slint on her arm instead of the usual tracker. The female hunter nodded along with the forming conversations and let Aaron do the talking; her cheeks slightly pink with embarrassment at everyone seeing her with the leftover of her injuries she’d received on the escort job she’d originally been hired for.

“You should probably catch up with your sister and let her know you’re ok and about what happened; though I bet since she’s military she’s already gotten the news and is waiting for you to appear,” Miller muttered to the girl at his side while forming a grin. “Plus you’re probably exhausted from the trip; you should probably get some sleep somewhere. You know you always have a bed in the guild hall.”

“I’ve been resting for most of the damn job; no thank you,” Bayelei quickly retorted before sending a small grin in the tracker’s direction. “Thanks though; for everything.”

“Meh, it was nothing,” Miller played it off with a shrug before he winked in her direction. “You might want to make yourself more presentable because someone special is aiming straight for ya.”

“Wh-What are you-?” Bayelei stuttered at the tracker’s words as Miller slipped away just in time for Martin’s form to be seen manuevering through the crowd; how she would kill Miller when she got a hold of him later on.

At first Martin had a happy expression at seeing his friends return but he suddenly frowned at the sight of Bayelei’s arm and the few banages that still remained. He came marching straight over and looked over her carefully as he spoke, “what happened?”

She blushed more but tried to keep her composure as he examined her. “I-It’s a long story; I guess the short version is I had a little mishap in the woods. Aaron will fill you in about it all soon,” Bayelei replied as Martin crossed his arms over his chest. “Wh-What?”

“Why can’t you tell me what happened?” He questioned with a frown, the female hunter cowering at his expression. However, the frown soon faded as Martin released a sigh and patted the woman’s good shoulder. “I’m just glad you’re ok; though, I thought you were going to be sticking it out in Driscil?”

The events with Martin before she went on the job with Sable started flooding into her memory and Bayelei fidgeted in place; she did lead the man to believe she’d be leaving for good to live in Driscil with Sable. Not only that but she partly recalled chucking an antique music box at his face and crying in front of him before running off to avoid him. “O-Oh right; well, I guess I didn’t want to live away from Eastwyvern after all,” she muttered before raising her hands in a praising motion. “Surprise! I’ve returned.”

He chuckled at her actions as he nodded along. “Well I’m glad; things would have been somewhat lonely around here without you,” Martin mused. “Welcome back Baye.”

“Thanks,” she said with a smile, the two of them lingering there for a moment just exchanging grins. However, Bayelei finally broke her gaze as she released a sigh. “Listen about the night before I left-.”

At the mention, Martin suddenly jumped into action as he reached for something in his pocket. “Oh that’s right; hold on a second!”

Bayelei blinked at him as he dug into his pocket, the man pulling out the same music box that she’d given him before she’d left. Curious eyes stared at the piece while Martin fumbled with it, the lid suddenly opening as a soft melody began to play. Crystal orbs grew wide at the sound, the female hunter gawking at the sight as Martin smiled.

“I’ve been working on it since you gave it to me whenever I had a few moment. I gotta say I was amazed to find that even though it was difficult to open up, the music still played and I couldn’t wait to show you,” Martin explained as he gestured to each component of the antique, Bayelei blushing more at his words.

“You wanted to show me?” Bayelei whispered as she touched the trinket in the man’s grasp. “Why?”

“Well, you’re the one that gave me such an amazing gift; I wanted to share it with you,” Martin said with the warmest grin, Bayelei’s heart beating faster with each passing second. “I would have waited a long time if it meant sharing it with you too since I thought you’d be staying in Driscil; but now you’re here and I couldn’t be happier.”

Bayelei paused for a moment before she managed a grin of her own, the woman stepping closer to Martin as she spoke. “I think you could be happier,” she joked with a wink.

Martin was about to question what she meant by her words when Bayelei hugged around his neck with her good arm, the female hunter on her tiptoes as she closed the distance between them. Her lips met his as he wrapped his arms around her waist, the man at first staring down at her wide eyes before accepting the kiss completely and holding her in his grasps. A few others turned their gaze to eye the scene in surprise while others smirked with thoughts such as it took them long enough.

The two of them lingered in their moment of bliss before they managed to separate, the two of them grinning from ear-to-ear as Martin continued to hold the injured hunter in his arms.

“I guess you were right; I’m much happier now,” Martin joked while they touched foreheads. “Welcome back, Baye.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome,” Bayelei retorted happily before they exchanged another kiss. All the while Aaron and Miller smiled in their direction; it was about damn time.



AN: And yet another Dragon Hunters RP drabble; also this is the 50th post of January so holy crap I’ve been a busy little writer! I figured since Duncan and Micah were brought into the RP recently, I’d feature them and Bayelei together since they have a past.

I just randomly made up Amstried by the way; I figure it could be a little Port City that is mainly used for trading and what not. I figured Bayelei would be there a little after her father and godfather were forced to flee from Eastwyvern; Baye would likely try to follow her father though no one would tell her where he was so she went off on her own. She’ll work a little bit in the Port City gathering information before finally giving up and returning to Eastwyvern (I’ll probably change that a bit but for now it works!) Hope you guys enjoy!

The chilled rain cascaded upon the dreary town of Amstried, Duncan releasing a sigh as he lingering in one of the buildings doorways to avoid the storm while waiting. At his side, Micah fumbled with the umbrella he managed to find in rather good condition; the blond clearly intent to avoid all possible obstacles that could ruin his perfectly groomed physique. Duncan rolled his eyes at the gesture as Micah finally managed to open up the barrier and hovered it above him as he stepped out into the street, the man grimacing at the water and mud that possibly ruined his boots before he turned to Duncan.

“You wanna share?” Micah asked in a hopeful tone, his friend chuckling at the suggestion before stepping out into the rain; his hair matting and his clothes soaked and skin-tight as he moved. The blond enhaled a breath to ease his rapid heartbeat; it was times like those when couldn’t help but look over at his oldest friend with admiring eyes.

“I’ve got a reputation to uphold so no,” Duncan huffed as he stepped over the puddles as best he could; noticing Micah lagging behind as the other tried to avoid each puddle carefully. “Come on Micah, you’re supposed to be a hunter; hunters don’t fret about getting mud on their boots.”

“But these are new!” The blond argued with a glare towards his friend. “Why would I want to ruin a perfectly good pair of brand new boots?”

“Why would you wear a perfectly good pair of brand new boots out on a day that rain was clearly going to fall?” Duncan retorted with a smirk. “Looks like it’s your own damn fault for the boots’ fate; congratulations!”

“Duncan, you-!” Micah began but the blond came to a pause and fell silent, his companion noticing this and coming to a halt as well while peering over his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?” Duncan asked, immediately noticing the seriousness painted on his friend’s face.

“It’s that woman from before; the hunter they were talking about from Eastwyvern,” Micah mentioned with a nod towards one of the adjacent buildings, Duncan following his gaze to see the familiar woman curled up in one of the doorways of a boarded up building soaked to the bone. She was shivering but kept a stoic expression as she sat there, refusing to raise her eyes to those she knew were staring her way. “What was her name? Baye-? Wow, what in the world is she doing sitting out here in such a storm?”

“From the look of it, she looks like she’s probably staying out here,” Duncan muttered, clearly not interested in speaking with her. After all, the interactions the two of them have had so far have been most the two of them conversing for a few seconds before blowing up into a barrage of insults and arguments. However, Micah, though at first not sure what to think of the woman, had slowly grown to appreciate her and was already manuevering the puddles over to her position. “Micah-!”

“Miss Bayelei, what on earth are you doing out here in the cold!” Micah said in a scolding manner as he hovered next to the doorway, his umbrella slanted slightly in an inviting manner while the woman peeked up at him with wide crystal orbs. “You’re going to get yourself sick if you stay out here; where are you staying, we’ll walk you there.”

She looked up at him with a confused glance. “I’m staying right here; can’t you see that?”

“You mean you don’t have a place to stay at?” Micah gasped at the discovery, Duncan rolling his eyes at his friend. It was somewhat obvious by the way she lingered there that she was probably resting there for more than a few moments. “You know the inns and all have plenty of rooms; and hey there’s places all around here up for rent. You shouldn’t be sleeping in the street!”

“That costs money so no,” Bayelei retorted simply, the blond man frowning at such a statement. Perhaps she was short on cash since just arriving and hadn’t established herself yet.

“Perhaps I can spot you some money for a room?” Micah began but Bayelei shook her head.

“I don’t want to spend money on something temporary,” she replied. “It’s not a question of what I can afford; it’s what I want to waste my money on which is nothing in the least.”

“That sounds stupid,” Duncan suddenly piped in as he came to Micah’s side, his friend gawking over at him for saying such a thing. “You’re quite the dumbass for refusing to seek shelter because you’d have to spend money. What if you get sick out here and the only way to get better is to seek out the help of a doctor? Then you’ll probably have to pay a hell of a whole lot more than what you would have had to pay for a damn room!”

Micah was sure his friend’s harsh words would cause a fight between him and Bayelei once more; however, the woman simply shook her head and leaned her head back on the stone molding of the doorway.

“I said I don’t want to spend money on something temporary; therefore I’m not going to pay for something like a room at an inn that I’d eventually have to give up to someone else,” she muttered with a sigh. “I don’t expect you to understand though.”

The group was silent, the only sounds being made being the falling rain across the city. Micah kept his stare on Duncan while the other kept a firm glare on the woman curled up in the doorway. To be honest, the answer Bayelei gave did make sense to the blond in a sense; with inn rooms, you’re only renting the space and all its accommadations. If someone else came through with higher status, you’d be out on the street in a heartbeat. However, would the woman really sleep out on the street just because of a belief as that? The city had its share of dangers that grew more powerful in the late hours; would she really be safe?

It was then that Micah formed a pout while staring over towards Duncan, the man catching on to his friend’s actions and releasing a groan. The two of them seemed to be in a silent argument while Bayelei glanced between them in confusion. After a few moments, Duncan released a rather audible sigh before kneeling down to be level with the woman.

“Let me ask you something; how long you planning on staying here in Amstried?” Duncan muttered.

Bayelei blinked at the question. “Not for long,” she answered.

“Right,” Duncan huffed while staring over his shoulder towards Micah, the blond motioning for him to continue while a grin formed on his lips. With another audible sigh, Duncan suddenly reached forward and tossed a shocked Bayelei over his shoulder; the woman fighting in his grasp as he stood and moved under the looming umbrella’s cover. “Well, Micah won’t let you stay out here and I’m not about to argue with the man so you’re coming with us!”

“This is kidnapping!” Bayelei hissed while trying to fight her way out of the man’s grasps, Duncan rolling his eyes before stomping off towards the apartment he shared with his friend; Micah skipping at his side with the umbrella tight in hand. “Hey, lemme go!”

“You’re welcome,” Duncan retorted with a snort as they hurried back to their place, the woman continuing to struggle the entire way there.


Blood in the Rain

AN: This drabble is all about Jurgo in the Dragon Hunters RP I have going on with Taji; I figured I haven’t gotten the chance to highlight him much drabble-wise so here’s the perfect time. He can be quite the dark character if allowed to be; though he usually just keeps to himself and works swiftly to get the job done. Hope you guys enjoy!

The rain poured through the forest, the water drops manuevering through the treetops and the leaves before cascading down onto the forest floor below. A few choice droplets managed to meet an obstacle on the way down, Jurgo feeling the cool touch of the water through his soggy threads while he stood in waiting. He could already feel a fever coming along but it didn’t matter; his job would soon be done and he’d be able to head home with a good day’s pay.

The gallopping of hooves could be heard in the distance and a smirk formed on the man’s lips, his blades at the ready as he prepared his attack. Everything would be quick; that’s what he was paid for.

A rather drunken man came barrelling down the path on his horse, bags tied to the saddle as the rider held on with little care of the rain beating down on him and his stead. A rather weathly man from one of the neighboring cities; the rider had gotten on quite a few black lists for his involvements with the black market and his conning others out of their money. When crime bosses of the like consider someone a threat, they were willing to pay big to silence the threat; and Jurgo was just the man for the job.

The horse approached the bend at a rather fast pace; the cliffside slick with mud as the man continued his ride; unknowst to him of the arrows sailing through the air in their direction. The first arrow pierced into the rider’s shoulder, the man throwing himself off his stead into the mud below with a thud. The barrage that followed landed onto the horse and soon the stead had fallen, the poison of the tips flowing in its veins until it finally breathed its last breath.

Watching in horror as his mount ceased its breathing, the man turned to glance over his shoulder just in time to see a silver blade come around his neck and slice into the delicate flesh. The body jerked violently at the display but soon gave up the lingering life that remained; leaving Jurgo standing there above the bloody corpse.

Wiping the blood away without a care, Jurgo then searched the man for all worth the taking before casually knocking the body off the cliff towards the rocks and sea below. He then shifted his gaze towards the bloodied heap of the horse, the man somewhat regretting its death; the creature could have been useful in returning the goods back to the city. However, he simply shrugged and burned the remains of the saddle; the man stripping the horse clean before using his strength to get it over the edge of the cliff just like the master before it.

With one final action to cover the scene of the crime, Jurgo gathered his prizes and took to the shadows; the man aiming his return to the city to present the good news to his latest employer.


Captain’s Approval

AN: So Taji and I joked about this happening in our dragon hunters RP since Aaron said Baye and Martin were dating to the captain of the ship and the captain happens to be Martin’s aunt (the Jamerson family is basically royalty in Eastwyvern). I couldn’t help writing a drabble after that discussing so here we go! Aaron, Sable, Miller, Martin, Jarell and Captain Jamerson are all Taji’s characters. My characters are Bayelei and Dr. Gregor. Hope you guys enjoy!

Bayelei felt strange and slightly embarrassed to say the least to find the captain of their vessel constantly peeking in to check up on her; the familiarity she showed slightly unnerving as the woman did her part to converse with the injured hunter. And with every moment she spent in her company, Bayelei couldn’t help but notice the stares.

They weren’t so judgmental as they were accepting; though even such glances caused Bayelei to sink back into her pillows in confusion. The female hunter struggled with such things; especially when she couldn’t scurry away and hide from the uncomfortable moments she was forced to endure.

“Good Morning, Miss Bayelei,” Captain Jamerson mused as she took a seat next to the cot; the addressed peeking over at her with a nod. “I trust you’re doing well this morning; you’re certainly looking healthier by the second.”

“Oh-uh, thank you ma’am; I’m doing better,” Bayelei stuttered as she noticed the stares already falling on her, a blush forming on her cheeks as the captain smiled.

“I’m glad you’re doing better; I’m sure you’ve got quite a few people back at home who’d be worried to hear of your status out here. Of course those same people would also be relieved to hear you’re at least doing better,” the captain mused with a wink, Bayelei gulping as she looked over in confusion. “You’re quite the strong woman, I must admit; even ones such as myself wouldn’t be able to function with such wounds. Yet here you are holding strong and recovering with ease. I must say I’m quite impressed.”

Her blush grew brighter as Bayelei tried not to look too pleased by the comment. “T-Thank you ma’am.”

“Yes, you are quite the addition; I whole-heartedly approve,” the captain mused on, the strange comment certainly catching Bayelei off-guard.

“Ma’am-?” Bayelei began.

“Oh, nothing; I’m sure we’ll have more time to talk about things later so for now I’ll let you return to your rest,” the captain mused before getting to her feet and bowing with her goodbyes, the woman soon disappearing from the infirmary leaving Bayelei to gawk in the direction of the door.

The female hunter had no idea what that was all about; the strange looks and odd comments were definitely out of the ordinary. But what could all it be about? A thought crossed her mind to question the boys about it; however, it would have to wait until later for Bayelei settled back into the bed and tried to gather more sleep so she could finally walk around without the others’ concerns.


Stay In Bed

AN: Another dragon hunter RP drabble 😛 we’re progressing in the latest one so fast and it’s gotten me really excited for our characters. This one is all about stubborn miss Bayelei and the things Doctor Olamar Gregor has to go through in order to keep her in bed. Olamar and Bayelei are my characters; Aaron, Barlet and Miller are Taji’s. Hope you guys enjoy!

It had been a couple of days since the ship sailed off towards the Kingdom of Driscil; Doctor Olamar Gregor feeling his strength diminish from his latest patient. All the mercenaries from the dragon attack before their launch were healing nicely and able to leave without a hitch; however, the assassination attempted Bayelei was another story entirely.

Her wounds were healing nicely and he managed to fight off infection with her; he wasn’t facing any issues with her actual treatment. What was the issue was Bayelei’s constant need to move around; the woman often waiting for the doctor to turn his back before slipping from the bed to try and escape. Olamar would end up chasing her around and having the guards force her back into her bed as she whined and fought against them.

Olamar wondered how a woman like Bayelei could still manage to venture about with such injuries as hers; it wasn’t just a simple flesh wound she was dealing with. She had some broken ribs as well as bones in her shoulder and arm; and there was also issues with internal bleeding should she push herself too much while in the healing process.

Despite everything she faced, Bayelei still managed to wiggle out of her bed and aim to flee the infirmary; her stircrazy antics proving more difficult to control by the day. Even on that particular morning, she was proving to be quite the little ninja with her illusive moves; Olamar barely had a chance to study her wounds before he turned his back for a second and found her already fleeing the coop.

“She’s running again!” Olamar called out to the hallway, Bayelei almost making it out if not for Aaron suddenly scooping her off her feet and carefully carrying her back towards her bed. “T-Thank you, Sir Aaron.”

The female hunter squirmed in Aaron’s hold as the man smirked; he then lightly placed her back down on the bed with a sigh. “You should really settle in and rest or your injuries will just get worse,” Aaron mused with a smirk.

“I don’t wanna,” Bayelei whined like a child as she fought against his hold. “I can’t stand waiting around like this; please let me go.”

“If you rest for a little more, you’ll be able to roam around as free as ever,” Aaron added with a nod, Bayelei scrunching her nose at the comment. “Don’t give me that; you know what I’m saying is true. Here, I’ll make a you a deal.”

The final word sparked the woman’s interest. “A deal?”

“That’s right; I’ll make a deal with you,” Aaron stated with a grin. “You let yourself rest up for a couple more days and I’ll let you roam around the ship without anyone saying a single word against you.”

“And?” Bayelei asked with hopeful eyes.

“And-And I’ll give you some information on a certain someone back at the guild that you could use to your advantage,” Aaron whispered in her ear, Bayelei’s eyes widening at such a comment.

“What the hell would I need any information like that for?” She began; however, her tune soon changed with a moment’s passing. “You promise?”

“I promise,” Aaron retorted; the man happy to see Bayelei settling into her bed once more and prepare for another day full of sleep. As she eased into slumber, Aaron gave a sigh and finally pulled away from the bed; the doctor glancing at him with a sigh. “What is it?”

“She’s one hell of a character,” Olamar mused with a grin. “She keeps me on my toes at least; do you think even she can be healed up enough to wander around unscathed in just a few days though?”

“Even if she wasn’t, that’s probably the only amount of time I could guarantee you she wouldn’t try to escape before she went stircrazy again,” Aaron added with a shrug. “She’s strong; she’ll be ok. I’m sorry for all the trouble we’ve caused you though.”

“There’s been no trouble worth apologizing for,” Olamar retorted with a gesture towards the sleeping girl. “It’s my duty to mend the injured and heal the sick; she’s giving me a purpose for being here just as all my patients have. I welcome any challenge; even one as her.”

Aaron grinned at the doctor’s comment, the guild leader taking a seat in the chair next to her cot before settling in to watch the doctor as he worked.


A Game of Cards

AN: I wanted to write a quick drabble for Aaron and Bayelei; I felt these two should have a moment where it’s just the two of them since they rarely get to have a chance to talk one-on-one; plus after Bayelei was attacked by San and Jurgo she kinda accused him of knowing about it. 

Anyway, here we go; Aaron, San, Miller, Barlet, Sable and a few others are Taji’s characters. Bayelei and Jurgo are mine. Hope you guys enjoy! 

The evening was quiet aboard the ship as Aaron settled back into his seat beside Bayelei’s cot, the man taking his turn to watch her as she recovered in the infirmary. He had prepared for another night of silence between them; yet for some odd reason Bayelei looked to him with hopeful eyes and made a rather odd request. She asked if he could gather a deck and play a round of cards with her.

At first, the guild leader thought to scold her for such a request and urge her to rest; after all, the only way she could fully recover was if she got all the sleep she could. However, that hopeful glance was hard to say no to so Aaron gestured for one of the mercenary guards to fetch them a deck.

“Do you know how to play speed?” Bayelei asked as the guard came over with a deck and handed it to Aaron, the man questioned blinking at her sudden interest in conversing with him.

“I do; it’s a rather easy game if I recall,” Aaron muttered, a slight grin forming on his lips as he began to shuffle the cards. “You know, I thought you were more of a poker or rummy player yourself.”

She gave a shrug as he began to deal out the cards respectfully. “I play all games depending on the odds,” Bayelei answered, the two of them beginning their game of speed. Fast movements were taken to place down cards before the other player, Bayelei’s injuries doing nothing to hurt her game as Aaron found her a step closer to winning. She was always good at things such as playing the odds into her favor; he couldn’t help but wonder how the odds were not in Bayelei’s favor while out within the woods. Sure, Jurgo and San were two hellions when it came to their jobs but Bayelei was no stranger to the blade nor to fighting. She was strong; however, he recalled her strange actions the day before their departure. Hell, she even mentioned something to Sable about failing a previous job. What was all that about anyway?

“Aaron,” Bayelei’s voice broke him from his thoughts as the man noticed her stare. “I win.”

He glanced down and noticed the game was already over before it begun, the man giving a sigh before retrieving the cards to shuffle and deal again. “You are the winner I see.”

“Yeah,” Bayelei nodded along as the guild leader began to deal again; the female hunter fidgeting in her bed before speaking up. “I-I’m sorry Aaron.”

An apology caught the guild leader off-guard, Aaron coming to a complete halt as he lingered there; his eyes unable to focus on the woman in her bed. Bayelei sat there curled up in her blanket eyeing him carefully, clearly debating what to say next.

“W-What was that?”

“I’m sorry; I’m sorry for everything,” Bayelei repeated as she sat back against the pillows with a sad smile. “I’m sorry for accusing you before and I’m sorry for causing you so much trouble. I got you mixed up in something again and I’m not even apart of your guild. I’m just some chick that comes around like a stray cat-.”

“You’re not a stray cat,” Aaron spoke up suddenly with a frown at what she was saying. “Stop doubting yourself; you’re a great friend and a wonderful companion to our guild. And stop saying you caused us trouble because you did no such thing.” He could see Bayelei gawking at him with wide orbs, the man releasing a sigh as he ran a hand through his hair. “As for the apology, I accept it though there was no need for one. I should have noticed something was up and handled it before it all happened. I should have noticed; then you wouldn’t be in the state you’re in.”

She crinkled her nose at the last comment. “I’m in the state I’m in because I let myself get that way,” she stated simply; Aaron wishing she’d elaborate on that however she returned to the game of speed and gestured for him to finish dealing. “Anyway, I know I don’t say it a lot to you but I should. Thank you for putting up with me. And thank you for everything you’ve done for me so far.”

He couldn’t help but chuckle at her words, “well, you’re welcome then. Thank you for everything you’ve done as well. And thank you for trusting me enough to stick around.”

With that, he finished dealing the cards and another game commenced, Bayelei managing to hide her blush as they continued playing cards for most of the evening.


Mother Knows Best

AN: So I thought about a storyline like this one and I wondered how the interaction would go. Bayelei is a very strong character in the Dragon Hunters RP but certain things have been known to mess with her emotions. I figured this would be after the RP me and Taji are doing now and it could possibly be something to tie in to the future RPs of this story (Yeah, I love this RP that much).

Bayelei’s mother basically disowned her as a child (I’ve gone into it a few times in some of the drabbles but for the most part the mother’s storyline has been vacant in the RP itself) because Baye had often sought out her father’s attention instead of hers and the inner workings of her mind caused her to associate the poor girl with being a criminal (Yeah, she’s a crazy bitch around this time and pushing away her husband for fear of losing the life she worked for in the military). Baye and Vita were separated due to the mother’s (Vette’s) wishes and haven’t seen each other until Vita’s return to Eastwyvern on assignment; the sisters are mainly trying to rekindle their bond without the presence of their mother watching over them. To Vita’s understanding, Vette has no idea that Bayelei is still in town or what she does.

I figure Vette could be in an alliance with Barlet and the man call her in after connecting the dots and finding that Vita and Bayelei are sisters and therefore share the same mother; except for Vette publicly announces that she was a single mother who only had the one child, Vita.

Bayelei is terrified of ever coming across her mother’s path again; the woman truly haunting her at times (an example being her downfall after feeling she’d been a failure; Vette called Bayelei a failure of a child before disowning her and it haunts her). There would be no love or kind feelings exchanged in their meeting because Vette has been quite corrupted even when she still had her family intact; the woman doesn’t see her child when she sees Bayelei, she only sees someone that is causing a disturbance with the military.

And with that, I’m going to get into this drabble; I’m hoping it turns out shorter than I think it might be but we’ll see. Aaron, Miller, Wendell, Barlet, Martin, Jarell, San, Madge and Sarah are Taji’s characters; Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Aurora, Ceil, Shamus, Jurgo, Vette and Crusoe belong to me. Hope you guys enjoy!

The day began as any other; Bayelei would awaken at whatever house she found herself in and venture out to attend to any jobs she could find, the female hunter occassionally pestering Aaron and his guild of misfits for assistance. It wasn’t like Bayelei needed help; she just truly wanted the company and she trusted them well-enough to allow them on jobs she felt needed more than one hand (sure she could handle any of the jobs on her own but sometimes it was just quicker to ask for help and split the pay).

 As evening settled in, Bayelei returned to her home for the evening; this time picking Aurora and Ceil’s place despite the noises of the children scampering down the hallways. It was meant to be another evening…that is until a message came from one of the military soldiers.

Aurora heard word that Vita was summoning her sister to the hospital offices, the woman quickly relaying the message with urgency. Bayelei thought to question it but she sighed and began the trek out to the hospital; slightly worried for what reason her sister would call her out to the offices instead of to her own home or the tavern. Despite the hardships of their lives, Bayelei was finally starting to really trust Vita; something that was hard to truly gain with the female hunter.

As Bayelei approached the hospital, she was stopped by one of the guards and led towards one of the back rooms; the man explaining the one who called her in being that way. When he didn’t say it to be Vita, Bayelei’s suspicions were raised and her weapons were soon at the ready. Even with caution however, Bayelei would never be prepared for whom she saw next.

The guard opened up the door to the back office and gestured the female hunter to enter, Bayelei pausing with glare as she noticed Barlet sitting at the furthest reaches of the room. The man’s wicked grin was large at her appearance, Barlet waving his guest in as she rolled her eyes and entered.

“You want a go at me again, Barlet? You’re such a coward that you called me in under false pretences and lured me to the back so no one is to see our bout?” Bayelei asked with a huff, the man chuckling at her words while shaking his head.

“That’s not the case at all, my dear Bayelei,” Barlet mused with an amused glance towards the right, something stirring in the shadows at the gesture. “I wasn’t the one to call you here; I’m simply the greeter this time.”

“What are you-?” Bayelei began, following the man’s gaze towards the shadows. It only took a moment for the color to drain from the female hunter’s face, her whole body visibly tense at the realization of who else graced the room with their presence.

“I can tell from your face you’re surprised to see me,” a voice rang from the shadows as a tall woman adorned in a female military garb stepped into the light. Her arms were crossed as her red-painted lips formed into a frown, her blackened curls tied back in a bun as she rolled her eyes. The woman was known as Captain Vette of the Royal Military; it was the woman who was once Bayelei’s mother. “I must admit I thought your idiot of a father would keep you away from here; after all, this place would have been the easiest to track you down in. But alas, he was never the smartest bulb in the box; that’s probably why he could never stray from his criminal life. I should think Sir Barlet here for his assistance in locating you; seems you’ve been causing him trouble as of late.”

Stepping back closer to the door, Bayelei prepared herself to dart out the exit and rush to safety; refusing to look back as she did. However, a sound from the outside warranted the door being locked; she’d have to use force to escape and with each second that passed that she was left in the room with her former mother, her energy drained out of her. Her worse fear had returned; the judgmental glance of the woman who tossed her aside without a thought. Her hurtful words and stares were simple yet deadly in Bayelei’s opinion; for every one that was granted her way, the female hunter felt herself die just a little inside.


“You know, I’ve known for awhile that Vita and Bayelei were siblings from her the older’s talk in within the troops but it never fully occurred to me until recently that it would be possible that they shared the same mother as well,” Barlet spoke from his seat with a sneer, Bayelei visibly shivering at his glance. “I recalled Captain Vette mentioning she’d grown over the years of being a single mother of one so I dig some digging and found that she was indeed married and had a younger daughter whom fell to the curse of her father; the two of them fled from Vette’s existence never to be heard from again apparently.”

“Yes, quite tragic really,” Vette agreed, Bayelei’s eyes flashing at the lie. That wasn’t how it went; it was Vette who drove them away when everyone else wanted to remain a family. “Anyway, I hoped Vita would have told me whenever you showed up but it seemed my daughter had little interest in snitching on the criminal actions of one she knew to be her own flesh and blood; perhaps she wanted to lure away wandering eyes so that little disgrace fell onto her person or on her proper family.”

The female hunter’s eyes flashed; her fists bawled at her side as she let the string of harmful words flood the room. Blood trinkled down her lip from her bite as she took every blow of an insult to her person; the woman slightly terrified to raise a complaint against Vette. Doubts of everything boiled up in her swarming mind; perhaps Vita wasn’t doing anything to mend their bonds of sisterhood but was simply trying to be seen as a saint in the eyes of her military counterparts.

“I apologize to you, Sir Barlet; it seems the foolish blood of that man has caused you some trouble,” Vette spoke again as she took another step forward, Bayelei matching each movement with a step back. She would have continued this small chase if not for the surface of the door lightly pressing against her back; she’d run out of space to flee.

“I must admit that it was quite troublesome having this girl purposely stand in my way and even grant me pain during my various missions here in Eastwyvern; all of her actions unwarranted I assure you,” Barlet lied with a smirk; Bayelei’s eyes flashing over towards him with a look of disgust and betrayal. “I apologize for calling you here for such things but it simply can not stand having her cause all these problems for me and my men. She needs to be dealt with; however, I feel I’m not the best person to grant this punishment.”

“I understand completely, Sir Barlet; I will deal with this problem child myself,” Vette whispered as she closed the gap between her and her former daughter; the two of them toe-to-toe as she towered over Bayelei. The female hunter looked up in terror; truly uncertain of what would happen next. “Bayelei, do you deny these claims against you?”

She knew she wouldn’t escape regardless of what she said; Bayelei decided to remain true. “I deny the-.”

Before another syllable could be uttered, Vette quickly raised a fist and brought it down across Bayelei’s face; her iron knuckle sending blood from the girl’s mouth as her cheek bruised. The female hunter stumbled at the impact of the attack; Bayelei catching her footing for only a moment before letting out a scream. Vette unleashed a wave of attacks on her former daughter; Bayelei unable to keep up with her quick movements as she collapsed on the floor. Wounds littered her body as Bayelei cowered beneath the raging Vette, the former mother making sure to form a nice pool of blood on the floor before pulling back her advances.

Barlet couldn’t help but grin in the most manicial way as he stepped forward to study Vette’s handiwork, the captain wiping the blood from her iron fist before turning heel to return to the shadows. On the floor laid Bayelei or what was left of her, her entire body crippled and broken as it sprawled out on the floor. Tears mixed with her blood as Bayelei could no longer contain herself, whimpers forming in her throat while she fell into a fit of coughing and spitting blood.

“A nice punishment if I do say so myself,” Barlet released a chuckle as he spoke, the man kneeling down next to the bleeding form with a sneer.  In a low whisper that only Bayelei could hear, he said, “I hope you understand now that no one messes with the likes of me; and you’ve escaped death long enough my dear. Your mother will be remaining here for quite some time it seems so I hope you realize that things are going to change around here. It all starts with you-and then with a little force-that little band of mutts will face the music as well.”

Tears continued to stream down her face as Bayelei inched for hand along the dust-covered surface of the floor, her blood smearing about as she gestured to where she made out Vette’s form in the shadows. She wanted to call out to her; she wanted to beg for an explanation as to why Vette who had given birth to her would treat her in such a way. But the words wouldn’t form and all Bayelei could do was cry until her entire world went dark.

“It seems the criminal has finally blacked out; have her removed immediately for she’s staining up the floor,” Vette muttered from the shadows as Barlet called in the guard from outside, a flash of shock appearing in the man’s eyes before he shook away his thoughts and prepared to act on whatever his commanding officer wanted him to do. “Please return this filth where you found her and do it quickly before anyone bothers to notice her missing.”

“So return her to where you wished me to send the message?” The guard asked Barlet in a hushed tone, the addressed nodding along with impatience in his glare. “Yes Captain, I’ll return her immediately.”

With a salute, the guard gathered up Bayelei’s crumbled form and began to move through the shadows to Aurora’s home; the man leaving the female hunter bleeding on the front steps as he began back for the hospital. There was a brief moment that he looked back in concern but he quickly shook away such feelings less he be the next one to face Vette’s wrath.

He soon disappeared and left Bayelei’s form awaiting Aurora’s notice, an hour passing before Aurora made her way outside to check for the female hunter’s return. The bloodied sight came as a shock and sent Aurora into a fit of screams, Ceil soon dashing down the steps to check on his wife before gasping at the sight as well. Together, they gathered up the bloodied heep and rushed back inside to begin her treatment.


It was late into the evening and Aaron’s group had finally returned from their latest job; Miller stretching his limbs as he followed after the leader into the guild hall. The two of them were greeted by Martin and Jarell, the two brothers conversing over the dining table as Wendell sat beside them quietly.

Miller strolled into the dining room and carefully wrapped an arm around his lover, Wendell leaning back in his hold as she looked up at him. “You’re later than usual,” she whispered with concern evident in her tone. “Everything all right?”

“We’re fine and all, we just had a little trouble with our kill today,” Miller stated with a sigh as he glanced over at Aaron, the guild leader taking a seat as his tired eyes fell to the table before him. “We lost the dragon; it was going down nicely but then another one came barrelling in and took out a good chunk of our weapons. We were low on everything so we had to retreat and make sure our men were given the proper attention to their wounds.”

The brothers nodded along with their words and the room fell silent, everyone in understanding just how stressful the day had been. There was no reason to add more fuel to the fire with idle chatter; after all, they were home and protected from the world beyond their walls. There was no reason the group couldn’t relax together and settle in without the worries from the day’s work.

However, the loud knocking on the door proved to break the silence as Aaron lifted his eyes to glare into the direction. The others motioned to get the door but their leader beat them to his feet, the man manuevering carefully around the table and into the hall. With a swift motion, Aaron unlocked the door and opened it; the man letting out a gasp at the sight before him.

He’d never seen Aurora in such a state of panic before; her eyes wild from fear as she stood before him nearly out of breath. Blood and sweat stained her dress but she didn’t care; it was clear she was determined to see the members of the guild hall.

“Aurora, what the hell happened?” Aaron questioned as he motioned forward and took the woman’s shoulders in his grasp. He examined her from head to toe in search for wounds and was thankful to see none visible on her person. “Who’s blood is this? What happened?”

Her hands raised, shaking and bloody, as Aurora tried to silence the man before her. “I-It’s Bayelei; I-I found her on our doorstep soaked in blood and covered in wounds and bruises. Sh-She’s-She’s unconcious and bleeding and-and-and-.” Tears were streaming down Aurora’s cheeks as she spoke, the woman clearly panicked beyond what she’d ever been before. “S-She’s-She’s-.”

The entire group from the dining hall appeared behind their leader with various expressions; some sported shock while others sported rage and fury. And Aaron, the leader of them all, had a wild look in his eyes as he released his hold on the woman.

“Where is she now?” Aaron asked in a low growl.

“Sh-She’s back at our home; Ceil’s working on her now,” Aurora explained and soon found the leader and the other men were all aiming in direction for their home; the woman staring after them before she felt a light touch on her shoulder. She jumped and turned her gaze to Wendell, the nurse checking over Aurora’s body before taking her arm and escorting her towards where the men had gone.

“Everything will be ok,” Wendell whispered as the two of them walked, Aurora unable to hold her tears back as they walked. “Did you get a hold of Vita?”

“Th-That’s the thing,” Aurora whispered through her tears. “Vi-Vita was the one who called her to meet with her; I-I don’t understand what happened.”

The nurse held her tongue as she continued to escort Aurora back towards her house, Wendell not wanting to make an accusations before knowing the full story. She also didn’t want anything to get back to the others in their current state; after all, basically one of their own was beaten and left for dead on a doorstep. Wendell could only imagine the fury building up between all of them; even she had a little anger of her own to share.

But acting on such things would have to wait until Bayelei was once again conscious; only then would they know who did such a terrible act.



AN: Another drabble for the dragon hunters RP I have with Taji; I wanted to try my hand again at writing a drabble focused on Wendell. I love her character and I wish we could get her more involved in the RPs (she’ll have her day!!!) I hope I get her character right; she belongs to Taji along with Miller, Aaron, Martin, Jarell, Sable, Barlet, San and Sarah. My characters are Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Aurora, Ceil, Shamus and Jurgo. Hope you guys enjoy!

 A frosted chill settled over the guild hall that morning as Wendell slipped out of the bed and stretched her aching limbs, the woman turning heel to give Miller one last kiss before letting him sleep a few more minutes. She moved quickly to get dressed and threw her coat over her shivering form before she gracefully stepped out of the room and down the steps; the smell from the kitchen inviting as she moved.

Turning a corner into the kitchen, she could see Martin sitting down and sipping his own mug; the man gesturing a nod in her direction as she made a beeline for the stovetop where a pot was already roasting her special blend. The cooks were so good to her; already preparing such a fine brew so early in the morning to wake her up for what was to come.

“Morning everyone,” Wendell mused to the group before reaching to lift up the pot of coffee to pour the warm roast into her usual mug; if only she were able to do so before a sudden group of the younger and newest guildmates came bustling in and knocking her out of the way. The nurse fell back into one of the cook’s grasps; the older woman checking the other for injuries as she would her own children before releasing a sigh. Across the way Martin had gotten to his feet and checked the situation carefully, releasing a sigh of his own as he noticed Wendell unhurt in all the fuss. However, more people strutted into the kitchen as they prepared for the busy morning; Wendell reaching out but unable to close the distance between her and the brew.

“You all can’t come charging into this kitchen like that; you could have hurt someone,” Martin scolded from the table as he settled back into his seat and waved them towards the hallway. “Get your stuff and get going; you’re in the way.”

“But we gotta eat before we go through that hell of a training session!” One of the guild members whined from within the forming crowd as Wendell lingered at its outskirts, trying her best to push through them but being forced back again and again.

“You might want to listen to me before-,” Martin began to say but his eyes grew wide as he watched Wendell being forced back once more, the woman clearly over being polite as she suddenly slammed a fist on the countertop. The guild members suddenly went silent as they all turned to glance at the clearly frustrated nurse, Wendell’s eyes wild with rage as she raised a hand to strike whoever came near her again.

“You have three seconds to get the hell out of here or I’m going to pour that hot coffee over all of your heads!” Wendell hissed her threat as the others gawked at her obvious rage. “You can storm about outside but don’t you dare get between me and the coffee again or I can assure you, you’d regret it. Now get the hell out of here now or else; three-two-!”

Before she could finish her countdown, the young guildmates all scurried along the floor and disappeared into the hallway; their panic evident as Martin held back a chuckle. For Wendell, her coffee was the only way to start off the morning right; the longer she was without it, the more likely she would snap at whoever stood in her way. That was why until Wendell had her coffee in hand, Martin dared not speak to her; he’d rather not feel her wrath.

Finally able to pour herself a cup of coffee, Wendell took in the scent of the warm brew and made her way to the table with Martin; the two of them conversing and laughing at the guild mates’ expenses. All was right in the world just as long as Wendell had her coffee; for if she didn’t, there would be hell to pay.



AN: Yep, it’s another drabble for the Dragon Hunters RP. I really love this idea for some reason because I want Sable and Bayelei to have a little moment and at the same time display my complete and utter misunderstanding of the game of chess! (When it comes to chess, I’m an idiot xD)

Taji’s characters are Sable, Martin, Miller, Aaron, Jarell, Sarah, San, Wendell and Barlet while mine are Bayelei, Vita, Shamus, Emmett, Jurgo, Aurora and Ceil. Hope you guys enjoy!

 The guild hall was rather quiet that particular evening as Sable perched himself beside the fire, the glow of the flames dancing about the room as he and Bayelei sat across from each other. Their pondering glances settled down on at the chess board between them, the game still fresh despite it being already ten minutes since they began. Bayelei glanced down at her white pieces as frustration spanned across her face; she had no idea what the first move should be.

“Perhaps I should take the white side then?” Shamus finally spoke, interrupting the silence as Bayelei refused to lift her eyes. “It might help to have someone else start?”

“No, I’ve got this,” Bayelei retorted as she continued to debate her move; though to be honest she probably should have listened to Sable’s explanation of the game and its history before sitting down to play. The female hunter had never played such things before in her life and the rules were rather difficult for her to understand. However, she wouldn’t simply give up and ask for assistance; she could figure such a game out without the man’s help across from her.

With a nod, Bayelei lifted up one of the taller pieces and suddenly jumped across her army of white towards the front of the pack; Sable eyeing the move curiously before speaking up. “That is not a legal move Miss Bayelei.”

“Oh yeah, how so?” Bayelei asked with a skeptical glance.

“Miss Bayelei, you just threw your King clear across the board; he’s only allowed to move a space at a time,” Sable mentioned with a cocked eyebrow. “Perhaps I should go over the rules with you one more time?”

Before he could move into one of his latest spiels, Bayelei raised a hand to silence him as she examined the pieces once more. She didn’t need to learn the game from the man; she could figure it out on her own.

Returning the king to its original spot, Bayelei then lifted one of her bishops and sent it straight forward over her army and landing it before them; Sable forcing back a groan as he watched the event unfold. “W-What now?”

“That’s also not a legal move; bishops can only move in a diagonal line and also they can’t jump other pieces,” Sable answered as he gestured to the addressed pieces. “The knight pieces are the only ones that can legally jump other pieces.”

“Stop telling me what to do; I can figure it out on my own!” Bayelei almost whined as she gestured for the man to quiet down. “I just need to think for a second!”

“But Miss Bayelei, how can you expect to play if you don’t learn the game? You know this game is one of the oldest and most popular amongst the Kingdoms of the world,” Sable then began the elaborate and extensive history of the chess game; the female hunter tensing up as the syllables rolled off his tongue. She rather enjoyed Sable’s company at times yet the man knew not when to hold his tongue; it sometimes caused for her to lose her temper. And when he moved from the history to the actual concept of the game, Bayelei couldn’t take it anymore. “Now the rules are simple, if you-.”

“You know what, screw the rules! I’ll play how I want!” Bayelei suddenly snapped as she lifted up the piece she remembered to be called the queen, the female hunter then chucking it towards the rows of black and knocking them over from the impact. Sable looked on in shock before raising his glance towards the female hunter, Bayelei raising her fists in the air victoriously. “Goal!”

Unsure of what had just occurred before him, Sable lifted up the fallen queens and gestured towards Bayelei. “P-Perhaps we should play a game of checkers instead?”

A narrowed glare only remained for a second before Bayelei released a sigh and nodded along, allowing Sable to change out the pieces as she waited. Checkers was easy; there was no way she could screw that game up.


Aaron had barely made it through the front door of the guild hall before he barely missed being hit in the head with a flying checker board; the guild leader exchanging a glance between the projectile and the perpetrator. Bayelei stomped into the hall in a huff, shouting various curses before dashing out the front door; Aaron standing there in shock before noticing Sable come to his side.

“What the hell happened?” Aaron asked to the man at his side.

“It seems Bayelei doesn’t take too kindly to losing,” Sable retorted with a sigh, the guild leader releasing a sigh of his own in understanding. “She didn’t have to throw my board though.”

“Be lucky she didn’t throw you across the room instead,” Aaron replied before disappearing up the steps, clearly not ready to deal with those sort of things after a long day of work. “Bayelei will probably return and apologize in her own way; until then, steer clear of her or you might get a bloody lip.”

And with that, Aaron was gone; the faint yells in the distance resembling a familiar female hunter shouting, “checkers is stupid and so is Sable!”