Happy New Year

AN: To be honest, I have so many drabbles in the queue right now but I don’t want to rush through them just because I’m trying to surpass my current record for the amount of posts in a month (which was the first month of this writing blog’s existence :P). Just wanted to write a little something based on my life in the moment (nothing too special; just really wanted to finish the year out with a bang). By the way, this does make my 41st post of the month which means I beat my record anyway ūüėõ YAY ME!¬†

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Before I lose my chance, I want to say Happy New Year to everyone and 2013 is an amazing one for you all! Hope you guys enjoy! 

A chilled glass of Pink Moscato was perched atop the makeshift counter, stacked books and¬†DVD¬†cases laying untouched on the carpet below from their abandoned ordering to be replaced with organization on their homes on the various bookshelves spanning the room. The television flashed at the latest show being played, a countdown blazed in the corner as various musicians played their best songs in anticipation for what’s to come. And across from the flatscreen was a comfortable hand-me-down couch where Mae sat cross-legged upon the cushions, her eyes squarely focused on her computer while her Shiba Inu released another sigh in hopes his mother would soon escape to her bedroom with his¬†accompaniment¬†so he could snuggle up in a nest of her various pillows and blankets.

Small chat icons formed at the bottom of her laptop screen as several of her friends sent her greeting for the year to come, Mae simply returning the gestures with good tidings before returning to her latest drabble she hoped to finish before welcoming the new year. Just a few more words and she’d be finished; then she could post it online and celebrate the holiday as it meant to celebrated.

Her fingertips hovered over the keyboard as loud booms sounded outside her home, her eyes peeking over at the window and smiling at the early colors painting the sky. It looked as if one of the neighbors had purchased some fireworks again.

The poor Shiba Inu was startled from his half-sleeping state and leapt onto the couch, burying his sweater-adorned body within his mother’s lap while forcefully pushing her laptop further away from her struggling reach. Mae cursed as she barely caught her laptop from suffering a¬†catastrophic¬†collision with the floor, her eyes glaring towards the dog snuggling up in her lap before she sighed and gave him the attention he deserved.

“We’ll go to sleep in a little while baby; I’m almost done,” Mae whispered to the pup before gently lifting him off her lap and to her side, the girl taking one of her blankets and wrapping him in it to help calm his nerves. With one final touch of placing his favorite hedgehog toy next to him as if he were a child cuddling a teddy bear, Mae lifted her laptop once more and despite everything going on around her she began to finish the last paragraph of her drabble.

She gave a satisfied grin as she read over the finished product; tapping the publish button before reaching over and taking her wine glass in hold. Her eyes soon switched from one screen to the next as she watched the celebrity talents all cheer as the final countdown commenced; ten…nine…eight…seven…

Mae took a sip of her wine as she felt triumphant in the year that was drawing to a close; her hopes then turning their attention on the year that was to come. She was confident that it would be as good a year as the previous one; after all, life is only as good as one makes it and Mae was more than happy with the wonderful friends, family and various other things she had going for her. 2013 was going to be a good year; Mae truly believed that.


“And here it comes,” Mae chimed as she placed her wine and computer away from her person before lifting up her dog and giving him a warm hug; smiling happily as she cuddled him in her arms. “One…Happy New Year everyone.”

A barage of fireworks carried on from outside the house as Mae cheered on with the many others also celebrating the new year; various chat icons popping up again from friends sending her cheers of their own. Everything was perfect in Mae’s eyes; it was truly a Happy New Year.


Once A Hero

AN: This drabble is basically Talis’ take on her and Talon’s relationship from their first meeting to after he betrays her and frames her, the event which leads to her and Paul leaving Murdurick to seek refuge in the Unprotected.¬†Talis and Paul are my characters and Talon and Albion are Steph‚Äôs characters. Hope you guys enjoy!¬†

When I first laid eyes on you, I couldn’t help but feel impressed by how you presented yourself not only as a man but as a Hero; a title you earned to protect those within the Kingdom. My eyes saw you as some glorified god of sorts standing before me; your aim to lead me on to a path similar to yours in that respect.

The path you led me on however led me only to your trickery and betrayal; your actions nearly ending the life of one I thought you considered a friend and you framing me when I opposed your unhero-like conduct.

Your past is and has always been filled with burdens that left you cold and lonely within the dark; I always felt a glimmer of pain and sadness within you despite your denial of such. You let that darkness control your entire being and thus you challenged all who dared to stand against you, raising your hand to cast out the Kingdom of Murdurick’s freedom and taking control of it. Hell, I’m sure the other kingdoms will soon be on your list of prey with how things are going for you.

Paul, despite his injuries that my foolishness and naive soul brought to him, let me in on some of his own secrets and revealed to me your story; of course I’m sure there’s more to it since your betrayal of him showed your friendship with him was merely a front for your own selfish purposes. Though he admits his crimes for assisting you, Paul aims to redeem himself and make things right with Murdurick as well as for all of those deemed the Protected.

But what about you, Talon? Will you continue down the path you chose when you aimed to kill your so-called friend or frame me so that the Protected would cast me away though my words would have made them aware of the fate that they soon met by being ruled by your hand?

Talon, I once saw you as a hero; now even I have doubts if you’re still in there. Well, actually I’d be lying if I denied my own feelings here; despite everything, I know there’s still a hero inside of you. I’m just not sure how to bring that hero out of you.

Perhaps you can help me find the answer to that when we meet again Talon; whether it be on the battlefield or any other destination. Once a hero to me Talon; you’re always a hero. I just hope you can believe that yourself.


Wishing You Were Here

AN: Just a little drabble for the SWTOR RP between me and Jamie; it’s involving our characters Ruci and Rex whom I’m pretty sure our one of my favorite OTP of my RPs with her (besides Harper and Will :P). I’ll get right into it; hope you all enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Star Wars Universe; I only own my original characters used for storytelling purposes within SWTOR. In addition, I do not own Jamie’s characters which include but are not limited to Osanna, Gavin and Rex.

The¬†Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter was slightly chilled as it soared through Alderaan airspace, Ruci releasing a sigh of frustration as she curled up on her room with Nimble snuggled up at her side. The smuggler’s apprentice lightly scratched the beast’s head affectionately but for the most part she kept her attention on her own swirling thoughts that plagued her mind; the poor Nexu unsure of how to help his master in her state of inward struggle. The group had run into Rex at Tatoonie, the Bounty Hunter barely paying Ruci any mind before marching off with another female that he seemed to be ever so¬†flirtatious¬†with. Was she really that forgettable that Rex would simply ignore her¬†existence?

Despite his dislike for the bounty hunter, Dresden had an odd conversation with his apprentice before they left for the snow-covered lands of Alderaan; the male smuggler gifting her with words of encouragement as well as a promise that despite what seemed to happen on Tatoonie, Rex was not the type of man to simply toss someone away like that and that he would show himself off to be someone worth her time and friendship (or in her case, a possible romance). Though the older man’s words were fumbled with his aggravation of entering in the middle of such a trivial thing as someone else’s affairs on friendship and love, Ruci appreciated and listened intently to whatever the man had to say. She was his faithful apprentice after all and despite all the drama that had befallen them over their time together, Dresden cared for Ruci as if she were his own daughter.

Ruci’s thoughts and recollections were soon interrupted as a knock sounded on her door, it opening up soon to reveal Osanna standing there with a warm smile on her lips. The Jedi Knight stepped carefully over to the apprentice’s bed and gestured if she were able to take a seat, Ruci nodding and scooting over to allow Osanna some space to join her. “You’ve been cooped up in here since Tatoonie; everything all right?” The Jedi asked, knowing full well that Ruci’s solitude was greatly based on her troubled heart; something Osanna was apparently dealing with herself.

“I’m fine; I’m just being stupid is all,” Ruci whispered as she buried her blushing face into her knees and released another sigh. “I can’t believe I miss him when he’s such a jerk!”

Osanna couldn’t help but smile. “Rex, you mean?”¬†Despite her current hiding of her face, Ruci still managed a clear nod at the Jedi’s question, Osanna giggling as she patted Ruci’s shoulder in a¬†comforting¬†manner. “It’s all right, Ruci; it’s no secret you’ve fallen for the bounty hunter over your time becoming the smuggler’s apprentice you are now. Despite the times he’s been a jerk, there’s also those wonderful times that I’m sure brought you to fall in love with him correct?” Her question was once again met with a nod as well as a whimper. “You really miss him huh?”

“Even though he was flirting with other girls and treats me like I’m just some girl he happened to meet by chance; I really wish he was here right now and I really miss him,” Ruci said as she lifted her gaze, tears streaming down her face as she turned her attention to the Jedi. “Am I a fool for feeling like this?”

Osanna’s eyes were wide as she saw the state her friend was in, the Jedi not even pausing before taking the girl into a hug. “No, you’re not a fool at all, Ruci; you’re just someone who’s heart yearns for that special someone.”

Shaking her head while holding her tight, Osanna let Ruci cry for the rest of the evening; the Jedi’s conflicted emotions and need to aid her friend clouding her senses from the figure standing out within the hall. Gavin’s hand held tightly to his holocom as he listened in on everything that was said, the Twi’lek soon turning his attention back to the holoprojection of the exhausted Bounty Hunter. “I know you probably have better things to do but I just wanted you to hear that,” Gavin stated with a frown towards Rex, the hunter glaring back at him. “What’s with that look?”

“You shouldn’t interfere with these sorts of things; your pestering will only get someone hurt in the end,” Rex hissed in retort before seeming to slump back with a painful glance towards where he assumed Ruci’s figure was located. “She misses me? Why the hell would she miss me?”

At the question, Gavin seemed to visibly tense. “I don’t think she quite knows why herself; all I can really gather for sure is that your actions in Tatoonie hurt her feelings and she just wants you to acknowledge she exists,” Gavin paused before continuing on. “She wants to know that you at least see her as a friend.”

Rex visibly showed his thoughts towards what the Twi’lek was saying, clearly taking into account the events that played out in earshot. Though he assumed from her words Ruci was missing him as more than just a friend, he decided to play along with a nod. “I understand; you all are heading to Alderaan next?”

“Yes, and what of it?”

“Let’s just say you’ll be running into an old friend once again; and this time, he’ll be sure to do the right thing if only to keep annoying little girls from crying heartbreaking tears,” Rex stated simply, Gavin hearing his hints of guilt and realizing there might truly be some good if even a slight affection for Ruci as well within the Hunter’s heart. “You keep it to yourself all right?”

“I will,” Gavin said before beginning to end the call. “One more thing.”


“You break her heart anymore than it already is and I’ll kill you myself.”

“You’re welcome to try,” Rex chuckled with a wink as Gavin ended the call. “We’ll just see what the cards hold for us then.”


Star Wars: The Old Republic Bios

AN: So I know I already featured these bios in the Guns and Sabers first chapter but I wanted to make sure I included them here too for easy access and organization since there are more that will be coming soon! My characters currently include Ruci, Dresden and Paxter while Jamie’s are Osanna and Rex.¬†

Name: Ruci Solaria

Age: 18

Planet: Coruscant

Race: Human

Class: Currently Unknown ‚Äď Smuggler ‚Äď ?

Hair: Deep Red, slanted bob with various short braids

Eyes: Kelly Green

Description: Fair-skinned with freckles on her cheeks, thin demeanor and usually dresses in ponchos and more fashionable attire.

Weapon (s): Blaster Gun and Rifle; both given to her by Dresden O’Brien

Bio: A young girl who was brought up by a family of merchants; she has been kept from fighting more of her life. To be honest, Ruci preferred that; she had little interest in the world beyond the capitol until she came across a Smuggler by the name of Dresden O’Brien. At first, she disliked the man; he was a gruff being with little care for the world he entered to turn in his latest catch to the capitol. However, once Ruci stumbles into danger, he finds he springs into action and saves her from danger. She became intrigued with his fighting style and decided to sneak aboard his ship; soon being founded by his droid and his pets. The girl is at first very apathetic about things outside of her home but she gathers up interest in the stars and the planets beyond her home planet. She becomes Dresden’s apprentice as he travels forth and follows him on his missions; on the one condition that she gathers her family’s permission. At first, the family is hesitant and demands she returns home; however, when they return to Coruscant and see her daughter standing up for the Republic and the trooper ally Pax, they become supportive of her. Her personality is hard to read in the beginning but once she is introduced to the smuggling man and those that surround him, she opens up and shows herself to be quite the busy bee. She gets into trouble a lot because she lets her curiosity gets the best of her.


Name: Dresden O’Brien

Age: 33

Planet: originally from Tatoonie

Ship: Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Race: Human

Class: Smuggler ‚Äď Gunslinger

Hair: Dusty Blond; grown past ears and scruffy. He usually ties it back and wears a hat.

Eyes: Clear Blue Eyes

Description: He usually wears traditional smugglers gear, similar to Nico Okarr. He likes to appear western and has an accent to accommodate such; he likes to hide various weapons under his coat. He’s rather tall and muscular; he also has scarring on his face and chest which shows he’s handled a lot of bounties in his day.

Weapon (s): Twin blasters; carries around various weapons on his person

Bio: A man born on Tatoonie, he went along with the smuggler’s lifestyle as he grew up; he’s now currently one of the top-ranked smugglers several galaxies. He usually kept neutral until he found his alliances were more aligned with the Republic side; having personal reasons for not accepting pointless killings and unwarranted black-market dealings. When he comes across Ruci in Coruscant, he doesn’t think much of her until he finds she was put in danger from interacting with him. He eventually saves her from harm and he finds that she took an interest in his field when she snuck aboard his ship. He relents after arguing with her; deciding to take her along as his apprentice as long as she gathers permission from her family. He’s had a rough life for the most part and tends to keep his past to himself; however, he does house several pets as well as his droid C2-N2. He occasionally has run-ins with a woman gunslinger named Andretti Ormatiea whom seems to ruffle his feathers a bit.


Name: Paxter ‚ÄúPax‚ÄĚ Seugor

Age: 21

Planet: Nar Shaada; now located in Ord Mantell

Race: Cyborg

Class: Trooper ‚Äď Commando

Hair: Dusty brown, weaved into a mohawk.

Eyes: Purplish-Gray, left eye has metallic plates around it

Description: Cyber-genetic plates can be seen throughout his body, including his gloved hand and left arm which is completely robotic. His skin is tanned and he’s fairly muscular. He usually wears casual wear yet has been seen from time-to-time in his troopers armor.

Weapon (s): A cannon is always on his person

Bio: A man who was once human, he was turned cyborg after his battle wounds as a young soldier grew fatal. Though he is very mature in battle, Pax can be pretty much a jokester and a playboy off the battlefield. He is stationed in Ord Mantell when he is reunited with a family friend by the name of Dresden O’Brien; the cyborg soon joining him after involving himself in his missions and aiding in protecting the new apprentice. When he does join up, his command becomes suspicious of his activities and demands his return to base; Dresden and Ruci accompanying him back to Coruscant and expressing their allegiance to the Republic despite their shady business as Smugglers. He has a soft spot for Ruci; though he doesn’t seem to acknowledge it until later on in their adventures.


The next two bios are characters of Jamie’s; I wanted to introduce them as well since they’ll be making their appearances here soon! 

Name: Osanna  Idagaskash (Idah-Gah-Skawsh)

Age: 17

Race: Zabarak

Class: Jedi Knight

Hair: Dirty blonde, usually styled up in a tight bun.

Eyes: Hazelnut brown.

Description: Tan skin, light freckles, facial tattoos that reflect her personality, and a crown of small horns.

Weapon(s): Two light-sabers, one yellow the other green.

Bio: Since her seventeenth birthday, Osanna’s master, Ladak’Oel, has given her more missions to do on her own so that she may earn trust within the counsil. Though she is a Jedi Knight, she is obligated to follow her master’s every order. Her very first mission on her own has proven to take longer than expected, as she tries to find out more about a suspicious Smuggler named Dresden O’Brien. She is accompanied by her pal T7-01 who was given to her by her master when she was young.

 Name: Saal Jeffer

Nickname: Rex

Age: 21

Race: Human

Class: Bounty Hunter

Hair: Short black hair, spiked.

Eyes: Silvery gray eyes.

Description: Olive skin. Scar along his neck down his chest, left side.

Weapon(s): Prefers just one blaster but doesn’t mind two and a couple gizmos that come with his Bounty Hunter uniform.

Bio: Rex grew up in a messed up large family that he left at age nine. Traveler of many worlds, Rex found his way of flying solo as a Smuggler till the age of eighteen. Once the pay started to die down, he met with a couple old time buddies and decided he would get caught up with the bounty hunting business.

Shamus and the Lost Boys of Raiden

AN: So, I’ve been playing around with Shamus’ character and his group from Raiden. I plan to involve them in the Dragon Hunters story at some point when the time is right but I didn’t want to simply put them on hold until then. So I decided to write a little drabble for them; it’s short and simple but I plan to feature them more and go into detail about the others in the leading group with Shamus. This drabble actually takes place long before the RP starts since I want Shamus to actually establish his guild in town and all; plus, he’s gotta build some type of bond with Bayelei even though her idea of their alignment and his idea of their alignment are not at all the same ūüėõ¬†

Barlet, Sable, Martin, Jarell, Miller, Aaron, Wendell and Sarah are Taji’s characters while Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Shamus and Aurora belong to me. Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

The gates of Eastwyvren inched open at the approaching group, the guards going over their papers before letting them enter the military-occupied town. The first groups were mostly escorted merchants and travelers from neighboring towns; however, a certain group seemed to catch the eye of a familiar military man.

Barlet’s first impression seemed to be annoyance at another of what seemed to be a guild stepping into his area of guardianship. The group seemed to be various men and women numbering at least at twenty, the leading group consisting of four men and a woman all sharing a similar smirk on their lips. At the front was a red-headed muscular man with various types of blades on his person, his whole¬†demeanor¬†seemed to be superior over the others as they walked through the gates into the lines for approval. Behind him was clearly his right-hand man, the dark-skinned man sporting a AK-47 on his back while he waved his sister beside her; the dark-skinned woman smirking wildly beneath her barely tamed dreads that were adorned with golden rings that were most likely her prizes from hunts. And coming out at the rear of the leading group were a tall mohawked man strapped with various belts for his weapons and a shorter fellow hiding his eyes behind steampunk goggles.

If Barlet was to question anyone within this new group, he knew he’d have to aim for those leading the charge. With a nod to the guards, the five were ushered with little complaint over to the military man; however, their smirks still remained despite what was happening.

“I hear you folks are from Raiden,” Barlet said with a nod as he took hold of their documents, studying each one’s name carefully before sighing at their occupations. So he was correct; they were dragon hunters as well as bounty hunters similar to Bayelei. “What brings you out here all the way from Raiden? Perhaps your work back home was not enough for you to remain there?”

The group all turned their gaze to the leader, the red-headed gentleman simply shrugging at Barlet’s question. “We’re here to seek employment opportunities; we’re not here to cause trouble with you and your military,” he stated as Barlet scanned over his name; the name was Shamus. “Do you have a problem with our group from Raiden being here? We’ve already got arrangements for a house at the edge of town so we’re not going to cause any issues sir.”

“This man’s correct sir; they have written proof of their renting a property towards the edge of town,” one of the guards said while handing over the paperwork to Barlet; the man scanning over every page before something caught his eye.

“You call your guild the Lost Boys of Raiden?” Barlet asked with a curious glance to the leader, Shamus nodding along while his smirk remained. “Why is that?”

“It’s just a name sir; nothing special,” Shamus said simply; it was clearly a lie in Barlet’s opinion but at that same time he had no evidence for the requirement of sharing such information. “Is there a problem?”

“There’s no problem; we simply have to ask more questions when there is such a large group entering our town,” Barlet stated simply while handing over the paperwork to Shamus with a smile. “For now, I have no other questions so you can go on to your new residence. Welcome to Eastwyvren.”

The leader was no fool and knew that this man would likely cause them some turmoil in the future; not that it really mattered though for Shamus enjoyed a good challenge. “Thank you sir; we’ll be leaving then.”

With their approval, Shamus waved his group onward as they traveled through town towards their home for the duration of their stay in Eastwyvren; the siblings of the leading group eyeing Shamus curiously as they moved. “You think he’s simply going to take those answers just like that?” The brother asked as Shamus shook his head.

“I don’t expect anything from this town besides what job opportunities will be bubbling up here on the surface soon; for now, we just keep ourselves from gaining any unwanted attention,” Shamus said as he dug his fists into his pockets, the leader continuing forth as his crew followed along. “We’re about to be granted the opportunity of a lifetime and we don’t want any guilds or hunters that are local to here stealing it from under our noses; got it?”

There was a unanimous cheer and Shamus could tell his Lost Boys were truly hanging on his every word; he was their leader and they would do anything for him. That’s just what he needed in life; pawns in his own game.


Time to Train

AN: A drabble focusing on Talis and Albion ūüôā These two grow through the RP to be more of a brother/sister pair. I enjoy their relationship so much xD¬†Talis and Paul are my characters and Talon and Albion are Steph‚Äôs characters. Hope you guys enjoy!¬†

Life outside the protected areas of the kingdoms proved slightly difficult for someone as lacking as Talis when it came to skills of combat; the girl often keeping at Paul’s bedside instead of stepping out of Albion’s home for fear of what laid beyond his walls. Despite the Transitioner’s words of what she assumed were encouraging sentences to lead her out into the open, Talis’ trust that the stories she was told since she was a child of the Unprotected lands being lands full of devastation were hard to lay at the wayside.

At times, Paul would urge her out to see what was outside their sanctuary as well; however, Talis had a secret suspicion that it was just so she’d leave his side and stop her annoying pestering. The former hero would constantly reassure her that despite everything if she were truly annoying him, he’d tell her to her face; she still didn’t believe him.

It was a warm afternoon when Albion finally got the nerve to drag the girl out by force; knowing full well that in order to restore his once glorious solitude of life, he’d have to aid this girl and her companion in their mission. The only way the mission would ever work however was if both these Protected had the ability to protect themselves. One of them was a former hero and had the strength and skill to last out in the wilderness; however, the girl was merely a pup in comparison.

“W-What are you doing?” Talis asked as she was thrown over the man’s shoulder and led to the outdoors, her eyes wide as she glanced at the world around them in fear and curiosity. “I-I’m not sure I should be out here!”

Albion shook his head before slipping her down onto her feet with a sigh. The man then reached for his belt where two wooden swords waited, his hand grasping them both before he tossed one towards the unsuspecting girl. Talis barely caught the wooden blade as she blinked in confusion. “You can act scared all you want but I know you want to fight and protect those you care about, right?”

His words seemed to spark something within the girl as Talis’ eyes grew as she stared at the blade in her grasps. “Y-Yes; I want to protect everyone,” Talis whispered as she brought the blade to her chest in what seemed like a hug. “B-But I’m no good at fighting or anything like that. I couldn’t even go against-well, Talon-I couldn’t go against him when it really mattered.”

Albion raised an eyebrow at her excuses. “You say you’re no good but I believe you’ve never tried before,” he stated before getting into a stance and holding out his blade towards his opponent. “There will be no pity party for you; it’s time for you to learn how to fight. So just follow what I say and I promise you’ll be a great fighter one day.”

Such a promise really sparked Talis’ interest as she looked to him with a glimmer of hope. “You promise to train me even though I’m hopeless?”

“You’re not hopeless; you’re just a beginner,” Albion stated before letting a smile grace his lips. “And yeah, I promise to train you to greatness.”


Information of Sorts

AN: Here’s a little drabble on an encounter between Barlet and Bayelei. These two are quite hilarious in my opinion; their arguments and discussions might as well end up in a food fight (or blood brawl) with what’s said. I can almost imagine a food fight between them when no one’s around xD (POSSIBLE IDEA FOR DRABBLE!!! lol).¬†

Barlet, Sable, Martin, Jarell, Miller, Aaron, Wendell and Sarah are Taji’s characters while Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Shamus and Aurora belong to me. Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

The morning breeze settled in over the marketplace as Barlet made his rounds, ignoring the idle chat his comrades thought would be a good idea to begin. The military man was not in the mood for such pleasantries when he’d been humiliated once more by those aligned with Aaron’s guild.

Pocketing his hands and taking a deep breath, Barlet quickened his pace from the other soldiers while waving over his shoulder. ‘I’m going to break from ranks and do a little close encounters with the folks of the town. I might gather some information better on my own than in a group,” he mused before taking off on his own. “You all carry on with your duties and I’ll meet back with you at headquarters.”

He didn’t wait for their arguments because in the end he would win regardless; when it came to most of the military personnel of Eastwyvren, Barlet outranked them in all regards. His title however never granted him any sort of kindness from those he encountered in the town he found himself in; most of all from Aaron and his merry band of wackjobs.

“They’re up to something and yet I need more information on what’s going on,” Barlet muttered to himself as he scratched his chin in thought, the man nearly stumbling forward as he came to a halt. His eyes shifted towards a small bench at the side of the road, various people passing by an unconcerned Bayelei as she examined what seemed to be some documents she’d likely acquired for a job. Debating his next move, Barlet stepped over towards the bench and quietly sat on the other end. He was about to speak up when he felt Bayelei’s glare upon him.

“What do you want?” Bayelei muttered with a frown, the female hunter clearly not in the mood for his games or threats.

“Well, good morning Miss Bayelei; it’s a pleasure to see you out and about this morning,” Barlet mused with a grin as he tried to hold his composure. “What may I ask are you up to on this fine day?”

“Quit that fake ass pleasantry act already; you’re not fooling anyone let alone me,” Bayelei stated simply as she returned her gaze towards her documents, leaving Barlet to fume at her side.

The man switched his gaze to guarantee no¬†wandering¬†eyes fell on them before he¬†glared¬†towards Bayelei in frustration. “You seem to think you’re Miss High and Mighty but I can knock you off that high horse real quick if you’re not careful Miss Bayelei,” he hissed as he scooted over to slim the distance between them should she try to bolt. “You know, if you simply¬†cooperated¬†with me whenever I come to speak with you; we’d actually get along quite well.”

“That’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard,” Bayelei retorted, her eyes remaining on her documents as Barlet huffed beside her. “Why don’t you ask what you’re going to ask already so I can turn you down like all those other times?’

“So sure of yourself; you know, one day I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse and you’re going to eat your words and your pride,” Barlet continued his rant while the female hunter rolled her eyes and glared back over towards him.

“When that day comes, I’ll give you a cookie; now make your grand offer already or I’m going to leave,” Bayelei hissed, slightly shocked at herself that she hadn’t gotten up and left already. Perhaps she was enjoying her little mock battle between Barlet; it kept her on her toes in the morning.

At first Barlet planned to retaliate with a few choice words of vivid color; however, he swallowed hard and returned to his original purpose. “You’ve been spending a lot of time with Aaron and his guildmates I’ve noticed; I suppose you’ve possibly joined their merry ranks?”

“I have not joined their merry ranks; no,” Bayelei answered with a shrug. “I’m simply a friend at this point in time; nothing more than that.”

“A simple friend?” Barlet said as he blinked, impressed that she answered his question just like that. “But you all have been going on jobs together haven’t you?”

Shooting the military man another glare, Bayelei was soon on her feet; Barlet matching her movements as they stared one-another down. “I’m leaving Barlet so no more questions today unless you want to invoke my wrath.”

“As fun as that sounds, I’ll let you run along like always; but you can only run so far I hope you know,” Barlet stated as Bayelei turned heel and walked away. “You’ve got information Miss Bayelei and I’ll be sure to get it out of you somehow. Just you wait.”



AN: Just another little drabble focused on Martin and Bayelei; well, mostly Martin being Martin and Bayelei looking on trying to understand him better ūüėõ¬†Barlet, Sable, Martin, Jarell, Miller, Aaron, Wendell and Sarah are Taji‚Äôs characters while Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Shamus and Aurora belong to me.¬†Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

The basement of the guild hall was literally with what Bayelei believed to be junk, the female hunter stepping over each piece carefully while¬†maneuvering¬†around to meet with Martin. The man was perched up on his favorite stool while examining one of his latest finds; a grandfather clock dating back at least 100 years. He didn’t lift his gaze to meet the approaching woman; however, he could sense her arrival even before she came to the foot of the stairway for her descent below.

“Here you are with your ‘treasures’,” Bayelei whispered as she peeked over Martin’s shoulder, observing his skills as he tinkered with the mechanics of the clock in order to make it work again. “Though I figure this stuff is all junk, I have to admit it’s kind of cool watching you work and making these things come alive again.”

Her compliment managed to please Martin enough to crack a smile while he worked, the man finally settling back in his seat as the pendulum began to sway on its own. “Even things you consider junk have purpose; glad to hear you appreciate it even a little bit,” Martin mused with a grin towards Bayelei. “Every piece of technology is like magic from those¬†fairy tales¬†I bet you used to read as a child. If you take a moment to really take in what’s¬†available¬† I bet you’d be mighty impressed with everything.”

He stood from his stool and stepped past Bayelei, the female hunter turning and following suit to the rows of pieces he’d collected during his time with the guild. There were some items that were recent, such as the computers and cameras; and then there were technologies of ancient times that seemed like mere toys in comparison to those from modern day worlds.

“You really like this stuff,” Bayelei whispered as she stepped beside Martin to witness all his treasures, the female hunter not really understanding why he would treasure them so but she kept her thoughts to herself. “Why?”

“I’m not sure; I love how things work for a greater purpose I guess,” Martin explained, smiling at his various creations happily before turning to peek at Bayelei. “You like the collection?”

His question caught Bayelei off-guard, the female hunter gawking at him a moment before sighing. “I don’t really understand technology too much so I would have to say no,” Bayelei said with a blush. “Maybe if I understood it more, then I-.”

“I can teach you a few things if you want,” Martin interrupted with a wink, Bayelei looking up at him in surprise.

“T-That sounds cool,” Bayelei whispered with a smile, the two of them turning back towards the technology before them.


Conflicting Feelings

AN: Working on a bunch of drabbles and fics and whatnot during my break and happy to say that I’m going to be working on a few of my novels in the upcoming weeks and developing new chapters (FINALLY!) SO yeah, hope you guys enjoy!¬†

Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the Star Wars Universe; I only own my original characters used for storytelling purposes within SWTOR. In addition, I do not own Jamie’s characters which include but are not limited to Osanna, Gavin and Rex.

Sabers tight in hand, Osanna stepped towards her training droids and began her morning training; T7 beeping concerns towards his master as she stumbled through her course with difficulty. It seemed his master’s mind was not clear for once; something that usually never happened for the tamed Jedi.

Osanna rounded the corner and rushed back to T7’s side, the Jedi calling back her blades before kneeling down next to her companion. Her frown showed her frustration with her own abilities, the Jedi clearly unsure with what was affecting her. Her fists were bawled on her lap as she bowed her head to her droid.

“What’s wrong with me, T7? Ever since I’ve joined up with Dresden’s crew to gain back the artifacts, I’ve been suffering in my training and skills. I’ve grown weak during this time,” Osanna whispered to her droid.

In his rhythmic beats, T7 replied, “I think I know why, Master; I think your mind isn’t clear because of that Corso Riggs.”

Her eyes were wide at the accusation. “Corso? What are you saying?” Osanna snapped, her denial easy to see through as her cheeks tinted with a blush. “You can’t be serious; I’m a Jedi and we’re not allowed to think of such disgraceful thoughts!”

“I don’t think it’s disgraceful though I’m not a Jedi; I’m also not a living being for that matter so maybe I should hold my words,” T7 added before releasing what seemed like a sigh. “Some people can not abandon feelings such as what you might hold for Corso Riggs; maybe you should just accept things and try to piece things together.”

Osanna huffed at his words before settling back and feeling a wave of sadness and uncertainly cloud her judgement; tears flooding down her cheeks as the shocked Jedi tried to come to terms with everything. She was suffering from conflicting feelings of the heart; something that Jedis had no right to deal with at her level. What would happen if her master found out?

“I don’t know what to do,” Osanna whispered, wrapping her arms around the droid for comfort as he accepted his master’s touch. “What do I do, T7? What do I do?”


The Morning After

AN: This one’s just a little drabble following the events of Taking Advantage!¬†Barlet, Sable, Martin, Jarell, Miller, Aaron, Wendell and Sarah are Taji‚Äôs characters while Bayelei, Vita, Emmett, Shamus and Aurora belong to me.¬†Anyway hope you guys enjoy!

The sunlight peeking through the curtains were unwelcome to Bayelei’s poor form as she struggled to escape from the sun via her blanket fort. However, the thin fabric of her cover merely acted as a temporary shield until the brightness increased with the sunrise. A few choice curses fled her lips as the female hunter whimpered, her temple throbbing in pain at the events that happened the night before.

The last thing Bayelei remembered before her untimely awakening the next morning was sitting¬†among¬†the Raiden hunters and betting Shamus she’d drink some booze for compensation. She paused a moment at her thoughts and dipped her hand into her money pouch, sighing in a brief relief at the increased bounty in her bag. The glorious victory was¬†short-lived¬†however as another fit of dizziness settled in.

Faceplanting into her pillow, Bayelei let out a groan as a hand gently touched her shoulder. Wendell sat beside the girl and offered her some water and a few options for a remedy of a hangover. Beside the nurse stood Martin and Jarell, the brothers watching anxiously in hopes that the female hunter would be better soon and up to her old tricks.

“Do you remember much from last night?” Wendell asked, Martin settling back on his heels as he avoided Bayelei’s eyes.

“N-No,” Bayelei groaned as she shivered at Wendell’s chilled hand gracing her forehead. “I only remember making the bet with Shamus; everything after that is a blur.”

“Not surprised; after hearing the news from Aaron who really gave them boys a beating last night, it seemed that you were forced at least ten mugs of ale. You’re lucky to be in the state you’re in currently instead of completely unconscious,” Wendell muttered as she prepared the hangover remedy with a sigh. She could tell Martin was shifting uneasily at her side and decided to keep Bayelei’s attention on her instead; not that there was any question that Bayelei would have difficulty focusing on anyone other than her. “It’s needless to say that your body is so¬†malnourished¬†most days because of what you eat all the time that you are pretty much a light weight when it comes to booze. I would suggest to avoid events like this in the future that you avoid alcohol altogether; though it wouldn’t hurt to take the guild up on the meals once and awhile and actually eat more than the minimal.”

“Wendell, no lectures please!” Bayelei whined like a child, Jarell barely stifling his chuckle while Martin glared towards him. “Just make me better!”

The nurse had to admit that it was slightly nice that Bayelei was finally seeking her assistance for something; though she hoped that she’d be less of a child in that regard. Wendell bit back her comments however and gave the female hunter the needed remedy before rising to her feet and patting Martin on the shoulder.

“You coming downstairs with me?” Wendell asked the brothers, Jarell looking to Martin for the answer.

“We’ll be a minute,” Martin said simply and the nurse nodded in understanding before stepping out of the attic room and down the stairs towards the kitchen. “Hey Baye, you need anything?”

“Shoot me in the head?” Bayelei asked with a hopeful glance to Martin, Jarell letting out a chuckle as his brother glared towards him.

“So Baye, you don’t remember anything that happened last night?” Jarell asked with a hesitant grin, his brother tempted to smack him for his prying. “You don’t remember anything at all? Anything worth remembering? Maybe something that happened with you and Ma-?”

“Jarell, leave Baye alone; she’s clearly in need of rest,” Martin hissed towards Jarell before kicking his brother out of the room, the older brother turning back towards the startled female hunter with a smile. “I’m going to go ahead and go back downstairs but call down if you need us. And rest well ok?”

With a groan she nodded and Martin began to step out of the attic, however her voice brought him back to the room. “Mar-Martin, did something bad happen last night?”

Pausing a moment to think of his response, Martin shook his head and sent her a reassuring smile. “Nothing bad happened; only good things,” Martin said before stepping back out of the room and down the stairs. “Sleep well Baye; I’ll be here if you need me.”