Loyal To Money

AN: So, Taji came up with this epic story for RP and I wanted to do a little highlight of my characters. The land and all was created by Taji while Bayelei and Vita are my own characters. Hope you all enjoy!

A crisp white blanket of snow enveloped the path towards Eastwyvren as the caravan trudged forward, the men struggling as they tugged at the cart that had lodged itself against some protruding roots from the road. The bumps and tugs disturbed the cargo inside, crates of food and blankets threatening to escape their vehicle and scatter upon the icy floor below. A brawny man who towered above the others took lead as they began to work as a unit, trying to dislodge their cart and continue on their way to town without attracting the unwanted attention of the scaled devils that haunted the path.

“Put your backs into it; if we linger here any longer we’re sure to be facing some devils before we make it to town,” the man named Emmett called out as he dug his boots into the snow and dirt, his muscles aching as he pulled harder on the vehicle he held onto. As he felt the cart move slightly, the man smirked as he continued his lead; only letting his eyes linger once to the figure propped up in the trees scanning the sky. “Lady Bayelei, might you want to give us a hand?”

The woman huffed at the suggestion, her mind clearly focused on her search as she waved off the man. Emmett frowned but shook his head, returning to his duties as he remembered exactly why he hired her along for the ride. Her outfit of leather and mesh built for agility, a mouth cover underneath the high-neck of her shawl, various blades likely hidden on her person; Bayelei Corde was a hired hand who had a special skill in the art of dragon hunting.

There were times she was a vigilante who did work under her own view of justice; other times she hunted strictly for bounties. When it came to Bayelei’s views on sides however; the only side she was ever confirmed with was whoever granted her the highest paycheck. Lucky for Emmett, he had the money to guarantee Bayelei’s alliance…for now.

“All of you need to quiet yourselves,” Bayelei hissed from the treetops as she lowered herself on the branch, reaching for her belt and pulling out two blades from their hiding places. “There’s currently a hunt going on.”

At the mention of a hunt, the group of men all hushed as they dropped the cart and cowered around it; leaving Emmett the only one tending to its release. The brawny man growled at their childish reaction to such news and released the cart, reaching for the gun at his hip; however, Emmett soon found himself face-first in the snow as a solid force slammed him on his back.

“I said be quiet; don’t go off reaching for guns and spooking your men in acting like complete morons,” Bayelei hissed again as her foot pushed Emmett’s face deeper into the snow; the man shaking in anger under her weight. “Stop squirming and I’ll let you up; just don’t screw up my job or I’ll leave you all for dead with all my cash.”

“You wouldn’t dare; your job is to escort us back to Eastwyvren,” Emmett growled at the woman; the man pushing back on Bayelei only to have her full weight send him back into the snow.

“Correction, Moron,” Bayelei mused as she reached for her belt, lifting a contact from one of her pouches and gesturing to the literature upon the parchment. “It says here that my job is to escort the goods to Eastwyvren; as in your cargo in that cart. To be fair, you and your men are really just extra baggage; you really should be more careful when drafting a contract with me.”

Emmett cursed as he took a mouthful of snow, finally relenting his efforts on fighting off the hired hand. It was his own fault for recruiting someone so loyal to money and no one else; it didn’t even matter that Bayelei was the sister of his betrothed, Sergeant Vita Corde. There were moments where Bayelei would sell off Vita if it meant adding to her funds; now was no different. “Fine, I understand; just let me up so we can continue,” Emmett muttered, lifting himself from the snow as Bayelei stepped back and took a defensive stance on the path. “What are you-?”

“If I save you and your men, you have to add a thousand more to my pay,” Bayelei said with a smirk as she held her stance, ignoring the chorus of groans from the men. “Them’s the facts, Love; you want me to save your sorry excuses for men from this dragon after you guys attracted it towards us, you need to adjust this contract.”

“What?!” Emmett gasped through gritted teeth, shooting up and towering beside the devilish woman. “You can’t be serious; you’re to be my sister-in-law and yet you’re trying to blackmail me into giving you more money?”

“You should think of it as insurance that you’ll actually get to make it to being my brother-in-law,” Bayelei answered with a grin, though a slight hint of worry was evident in her eyes. If the circumstances were different, Emmett would challenge her on the spot and call her out on her schemes; however, he could tell the situation would right itself if he just abided her commands and kept quiet. Besides, he could recall his betrothed’s words in his mind telling him to be patient when dealing with Bayelei; after all, she had her reasons for everything she did. Though the only reason he could think of at the moment was that she was a greedy bitch; Emmett sighed before dipping his hand into his pockets.

“Fine, whatever; I’ll pay the thousand so my men and I will be spared,” Emmett muttered as he gestured towards the woman. “Just do your jo-.”

“Get down,” Bayelei interrupted as she lifted a knife and threw it with vigor past Emmett’s cheek, the blade colliding with the wing of a young dragon that glided through the treetops and threatened to gobble up its prey. The brawny man seemed brave for only a second before diving underneath the cart, his men following suit as Bayelei reached for another blade. The dragon saw this and readied its flames for the woman, clearly too young to understand the threat that was a dragon hunter. Bayelei saw this and stepped back, turning heel before leaping along the tree trunks to the leaf coverings above. The scaled beast followed her movements and aimed for the cover, the young creature soon facing death as a force slammed into its back and a blade came from behind and sliced its throat completely.

The men gasped at the quick work accomplished by the dragon hunter, blood seeping onto her hands and blades as Bayelei and the dragon skidded to the icy floor below. Emmett was the first to charge the scene, ready to assist his hired help with whatever she needed. “You all right?” Emmett asked as he approached.

“Fine, the babies are always quick work; we need to move quickly before the mother realizes it’s gone,” Bayelei stated simply as she got to her feet, flicking the blood off her blades before hiding them again on her person. Emmett felt it best to just do what she said and ordered the men back towards the cart; eventually getting it dislodged from the roots.

“We’re ready to go,” Emmett called back to Bayelei, turning heel in shock to find her marking the dragon to be butchered. “Bayelei, we don’t have time to-.”

“Oh, yes we do,” Bayelei hissed as she gestured for the men to begin to cut up and pack the dragon. “This thing’s worth money; you said I get spoils for this job and I’m doing just that. The longer you guys wait there, the less time we have to get this done and go before the Momma gets here!”

The men groaned and wished their leader would argue and eliminate the problems with such a devilish woman as Bayelei Corde; however, Emmett just nodded with a frown and sent his men to tend to the dragon carcass. He didn’t like Bayelei in the least; however, Vita would kill him if he did anything against her. Despite being only loyal to money, Bayelei was her sister.


Teacups and Roses – Chapter Two

AN: I’m going to make this short and sweet; I’m really excited about this story so I’m going to try and see how far I can get before I hit a writer’s block again (: I might take a pause again on all the other stories and drabbles but I’ll draft some outlines and all so I don’t completely abandon them for awhile.

Anyway, let’s just get right into everything. Remember, no flames allowed; however, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated.

I don’t own Once Upon a Time nor any of the stories featured in the series. I’m just borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

Hope you all enjoy!

*~Chapter Two-Teatime with the Newcomer~*

Crisp white linens hung outside Granny’s Bed and Breakfast as the sun began to peel up from the horizon, Ruby stepping out quickly to pull them down before Granny noticed her forgetfulness with the chores. If the red-hooded woman had to be honest with her, such chores were menial in the face of all that the town had gone through. To be woken up and find themselves were actually storybook characters from the Enchanted Forest was one thing; and to be trapped in this land while Emma and Snow White were thrown back through a portal to lord knows where was more than upsetting at times.

However, Ruby kept on her usual grin and stood beside those she trusted; believing fully that Prince Charming, or David as he had come to be known in this world, would make things right again. For now, all the red-hooded woman had to do was work at the diner and keep the townsfolk from getting out of hand as they grew stir-crazy in their double lives.  

“Ruby!” A voice called over out as the woman jumped, turning towards the street where she saw the small form of Henry waved over to her in a panic. “Ruby, I need to talk to you!” 

Tossing the sheets aside, Ruby sprinted over to Henry’s position; her sensitive nose catching an unfamiliar scent in the air as she moved. “What is it, Henry; and what are you doing out here so early? David’s going to be mad at you if you’re causing trouble.”

“I’m not causing trouble; I need to talk to someone and you were the best one to talk to about this sort of thing,” Henry explained as he swung his backpack to the front, peeling away the flaps and lifting his storybook out. With a few page turns, Henry paused and pointed into the book; his hazel orbs wavering as he looked back at the Red Riding Hood of his stories. “I think the magic filling this land is changing the book and adding stories.”

“Are you sure it’s the magic and not that you just haven’t read those chapters yet?” Ruby asked; she knew Henry was smarter than make such accusations of magic without some sort of proof yet she needed to be sure.

“I’m positive; I’ve read my book thousands of times and I know when something’s different,” Henry answered, his cheeks burning red at her accusation yet decided to continue with his reasons for seeking her out. “Is there a way you can sniff out magic and see if it’s really affected the book? Maybe you can sniff out the reasons that it’s doing it.” 

The red-hooded woman gave a look of understanding as she shook her head slowly. “I’m sorry Henry; I don’t believe I hold that kind of power,” Ruby answered sadly, patting the boy’s shoulder as she knelt down to eye-level with him. “I think this might be something you need to talk to David or Dr. Hopper about.”

The idea of seeking out the men’s help again seemed to upset Henry as he stood there, glancing down at the book with a frown. “There’s got to be some reason the Alice in Wonderland story is now in here in its entirety; though I’ve never read it quite like this,” Henry muttered as he held the book out towards Ruby, the woman looking down at the pages with interest. “In this story of Alice in Wonderland, she follows the White Rabbit and he, along with all the familiar characters, ends up protecting her from the Queen of Hearts. Do you remember Jefferson the Mad Hatter? The story includes him too; maybe I should just go find him?”

As Henry spoke, the unfamiliar scent grew stronger as Ruby tensed; suddenly reaching out and taking the boy close as someone inched behind them. “Oh, that mad man’s here too? There’s no reason to ask him on the matter when you can just ask me,” the voice chimed in as the duo turned heel to face the blond woman, her smile wide as she nodded towards them. “Sorry for intruding but I couldn’t help hearing your story there, Little Bit. My name’s Alice Hawkins; the Alice from your story is me.”


The pale yellow of the Jeep Wrangler was visible from the window of Granny’s Diner as Henry settled into the corner booth, his fingers intertwined as he stared in awe at the blond woman sitting across from him. She seemed about twenty-one years old with blond curls cut at an inverted bob, her azure orbs memorable to anyone who laid eyes on her. Her smile was warm and understanding, as if she was there simply for the fact to bring comfort to those around her; in Henry’s opinion, she was there to answer all his questions and give him peace of mind.

“Yo, Little Bit?” Alice questioned as she waved her gloved hand in front of Henry’s eyes, the boy slowly stirring from his thoughts as she giggled. “I was wondering if you were still in there. So your name’s Henry huh?”

“Y-Yeah,” Henry stuttered as he fiddled with his silverware shyly. “I-I’m Snow White’s grandson.” 

Without a pause, Alice smiled and said, “that’s pretty killer, Little Bit; you must be proud to be from such an epic family.”

Henry gawked at the blonde’s casual approach to his words. “Y-You’re going to believe me just like that?” Henry asked in surprise. “I’m used to people thinking I’m crazy at first mention so I have to admit I’m surprised.”

“Little Bit, get real,” Alice interrupted, playfully reaching over and ruffling Henry’s wild brown locks. “Of course I believe you. Did you already forget about me coming over and telling you I’m from a story too? I’m Alice for god sakes.”

Her friendly and welcoming demeanor made Henry feel at ease, his guard lowering completely in the newcomer’s presence. However, a flaring red-hooded waitress came storming over to the tableside and slammed three cups of tea down on the table, secretly pleased with interrupting their meeting as she glared towards Alice.

“Henry, you shouldn’t be too open with this one; we don’t know if we can trust her yet,” Ruby sneered as she nudged the boy over and sat with them in the booth, her eyes still fixated on the blond who eyed her cautiously as well. “You still haven’t made it clear as to what you’re doing here?”

Alice slumped back in her seat at Ruby’s presence, preparing her words carefully as to not invoke the wrath of the red-hooded waitress from storybook land. “Something lured me to this place; it’s sort of hard to explain exactly what it was but I received a sort of sign that brought me here,” Alice explained, the blond turning her attention to the small crate on the seat next to her where her snoozing tabby resided. “I packed my Jeep and grabbed Dinah and hit the road and now here I am. I have to say, I’m a bit amazed at the magic pouring out of this place; I could feel it while still driving down the road.”

“Y-You can sense magic?” Henry stuttered as his hazel orbs widened, all while Ruby huffed beside him.  

“I guess you can say that,” Alice said with a nod, plucking her teacup from the tray and lifting it to her tea-colored lips.

The boy turned his attention to Ruby, his eyes wide as he spoke, “she can sense magic; she might be able to help us! She might be able to use magic and bring back my mom and Mary-Margaret.”

“Don’t count on it, Henry; there’s no use getting excited over things you don’t know for sure,” Ruby scolded the boy as she flicked his shoulder, being very protective of him in the presence of the stranger. “Like I said before, we can’t trust this woman; we know nothing about her.”

The duo truly failed at whispered for Alice lowered the cup from her lips and frowned. “Little Bit knows quite a lot about me I’m sure; I’m positive he’s read the story in that book,” Alice snapped, breathing in a large amount of air before releasing a sigh and letting her smile return. “I admire your caution ma’am but I think it’s time you accepted the fact that I’m similar to you and the others living in this town.”

A low growl formed in Ruby’s throat as she snarled, “and how are you possibly similar to us? From what I gather you have nothing to do with the Enchanted Forest so there’s really no reason for you to be in Storybrooke.”

“I didn’t mean I’m from Storybrooke,” Alice tried to interrupt yet Ruby continued her rant.

“You’re just some human that came from this world; you’ve never even been to the Enchanted Forest,” Ruby hissed as she pointed a finger towards the blond. “You’ve only been to Wonderland so don’t start comparing yourself to us.”

The red-hooded waitress half-expected the blond to cower in fear across from her, ready to dash for the borders and flee without a thought of returning there; however, Alice continued to sit there with a smile on her lips as she chuckled. “You’re pretty intense; I admire that. And I know I’m just a human and I’ve never been to Storybrooke but I’m no stranger to lands of magic,” Alice mused as she placed her teacup down on the table, reaching out a gloved hand towards the duo and hovering it before them. “Maybe we should start it out like this; my name is Alice Hawkins and when I was a child, I followed a white rabbit down a hole and wound up in a magical place called Wonderland. My journey was perilous but also wonderful and I wouldn’t trade those experiences for anything. After being sent back to this world, I have always hunted for a way to connect our two worlds again and venture back into that magical place; I’ve never once forgotten the lands I visited nor those I have met.”

The duo both stared at the hand, Ruby taking Henry’s to hold him back from the blond. However, the boy yanked his hand away and frowned towards the waitress, slightly hurt by her actions. “This isn’t like you, Ruby; I thought you would be happy to meet someone who could help us understand everything that’s going on,” Henry huffed before reaching out and taking Alice’s hand. “My name is Henry Mills; I’m the son of Emma Swan who is the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. The evil queen, my stepmother Regina, put a curse on the Enchanted Forest and sent everyone here and made them lose their memories of their home and their lives there. However, Snow White was able to send my mother away to this world as a baby where she grew up without knowing her family. When she turned 28, I sought her out; she actually gave me up for adoption when I was born so I had to find her. Well, when I found her, I brought her to Storybrooke and helped her see the magic of this place. My mom was able to break the curse on this land however she was soon whisked away through a portal with Snow White to lord knows where. And that’s my story so far.”

“Wow, quite a long one Little Bit,” Alice chimed in with a giggle as she shook the boy’s hand lightly, her eyes soon falling on Ruby’s reluctant form. “I don’t bite, Miss Ruby; I’m not going to hurt you or anything like that. I just want to figure out some things just like you; I’m hoping we can help each other out in the end.”

The hooded waitress snuffed at her words once more, though showed a slight bit of interest in the blond across from her. “And how could you possibly help us out?”

Alice seemed puzzled as she eased back in her seat, clearly in thought as she tapped the rim of the teacup. “Well, if I can get back to Wonderland; there are hidden portals scattered throughout the land and one of them is bound to lead to your world,” Alice answered, a glimmer of hope in her eyes as she nodded. “If we can find a way to get to Wonderland, we’re one step closer to your home.” 

“The true talk of a fool,” a familiar voice rang from the doorway to the diner, Alice tensing at the memorable tone as she turned her attention towards the newcomer. Jefferson stood in his crisp fashion and a well-crafted brimmed hat adorned at the top of his brown locks. The Mad Hatter grumbled under his breath before stepping towards the booth of the almost vacant diner, resting a gloved hand on Alice’s shoulder as he sighed. “I thought I’d find you here, Alice.”

“The Mad Hatter,” Alice whispered as she breathed in again, reaching her hand to grace his own as she smiled up at him. “I’d remember that snippy voice of yours anywhere; almost like a pair of scissors carving up the fabric for your hats. And let’s not forget your class act attitude as well.”

“Your foolish carefree banter is the same as well, Alice,” Jefferson mumbled as his grip tightened on her shoulder. “We need to talk-now.”

*~End Chapter Two~*

Teacups and Roses – Chapter One

AN: I’m geared up and ready to continue on with this story; this one seems to be breaking me out of my writers block so that’s good news for me!!! Woot! And it makes me even more excited to write another AU of Alice in Wonderland and to incorporate it in Once Upon A Time that already made way for such a story is really exciting ❤

Remember no flames allowed; however, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated.

I don’t own Once Upon a Time nor any of the stories featured in the series. I’m just borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

Without further adieu, the next chapter! Enjoy!

*~Chapter One –The Chase Begins~*

The eerie glow of the moon reflected upon the lake as the forest grew still in the night, silence befalling the land as night proceeded. The deep abyss of a rabbit hole was carved into canvas of the forest, a canopy of treetops leaving it dark in their shadow. On a usual evening, there would be nothing to disturb the peace; however, on that particular night sounds began to echo from inside the void as something ascended towards the open air.

Pristine white fur was the first to be visible as two floppy rabbit ears peeked out of the hole, twitching as if hunting for any noise beyond the abyss. Once they did a thorough sweep, a white rabbit pulled himself from his hiding place; standing up on his two hind legs while dusting off his red coat. In a human’s eye, the rabbit would seem strange and unreal; however, from his home in Wonderland, the rabbit was one on the norms of the land.

Once clean from his ascending up the rabbit hole, the white rabbit dipped his hand into his coat pocket and brought out a golden pocket watch. He tapped the face and watched the time change to accommodate the world he had entered; amazed to see it was nearly midnight in this world when he had left clearly mid-day in his own.

“I only have a short time to find the desired items for the Queen; I mustn’t be late,” the white rabbit muttered under his breath before hopping along the forest floor and sniffing the air. “I was told the items would be in this forest by the gatekeeper; if I just keep along the path I should be fine.”

His pink nose sniffed the air as he continued his search, traveling along the path near lakeside in hopes to quickly find his prey. The smallest hint of a scent filled his nostrils and he gave a toothy grin; the white rabbit quickening his pace as he moved towards a patch of thorns, wild roses growing at the stems in such luminous splendor. Pleased with his find, the white rabbit reached up and cut loose several of the flowers, reaching in his pocket and removing a cloth to wrap around the thorns.

“The Queen will be pleased! Now to just-,” the white rabbit began to say but was interrupted by a soft coo towards the lack. His large ears perked at the sound, recognizing it to be the soft sobs of a child from his times dealing with the Duchess and her baby. His own curiosity rising, the white rabbit slowly stepped through the brush towards the shore of the lake, shocked to find a small form slumped along the water. Blond curls bounced with each sob as the girl let her tears roll down her cheeks and becoming one with the lake. Her blue dress was stained and her mary-jane shoes were caked with mud; her journey there clearly treacherous for her poor outfit if not just for her own being. “What?”

“It’s not fair!” The blond child wailed into her knees, the white rabbit concerned with the girl’s predicament. In moments like this, he was usually a fearful and cautious sort and never involved himself in anything outside of the Queen’s wishes; however, something was different about the child crying there by the water that made him want to reach out and help her. He hopped outside of the brush and inched closer to her form; listening in on all she had to say. “Elizabeth’s leaving for London with that man; not to mention dad’s going to be gone almost all the time now for that stupid job he took in London. They are all going to be across the ocean; it’s not fair!”

The girl was being left alone? The white rabbit felt an urge to reach out to the poor thing and comfort her as she cried; however, he finally felt as if he were overstepping the boundaries set forth by his world. He was given the duties of crossing through time and space to the other worlds for the Queen’s work on the condition that he do not interact with the inhabitants of the foreign lands. But the girl and her cries; the white rabbit honestly couldn’t bring himself to peel away from the scene until-.

“Huh?” The girl gasped as she felt a looming presence behind her, bringing a hand to wipe her tears as she turned to face the one watching over her. At first, the world was still as the white rabbit and her eyed each other cautiously; and then came the screams. “Wh-What’s going on? Who are you? What’s a rabbit doing with a coat on?”

The white rabbit bit his lip as he stumbled backwards, raising his hands to quiet the girl though all it did was cause her screams to raise an octave. “Please don’t scream; I was only coming to check on you!” The white rabbit insisted, the girl screaming louder and louder at his strange ways. “P-Please stop; I’m not here to hurt you! Please don’t cry!”

The girl’s shouts and cries continued for a good five minutes, the white rabbit finally settling on his haunches and letting her finish her bout as he rubbed his temple for the growing headache he had gained from his actions. As the girl finally quieted down, the white rabbit’s blue eyes stared over at her only to see the girl observing him carefully while holding a small rabbit doll close to her chest. Her own azure orbs scanned every inch of the white rabbit before her, slowly building up her courage as she nodded towards him. “Y-You can talk?” She questioned, her voice shaky still despite her current push for knowledge and understanding.

The question seemed strange to the white rabbit, though he guessed rabbits in this world did not hold such talents as his own. “I can; it’s quite normal for my kind to be able to do such things,” the white rabbit mused as he placed the roses down beside him and got a good look at the girl before him. She was quite the beautiful little flower, her ivory skin and wide blue eyes sending his heart a-flutter. “Are you all right? I heard you crying and came to check on you.”

“Normal for rabbits to talk? That’s crazy,” the girl whispered, inching closer and reaching out to touch the white rabbit’s fur; he noticed this however and step away with each centimeter she tried to close between them. “Are you real?”

The girl was so amazed with him that she failed to answer questions directed at her? “Of course I’m real,” the white rabbit snapped with a groan before gesturing towards the girl once more. “Please answer my previous question; miss, are you all right?”

“I must have hit my head because rabbits don’t talk or walk or carry a bouquet of roses,” the girl muttered to herself as she slumped back onto her bottom, blushing slightly as she reached up to wipe away more tears streaming down her cheeks. “And rabbits certainly don’t wear red coats or carry around pocket watches.”

“Maybe not in this world,” the white rabbit muttered under his breath before gesturing back towards the girl again. “Miss, one more time; are you all right?”

The question finally reached the girl’s ears as she blushed and gave a slow nod. “I’m all right; today’s just been a whirlwind of emotion,” the girl whispered before letting out a gasp as a huge smile formed on her lips. “Oh, I get it; you must be my guardian angel! I should have known my guardian angel would be a rabbit; I love them so!”

As she spoke, the girl held her rabbit doll closer as she smiled; the white rabbit seeming to blush as he nodded along with her outlandish belief. At the point of their conversation however, he knew he’d have to go along with such things; he broke the rules and came to her aid despite the laws brought forth to him by the Queen. If he let her know he was from another world entirely, it would be all over for him.

“That’s correct, I’m your guardian angel my dear-,” the white rabbit began but then paused as he scratched his head. “Oh dear, I seemed to have blanked; could you tell me your name again?”

Though an odd request for a guardian angel to make, the girl simply smiled along and said, “my name is Alice; Alice Hawkins. I’m so glad to meet you, guardian angel!”

“Alice,” the white rabbit repeated with a smile of his own before noticing the girl’s look of hope. “Oh, my name? You wish for my name?” The blond child nodded along with his question, eagerly waiting to learn more about her guardian angel. “Right; my name is Chase. Crispin Chase to be precise.”

“Crispin Chase, my guardian angel!” Alice chimed happily, her tears now a figment of the past as she giggled. “I’m so glad you’re here, Crispin!”

“R-Right,” Crispin mumbled with a chuckle before raising a paw to quiet the girl. “Now tell me what’s wrong?”

“Oh, of course; it’s been a crazy day Crispin!” Alice exclaimed as she leaned forward and began to speak while gesturing with her hands. “Mom recently got this awesome job here in the city so we’re moving soon to be closer; however, Dad was just offered this amazing job in London and so he took it without a thought. Now Mom and Dad are fighting and my sister Elizabeth is going to go to London as well because the man she’s swooning over was offered a position with Dad. Mom refuses to leave the city and Dad refuses to give up his job in London so now everyone’s going to be separated.”

His ears twitched as a small quiver sounded in her voice as she explained her situation, her smile soon fading as she sniffed back her tears. The poor girl was distraught and it was truly heartbreaking to see her in such disarray. “And where will you be going?”

“I’m going to be here with my Mom since my school’s here,” Alice explained with a frown. “I’m hardly ever going to see her though either since she’ll always be working. I’m going to be alone all the time.”

“Th-That’s horrible!” Crispin gasped at such news; understanding what it felt like to be alone in life.

“Yeah but what can I do? My parents are too busy arguing amongst themselves to even listen to me and my sister is always off with that man of hers so she has no time for me either,” Alice whispered as she began to cry once more, her tears streaming down like waterfalls as Crispin panicked before her.

“No, please don’t cry! It’ll all be ok; you’ll see!” Crispin urged as he reached out and patted the girl’s arm, trying to calm her down with his comfort. “You’ll see; everything’s going to be ok.”

Alice sniffed as she raised her eyes, a glitter of hope forming there as she stared towards the white rabbit. “You promise?” She asked with her soft tone, Crispin letting a smile form as he nodded.

“I promise everything will be ok,” Crispin repeated and the two sat together in silence; that is until the white rabbit glanced down at his pocket watch and noticed the Wonderland time flashing on the face of the timepiece. His heart nearly skipped a beat as he jumped up from his place, snatching all of his belongings before dashing back towards the rabbit hole. “I’m late, I’m late! I’m sorry Miss Alice but I’m late; I’m off!”

The girl sat there for a moment in shock, gawking at the disappearing rabbit without a clear understanding of what to do next. However, she noticed a lone rose left behind; the poor flower falling from the bouquet that once rested upon the land. Alice lifted the rose up carefully as she let a small smile form on her lips; the girl soon jumping up to her feet and following after the rabbit to see where he was off to.

The white rabbit soon came to the portal way to his home, diving into the rabbit hole as Alice came onto the scene; barely catching his body fleeing into the abyss as she neared the hole. “I wonder where he’s going?” Alice whispered as she leaned down at the edge of the rabbit hole, leaning forward to see down into the abyss. There was nothing but darkness; darkness she soon plummeted into as she lost her balance.


The road was still save for the leaves stirring at the slightly shift of wind; their pale colors seeming dreary next to the bright orange of the spray painted line of the border to Storybrooke. An aging jeep wrangler pulled up to the border and squeaked to a halt; the driver slipping out of her driver seat. Her boots moved to the edge of the orange line, the woman’s whole body standing there with a look of amazement as she reached a hand forward. She wasn’t sure how to explain it but it felt as if her hand traveled into another land altogether, it’s power great compared to the normality of the side she still stood on.

“So this is Storybrooke,” the woman whispered to no one in particular as she eyed the green sign on the side of the road; reading the name of the town over and over before pulling her hand back to her side. The feeling of power had left her; remaining on the other side of the border. “Looks like I’m about to step into some crazy shit, Dinah; hope you’re ready for a wild ride.”

A soft meow echoed from the jeep as the woman smiled, stepping back towards her vehicle and climbing into the driver’s seat. With one final gulp, she drove the vehicle forward and completely engulfed herself into the magical land of Storybrooke; her license plate of 1DRLAND still visible as she traveled through the building fog towards town.

*~Chapter One End~*

Teacups and Roses – Prologue

AN: I love Once Upon a Time and while watching the new season I’ve decided to try my hand at a little fanfiction on the story. It’s mainly a story about the White Rabbit and Alice; with guest appearance by that wonderfully handsome Jefferson! And hey, it’s also bringing in all these familiar characters of Wonderland. Since the worlds are now unbalanced, I wanted to make a rift in Wonderland which has had a few stories develop there of their own. For example, we’ve heard Jefferson’s story being he’s the Mad Hatter but what about Alice’s time in Wonderland? I’m sure the series is going to have its own version at some point but for now I’m going to humor myself with this story.

Remember no flames allowed; however, constructive criticism is allowed and appreciated.

I don’t own Once Upon a Time nor any of the stories featured in the series. I’m just borrowing them for storytelling purposes.

Hope you all enjoy!


A room blanketed with darkness set the stage for this trying tale; a one bedroom flat somewhere above the echoing sounds of Manhattan. The curtains waved softly in the wind outside the open window; lights threatening their way into the main room. Shelves of teacups lined every spare spot along the walls; each one glittering at the fine polish of the week given by their master.

A single table sat by the kitchen, its only chair occupied by a slender form of a woman dressed in blue and white pajama pants and a tank top.  Her inverted bob-lined blond curls falling over her pale face as she worked a shining rag over the delicate surface of a blue-flowered teacup she plucked from the shelves just moments before. Her tea rose-colored lips curved into a smile as she pulled the rag away and held out the shimmering dish, impressed with its shear glow after its well-deserved polish. Azure orbs sparkled with delight at the woman’s handiwork; a soft hum forming in her throat to the tune of A Very Merry Unbirthday as she worked.

Everything was cheerful in the presence of the woman; that is until what sounded like a soft purr came from the open window. At first, the woman chose to ignore it and proceeded to polish the teacup; her eyes now focused on the vase at the middle of the table which housed a dozen ruby red roses. However, the purr grew louder and she could not simply move on. Blond curls whipped along with the turn of her head as the woman glanced back towards the window; a purplish glow twisting up from the sill before escaping out into the world beyond the opened looking glass.

“Hello, is that you Dinah?” The woman spoke aloud to the flat; placing the teacup down on the smooth wood of her table before getting to her feet. She took wide strides to the window, peeling away the curtains and leaning out to search the air for any sign of what caused the sound. Nothing was there except for the bright lights of the city; the woman frowned slightly before stepping back into the apartment. “I guess it was just my imagination.”
With an exasperated sigh, the woman turned back to face the table; halting in place as she stared in shock at the sight before her. The once ruby roses were now white as snow; petals falling from their stems onto the wood without reason. There was notice of the petals taking a familiar shape and urged the woman forward; her steps quick as she made her way to the tableside.

The petals weaved into a single word upon the tabletop; the woman reading the message aloud as she gasped; “‘Help Storybrooke’? What the hell is-?”

Another gasp erupted from the woman’s throat as she lifted her hands to her lips; a childhood memory playing in her mind. Could it be the chance she was waiting for all these years? Without another thought, the woman dashed into her bedroom and to her closet; a barage of clothes raining down on her bed where a small tabby stirred from her slumber from upon the pillows.

The tabby lifted her head and stared towards her master in the corner; the woman stuffing various clothes in her bag before turning towards the bed.

“It’s time to go Dinah; we’re going out to find this Storybrooke,” the woman whispered as she lifted the kitten in her hands and kissed her on the nose. “This could be the chance I’ve been waiting for. This could be my chance to find Wonderland again.”

The tabby let out a soft meow as her master slipped her into a small crate before lifting it up in one hand and a suitcase in the other. She swallowed in her throat before stepping out into the main room; aiming for the front door.

“Next stop, Storybrooke.”

*~End Prologue~*

Guns and Sabers – Chapter One

AN: So I love the game SWTOR but I decided to take a break until more of the updates come through. In the meantime, I’m going to be working on this fanfiction which relates to the RP me and Jamie Canyon have for SWTOR. There are some characters from the game but several of them are our original designs.

I’ll include my top characters here now for reference; Ruci and Dresden are the only ones of mine that are going to be appearing in this chapter. Paxter won’t be here until later.

Name: Ruci Solaria

Age: 18

Planet: Coruscant

Race: Human

Class: Currently Unknown – Smuggler – ?

Hair: Deep Red, slanted bob with various short braids

Eyes: Kelly Green

Description: Fair-skinned with freckles on her cheeks, thin demeanor and usually dresses in ponchos and more fashionable attire.

Weapon (s): Blaster Gun and Rifle; both given to her by Dresden O’Brien

Bio: A young girl who was brought up by a family of merchants; she has been kept from fighting more of her life. To be honest, Ruci preferred that; she had little interest in the world beyond the capitol until she came across a Smuggler by the name of Dresden O’Brien. At first, she disliked the man; he was a gruff being with little care for the world he entered to turn in his latest catch to the capitol. However, once Ruci stumbles into danger, he finds he springs into action and saves her from danger. She became intrigued with his fighting style and decided to sneak aboard his ship; soon being founded by his droid and his pets. The girl is at first very apathetic about things outside of her home but she gathers up interest in the stars and the planets beyond her home planet. She becomes Dresden’s apprentice as he travels forth and follows him on his missions; on the one condition that she gathers her family’s permission. At first, the family is hesitant and demands she returns home; however, when they return to Coruscant and see her daughter standing up for the Republic and the trooper ally Pax, they become supportive of her. Her personality is hard to read in the beginning but once she is introduced to the smuggling man and those that surround him, she opens up and shows herself to be quite the busy bee. She gets into trouble a lot because she lets her curiosity gets the best of her.

Name: Dresden O’Brien

Age: 33

Planet: originally from Tatoonie

Ship: Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Race: Human

Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger

Hair: Dusty Blond; grown past ears and scruffy. He usually ties it back and wears a hat.

Eyes: Clear Blue Eyes

Description: He usually wears traditional smugglers gear, similar to Nico Okarr. He likes to appear western and has an accent to accommodate such; he likes to hide various weapons under his coat. He’s rather tall and muscular; he also has scarring on his face and chest which shows he’s handled a lot of bounties in his day.

Weapon (s): Twin blasters; carries around various weapons on his person

Bio: A man born on Tatoonie, he went along with the smuggler’s lifestyle as he grew up; he’s now currently one of the top-ranked smugglers several galaxies. He usually kept neutral until he found his alliances were more aligned with the Republic side; having personal reasons for not accepting pointless killings and unwarranted black-market dealings. When he comes across Ruci in Coruscant, he doesn’t think much of her until he finds she was put in danger from interacting with him. He eventually saves her from harm and he finds that she took an interest in his field when she snuck aboard his ship. He relents after arguing with her; deciding to take her along as his apprentice as long as she gathers permission from her family. He’s had a rough life for the most part and tends to keep his past to himself; however, he does house several pets as well as his droid C2-N2. He occasionally has run-ins with a woman gunslinger named Andretti Ormatiea whom seems to ruffle his feathers a bit.

Name: Paxter “Pax” Seugor

Age: 21

Planet: Nar Shaada; now located in Ord Mantell

Race: Cyborg

Class: Trooper – Commando

Hair: Dusty brown, weaved into a mohawk.

Eyes: Purplish-Gray, left eye has metallic plates around it

Description: Cyber-genetic plates can be seen throughout his body, including his gloved hand and left arm which is completely robotic. His skin is tanned and he’s fairly muscular. He usually wears casual wear yet has been seen from time-to-time in his troopers armor.

Weapon (s): A cannon is always on his person

Bio: A man who was once human, he was turned cyborg after his battle wounds as a young soldier grew fatal. Though he is very mature in battle, Pax can be pretty much a jokester and a playboy off the battlefield. He is stationed in Ord Mantell when he is reunited with a family friend by the name of Dresden O’Brien; the cyborg soon joining him after involving himself in his missions and aiding in protecting the new apprentice. When he does join up, his command becomes suspicious of his activities and demands his return to base; Dresden and Ruci accompanying him back to Coruscant and expressing their allegiance to the Republic despite their shady business as Smugglers. He has a soft spot for Ruci; though he doesn’t seem to acknowledge it until later on in their adventures.

The next two bios are characters of Jamie’s; I wanted to introduce them as well since they’ll be making their appearances here soon! 

Name: Osanna  Idagaskash (Idah-Gah-Skawsh)

Age: 17

Race: Zabarak

Class: Jedi Knight

Hair: Dirty blonde, usually styled up in a tight bun.

Eyes: Hazelnut brown.

Description: Tan skin, light freckles, facial tattoos that reflect her personality, and a crown of small horns.

Weapon(s): Two light-sabers, one yellow the other green.

Bio: Since her seventeenth birthday, Osanna’s master, Ladak’Oel, has given her more missions to do on her own so that she may earn trust within the counsil. Though she is a Jedi Knight, she is obligated to follow her master’s every order. Her very first mission on her own has proven to take longer than expected, as she tries to find out more about a suspicious Smuggler named Dresden O’Brien. She is accompanied by her pal T7-01 who was given to her by her master when she was young.

 Name: Saal Jeffer

Nickname: Rex

Age: 21

Race: Human

Class: Bounty Hunter

Hair: Short black hair, spiked.

Eyes: Silvery gray eyes.

Description: Olive skin. Scar along his neck down his chest, left side.

Weapon(s): Prefers just one blaster but doesn’t mind two and a couple gizmos that come with his Bounty Hunter uniform.

Bio: Rex grew up in a messed up large family that he left at age nine. Traveler of many worlds, Rex found his way of flying solo as a Smuggler till the age of eighteen. Once the pay started to die down, he met with a couple old time buddies and decided he would get caught up with the bounty hunting business.

Though I’m starting on chapter one, there will be a prologue in development here soon. I’m going to use the prologue as a little introduction to why Dresden ended up aiming for Coruscant. It was hinted a lot in our RP before it actually came to light but I’m sure it’ll be a greater understanding as to why he is as he is and why he’s being hunted as well.  

The story is still pretty rough since I’m writing it from mine and Jamie Canyon’s RP; I’ll eventually work on the flow and everything but for now I’m just making sure I get something down on paper.

So without further adieu, here’s the fic. Please remember there are no flames allowed; constructive criticism is welcome!

*~Chapter One~*

The Coruscant Marketplace rested beneath the capital building, bustling with life of a variety of species. Shop owners beckoned others towards their booths to gander at the merchandise, delivering their best sales pitch in hopes to make a big sell. And amongst them all was a shop in the corner by the banks, a tall gentleman knelt down and began to unload his latest finds in weapons technology; setting them up on his table with a smirk before glancing over his shoulder.

The thin figure of a girl was propped up against the wall as she sat on the floor, scanning over the latest news feeds with her portal device in hand. Her Kelly green orbs scanned the words carefully, clearly not paying any mind to the man standing mere feet from her position.

The man’s name was Portis Solaria; an ex-soldier for the Republic who managed to retire his position to live a life as a merchant in the capital with his family. He was a strong man who was an expert in weaponry, a skill set that brought home a lot of credits when he was having a good sell day. In tow was his daughter Ruci, though the girl usually kept to herself while on the job.

“I thought you were coming to help me Ruci,” the man said with a chuckle, clearly not upset yet still meaning to poke fun at his daughter. The girl glanced up and blew her red locks from her eyes, smiling at her father for a moment before nodding.

“Sorry; I was reading the reports from the spaceport is all,” Ruci explained with a nod before slipping her portal under her coat, getting to her feet and preparing to be ordered. “There are a lot of ships in dock right now; you should see a lot of customers rolling in. I believe I even saw a Republic vessel; you might get to do business with some soldiers.”

A large grin formed on Portis’ lips as he patted the girl’s shoulder, proud of her growing knowledge and skill as a future merchant. “You’re certainly the smart one, my dear; your mom’s going to be proud as well,” Portis said, Ruci smiling proudly at his response.

“I try my best,” Ruci said before slipping into her chair and watching her father unload the rest of the equipment. Her smile remained on her lips; however, she eyed the equipment with annoyance. She wasn’t much a fan of the items her father sold; they were weapons meant to kill and be carted around in travels beyond the capital. Such ideals were trivial in Ruci’s mind; she had no plans to ever leave her home world Coruscant nor venture into the unmentionable areas beyond the Galactic Market. For one, those dismal dumps down below smelled something awful; and second they were overrun with gang activity, malfunctioning droids, rakghouls and the occasional imperialist. Why risk a life you were given stepping beyond the borders your life was so clearly given?

Violence, despair and loneliness awaited the lands beyond the taxi pad and spaceport of the capital; Ruci wasn’t the type to hunt for adventure nor did she have any interest in conversing with those who did. All Ruci wanted to do was help her father with making money so that their family would be ok.

Portis was the main reason Ruci’s ideals were as they were for he had produced quite a few horror stories for what lied beyond the capital, knowing full well that it would leave such an impact on his daughter as to make her never leave his side. The man was a soldier in a war and he knew that peace was a long ways away if even truly real for the multitudes of worlds out there and he knew the safest place for his daughter would be in Coruscant’s capital. As long as he kept those same ideals in her brain and kept her from messing with the riffraff of the various galaxies, she’d remain safe and sound by his side.

The flood of buyers came soon as they stampeded the shop, Portis aiding each one with his businesslike grin and choice words to sell his merchandise to them. Ruci would tend to the fetch of various equipment from the chests as well as explain the little tidbits she did know from the weapons; however, other than that, she was just a smiling face that eased the customers’ worries as they waited to be seen. Her job was easy when one thought about it; it didn’t mean the girl didn’t get bored from time to time.

The business died down over a couple hours and Ruci’s legs swung around the rung of her stool, her hums lifting up as her father tended to the polishing of his weapons. Kelly green eyes focused around at the various other shops in the marketplace and Ruci couldn’t help but feel the items calling for her to come hither. “Mind if I go check out the neighboring shops? I wanted to see if there’s any artifacts on display for my collection,” Ruci asked with a hopeful grin to her father, Portis nodding along as he continued to polish.

“You and those artifacts; sure, just make sure you don’t spend too much money,” Portis mused, winking towards his daughter though continuing his actions. “Don’t cause any trouble for the other shopkeepers either.”

“I won’t; I promise,” Ruci answered and leapt to her feet, skipping off to check out the latest wares of her fellow merchants. Though the girl wasn’t much of a fighter or one interested in the war beyond her borders; there was just something about those artifacts from the depths of various worlds outlining her own galaxy that intrigued her. They could have been tinier than a fingernail and yet full of a vast history or even have a life of its own. “Maybe I can find something else to add to my collection today; I read there were supposed to be some high-class collectors merchants here today.”

Ruci had no idea what would occur in the market that fateful afternoon; nor did she realize that she would become acquainted with a blooming group of variety. All she knew was that something was beckoning her towards the far end of the marketplace; little did she know it would hold her very destiny.

At the other side of the market, melodious tunes echoed from the Dealer’s Den Cantina; smugglers and bounty hunters the majority of the patrons chugging down some brandy and whiskey with ease. A lowly waitress lifted her eyes to greet an incoming customer, continuing to wipe the bar as a man approached. He was dressed from head to toe in a trenchcoat, belts, and loose threads; evident in his being a smuggler of some sort. The tall man tipped his hat as he took a stool at the bar, gesturing for a drink from the woman. The waitress quickly came to him and gathered his order, rushing away as a droid came clanking to the man’s side. 

“Sir, you ventured off without me again?” The C2-N2 unit hummed as he halted beside his master, the smuggler lifting his glare towards the hunk of metal. “What would have happened if you needed medical assistance?”

The smuggler’s name was Dresden O’Brien; a well-known gunslinger known for his speed and power. A true master of his art, the man was quite smug when it came to his work; he was also known to rush off which made his loyal droid panic until his bolts came loose. “I’d probably live in the end for being as amazing as I am,” Dresden mused with a smirk, waving away his droid’s worries as if they were nothing.

Unlucky for him, the droid had been at this dance before and simply huffed at his master’s reply before lifting up his scanner to check his vitals, the smuggler forming a low chuckle in his throat before accepting the shotglass of whiskey the waitress slid his way.

“Sir, you know you shouldn’t be venturing out on your own like this; what if you got yourself hurt and I wasn’t there to take care of you,” C2-N2 continued his rant as he made sure every inch of his master was checked. “I heard this planet has a bounty out for you! I bet bounty hunters are in here right now eyeing you down for weakspots and what not.”

“And what makes you think shouting that I have a bounty on my head in a cantina full of bounty hunters is a good idea?” Dresden interrupted as he took a swig of his drink before tapping the smooth metal of the bar for another shot. “It’s not really a bounty…if the enemy is the one placing the order. The Republic Soldiers don’t really have a problem with me. It’s the ones that seem to be corrupt in that governing madhouse that have an issue with me. Apparently they don’t agree with my methods…”

The droid seemed to sigh at the man’s words, “must you make enemies so easily in these areas? One of these days I’m going to be without a master-.”

“You worry too much; just shut up and let me drink!” Dresden snapped before accepting the glass again and chugging it down with ease, tapping the table for another. “Let’s just keep our minds on why we’re here in Coruscant in the first place, C2. I’m here for a job; I can’t just turn tail and leave. If I did that, I’d be nothing but a coward in the eyes of those who know I’m here. Besides, let’s think about the big picture here; this job is easy compared to those others we’ve done lately.”

“But Master Dresden-,” C2-N2 began.

“Don’t make me take you apart…” Dresden retorted as he took another shot. 

The droid snapped to attention before filing in next to his master. “I’ll shut up sir,” said C2, almost panicked.

From the other side of the Cantina, another figure was slumped against the wall; his eyes resting on Dresden’s form as the waitress served him another drink. The boy pulled his scarf high above his lips as he watched his latest bounty, pondering which way he would try to take the smuggler alive.

The bounty hunter, known as Rex to those who bothered to ask, had been in pursuit of Dresden since he heard word of the bounty on Hutta. A smuggler who had managed to anger some high-class members of government; they must have been in deep trouble if they sought out a hunter’s help to silence the man. It wasn’t like Rex cared however; all he cared about was getting his job done so he could get paid and move on.

The hunter continued to lean there for a moment before nodding towards C2. “The droid…” His words came out in a low mumble as Rex flared his eyes and moved off the wall.

It didn’t take long for Dresden to catch those prying eyes latched on his back, the smuggler quickly downing another drink before getting to his feet. He dipped a scarred hand into his coat pocket and pulled out some money, slamming it down on the bar before grabbing his droid and escaping into the market. C2 stumbled behind his master in surprise, confused at what was going on; however, Dresden simply shook his head as he aimed for the steps towards the spaceport.

“I’m getting you to the ship, C2; I can handle this mission on my own,” Dresden reassured the droid, not willing to share with him about their pursuer.

The hunter frowned and growled as he quickened his steps, following after the smuggler outside the cantina. The pursuit was on as Dresden quickened his steps along with the hunter, hoping to gain some distance between them when he’d make it to the steps. However, he soon found himself colliding with a small form without a thought; the man catching his stance as he glared down at the bumbling redhead in his way. The poor girl flopped onto the floor in a heap, unsure of what happened as she glanced around.

“Ow,” Ruci whimpered as she scrunched up her nose, slight pain forming in her legs and bottom.

“Oh no, are you all right miss?” C2-N2 asked as he took the opportunity to peel his arm from his master, the droid moving over to check up on the redhead. Dresden however kept a steady glare on her form, clearly annoyed with the pause in his escape.

Ruci lifted her eyes to the man and his droid, feeling slightly scared at his glare. “I-I’m ok,” Ruci stuttered, barely noticing the bounty hunter coming towards them. His presence didn’t seem important however; all that mattered at that moment was that smuggler and his burning eyes.

Rex noticed the smuggler stopping and couldn’t help but smirk, inching closer to the target without worry. However, as he got within reach he noticed the girl sprawled out before Dresden and came to a halt. Though he was in a hurry to cash in his bounty, he wanted to grab his prey without risk of hurting any children in the way.

“Get out of the middle of the walkway then idiot,” Dresden hissed at the girl before stepping over her, Ruci’s cheeks burning red with embarrassment as she watched the droid panic before following along guiltily after his master.

“S-Sorry-,” Ruci muttered under her breath before another form knocked her over, the girl nearly out of breath by all the excitement and abuse she had received in the last few minutes.  

The crowds picked up within the marketplace, leaving Rex to shove his way through; ignoring the girl and clearly knocking her over as he passed her by. He had his gun tight in hand under his coat as he moved, trying to keep his prey in sight. “I can’t let this chance get away,” Rex mumbled to himself. “I’ve got you Dresden, might as well accept it and give up.”

Lucky for the smuggler, he was skilled in the art of losing tails; him and his droid managing to make it to his hanger with little difficulty. The duo stepped towards the ship, C2 finally speaking up for answers. “Sir, shouldn’t you be glancing around the market for that Jedi artifact?” C2 asked before gesturing his confusion. “Also, you were in a hurry in the market; you even refused to help that young miss you nearly trampled. What’s wrong sir?” 

“It’s none of your concern right now; I just want you back on the ship to make preparations to leave,” Dresden answered as he ushered his droid onto the ship before stepping back towards the elevator to head back towards the marketplace. “Stay on the ship unless I message you otherwise. I’ll be back with the artifact soon.”

And with that, Dresden disappeared back towards the main floor of the spaceport.


A cloaked figure walked through the bustling crowd of the marketplace, her eyes scanning the stands carefully as she moved. The young Jedi, named Osanna, searched for the artifact her master had told her to retrieve; all clues leading her to the shops of the capital. Her droid, T7-01, came rolling to her side, beeping away as he talked to her in his own language.

“I’m almost done T7,” Osanna whispered as she continued her search, the droid continuing his speech as she rolled her eyes. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and help look if you’re bored? I don’t have time to coddle you; I need to find this artifact before someone else grabs it.”

The droid hummed, clearly saddened by the lack of attention from his master; however, he followed at her heels as she moved to the next stand.

Ruci had noticed the Jedi and her droid searching the tables but made no effort to examine them close; she had no idea how to properly speak with those of the Jedi order, nor was she interested in stepping out of her own world. Ruci just wanted to stay focused on her hunt.

“Let’s see,” Ruci mumbled to herself as she stopped next to a formidable shop, nearly letting out a gasp as she eyed an aged hilt of a saber; though it was old and currently unable to function, it could be repaired. “Oh!” She reached out and lifted the light-weight artifact in her palm, brushing her fingers along the jedi markings with ease. “I can’t just let this go.”

The Jedi’s ears grabbed onto Ruci’s gasp and quickly shifted her gaze towards the object in the redhead’s hands, Osanna nearly losing her breath as she realized what she held. Osanna jumped and tip-toed her way to Ruci’s side, preparing her next action as she held out a hand towards the girl.

“Um excuse me,” Osanna piped in, Ruci nearly jumping out of her skin at the Jedi’s breath forming on her neck. The redhead glanced over at the Jedi in shock, waiting for her next words before figuring out what to do. “That item you have there; can I see it please?”

Ruci began to shrink at her address, “um, I-I would but I was actually going to buy this. Sorry-.”

“Buy it? But wait-!” Osanna began, taking hold of Ruci’s wrist in a panic. “I can’t let you buy that artifact; I need it!”

“Y-You need-?” Ruci began to ask but was soon interrupted by someone grabbing the item from behind and snatching it from her hands; leaving her stunned and unsure of what to do. All Ruci wanted was an artifact to add to her collection; it seemed that task wasn’t as easy as she thought it’d be. 

*~End Chapter One~*

Hotel Transylvania: The Skull Score – Chapter One

AN: Yep, I’m doing it; I’m writing a continuation of Hotel Transylvania! I thought the movie was super cute and kept thinking of a sequel after watching it. This is just one way they could add on to the story. 

I do not own Hotel Transylvania, its settings or its characters. I only own my original characters or portrayals of characters. I perfect example is Orlok, whom was the German version of Dracula. I know technically him and Dracula are supposed to be the same person in the end but frankly I like it better thinking that they are two gentlemen who could possibly be rivals in some way. I am also portraying him much younger and much more appealing than he was in the movie Nosferatu.


Please no flames; however, constructive criticism is allowed and always appreciated. I’m going to be quick and post the first chapter that I have for now up but I plan to rewrite it with more detail soon. Hope you all enjoy!


*~Chapter One~*


Silky cobwebs draped from the ceiling of the shadowed corridor; acting as a veil for those that crossed through the paths towards the various destinations of the castle. A row of doors were at the right of Dracula’s shoulder as he stepped down the hall, shrunken heads ushering him along with their chorus of “Do not disturb.” The vampire was used to their croaks and chose to ignore them; the torch tight in his hand as he stepped along the patched rug laid out over the stone floors.


The lengthy Count paused momentarily outside room 174,  his daughter’s room, Dracula’s eyes misting slightly as he stared at the wood in longing. It had been nearly a year since Mavis departed with Johnny to see the world and it was truly harder for him as each day passed. His daughter wrote him daily and kept him informed of things; however, Dracula longed to hug his little Sweet Fangs once more.


“Hey Count, do not disturb-as in do not disturb me!” The shrunken head swung from the doorknob as she spoke; the vampire lowering his eyes to glare at her. “You know she’s not back yet so quit coming here and disturbing my rest!”


“I know that; you don’t have to tell me she’s not here every time I pass! And for your information, I’m walking down here as my job to look out for my customers,” Dracula hissed before stalking away; huffing at the continued rants from the shrunken head sounding all the way to the end of the hall. “Besides, she’ll be back soon; she said she would be here for her birthday.”


His cape flowed behind him as Dracula walked out into the main hall and made his way down the steps to the front desk; zombies slumping about as they tended to the guests entering the hotel. A wide array of monsters bowed at Dracula’s presence before attending to their luggage, preparing to be escorted to their rooms in a timely fashion.

The Count was pleased to see his regular customers finding peace with his home; though he knew things were not as bad as he thought this time the year before. Humans were considered evil creatures who wanted nothing but to kill any monsters they laid their eyes on; at least that was what everyone thought before Johnny entered the hotel and changed their outlook on what humans were really like. It was true that some humans were to be feared and avoided at all costs; however not all humans hated monsters. The hotel meant for peace and relaxation from the human race was merely just a vacation destination for monsters now; it wasn’t set up specifically to avoid the human race.


“Hey Count!” A voice erupted from the front desk, breaking Dracula from his thoughts as he peeked over and grinned. The husky form of Frankenstein smiled and waved from the front desk, pieces of himself falling to the ground as attendants tried to sew him up from his latest mail order travel. Eunice stood beside her husband screeching at the zombies to hurry up with their work; filing her nails while doing so. “Man, how ya been? I was surprised to find you not in the lobby when our boxes were shipped and opened up.”


“Frank, Eunice!” Dracula praised as he stepped towards his friends, offering Eunice and Frank a hug which they gratefully accepted. “I’m surprised to see you here so early; the party isn’t supposed to be until next week.”


“We called ahead and decided to book for another week; we figured you could use some time to cheer up before Mavis returned with Johnny after all,” Frank explained as the zombies tended to their sewing; Eunice ranting along though being paid no mind as the two men talked. “I’m sure you’d snatch Mavis and never let her go if she returned to you in the state you’re in now; it’s my job to make sure you’re chilled out and having fun beforehand so you don’t get overwhelmed when the poor girl gets here.”


Dracula burned red at the accusation though quickly released some steam, realizing what his best friend was saying was quite true; the vampire had a tendency of being overprotective of his little ghoul and he’d end up spiraling into old ways if he wasn’t careful. “I’d argue with you but it seems you’ve made the right choice after all, Frank; thank you Frank and Eunice for coming so early to help me. I truly appreciate it,” Dracula mused with a toothy grin, Frank’s booming laughter lifting up into the rafters as he patted his best friend’s shoulder.


Their happiness was short-lived however as sand began to fill in from the cracks of the main door, a mound of gold piling up before them like magic. A familiar laugh sounded as a plump silhouette appeared at the top of the golden mountain, the wrapped-up mummy sliding down his handiwork to greet his best friends. “Hey hey hey, look who’s here; it’s your ol’ pal Murray! How’s it hanging, Drac? Frankie? Eunice my dear! I’ve missed you guys!” Murray chimed with the largest grin possible before noticing Dracula stalk over in his direction. “Hey Drac, you miss me?”


“Every time with the sand, Murray; do you know how hard it is to clean up the sand? I keep telling you not to do that but every time I find a mountain of sand blocking the doors!” Dracula ranted as he motioned to the golden mound; Murray nodding along though hardly listening to his friend as he watched a few mummified ladies chatting in the lounge. “I’m glad to see you but must you triple my work every time you come i-are you even listening to me, Murray?”


The mummy was clearly gawking towards the ladies and Dracula huffed before stepping away from his friend, Frank chuckling at the scene before patting Murray out of his trance. “Come on, let’s celebrate having everyone getting back together! It’s a special week before Mavis’ 119th birthday and her return from exploring the world!” Frank exclaimed with a grin, Murray nodding along and chuckling with the flesh golem. “Let’s try and make this week as painless as possible for poor Drac; his mind is filled with worries and all so it’s up to us to chill him out.”


“I hear that,” Murray agreed before signaling a few zombies to clean up the mess he made in the lobby, Dracula watching with an exasperated glance. “Don’t worry, Drac; I’ve got this taken care of. You should go relax by the pool or something!”


The lanky vampire thought to argue but Murray had already scurried off before he could open his mouth to speak. Dracula muttered under his breath and shook his head before turning back to Frank and Eunice. “I should probably get back to attending to the guests but I’ll be with you all soon; maybe we can slip over to the bar and I’ll buy you all a drink,” Dracula said to the Stein’s as they nodded along. “For now, the bellhops will show you to your rooms; make yourselves comfortable Frank, Eunice.”


“Oh we plan to; don’t work yourself too hard, Draccy! And don’t let these loud customers tell you how to do your job; you do just fine on your own!” Eunice said, her vocal range outnumbering everyone’s put together as she waved and followed after the zombies to tell them what to do with their luggage.


Frank however lingered there with his friend and crossed his stitched arms. “I think I’ll stay here and help you out Drac; I’m sure you could use a hand with all these guests,” Frank explained, though Dracula silently pleaded against it. “You can’t mind-trick me into leaving; you work so hard and you deserve a little helping hand here and there. I’m not taking no for an answer.”


“But Frank, I-!” Dracula began but was suddenly kicked in the behind, the vampire shouting at the startle before cowering behind Frank. “What was-Is that you Griffin?”


“Hey Drac, Frankie; I hope I’m not too late! I heard from a very reliable source that the group is getting together before Mavis’ party to help out around the hotel,” a voice called from nowhere in particular. “How you guys doing?”


“Wait, so you’re all coming early?” Dracula asked, peeking up at Frank who seemed to be motioning to the invisible man to shut up. “Does that me Wa-?”


Before the vampire could finish his sentence, a stampede of wolf pups barged through the now-cleared doors and ran loose throughout the lobby; two werewolf adults strolling in after with a baby carriage in tow. Wanda looked spry and chipper as usual, despite the massive amount of children scurrying along her toes. Wayne however was drained of life as usual; his bloodshot eyes scanning the room for a safe haven from the madness that was his life. The various pups all began their hunt for mischief; Winnie being the only one to stay at her parents’ sides and watch the two twin wolf pups in the carriage.


The vampire, flesh golem and invisible man all yelped as wolf pups dashed around their feet, the one named Wily latching onto Dracula’s cape and tugging it like a rope. Every year he did this and yet Dracula simply sighed and lifted him up to hang in the air by his teeth. “Now now Wily, is that any way for a young wolf to behave in a hotel?” 

“Sorry Uncle Drac,” Wily managed to mumble as he was lowered back down to the ground; running along with his brothers and sisters to wreck havoc somewhere else.


“I wish you all would have let me know sooner that you all were coming; how was this information kept from me anyway?” Dracula mumbled to Frank who simply chuckled and scratched the back of his stitched head.


“Well, I might have made a few arrangements to make this a surprise for you; after all, if we didn’t come early, you know what would have happened. You would have probably gone crazy,” Frank explained as the werewolves came up to greet them. “Wayne, Wanda! How are you two? How’s the new babies? How is everything?”


“Hey Frank, Drac, Griff! We’re fine; the kids are fine and the babies are slowly turning into little monsters like the rest of them. How’s it hanging with you guys?” Wayne said with a forced grin, clearly lacking in any sleep as he nodded towards his wife. “Wanda and I couldn’t wait to come out and spend some time at the hotel. Plus, we’re glad to be here early to help you out Drac!”


The vampire wasn’t sure if he was truly aggravated anymore for he could tell his friends cared a lot about him and were willing to take the time to make sure he was ok. Dracula grinned as he replied, “I’m glad you all could come early; thank you all very much for all of this.”


The other monsters in their circle smiled in response to Dracula’s change of heart, coming together to give him pats or hugs of encouragement as he prepared to face the upcoming week before Mavis’ party. A feeling of satisfaction rose up with him as Dracula nodded along, feeling as if nothing could stand in his way of having the best weeks possible. His friends were all there to aid him any way they could, his daughter and Johnny would be returning soon to join in the fun; what could possibly go wrong?


A chill suddenly lifted through the lobby of the hotel as the room went silent, eyes all turning to the doors as a tall silhouette stepped through the opening with several attendants in tow. The man was dressed head to toe in black with cold eyes latched onto Dracula, his face twisted in a toothy grin as he showed off his fangs to the world. His silver hair was flowing behind him as he stepped towards the group, his cane tapping the floor with each step he took.


“Is that-?” Frank began to ask but he was quickly silenced by Dracula who stepped forward to greet the vampire.


“Count Orlok, it is a pleasure to see you again,” Dracula mused with a bow to the elder vampire who also bowed in greeting. “Forgive me, I was unaware of your arrival today.”


“Count Dracula, the pleasure is mine; and do not worry about it, this arrival of mine was actually unannounced,” Orlok said as he waved his attendants forward, each one of them eyeing the lobby carefully before scribbling on their parchments in hand. “You recall my work with the Transylvania Times, my good man?”


His lip slightly quivered at the realization of why this famous Count was gracing Dracula’s hotel with his presence. “Why yes, Count Orlok; I am a big fan of your writing and of the products you bring forth sir. I dare ask, is this visit about the Sku-?”


“We at the Transylvania Times pride ourselves in scooping out the hottest spots and providing them with the scores deemed worthy; depending on our scores is if the average monsters would desire traveling to said spots,” Orlok interrupted, his attendants still scribbling along as he spoke. “Count Dracula, this is a surprise inspection merely to see how well your staff does when not expecting themselves to be on trial. I hope you don’t mind but this is your appointment to be evaluated for the Skull Score.”


A small gasp was released from Dracula’s lips as he glanced around his hotel, thankful that the witches had already attended to the messes created by Murray and the pups. Luckily he had a wonderful staff that was always ahead of the game when it came to aiding the customers; however, any type of pressure outside of Dracula’s pestering was sure to put a damper on some if not all. And not only that, the Skull Score was the greatest table-changer in terms of hot spots for monsters; if a place got a low Skull Score, it might as well of been abandoned and left to rot for no one would go to visit. The last time Hotel Transylvania was visited, it was planned and together the staff and himself were able to score a five out of five skulls; however, being as Mavis’ birthday was right around the corner, were they able to keep things spotless while tending to the preparations?


Dracula’s thoughts were soon interrupted by a nudge to his side, the vampire lifting his eyes towards the gesturing Frank for only a moment before returning his attention to his guests. “I apologize; I was simply calculating the best room choices for you and your staff. How many rooms will you be needing, Count Orlok?” Dracula asked with a businesslike smile.


The elder vampire returned the grin as he motioned for his staff to step forward and greet their newest client. “We’ll only need three rooms; one for myself, one for the boys and one for the girls. If you could all introduce yourself to Count Dracula so he can become acquainted with you all,” said Orlok as he ushered the closest staff member forward, her thin frame stumbling slightly at his push as she quickly adjusted her red curls that fell over her amethyst orbs. “Will you start please, my dear Ester?” 

The one called Ester showed the slightest bit of agitation with her order however she let her uncomfortable demeanor sink away as she nodded towards the group before her. She was slightly pale save for the row of freckles along her cheeks and the bridge of her nose and her lips were tinted amethyst like her eyes. She wore a threaded blouse of the same color as well as a black skirt, striped leggings and black ballerina slippers. In one hand was her clipboard she held pressed to her chest and the other one held tightly to her bag and broom which gave word that she was a witch. A black cat was nestled on her shoulder, lazily opening a single yellow orb to stare at the Count across from his master; the feline was most likely the witch’s familiar.


“Good Evening to you Count Dracula, my name is Ester and I’m one of the lead writers for Transylvania Times. I’m also the right-hand witch to Count Orlok,” the witch explained as she let a warm smile form on her amethyst lips. “I’ll be spending the majority of my time here exploring the hotel and asking you and your staff the appropriate questions. I hope I won’t be any trouble for you sir.”


The flesh golem behind Dracula stared at the sight of beauty before glancing down at his vampire friend, nearly losing his breath as he noticed the Count nearly frozen as he stared at Ester. It had been a couple centuries since he saw Dracula in that state but Frank wouldn’t know for sure until he had a chance to speak privately with him. “Uh, Drac; you going to acknowledge the girl?” Frank asked with a small chuckle forming in his throat.


“Huh?” Dracula whispered as he broke from his thoughts and stared at the girl before nodding. “Oh yes, i-it’s no trouble at all Mrs. Ester.”


The witch quickly interrupted him, “it’s Miss.”


“Oh, right; Miss Ester, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” Dracula quickly righted himself with a nod as he spoke. “I’ll be sure to give you all a tour after we’ve booked your rooms for the week.”


Her smile grew brighter at Dracula’s words. “Splendid,” Ester chimed before motioning forward her coworkers and beginning down the line. “We have quite an array of monsters on staff so please be patient as I introduce them. We have Rocky the Golem, Will the wisp, Milady Medusa, Spindle of the Web and Master Phantom. Everyone please greet our wonderful host.”


The line of monsters was certainly filled with variety as Ester said before, beginning with the tall, hefty form of Rocky. His name was pretty self-explanatory in respect to his being made of stone, his carved features smiling as he gestured a bow towards Dracula.


Next in line was a ghostly form, light emanating from his body as he seemed to float above the floor. A moment flashed where there was nothing more than a small ball of light; however, the ball soon twisted back into his lanky human form. The presence was average height in cool blue clothes; his eyes and skin glowing nearly the same color. His mischievous grin was enough to see that he’d be trouble in the long run; the wisp probably plotting the chaos he could cause.


A seductive woman stood next to the wisp, her hair long and clearly alive as they were at least a hundred small snakes. Her skintight dress and heels accented the shining features of her body, much to the pleasure of several male monsters in the lobby. One of which was the drooling lump of wrappings known as Murray.


Next was a beauty with ruby red lips and midnight locks tied up into a bun; her outfit a dress accented with web markings and spider jewelry. Her eyes were wide and showed evidence of three separate pupils within the human one; giving her away as being a spider maiden.


And last was a figure cloaked by his trench coat, scarf and fedora; clearly not wanting to reveal much about his person other than his attire.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you all; if you could just follow me to the front desk I’ll be able to check you in and escort you to your rooms,” Dracula mused before stepping towards the front desk, eyeing his friends and silently pleading with Frank to disperse as he tended to the Transylvania Times staff.


The flesh golem nodded in understanding by the vampire’s request and quickly grabbed the group’s attention, helping Wayne and Wanda as Griffin went to snatch Murray before he could make a fool out of himself in front of Medusa. Frank frowned slightly as he maneuvered up the steps with wolves dashing about beneath him; so much for relaxing Dracula before Mavis’ arrival.


*~Chapter One End~*