Odd Findings Preview

AN: So I’m currently working on a novel called Odd Findings about two men who are partnered up and end up dealing with strange cases (sort of like Sherlock Holmes, etc.) Detective Leon Mabie and Detective Shamus Kane are partnered after Shamus chases off another partner with his rough attitude. In the middle of their first big case, Leon and Shamus pay a visit to a house to visit a friend of Leon’s. Things get a little dicey once they get there. This is meant to be simply a preview of the story since I’m currently working on the prologue, chapter one and chapter two. Hope you guys enjoy!


The engine hummed in the old Mercedes as Shamus pulled his car to the front of 1296 Hunter Ave.; eyeing the crumbling home with disgust as his partner adjusted his coat beside him. It was clearly an ancient building and was in more disrepair than anything Shamus had ever seen before; there was some doubt that this was even livable to humans alike.


“You can’t be serious; this is where your friend lives?” Shamus questioned, swallowing back his accent as Leon stepped out of the car. “It’s nothing but a dump!”


“Don’t be fooled by the cover, Shamus; and I wouldn’t call her a friend,” Leon sniped as he slammed the car door; Shamus soon retreating from the car as well. “She’s more like an annoying accomplice.”


The red-haired detective rolled his emerald orbs at Leon’s nonchalant attitude. “You’re such a charmer; I’m sure all the ladies love you if you categorize them like that,” said Shamus with a sneer.


“Charmer? I think you misread this situation,” Leon began with a chuckle. “She’s m-.”


Before the man could finish his explanation, shots reigned down from the top floor of the building towards the duo below. Shamus was the first to react; ducking down towards the front of the car and readying his gun. Leon however remained in place, holding up his hands in defeat with a sigh.


“Who the hell’s shooting at us? Is this one of your ex-girlfriend’s or something!” Shamus cried out as he aimed his gun to the roof while remaining in cover.


“Zisel, stop this right now; I’m not in the mood for your games!” Leon shouted towards the house, motioning for Shamus to stay back as he stepped onto the lawn towards the steps. “I just need to ask you a few questions all right?”


“Denied!” A voice called from inside the house as more shots reigned down; Shamus letting out a gasp as Leon growled and darted for the steps.


“Wait a-!” Shamus called out, shocked to find Leon was the one rushing ahead and not him. Not only that but he was shocked to see Leon kicking the door open without remorse and charging inside without him. “Hold up!”


The red-haired detective darted from behind the car and maneuvered around the shots towards the steps, leaping up them with ease and soon catching up to Leon. The dark-haired gentleman was fighting off several men in dark clothes, their muscle clearly unmatched by Leon’s tactical prowess. Shamus huffed before stepping into the fray, punching away the men before following Leon up the steps.


“Who’s this Zisel character and tell me why she’s doing this? Why does she have a whole army of men in this house trying to kill us?” Shamus asked as they made it to the top floor where at least twenty men waited for them.


“Zisel’s not trying to kill us; she’s merely toying with us-or rather with me,” Leon explained as the two of them slid forward, sending the approaching men flying with ease. They sent punches and kicks everywhere until soon there was no one to stand against them; only unconscious men littering the floor beneath their feet. “That was much too easy.”


“That was the point, Idiot,” a voice chimed in from the other side of the room; a black walkie-talkie sitting alone on the window sill. Leon stepped over the men and took the walkie-talkie in his hand; eyeing Shamus’ annoyed look before speaking into the device.


“Where are you, Zisel? I’m not in the mood for games today,” Leon said with a growl; the girl’s voice giggling at his tone. “I’m serious!” 

“I’m in the back, Idiot; hurry up and get out here! Man, you guys are hilarious!” Zisel answered before the line went silent; Shamus and Leon both eyeing the back window to see a thin girl with purple-streaked hair sprawled out on a couch below.


“That’s Zisel? She looks like a kid!” Shamus gasped in disbelief.


“She just dresses young; she’s actually 25 and with intense knowledge on weapons, explosives and technology,” Leon mumbled with a sigh. “She’ll be useful to us.”


“And how can you be so sure?” Shamus asked with a skeptical glance to his partner. “How can we even trust her when she found shooting at us to be a game?”


Leon rolled his eyes at the comment before leading the way towards the stairs. “Simple,” Leon said with a nod. “She’s my sister; I know her better than anyone.”


“Your sis-!” Shamus began but quickly bit his tongue. No wonder Leon was so strange to him; if a girl like Zisel was related to him he could only imagine the family as a whole.


*~Preview End~*