Fuse’s Choice

AN: Yep, another SWTOR drabble; what can I say, I’m on a hype. I love our RP me and Jamie have going and I just wanted to keep writing to build up the story in the future.


I love Fuse from the Trooper’s storyline and I’m bummed that there is currently no romance story possible for him and the female trooper >.< He’s a demolitions expert who has a conscious that eventually brings him back from his earliest defect to the Sith Empire. He aids the trooper in taking out a bomb and even tells her to leave him to die for his crimes. I couldn’t let him do that >.< so I saved him and now he’s on our side again. I wish they would make an update and allow him to have a romance with my trooper! Anyway, I wanted to feature him in the RP and give him a chance to redeem himself for his crimes.


I’m just going to go ahead and start; hope you guys enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.


I remember it clearly; the plan being set into motion and myself refusing to stand against those who were my long-standing crewmates. I was foolish to not speak what was truly on my mind; I knew it was wrong and yet I followed after Tavus and my crew as they stroked my ego with how well I handled the demolitions and was meant to join them with the Sith Empire.


Why was I so willing to follow that man instead of doing what I truly felt in my heart was right? I remember meeting those eyes when we first departed of the man who would take over as the lead in Havoc Squad; Pax’s eyes displayed hurt and yet he showed such determination to bring us back to the Republic side. I could tell without a doubt that he was sincere; he truly wanted to save us not because it was his job but because he found us to be friends of some sort.


During our brief time together on Ord Mantell, I felt Pax was truly a man to be reckoned with for his strength and abilities displayed both on and off the battlefield. Though he was a cyborg, he was more a human than Needles ever was. During our conversations together speaking about explosives and missions, he would refer to me by my true name, Lieutenant Vanto Bazren; he would then ask if I preferred to be called Fuse and I would reply with how I would accept whatever he’d like to refer me as. Pax would nod and then refer to me as Fuse for the remainder of the conversation; however, he would always hint again that he would change his address of me if I wished it.


I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Zabrak but there was always a lot of pressure on me to be a high-class warrior who could handle any situation at the drop of the hat. I know my species is known for their exceptional warriors and yet there’s me; I’m not strong or brave. The only thing I truly have going for me is my expertise in demolitions; that is the sole reason Tavus wanted me for this job. I knew how to make bombs; Tavus and the Empire needed bombs.


I made my choice to follow Tavus and join the Empire; I also made my choice to turn away from the Empire when I finally came to my senses. My later choice got me deemed a traitor from the Empire as I reached out to Pax when he and his crew were aiding others in Tatoonie. Those who were left in our crew punished me for my efforts and I was trapped to blow with my explosives; I thought it was truly over for me until Pax refused to leave me to die.


I owe that man my life; despite everything that happened, he saved me and allowed me to return and be a part of Havoc Squad once more. The Counsel put me under surveillance as I turned myself in; Pax putting in a good word for me and bringing me on as part of his crew.


For once, I felt truly appreciated for what I did. But not only that, I felt as if Pax truly saw me as more of a friend than a tool in the Havoc Squad’s arsenal; I made a vow to never betray Pax again. I’ve made my choices in life and accepted them fully with my action; I’ve made my choice once more and this time I’m sticking with it.


I choose to fight alongside Sergeant Paxton Seugor for as long as I’m able; I’ve regained his trust and I’ll never go against him. He accepts me; even his entire crew seems pleased with my being there. I think I’ve finally made the right choice.



The Newest Member of Havoc Squad

AN: I’m all about my star wars characters right now; I’m on a star wars hype to try and boost our storyline for the current RP I have in the works with Jamie Canyon. Currently we’re still in the early stages but I’m enjoying the build-up to a full blown storyline.


This drabble is all about Paxton and his involvement with Havoc Squad; he is one of the members of the squad and he ends up being questioned for betrayal once they defect to the Imperial side. Basically, Paxton is following the actual Trooper storyline within the game with the exception of a few changes. This will help in bringing in Aric Jorgan into the story as well as Fuse.


Well, no point just spouting on; let’s get this show on the road. Hope you guys enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.


Still a young soldier barely in his prime, Pax never dreamed he would ever be accepted into such an elite force as Havoc Squad while barely in his twenties. The bubbly cyborg sat with a smirk on his lip as the other troopers stared at him in surprise; someone so young was already in good graces with the members of havoc?


“Hey Kid, not nervous are you?” Gearbox asked from beside the cyborg, chuckling at the sparkles in his eyes as he patted his shoulder. “Calm down; you shouldn’t be so excited. Ord Mantell is hardly a pleasure cruise; we’ve got lots of Separatists storming our blockages everyday. It’s more like a round-the-clock shooting party.”


“I’m alright with that; just as long as I’m on the good side after all,” Pax replied as he turned his attention towards his new ally. “You’ve been with Havoc Squad long?”


“Heh, I’m definitely a bit more seasoned than you on all accounts; however, I don’t have that strength and determination that you showed the Republic. Even though I’m older, I still have a lot to learn from a kid like you,” Gearbox said with a nudge as Pax chuckled. “Heard all about your skills while on Tatoonie and Nar Shaada; despite how young you are, you lead a group and took down several high-priority Imps. You’re an essential key to what makes Havoc Squad so great.”


“Sounds like this is the place for me then,” Pax began to say, biting his lip as the ship jerked from an outside impact. Gearbox was the first to react, unbuckling himself as he rushed to the holocom.


“This is Gearbox, what’s the situation?” Gearbox questioned into the holocom as a weakened figure appeared before him. Pax could feel the ship coming in for a landing as the other troopers geared up and prepared their weapons.


“Sir, Separatists are attacking the area; we are cut off from getting to Fort Garnik!” The man managed to get out before shots sounded behind him, letting out a groan before he fell to the ground in a heap. “Requesting Havoc Squad assistance pl-ah!”


“Stay with me!” Gearbox growled into the holocom before it went dead, the man then turning to Pax who was gearing himself up for the fight. “Well kid, you haven’t gotten to meet the boss yet but it looks like you are already on your first mission with Havoc Squad. You ready kid? I’ll be your eyes here and handle any riffraff that are causing the Republic any grief. You run ahead and clear that path towards Fort Garnik. You think you can handle it?”


“Of course I can; I was made for this. You going to be ok?” Pax asked as he pulled his assault cannon from its holster and readied it. “I don’t want to leave you here alone if you need help.”


“Heh, don’t worry about me kid; I might not be as good a soldier as you when it comes to combat but I have a few tricks up my sleeves,” Gearbox replied with a smirk. “You get out there kid and open up that path to Fort Garnik. Go make Havoc Squad proud.”


Pax seemed to smirk at Gearbox’s words before he slipped his helmet over his Mohawk and marched down the ramp towards the fight. “Oh, I’ll make you guys proud alright; time to wreck a little havoc of my own!”



Teach Me, Jedi!

AN: Yep, all about the Star Wars characters right now; definitely going through my star wars hype at full throttle lol. We have a SWTOR RP in the works right now between myself and Jamie Canyon and I wanted to highlight our characters as we build up through the Prologue of the RP into the main storyline.


This drabble will be a little tidbit on Ruci and Osanna’s relationship; Osanna is a Jedi Knight and a Zabarak. She also has her droid along with her as she adventures and crosses path with the group; he is the companion T7-01. I really wanted them to have a moment together to just get a feel for one-another. I hope I do Osanna justice; I’m borrowing her from Jamie Canyon >.< I really like the characters she created for the RP and hope I’m doing them justice in all these drabbles.


I’m going to get this show on the road; Hope you guys enjoy!


Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.


The second time in Coruscant was shocking more relaxing for Osanna as she slipped into the library at the Capital, sitting back in one of the study rooms and skimming through the historical documents of the world. Her master, Ladak’Oel, was shocked to find the Padawan had gotten herself involved so deep with Dresden and his crew; however, she assured him that she was doing all she could for her mission to better understand the Smuggler. He was involved with various trades that dealt with Jedi Artifacts and she wanted a clear answer on why he was doing such things and who his clients were.


T7-01 beeped and hummed at the Jedi’s side as he bumped her armrest, the Zabarak ignoring his pestering until she realized another presence had entered the room. She frowned but refused to lift her hazelnut eyes from the page. “Aren’t you supposed to be with your new teacher?”


“You’re shooing me away already?” Ruci’s whines came from behind the seat as the girl leaned forward; staring at the Padawan’s reading material with interest. “It was cool to run into you again though; I wanted to get to know you since I’ve never got to openly meet a Jedi before. I’ve only seen them from a distance when they walked through Coruscant and browsed the shops.”


“That’s nice; but if you excuse me, I’m reading,” Osanna tried to voice Ruci away again but the girl continued her chattering with little desire to listen.


“I’ve lived here my whole life; where are you from? Did you train at that Jedi planet? How long have you had your droid?” Ruci questioned without a breather. “How’d you meet Dresden? What did you need with that artifact before? Are you going to be coming along on Dresden’s ship from now on too? It would be nice to have another girl onboard since it’s now packed with guys. Let’s see, there’s Corso, Jorgan, Pax and Dresden now; I’m not really counting C2-N2 since he’s a droid and all. Would you say he counts as a guy? Do you think T7 would count as a guy too?”


The slamming of Osanna’s book caused Ruci to fall silent, allowing the bang to echo through the room as the Padawan glared over the talkative girl. “I came to the study room here to read and sit in peace; however, you have made that impossible,” Osanna snipped with a frown before turning her eyes to the pile of books she had placed on the table. “I have a lot of reading to catch up on and I’m sorry to say but you’re a major distraction. Please leave me in peace.”


At first, Ruci showed hurt in her Kelly green eyes; however, she soon perked up again as she maneuvered around and sat in a chair across from the agitated Jedi. “You have plenty of time to read up on things; don’t you want to see the sights?”


“I’ve already seen the sights of the Capital; are you not going to leave me in peace?” Osanna questioned as she opened her book again; biting her lip as she felt something collide with her forehead and set into one of her thorns. She lowered the book on her lap again before reaching a hand to her crown, grasping the balled piece of cake that had clearly come from the now conspicuous Ruci that whistled and glanced away. “Really?”


“Wh-What’s wrong?” Ruci questioned, still avoiding eye contact with the Jedi who was now letting a smirk form on her lips. “Something happen?”


“Yes; this,” Osanna retorted before tossing the cake back at Ruci; the girl managing to dodge the attack as she giggled. “You are a strange one, Ruci; shouldn’t you be at home now? I thought Dresden would not allow you to go with him if you didn’t get the approval from your family.”


“Yeah, he did say that; Dad said I could go as long as I holocall him every day. Apparently he was impressed with the recommendations the Republic gave him from my efforts on Ord Mantell,” Ruci explained with a sparkle in her eyes. “Does this mean you are done studying now and you want to talk to me?”


“Hardly,” Osanna quickly retorted as she lifted her book up once more, slightly embarrassed at falling for Ruci’s efforts for conversation.


“Aw, no fun!” Ruci whined again as she slumped back in her seat; pouting to herself as T7 hummed what seemed like a giggle for the droid. “Come on, I want to chat with you; I haven’t been able to talk with you at all since we’ve met besides you asking for the artifact the first time.”


“Because we do not need to chat right now; I’m reading so I’ll ask you again to please leave me alone,” Osanna retorted before gasping; Ruci’s form leaping from her chair and standing tall before her. “Wh-What now?”


“If you’re not going to talk to me about normal stuff, then you’ll just have to teach me something!” Ruci stated with a smirk as she placed her hands on her shoulders. “So teach me Jedi! Teach me all your awesome ways!”


Osanna gawked at the girl before her, unsure of what game she was playing at. She was strange to say the least; clearly one who didn’t appreciate the art of silence and tranquility. At first, the Padawan only assumed her chatterbox ways of being a nervous reaction to uneasy situations and yet Ruci was there seeking out a conversation from the Zabarak girl; she was interested in learning more about her as if they were already good friends. And in order to stay in Osanna’s company, the redheaded human was seeking out her teachings.


“I-I can’t just teach you things,” Osanna began with a frown. “If you mean the ways of the Jedi, there is no way I can teach you anything. If you aren’t one with the force then you have no business learning what the Jedi know. If you mean about worlds beyond this, I’d gladly point you to books and datacrons that have that information for you so that you didn’t have to bother me.”


“No, not about that stuff; I want you to teach me about you!” Ruci exclaimed with a warm smile, Osanna’s eyes widening at the girl’s words. So that was it; she wanted Osanna to tell her about herself and found that asking her in the way of education would make her more open to chatting with her.


“So you want to learn more about me?” Osanna asked with wide eyes. “Why?”


“Because that’s what friends do; they share things about one-another and enjoy each other’s company,” Ruci answered with hopeful eyes; Osanna blushing slightly at the term ‘friend’.


“You consider us ‘friends’ despite never talking with one-another or really knowing anything about each other?” Osanna questioned with a skeptical glance.


“Well duh; don’t you think so?” Ruci chimed with a smile, T7 beeping in approval at her comment while Osanna let a small smile form on her own lips. Were things really that simple in the human’s mind? 

“I-I guess you’re right then,” Osanna said with a blush before gesturing for Ruci to take a seat across from her. “I suppose I won’t be getting much reading done anyway at this rate; I’ll accept your notion as us being friends. However, you have to do something for me.”


Ruci nodded at Osanna’s words, “sure, I’ll do anything! What do you need me to do?”


“Stop talking for five minutes so I can teach you about myself,” Osanna answered, Ruci chuckling at her words as she nodded in agreement. “You’ll get your chance to teach me yourself; for now, just sit back and learn all about Osanna.”



A Bit Of A Scoundrel

AN: I wanted to do a little tidbit of Dresden’s dearest Andretti who occasionally runs into the group and brings Corso into their ranks. She’s a fun character who likes to ruffle up the man’s feathers; she travels with her younger sister Malty and the two of them make it a point to make Dresden aware of their presence.


Name: Andretti Ormatiea

Age: 31

Planet: originally from Tatoonie

Ship: Corellian XS Stock Light Freighter

Race: Mirialan

Class: Smuggler – Scoundrel

Hair: Ebony, beaded bangs and the top half pulled back slightly.

Eyes: Crystal Blue

Description: She tends to wear pilot threads and likes to show off her various guns on her person. She is tall and very agile; she tends to show off during her mission which causes much stress for her younger sister. She has darker green skin and markings on her cheeks.

Weapon(s): Blaster and a Rifle

Bio: A smuggler born on Tatoonie, she and Dresden have a history together which involves her stealing his ship at the time and trying to weasel her way into stealing his missions. They were childhood friends and yet he was so willing to run off and leave her on Tatoonie to venture the stars; she took offense to it and trained her sister and herself in the art of Smuggling. She has more street smarts while her sister is more book smart which balances them out well; the two of them argue a lot but they take care of each other. She secretly wants Dresden to invite her to be a part of his crew but she’d never admit it.


Name: Malty Ormatiea

Age: 26

Planet: originally from Tatoonie

Race: Mirialan

Class: Smuggler – Gunslinger

Hair: Ebony, cut short and slightly ruffled; she wears a small trinket on her head. She usually wears more modest clothes that are easy to move in.

Eyes: Violet

Description: She is a bit shorter than her sister and pale green skin; she is agile but still not up to par with her sister’s skills. Her markings are triangles beneath her eyes and on her chin.

Weapon(s): Two blasters

Bio: She is much more modest than her sister and least likely to take the cocky approach with her fighting and carrying out missions. She also has more book smarts while her sister is more street smart. She isn’t sure she craves the smuggling life like her sister does; however, she never wants to leave her alone without knowing that Andretti would be with a crew that would keep her safe. She secretly wants her sister to admit her feelings for Dresden and for the two of them to get together; however, she knows things would never be that easy.


Anyway, I’m going to go ahead and start; hope you guys enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.


The hanger hummed as the smuggler’s ship landed in the docking bay, Corso Riggs managing to lift his eyes from his diagnostics run long enough to see two gorgeous beauties stepping down the ramp towards the hanger. They were both locked in what seemed to be a staring contest, the two of them huffing in annoyance as his current employer Skavak strolled over to greet them. The three of them shared pleasantries, the younger of the two women seeming to have visibly calmed down while the older was still pouting like a child.


“If my research is correct, those two are top smugglers from Tatoonie; it’s kind of funny seeing them acting so childish,” Corso joked to himself before noticing Skavak waving him over; the man getting to his feet and making his way to the other man’s side. “So you’re the captain and her crew, right? We could really use some help around here. There’s Separatists all over getting in the way of our work.”


“Uh, you going to introduce yourself or you just going to let me make up a name for you?” The older woman questioned with a sneer, the younger woman quickly stepping between them with a glare over her shoulder.  

“I apologize for my sister’s rudeness; she’s just upset because she lost a bet,” the woman mused before outstretching a hand towards Corso. “My name is Malty and this is my sister Andretti; we were called in by Skavak here to help take care of the Separatist problem. And you are?”


The man reached a hand to scratch the back of his head, a bit embarrassed at Andretti’s harsh stare as he replied, “name’s Corso Riggs; I’ll be helping you out with whatever I can against the Separatists. Pleased to meet you both.”


“Pleased to meet you too; Andretti, stop being mean already,” Malty muttered before pointing towards Skavak. “You were saying sir?”


“I was just saying that the Separatists are interfering with our work and each day we lose important cargo and technology. We’ve lost a few good men to these Separatists as well; things are getting out of hand here,” Skavak explained before nodding towards the women. “So you two up for the challenge; you going to help us or what?” 

Before Malty could have a chance to answer, Andretti broke in with a smirk across her face. “Heh, we’ll help you for the right price; how much you willing to spend on our services?”


Skavak’s eyes flashed for a moment with aggravation before he answered. “I’ve got 500 credits for each Separatist you get off our backs; I’ve got another 500 for each piece of equipment or ally you bring back to us.”


“500 each? That’s pretty generous,” Malty whispered with a look of disbelief.


“Hm, sounds like you’re having a hard time with these men alright; so then you wouldn’t mind upping the ante,” Andretti interrupted; ignoring her sister’s glare as she continued on. “How about 800 credits a Separatist and so forth; after all, I need to eat and all that jazz. You need to make this job worth the whole risking my life thing.”


“8-800 credits per person?” Skavak stuttered, his eyes wide in disbelief. “Isn’t that a bit much?”


“Not at all; you don’t supply enough to make this worthwhile and we won’t bother with such a job,” Andretti mused as her sister tried to gain her attention. “You have to be willing to pay big money to take care of a pest control problem such as this.”


Skavak huffed at the woman’s words as Corso eyed her with a smirk of his own. “You really take the ‘scoundrel’ term literally, don’t you?” Corso questioned towards Andretti, her smirking growing at his words.


“Money makes the worlds go round; what can I say?” Andretti answered as Skavak finally sighed in defeat.


“Fine; we got a deal; Corso will make you to track all your efforts so you get paid the appropriate amount,” Skavak answered before slumping off to tend to his cargo again. “I’ll be seeing you again shortly, Captain; good luck.”


“Heh, luck’s got nothing to do with it,” Andretti called out towards Skavak as Malty slipped over to Corso’s side with a look of guilt.


“I apologize for her conniving ways; Andretti is sort of a greedy demon whenever she sees the perfect chance. I hope she didn’t offend you or anything,” Malty mumbled as Corso chuckled.


“No, it’s fine; she seems to know what she wants and how to get it which I find to be somewhat commendable. Has she always been so focused on making money?” Corso asked, hoping he was not overstepping his boundaries; after all, he had just met the duo and he wanted to make a good impression on the women.


“Oh, she didn’t get this way until she took up Smuggling as a possible career,” Malty answered with a sigh before motioned towards Andretti, who was already marching off towards the exit with credits on the brain. “I better catch up to her; feel free to give her a hard time about the credits thing later. She’ll probably get a kick out of it and be more open with you then.” 

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Corso said with a nod towards the departing woman. “You stay safe out there Captain.”


“Oh, I’m just a lackey; she’s the Captain,” Malty mused with a grin as she waved over her shoulder and followed after Andretti. “Thanks though; we’ll keep in touch!”


Once outside, Malty’s smile quickly faded as she sent a glare over in her sister’s direction. Andretti had yet to notice the sour atmosphere between them, instead whispering something about lovely credits under her breath.


“You could have been a little nicer in there; you are going to send these poor guys into bankruptcy with your demands,” Malty scolded her sister, Andretti simply rolling her eyes at the words. “Could you be any more of a Scoundrel?”


“Yeah, I could; I thought I was being mighty generous with that request for 900 credits each,” Andretti mused with a smirk.


“I-It was only 800 each you demanded,” Malty quickly retorted.


“Huh, really; well, it looks like you’ll need to put the call in with Corso and tell him to up the ante another 100 credits then. We’re the ones doing the fighting; we should be getting a fat sum for our work,” Andretti said with a wink, narrowly dodging her sister’s fist.


“You’re such a Scoundrel!” Malty snapped before stomping off towards the Republic outpost outside the barricade.


“Yeah, I am; and you wouldn’t have it any other way,” Andretti agreed before dashing after her sister.  


Sleeping Soundly

AN: Yet another avatar drabble since I have time to write one; I’m having a bit of difficulty with our Legend of Korra RP together with Jamie. I love the story we’ve made together but I am just having trouble with the push needed to continue on without changing up a few things from past postings. I wanted to create another drabble in hopes to build my attention back to the RP so we can continue it; as well as I wanted to test out the current pairing we’re teasing towards. 

I really like the idea of Ariana and Koji having their relationship grow into something more than friendship; I still plan on having the Ariana/Rufio relationship in the end but I would like to see what happens with these two. They are quite cute in my eyes so it’ll be hard to break them up xD


First things first, these characters are purely original; I have no ownership of the Avatar Franchise besides my take of them during role-plays and fanfiction. I’m just borrowing for storytelling purposes. Also, Koji is Jamie Canyon’s character; just borrowing him for fun (: Hope you guys enjoy!


The rooftop was quiet save for the soft, even breaths of Ariana’s slumbering form as she and Koji rested beneath the starry sky. The earth bender had a smile on his lips as he allowed the air bender to snuggle on his arm, ignorant of the stares he got from her lemurs eyeing the situation with suspicion. All he could really think about was the beautiful air bender at his side and how he wanted to grace her lips with a kiss and let her sleep soundly in his arms.


Sure, Koji was a bit of a flirt but he seemed to genuinely care about Ariana since her arrival to Republic City. He was there every step of the way as she acclimated herself to the world around her; even at the point where she was at risk of being discovered as an air bender. He would tease her and do his best to charm her curious eyes, feeling pleased with himself whenever he would successfully win a smile and a wink from his crush.


To Koji, Ariana was a beauty meant to be treated like a princess; and yet she preferred the simple pleasures such as staring up at the stars or dipping her toes into the lake. He had never thought he would meet someone so wonderful in his life; now if only she’d accept his pursuits already.


“I guess this is enough for now,” Koji whispered to himself, taking the girl’s hand in his own before gently kissing her check. He then leaned his forehead against her mop of ebony hair, closing his eyes and listening carefully to her breathing. “Maybe our time will come soon; I hope it will.”



I Never Knew

AN: I’m all about my star wars characters right now; I’m on a star wars hype to try and boost the storyline for the current RP I have in the works with Jamie Canyon. Currently we’re still in the early stages but I’m enjoying the build-up to a full blown storyline.


This drabble is all about Ruci after she is snagged by Jamie’s bounty hunter Rex.


Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.


I’m not really one for the thrilling lifestyle; or at least I never thought I was. I was always cooped up at home or helping my dad in the marketplace selling various goods to the many species inhabiting Coruscant; however, I never once stepped outside my part of the city and always had the Coruscant Capital Building in my view. I never showed any interest of stepping near the borders; my safety was practically guaranteed and I had no desire of tempting fate just to explore some part of the city that could result in losing my life. I was content where I was and nothing would get me to think otherwise.


So why was I currently in a speeder with a bounty hunter speeding over Coruscant? Simple really; I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.


I decided to cure my boredom while in the marketplace by shopping for various trinkets that caught my eye; soon coming across a delicate artifact that I believed was from one of the Jedi temples. It was a tremendous find and it would have been in my possession too if not for being cornered by a Jedi Padawan who wished to take the artifact for her own. And that wasn’t even the hard part; soon, that Smuggler who had bumped into me earlier had snatched the item from my possession and took off, thinking a few credits would be fine with me.


The Jedi pursued the man within seconds and I accepted the artifact was gone; the Jedi probably had the most reason for taking it while the Smuggler was probably just trying to make a few bucks. To me, it was just a rare item that I had lost out on; that meant I still had credits in my pocket to spend on something else later. I would have been find with returning to my normal life but it just wasn’t meant to be; I soon found myself thrown over the shoulder of an armored bounty hunter and being carted around as his hostage.


From there, I rode around with him and we got shot at by Black Sun Smugglers; the two of us managing to escape death a few times while I managed to be grazed by two blaster shots. Sure, I was terrified; but a part of me was having so much fun with all these events. I had never really known how fun a high-speed chase would be or the adrenaline building up from being chased down by men with blasters. It was fearful and yet so thrilling that I wasn’t ready for it to end.


The bounty hunter seemed to have gotten sick of my excessive talking and decided to dump me back near the Capital I was so familiar with; I can’t help it though, I was nervous and when I’m nervous I tend to be a chatterbox. I wasn’t sure why; maybe it was the realization of finding a world I had never dreamed of coming across but I didn’t want to be sent away.


The bounty hunter, whom I believed was named Rex, was gruff most of the time; yet he seemed to be slightly ok with my presence before ditching me at the speeder. He protected me from gunshots and even showed slight concern when the blasters grazed my skin. Despite what he could have done to me; the man dropped me off at a taxi port and made sure to scold me before sending me off to a medical bay.


My adventure was brief; at least I thought it was. Within a few seconds, I was grabbed from behind by those pesky Black Sun Smugglers and dragged away to speed off back to their hideout. Ok, I’m a little bit scared now; someone help me please!



Nimble Nexu

AN: I absolutely adore the nexu cubs in the game; I wish they were available as pets currently but alas I haven’t been able to find any. Anyway, I decided to write in Nimble as one of Dresden’s leftover cargo from his previous jobs; he’s technically the one that finds Ruci aboard Dresden’s ship. Instead of attacking her like a good guardian creature; Nimble accepted her and played with her happily.


This is just a little something I wrote up this morning before work; hope you guys enjoy! 

Disclaimer: I do not own the Star Wars franchise in any way; I simply created original characters to tie in with their characters and storylines for fictional purposes.  

The comforter of Dresden’s bed left Nimble in a dream-like state as he curled up at the wake of the pillows, purring slightly as his paws brushed at the material longingly. The small cub had not felt an ounce of comfort since his kidnapping from the nest; the poor thing spending its beginning days in the crate with bare minimum care and attention. He began to feel no love was left over for the lonesome creature until his tail was snatched up by the smuggler; the man taking the creature as one of his prizes for completing a mission.  

At first, Nimble had grown accustomed to the man and the name he’d given him; the man giving him a collar and the proper food for their travels. However, the Nexu was soon just shoved away to venture around on his own; the creature occasionally visiting the holding cells of the other creatures he carted around for future employers.


The droid C2-N2 did show affection for the creature; petting him and feeding him whenever possible. However, there was so much lack of emotion when dealing with a droid; even the most vivid of gear heads were just circuitry in the end.


Nimble didn’t mean to complain in his thoughts; he truly cared for his master and droid and would do anything for them. There was just that small glimmer of hope that one of those days attention would be showered upon him; that was all he truly dreamed for since gaining a family of his own.


A steady sound of breathing lifted from the other room causing Nimble to stir from his peaceful slumber, the creature picking himself from the bed and beginning his trek to the cargo hold. Something wasn’t right about the sound; it didn’t match the pattern of breaths from his creature companions aboard the ship. This was something new; possibly human judging by the sweet smell of lily berries lifting into the air.


The curious Nexu cautiously stepped into the cargo hold where he noticed the caged creatures’ eyes all focused to the farthest corners of the room; boxes stacked tall towards the ceiling most likely holding things like artifacts and other items for auctioning or bribes. Nimble carefully made his way around the boxes, his bright eyes widening at the sight of a girl napping peacefully behind the cargo.


His curiosity was piqued as Nimble made his way to the girl’s side, prodding her arm with his paw to guarantee she was truly there. Once it was confirmed, the Nexu seemed to grin at his latest discovery; letting a purr form in his throat as he nudged his body along her skin.


“Huh?” The girl jumped up at his touch and nearly slammed her head into the crates; her fearful eyes gawking down at the creature in surprise. “A Nexu? I’ve read about you guys but never seen you before in real-life. Oh gosh; I hope you’re not aggressive.”


Nimble seemed to understand her words from her tone; inching slowly towards her before licking at her hand. The girl flinched slightly at the action but soon let a smile form; Ruci taking Nimble into her arms and examining him closely.


“The collar says Nimble; what a cute name,” she said happily. “My name’s Ruci; I’m so excited to meet you. This is the first time I’ve ever done something like riding in a ship into space; I can’t believe how amazing the smuggler’s life is!”


Nimble was pleased to meet such a happy creature as this human girl; purring loudly at the attention she provided him. However, their moment together was short-lived as their conversation soon alerted C2-N2 of their presence.


“Oh dear, we have a stowaway!” C2-N2 said as he rushed over to the scene, staring down at the girl as Dresden came barreling into the cargo hold. “Isn’t this the girl you bumped into on Coruscant while in the marketplace?”


“She’s also the girl who I had to save from that Bounty Hunter and that Smuggler’s gang!” Dresden huffed at the sight before stepping over to them, snatching up Ruci by the arm while Nimble rolled down onto the floor. “What are you doing here?!”


“I-I wanted to come with you; I wanted to learn about space and be a smuggler like you!” Ruci explained with hopeful eyes, adjusting her pack on her back while she stared up at the man. “I wanted to come along with you!”


“This can’t be happening,” Dresden croaked at her words as he lifted up his hat and ran a hand through his dusty blond hair. “I’m going to be arrested for kidnapping some kid; never mind the fact she snuck on by herself.”


“I-I’m not a kid; I’m eighteen!” Ruci retorted quickly, Nimble sitting at her feet as he growled at Dresden. The man peered down at the Nexu in shock; frowning at his protective stance before the girl.  

“The damn Nexu isn’t very loyal; he’s already fallen for the girl,” Dresden growled as he lifted a finger towards Ruci. “I’m taking you back to Coruscant right now and alerting the authorities with what you did.”


Ruci stepped back with a frown. “I don’t want to go back to Coruscant; I want to come with you!”


“And I don’t want you here!” Dresden snapped in retort before falling silent, glaring over at the droid’s hand on his shoulder.


“Sir, I must remind you that this current job we have is a timed mission; if we return to Coruscant now then we will certainly be late and will not receive the payment for the mission. In doing that, we’d also lose a valuable employer,” C2-N2 explained calmly. “We can take her with us to Ord Mantell and place her on one of the Republic’s transporters couldn’t we? You have allies in the Republic Troops who could help smooth out the situation so neither party is to blame.”


“But she is to blame!” Dresden snapped at his droid before releasing a sigh of defeat. “Fine; put her in one of the rooms and keep an eye on her. I don’t need her running around and destroying my ship. Miss, I hope you enjoy yourself on this voyage of yours; I’m going to bleed you dry for inconveniencing me like this.”


Ruci frowned at the man’s words, unable to believe that the same man had actually saved her in Coruscant and protected her without a thought. “I’m not giving up on this.”


“Don’t care,” Dresden retorted before storming up to the bridge, C2-N2 ushering the girl out of the cargo hold with Nimble at her side.


“It’s a pleasure to see you are unharmed, Miss; I was worried that something terrible had happened when I received word that Dresden was going after a kidnapped girl on Coruscant,” C2-N2 explained as he helped Ruci into the guest room and led her to a bed closest to a window-lock. “You seem to be very interested in space so I believe this bed would do you nicely; we’ll first be calling the Republic Troops of Ord Mantell before we reach out to your family on Coruscant. May I have your name and your families’ names?”


Nimble hopped up on the bed as Ruci sat down, the Nexu curling up on her lap as she smiled. “My name’s Ruci Solaria; my father and mother are Aberson and Miko. I am sorry for the trouble I’ve caused; however, this was probably the only chance I would have at leaving Coruscant and learning about the Smuggler’s trade.”


The droid seemed to nod in understanding before stepping back from the bed. “I believe your efforts were sound in your task to learn more about smuggling and to join our crew; don’t worry about the master, he’s rough around the edges but he’s truly a kind soul when you get to know him better.” 

“It’s hard to believe,” Ruci replied with a chuckle before allowing the droid to return to his duties to the ship, the girl brushing her fingers along the Nexu’s body with a smile. “You’re a sweet one, little Nimble; I’m glad I got to see you through all of this.”


The Nexu purred in agreement, soon falling asleep in the girl’s lap as she pet him while starring off into the stars.