The Meeting of New Siblings

AN: Yet another avatar drabble since I have time to write one; I am really loving our characters from our Legend of Korra RP and they needed to be seen. I actually wrote this one a little differently but then after the replies to the RP last night, I had to tweak it so it fit in with the story better 😛


These characters are purely mine; they have no relation to the Avatar franchise besides in roleplays and fanfiction. I do not own the Avatar franchise; I’m just borrowing it for storytelling purposes. Also, Tahna, Koji and Kilik are Jamie Canyon’s character! Hope you guys enjoy!


Marcol was aware of more things than any other four year old he ever had the pleasure of meeting; in reality that wasn’t much but he still felt rather mature for his age. His father, Routen, was a skilled Earth Bender who traveled the world and ended up losing his life to the unnecessary risks he took; leaving his wife and son in the care of his only brother Nier. At first life was able to continue on as normal, Lonia struggling with the lonesome life of living on without her husband while Nier took up the role of ‘father figure’ to the young Earth Bender that was his nephew.


Normality was soon a figment of the imagination as Lonia became associated with a man named Wayes; the two of them meeting within the wooded area around their home. The two of them would meet often and soon developed feelings for one-another, Lonia accepting his proposal and allowing Wayes to try and form a bond with Marcol while Nier ventured away for business opportunities he kept to himself.


At first, Marcol was distrusting of the man; knowing he was some sort of bender but unable to figure out just what type he was. He viewed the man as someone who withheld information and was trying to assume the role of father; a role that Marcol never believed should be taken by anyone other than his actual father. However, as time went on, Marcol began to open up to the man and allowed him to take his mother’s hand in marriage.


Not soon after the wedding, Lonia and Wayes explained to the boy that they were expecting another child; Marcol would finally understand what it would mean to be an older brother. However, with that news came another piece of information that had been expected since the first moment Lonia and Wayes had met.

Wayes was an Air Bender; a race that was thought to be nearly extinct except for the late avatar’s family and the one who would soon be announced as the avatar. He explained that the race had gathered what people were left and hid away from the world with little hope of returning to the surface world and the sky temples where they once lived; even after Aang’s heroic adventures, they still feared what would happen if they made their stand once more amongst the other benders.


As a boy, Wayes had studied the world beyond his home in the shadows and wished more than anything to live amongst the world beneath the clouds. He would often sneak out and venture closer and closer to the edge of his homeland until one day he managed to flee the confines and make his way into a wooded area where he would then meet Lonia.  

The two of them shared stories, Wayes trusting her with his secret while Lonia shared her life and her dreams since the loss of her husband. As feelings began to bloom between them, Wayes promised his people that he would do everything in his power to protect them from the world; however, he wished to be with the woman he came to love.


At first the break-away was difficult, the Air Benders wanting nothing more to do with Wayes since his supposed betrayal to their kind. However, as time went on, they came to understand his wishes and knew he would do nothing to harm them. And when he sent them news of his future child, they announced that they must be involved in his child’s life since it would most likely be an Air Bender like him.


Marcol was unsure of what to think about all of the news brought forth before him; unable to truly know what to do for the nine months he watched his mother’s tummy grow. Not only was he going to be a big brother to that little one waiting to be born; but he also knew his future would be hectic as he did everything in his power to protect the little Air Bender from the world outside their walls. Would he really be able to do it? He was so young and already full of responsibility.


The questions still plagued his mind, even when he waited outside his mother’s room as she gave birth; Wayes at her side to bring their new daughter into the world. They called the young boy in after the trial of such a child birth was over; Lonia resting calmly in the bed as she held the little bundle of joy tightly in her arms. Wayes greeted Marcol happily before ushering him to his mother’s side, lifting him up so that his dark chocolate eyes could gaze into the sky blue eyes of his sister.  

“We’d like you to meet your sister, Marcol; she is an Air Bender,” Wayes explained with a proud smile, Lonia smiled up at her son happily.


“I’m still thinking up a good name for her; what do you think, Marcol?” Lonia asked, amazed to see her son’s eyes locked with the newborn’s.  

There was a moment’s pause over the room, Marcol lifting up a hand to grace the baby’s cheek. The little being released a giggle as she smiled, reaching out a tiny hand and touching the boy’s happily. “I-I like the name Ariana; can we name her Ariana?” 

“Ariana?” Lonia repeated, amazed at the connection her two children were having right before her eyes. “I think that’s a fine name for our Air Bending daughter.”


“I agree,” Wayes said with a grin, the man bringing himself and Marcol closer to hug the woman and her baby. “This is a new adventure for our family; are you excited, Marcol?”


“I-I am,” Marcol answered, his forehead touching his sister’s as he let a smile form on his lips. “It’s good to meet you Ariana; I’m your brother Marcol. We might only be half-related but that doesn’t make you any less important. I love you and I’ll do everything I can to protect you; I promise.”



The Water Dances

AN: Yet another avatar drabble since I have time to write one; I am really loving our characters from our Legend of Korra RP and they needed to be seen. I actually wrote this one a little differently but then after the replies to the RP last night, I had to tweak it so it fit in with the story better 😛 

These characters are purely mine; they have no relation to the Avatar franchise besides in roleplays and fanfiction. I do not own the Avatar franchise; I’m just borrowing it for storytelling purposes. Also, Tahna, Koji and Kilik are Jamie Canyon’s character! Hope you guys enjoy!


For Jamie Canyon


The streets began to speckle with the slightest forms of life as the sun began to rise over Republic City. The morning air was salty as winds carried over the water, carrying the scent as far as the borders. There were several people gracing the streets with their presence that early in the morning, preparing to catch the early bird specials at the marketplace.


A cloaked figure slowly stepped out from the shadows and wrapped her shawl closer, her eyes searching the slowly forming crowd as she thought of what place was the best fit for her talents. It was her choice to run away from her home and come to Republic City; however, she was quickly losing money and needed to find a way to make ends meet.


“This place,” Tahna’s voice whispered from beneath her cloak, the girl coming to a halt at a place where she could hear the musicians performing their tunes to the public. “This is the place.”


The water bender laid a small hat down on the ground before beginning to undo her cloak, her dancer’s attire glittering in the sunlight as she opened her canteen and began to twirl. Her arms began to flow like water as the liquid from her canteen rose up and sparkled around her like jewels; a few stray eyes catching a glimpse of her and beginning to maneuver to her side.


Her dance was spectacular; the girl weaving her water like magic as onlookers awed at the beauty she showed them. Coins began to crowd the liner of the hat as Tahna’s smile grew; each trick warranting applause from her audience.


It wasn’t much but dancing was something that brought her enough pocket change to live a normal life within Republic City. Now if only she could keep out of trouble with the locals, she’d be all set.



A lot Like Me

AN: I haven’t written a drabble in awhile so I decided to scribble down one today to pass the time. It’s another drabble for the Alter RP I have with Taji; we’re on the second installment of the story now and let’s just say Gadget isn’t liking the Capitol one bit :3


Anyway, onward with the drabble; hope you guys enjoy ^_^


Mildred and Eva are Taji’s characters, I’m just mentioning them for story-telling purposes!


It had been a few days since Gadget and Brietar had stumbled into the hellhole that was the Capitol and the girl’s views were still more on the spectrum of hatred than anything else. She had stepped away from her base with Brietar and began to search the streets again for any signs of a rebellious activity; the sooner she was able to make her move the sooner she could return to the confines of the city she knew and loved. With Cornelius now confirmed as an ally of the soldiers; Gadget was certain she needed just about all the help she could get.


Her boots scuffed at the sidewalk as she took a moment to rest in the shade of one of the many buildings that blocked her way, the strawberry blond inventor lifting a bottle of water to her lips to hydrate. Her gray-blue eyes scanned the area carefully, known to be in one of the more than less desirable parts of town. She could see just how many dirtied children played amongst themselves in the crevices known as alleyways between the buildings while their guardians were off trying to scrounge together money for the rent or even their next meal. Homeless beings parked their carts or whatever items they managed to take possession of along the walls, a lucky few claiming benches as their bed for the night while others were reduced to pallets of newspaper and trash.


There were similar cases during her life in the city but nothing was as severe as what Gadget saw before her in that area; the girl biting her lip to hold back her gasps of pity and despair. After all, it wasn’t fair to pity them; some of those folks took pride in just being able to live another day; they weren’t so focused on their hardships as the ones looking in on their world.


Before Gadget could continue her trek through the city, she caught a glimpse of a little girl sitting next to a large puddle within a pothole formed from the rainfall of the morning. The girl looked more excited than any other she had seen within the city; the little one sailing a makeshift boat on the surface of the puddle. The boat was her own invention in Gadget’s eyes; the toy made out of various things the little girl most likely found on the street. It was clear she put as much effort as possible into her toy; the girl’s eyes sparkling at the fun she was having with playing with such a feeble object.


“It’s amazing isn’t it? I actually gathered enough money once to buy her one of those fancy dolls but my daughter seems to treasure this toys she made on her own,” a voice sounded from beside Gadget, the girl glancing over at the tall, scruffy man at her side. “You don’t look like you’re from around here; is there a problem miss?”


Gadget’s cheeks tinted pink at the man’s attention, the girl shaking her head as she opened her mouth to speak. “N-No, no-nothing’s wrong sir,” the girl stuttered as she continued to watch the girl. “I’m visiting the city and I felt like exploring today when I noticed your daughter. Did she make that boat herself?”


The man nodded with a fatherly grin. “Yeah; she’s quite the handy little thing. By the way, name’s Oleander; that there is my daughter, Olive. And you are?”


“Ah-My apologies, my name is Gadget,” the inventor answered with a smile towards the little girl. “I apologize for staring but I can’t help but think of how I was when I was a kid while looking at your daughter. She’s a lot like me.”


“Heh, I bet you were a good kid and made your parents proud,” Oleander said with a chuckle as he motioned towards Olive. The comment came as a surprise to Gadget as she tried to hide the sadness at the mention of her parents; her pale-blue orbs searching down the street to keep her mind off things. “Anywhere in particular you’re trying to get to; maybe I can be of service?”


“Oh no, I’m just looking around,” Gadget answered, glancing back at Oleander with a smile painted on her lips. “I bet you’re very proud of your daughter though.”


“Oh yes, I am; that girl is going to make something of herself in the future,” Oleander praised with a grin despite the sadness in his eyes. “I pray each day that something better comes along for us so she doesn’t have to suffer here like this. She’ll rise up from these ashes though regardless; I know it.”


“I’m sure you’re right,” Gadget agreed as she reached into her pocket and gathered some money together, handing it over to the shocked Oleander. “If this could help you any, I’d be thrilled; you don’t have to use it right away but it could come in handy for that future you dream about.”


Oleander continued to gawk at her, his lip quivering at such a gesture. “Ma’am, that’s too much money; I couldn’t possibly take something like that from you. You need it for yourself.”


Gadget shook her head and motioned for the man to take the money once more. “I can easily just make more money with the odd jobs I do; I just want to help you guys achieve the ultimate dream,” Gadget said with a grin. “Now please, take the money and accept it; I’ll just drop it here if you don’t.”


There was a pause between the two of them, Oleander contemplating his choices before taking the money from the girl. He gave a nod of appreciation as he smiled back towards his daughter, carefully placing the money in his pocket to keep it from snatching fingers. “You’re like an angel, Miss Gadget; I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”


“That’s simple; just be there for your daughter. Guide her and love her like I already know you do,” Gadget said as she stepped away from the man, aiming back towards her base to share her discoveries with her alter. The man could be heard calling out to her, but Gadget simply waved over her shoulder and smiled. “Good bye Sir and good luck!”



Alone With My Monster

AN: This drabble belongs to an RP I’m in based on the Toyland Series; Mathew and Kayla belong to Jaime Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu. I own Kori as well as control other characters that were based from characters of the original tale. We’ve recently finished the first installment of the Toyland RP and now the group is older; it’s been going well and it’s packed with a lot more action. Enjoy! 

The grayish skin of Kayla’s newest transformation were barely visible in the darkness of the prison she had found herself in; the girl keeping her monster at bay with hopes to clearly think of her next plan of action. The former host to the king of darkness had been dragged away from the prison and tossed out within the woods to be hunted by the creatures lurking there, leaving the poor girl alone with her own monstrous changes.  

The potion’s effects grew stronger with each passing second; the girl propping her head along the stone wall of her confines as she hummed a tune that came to her mind to pass the time. She wished she had something in her possession to link her to Blue; though she doubted there was any way she could try to communicate with him like Kori and Matt did. Those two were truly in love without question; the relationship with her and Blue was still remotely fresh and she was unsure if they were even considered a couple or if they were simply in the friends stage.  

Another wave of pain plagued the girl’s thoughts as she hugged her knees to her chest, her newly formed fangs biting down on her chapped lips as she prayed for a deliverance from her current situation. Just a few days ago she wished to return to Toyland; the place she had loved since she came there as a child. And now, she wished to be back on Earth again far away from the king of darkness and the world that was now causing her so much grief and pain. It was because of her original wish that she was claimed to wed the king of darkness in Kori’s place; the girl then being given a potion to slow turn her into a monster of darkness and take away her freedom from such a fate.  

“I wish Blue would come but if the king finds him, he will then possess him and claim him as his true host,” Kayla whispered to the darkness surrounding her, tears forming in her eyes as she tried to fight her emotions. “I can’t let that happen; if Blue gets claimed and the marriage becomes official, he’ll die so that the king of darkness can take full control of his body. And then I will-I will remain like this forever without my true love at my side.” 

There’s no point trying to fight this, little one; your future has already been decided. 

Kayla frowned at the monster’s voice ringing in her ears. “I’m not going to give up; Camden reassured me that as long as I fight and believe in my cause, I can still win against this darkness and you.” 

That’s unlikely; you can barely keep your eyes open in this cell. As soon as I’ve gained the upper hand in this body, you will be wed to the host of the king and become the queen of darkness. You will have a hand in sending Toyland straight into darkness; doesn’t that sound fun?


“I will never do anything to harm Toyland or Blue!” Kayla snapped in retort. “You won’t win; I believe in myself to know I can win against you!”


Your efforts are futile, little one; you’ll never be able to win against the darkness.  

“Shut up and leave me be!” Kayla cried out as her tears streamed down her face, begging for the silence to return. “I just want to be alone!” 

Oh, is that what you want? Well, that’s never going to happen. I’ve always been hiding in your heart, little one; you’ve never been alone your entire life. I’ll always be by your side, Kayla; you’ll never escape me or the darkness. This is your destiny. 

The tears continued to flow as Kayla’s eyes flashed from terrified blue orbs to a glowing red; the monster taking control once more over the poor girl. The night went on without another soul visiting the prison, Kayla and her monster left alone to squabble about the future that awaited them both. It was too bad for Kayla that she was already falling into the monster’s trap; allowing the monster to drag her into an exhausted state so that she could assume full control.



The Maiden of Flames – Chapter One

AN: So, I’m in love with Of Monsters and Men; they are an Iceland band whose music lifts my soul. And one of my favorite songs they sing is called Little Talks. I watched the video recently and was entranced by the art and story that they portrayed in it. Granted I’m sure it’s not for everyone but for me I found it to be so beautiful. I was thinking about this writing project yesterday when the video popped up in my playlist again and I decided to save it for today. It is based pretty much on the video itself but I guess I tweaked the story a little bit and made it with my own flair.


One main thing you’ll notice is I’m just making this story short and sweet; I’ll eventually rewrite it and make it longer to make it much more of an epic story. However, for now, I really just wanted it to get on paper.


Anyway, enough chatter from me; I think it’s time for me to start writing. Hope you guys enjoy!


*~Chapter One~*


The blustering winds tossed the hot air balloon-ship back and forth above the Glacier pass as Tidus studied the latest parchment placed before him; the wood of his chair creaking as he settled back with a sigh seeping from his lips. He reached out a shivering hand for his quill and carefully took it in his grasps, dipping its tip in the ink before slipping it across the parchment’s surface to write his latest entry of his travels. The pitter patter of the crew could be heard on the deck of his ship, their efforts strong to keep their transportation high in the air and away from the monsters that slunk down in the crevices of the icy hell below.


A low hum reverberated from Tidus’ throat as he curved his wrist with each cursive note he scribbled on the page; it was day 39 of their journey for understanding the world beyond their homeland and so far it had been a wild ride in itself. Tidus accepted his grandfather’s greatest aircraft as the older man laid on his deathbed; Augustus slipping away quickly but still managing to whisper his final wishes to his grandchild. The old man was all that Tidus had left for family; his childhood consisting of tagging along at Augustus’ coattail as he adventured into the great beyond in search of a legend.


A creature born of flames within flames; the creature was meant to travel across the land and melt away the snow that plagued it; however, a tragedy struck and the creature locked itself away beneath the frozen land. A piece of the creature was stolen away from him; the creature then leaving man to suffer the icy hell until the return of what was lost.


It had been nearly 100 years since the snow had left the people’s land; Tidus only knowing a sea of white beyond his window. Even with soaring amongst the clouds, there was no color amongst the grays and whites of the world; only the dismal life of those who had forgotten the life that awaited just beneath the cold tundra they walked amongst.


A knock on the door broke Tidus from his thoughts as he placed the quill back in its pot before standing up and striding over to see who it was. Tidus’ brawny figure opened up the door to see a slightly smaller male with wide blue orbs filled with worry, his dark auburn tresses tossing with the wind as he stood before his captain. “You all right?” Tidus asked to his crewmate; one of his childhood friends named Pike. “You look paler than usual; what’s wrong?”


“Sorry for interrupting your writing Captain but we have a situation; Nate noticed something off in the distance and I think you might want to come take a look at it,” Pike explained through chattering teeth; his arms wrapped around his slender form to keep in his body heat. “Also, the temperature has dropped lower than usual; something suspicious is going on around here.”


Tidus gave a questionable look at the crewmate’s words before giving a nod; the blond man reaching for his telescope before retreating out of his confines onto the deck. He could see his other three crewmates standing at the railing gawking out into the distance; Nate the first to peel his eyes away long enough to notice their captain approaching.


“Captain, there you are; we’ve got something coming up along the port side,” Nate called over to Tidus and Pike as the duo made their way up towards the bow. The captain then turned heel towards port and lifted his telescope to his eye and gazed into the lens, searching the land for what his men were staring at. “Not on land sir; this thing is in the clouds.”


Tidus pulled away from his telescope and glanced at his crew, their stares still focused amongst the fluffy sea of white and gray beyond the ship’s rails. The only monsters they had managed to see were those below on land; they had yet to encounter something so dangerous up in the sky and level with them.  “Are you sure about this?” Tidus asked, his skeptical glance peering out in hopes to truly see what his men had noticed.


“Yes sir, it’s out amongst the clouds; there was something strange about it!” Another crewmate named Israel called out from his place beside his companions at the rail, gesturing towards the sea of clouds with curious shamrock-colored orbs hoping for another sign. “The thing didn’t look like a creature; it looked more like a falling star. And there was something extraordinary about that star; it was like a kaleidoscope of colors!”


“A falling star of colors?” Tidus repeated while continuing his search through the sky; unable to see what Israel described. “Well, it’s clear that you all imagined it or are somehow playing a trick on me because I don’t see anything of the sort.”


The captain soon realized he spoke too soon; the temperature suddenly rising as something large busted through its cloud cover and narrowly missed colliding with the ship; Pike immediately rushing to check on the balloon and the propellers while the rest of the crew gawked at the falling star that continued its journey towards the icy tundra below. Tidus did not waste a moment as he leaned himself over the railing and used his telescope to gain a clearer view of the star; realizing it to be some sort of flaming rock that was in a collision course for the snowy mountains. It was like many of the other meteors recorded in the books of their ancestors and yet one thing did not match; the flames were a rainbow of colors as they encircled the rock, as if protecting it from the fall that it had found itself in.


The captain pondered a moment with what to do next; truly entranced with the beauty of the meteor as it fell from the heavens amongst them. Only when it collided with the snowy peak did he finally pull away from the hull and turn to his shocked crew. “We’re going to explore that rock; there’s no way I’m letting such a discovery slip from my grasp.”


“B-But that thing is on fire; we could kill ourselves if we get too close!” Pike called out from the ropelines as he carefully examined each piece of the ship; relieved to find everything in top working condition. “We were lucky the heat passing by didn’t cause a disturbance in our equipment; could you imagine if that thing was just a few more inches over? We’d all be dead for sure!”


“Pike is right,” the last crewmate named Bartholomew said as he stumbled away from the railing, unsure of what to make of their latest discovery. “We should just record that we almost got flattened by a meteor and watched it touch down onto the snowy mountains of Grenele. We won’t be able to share with anyone our latest discoveries if we’re dead and gone.”


“I don’t think we’ll die,” Israel seemed to whisper from his place at the railing, gazing down at the crash site in amazement. “Look, the flames seem to have dispersed; it should be safe to at least go down to ground level and explore.”


“But what about monsters?” Nate added his question as Tidus made strides back to his captain’s quarters and grabbing his gun; the captain then moving back onto the deck as he motioned for Israel to take the wheel.


“We’ll be fine; we’ll arm ourselves just in case,” Tidus said to his crew as Israel took the wheel and began the ship’s descent towards the mountain peak. “This is without a doubt one of the greatest discoveries of our journey so far.”




The snow crunched beneath Tidus’ boots as he led the charge forward towards the crash site, Pike close at his heels as he seemed to quiver in fear. Israel showed the most interest in the meteorite but stayed behind his captain. Bartholomew and Nate stayed at the back of the group and covered their tracks, careful to keep their eye out for any monsters that threatened to follow them.


“We’re almost there; it’s straight ahead,” Tidus said over his shoulder to his crew as he noticed the snow beginning to vanish as it melted from the heat of the impact from before. “I’ll be sure to move in first; you four just stay behind me and be prepared to flee or shoot if necessary.”


The crew nodded at their captain’s words and paused as he stepped forward to get closer to the rock that seemed like nothing but a large piece of charcoal; Tidus carefully poking the rocks with the barrel of his gun before moving to the main attraction. There seemed to be a crack in the surface of the rock and he carefully began to examine it. Within the crack, Tidus could make out something red and blazing; possibly a fire within the rock.


“I-I see something!” Tidus exclaimed before tensing up, the ground beneath him beginning to shake as the rock seemed to crack more before him. “Everyone run; this thing is going to blow!”


The crew was already stumbling back down the mountain pass as Tidus began to run after them, his eyes focused behind him on the cracking surface of the meteorite as he ran. Without another moment to lose, the rock exploded and sent the five explorers flying through the air. They all smashed into the snow and rolled down the hill, Tidus the first one to grab hold and steady himself to a halt before pushing himself back to his feet.


“Captain, I don’t advise going back up there!” Bartholomew’s voice cried from lower on the pass as he grabbed his leg in pain. “We need to get out of here; the monsters definitely heard that boom! We need to go!” 

“Not until I grab some samples or see why that exploded!” Tidus called back to his crew as he trudged back up the snowy hill, Israel being the first one to follow him towards the explosion site.  

“Sir, wait!” Nate cried out as well, reaching towards the fleeing men as he growled in his throat. “We could have died there; I think we just need to live it and go back to the sky!” 

Tidus and Israel chose to ignore the others’ suggestions as they stepped back to the level of the crash, both shocked to see such devastation created from the explosion. The snow had completely melted away, leaving nothing but destroyed plant life and scorched rocks; as well as a large chasm from where the rock once rested.


The captain was the first to move towards the crater, his interest piqued as he listened carefully for anything to approach them. The seared ground beneath his feet seemed to crackle as he stepped towards the edge of the cliff; his eyes widening at the sight of what he saw within the chasm.


“Captain, what’s wrong?” Israel asked to Tidus, noticing his pause in retrieving his samples. “Sir, what do you see?” 

“I-,” Tidus began, turning his gaze to glance back at Israel over his shoulder. “I see a girl down there.”


*~End Chapter One~*

Clouds of Gray

AN: Yet another avatar drabble since I have time to write one; I am really loving our characters from our Legend of Korra RP and they needed to be seen. I actually wrote this one a little differently but then after the replies to the RP last night, I had to tweak it so it fit in with the story better 😛


These characters are purely mine; they have no relation to the Avatar franchise besides in roleplays and fanfiction. I do not own the Avatar franchise; I’m just borrowing it for storytelling purposes. Also, Tahna, Koji and Kilik are Jamie Canyon’s character! Hope you guys enjoy!


A sea of blue, whites and gray lingered above the napping form of Ariana as her lemur twins cuddled up at her side on the deck. It had been awhile since she could lay down beneath the clouds and relax awhile; the air bender taking the opportunity to enjoy the quiet of the house while her half-brother was away working. Everything was peaceful to her; the wind uplifting her spirits as Ariana breathed in the fresh air protruding from the temple across the water. It was all so wonderful; there was nothing that could possibly interrupt such a nice moment for her.


“Told you we’d find her snoozing up here!”


Ariana seemed to twitch at the gruff voice of familiarity, peeling one of her eyes open to glare up at the tall form of the fire bender on her roof. Koji appeared beside Kilik with a smirk at the sight of the air bender, ready to engage in his next level of flirting with her.


“You both seriously need to stop sneaking up on my roof,” Ariana grumbled under her breath as she closed her eye again and turned her body to avoid the bothersome intruders. “I’m sleeping; leave me be.”


“Aw, but we just got here; admit you’re happy to see us already!” Koji exclaimed with a chuckle as he leapt down from the rooftop, settling his feet on the railing as he hovered over her sleeping form. “Let’s go have some fun on the town Ariana; what do you say?”


Ariana huffed at their pestering voices. “I said I’m sleeping; now go away!” Ariana snapped before releasing a gasp; Kilik successfully jumping down beside her and yanking her up to her feet. “What is your problem?”


“Why waste a perfectly good day snoozing around up here when we could be doing something fun like seeing a Pro-Bending match or something,” Kilik muttered with a frown towards the girl, Ariana glaring up at him as she pulled away from his grasps. “We came all the way over here to see you so the least you could do is be more hospitable.”


“I probably would be if you guys didn’t sneak up here on your own!” Ariana snapped in retort. “I have the house to myself today so I wanted to relax and enjoy a day of peace for once. The last time I went off with you two, we almost got ourselves arrested!”


“Correction, Kilik almost got us arrested,” Koji corrected with a grin, narrowly missing the stream of fire the bender launched in his direction. “Hey!”


“Why don’t you just shut up; it wasn’t my fault!” Kilik snapped as he prepared to launch more fire at Koji. “I’ll show yo-!”


“Oh, you guys seem to be as lively as ever,” a voice called out from the street below, Koji glancing behind him to notice Tahna standing on the street below in surprise. Sizun perked up at hearing the water bender’s voice and dashed towards the railing and diving down to her, landing on Tahna’s shoulder as he seemed to purr. Ariana sighed and stepped over to the railing, waving down at Tahna with relief to see someone more sensible to talk to amongst the group of idiots. “Good Morning Ariana! What are you three doing standing around outside? It’s going to rain soon.”


“Rain?” Ariana repeated with wide eyes, the two boys shaking their heads at the water bender’s words.


“It’s not going to rain; you’re just spouting nonsense,” Kilik muttered under his breath, falling silent as the faintest drop of water splashed onto his shoulder. Ariana noticed this and glanced at the pouting fire bender with a grin, the girl then peeking up at the large gray clouds hovering above.


As if on cue, the rain began to pour amongst the benders; Ariana patting Kilik’s shoulder as she felt the cool drops land on her skin. “Ha, it’s ok Kilik; you’ll fix those weather senses in due time.”


Kilik huffed at her words, the group all standing there in the rain as they enjoyed the brief moment of calm amongst them. Ariana was pleased to have her moment of relaxation again; though she had hoped for a bit more sunshine.



The Good Life – Chapter One

AN: I keep listening to the B.O.B song to get inspiration for the upcoming chapters. I’m so excited to write a corky romance story 😀 I just hope I can make it work! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!


*~Chapter One~*


Bouncing blonds and dazed drunkards flocked to the bar at Johanna’s Pub, their common goal to take another shot of some delicious brew and chase their frets away and seek out some false sense of peace. Though it was demeaning in some view, it was ok because there was alcohol involved; their minds weren’t clear enough for repentance. Lucky for Constance her friends weren’t the type to pry and pressure her into chugging liquor down her throat; the four of them sitting together in their lounge box while helping their cheerless friend cope with her latest rejection for employment.


It had been nearly five months since Constance had graduated near the top of her class in business and international studies; the brunette unaware until recently at how cutthroat the job market really was at the time. Finding nothing involved with her actual degree, the college graduate began seeking any job she could apply to; shocked at just how many times she could be rejected until she could find the perfect fit.


Lucky for Constance she had three close friends who were helpful at building up the poor thing’s confidence while in such a bind.


“Maybe I should just apply for a fast food joint so I can at least be making something instead of just relying on my parents,” Constance grumbled as she hugged the arm of the redhead sitting closest to her, Rebecca Cormack. “Oh wait, they probably won’t hire me because I have a degree; they’ll think I’m too smart for the job!”


Rebecca chuckled at her friend’s words and patted her chocolate brown mop of curls lightly as she smiled. “Now now; you’re just having a bit of a rough spill. There’s no reason to take out your frustrations on the fast food industry; we all already know they are a bunch of devils.”


“Becky’s right; plus, you should never settle for such a thing as a fry cook in some fast food chain,” said the ebony-haired beauty across from them named Lora Bryson. “Maybe you should ask the University for help; don’t they have a job assistance center for students and alumni?”


“You don’t think I’ve already tried that?” Constance grumbled with a frown, settling back on the couch while dragging Rebecca along with her. “They putting my application through the system and helping me out but I still haven’t been accepted anywhere. Maybe I just need to go to graduate school or something?”


The bubbly blond sitting next to Lora giggled at the suggestion, her cheeks pink from the amount of alcohol she’d already consumed. The blond, named Nila Hamilton, let another fit of giggles escape her lips as she said, “w-wait a munite! Don’t grade skol cost moolah? You need a job to get the greenie! Silly Connie!” 

The comment, though presented by a drunken blond with little understanding on what’s going on, sent Constance into another fit of tears; Rebecca taking her position to calm her friend while Lora rolled her dark blue orbs and motioned for Nila to silence such talk. It was doubtful that the drunk would catch the hint; after all, she was as close to being hammered as they came.


“Now Connie, there’s no reason to cry; you’ve just hit a rough patch is all,” Rebecca cooed to her friend as she wrapped her arms around her quivering form. “Don’t listen to Nila, either; she’s drunk. You’ll be employed in no time; besides, if you need to attend grad school then you already know your parents are willing to help you out with it.”


“But why would I want to keep relying on them when I’m supposed to be supplying for myself; this is the point of becoming an adult. You’re supposed to graduate from college and get a good job; from there you get a nice place to live and start a family with a special someone,” Constance said beneath her whimpering groans, the brunette slumping more in Rebecca’s hold as she recalled her dreams. “How am I going to travel the world someday if I can’t even make money to support living?”


The two functional women exchanged glances at the comment, unsure of how to answer such a question. They wanted to be honest with her but in Constance’s current state was that really a wise decision? The poor thing could barely function and she hadn’t even had an ounce of alcohol; the brunette was caught in a rapid downward spiral and just building her confidence with praises about the unknown could end up hurting her in the end. Was it really worth a possible meltdown in the future for a temporary moment of peace and tranquility?


“I hate that jerk so much!” A voice echoed out from the mahogany row of stools as the barkeeper tried his best to quiet the woman’s shouts, her friend urging her outburst as the two of them downed another shot of tequila. “I hope that Shawn Langston dies a horrible death; that jerk deserves nothing less than that!”


Lora grimaced at the woman’s words and rolled her eyes again; Constance raising her tear-filled eyes to glance at the bar. “Another victim of Shawn Langston, huh? I don’t see why those women always freak out like that; they are usually the ones who dump him.”


“Shawn Langston; isn’t he that rich boy who usually comes here with a pretty lady on his arm?” Rebecca asked with a look of surprise; the bouncer strolling over to the bar and escorting the whining ladies outside to cool their heads. “There seems to be a girl at the bar each week cursing his name; are you sure he’s the one always getting dumped?”


“Sure am; it seems the guy might be rich but he’s a major dick,” Lora explained to her friends. “I guess in the end those girls can’t wait around and deal with his nature of being an asshole; even lots of money and gifts don’t keep their relationship afloat.”


The drunken Nila decided to add in her two cents to the conversation. “He’s a sexy beast though; who cares if he’s a mucho dickhead!”


The three sober friends all glared at Nila’s form in annoyance, Lora being the first to stand and grab hold of the blonde’s arm to usher her out of the bar. “Come on, let’s get you home missy; the point of this trip was to cheer up Connie and you barely helped at all,” Lora grumbled as she bowed her head to the other two before stepping towards the exit. “I’ll see you guys outside; I’m going to go ahead and get this one to the car.”


Rebecca and Constance nodded in understanding, the two of them slowly forming a smile as they watched Lora drag Nila’s slumped form out of the bar where the bouncer Bruno would be sure to assist them to the car. Though Nila was a bit of a drunk, she was still a good friend in the long run; they just happened to let her get carried away that evening since they were so focused on Constance’s depressed mood.


“I hope you feel at least a little better; despite Nila getting drunk, we all really care about you and will help you through this tough time,” Rebecca whispered to Constance as she took her into another hug; the brunette blushing slightly at their contact. “We can continue this conversation at Lora’s place where we can get Nila away from the big bad alcohol.”


“Yeah, that sounds good,” Constance replied with a chuckle, the two ladies standing and maneuvering towards the door leading into the outside world. However, the brunette turned heel and glanced back at her seat; her phone still resting on the arm rest while several occupants of the bar eyed the empty seats like slabs of meat. “Oh, my phone; sorry, I’ll meet you guys outside!”


Rebecca gave a nod before stepping out of the bar, Constance skipping back over to her seat and grabbing her phone before another group of girls plopped down to chug their fruity drinks in comfort. With one quick pat-down to make sure she had everything, the brunette dashed back towards the door; her hurried state blocking her good sense of judgment as she barreled through the doorway without a second thought.




The next thing Constance knew, she was on her back in a heap on the floor; pain seeping through her skin as she groaned. Across from her also on his back was a tall gentleman in rather businesslike attire; the man probably desiring a spot from the draft after a long day’s work. His dirty blond locks were somewhat shaggy from his recent tumble, the man dusting off his hands before reaching out towards the woman across from him.  

“You alright? You seemed to be in a hurry,” the man asked with a focused stare, Constance gawking at him for a moment before accepting the hand with a blush. She could feel the stares of the other patrons within the bar which made it all the more embarrassing.


“I-I’m fine; sorry about that,” Constance stuttered as she stood with the man; snatching her cell phone up from the ground as she did. “You’re not hurt are you?”


“A little dusty from the ground but other than that, I’m alright,” the man answered with a smile before stepping off to the side and motioning towards the outside world. “I won’t hold you up any longer; have a good night miss.”


The brunette blushed at his words as she nodded and dashed outside, “thank you; have a good night sir!”


The man turned heel and was about to enter the bar when he noticed a cell phone on the ground, reaching for it and preparing to pocket it. However, he stopped himself and brought the phone up to his eye level to examine it carefully; the man relinquishing a sigh at his discovery. “We switched phones; great, I better go catch her then.”


Constance had already slipped into Lora’s car and sat down in the seat beside Nila, her cheeks red at her latest tumble while Lora pulled out onto the street to head for home. Rebecca stared into the rear-view mirror at her embarrassed comrade, debating asking what happened in the car with the others listening in; however, Nila beat her to such an event.


“Whoa, Co-Co’s face is all like a tomato! She drunkiepoo too?” Nila asked through slurred words, prodding Constance’s cheek with her finger while the brunette’s cheeks burned brighter.


“Huh? Did something happen, Constance?” Lora asked through the commotion from the backseat; Rebecca rolling her eyes as she waited for the answer; so much for wanting to keep it private.


“I-It was nothing really; I just ran into some guy while coming out of the bar. It was just a clumsy moment is all,” Constance muttered as she slumped back in her seat, smacking Nila’s hand away to keep her from pestering her. “Let’s just move on with everything already.”

 Lora couldn’t help but pry though; her friend was thoroughly embarrassed and she wanted to know the scoop. “Was he cute? Did you get a name?” The driver questioned with a smirk forming on her lips.  

“No, I didn’t get a name; I don’t want to talk about thi-,” Constance retorted but was interrupted by an unfamiliar ringtone chiming from her hand, the woman glancing down at the phone in shock. The incoming call was her number; that couldn’t have been right. The brunette quickly answered the call and lifted the phone to her ear. “H-Hello?”


“Evening miss, this is Shawn Langston; you remember the guy you ran into while leaving the bar?” The voice spoke, the brunette immediately recognizing it and blushing more. “I believe you have my phone and incidentally I have yours; let’s make a trade now shall we?”


*~End Chapter One~*