End It All

AN: It’s been a couple months since I wrote a drabble about the Revenged group and I’m a bit sad it’s taken me so long. I recently watched the mid-season finale of Glee (yes I admit it, I’m a gleek though not as much as I was one for the first season) and I was crying the whole episode during Karofsky’s dark time after being outted that he was gay and completely ridiculed to the point of attempting to hang himself. I’ve had quite a few important people in my life attempt or succeed in committing suicide and it really hit me hard watching the episode.


I am writing this drabble because when the Revenged came together, it was a really dark story while each character was pushed to see the light again despite their own demons haunting their every move. I’ve been so focused on them becoming unified and having good times together that I’ve failed to highlight the bad times save for a few circumstances. I at first had this drabble written for my ghost boy but I figured Malice had the most unstable mind there was and once finding out the murderer of her homeland was her own father, nightmares are constantly plaguing her mind. There was little hope of escape and when the others aren’t there to keep the girl in check, that lets her mind wander.


Just one last thing and I’ll begin with the drabble; if you ever feel lost or alone and depression is bringing you down, don’t give up. Seek out help from the Suicide Help Lines or talk to those closest to you; suicide is not the answer. You are truly loved by others and don’t you ever forget it.


I hope you all enjoy the drabble and thank you for reading.


The air was surprisingly crisp and fresh atop the roof apart of the city’s skyline, vibrant red curls swaying with the breeze as Malice’s hazel orbs gaped at the ever-flowing sea of bustling people below. Each pedestrian went about his or her business and moved with the flow, never batting an eye at those around them as they did; after all, the sun was slowly peeking over the skyline and that meant their busy day was fast approaching them. No one would even think to peel their gaze up to the rooftops at that hour; they’d never see Malice leering over the railing with tear-swallowed eyes.


“It’s all for the best,” Malice whispered to herself, pressing her palms into the cold metal of the railing as she leaned out further to experience the vertigo. “Everyone’s busy; even now, they’re all busy with bandaging up their own little wounds. It would be pathetic for me to even assume they’d come baby me when they’re suffering themselves.” 

A small smile crept up on the redhead’s lips as she recalled each friend’s smiling face; the girl’s happiest moments involving their warm smiles. Since the separation of souls, Calsim and Zachariah were both more cheerful, though they still would find themselves in a battle over Malice’s affection. Malice would never choose between them however; they were much too important to her. Aiden and his family had been with the girl for a long while, coming to her aid with Doc Jones as they tried to cease the haunting memories from engulfing Malice to the depths of insanity. Selphie, Marcol, Jaime, Quinn, Ross, Elise, everyone; they were all her precious friends and their smiles calmed her maddening heart. Malice was lucky to have so many people around her who cared for her; it had been a long time since she was able to experience what it was like to have a family.


“They’re all such wonderful people,” Malice muttered to herself, resting her chin on the railing as she knelt down onto the roof. “I’m so lucky to have them all.”


“And yet they’re not here now; they don’t even know that you’re not at the base. I’m sure they don’t even care about you all that much. If they did care, they would have come with you or at least kept you at the base so that you didn’t wander off beyond their watchful, judgmental eyes.” 

That voice; it haunted Malice’s thoughts and dreams. It was the chanting devil luring her away from God’s graces. Malice’s eyes were wide as she slowly turned her head, a tall pin-striped suited figure taunting her from the other side of the roof. His familiar mask was more than the redhead could bear as she shifted her stance to keep her back from the man, her hands gripping the railing as she looked for a way to escape. There stood the man who slaughtered her village; it was her father, Verso.


“W-Why are you here?” Malice stuttered, her glare fierce despite her obvious panic. “You’re not supposed to be here! I thought you were dead!”


“Dead? Me? Ha, that will never happen. There’s no way those idiots you think are your friends will be able to handle me,” Verso sneered, stepping forward as he watched his daughter slump in fear. “You should have never ventured off on your own; after all, I still have to finish what I started all those years ago. You’re the last living being I was sent to slay; maybe it’s time I finish off that mission.”


“Y-You wouldn’t dare,” Malice hissed as she pointed a threatening finger towards the masked figure approaching her. “You couldn’t kill me before and you certainly can’t now.”


As Verso continued to step forward, his body slowly vanished before the girl’s eyes as she gawked; what was going on?


“V-Verso?” Malice whispered as her eyes began to fill with tears. “D-Daddy?”


“You were always a pest,” Verso’s voice echoed over the rooftop. “You bring misfortune to everyone you meet; all those so-called ‘friends’ of yours suffer because of you. You should set them all free and end it all.”


“W-Wha-?” The redhead stuttered as her eyes searched for her father, praying she would see the man she remembered from her childhood before he became Verso. “What are you-?”


“Every night you wake up in tears from the past that haunts you,” the voice lulled with a chuckle. “You have suffered each and every day because of it all; you can make everything go away. You’ll never have to suffer again.”


Malice could feel herself slipping into madness once more, tears forming in her eyes as she lowered onto the ground and allowed the words to sink in. She had always found herself to be a hassle for the others to deal with; Doc Jones was always filled with heartache having adopted an emotionally-trying girl such as her. Tonya was also suffering with having to care for Malice; she spent an entire year away from her family in order to aid the redhead from becoming insane. Every single friend she ever made had suffered because of her; the good times were no longer visible in Malice’s blank stare as Verso’s words echoed over her.


“I can make it all go away,” Malice whispered to herself, reaching her hands up to the railing once more as she peeled herself up; she then turned heel towards the railing and stepped over, now a few mere centimeters from the edge of the roof. “Everyone will be set free.”


The trance Verso left her in brought her closer towards the edge as the wind began to pick up, her clothes rippling with each strong breeze as she prepared for the next move. Everything was going to be all right; she would no longer have to suffer anymore. The thought of peace brought a dazed smile to the tranced Malice’s face as she stepped into the open air above the city streets, the girl stumbling forward and beginning to cascade downwards.


“And so it ends,” Malice whispered to herself, unaware of what was truly happened to her.


“Malice!” A voice called out from the rooftop as a chain shot out from the roof and dashed towards the falling girl, wrapping around the dazed redhead and dangling her above the city below. “Malice, what are you doing? Malice!” 

“H-Huh?” Malice whispered as her eyes slowly regained their color, widening as she looked below towards the city streets. “Oh my god! How did I-Somebody help!”


“Don’t you ever do something this stupid again!” Aiden’s voice growled from the rooftop as the chain began to pull back up towards the top of the roof, the cyborg’s frown fierce as he dragged the girl to safety. “What the hell were you thinking? You’re lucky I got here in time!” 

“I-I don’t know what happened!” Malice stuttered as she landed on the roof, letting the tears roll down her cheeks as she realized what almost happened. “All I remember was-was Verso being here and-.”


“Verso? Did he push you off?” Aiden gasped as he knelt down and took the girl in his grasps, observing her body for injuries. “Did he hurt you? I thought he was dead for sure. I’m just glad I was able to find you in time.”


“N-No, I’m not hurt,” Malice whispered as she blushed, recalling words that she could make out through her darkness. “I remember ‘ending it all’ and ‘setting everyone free’. I also r-remember causing pain to everyone around me.”


“What?” Aiden blinked at the girl’s words before shaking his head. “That’s not true; everyone loves and cares about you. Don’t listen to that man; he was just trying to get into your head.”


The cyborg took Malice’s cheeks and pulled her face close to him so that their eyes were locked, making sure his words got through to her.


“We all love you Malice; we’d all be devastated if you were gone,” Aiden said simply as he let a grin form on his lips. “I’m glad you’re ok; I’m sure everyone will be glad that you’re ok. Don’t listen to that devil of a man; show me that smile that we all finally got to see when you joined up with us. I believe it’s overdo for an appearance, Mally.”

The redhead stared at the cyborg, Aiden being a brother-figure to her since Tonya began to care for her. His words were a salvation, her tears flowing over her forming smile as she nodded and hugged Aiden happily.


“Thank you for everything,” Malice whispered as the two of them lingered on the roof, Aiden holding the girl tightly as he sighed. He peered around the roof for any sign of the one called Verso; it seemed there would be more battles to come with that devil. At least for now Malice was safe; Aiden sighed again as he began to stand, helping the redhead up and leading her towards the stairwell. First things first; the two of them would have to let the group know of the events that happened there on that rooftop. Verso’s presence would mean careful observation of Malice once more so that she didn’t lose herself to the nightmares that haunted her.


“Everything will be ok,” Aiden whispered to the redhead beside him and they made it down onto the streets safely and began for their base. “We’ll make sure of that.”



Enchantedly Trapped – Prologue


AN: So, I had another weird dream that ended up becoming the basis for this story I’m about to show. This dream I had on Feb 14th about a girl (which I assume was me) traveling into a forest area and finding a giant tree that had been carved out to be an inn and restaurant. I believe it was similar to the storyline of Spirited Away, though I wasn’t really dealing with spirits moreso than creatures of fairy tales and such (mythical beings). Like all my other interesting dreams I have, I try to write them down and generate a full-length story out of them; this one will be no different.




I’m also going to try and do this story justice; I know that it’ll be rough since I’m rushing to type these but it’ll be edited soon. I just wanted to make sure I got it all written down so that it didn’t escape me later. Enjoy!








Steam rose up from her mug as Beth settled in her seat, her newspaper resting on the table as she read the headlines for the day. The veranda of the café was bustling with various types of people, all taking time out of their busy mornings for a scone or a sip of a hot beverage of choice. Beth Conan was no different; the twenty-year-old college student scanning the inked words as she occupied her mind from the upcoming exam in her Psychology class at the university. She was in desperate need for relaxation and that was the best time she could have it. Her platinum bangs fell into her eyes and she quickly brushed them behind her ear with her fingers, the freckled student trying her best to focus on her paper.




“Another cup of coffee, miss?” The waitress asked as she approached the table, a piping jug held ready to be poured upon command.




“Yes please,” Beth answered with a nod, her hazel eyes never peeling away from the current headlines as the waitress complied with her wishes. Once completing her task, the waitress was gone to aid another customer; Beth left to grieve as her eyes fell on a startling headline. “Gavin Harris is missing?” 


Gavin Harris was a close friend of the Conan family; twenty-eight years old and an inspiring graphic designer. He had graduated from college a few years prior and had moved into an apartment outside of the city; close to where the Harris family and Conan family grew up. A muscular man in stature; Beth could not imagine her friend being abducted by others or overcome by an attacker. She read the article in hopes for any clues; however, there was only talk about him being missing for a week without a trace.




“Gavin, what’s going on?” Beth whispered to herself as she took another sip of her coffee before rolling up the paper and stuffing it in her satchel, placing her cash down for the bill before exiting the veranda onto the busy sidewalks. “I’ll have to head home this afternoon and check up on everybody.”




She pulled out her phone from her coat pocket and quickly texted her mother, giving her a heads up that she’d be visiting home over the weekend. Once her words were acknowledged, Beth relinquished a heavy sigh as she continued towards the university; maybe everything was all just a misunderstanding. Gavin would be found and life would go on without a hitch; everything would be perfect.




If only that were true…

*~End Prologue~*

Scribble Glass – Prologue

AN: So, I had this dream on Feb 8th about this group of friends who play this game through the windows of their cars; I know right, strange! The cars all have automatic sensors so they can drive themselves without having accidents and these kids would play the game through a touch screen and their window. These kids were mostly boys ranging from 13 to 24 with only 2 girls in the group until a new girl arrives and makes her way into their group.


Upon waking up from this dream, my first reaction was what the hell was I thinking; followed by despite how strange it was, it was sort of a cool idea. I decided to tweak it a little bit and see if I could also make this into a novel.


Hopefully I can pull this off; the dream itself was so vivid that I hope I do it justice. I already know the prologue here will be very choppy but that’s mainly because I just want to get the idea written down; I’m going to continue to edit it as time goes on. Enjoy!




Willow Apartments rested just outside the city limits, its inhabitants families on the edge of the urban and suburban societies. It was a loud home with a variety of personalities all clustered together in their own little habitat; some graced with a respectable income and others just trying to get by each day on a slim salary.


Amongst the inhabitants was the Booth family, one of the few families to live there since the apartments were built twenty-two years before. The father, Desmond Booth, was a businessman in the city and was doing fairly well for himself as a superintendent of an office supply company; it wasn’t his dream but Desmond was just proud to be able to supply for his family. The mother, Abigail Booth, worked at a local bakery Delicious Desires; she was lucky to be able to do something that she had hoped to do since she was a little girl. Their son, Jared Booth, was a high school senior nearly his final days there; still waiting for an acceptance letter from any of the various colleges he applied to.


Jared and his band of friends at Willow Apartments wanted to do more in their life than be tied down to school and part-time jobs. An indie piece of technology entered the underground stream, the group enthralled with this game known as Scribble Glass.


It would be more than just a game to them; they would soon find the game bringing them happiness and misfortune, as well as a few faces from the past.


The story begins there at Willow Apartments; the one place tied to each of the characters.  

*~End Prologue~*

Conventional Manners

AN: I’m going to be heading out for Katsucon tomorrow with my buddies and I decided what better way to celebrate it than right a little drabble about a convention. The drabble features characters from the club RP I have with Taji; Penny, Tawny, Mari and Paula are all my original characters. Hope you guys enjoy!


The lights were already dimmed as con-goers all packed into the hall, rows of characters beckoning them forward as the staff prepared the screen for viewing. The premiere of a highly anticipated anime film was occurring at the con and the club came together in hopes to see it as well as have fun at an anime convention.


Paula managed to squeeze through the crowd with much difficulty, finally coming to a row of empty seats and diving for them. The Chi cosplayer threw bags on three seats before taking a seat herself, pleased to be able to save seats for her friends. Tawny had dragged Mari for something while they were all waiting in line; Penny rushing up to the hotel room to get her nook to study.


“They better hurry up before they make me give up the seats,” Paula muttered under her breath, lifting her cell phone from her cleavage; apparently it was too much for her to carry a purse while in character. She began to text away for her friends, agitated when she didn’t receive immediate replies; Paula was never the patient-type. “If they don’t hurry up, so help me-.”


“Paulie!” Tawny’s high-pitched squeal sounded in Paula’s ears as she hissed, turning to see a strawberry shortcake cosplayer waving her hand wildly in the air as she rushed through the crowd over to the seats. “I found you, Paulie!”


“Stop screaming, Tawny!” Paula snapped at her friend’s reaction, motioning towards the seats beside her in annoyance. She frowned for a moment before ripping her head to glance at the seats, noticing Mari’s slender form sitting beside her. “How long have you been there?”


“Just a few moments,” Mari muttered as she lifted a carton of Chinese food from her bag, opening it up and sifting through the chicken and rice with her chopsticks. “Should I have announced my presence like Tawny?”


“No but you should at least let me know when you sit down beside me,” Paula grumbled as she massaged her temples, Tawny diving over the seats and showing off her cosplay to her friends. “Yes, it’s very nice Tawny; I should have known you would be dressing up like Strawberry Shortcake.”


The strawberry-loving girl began to spout useless information as she smiled at her friends, entertaining Mari as she ate while Paula just rolled her eyes. Penny slipped through the crowd and over to her friends, nodding as she sat down and immediately turned her attention towards her nook.


“You can’t seriously be reading your nook this entire time; you do know that the light of your screen will be considered a distraction and you’ll be asked to put it away,” Paula whispered over to Penny, the girl nodding along with her friend’s words. “You’re not even listening to me, are you?”


“Oh, it’s starting!” Tawny cheered in her seat as the others lifted their eyes towards the front of the hall, the announcer introducing the film with vigor. “I’m so excited!”


“Quiet down, Tawny; you’re going to get us in trouble if you keep yelling like that,” Paula scolded the Strawberry Shortcake cosplayer once more, Tawny finally quieting down as the room dimmed in preparation for the film.


The opening sequence began and Mari was already at the edge of her seat, the girl fond of her anime as her eyes sparkled in anticipation. Penny also seemed enthusiastic with the film, though she didn’t slip her nook away in her bag for fear she’d fall even more behind on her studies. The opening sequence continued and one of the main characters came onto the screen, his words flowing as he fought off the army against him.


“Oh my god!” Tawny screamed as she jumped to her feet, Mari and Paula grabbing her wrists to pull her back down as others peered back in annoyance. “That’s Ichigo!” 

“Actually, it’s Ichigo’s voice actor,” Mari added as the girls successfully yanked their friend back into her seat, covering Tawny’s mouth to keep her from screaming out again.


“This is going to be a long con,” Paula grumbled under her breath as she sighed, Penny chuckling beside her friends in amusement. “Remind me to teach you convention manners later.” 


The Monsters Within – Chapter Three

AN: I really love the simplicity of this story; I’m actually writing this one as a story for my nephew to enjoy. I’ve been getting some positive feedback for it as well as some good constructive criticism; just like with all of my stories, I need to go back through and make all the necessary edits to make it a better read for everybody. I’ll eventually do that when I’m sure I have enough time to really sit down and go through the stories to make the edits. Anyway, I’m going to go right back into the story; thank you very much for reading and I hope you all enjoy!

*Chapter Three*

The cave Bates had mentioned was more like a underground home as Bruno dashed into the hole of the cave and down into the darkness. There were two beds, a kitchen area and shelves lining the cave walls with books; it seemed Bruno and Bates were doing pretty well for themselves despite living in a cave.

Bruno came to the larger of the two beds and sat Josh down upon the mattress, the monster grinning from ear-to-ear as he let Josh rest a moment. Bates soon entered the room, his heavy breathing evident from his speed as the once-human slid to the ground to calm his heart.

“Wh-What’s going on?” Josh stuttered as he pointed a finger towards Bruno, the monster shying away from the bed.

“We needed to get you somewhere safe so we brought you here,” Bates said simply with a frown before he nodded towards the bookshelves. “There are many stories that I’ve read during my time here; it’s been nearly three years since I was dragged into this hovel of a world and I’ve learned a lot about its past. I’ve also learned why I was brought here and why you were dragged here as well.”

Josh held his tongue to keep his many questions from flooding out, instead absorbing every word that Bates uttered to him. The boy was well-aware that this was not a dream and any information he could be given about why he was there was much-appreciated. There was a part of him though that did not wish to know why he was dragged into this strange world where monsters roam; he just wanted a one-way ticket back to his home where he’d never complain about his parents fighting again.

“It would take too long for you to actually read those books so I’ll just make a long story short,” Bates began as he settled his head against the wall, his eyes focused as he recalled his first moments in the world. “This world is known to its people as Darshadow; it is a world that was made centuries ago to shadow our own. It consisted of dark thoughts that manifested into the first creatures of this land; the monsters that brought you here.”

“The monsters that brought me here are different from you and Bruno?” Josh asked, Bates raising his hand to silence the boy.

“I’m getting to that; Bruno is considered one of the first generation monsters but he is considered a malfunction,” Bates explained as Bruno expression saddened. “There are actually several malfunction-type monsters in this world that do not align themselves with the dark thoughts that gave birth to them. Because Bruno is the way he is, he is shunned by the pure generation one monsters and he is constantly at risk of being killed by them.”

“K-killed?” Josh gasped; Bruno nodded slowly at the boy’s reaction. “You can’t be serious!” 

“I’m dead serious,” Bates retorted. “Now, I will explain why I am the way I am; I’ve already shared with you that I was originally human. It seems that every year the monsters are given word of a human in our world that is meant to be brought here. It is prophesized by the monsters’ elders and then the hunt is made for the human. They kidnap the human and bring them here to Darshadow where the human’s fate is decided. The human has two choices: fight to return to their world or linger here for too long and lose their humanity. They become the very thing that imprisoned them here; they become monsters.” 

“Bates came very close to returning to his home,” Bruno piped in, the once-human’s eyes flashing with despair at his failed attempt. “However, he was unable to make it those final steps; he then became a monster.” 

“When this happens, the human is supposed to have lost the memories of being a human,” Bates said with a frown. “They become a despicable monster that is swallowed with anger and despair; however, I somehow kept my memories and was able to fight off the darkness that aimed to consume me.” 

“I believe it’s because Bates had so much determination and heart to make it to the end,” Bruno added. “He tried so hard and got so close to the end.” 

“It doesn’t matter how close I got; in the end, I was unable to make it home,” Bates snapped, quickly shaking his head as Bruno glanced over in fear. “I’m sorry; the topic just stresses me out is all. Once the person’s transformation is complete, their gateway home is closed. I’ve not been able to go home because of it.”

The room fell silent; Josh’s eyes falling to his lap as he took a deep gulp. He recalled his book he was reading just before he was snatched; the hero of the book was a boy that had a spell cast upon him that turned him into a monster the longer he roamed the land of the monsters. The boy traveled into the monster’s world to save the princess, though as he continued on his journey he became more and more like a monster. The book had a happy ending though; the princess accepted the boy for who he was on the inside and they escaped the land together.

“There’s only one way to have a happy ending here,” Bates whispered, watching Josh’s every move as he spoke. He wouldn’t be surprised if the boy began to panic at the news Bates was delivering him. “You need to aim for the kingdom and find your gateway; as soon as you get through the gateway you’ll be safe.” 

Bruno glanced over at Bates in disbelief, about to open his mouth to speak when his friend shot him a glare to shut him up. Josh noticed and stared between the two of them, understanding they were hiding something from him; however, he chose to leave it alone for now and focus on the matter at hand.

“How long do I have?” Josh asked, hoping he would have a long time to himself.  

“There’s no telling; it’s different for each person,” Bates explained as he motioned to himself. “I only had a month; I’ve known some who have had nearly a year while there were others who only had a few days. It really isn’t how much time that you have though; it’s up to what stands in your way to achieve your goal.” 

“Bates, we should-!” Bruno began again, Bates’ glare silencing him once more.  

“Now, you need to get some rest, Josh,” Bates interrupted as he maneuvered over beside the bed and pushing Josh lightly down onto the pillows. The boy was about to argue but realized how heavy his eyelids were, Josh settling down and soon slumbering away.

“Bates, what about the other once-humans?” Bruno questioned with a glare towards his friend, Bates returning the glare at full-force. “Josh might be able to save some of them; you’re not seriously going to force him out of this world without doing his part to save the other humans that can be saved.” 

“I saved several others and was left behind in the process,” Bates snapped as he remembered his journey through Darshadow, recalling every moment until his transformation was complete. “I will not allow this kid to waste away his chance at returning to a normal life.”

“But Bates – You’re planning on tagging along through his gate, aren’t you?” Bruno said with a frown. “You’re going to use the boy to get your own way; you just don’t want him saving others so that you can be saved.”  

“I have no plans on tagging along through that kid’s gate,” Bates snapped in retort as Bruno gawked in surprise. “I don’t want him to suffer like I have; and besides, there’s nothing out there for me so why should I try to return there?” 

“But Bates-.”

“That’s enough, Bruno; go to sleep,” Bates snapped as slumped back on his own bed and rolled over to face the outer wall, signaling he was done with the conversation.  The larger creature wanted to argue but he realized it wasn’t the best time to do so with Josh snuggled up soundly in his bed; Bruno sighed and settled down on the floor and with much difficulty finally was able to sleep.  

*End Chapter Three*


AN: This is a drabble based off the club RP I have with Taji; Tawny and Paula are original characters I plan to feature at soon. Enjoy!


Whispers echoed on the campus lawn as the first day of the new semester started, various students gawking as a thin figure streaked by. She resembled a porcelain doll, her ivory skin touched with slightest pink makeup. Her curly hair was the brightest shade of strawberry blond, her bangs adorned with strawberry bow clips that seemed so childish. Her dress was of the Lolita fashion, patterned with strawberries as well and flowing with her every movement. She skipped along in her green converses as she grinned from ear-to-ear, ignoring the ridicule the other students were surely sending her way.


Tawny could care less what they all said; it was human nature to ridicule what they didn’t understand.


Tawny was a mixed breed; born of an American father and a Japanese mother. She dabbled into both cultures since she was old enough to tie her own shoes, showing appreciation for her entire being as she did.


Because of her embrace of her heritage, Tawny was often considered odd by her peers. It never seemed to bother her though as she made her way through each year with a smile, the occasional curious child joining her small circle of friends.


She knew college would be the same as her previous years, being misunderstood by most with only a few bothering to try and get to know her. Tawny wasn’t about to let such things get to her; after all, despite their traveling whispers she was as happy to be alive.


“You look cute,” a voice muttered beside her as Tawny gasped, glancing to her side to see a rather short figure hiding beneath a trucker hat.


“Th-Thank you,” Tawny stuttered with a grin, lifting a hand out towards the girl opposite her. “My name’s Tawny and I love strawberries; what’s your name?”


“Even your introduction is cute,” the girl chuckled as she glanced up to meet Tawny’s gaze, taking her hand and shaking it lightly. “My name’s Mari and I love apples; glad to meet you.”


Tawny couldn’t help but skip beside Mari, pleased to have already befriend someone despite it only being the first day. Mari noticed this out of the corner of her eye and chuckled once more, amused with the girl’s spirit and sincerity. The two of them chatted along their route to their classes; Tawny truly the only one flapping her gums the entire time while Mari nodded and listened to everything the girl had to say.


Once they came to Davenport Hall, Tawny waved happily before skipping away; the girl successful in nabbing her new friend’s number and a lunch date later that day. Mari simply waved and stood in place, another girl in designer threads slipping to her side with a look of disbelief.


“You’re friends with that girl, Mari?” Paula asked with a glance of disgust, watching the happy-go-lucky girl skip off towards her class. “Aren’t you the slightest bit embarrassed to be seen with a girl like her? She’s so strange.”


“Not in the least,” Mari replied simply as she turned heel and glided away from Paula, the designer diva gawking at her friend’s attitude. “She’s a funny girl; why would I be embarrassed to be seen with someone so nice? You should be embarrassed to judge her before you even speak to her.”


“Wh-Mari!” Paula snapped as she chased after her friend, grumbling on and on about how Tawny’s outfit was ridiculous. “She was a strange girl! She’s running around in a strawberry outfit; don’t you find that the least bit strange?”


“Nope,” Mari retorted with a slight grin of her own. “I do have a craving for strawberries now though; maybe we’ll get some together during lunch.” 

“Mari, you’re just as strange as she is,” Paula groaned before letting a grin form on her lips, following Mari into their next class. “Fine, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since you seem to like her so much; what’s her name anyway?”


“Her name?” Mari repeated before slipping into her seat and pulling out her books. “I think she said her name was Tawny; she likes strawberries.”


“You think?” Paula retorted with a chuckle as they both grinned in their seats. “I guess I should meet your new friend.”


“You should,” Mari said with a nod, scribbling in her notebook as the professor stepped to the front of the class. “And then we should all get strawberries together.”




AN: This drabble belongs to an RP I’m in based on the Toyland Series; Mathew and Kayla belong to Jaime Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu. I own Kori as well as control other characters that were based from characters of the original tale. We’ve recently finished the first installment of the Toyland RP and now the group is older; we’ve just begun the second installment. Enjoy!


The cabin was still as the other occupants settled down for the night, the only one left awake being Kayla. The girl peeked up at the ceiling as she laid upon her bed, various thoughts rushing through her mind. She hugged tightly to her pillow as she sighed, wishing she could share her thoughts with the others.


“When I was a little girl and I first came to Toyland, I fell in love with this place,” Kayla whispered to no one in particular, feeling some comfort with actually speaking her words aloud. “It was still a land filled with happiness and joy, the darkness remaining outside those gates. But then, we were all sent back to our world and I thought I would never see this place again.”


Kayla paused a moment, recalling the next time she fell into Toyland; Blue’s image the most memorable picture.


“When I returned, I thought it would be to such a nice place but instead I found the darkness was swallowing up Toyland,” Kayla stuttered as she spoke, tears welling up in her eyes. “I was so scared and yet that’s when I met Blue and he protected me from the darkness. He kept me safe and led me through the changed lands; he showed me that there was still happiness and joy amongst the darkness.”


“Go on,” a voice whispered from the darkness, Kayla sitting up to see Kori smiling in the corner of the room. The older girl slipped over to the side of the bed and sat beside the crying girl, taking her into a hug. “I’m here Kayla; you can tell me.”


“Kori, I don’t think I ever want to leave this place,” Kayla cried as she wrapped her arms around Kori’s stomach. “I wish I could stay in Toyland forever; I feel so much happier here than back in our world! A-And I want to be with Blue; Matt would never allow it though!”


“I know,” Kori whispered as she held the girl closer to her. “I know you really like Blue; we’ll just have to see what the future holds. Matt’s going to be against it but we’ll how things play out.”


“You-You aren’t against my wishes?” Kayla questioned, pulling away to stare up at Kori with wide eyes.


“Why would I be? I sometimes feel the same way,” Kori whispered with a glance of longing off towards the distance. “I know I would miss my family too much if I stayed here forever though; I just wish I could have the ability to go between places.”


“That would be amazing,” Kayla whispered as she hugged Kori again and sighed. “Kori, I’m glad you’re here with us; you’re like the sister I never had.”


“I practically am your sister now,” Kori joked as the two of them laughed, chatting about their hopes and dreams until well within the night.



An Angel Amongst Animals

AN: This is a drabble based off a Shapeshifters RP I have with Jamie Canyon! Kat, Dustin, Gwen and Doc are her character while Geano, Cam, Lisa, Tyla, Sinbad, Lucord and Gage are mine ^_^ I actually can’t remember if Gwen and Dustin are step siblings or half siblings so I’ll just guess for now until Jamie corrects me 😛


We’ve recently been having difficulties with this one so I’m trying to build up ideas for it so we can at least continue it to a good ending point. Hope you all enjoy!


The sunset hovered on the horizon as Gwen watched Gage struggle with building the fire, Doc occasionally releasing a chuckle at the boy’s failed attempts to impress the human girl before him. Lucord had shifted into his monkey form and was curled up on Gwen’s lap, snoozing happily and avoiding the work he was asked to do by the others. Dustin was sulking off in a corner of the makeshift camp, knowing that Kat and Sinbad had snuck off to have some alone time together.  

“I’m sure Kat and Sinbad will be back soon,” Gwen said with a smile over towards Dustin, the crow shifter choosing to ignore her words as she sighed. “It does no good sulking like that.”


“Leave him be; he’s just being an overprotective brother,” Gage mumbled as he began to stack the logs in the firepit, preparing to start a flame to keep his companions warm as the chill of the night threatened them. “You don’t worry about a thing, Gwen; I’ll have a fire started in no time.” 

Doc huffed at Gage’s sincere tone towards the girl, rolling his eyes at the lynx’s gentlemanly manners. It seemed there was another couple in the works within their group; what was with the younger generation and blindly pursuing what they believed to be love.


“That’s very kind of you to do all that work, Gage,” Gwen whispered, her cheeks tinted pink as she glanced around the camp. “I see Tyla and Geano are gone too; even Cam and Lisa are off on their own. I hope they’re all actually doing work instead of just going on evening walks together.”


“Yes, I’m sure all they’re doing is walking,” Doc lied with a grunt, Gwen shifting her glare towards him as he rolled his eyes. “How come you’re not doing any work, Human? You’re wasting time just sitting there with that dazed look on your face.”


“Doctor, I would prefer you didn’t take that tone with me anymore; after all, I’m no longer your servant but a companion,” Gwen retorted with a frown, Gage glaring at the scene as he debated stepping between them. “And I brought the wood here which is more than I can say for you; I didn’t want to wake up Lucord when the poor thing was finally able to sleep.”


The Doc was about to retort when Gage got to his feet, his glare deadly as the sloth shifter returned it at full force. Dustin noticed this and quickly rushed over to stand between them, hoping to end any conflict that threatened to form.


“Stop it now; if Geano returns and sees us all fighting then there will be hell to pay,” Dustin scolded the other two shifters, Doc growling at the crow before slipping over towards the trees. Nodding slightly over his shoulder towards the group, Dustin pursued Doc into the woods to make sure he stayed out of trouble and didn’t try to run off; of course, it would be difficult for a sloth like him to get very far.


“That guy’s a jerk!” Gage hissed as he slumped down to the ground once more, attending the firepit once more in hopes to have a blaze soon. “How did you ever put up with him?”


“Simple; I was a slave,” Gwen retorted with a frown, glancing over at the lynx and watching him with interest. “When you’re a slave, you put up with whoever is considered your owner; that or you fight for freedom. If you choose the later though, you risk life and limb; usually those stories never end well for either party.”


The lynx sulked across from the human girl, feeling as if he should have kept his mouth shut. He wondered if he hurt the girl’s feelings in anyway; though, his intention was to insult all who possibly hurt her in the past and present. Gage might have been known for being a flirt but he did have a special interest in Gwen. He wasn’t sure what sparked those feelings but he was prepared to act on them; after all, Cam and Lisa were somehow making their relationship work so why couldn’t they?


“Are you all right, Gage?” Gwen asked as she leaned forward, trying to meet the lynx’s gaze.


“I’m fine but-,” Gage whispered, slamming two rocks together in hopes to form a spark of some sort. “Are you all right with how things are? You’ve been awfully quiet about everything going on; you shouldn’t hold back your feelings. I mean, you are going along with us despite your former owner being here; he’s probably just lurking around because he wants to drag you away as soon as he has his chance. You’re not scared by this?”


“I’m terrified of that outcome,” Gwen said simply, though a smile began to form on her lips as she stroked Lucord’s fur. “However, I feel that it would be the most extreme case; Geano and the others are very kind and are very protective of us humans. I know I’ll be ok in the end; I know you all won’t let Doc get away with anything bad. Besides, it’s shocking to admit but Doc seems to have grown slightly appreciative of being a part of the group; he seems nicer than he’s ever been before. Despite being the previous owner of a slave, he is a doctor; his caring side has begun to take over.”


“R-Really?” Gage stuttered at the girl’s accusations. “He doesn’t seem that way to me; he’s still a grumpy, old kook.”


“I can tell; it’s probably from me being by his side for years,” Gwen admitted with a blush, Lucord stirring slightly in her lap. “Despite everything, Doc is actually a pretty commendable guy.” 

“You-You and Lisa are both so kind,” Gage muttered under his breath at the girl’s words. “You two seem to always see the good in everyone.” 

Gwen blushed at the lynx’s compliment, glancing over at him with wide eyes. The shifter managed to finally build a tall fire and he settled back to enjoy his handiwork, unaware of Gwen’s stare on him.


“You all are very kind,” Gwen replied with a wink. “You take care of us and are working so hard to get us to safety.” 

“Yeah but-we’re just animals,” Gage mumbled in retort with a blush. “You two are like angels.”


“Well aren’t you sweet,” Gwen whispered as she got to her feet, careful to lift Lucord in her hands as she moved to Gage’s side. Then, without warning, she knelt down and kissed him on the cheek before winking at him. “Don’t let anyone tell you any different; you’re the sweetest.”


Gage gawked at the girl beside him, his cheeks red as they lingered there for awhile; the only sound between them being the crackling of the flames.



Love is Worth the Wait

AN: This is a drabble based off a Shapeshifters RP I have with Jamie Canyon! Kat, Dustin, Gwen and Doc are her characters while Geano, Cam, Lisa, Tyla, Sinbad, Lucord and Gage are mine ^_^ I actually can’t remember if Gwen and Dustin are step siblings or half siblings so I’ll just guess for now until Jamie corrects me 😛


We’ve recently been having difficulties with this one so I’m trying to build up ideas for it so we can at least continue it to a good ending point. Hope you all enjoy!


Cades was something left in the past for Tyla as she settled into the camp by the fire, remembering her time in her village as a child with a certain bear shifter. Geano was the one thing left for her now; she had successfully assisted his little family in releasing the villagers’ from the corrupted elders’ holds, including that of her own father’s. She had chosen to listen to her heart instead of her brain, attaching herself to the group as they fled into the night.


That was months ago and yet Tyla still had doubts that they were in safe lands from the elders. After all, how could their group possibly be safe with two human girls along for the journey? And knowing Geano, he would likely accept even more humans to join before turning them away to face the cruel world alone. But she supposed that was one of the reasons why she had come to love Geano so much; he was a true hero among men.


“Miss Tyla?” Lisa’s voice chimed in from behind, Tyla peeking over her shoulder to smile at the human girl standing there. “Are you all right? You seem a bit lost in thought.”


“I’m fine, little one,” Tyla answered with a bow of her head before motioning to the log beside her. “Come on over and have a chat with me, won’t you? We’ve been together for a few months now and I still know very little about you.”


“M-Me?” Lisa stuttered, her cheeks tinted pink as she maneuvered to the log beside Tyla. “You wish to speak to me?”


“Is that all right?” Tyla asked with a surprised glance. “You seem a bit scared; I hope I’m not intimidating you or anything. I know in the past at Cades, I was a bit of a tough one but I can honestly say I mean you no harm or ill-will. I’m actually quite intrigued with your kind; we rarely saw humans at the village. We didn’t believe in human slave trade; well, the elders before the corrupt ones you saw didn’t believe in it. I’m pretty sure if those men you saw as our elders remained in power for much longer, they would have been brought in. Humans have rights just as much as our kind does; and besides, you and Gwen are two of the kindest beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”


Lisa’s cheeks burned brighter as she took a seat next to the woman shifter, trying her best to break away from her shy demeanor. She wished to speak naturally with the woman yet she still found it hard to smash through her own barriers.


“So, I heard Camero found you and rescued you from danger,” Tyla began as she rested her hands on the knotted log beneath her. “A young human girl lost in the land of the shifters; you must have been very frightened. Luckily, you ran into someone who was able to show you a bit of kindness. If you had met anyone else within that town, you might not have been so lucky.”


“Cam was kind and took me under his wing,” Lisa interrupted with the slightest of smiles. “He took me to Geano who then vowed to help me get to my homeland again. Dustin and Kat were there too; we all ran together.”


“Yes, that’s right; then what happened?” Tyla asked, excited to hear the girl open up to her.


“Ah-,” Lisa paused her words as she glanced down at her lap, the shyness returning at full force.


“I see you fancy them; I’ll get you able to talk fully with me one day,” Tyla chuckled before reaching over to pat the girl’s shoulder. “I understand you ran into the three bounty hunters then; they injured Cam and that’s how you came across Gwen and Doc. And from then on, you were all together. I eventually found Geano and took him back to the village before all of you followed after to get him back.”


“Th-That’s correct,” Lisa whispered softly as she nodded, Tyla nodding along with her as they stared into the crackling flames before them.


“I’m glad that Geano found himself people he could call a family,” Tyla whispered as she leaned forward, feeling the warmth brushing along her skin. “He was orphaned young in our village; he was often alone and without anyone to care for him. It wasn’t like he wasn’t treasured though; I was one of many who looked to him with admiration.”


“He had fans?” Lisa blinked as she questioned, Tyla chuckling at the girl’s words.


“Yeah, he had a whole village of fans,” Tyla mused with a smile. “He was strong for his age and was one of the mightiest warriors by the time he had entered his teen years. The whole village loved him; I especially loved him.”


“Your love was different than the love the rest had for him,” Lisa said as she smiled in understanding, sighing softly at the thought of the young pair. “Did you ever tell him back then about your feelings?” 

“I did,” Tyla answered as her cheeks tinted the slightest shade of pink. “When we were young, I would often tell Geano how much I loved him. He would never say it back; however, he would allow me to tag along and would escort me through the woods as we played. He would always wait for me each day, knowing I would be coming to follow him. There were even moments where he would truly smile at me; have you ever seen his true smile?” 

“His true smile?” Lisa shook her head as she seemed to pout at Tyla’s excited gaze. “I rarely see him smile at all; he seems so stoic most of the time that it’s hard to read him.”


“He’s been like that since he was a child; don’t pay it any mind,” Tyla laughed as she patted Lisa’s shoulder lightly. “You’ll see his smile one day; after all, he cares about you deeply. If he didn’t care about you, he wouldn’t be making this trip for the safety of Gwen and yourself.”


“I-I know that,” Lisa stuttered, her cheeks growing a darker shade of red as she nodded. “He took us in and protected us; Geano and the others have all risked their lives to get us back with our people. I’m eternally grateful for it.”


Tyla smiled as Lisa continued to open up to her, the female bear shifter taking her into a hug as the human girl gasped in surprise.


“This moment right here is quite special and I’m so happy to see it happen,” Tyla said with a chuckle. “You know, I was a bit worried when I first decided to follow Geano and come along on your journey; I thought I would never get another chance to marry him and prove my love to him again. But I understand now that it is worth the wait; helping you get home has become just as important to me as it is for Geano and the others.”


“R-Really?” Lisa stuttered with eyes wide, amazed at what was being said to her.


“Yes,” Tyla answered with a smile. “I’ll do my best to get you home, Lisa; you have my word.”


“Th-Thank you!” Lisa cheered as she threw her arms around Tyla, the two of them enjoying a moment together. “I’m so glad you joined us!”


“Same here, Lisa,” Tyla nodded with a grin. “Same here.”



It’s Been So Long

AN: This drabble is based off of my Sci-Fi RP with Jamie Canyon! My characters include Harper, Kai, Nathan, Moi, Kendal, Lance and Mr. Quentin; Will Talon and Analay are Jamie’s two characters and are being borrowed for story-telling purposes. I hope you guys enjoy the story!


  Nathan propped himself up against the wall just outside the Communications room, his eyes scanning the hall for any signs of his girlfriend. He had been slipped a message from Kai that Analay wished to meet him there at a specified time; however, that time had come and gone and he was left there standing around while others looked at him suspiciously. Sure, Analay’s father probably held her up with certain duties for the Cadets but usually the girl would at least send him a message on the communicator that she would be late.


“I’ll give her five more minutes and then I’m outta-,” Nathan muttered to himself, interrupted by a touch on his shoulder.


“Calm down; I’m here now,” Analay said as she rolled her eyes, frowning up at her boyfriend. “You were going to leave even though I told you to meet me here?” 

“I’ve been waiting here for almost an hour now,” Nathan quickly retorted, their eyes locked as they argued. “You were the one who said you’d be here waiting for me; you left me here waiting while others looked on! I think I’m the one who deserves an apology here!”


The pair glared at each other for only a moment before both looks softened and they joined together in a warm embrace. 

“Sorry; Father had me doing paperwork for him and I couldn’t slip away,” Analay whispered as they pulled away from each other, the girl taking Nathan’s hand and leading him into the Communications room without being noticed by prying eyes. “I’ve got some news for you that you’re going to want to hear; it’s technically still classified information but Father shared it with me in confidence since it affected me. It affects you too so I’m going to let you know now before all of Beta-10 is abuzz with excitement.”


“What in the world could be so important?” Nathan asked in a curious manner as Analay slipped over to one of the communication channels and began to type away. He tried to peek over her shoulder but his girlfriend was not about to let him find out the easy way, Analay elbowing him in the gut. “Th-That was not ok!” 

“Just give me a second and I’ll make sure you see what I’m talking about,” Analay said with a smile over her shoulder, the girl winking at him as she pulled up something on the screen. “Patch me through to Lance Quentin please.”


“Wait, wh-?” Nathan stuttered as his eyes went wide, a muscular boy appearing on the screen sitting next to a familiar smiling mechanic. “Harper!”


Harper Quentin had grown during the time she had been away on recovery, her hair once again blond and curly with a few red streaks evident. Her skin was tanned from working out in the sun and she seemed to be the usual mischievous figure that used to roam the halls of Beta-10.


“Hi Big Bro!” Harper cheered with a smirk, waving happily at the screen as Lance rolled his eyes beside her. “I got some news for you!”


“We will be given an assignment tomorrow that involves us seeking the aid of several allies as well as…a few criminals,” Analay explained to the shocked Nathan as Harper nodded in agreement. “We will be traveling to the prison station and requesting Will Talon be placed in our custody.”


“And guess who else is joining the team!” Harper piped in as she threw her arm around Lance, pointing at them both as she giggled. “Lance and I will be flying Kendal’s ship up to Beta-10 in the morning!” 

“Y-You’re coming back?” Nathan questioned with wide eyes before his smile came through at full force. “It’s about time, you brat; I’ve missed you! You’re ok now? Your memories are back now?”


“Mhm,” Harper said with a nod, Lance grumbling under his breath as he rolled his eyes. “Kendal really helped me out; he also didn’t want me traveling back to Beta-10 alone so he got Lance into the cadets program via the test in America. He might not look it but Lance is definitely excited!”


“Yeah right-,” Lance uttered, quickly getting knocked upside the head by Harper’s stray fist. “Ow!” 

“Anyway, we have to go now so we can finish packing up the ship for take-off in the morning! We’ll see you when we get there!” Harper cheered as she gave a victory sign before the connection was cut-off, Analay smiling back at her boyfriend as Nathan seemed completely rejuvenated.  

“I haven’t seen you this happy in awhile,” Analay said as she turned to face Nathan, the boy slumping back into one of the chairs as he came to terms with everything. “We’re getting the entire group back together; we’re going to spring Will out of prison. It’s just like old times.”


“This is the greatest news I’ve ever heard,” Nathan said with a chuckle before reaching forward and grabbing Analay’s wrist, pulling her into his lap as they shared a loving kiss. “It comes second to the news of you accepting me as your boyfriend.”


“Heh, I’m glad you’re happy,” Analay said as the two of them shared another kiss, enjoying their moment together before rushing off to rest. After all, tomorrow would be a big day for them; they would be reunited with their friends once more.