Running Wild

AN: This is a drabble based off a Shapeshifters RP I have with Jamie Canyon! Kat, Dustin, Gwen and Doc are her character while Geano, Cam, Lisa, Tyla, Sinbad, Lucord and Gage are mine ^_^ I actually can’t remember if Gwen and Dustin are step siblings or half siblings so I’ll just guess for now until Jamie corrects me 😛 

We’ve recently been having difficulties with this one so I’m trying to build up ideas for it so we can at least continue it to a good ending point. Hope you all enjoy!


For every area the group managed to wander into, it was up to their scouts to search ahead for any sign of danger or civilization where they would be safe. Despite Dustin’s pleas, Kat had volunteered herself for the job, often running off without the orders from Geano. Papa Bear was often frustrated with her actions but did not fight against it, allowing her to fulfill her wishes; he knew that as soon as the dust kicked up from her paws, Sinbad wouldn’t be far behind her.


Once a hunter from a blood-stained clan, Sinbad had a knack for scouting and tracking in various climates; he was the perfect man for the job. And he had to be honest; he couldn’t just sit by while a chase was going on.


Sinbad loved running wild with Kat; he loved the wind against his fur while as a cheetah and he enjoyed weaving through obstacles beside the fox. Others could not understand the happiness the two of them had with running with one-another; they probably would never understand.


“It seems like we’re coming up on the forest now,” Geano muttered to his companions at the brush off in the distance, the bear shifter stretching his aching limbs as they continued their strides. “We’ll need to check and make sure it’s safe.”


“I’m on it!” Kat exclaimed, Dustin barely able to latch his hand around her wrist. “Dustin!”


“Cool it, Kat; you should stay here with us and let someone else do the scouting,” Dustin stressed as he pulled the girl closer to him. “I mean it.”


“Dustin, stop; I’m the fastest member of the group,” Kat argued, struggling to pull away from her step-brother. “Geano, tell him to let me go!”


“Don’t care-,” Geano uttered under his breath, the bear shifter plopping down on the ground while Tyla knelt beside him. “Somebody check ahead for us so we can find a safe place to set up for the night.”


Sinbad stepped forward at the bear’s words, nodding before shifting into a cheetah and dashing down the path. Kat gawked at Sinbad’s speed before struggling against her step-brother once more, finally pulling away from Dustin and shifting into her fox form. The smaller creature was off like lightning, aiming to pass the cheetah who noticed her coming up behind him.


“And we begin this again?” Sinbad questioned as he glanced behind him to the approaching fox, a toothy grin evident on his usually calm face. “I beat you every time; maybe you should just give up now and save yourself the trouble.”


“Heh, not on your life,” Kat got out as she picked up the pace, her tiny paws racing through the trees of the forest as she tried to advance past her companion. Sinbad, however, wouldn’t allow her to get off that easy; he was soon picking up the pace as well.


“Just make sure you’re also helping me scout instead of just focusing on the race,” Sinbad iterated to the fox before leaping upwards, taking the tree paths to advance further in the race.


“No fair!” Kat hissed as she tried her best to keep up with the cheetah’s pace, falling behind slightly as she moved. “Aw come on!”


“You’re too focused on me,” Sinbad said with a chuckle, searching the forest for any signs of danger. “You need to focus on the environment.”


Kat bit her lip as she huffed, trying again to pick up the pace with the cheetah shifter. She wanted to prove herself to be as great as him, if not greater; or was she merely just trying to impress him with her speed? She was unsure of it all herself; all she knew was that she needed to run faster.


“I’m not going to let you win!” Kat screamed as Sinbad jumped down from the trees, the fox leaping up and tackling the shocked cheetah. The two of them stumbled backwards, cascading down a rocky slope while Kat cheered in triumph. She might not have beaten him at the race but she could stop him in his tracks. “Ha, got you now!”


“That hurt,” Sinbad muttered as his body came to a stop, the cheetah on his back as he shifted back into his human form. Kat followed suit, pinning the hunter down with a smirk painted on her face. “We’re supposed to be doing a job.” 

“I’m not letting you go until you admit I beat you,” Kat said as she eased back to sit on Sinbad’s stomach, making it harder for him to breath. “Come on, admit it!” 

“You didn’t win if you just end the race by tackling someone to the ground,” Sinbad advised; though he did manage to form a grin. “I will admit though; you’re pretty smart. You’re strong too.” 

“Heh, thanks,” Kat blushed as she grinned, the two of them remaining in that position for a good while. Soon, their gazes were locked as they inched closer to each other, Kat’s mind racing as she wondered what would happen next. Sinbad didn’t seem to pull away from her; in fact, he seemed relaxed and ready to accept whatever she was about to do. “Sinbad?” 



“I-,” Kat began but she couldn’t bring herself to hold back any longer; she brought her lips against his own as they shared a kiss. It was passionate; the two of them wrapping their arms around the other as their lips continued to brush against one-another. The two were hidden within the forest, away from the prying eyes of their companions. Hell, Kat knew that if Dustin and Geano saw them now, there would be no future for Sinbad.  

“Kat,” Sinbad suddenly pushed the girl away from him as he sighed, glancing around for any sign of the others. “We must continue our job. Perhaps we could continue this at a later date?”


Kat blushed as she picked herself up from Sinbad, becoming shy after the event that had just occurred. She didn’t hold back even the slightest; she just went and kissed him squarely on the lips without any warning. He seemed to enjoy it but he was also pushing her away at the same time.


“Right, we’ll just get back to scouting then,” Kat whispered as she shifted into a fox and dashed away, leaving Sinbad to sit and think about the events that occurred there. “Let’s go!”


“Heh,” Sinbad seemed to chuckle as he watched after the disappearing fox, the cheetah shifter smirking as he got to his feet. “Seems things are going to be quite interesting from here on out; at least I know I can always best her in a race.”



Our Moments

AN: This drabble is based off of my new Sci-Fi RP with Jamie Canyon! Will Talon is Jamie’s character and Nomel is her world. I am simply borrowing him for story-telling purposes. I hope you guys enjoy the story!


Life on Beta-10 could not have been better for Analay and Nathan as they finally admitted their feelings to one-another and began to date. They could be seen everywhere together; the two of them hand-and-hand as they strolled through the space station. They were always happy…


That is, until Harper would hop into the scene and disrupt even their most romantic of moments. The mechanic’s daughter was unknowingly cruel to their relationship as she took her strides to her friends’ sides, the two lovebirds unsure if they should shoo away the oblivious Harper.


Even Will, who had yet to admit his feelings for Harper yet, tried his best to subtlety warn the girl of her intrusions but she paid his words no mind; Harper was far too focused on spending as much time with her two best friends as possible. 

“I love Harper; she’s my best friend,” Analay muttered to Nathan as they finally found some time alone in the gardens, the two of them resting under the trees. “However, she doesn’t seem to understand that we’re dating now. I’m worried that she’s in denial because she’s lonely.”


“She’s lonely because Will won’t step up and be a man,” Nathan retorted as he rolled his eyes, nestling down into the grassy meadow. “I love the kid to death myself; however, she will eventually need to know that we’re not always going to be around to take care of her. She has a lot of friends; why is she clinging to us24/7?”


“Well, we are her best friends,” Analay tried to argue, however she could only bring herself to sigh and nod. “You are correct though; Harper is friends with so many people here on Beta-10. She should be able to go hang out with others instead of staying by our side all the time.”


“Well, we can’t just not tell her to buzz off,” Nathan mumbled as he glanced over at his girlfriend. “I’d probably pick kinder words to share with her; but in the end she needs to know that we have a problem with her cutting in at all our dates. It’s our time alone and we deserve it. We’re finally together but we never get to spend any time together.”


“We can’t just cut her completely out, you know,” Analay added with a frown. “We just have to set up a good balance with her; let her know that there are times when we’re able to hang out with her and times when we can’t. This is a delicate situation; we don’t want her to get the wrong idea, Nathan.”


“God, why are things so difficult with this kid?” Nathan whined as he nodded, stretching his arms as he pushed into a sitting position. “Well, we might as well go find her now and tell her how we feel; if she’s not already over here trying to rain in on our parade.”


“Be nice,” Analay warned as she got to her feet, helping Nathan as the two of them walked hand-and-hand into the hall to find their friend. “I hope we don’t hurt her feelings with this; she’s been pretty delicate since her amnesia episode at Nomel. She is still slightly jumbled and I don’t want her to revert back to that state of the unknown.”


“Calm down; it’s not going to force her back into amnesia,” Nathan nudged the girl beside him as they walked, Analay giggling slightly at his efforts to cheer her up. “We’ll be gentle with her; don’t worry about a thing.” 

“I hope you’re ri-,” Analay fell silent as she came to a halt, yanking Nathan to her side as she stared forward down the hall. Harper was walking together with Will as she happily giggled, the criminal nudging her slightly as he smiled down at her. The two of them seemed to be having a good time together, oblivious to Nathan and Analay standing down the hall from him. “She’s with Will?”


“They look happy,” Nathan mumbled under his breath, pulling away from Analay as he lifted up his communicator and dialed Harper’s number. Beginning his call, he pulled his girlfriend into a doorway and waited to see what the girl would do.


Harper’s form paused suddenly as she gasped and lifted her communicator in her hands, glancing at the screen as if unsure what to do. After a reluctant moment, Harper then answered the call and began to speak into the piece.


“Hi Nathan, um-.” 

“Harper, hey; look, what are you up to right now? Analay and I wanted to hang out with you and talk with you,” Nathan said into the piece, hoping the girl didn’t notice his voice from down the hall. “We can come get you and spend some time in the gardens or something.” 

“Oh, um-,” Harper’s form tensed at her friend’s words, hesitant on what to say next. “Hey, so-you know I’m actually with someone right now so I’m going to have to decline today. Why don’t you two enjoy some quality time together? After all, you two are always hanging out with me so wouldn’t it be best to enjoy some time alone? You can’t have a good relationship if you’re always out with other people silly.”


“W-What?” Nathan stuttered at Harper’s words, almost dropping his communicator to the ground as he dashed out of his hiding spot and screaming down the hall. “What the hell are you talking about, Harper?”


Will seemed to chuckle at Nathan’s scream, glancing over his shoulder to the duo down the hall with his usual smirk. Harper turned heel as she stared at Nathan, her eyes wide as he stormed over to her.


“You’ll interrupt our dates but when we want to talk and hang out with you, you blow us off to be with your crush?” Nathan snapped as Harper’s cheeks went red, Analay trying to calm her boyfriend down while Will continued to smirk. “Oh, that’s not happening at all; we’re going to interrupt your little date for all the times you interrupted us!”


“Nathan, calm down!” Analay snapped as she smacked Nathan’s arm, hoping he would catch the hint. “Let’s just let them be.”


“No, I won’t just drop this!” Nathan snapped back before Will lifted his hand to silence him. “What?”


“You’re kind of a hypocrite, you know that?” Will uttered as he turned heel to his friends, resting his hand on the girl’s shoulder beside him. “You get uppity when Harper’s invading your time but you’d do the same to her in a heartbeat. You’ve done it for a long time actually; stop acting all huffy and think about the jokester you are and how you would always pester the girl. You might want to rethink how you’re addressing this issue.” 

Nathan was at a loss for words as he let the criminal’s words sink in, the boy realizing how he had acted towards Harper who was just trying to hang out with her friends. In the past, Nathan would always be the one who would find Harper and Analay and drag them along with him; he would do his best to woe his future girlfriend while getting into mischief with his sister figure. Why had he forgotten about those times?


“Sorry, Harper,” Nathan said simply as he bowed his head, slipping down the hall with Analay following after him. “Just let us know when you can hang out, all right?”


“Um, ok-,” Harper waved after her friends, her confusion still evident on her face as Will led her back the way they were initially going. “What was all that about anyway? He seemed really upset that we weren’t hanging out together.”


“You really are kind of oblivious,” Will chuckled lightly as he nudged the girl, Harper’s puzzled expression causing him to break into laughter. “Don’t worry about it; let’s just go out and cause some mischief.” 

“That sounds like fun,” Harper perked up at the word ‘mischief’, taking Will’s hand as she dashed down the hall.



Marry Me

AN: This drabble belongs to an RP I’m in based on the Toyland Series; Mathew and Kayla belong to Jaime Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu. I own Kori as well as control other characters that were based from characters of the original tale. We’ve recently finished the first installment of the Toyland RP and now the group is older; we’ve just begun the second installment. Enjoy!


The moonlight tried to break from the clouds to the land below where the cabin rested on the meadow, Kori curled up on the roof as she hummed a familiar tune. Her bare feet swayed with the sound of her soft tones reverberating from her vocal chords, the girl at peace for once in a long while. Toyland was suffering all around them and yet, there was still beauty to be found in the world. Though she was still part of a war, there was still a little voice in Kori’s mind that told her everything was perfect.  

And it was all because of him.  

Kori giggled to herself as Matt struggled to climb up on the rooftop, careful with his steps as he made his way to her side. He plopped down as he stretched slightly, ever so smoothly resting his arm over her shoulders while he pulled her next to him.


“I’ve been looking everywhere for you,” Matt whispered as he pressed his forehead onto her wavy locks, causing the girl to blush at the feel of his breath on her skin. “What are you doing out here by yourself?”


“Just taking in the view,” Kori admitted with a smile. “It’s rare nowadays for beauty to be found in Toyland; I wanted to enjoy a few moments of peace I guess.”


“Well, when we win this war, we’ll bring the beauty back to Toyland for good,” Matt said with a nod, suddenly becoming shy as he blushed. “Hey, so…Jack and Mary actually got married huh? They didn’t wait for the war to be over; they just jumped right into it and got married.”


“They wanted to have that special something to help push them through the war I suppose,” Kori answered. “They wanted to have it done just in case something did happen. Jack wanted to prove his love for Mary and he did so with the ceremony. I gotta say, it’s really romantic of him to actually do something like that.”


Matt remained silent, simply nodding as he fidgeted in his seat; he was unsure of what to say at that moment. He had so many feelings he wanted to express but he was not as brave as Jack was in those regards. Jack had known Mary all his life and had always had feelings for her; Matt had known Kori a few years and they had grown closer with each passing day. However, was their love as strong as Jack and Mary’s love? Did they honestly have a chance to be together like those two?


So many questions raced through Matt’s mind as he prepared himself for what to say next, unsure of what Kori’s response would be. He wasn’t going to back down from what his heart told him to do however; Matt was ready to face whatever came from his decisions.


“Kori, you know – we’ve been together for years now,” Matt began, gulping slightly as he spoke. “You’ve stayed by my side and you became my Princess; you’ve been there for me always and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.”


“Matt,” Kori blushed as she replied to him. “I’m very happy to be with you, my Prince. You’ve been the light in my life that I always needed. I’m so grateful to you and will always be grateful to you. I’m so glad to have you in my life and I never want this good feeling to go away.” 

“‘Never want this good feeling to go away’?” Matt repeated as his eyes widened, his hand diving into his pocket to scavenge for a little piece of treasure. “You-You really mean that, Kori?”


“Yes,” Kori answered, her confused stare rested solely on the boy as he continued his fumbling. “What are you doing, Matt?”


“I-I-Uh,” Matt stuttered as he pulled his hand out of his pocket, his fingers wrapped around a silver band with a small jewel attached. However, his hand shook too much as he pulled it out and the ring fell out of his hand, sliding down the shingles into the gutter. “Ah, no!”


“Was that a-?” Kori began; her eyes wide as Matt unsteadily hopped to his feet.


“Oh no!” Matt gasped as he stumbled along the shingles and began to slide off the roof, barely catching onto the gutter as he tumbled down. He cried out as he hung there, Kori letting out a gasp of her own as she tiptoed down to where Matt was hanging. “This is embarrassing…” 

“Matt, are you all right?” Kori asked as she knelt down at the roof’s edge, reaching out of grasp Matt’s hands and pull him to safety. Unfortunately, she had forgotten he was a muscle-built boy in comparison to her slender form and she had little chance of actually pulling him back onto the roof. She wasn’t going to give up though; she was going to keep trying until her Prince was safe. “Hang on Matt, I’ve got you!”


Matt wanted to decline but he was soon being aided by the girl, his own strength able to pull himself up most of the way. Soon, he was breathing heavily while resting on the shingles, Kori’s hand tightly wrapped around his wrist in fear of him falling again.


“Thanks-,” Matt began but quickly pulled himself away once more, beginning to search the gutter for the shining treasure he wished to present to his Princess. Kori blinked at his behavior, unsure of what to make of the whole thing. She had thought she had seen a ring in his hand but it was only for a split second. Was it really a ring? “Just one second; I’ll find it!”


“Matt, what’s going on?” Kori asked with a curious stare, the boy continuing his hectic searching while she stayed behind him. “Matt?” 

“Just one-!” Matt gasped as he pulled his hand from the gutter, his fingers a bit dirty from the dirt and leaves that had gathered there. However, encased in his fingers, was his little treasure; the ring he had wanted to give to his Princess. “Thank god, I found it!”


“You found-,” Kori went silent as her eyes widened, Matt somehow twisting to be on his knees while he held up the ring to her. “Oh my god!”


“Kori, I want this to be a promise between us; I don’t care when we can take the next step,” Matt began as he blushed. “I just want to know that someday we will be able to that next step together as husband and wife. I don’t want to be forceful or anything like that; if you want to say no, you won’t hurt my feelings. I just wanted to tell you how I really feel; Kori, will you marry me?” 

“Yo-You’re asking me to-?” Kori stuttered as tears began to flow from her eyes, the girl unable to hold herself back as she wrapped her arms around the boy. “Of course I will, you idiot! You’re my Prince!”


Matt smiled happily as he held Kori in his arms, his dreams finally coming true. Kori was his promised bride; someday they would be married and making their journey in life side by side. It was the greatest moment of his life; nothing could take away his happiness.


“You guys are getting married?” Kayla’s voice rang from down below as the young girl stared up at her brother and his fiancé, Blue by her side as she cheered for them. “Man, why didn’t you tell me Matt?”


“Because you can’t keep your mouth shut,” Matt replied as he frowned down at his sister and the boy whom had been getting much too close to his precious sister. However, he wasn’t going to mouth off to the two of them, especially with Kori in his grasps. “Anyway, yeah – we’re going to get married.”


“Congratulations!” More voices echoed from the cabin as their friends all barreled out the door, all of their smiling faces present as they cheered for the two of them. “We’re so happy for you!”


“Thanks,” Matt waved down to them as he smiled shyly, taking Kori’s hand in his own as he finally slid the ring onto her finger. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now.”


“And you’re engaged to the luckiest girl,” Kori replied as she leaned forward, the two of them joined in a passionate kiss.


“Seems like we’re going to have another wedding to plan,” Mary whispered to her husband at her side, Jack smirking at his wife’s comment.


“Yeah; bout time those two were ready to tie the knot,” Jack said with a nod. “The Shadow King’s gonna be mad; you realize this right?”


“Yes,” Mary gave a sad smile as she nodded, knowing that their path would be treacherous from then-on. “We will win though; Kori deserves to be happy and she will not pay the price for our freedom.”


“You’re right; I wouldn’t ever allow any of those kids to suffer because we will not give in to the Shadow King,” Jack patted Mary’s shoulder while the group around them continued to cheer. “Now no more dark thoughts; let’s have a celebration. Our kiddos are going to get married!”



Lantern Festival

AN: This drabble is based off of a Pirates vs. Ninjas RP between me and Jamie Canyon. Jamie’s characters consist of Joan, Ray, Slither and Tess. My characters are the rest 😛 Hope you guys enjoy!


The island town of Nianette rested along the Cliffside paths, the ocean sparkling from the moon high above. Lanterns were strung along the paths while various booths were displayed, the streets filled with yukata-dressed villagers all enjoying the festival with little knowledge on the pi-ja and her crew that now blended with the crowd.


“This is amazing!” Ember gasped as she skipped around her friends, her excitement visible in her starry eyes. Nathaniel and Ritsu both chuckled lightly at the girl’s words, the group all walking through the festival in their disguises in hopes of not being discovered. “It’s the first time I’ve ever been to a festival like this; it’s so pretty!”  

“I totally forgot it was the lantern festival season,” Slither whispered at the pi-ja’s side, the boy ninja chuckling slightly as his cheeks tinted pink. “Looks like being out at sea so much has thrown off my internal calendar.”


“Don’t be fooled; he’s never been good at telling time or dates,” Ray chimed in with a smirk, the ninja girl pleased to finally be in her own environment. “Just be careful about your identities everyone.”


“Got it,” Ember nodded as she skipped forward, Ritsu and Nathaniel following behind her cautiously. “Let’s go!”


The group slowly began to disperse through the festival, Ray slipping away into the crowd to enjoy her time by herself. Talim and Dian both chose to stay towards the outskirts of the festival, not wanting to cause a disruption for simply being elven folk in a ninja village. Tess chose to stay behind with Zeriff and the little monsters and avoid any trouble from both the town and inside the ship. Soon, only Slither, Joan and Raspin stood together in the crowd; a variety of emotions displayed between them. Slither was the most excited out of the group, nearly jumping at the chance to be amongst his own kind. Raspin was fidgeting nervously, unable to raise his eyes to greet the girl beside him. Joan was clearly upset about being left in Raspin’s group, unsure if coming to the festival was in her best interests at that moment.


“Well, there’s no point just standing around,” Slither chimed in as he linked arms with Joan and Raspin, dragging them after him as he skipped off to examine some booths. “Let’s go you guys!”


“Sli-Slither!” Joan stuttered, trying to pull away from the ninja. However, his grip was oddly tight on her arm, the pirate girl barely able to keep up with his long strides as they made it to the food booths. “Gah, I should have known you’d head straight for the food!”


“What can I say?” Slither muttered as he ordered some ka-bobs from the vendor. “I’m starving; we haven’t eaten since early this morning.”


“I could have sworn you were the one scarfing down most of the food,” Raspin alleged quietly, Slither chuckling while he ruffled the witch doctor’s Mohawk. “Ah, Slither…”


“You’re a funny one, Raspy,” Slither said with a smirk while he accepted the various ka-bobs being handed to him, paying the vendor before forcing a ka-bob in both his companion’s hands. “Eat up, both of you; there’s plenty more booths to see and even more food to eat!” 

Slither skipped off once more, leaving Raspin and Joan to stand together in silence. Raspin wished desperately to speak with the girl but she was still weary of him, immediately continuing to chase after Slither as she noticed the witch doctor’s attention return to her. He watched Joan’s form longingly, holding his tongue as he followed after them once more.


The threesome hopped from booth to booth, sampling the delicacies of the island and admiring the various goods on sale. Joan had taken a liking to a small jewel flower pendant; however, she pulled herself away from the booth hesitantly. She didn’t think herself worthy of such a beautiful trinket, finding it would most likely be lost at sea if she chose to purchase it. So instead, she kept moving after Slither, unaware that Raspin had watched her every move and noticed what she had taken such an interest in.


The night continued on, Slither soon bouncing with excitement as he pointed to the sky.


“There’s going to be fireworks!” Slither exclaimed as he dashed down the street to look for the others. “We should all watch them together; you two wait here and I’ll go get them! I’ll be right back!”


Before Joan could object, Slither was gone from their sight. The girl pirate groaned at her current predicament, ignoring Raspin’s stare as she moved off to sit on the stairs towards some type of temple. She whispered to be alone; however, Raspin would not catch the hint. He followed after Joan and sat a few steps above her; he was sure that she did not want him at her side.


“Just keep your distance,” Joan muttered under her breath, resting her head on the railing as she closed her eyes. She hated the thought of being alone with the witch doctor; even though she understood Raspin was a good soul, he still had Damico inside of him.


“Mermaid-,” Raspin began to speak but he could sense Joan becoming tense at the sound of his voice. He frowned slightly at her fear of him, waiting for her shoulders to relax before he began to speak again. “Mermaid, I-I have something for you.”


The witch doctor was met with silence before noticed the even breaths of the girl, gasping slightly at his discovery. She was actually asleep sitting on the steps of the temple.


“Mermaid, you shouldn’t sleep here,” Raspin gasped as he pushed down the steps, sitting beside the slumbering girl as he examined her face. She was so at peace that he couldn’t bring himself to wake her up. He gave a warm smile and enjoyed their moment together, happy to be at her side instead of strides away from her. Before he knew it, he was glancing around while his hand dug into his pocket; Raspin sighing as he pulled the flower pendant out that he had purchased for the girl. “I bought you this Mermaid; I knew you were silently wishing to have it and I just couldn’t ignore that. I wanted you to be happy; I wanted you to have it.” 

Raspin slipped the pendant around her neck, allowing it to cascade onto her chest. It wasn’t enough to startle her awake which pleased Raspin; he wasn’t ready for this moment to end. His eyes shifted around the area, making sure no one had their eyes on them before he leaned forward and kissed Joan lightly on her cheek. He knew it was a long shot but he believed the two of them could be together one day. If he could somehow cast Damico’s soul out of him, he would be free and able to bring a smile to Joan’s face.


“Raspin!” Ember’s voice called from the street, the pi-ja skipping about while in search of the missing duo. “Joan, where are you?”


“Over here,” Raspin said as he waved from the steps, getting to his feet just as fireworks began to color the sky above them. Soon, the entire group had made it to the steps and away from the crowded streets, Joan’s eyes fluttering open at the sounds of the fireworks. She glanced up at the group surrounding her before noticing the necklace around her neck, her eyes wide as she tried to recall how it got there. “Mermaid, don’t you remember; you bought it for yourself before we sat down at the steps.” 

“Huh?” Joan glanced up at the witch doctor before nodding slightly, unsure of what to believe anymore. “Right; you’re right. It’s foolish of me to forget such things.”


The group all enjoyed the fireworks together, happy to have their peaceful time away from the vast ocean to spend with one-another. And for one certain witch doctor, it was a moment he would never forget.



Black Sheep

AN: This drabble belongs to an RP I’m in based on the Toyland Series; Mathew and Kayla belong to Jaime Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu. I own Kori as well as control other characters that were based from characters of the original tale. We’ve recently finished the first installment of the Toyland RP and now the group is older; we’ve just begun the second installment. Enjoy! 

Kayla stumbled slightly down the dusty path towards the ruins of Toyland’s farming district. Bo Peep had pleaded with the group to return there to search for her black sheep from her flock, warning them of his dangerous nature. The teen girl was the only one who felt it necessary to take the job, ignoring the warnings of danger and sneaking away from the group to search. After all, he was a sheep; what kind of danger could he possibly cause? 

The charred remains of a gate laid at her feet as Kayla maneuvered her way towards the decrepit barn before her; the name Little Bo Peep painted on the sign barely hanging up above the doorway. So this was the place? How a little black sheep could survive on his own without his herder was beyond the girl as she kicked at the rotting barn door and stepped into the barn.  

For being ruined on the outside, the inside of the barn was actually holding up pretty well. It looked tended to; almost as if someone were caring for it even during the war.  

“That’s strange,” Kayla muttered to herself, glancing around for any sign of life. “Maybe there’s someone here with Bo Peep’s sheep; maybe someone has been holding up here without anywhere to go. I need to bring them back with me!” 

“Not a chance, Small Fry,” a voice muttered from the shadows as Kayla gasped, a broken plank nearly colliding with her head as it flew through the air. The girl gulped and turned her gaze to the high boards of the barn, shocked to see a boy a bit older than her standing there. He seemed like bad new; dressed head to toe in black leather to match his pitch black hair. There were small traces of black wool at the sleeve openings of his jacket as well as around his collar; Kayla expecting the worse at the sight of him.


“Oh no, what did you do to the sheep?” Kayla cried out, being met with booming laughter from the dark figure. “Why are you-?”


“You idiot; it’s clear you know nothing about this place!” The boy spat out in-between fits of laughter. “I’m the sheep!”


Kayla stumbled backwards at the boy’s words, surprised in herself for not even drawing that conclusion. She had met so many characters so far in Toyland that she knew she should no longer be surprised at such news. The girl fell to the ground as she stared up at the boy, watching him carefully as he leapt down the high boards with ease and landed beside her.


“Sup Small Fry?” The sheep boy smirked as he spoke, poking at her side with his foot as she tensed. “You better turn yourself around and go back where you came from if you know what’s best for you. I’ve already taken out a bunch of those monsters on my own; you’ll be no different.” 

“W-What?” Kayla stuttered as her eyes wavered at the sight of the boy, inching backwards in hopes to get away from him. “Please stop this, I’ve come by request of Bo Peep; she begged for us to find her black sheep so I came here to find him is all. I’m not your enemy; I’m here for the sheep!” 

“I am the sheep,” the boy retorted as he crossed his arms over his chest, his confident grin causing Kayla to gasp. “I’m not going anywhere; it doesn’t matter if you’re here for Bo or not. So, you’d best be off, Small Fry, if you know what’s good for you.” 

“Y-You’re the sheep?” Kayla questioned with wide eyes. Honestly, why was she still in disbelief of such things? “How are you the sheep?” 

“I’m a shapeshifter, duh,” the boy said simply as he frowned slightly. “Kael, the black sheep; I was taken in by Bo Peep years ago. I highly doubt you talked to her if you don’t even know this. Aren’t you a bit strange yourself, Small Fry? You smell human.” 

“That’s because I am human!” Kayla snapped at Kael, calming down slightly in acceptance of the boy before her. “I did talk to Bo Peep; my group didn’t want to come out here and look for you! They were scared that it would be too dangerous; however, Bo Peep was really scared that something might happen to you so I couldn’t just let this fall by the wayside. I had to come find you; even if it meant coming alone at night and facing danger on my own.” 

Kael stared at the girl on the ground, examining every inch of her before rolling his coal eyes. He reached out a hand to the girl, pulling her up to her feet before brushing off her shoulder.  

“Guess I should thank you; you’re taking care of Bo while I’m not there,” Kael muttered. “I’m not leaving though; sorry to disappoint you, Small Fry.”


“Wh-But why?” Kayla asked. “Bo’s scared about what’s happening to you! You should return and see her!”

 “Marie and Celeste aren’t there, are they?” Kael replied with a question of his own, Kayla unsure of who he was asking about. “They did not go with Bo to safety; they chose to search for others in need and they haven’t returned. I’m not going to the underground without them.”


“Marie and Celeste?” The girl thought a moment before piping in once more. “I’m sorry; I don’t think I’ve even heard of them. Who are Marie and Celeste?”


“Hm, if you one of them humans, I guess you know the rhymes,” Kael mused. “‘Mary had a little lamb, her fleece as white as snow. Everywhere that Mary went, the lamb was sure to go.’”


Kayla gasped and listened to the rhyme, remembering it from when she was a little girl. So, Marie and her lamb Celeste were the two from the rhyme and were currently lost in the darkness in need of help.


“They’re out there by themselves?” Kayla asked, her eyes wide as she stared at Kael for answers. “So, you don’t want to leave them out here?”


Kael seemed to blush slightly at the question, nodding at the girl’s words.


“Marie and Bo Peep are the best of friends,” Kael mumbled. “It’s because of them that I met Celeste. She’s a kind soul and quite the beauty; I don’t want her getting hurt. I care too much about her.” 

“But you haven’t left the barn?” Kayla added, Kael tensing at her words. “How is this helping?” 

“It’s a safe place for when they return!” Kael argued though he knew what Kayla was trying to say was correct. He was doing little to anything cooped up in the barn. “I might be tough but I can’t take on a lot of monsters in such open spaces. I excel in closed in fights; you take me out of my element and there’s no telling how long I’ll last.”


“So you give up before you even begin to try?” Kayla questioned as she frowned, pointing a threatening finger at the black sheep. “You know what – I don’t need to be scared of you. You’re all talk but no action; you’ve been lying low in this barn because you’re scared of what’s outside. You’re just a scaredy cat!”  

“So what?!” Kael snapped back at the girl, his eyes flaring as he towered over the now cowering Kayla. “I’m scared; can you really blame me? There are monsters outside this barn! They want to end us all! I have a right to be scared! Don’t you dare judge me, you brat!”  

Kael raised his fist, refusing to hold back as he let it fly towards the girl. Kayla let out a shriek at the attack, gasping as another hand shot out from behind her and grabbed hold of the black sheep’s fist. The girl glanced back over her shoulder, shocked to find an agitated Blue standing there. 

“You do not raise a hand to a damsel,” Blue growled as he forced Kael back. “You especially do not raise a hand to Kayla.” 

“Bl-Blue?” Kayla stuttered, Blue pushing her behind him protectively as the two boys’ eyes locked with one-another. “Wh-what are you doing here?”

“Saving your ass,” Blue said simply while Kael stepped forward again, his fist rose to make contact with Blue’s face. “Back up, Kayla!” 

Kayla did as she was told, the two boys now locked in a fist fight while she lingered back on the wall. She wanted their pointless battle to end and yet, she couldn’t bring herself to speak up. She was still in shock at Blue’s appearance there; especially with him trying to protect her from Kael. Kayla couldn’t help but smile at the boy, Blue finally pinning Kael down with a thud.  

“You’re going to keep quiet and come with us without a fight,” Blue snapped, Kael panicking under the other boy’s hold. “You will be respectful to Kayla and you will help us fight in this war. If you do this for us, we’ll make sure to find Marie and Celeste; we will look for them immediately even and bring them back to the Underground. Understand?”


“Yo-You will?” Kael stuttered with hopeful eyes. “You’ll help me find them? You won’t go back on your word? If you go back on your word, I’ll be sure to end you!”


“I promise,” Blue said simply, Kayla coming behind him with the warmest smile.


“You won’t be alone anymore; we’ll find them together,” Kayla mused as Blue helped Kael to his feet.


“You’ll be going back, Kayla,” Blue snapped as he glared back towards her. “You have no business putting yourself in danger!” 

“Oh please, I’m not scared,” Kayla retorted with a smirk, Blue groaning at her words. “I’m staying with you all no matter what.”


“Your brother is going to kill me,” Blue mumbled. “You realize that right?”


“I won’t let him,” Kayla gave a reassuring smile as she placed a hand on Blue’s arm, the boy sighing as he smiled back at her. There was no way he could say no to her.


“Enough with your lovey-dovey crap!” Kael snapped as the two opposite him blushed, the black sheep rolling his eyes before nodding. “Fine, we have a deal then; I’ll go with you. I’m trusting you both; don’t you dare let me down.”


“We won’t let you down, Kael,” Kayla chimed as she took both boys’ arms and dragged them towards the door. “Let’s go find them!”



My Fairy Tale

AN: This drabble belongs to an RP I’m in based on the Toyland Series; Mathew and Kayla belong to Jaime Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu. I own Kori as well as control other characters that were based from characters of the original tale. We’ve recently finished the first installment of the Toyland RP and now the group is older; we’ve just begun the second installment. Enjoy!


Kori and Matt were curled up together in the corner asleep while the cabin’s fire blazed forth in the fireplace, Kayla and Blue watching the flames with tired eyes. Their journey as a group brought them together with an odd array of characters out of the fairy tales in the human world. Jack Be Nimble, Mary Contrary, Miss Muffet, Spindle the Spider, Jack and Jill, Little Boy Blue; there were more and more familiar characters appearing to aid in the fight and Kayla couldn’t help but smile at such a wonderful experience.


Though the world around Kayla was crumbling from the battle, it was still a magnificent experience to be there with such amazing characters. She wanted to save Toyland; she was going to do everything in her power to save the people that she had come to love.


“Kayla?” Blue’s whispers sounded in the girl’s ear as she jumped in place, her wide eyes glancing over to the boy sitting next to her. “You ok?”


“Y-Y-Yes!” Kayla stuttered as she gave a hesitant laugh, Blue seeming to frown at her reaction. “W-Why do you ask?”


“You’re quiet,” Blue said simply. “Also, you seemed to be lost in thought. Something’s on your mind.”


“N-N-No,” Kayla continued to stutter, Blue rolling his eyes before lightly patting the girl on the shoulder.


“It’s all right; I won’t push you on the subject,” Blue stated with a smile. “I won’t force you to tell me. I just wish you the best is all.” 

Kayla’s cheeks burned red as she gulped, her dark brown curls falling in her face as she hugged her knees to her chest.  

“You’re being so nice; why is that?” Kayla mumbled into her knees, unable to lift her eyes to the boy.  

“Gee, you act like it’s rare for me to be nice,” Blue grumbled as he rested back on his elbows. “I’m worried about you is all.”


“Y-you’re worried about me?” Kayla gasped at the boy’s comment, her eyes visible as she stared up at Blue. “Why?” 

“Do I really have to answer that?” Blue questioned with a skeptical glance, the girl lifting her head to meet his eyes.


The two of them sat in silence together by the fire, the warmth brushing their skin as the stared almost longingly towards one-another. Blue shifted his gaze only for a moment towards Matt and Kori before he began to lean forward and close his eyes. Kayla followed suit, her happiness overflowing as their lips met. The two of them lingered there together for a good while, deepening their kiss as they placed their hands on each other’s hips.


“Well, look what we have here.”


The two of them nearly screamed as they shot away from each other, their eyes glaring towards a smirking Spindle and an ecstatic Muffy. They were found out as soon as they committed their kiss.


“So, you two finally decided to admit your feelings towards one another,” Spindle mused as Blue bowed to Kayla, the boy quickly rushing off towards the door of the cabin with the spider shifter close to his heels. “You can’t run from me.”


“Kayla, you two finally kissed!” Muffy tried her best to be quiet as she rushed to her friend’s side, sitting beside her and taking her hand. “You two have admitted your feelings, then?”


“I-I’m not sure really,” Kayla whispered as she blushed, her happiness overflowing as she squealed. “In that moment, there were no words; we simply did what was in our hearts. I was surprised at first but when it happened, it just seemed so right.” 

“I’m so happy for you!” Muffy cheered. “I’m really glad that your brother didn’t wake up though; he would probably try to kill Blue for kissing his baby sister.” 

“I wouldn’t doubt it,” Kayla groaned. “When him and Kori became a couple, I put her through hell for taking away my brother from me. I’m sure he’s twenty times as worse as I was. I’m his baby sister; he’s allowed to I guess. I just don’t know how to tell him my feelings.”


“Well, what are your feelings?” Muffy asked, though she believed she already knew the answer. “How do you truly feel about everything? About Blue?”


“I-,” Kayla held her tongue as she smiled to herself, remembering her journey so far with Blue. They butted heads a lot, especially at the beginning. However, Blue did his best to protect the damsel and chose to try and understand this human that had come into his care. As time went on, the two of them became closer and closer; with that, they began to feel some sort of attraction towards one another. Though it was still a blooming romance, Kayla believed it had the potential to be something that Matt and Kori were already experiencing together. “This place is my fairy tale; I believe Blue and I met for a reason. I’m so happy to see what the future holds for us. I’ll tell my brother; I won’t hold this information from him. He deserves to know more than anyone. Maybe I’ll get to tell him together with Blue if the boy doesn’t run off scared of what Matt might do.” 

“Heh, I’m sure you both will be able to figure it all out together and face any challenges that come your way,” Muffy giggled as she spoke, letting out a sigh as she smiled. “Your life really does seem like a fairy tale.” 

“It’s the greatest time of my life,” Kayla admitted as she stared into the dancing flames of the fireplace, excited with what was to come. “My very own fairy tale; I’ll treasure it always.”




AN: This is a drabble based off a Shapeshifters RP I have with Jamie Canyon! Kat, Dustin, Gwen and Doc are her character while Geano, Cam, Lisa, Tyla, Sinbad, Lucord and Gage are mine ^_^ We’ve recently been having difficulties with this one so I’m trying to build up ideas for it so we can at least continue it to a good ending point. Hope you all enjoy!


Geano grumbled to himself as he tugged at his bindings, resting his head on the tie-post as he ceased his struggling. He had been at it for nearly three hours at that point and it was taking too much of a toll on him. At least he had been reassured that his friends were safe and being treated like guests; Tyla had guaranteed him they would be if he promised to stay with her.


It had been years since he had been back in his village and it was a bittersweet moment for him. He had fled his home long ago to escape the future his elders had planned for him. He had no desire to become an elder of the tribe or marry his childhood friend Tyla; he wished for a life of his choosing, whether it was a life of adventure or a life of peace. He wanted freedom and he thought he had finally gained it; it seemed it was all just a foolish dream.


“Still moping in here?” Tyla muttered from outside the hut as she kicked open the door to stare at her childhood friend. “If you just give up, I can untie you and all will be right in the world.”


“I said I would stay here if you would let my friends go free,” Geano retorted with a frown. “For their sake, I will not flee this place. I’m tired of being bound here however.”


“I suppose you would be,” Tyla mused with a smile, stepping over to her fiancé’s side. “I don’t think father wants me to let you go though; he doesn’t trust you for as far as he could throw you.”


“Yeah, I figured he wouldn’t,” Geano mumbled at the comment, remembering his past and how he would often cause mischief and betray the elders’ trust. “I didn’t ask them to let me go though; I asked you. Don’t you have any sympathy for the man you claim to love?”


The ebony-haired woman smiled at the man’s words, kneeling down beside him as she reached out her hand. Her fingers graced his skin, tracing along the scars on his face as she hummed a familiar tune. Geano recognized it as a lullaby his mother would sing him when he was a child; how he missed his mother.


“I love you very much,” Tyla whispered as she leaned forward, her lips brushing against his scarred face. “I’ve always loved you; you know that better than anyone. I wouldn’t pursue you this much however if you didn’t love me back. You can’t honestly say that you don’t love me, correct?” 

There was a silence between the two of them as Tyla pulled away, her eyes pleading with Geano to answer her. The bear shifter gulped lightly at her stare, unable to deny her the truth.


“I do love you,” Geano muttered with a sigh, shifting his gaze away to hide from her stare. “I love you dearly; however, I don’t want to be forced into anything. I especially don’t’ want to be tied down to this place; once my mother died, I felt as if I didn’t belong here. The elders and I were constantly butting heads and I was often forced to run away for fear of what was to come of me. Now they want to tie me down to the tribe and become an elder; I can’t do that. It’s nothing against you; however, by giving in to these feelings of love I would be selling myself to these old men.”


Tyla couldn’t help but frown at the man’s words, settling back on her haunches as she growled.  

“If you love me, you should only be focused on our happiness,” Tyla snapped. “You’re being rather selfish in all this; you should be happy to be given the chance to marry me!”


“Believe me; if there was any way we could get married and not be tied down to this place,” Geano mumbled as he glanced over to the woman shifter, the corner of his lip pulling into a smile. “I would be honored to take your hand in marriage. Unfortunately, you are too attached to this place. You have no interest in the world outside our village. We would never be able to make it if we both remain as we are.” 

The silence between them seemed deafening as Tyla’s lip quivered, the woman standing and fleeing the hut as tears streamed down her face. She could not come to terms with what Geano was implying for her to do; the woman shifter instead running away from the mysterious future and staying for the path laid out for her already. However, her heart seemed to break with every step she took away from Geano; would she really be able to have a happy future at that point? Geano was not going to go down without a fight and if he did end up marrying her in the village, he would not longer be the man that she had come to love.


The future was scary to think about; a decision between the both of them would soon have to be made. But would they both make the right decision or would they cause pain for one-another; what did the future hold for them?



Hufflepuff Pals – A Potterstuck One-Shot

AN: I personally love Homestuck, a web comic on and many of the tie-ins and variations of it swirling around the internet.


One of the variations is Potterstuck, which is Harry Potter with Homestuck characters. I’ve decided to make a one-shot based on the Potterstuck variation and hopefully I can do the story justice. I’m most likely going to finish up the first couple chapters of my fanfiction for Potterstuck soon; but for now, here’s a one-shot for you.


Have you noticed yet that I’m doing a one-shot for each house? These are just introductory one-shots to see if I can get a better feel for each of the characters of the Potterstuck verse.


I do not own any of the characters or settings; I’m simply borrowing them all for storytelling purposes. I hope you all enjoy!


The Hufflepuff house was bustling with excitement as the veterans welcomed their new recruits, Tavros’ cheeks tinted pink as he tried his best to hide behind the first person he could. However, being as he was so tall and Nepeta was so short, he was still very much visible to the others around him.


The tiny figure of Nepeta seemed to giggle at the boy’s shy attempts and she turned towards him, patting him lightly on the arm as she smiled up at him.


“Don’t worry about a thing; everything will be purrrfect!” Nepeta cheered happily before the boy, Tavros managing the slightest of smiles in reply. However, his nervousness twisted it into a panicked expression more so than an expression of joy.


“I’ll-I’ll try to be more calm,” Tavros stuttered as he followed after the skipping girl in the kitty hat, his eyes soon fallen to his feet while he tried his best not to stumble. He wished that Kanaya was there with him instead of in Ravenclaw; however, he promised her he would try his best to make friends within his house.


A soft touch on his sleeve nearly sent the poor boy ten feet in the air as he gulped, his eyes inching up to his side where an ebony-haired girl smiled up at him. Her fingers were littered with colorful ties that seemed to be reminders, Tavros finding her slightly buck-toothed smile to be calming to him.


“I’m glad we’re in the same house,” Jade mused happily as Nepeta skipped around them. “I’m sure we’ll be great friends.” 

“Yeah, what she said,” Nepeta chimed in as the two girls locked elbows, dancing around Tavros as he gave a nervous grin. “It’ll all be purrrfect!”


There were various whispers amongst the crowd as Feferi stepped through the crowd with a smile, the high blood girl just happy to be at Hogwarts with new faces all around her. She greeted all the students around her as she bowed her head, thanking them for taking care of her the next seven years at Hogwarts.  

“Oh,” Feferi gasped as she nearly tripped on a runaway toad, recognizing it immediately as the same toad from the Great Hall; it belonged to that Tavros boy. “Well, here you are again little one; Rufio, was it?”


Feferi plucked the toad off the ground before he could be trampled one, hugging him to her chest as her eyes searched the crowd. Luckily, Tavros was quite the tall figure and she recognized his Mohawk immediately.


“Excuse me,” Feferi chimed as she rushed to the boy’s side, noticing him tense at her words. He was quite the nervous one. “I found your toad; he was hopping around the crowd and I was scared he would be stepped on so I made sure to get him.” 

“Rufio!” Tavros gasped as he turned to the high blood, taking the toad from the girl and smiling happily at their reunion. “I’m glad you didn’t get hurt!” 

Tavros’ cheers quickly disappeared as he blushed and slumped back, smiling nervously at the girl he realized to be of the Peixes bloodline.


“T-T-Thank you, Miss Pe-Peixes,” Tavros stuttered as Feferi shook her head. 

“No, call me Feferi,” the girl instructed with a smile, Tavros’ expression one of shock at such a request. “We’re two students of the same house and we’re friends now; we should call each other by our first names don’t you think?” 

“We’re fr-fr-friends?” Tavros asked, becoming more panicked as Feferi’s expression saddened at his question.  

“You don’t want to be friends?” Feferi whispered; her pout nearly heartbreaking for the boy as he quickly reacted.


“Oh, that’s not what I me-meant,” Tavros stated as he stood before her proudly. “I’ll be glad to be your friend; I’m ju-just amazed you’d want to be fr-fr-friends with me!”


Nepeta and Jade paused their dancing as they stared at the two other newcomers, their smiles wide as they watched the cheerful chatterbox Feferi converse with the rather shy Tavros. The boy was still quite nervous and fidgeting where he stood; however, he seemed much happier than he had during dinner. It seemed his new friends really lifted his spirits up.


“I’m a little surprised at how cheerful and nice Feferi seems,” Nepeta admitted to the girl beside her with a blush. “I had always heard rumors about the royal bloodline of Peixes having a lot of dark wizards and witches on their side. I was afraid she was going to be rather mean.”


“You can’t judge a person by their bloodline or by their looks,” Jade reminded the kitty-loving witch beside her. “What’s important is the person themselves and how they are on the inside.”


“Yeah, you’re right,” Nepeta nodded with a grin as the two girls joined in with Feferi and Tavros, enjoying their time together before bed. It was going to be a good seven years at Hogwarts.



The Trouble With Slytherins – A Potterstuck One-shot

AN: I personally love Homestuck, a web comic on and many of the tie-ins and variations of it swirling around the internet.


One of the variations is Potterstuck, which is Harry Potter with Homestuck characters. I’ve decided to make a one-shot based on the Potterstuck variation and hopefully I can do the story justice. I’m most likely going to finish up the first couple chapters of my fanfiction for Potterstuck soon; but for now, here’s a one-shot for you.


Have you noticed yet that I’m doing a one-shot for each house? These are just introductory one-shots to see if I can get a better feel for each of the characters of the Potterstuck verse.


I do not own any of the characters or settings; I’m simply borrowing them all for storytelling purposes. I hope you all enjoy!


Eridan slumped through the halls after Vriska and the other Slytherin students, the boy recalling the events from the Sorting Ritual that occurred just before dinner. His excitement in gaining his Slytherin title was great; however, he couldn’t help but feel betrayed as two of his closest friends were sorted into Hufflepuff and Gryffindor.


Eridan couldn’t bring himself to return Gamzee’s confident smile as the tall figure searched through the crowd for his friend’s approval, Eridan’s eyes falling to his lap as he cursed the rotten luck of it all. And Feferi being tossed into Hufflepuff; what kind of sham was that ridiculously awful hat running? She didn’t even bother to lift her eyes towards his way; she was too focused on her new house to acknowledge one of her best friends.


“What’s the matter, Eri?” Vriska’s voice sounded in the high-blood’s ear as he growled, turning his eyes to glare at the pestering girl beside him. Her sneer was enough to send Eridan into a rage if he wished it; however, he did his best to keep his cool. “Sad your little girlfriend won’t be joining us?”


“Shut up, Vriska,” Eridan muttered under his breath, Equius’ glance shifting between the two before him as his brow dripped in sweat. “Just leave it alone, already.”


“Heh, I knew it,” Vriska cackled at the boy next to her, slightly ruffling his purple-streaked hair while he grimaced. “I was a bit surprised myself but I guess I could really care less; you, on the other hand, are separated by Gamzee and your precious Feferi.”


“Shut up, Vriska,” Eridan hissed towards the girl while Equius continued to sweat uncontrollably, the blond girl behind them finally lifting her eyes from her book to stare at the bumbling group in front of her. “I mean it.”


“Oh, come on, Eri – get over your little self and enjoy tonight,” Vriska sneered as she bumped the boy lightly on his shoulder, Eridan’s lip twitching at his current predicament. “We’re finally in Slytherin; it’s time to party!”


As much as Eridan’s mood did not warrant a celebration, he sighed and gave the slightest of nods. He would be able to joke around with a few of his housemates and ridicule others from neighboring houses with ease; after all, he was in such a foul mood that he could probably find more detestable things to utter than Vriska could. And she was quite the evil thing.


It didn’t take long for Rose to return to her book, unimpressed with the three fellow students in front of her. It was clear that Eridan was just being spoiled and jealous about what had happened during the Sorting Ritual and Vriska couldn’t help but toy with his lowly spirits. Equius just wanted to be accepted by such a high blood so he followed after Eridan, reminding Rose that he often couldn’t be true to himself when it came to impressing those of a higher bloodline. She wasn’t sure if she could solely classify him as a sell-out; however, he was inching closer to that line with every moment she spent with him.  

Once the group had joined their housemates in the house, Rose did not waste a moment to aim for the stairs towards the dormitories. She took a careful glance over her shoulder towards the rest of her house, listening closely to the conversations going on amongst her fellow students. Though there were a few good eggs, the majority of the whispering comments involving joking on the other houses and the reactions of some of the other students’ sorting.


That was the trouble with Slytherins; though there were a few good ones, there was still a good amount of darkness in their hall. The girl gave a sigh as she turned back up the steps, ready to lay down and rest. After all, the first day of classes drew nearer with each passing second.



Sleeping By Your Side

AN: This drabble is based off of my new Sci-Fi RP with Jamie Canyon! Will Talon is Jamie’s character and Nomel is her world. I am simply borrowing him for story-telling purposes. I hope you guys enjoy the story! 

Will’s heavy breaths were loud as he stirred from his slumber, trying his best to recall where he had found himself this time. The room was dark save for a flickering light out in the hall; he could smell disinfectants all around him and he released a heavy sigh.


“An infirmary; I almost forgot about Wade and being shot by him. But what’s going on?” Will muttered to himself, noticing how numb his arm. Was he losing blood flow to him arm because of the shot? The criminal slowly turned his head to glance at his arm but he was instead met with a face full of red and blond hair. “Huh?” 

Will let out a small gasp as he realized that Harper was sleeping soundly by his side, the girl’s head resting on his shoulder as she slept. It seemed that she had curled up with him in the late hours of the night while being mindful of Will’s bandaged wound from the gunshot. Will struggled to recall the events from last night, begging that he didn’t do anything out of line.


“Snips?” Will whispered to the slender girl in his grasp, Harper stirring slightly as one of her hazel eyes fluttered open to glance up at her Grumps. “He-hey Snips, I didn’t mean to wake you.”


“Grumps, you’re awake; I’m so glad,” Harper whispered as her eyes both fluttered open, staring up at the criminal as she gave a warm smile. Will could feel the blush rising to his cheeks as he grinned, nodding to the girl in his grasp. “How are you feeling?” 

“I’m fine actually,” Will retorted with a nod. “I was just a little surprised to find you beside me when I woke up.” 

“I’m sorry about that; you were cold last night and I was worried about you. So, I laid down next to you to help keep you warm,” Harper replied with a blush, the girl unable to meet his eyes as she did so. “I’m really sorry.”


“Don’t be,” the criminal muttered as he tried to recall the events from last night, faintly remembering a moment when Harper spoke of some of her returning memories. She was slowly returning to the Harper he knew and loved; so far, she had spoken of past memories of him and her together. Harper even remembered the kiss that he had given her just before the mission went askew and she had been dealt with amnesia. “Harper, you remember me now?”


“Huh?” Harper blinked as she nodded slightly. “Well, I remember being together in the past. It’s still rather fuzzy but I was able to recall some memories.”


It was then that Harper remembered the kiss they both shared, the girl’s cheeks redder than a cherry as she turned her body so that her back faced Will’s chuckling form. It was good to have even the slightest piece of his Snips back.  

“I’m glad you’re here, Snips,” Will whispered as he rested his forehead against Harper’s red and blond hair, smiling to himself as he sighed. “I can’t really do much right now; Wade got me good. I guess the only thing I can do right now is rest until I get my strength back.”


“The others?” Harper asked in a hushed tone. 

“They’ll be all right; Wade knows he could use them as a ransom,” Will grumbled, wincing slightly as he tried to adjust his spot on the hospital bed. “He’d be crazy not to at least guarantee their safety to get him money or ships; heck, I bet if he tried really hard, he could gain access to Beta-10 with them all.”


“Beta-10; is that our home?” Harper interrupted, Will smiling as she turned her head to stare up at him with wide eyes.


“Yes, that’s our home,” Will answered as he pulled the girl closer to him. “Now let’s get some sleep.”


“Oh, I’ll go to one of the other beds then,” Harper whispered and tried to pull away, Will’s hold on her strong as she gasped. “Grumps?” 

“I want you by my side,” Will whispered as he closed his eyes to the world around him. “If only for a little while, I want you by my side Snips.”


“Oh Grumps,” Harper giggled as she spoke, nodding while she leaned back into the criminal’s grasps. She smiled at Will’s warmth; able to close her eyes and drift off to sleep immediately. “You’re so cute.”


“Heh, you’re the cute one,” Will muttered as he rested his forehead upon her hair again, lingering there for a good while before he was finally able to fall into a deep slumber.