AN: Satchel is not my original character, he belongs solely to Taji :3 I simply borrowed him for this drabble here. I started this drabble awhile ago but I never found the time to actually finish it until today. I love the pairing of Taji’s Satchel and my Korin ❤ They are soooo OTP~! Anyway, enjoy the drabble~!

The night was calm; the cool breeze flowing through the flowered meadow as Korin nestled herself under the old oak tree. Sitzu kept himself hidden in his nest of red curls, snoring loudly as he dozed off.

“You’re such a lazy bat, Sitzu,” Korin mumbled, her blue orbs gazing up at the speckled sea above. “We come all this way to look out upon the meteor shower and you’re already dead asleep. Some stargazer you are…”

The redhead giggled softly as the fruit bat stirred in his slumber, squeaking retorts in his own little way.

“Aw come now, Sitzu. You know I was just teasing you,” Korin smiled up at her friend before returning her attention back towards the night sky. “It’s so beautiful tonight, don’t you think? The moon is high and bright in the sky, the stars are flickering with life…and there’s hope for a shooting star or two…isn’t that exciting Sitzu?”

The fruit bat paused in silence, gazing up towards the sky as well. His small brown orbs scanned the sky in curiosity, before giving a soft nod in agreement. Korin could sense her companion’s agreement and leaned back on the grassy hill, laying amongst the swaying flowers in bliss.

The two friends laid there together in silence, gazes kept high towards the sky. The time passed by slowly with no luck at spotting a single darting star and the redhead was just about to give up hope. And then…

“Oh look, Sitzu! There’s one now!”

Korin sat up in a flash, pointing towards the shooting star that dashed across the blackened abyss above. The redhead couldn’t help but smile as she closed her eyes and wished.

“I know it’s foolish of me, wishing on stars like a child. But it couldn’t hurt I suppose,” the redhead mused as she prayed. “Star, please grant my wish. There’s someone that I miss terribly…though I doubt he really misses me at all. I met him on a journey and caused him a mess of trouble. Sure, he was kind of a wuss at times…but he really was sweet and did his very best to help me. If I could see Mister Satchet again, even if it’s just for a moment, that would bring joy to my heart so much.”

Sitzu interrupted the girl’s wish with several squeaks, causing the girl to gasp in response.

“Oops, my bad! Thanks Sitzu,” Korin giggled softly as she began again.  “Sorry Star, I gave you his name wrong. I wish to see Satchel, even if it’s only for a moment…”


“Thank you again young man for delivering this package to me. It’s nice to hear that my son and his children are doing all right in the mountains of Ambrosia. This here is actually a small scrapbook my grand-daughter made me about their adventures there,” the old man mused as he smiled from his doorway, nodding to the delivery man that waited on the porch. “I hope this delivery didn’t hold you up on any plans for the night. I’m sure a young man like you has got a nice girl back home.”

Satchel paused for a moment at the man’s words, a small tint of red forming on his cheeks. However, he shook his head, remembering he had jobs to do. And after the punishment from the Jenkins episode, he didn’t want to put Len into another angry fit.

“You’re quite welcome, Sir. Just doing my job is all,” Satchel bowed before stepping back from the porch. “And no sir, it’s mostly just work for me. I don’t really have much time for things like that.”

“Hmm, no time for things like that, you say?” The old man gawked at the delivery man for a moment before smiling once again. “Well, at least take a moment and enjoy the scenery. The meadows here are quite beautiful. And the sky tonight is one of the most beautiful night skies I have seen in my whole life living in these parts.”

“I’ll…” Satchel thought about declining, but decided against it. A small break to take in a peaceful surrounding might not be half bad. It was, after all, one of the calmest deliveries he’s made in awhile and who knows where the next one would throw him. “You know what, I’ll do just that sir. Thank you for the suggestion.”

The old man nodded in response as Satchel walked off towards the hills, gazing up at the night sky in awe. It really was a sight to behold; a large blackened sea with small specks of light littered within it. And hanging high above Satchel was a shimmering moon, lighting up the world beneath it.

“It’s nice to finally relax for once,” Satchel mumbled to himself as he stood atop the hill, digging his hands into his pocket. The boy then paused a moment, his fingers brushing across something cool in his pocket. “Wait…?”

Satchel pulled out the small trinket from his pocket, holding back a small gasp as he did. There in his hand was a shimmering necklace, a small locket that belonged to Korin. Satchel recognized the gem immediately and formed a small smile on his lips.

“She must have slipped it into my pocket back then,” Satchel whispered as he continued to gaze at the glittering gem. “That woman…”

The delivery man paused as a quick flash appeared in the reflection of the locket, Satchel gazing up towards the sky in curiosity. It was there that he caught a glimpse at the darting star in the dark abyss, dashing off towards the horizon.

“A shooting star, what luck,” Satchel whispered to himself before gazing back down at the necklace in hand. He knew it was childish, but Satchel knew that strange things happen to those who believe them. “Star, there’s a woman I’m thinking of…I know it hasn’t been too long since we last saw each other but…I do miss her terribly. Star, even if it’s only for a moment, I want to see Korin and see how she is doing.”

Satchel paused for a few moments before scanning around him, noticing nothing out of the ordinary. He was still the same lonely deliveryman out in the meadow, clinging to a necklace while wishing on stars.

“Heh, guess it was silly of me to do something like that. I should know better than to…” Satchel turned heel in the meadow and began forward before coming to a halt, nearly losing his breath as a loud gasp escaped his lips. There before him, sitting calming on the grass with her eyes tightly shut, was a familiar redhead nestled beneath an oak tree that Satchel knew had not been there a moment before. “I…I don’t believe it…Kor…Korin…Is that you, Korin?”

Icy blue eyes peeked through red curls as Korin turned her head towards the familiar voice, a light gasp escaping her lips as she caught a glimpse at the gawking man that was now at her side. Tears began to weld up as Korin pulled herself up onto her feet, brushing the wrinkles out of her sundress as she smiled.

“It actually worked,” Korin whispered as she took a step forward, a hesitant hand reached out to brush against Satchel’s cheek. “You really are here. But how? I was only wishing on a star. I never truly thought that you could really be here.”

“I can hardly believe it either,” Satchel retorted, bringing a hand up to brush against Korin’s cheek as well. “I’m so glad to see you. But I thought you would have forgotten me by now.”

“Forgotten you? Are you crazy?” Korin chuckled while stepping closer to the man, wrapping her arms around his neck as she rested her head on his chest. “I could never forget you, Mister Satchet.”

Satchel could not hold his excitement at the news; he lifted the woman up in his arms for a brief moment before lowering her down. He lightly kissed her on the cheek, chuckling as Korin’s cheeks turned a bright red at the action he made.

“I’d never forget you either, Korin,” Satchel’s smile faded as he noticed the woman begin to fade in front of him. “Korin!”

“Satchel! You’re fading away!” Korin gasped as she kept her grasp strong on Satchel’s hand. “You’re disappearing!”

“I suppose it was only for a moment,” Satchel frowned at the thought before shaking his head, giving the redhead one last hug. “Korin, you’re doing ok right?”

“I am, and you?”

“I’m doing just fine, now that I’ve gotten to see you. I’ll come back for you someday, if you will be able to wait for me.”

Korin’s warm smile shone through her red curls as she nodded to the man’s words, unable to hide her blush from him.

“I’ll wait for you, Satchel. I’ll wait for you!”

“Then I look forward to that day,” Satchel felt his heart sink as the redhead continued to fade in front of him until she was no longer there, Satchel’s hand now grasping only the air. “Good bye Korin…”

Satchel stood there by himself for a good moment, glancing down at the hand that held onto Korin’s until she vanished before him. It was still warm from her touch, the delivery man’s smile growing huge as he brought the hand to his chest. This was the push he needed to keep going with a smile on his face. Everything was going to be all right in the end, there was no doubt in Satchel’s mind. He was going to escape his current life of slave labor and be free by the side of his friends and loved ones.

With confidence and a smile, Satchel made the jump from that world and prepared himself for the next step in his life.


She’s My Princess

AN: Ok, before you guys read this drabble, please understand that it was a quick little thing I wrote because I was bored and I wanted to write something on an RP I was doing with Lulu and Jamie Canyon. It has in no way been edited or looked over by myself, so it’s EXTREMELY RAW! It’s also very ‘Disney Magic’ in a way and it’s not really my strong suit *shrugs* oh well, I just wanted to write it for the lolz so I did.

Disclaimer: This drabble is based off an RP that I’m a part of. Matthew and Kayla belong to Jamie Canyon and Sarah belongs to Lulu.

Light brown orbs fluttered open as Matthew Carson let out a groan, trying his best to pick himself off the hardwood floors below his body. The teen pushed himself up enough to glance around the room, the surroundings completely different than where he was before. Where was his sister? Where was the factory? Where was Toyland?

Many questions flooded the teen’s mind as he struggled to his feet, biting his lip to keep himself from crying out in frustration. His body ached all over and he couldn’t come to terms with anything around him. It was already hard enough trying to keep himself calm in Toyland and now he was in some strange room elsewhere.

“Matthew, wake up! The Ball will be starting soon and the headmasters will not be pleased if they find you in here slacking off,” a woman’s voice echoed behind him, two hands pulling Matt to his feet as he turned. Standing before the shaggy-haired teen was Dolly, though she looked less doll-like and more human standing before him. “What’s the matter hm? You know you should be getting ready. The Ball is very important; the Princess will be dancing with all the suitable men in the Kingdom in order to find her future husband. We must make sure that this event goes off without a hitch or we will bring disgrace to our masters.”

“Princess? Ball?” Matt repeated, trying his best to pull away from Dolly but to no avail. He was stuck in her grasps, being led into the beautiful hallway and dragged down a spiral staircase. Matt glanced around at the surroundings and found himself to be inside some sort of castle. Everything was polished and brilliant as the two moved down the stairs, Matt finally getting a look at his lowly rags he adorned. “Hey, wait! What’s going on? Where am I?”

“Are you feverish or something? You’re in the servants quarters heading down to the main ballroom where the party is being held,” Dolly snipped back at the teen, Matt trying his best to remain calm. He had somehow entered some other reality unlike his own. He had to of been dreaming, there was no other explanation for it. Then again, that’s what he said about Toyland… “Matt, please keep up with me. We’re going to be late for our duties if you don’t stop dawdling.”

The shaggy-haired teen nodded despite his better judgment and kept up with his leader, both of them making it down to a magnificent ballroom lined with gold and marble. Guests in shimmering gowns were already upon the main floor, chattering about and dancing to the violins of the orchestra. Matt couldn’t help but gasp at the beautiful scene before him, slightly straying from his path and aiming straight for the guests.

“Hold it, Matt!” Dolly gasped and quickly snatched the teen’s hand, dragging him towards the wonderfully catered tables at the wall. “You know better than to wander around and mingle with the guests. You are a servant for goodness sake. What would you have done if the masters got wind of your strange behavior tonight?”

“I didn’t mean to…I’m sorry,” Matt began to apologize at the woman’s harsh tone but a hand on his shoulder quickly snapped him from his thoughts, gazing over at a tall man with a smirk. “Jack?”

“Stop being so hard on the boy, Dolly,” Jack chuckled as he patted the teen’s shoulders, stepping back to adjust his suit. “He’s just excited is all I bet. He gets to see the princess in such a beautiful dress. Bet he’s wishing he could be one of the lucky men to dance with her tonight.”

“You should stop picking on him, Jack,” Jack’s fiancée, Mary, stepped over to them with a warm smile, her dark blue gown flowing as she walked. “You know it’s unfair. Poor thing will not get that chance unfortunately. The guards are watching the room like hawks. Matt would never be able to approach the princess.”

“You’re right, Mary,” Jack frowned at the news and bowed to Matt, backing away from the table as Dolly yanked Matt towards the dishes area. “Don’t worry, Matt. You’ll get your chance…don’t you worry…”

The shaggy-haired teen frowned at this strange environment he found himself in, feeling inferior to the extravagant guests within the ball. So he was just a lowly servant forced to aid others with their night of dreams? Matt rolled his light brown orbs as he kept at his duties, feeling Dolly stare over his shoulder the entire time in judgment. He liked her better when she was just a sweet porcelain doll.

“Oh here she is!” Voices chimed in throughout the ball, causing Matt to glance over his shoulder in curiosity. “The princess is here!”

Light brown eyes widened at the sight of a beautiful maiden in a shimmering pink gown, her wavy red hair pinned so that her crown would not slip away. Her green eyes seemed to lock with Matt’s for a split moment and he knew there was no doubt about it…that maiden was Kori. Kori was the princess that everyone was talking about.

“Matt, you’re going to get yourself in trouble if you keep staring up at the princess, silly,” Matt jumped at the small voice beside him, glancing over to see Kayla there with a warm smile on her face. The girl was dressed in rags as well and seemed to have been cleaning, simply taking a break to pester her brother. “Dolly said you were acting feverish, are you all right? Maybe you should take a break and step outside in the courtyard or something.”

“No, I’m fine, Kayla,” the teen mumbled with a slight smile, happy to have his sister at least by his side in this unfamiliar world. “Tell me something…they’re hosting this ball so that the princess there will find a suitable husband?”

“Of course, she is coming of age and the King wishes for her to choose a man most suitable to be her future husband,” Kayla smiled as she watched the princess being led onto the floor, beginning her waltz with the first suitor. “Isn’t it romantic?”

“Not really…” Matt mumbled to himself, keeping his glance over towards Kori. “How is something like this romantic? There’s no real love involved here. They are forcing her to dance around with so many suitors. I bet the King himself already has proper suitors in mind and will force her into that relationship despite her decision tonight.”

Kayla could not bring herself to answer after hearing her brother’s words, feeling as though her own thoughts of romance were clouded by political nonsense such as the ball itself. It was just for appearances, there was nothing romantic about it after all. But Kayla didn’t want to let go of those views of hers; after all, she was only a child and was allowed to think that there was going to be some sort of happiness for Kori as she danced with suitor after suitor.

The night continued on with many dances as Matt looked on in envy, seeing how beautiful Kori looked in her gown. Boredom flashed in the girl’s green orbs as she continued to be passed on around the suitors, Kori finally reaching for another girl in a gown to drag her away for a break. Sarah smiled at the princess and took her arm, leading her towards the courtyard as she shooed off the onlookers.

“Hey Matt,” the teen jumped at Jack’s voice, turning heel to see the man smirking behind him. “Now’s your chance…”

The blond man ushered the ragged teen to the door closest to them and away from the guests, Jack giving the boy a thumbs up before pushing him out into the chilling night air. Matt quickly caught himself before he stumbled and glanced around the courtyard, seeing Sarah returning from the trees lined in the garden.

“I trust you’ll be able to handle everything, Matt,” Sarah gave a smile before moving back inside. “Good luck…”

“Thanks…” Matt mumbled before stepping through the grass towards the trees, seeing the princess sitting down amongst the flowers in pure bliss. Her green orbs gazed up at the large moon above, her smile shining brightly as she rested there. “Princess?”

“Oh!” Kori let out a gasp as she began to brush herself off, blushing at how improper she was being. “I’m sorry, my father probably sent you outside to retrieve me…I very much do apolo…”

The redheaded princess paused as she turned her attention to her guest, noticing who it was immediately and her tense body relaxed once more. Her warm smile returned as she motioned for the teen to take a seat beside her.

“I apologize again, I should have realized it was you, Matt,” Kori inched closer to Matt as he took a seat beside her. “I’m happy to see you tonight. I was getting so tired of dancing with those men in there. None of them truly like me you see so they kept boring me with talk of business and the money they would have. I don’t want to spend time with men who simply want to use me for the title.”

“I see,” Matt blushed at their closeness, wanting nothing more than to take the girl into an embrace. “And you…you wish to spend time with me then?”

“But of course, you’re one of my best friends, Matt,” Kori replied as she laid her head on his shoulder, leaving the shaggy-haired teen to blush at their closeness. “I trust you the most…”

The two of them lingered there for a good while, Kori in pure bliss once again while Matt continued to blush and hold himself back from embracing the princess at his side. This world was not so different from the one he was thrown into, save for the fact of him being a servant to the girl he was in love with. Matt pondered in that moment, wondering if their love had truly crossed over into this world or if they were nothing more than “friends”.

As the sounds of violins echoed out into the courtyard, Matt finally gulped and prepared for action.


“Yes Matt?”

“May I…have this dance?”

The redheaded princess’s eyes went wide at the question as she moved off his shoulder, the girl unable to hide her warm smile as she nodded. Kori reached out a hand and Matt took hold of it, gently pulling her to her feet as they moved into a simple stance.

They began to sway to the music, the princess blushing as she giggled at Matt’s stumbling at dancing.

“Seems you are new to dancing?” Kori smiled as she aided her partner. “Don’t worry, it only takes practice. You’ll be a wonderful dancer in no time at all.”

“Thanks…” Matt blushed at the princess’s words, trying his best to keep up with her steps. As they continued, the teen’s flow became one with Kori and he no longer stumbled over his own two feet. Kori smiled happily at this, closing up some of their gap as she pulled closer to Matt. “Hey, I have a question for you.”

“Go ahead.”

“Princess, I mean, Kori…You said you were tired of dancing with the men inside correct?”

“I did.”

“Well,” Matt paused a moment before continuing. “You’re dancing with me now. What’s so different about you dancing with me? Are you just being polite in answering yes to my invitation?”

“I thought the answer was simple, silly,” Kori interrupted as she paused their dance, rising up to her tiptoes as she closed the distance between them. Matt’s light brown eyes went wide as their lips met, before finally closing them and accepting it completely. Once done, Kori pulled a few inches away as she smiled once more. “You are not one of those men who use me, you are Matt. And I have always been in love with Matt.”

Light brown eyes flashed with emotion as Matt couldn’t hold back any longer. He took the redheaded princess into an embrace, holding her close as they both lowered themselves back onto the grass and rested there. They soaked up the moon’s beams of light as they kissed once more, the two of them in pure bliss together.

“Matt! Wake up!”

The shaggy-haired teen groaned as he was pulled out of this dream world, stumbling back into the reality of his bed in Toyland. His sister, Kayla, was sitting at his bedside pestering him about breakfast. At his other bedside, Sarah and Kori both waved from the doorway, both sporting the warmest smiles possible.

“It’s a beautiful morning, Matt!” Kori cheered as she rushed in and took the boy’s hand, dragging him out of bed and into the hallway. “You can’t waste it away while staying in bed! Let’s go!”

Matt let himself be dragged behind the redhead, unable to hold back his smile as their grip tightened on each other’s hand. She might not have been a real princess in this world, but to Matt, Kori was always going to be his princess.


Why Would I Love You – A Poem

AN: I don’t even remember when I wrote this. I think it was a valentine’s day writing assignment back in the day xD Anyway, I figured I’d post this up as well. I’m going to have to start digging up all my writings and posting them up soon. Enjoy!

Why did I ever fall for a slob like you

Someone so stingy

Someone so sloppy

Someone so stupid


That’s right, I just called you stupid

You’re a jerk

You’re an idiot

You’re just downright mean to me


All you do is poke fun at me

You even kick me when I’m down

This cruelness has gone on long enough

That’s it, I’m done, I’m gone


Oh, now you want to try and stop me

There’s no way I’m letting you get any closer

Wait, no stop…I can’t believe you just kissed me

And whispered sweet nothings in my ear


Well…I guess I could forgive you

For being a typical pathetic guy

I won’t be wondering why I love you

Because I just found out why.

So Long Mr. Cooper – A Poem

AN: Lol I wrote this poem a few years ago as well and just never got around to posting it anywhere. It’s sort of dark, just a warning to the readers. Enjoy!


Dripping blood goes down the blade

Before falling to the floor,

Narrowly missing the sliced-up corpse

His life is there no more.


That’s what he gets, I do suppose

For if she did not react,

He would have done the exact same thing

And she’d be dead on the mat.


So see you later, Mr. Cooper,

Hope your life was swell!

Because now you’ve paid for your crimes

And you’re going straight to hell.

Otakus for Life – A Poem for the Anime Fan

AN: I wrote this poem a few years ago and really had nowhere to post it. So I’m going to post it here, keep in mind I’ve never edited this and probably won’t get around to it for awhile. It was just something I wrote in ten minutes in my philosphy class. Enjoy!

Ok, so let’s clear this shit up
Cuz I’m tired of explaining.
Just because I like my anime
Don’t mean I’m worth degrading.

Sure, I dress up like ninjas.
Hell, I even dress up like scouts,
Who walk around in sailor suits
And have a planet in their name, no doubt.

And so I like my video games,
Though they sometimes make me dumber.
I must admit that I’ve gone crazy
When my hero’s an Italian plumber.

So hey, don’t freak out about it all
Don’t you go off and run
I mean it’s not ok to charge off in fear,
Just because the mafia baby’s got a gun.

Lord, you need some more explaining
Man, you won’t let me catch a breather!
…Why’s that ninja in an orange jumpsuit?
Hmm, I really don’t know why either…

Too much violence and weirdness going on?
Well, that’s a horrible thing to say.
When you’ve been out killing devils all night,
Wouldn’t you want a strawberry sundae?

Now that anime was somewhat interesting
And I totally have to agree.
If that half-demon was so strong,
How the hell did he end up pinned to a tree?

Hey, you’re back to joking again
I mean really, its like you want me schooled.
But you have to admit that Ed is awesome,
And having a metal arm would be cool.

So you’re confused again, I see
He looks like he’s gazing at the stars.
But don’t forget to tell them, drill boy
Who the hell do you think we are?!

Ok, so maybe you’re right about one thing
I maybe want to go to an institution.
But of course that’s really just because
My daily workout’s Dance Dance Revolution.

You gotta keep your eyes out for news
Or at least have your friend’s look some.
Because you never know when you’ll come back
And be met by fifty new Gundams.

You just had to bring that up, I see
But I guess it had to be done.
Reminds me of the old school days
When the last pokemon was 151.

Hey, now you’re discriminating
And just totally being unfair.
There’s no need to be mean to her
Because she naturally has blue hair.

Now this right here’s a soul reaper
And that right there’s a Kon.
Now watch as the soul reaper clobbers said Kon
And said Kon then meets his doom. (If you pronounce it like Japanese, it works)

Oh goodness, those boys from Ouran.
Yeah, the host club that always wins.
It has a king, a queen, a cross-dresser,
And apparently two incestuous twins.

There’s no better show than Deathnote, they say
Especially in its lack of fillers.
I mean, you don’t really see a show nowadays
Where the hero is the actual killer.

So you still need more explaining I see
Even with my words you’re chancing.
Because you won’t truly understand anime
Until you get up and start Lucky Star Dancing!

You know, there are some clubs to join in life,
Such as an S.O.S. Brigade.
Tracking aliens, time travelers, and espers
And dancing around in your own parade.

Ok, so now do you think you’ve got it
Or are you still wanting more.
I’m an Otaku for life, my friend,
Always up for an Anime tour.

Under My Umbrella – A Gokudera/Haru One-shot

The downpour started soon after the bell chimed, declaring to the students that it was time to leave. Gokudera packed away his books in a huff, staring down at the face of his drained cell phone. The screen flashed a final warning to its holder and shut down, leaving the teen standing in his classroom all alone. Usually he would have his Boss, Tsuna, with him or even the idiot Yamamoto, but today they were both sick in bed. Being left alone, Gokudera groaned at the nuisance that was his day. If he wasn’t miserable enough being without his two closest friends, the rain that cascaded down from the clouds just added to the bleak afternoon.

“Whatever. I’ll just head over to Judaime’s. He must be missing me since he hasn’t seen me all day!” Gokudera forced a grin, snatching up his bag and umbrella from his desk before charging out of the classroom and down the stairs. Trading off his shoes at the cubbies, the teen continued out into open air in annoyance. He took in a whiff of the air, the scent of rain stinging his nostrils. It wasn’t a horrible smell; it was just too strong for him to tolerate. “Stupid rain, it’s a pain in the ass. I bet its all that damn Yamamoto’s fault its raining, since he is the guardian of rain. Damn it, this sucks.”

The guardian of storm exhaled as he opened his blue umbrella, stepping out into the hellhole of a day. The raindrops pounded sporadically on his cover, as if desperately trying to break through the shield. Gokudera rolled his eyes and trudged through the puddles, his pant legs soaked to the bone. He’d ask Tsuna for a towel when he was safely in his house and out of the rain.

A loud sneeze broke Gokudera out of his thoughts, echoing over the dismal downpour. The teen scanned the street for any signs of where the booming sound had come from, but to no avail.

“It kinda sounded familiar but whatever. It’s probably just some kid that’s been hacking up a lung. They’re everywhere nowadays,” Gokudera murmured, pushing forward once again while trying to hide his agitation with his false smile.

“Ah choo! Goodness, I can’t be sick now!” Gokudera paused in his tracks, his eyes ample from the sound of the memorable girl’s voice. It was without a doubt the annoying shrills of a Haru, seen mainly in areas that hold a flock of babies or the single prey known as a Tsuna. She was quite the annoying specimen, and was best to be avoided.

“I’ll just keep walking and pretend I don’t see…” Gokudera finally caught a glimpse of the girl out of the corner of his eye, shocked to find her standing alone in the rain without even an umbrella to cover her. Her clothes were pasted to her skin, and yet as she waited there trembling, she did not advance to some type of shelter. She simply remained there in the rain, her forlorn eyes peering down the street towards a small child skipping away happily with a pink umbrella. The umbrella was an odd choice of color for a small boy to be skipping around with, but Gokudera kept his suspicions to himself. “Her…now that’s just not fair right there! Could she look anymore upset than she already is?! Jeez!”

“Ah choo!” Haru sneezed again, followed by a fit of coughing. Gokudera fumed when he glanced at her pink cheeks, knowing that the girl was obviously catching a cold. She would be getting a fever if she stood out in the downpour anymore than she already had.

“Haru! What the hell do you think you’re doing?! Get your ass out of the rain, you idiot!” Gokudera hissed from his spot, surprising the drenched girl. Haru turned her attention to Gokudera and any sigh of happiness left in the girl was gone. She looked away quickly, trying to brush off the teen that was livid with anger. “Hey, don’t ignore me! I said get your ass out of the rain!”

“You shouldn’t cuss to a girl, moron!” Haru childishly stuck her tongue out at the approaching boy, but regretted it as another fit of coughs erupted.

“Who’s a moron, idiot? Why are you out here without even a jacket on? You know its raining, don’t you?” Gokudera mumbled in a sarcastic tone. “You know, it’s the wet stuff that’s falling from the sky. Kinda hard to miss, don’t you think?”

“Haha, very funny. Leave me alone, you moron! I don’t need you criticizing me right now,” Haru rolled her eyes as she glanced back towards the child vanishing down the street. “That little boy over there; he didn’t have an umbrella or a jacket or even rain boots. He shouldn’t be out here in just a t-shirt and jeans. His parents must not care for him properly. So, I gave him my umbrella. He needs it more than I do.”

Gokudera frowned over towards the boy, skipping over the puddles without a care in the world. So there was a kid over there being bothered by Haru and her odd fetish for tiny people. Figures that had to be the only reason Haru was out and about without any cover. What a strange girl with her love of children more powerful than the love of herself!

“Um, shouldn’t you be walking? You look like you have somewhere important to go. Don’t let me hold you up,” Haru whispered, glancing up at the scowling boy towering over her. “Huh? What’s that look for?”

Without a word, Gokudera shoved his umbrella into Haru’s chest. The girl stood shocked at the sudden “nice” gesture, gaping at the scowling boy in surprise.

“I’m thankful but I couldn’t take your umbrella from you,” Haru said, pushing Gokudera’s hand back so the umbrella was shielding him from the rain once more.

“I’m not asking you, I’m telling you to take the umbrella. You’re already getting sick so you need to stop being so stubborn and get out of the rain!” Gokudera growled, forcing the umbrella back into Haru’s chest again. “Now take it!”

“No thank you, I’m fine. I’m not getting si…ah choo!” Haru blushed at her sudden sneeze that escaped. “Oops! Um…that was a sneeze because of…I’m allergic to morons.”

“I’m gonna let that comment slide…” Gokudera shook the umbrella before the girl in aggravation. “Look, I’m trying to be nice here. Just take the damn umbrella and shut up about it.”

The bickering commenced between the duo, with Gokudera continuing to offer his umbrella and Haru refusing to accept the gesture. To tell the truth, Gokudera was debating clobbering the girl on the head with it so that some sense would knock into her skull. But he would never do that, since Gokudera was definitely not the violent type.

“Ow!” Haru whimpered from the hard impact from the umbrella’s handle. “Don’t hit me with it!”

“I’m tired of dealing with you, now take the umbrella,” Gokudera glowered as he spoke in a harsh tone. “Now!”

Haru nursed the bump Gokudera had graciously given her, mumbling harsh words under her breath. How could someone so mean possibly be her Tsuna’s best friend? Shaking the thoughts out of her mind, the girl peered up at the umbrella shielding her from the rain. It was actually quite large for an umbrella, a decent cover for more than one person.

“Tell you what, why don’t we share it?” Haru chimed, smiling up at her savior. “We could both easily keep dry under that hefty thing. Besides, I want to visit with Tsuna too!” Haru giggled as Gokudera’s look shifted from anger to confusion. “I know you better than that, so of course I know when you’re heading to Tsuna’s house. You’re always over there! I want to go see Tsuna too!”

Gokudera stood puzzled for a moment, not really certain on whether or not to take the girl up on the offer. He knew that she was just as stubborn as him and would not end their current argument as the loser. That would mean that they’d both be standing out in the rain forever. But, she was so annoying! Haru spoke about as much as Lambo and everyone knew how Gokudera felt about Lambo. When the bomb-wielding teen pounded the mini cow in the ground, he wasn’t expressing his love for the brat despite how certain others interpret it (LOLS Bethany!).

“You know what, I’m sick of fighting with you so…fine, you can come with me to Judaime’s. But don’t start rambling about stupid stuff and don’t you cling to me!” Gokudera brought the umbrella back over his head, viewing Haru’s carefree attitude in disgust. This was probably a huge mistake. He was already too uncomfortable with how close they were to each other. Their arms were almost touching save the few remaining inches of air that separated them. “Can’t you step away from me? The umbrella is huge so we don’t need to be so close to each other.”

Haru just smiled warmly up at him, bewildering the teen even more than he was before. However, he shrugged it all off and began forward again towards Tsuna’s, Haru skipping alone beside him. He was already wanting nothing more than to strangle her for her overly cheeriness.

“Calm down, you idiot! Jeez, you act like you’re high off of rainbows or something,” Gokudera sneered over at his companion.

“Stop calling me an idiot, moron,” Haru replied in a huff. Oh, where had the sweet silence gone. The two teens were back to quarreling once again. The only thing halting their angry banter was Haru breaking out into another coughing fit, the Guardian of Storm glancing over at her with a worried expression. She really was getting worse, despite his help. Gokudera cursed for a moment before letting his expression fade, noticing Haru glancing up at him in confusion. “Something wrong, Gokudera?”

“Nope, just can’t wait to get to Judaime’s!” Gokudera retorted, quickening his pace while the girl beside him struggled to keep up. “You’d better not get Judaime sick with your cold! I won’t be kind to you if you do!”

Haru frowned at the comment, the two of them making it to the front of the Sawada residence in moments of walking. The Guardian of Storm paused for a moment before glancing back at Haru, hoping she would continue towards the door so he could remove himself from such an awkward situation. However, the girl remained stationary, a strangely warm smile now upon her lips.


“You know, I was going to retort that you are never kind to me,” Haru piped in as she glanced over at Gokudera. “But then, I remember the thing you just did for me was kind. You actually let me under your umbrella.”

“I couldn’t just let you stay soaked in the rain,” Gokudera mumbled, a slight blush forming on his cheeks. “Don’t think too much in it though!”

“You really are sweet when you need to be,” Haru said as she rose onto her tiptoes, surprising the Guardian of Storm with a kiss on the cheek. Gokudera’s wild eyes grew wide in shock, his cheeks now a bright tint of red as the girl smiled and skipped away into the house. “Next time, I’ll let you under my umbrella.”

Gokudera was left in shock in the road; his umbrella dropped and left spinning in a puddle at his feet. He was just kissed by the one girl who was thought to be his truest enemies amongst the ranks. And he didn’t hate it entirely…at least not particularly.

“Ah choo!” Gokudera let a sneeze escape as his eyes went wide once more, unable to believe it. Not only did that woman land a kiss on him but she passed on her cold. “Gah…I hate that girl…”


The One In The Mirror’s Her Only Friend

The lowly room in the run-down inn smelled of rot and fungus, the odor stinging her nostrils as Malice sat on the meager piece of rock they called a bed. She kept her rude thoughts to herself, however, and made the most of her new temporary home. After all, this place was all she would be allowed in at this point without causing a scene and having to be on the run once more. At that point, running wasn’t an option. The redheaded hammer wielder had been sleep-deprived for nearly two days and her will to move had grown thin.

Malice lowered her hood as untied her braids, letting her untidy hair fall over her face as she evened out her breathing, trying to relax despite the unfortunate world she had thrown herself into this time. At least it wasn’t Spinnacle City within the world of Spectrale.

Her hazel eyes gazing through her red locks, Malice laid her eyes on the stand-alone mirror in the corner of the room. The hammer wielder examined herself over in the mirror, rather disgusted with how she had let herself look. Though Malice wasn’t one for beauty, hygiene was still important in her single-minded brain. Dirt and mud had caked itself all over the girl’s body, her pale skin seeming to be armored by the filth. Malice wanted desperately to take a bath and relax, though she wasn’t sure soaking herself in this particular hotel would make herself clean. In fact, she believed it would do exactly the opposite.

“Disgusting,” Malice mumbled out loud, her gaze intensifying on the mirror as she brought her sleeve up to her face and wiping away the dirt smeared there. “But in the end…who really cares? The ones around me…since when did I start caring about them. I only care about one thing…and that’s revenge…”

That’s not true…You’ve always cared what the world thought of you. You only aimed to change yourself when you met me…

Malice bit her lip at the familiar male voice ringing in her head, coming to a stand and holding out a vacant hand while the hammer formed there. The demonic weapon seemed to glow at her touch as Malice brought it close to her body, holding it tightly in her arms as she smiled.

“You’re the only one worth my attention,” the redhead whispered, the weapon tight in her arms as she gazed into the mirror. Instead of the hammer within her arms, a tall man with tanned skin stood there accepting her touch. Though he resembled a human, he was a demon. His rugged features were accented by the two horns raised from his skull. His eyes were menacing as was his smirk though he held the redhead with such gentleness that it almost seemed a loving embrace. “Calsim…”

Yet you still focus on your outward appearance? Everyone is fearful of us because of what we do. They find us sickening because we take the lives of those who do not deserve to breathe. We kill the evil of these lands and leave the people in peace. You are much too focused on these worthless people and their worthless thoughts. There’s always going to be someone around us…and they are always going to think nasty thoughts about us. We are best off alone, aiming for our true goal together.


“But what about …?” Malice began but the demon in the mirror quickly bent down to meet her hazel eyes, his finger lifting up her chin gently as he smirked to her.

You mean those people called the Revenged? They’re not worth our time at all. They are trying to limit our power and our dream. We can’t have that now can we?


“They are? I always thought they were rather nice people?” Malice whispered as she glanced away from the demon, Calsim’s eyes flaring before he tried his charm once more. “I suppose that makes sense though. If you say it then it must be true.”

That’s right, my dearest Malice. Those people are not worth even the slightest of attention. Forget about them and let’s focus on that goal of ours. We are nearing that murderer with every step we take towards Moniqal. He will be there and when we make it there…together we will end his life as brutally as he did your family…


“I do wish for that very much, to have that man feel what pain he caused those he had hurt,” Malice gave a light smile to the demon before suddenly falling silent in his grasps, Calsim standing in confusion while the redhead pulled away from him.



“What about the vampire who is often chasing me around?” The redhead whispered for a moment before glancing back at the demon only visible in the mirror. “What about Zee? He is cruel at times…but at other times he is very sweet towards me. He seems to enjoy my presence when we aren’t aiming to kill him…I find him fascinating for this I must admit. He should hate me for the constant pursuing but…he doesn’t seem to at all.”

Calsim tensed at the mention of the pesky vampire that was constantly interfering in his plans. If the demon was going to meet his goal, he needed this tortured redhead to follow his every whim without question. He had to control her completely. Zachariah had no doubt already figured out that the weapon Malice carried was a trapped demon begging to be released and wreak havoc on whoever stood in his way. However, his last opponent had sealed him away into the giant hammer with a curse deeming him trapped until the hammer could land one million attacks. The demon thought he would be trapped forever…until he came across this redheaded girl filled with despair.

This girl he named Malice would be the one to release him…this girl would set his trapped soul free. And Calsim would be damned if he let that vampire foil his dream.

Don’t let that man fool you, my dearest Malice. He wants to stand in the way of your dream. He’s be protecting that murderer from the start, using whatever means necessary to keep you from reaching Moniqal. Do not trust him, Malice…he will only bring you despair. You’ve suffered enough in your life; do not let him move as he pleases.


Malice frowned at the demon’s comment and returned to take a seat on the bed, various thoughts plaguing her mind as she sat in silence. She wanted to believe in the vampire but she trusted her companion too much to go against his wishes. The redhead would just have to progress to Moniqal and worry about Zachariah later. After all, that was their dream to kill the murderer of Malice’s family.

Calsim moved away from the bed, leaning up on the glass of the mirror as he gazed back at the content girl behind them. She was truly wrapped around his finger…after all; the one in the mirror was her only friend. And that was how Calsim wanted it to remain…even after he is released from his prison. That redhead was his and his alone. No vampire was going to take her away.


Let’s Make Waves

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender nor do I own Tahna. That character belongs to Jamie Canyon :3 She’s letting me borrow her for this little fanfiction I wrote today as a gift ^_^ Enjoy!

The two lemurs scampered around their master’s body as Ariana laid out upon the sand of the beach, the salty breeze sending a smile on the girl’s face as she dozed off in the sun. She had grown used to Zanook and Sizun’s pestering and was able to sleep through all their shenanigans now, however when she felt one dash away she knew it had to be the later of the two.

“Sizun, you’re being too curious for your own good again,” Ariana mumbled as she soaked in the sun, her eyes remaining closed as Zanook’s body cuddled up beside her. The airbender remained there until something loomed above her, blocking her warmth and leaving her in a darkened shadow. “Huh?”

“Look at you being lazy out here,” the voice giggled from above as Ariana’s hazel eyes fluttered open, staring into two blue ones from above. “I was wondering where you disappeared to. You’ve been quiet ever since that fight with Rufio. I wanted to make sure you were ok.”

The airbender smiled warmly at the girl above her, giggling as a lemur peered out from the waterbender’s shoulder with his own little smirk.

“I’m all right, honest,” Ariana pushed herself up onto her elbows, gazing towards the rolling waves of the water. “There’s no need to worry about little ol’ me anyway. You guys should be thinking up a good plan to get us to the Earth nation without being seen by the enemy ships.”

“The plans are already made,” Tahna said as she came to the airbender’s side, sliding down onto the sand next to her. The two lemurs both chose their prospective lap to climb into and cooed at the close presence of the girls. “Ariana, you’d tell me right if you were upset. I mean…I want us to be really great friends but…sometimes I feel that you like to keep everything bottled up. All these fights you have with Rufio…every single one of them gets worse and afterwards you have this look of hurt…like his words cut through you like a blade.”

“I don’t take anything that idiot says seriously, Tahna,” Ariana began to counter.

“You say that but I’ve seen the looks you give and they are so heartbreaking,” Tahna interrupted before blushing, her gaze falling to the lemur curled up in her lap. “I’m sorry, none of this is my place. I should have just held my tongue.”

The airbender gazed at Tahna beside her, noticing the waterbenders pout as she played with the lemur in her lap. Ariana sighed as she glanced over, her eyes showing her guilt before she scooted closer to the water bender and patted her on the shoulder.

“No, I really appreciate the concern Tahna. You are my best friend out here in our crazy world and I feel like I haven’t given you proof of that yet,” Ariana gave a smile to the girl before continuing. “I don’t know what it is about that firebender but…I don’t like it when he gets so angry with me and leaves my side. I do enjoy our bouts, we’re constantly picking on each other and giving each other attention. But then when we fight like we did earlier…he says such hurtful things and I don’t know how to react to them.”

“Really?” Tahna blinked up at the airbender, smiling over at her in appreciation. “Wow, Ariana, do you think you like the firebender?”

“Wha…no! Why would you even suggest that!” Ariana response was quick as her cheeks burned red, the water bender giggling beside her. “Let’s just drop it! I’m fine, like I said before. I just wanted some nice quiet time on the beach is all!”

The two of them sat in silence once more, watching the waves roll back and forth. Tahna followed the waves with her eyes, reading their patterns and wishing to aid them in their movements.

“You know, I’ve always wanted to see a water bender move the waves at their own will,” Ariana suddenly burst out, smiling over at Tahna. “Are you able to move them?”

“Well, I suppose I could,” Tahna blushed at the attention, pushing herself to her feet as the lemur in her lap rolled down onto the sand in interest. “I’m not that good at it myself. I can never seem to time it out right and the waves become crossed while they roll in and out.”

“Maybe the breeze itself screws you up,” Ariana mentioned, slipping to her feet as well as Zanook clung to her shoulder. “Tell ya what. We’ll do it together. I’ll control the breeze and you control the waves.”

Tahna paused for a moment before nodding with a smile, getting into her stance along with the airbender. The two of them paused for a moment before steadying their breaths, beginning to push their hands forward and them pulling them back towards their chest. The area went completely calm around them as the waves began to follow their movements, the breeze above it obeying the bender’s will as well.

Blue eyes filled with happiness as Tahna could see the waves moving completely at her will, rolling in and out as they flowed over the two’s bare feet. The lemurs both scurried into the water and followed the waves back and forth, pleased with what the girls were achieving.

“I did it!” Tahna cheered beside Ariana, happily leaping about in the water. “I mean, we did it! We did it Ariana!”

“No doubt in my mind,” Ariana smirked and hugged the water bender, the two of them enjoying their moment of bonding. The waves continued to roll around as the lemurs played amongst their feet, the sun beaming down from above.


I’m Here, Malice

For Lulu

Her strides were wide as Selphie moved herself down the hall, her nightgown flowing with her movements as she came closer to her destination. Her room was just down the hall, her secret haven for solitude amongst the tiresome world and its expectations. One ivory hand grasped her tattered teddy bear Alonso; the other reached for the copper doorknob, awaiting the welcomes from her assorted trinkets and gizmos.

A soft sob brought Selphie to a pause, her blank stare searching the hall for the source. The cries formed like an orchestra as the steampunk princess turned heel, unable to deny her curiosity. They led her to a single door towards the end of the hall, the wood splintered and scratched from its occupant’s moody tendencies.

“Malice?” Selphie whispered through the crack of the door, the sobs immediately coming to a halt as the world beyond the door went still. “Malice, that you?”

The silence left the steampunk princess standing awkwardly in the hall, her free hand beginning to braid her blond curls as she waited for an answer. Selphie’s usually calm stature was now showing evidence of her worried state, tempting the woman to charge inside and demand what was wrong.

A sudden stir in the woman calmed Selphie as the occupant made a line for the door, opening it suddenly and standing there in the dark doorway. Malice stood with a frown, her eyes lined with red from tears as her messy hair fell over her face freely. Her tank and shorts were soaked with the salty water cascading from her eyes but the redhead just stood there, angry to be interrupted.

“What do you want?”

“Malice?” Selphie gawked at the scene before her, her eyes grown wide in confusion. “Malice, what’s going on? You’re crying!”

“Not cryin’,” Malice lied, the tears obviously still leaking from her eye sockets as Selphie stared on in confusion. “It’s obvious that I went for a swim…”

“In your pajamas?” Selphie retorted, her own frown forming on her lips as she followed the frustrated redhead into her darkened room.

“’Cha! That’s the only way to do it,” Malice continued her lie as she slipped back onto the bed, sitting there frowning as tears continued to roll down her reddened cheeks. “You haven’t lived until you swim in your pajamas.”

Selphie stood beside the bed, watching Malice’s actions as she softened her gaze. Those pale shoulders trembled as Malice sat there, her whole composure about to collapse into a fit of hysterical sobs. It was rare for Malice’s outward appearance to show any type of emotion besides happiness or anger; tears were by far the rarest. The blond inched closer to the bed and slipped down onto the comforter, her free hand releasing her newly formed braid and placing itself on the girl’s shoulder.

“Malice, it’s ok,” Selphie whispered, another rare occurrence forming on the blonde’s lips; a smile. “I’m here for you Malice. Everything will be ok.”

As soon as the last syllable rolled of Selphie’s tongue, Malice’s frown broke as she began to sob once more. The redhead threw her hands over her tear-soaked face as she trembled and cried the blond remaining beside her with a look of understanding. So the demonic redhead was a human after all, Selphie giggled as she pulled in the girl for a hug. Malice’s whole body tensed up at the touch but she didn’t pull away, most likely afraid of her own weakened state.

“You can cry all you want, I won’t tell anyone,” Selphie said with a smile, allowing Malice’s sobs as the redhead laid her forehead on the girl’s shoulder. “I promise…after all, I don’t need people ridiculing my little sister for crying. I’d have to give them a good beating for it.”

“Little sister?” Malice repeated, hazel eyes peering up at the blond in confusion. “What are you talking about, idiot? I’m not your sister.”

“You’re the idiot,” Selphie gave a light smirk as she flicked Malice on her forehead lightly. “You joined our family finally and now you’re my little sister. So I’ll do everything in my power to take care of you and be here for you. I’ve always dreamed of having a sister and now that dream has come true.”

Malice blinked up at the blond for a moment before giving a light pout on her lips, her cheeks gaining another shade of red from her blush. Her family was taken from her before she could ever have a sibling and so for the most part, she lived her life alone with her only friend being that demonic weapon she wielded. Now, being a part of the Revenged, she had gained something that was taken away from her all those years ago…a family.

“Sorry,” Malice mumbled in the hug.

“Sorry?” Selphie repeated. “Sorry for what?”

“Sorry you’re stuck with a psychopath for a sister,” Malice seemed to smile through her tears as Selphie giggled at the response. The two of them continued their embrace, the redhead’s tears now soaking both of their attire. Usually Selphie, being her prim and proper self, would raise hell at the mess now upon her clothes…but for Malice, she always made an exception.


Tonya moved down the hallway with her husband, Corbin, right at her heels. The doctor was ready to make her nightly check-up on her patient, Corbin there to make sure Malice didn’t go out of control and smash the entire home to pieces.

“I hope the kid’s doing all right tonight,” Corbin mumbled to his wife, the doctor smiling back at him with a nod. “Some nights I feel like her whole soul is crumblin’ from all she’s gone through.”

“I agree with you, though I must say I’m impressed that we’ve been having so much positive feedback since she started with my treatment and joined our team,” Tonya made her way to the door, preparing to open it quietly in case the girl was fast asleep. “I have to say…I’m really proud of the girl for finally overcoming these demons in her life.”

“Well, overcoming them as much as she can,” Corbin added. “After all, that man is still alive and out there roaming the streets…I doubt Malice will be able to truly relax until he pays for the crimes he committed.”

“And we’ll make sure that goal is achieved,” Tonya spoke softly as she opened the door, entering the room before coming to a halt. “Well…I’ll be…”

Corbin followed his wife into the room and couldn’t help but smile at the scene. Lying in the bed was Malice and Selphie, both fast asleep as they both held tightly to Alonso. Tears still rolled down the redhead’s cheeks but a warm smile remained there brighter than the sun.

“I guess Selphie’s also changing for the better, huh?” Corbin said lightly, walking over to the bedside and throwing a blanket over the two girls. “She never got close to anyone either.”

“Our group is filled with those haunted by tormented pasts,” Tonya whispered with a smile. “But we are all together here; a family aimed to save each other from those pasts of ours. Selphie really needed someone to be there for her; a close friend whom she could share anything with. There are only four girls in this group, two of which are myself and Elise. Though we can be there for Selphie most of the time, we both aren’t very close to her age. Selphie needed someone like Malice around whom she could get close to and share her stories with.”

“And Malice?”

“Malice just needed a family,” Tonya concluded as she led her husband out of the room, closing the door behind them. “She needed a family that she was deprived of all those years ago; a family that would care for her and love her no matter what. And now, she has one. And I must say, I’ve never seen that girl smile as much as I saw just now.”


The Trouble With Hide and Seek

Ok so this one is crazy random. My co-worker demanded using his hamster as the star in a quick drabble and this thing developed from his story of his hamster’s life and sudden death. It hasn’t been remotely edited and I really don’t plan on editing it :3 Just a warning, super random! ENJOY!

Melodious squeaks escaped the golden fluffball as she scratched the plastic prison, her dark eyes scanning the wondrous paradise she wished to explore with her owner. Jett’s owner had left the confines of his office and left her alone, the hamster left alone to dream about scampering amongst the jungle of carpet below.

Must break free.

It took a few heaves but Jett had managed to maneuver her way out of her cage, rolling down the smooth side of the plastic and onto the table, skippering down the wood and making it onto the carpet peacefully. The hamster skipped around blissfully before making her way towards the wall, finding her way into the cracks of the barrier.

We’ll play a game.he’ll look around and find’ll be like when the children play.

The hamster was never found however, the owner giving up his search after several days. The creature must had died somewhere in the room for a stench most foul had risen up from the walls. The owner sighed and began his trek with his hammer, pulling out a piece of the wall to find a decaying carcass of his pet.

“More trouble than it’s worth,” mumbled the owner as he reached for the dead creature. His outstretched hand paused however as he noticed a sudden movement from the carcass, the creature beginning to stir despite its appearance. “It’s alive? That can’t looks completely.”

The decaying corpse sprung into the air suddenly as it hissed, its eyes glazed over as it bared its teeth at its owner. The man stumbled back and avoided the creature’s attack, retreating ontop of his chair while the hamster hissed and ripped at the carpet. Jett’s head reeled back as it noticed the owner’s towering form on the chair, launching herself once again to clamp its jaws into his skin. However, the hamster met her jaws with the mallet of the hammer instead, her skull meeting its end with a clash of stainless steel.

“Zombie hamster,” the man grumbled as he inched down from his chair, his glare intense on the bloody heap left on the table. “This is only the beginning.”